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Deion Sanders Dominates in Debut (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 5, 2023 7:09 pm

Deion Sanders Dominates in Debut (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 5, 2023 7:09 pm

What will Colorado accomplish this season? l Kordell Stewart, former Colorado QB l Is Brian Kelly already on the hot seat at LSU?

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Live from the police show, yet not overly ostentatious, studios of CBS Sports Radio, here in beautiful New York City, sitting on top of the 10th floor of 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to another week and a Tuesday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all the great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, and that free Odyssey app. 855-212-4 CBS number to jump on in 855-212-4227. You can always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb.

That's C-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Cordell Stewart will join us coming up 20 minutes from now. Scott Hansen will join us at 7 20 p.m Eastern, 4 20 p.m Pacific. Then we'll connect with two coaches, Mike Norvell after Florida State's big time beat down up against LSU. He'll stop by at 8 p.m Eastern, 5 p.m Pacific, and then Wyoming's coach Craig Ball, who had a big victory up against Texas Tech, will join us in the final hour of the show at 9 20 p.m Eastern, 6 20 p.m Pacific. But first up, producing the extravaganza for the next four hours is no other than Hot Take Kiki.

I don't know about that Hot Take Kiki. So what a first true weekend of college football. We told you about Wyoming beating Texas Tech after going down 17. Duke just did a really good job last night crushing Clemson, and there are big time concerns about the Clemson football program. As I mentioned, Florida State just absolutely destroyed and dominated LSU, but you go through all the games of the weekend and there's a lot of things you could be impressed about. The most impressive performance by far and away is what Coach Prime Deion Sanders did with Colorado.

I know there's a ton of changes to that program. They overhauled that entire roster, but that was a program that last year won one game, and after one game of Coach Prime's career in Boulder, Colorado, he has them at 1-0, and not only at 1-0, they defeated a team that was in the national championship game a year ago. So all those questions about Colorado, all those questions about Jadore Sanders, Travis Hunter, Deion Sanders, you go on and on and on and on.

If you were a doubter, you're silent today, and I'm sure this will go either one or two ways. One, Colorado will continue to play at a really good level and will keep you quiet, or you know the other way, if they lose to Nebraska this weekend, which I don't think is going to happen even though that spread is a little funky, and maybe a trap bet, and maybe I'm falling for it, then all the haters will say, see, it was just a one-time wonder. But here was the part to me, and I said this to Deion when he was on this show two weeks ago, I've said it to Hickey numerous times when we were talking about the next step for Deion Sanders while he was at Jackson State, I always said, why not? Like, if you're a program that needs to be saved, or if you're a program that hasn't gotten things right and you're looking for a new coach, not that someone just left you for greater pastures, why not hire Deion Sanders?

And I didn't hear a lot of great responses. Quite frankly, I heard a lot of bull crap because we've seen so many of these hotshot offensive coordinators and defensive coordinators get opportunities, and a lot of them fall flat on their face. And college football is not just X's and O's, which by the way, if you watch that Colorado team, how well prepared they were. So if you even just take away the X's and O's side of it, college football is a lot about entertainment and recruiting. And you know Deion Sanders is one of the all-time great entertainers, and you know that he would be excellent recruiting, playing the head honcho, the CEO of a university.

Like, how many times do we talk about coaches like a Jimbo Fisher or James Franklin, and we go, wonderful, when you look at them on the recruiting trail, but their in-game management isn't the best. So if you knew bare minimum, Deion was going to bring just a fire to your university, and he was going to bring palpable buzz to your university, and you were going to have people that normally wouldn't consider a university want to join, just if it's at 50%, why wouldn't you be willing to take the risk? And I commend Colorado, where their football program was in a miserable state, once a proud football program, saying, we want to go get Deion and we'll do it at whatever it costs.

I give them credit for it. And after one game, they got rewarded, because I was sitting there, pound on the table for like Auburn to go get Deion Sanders. I wanted to see Deion Sanders in the SEC, because it's not a question to me of can he succeed. I do think Deion Sanders can go to any college program and have some level of success.

Now, how do you define success? Is it just being bowl eligible? Is it winning a national championship?

At every school, it's different. But that's why I said going into this year with Colorado, if they got to four or five wins, and I was being more optimistic than most, that would be extremely successful. The program had one win a year ago. They've already matched their win total from a year ago after one game.

And if you think it's just going to stop here, you're out of your mind. Now, I'm not telling you Colorado is going to be a top 10 team. I'm not telling you Colorado is going to win the Pac-12, because I don't believe that. But Colorado will definitely get to six wins this year.

Colorado will definitely be bowl eligible. Because if you look at that team, what you saw up against TCU wasn't just a one-off with Chidor Sanders. I guarantee you, as long as he stays healthy, Chidor Sanders is going to be a first round pick. He's that good. If you look at the numbers, it's one thing, but then you watch him play. Yeah, how could 510 yards look bad and four touchdowns? But when you're watching that game and how many different guys he's finding, and you had four receivers go over 100 yards, it was a remarkable performance. I don't want to get all caught up in just one game where you go into like an all-time ranking, but that's like one of the best college football games you'll ever see a quarterback play. He was perfect.

He was absolutely perfect in that contest. And then we get to Travis Hunter, who Dion was on the show, and he said, he'll be a first round pick. The biggest problem is NFL teams are going to try to make him play one side of the ball. He goes, he'll be drafted as a first round pick and not only the secondary, but also as a wide receiver. And playing 100 something snaps, never looking winded at all, celebrating the locker room after the game. He goes for over a hundred yards, receiving 119 to be exact. And he had that interception too. That dude is a top five exciting player in college football. We'll see how far he could take it, but it's kind of a Tony like where he does something at an elite level that no one else does. And if you're not familiar with Travis Hunter, he was the man coming out of high school and he linked up with Dion at Jackson state.

And that story is well publicized. So you look at this team, the quarterback, great. Travis Hunter, one of the more exciting players in college football, if not the most exciting player in college football. How about Shiloh Sanders too? Guy had 10 tackles.

He was dominant in that secondary. And you have coach prime who, you know, he will always have you entertained. So will there be some bumps in the road?

Absolutely. Now this team is far from perfect, but after one game, I think a lot of people had a lot of questions going in. What will Dion Sanders look like at Colorado? He has now sucked you in and he has you intrigued.

And he has a lot of people believing. Now tell me the last time back in their glory days, back in their glory days, probably when we were talking about Colorado football this much, every show around the country, TV, radio, only on the internet, all they're doing is talking Dion Sanders, Dion Sanders, Dion Sanders, Chador Sanders, Chador Sanders, Chador Sanders, Travis Hunter left and right. And this Colorado team after one game, one game, they will be a ball team. They play Nebraska this weekend. Nebraska had a miserable loss up against Minnesota.

They should have won the game and they fumbled it away and threw it away. After that, you play Colorado State. You know, bare minimum, you're gonna have two wins. You may have three.

And if you're three, you're halfway there. And then the schedule picks up at the Oregon and USC, should be both losses. But then you play Arizona State, Stanford. You have UCLA, Oregon State's gonna be tough. You have Arizona. You're at Washington State and you have Utah.

And you got some tough teams there. You're in the Pac-12. Maybe on paper, the best conference in college football this year, the most deep conference in college football.

But there's no reason in year one, and this is not a hot take. This is not just in the moment you say something after one game. But if this team isn't a bowl team at the end of the year, bare minimum, that's a big time disappointment. Because the talent you saw, the excitement you saw up against TCU, the coaching we witnessed up against TCU, there is so much there from the quarterback to then Travis Hunter who plays both ways, to Shiloh Sanders, even the running back who caught three touchdowns and had 100 yards receiving. And they gotta run the ball. They gotta run the ball a little bit more and we'll see if they can do that. But this is a quick electric team, and this is a fun team. And they, by far and away, took the baton week one of college football, ran with it, and now everyone is reacting to Colorado.

Think about this. People didn't even think they could get a few wins on the season. Today we wake up and Colorado in the AP poll is ranked 22nd. So I'm in love with this Colorado story.

I think it's awesome. And you wonder how far they could take it. My expectations from here on out, if I was at four or five wins before the start of the season, now let's go get a bowl game. Go to a bowl game.

You do that in year one. Man, I don't know how long Deion Sanders will last at Colorado. And I don't mean that in terms of they're going to get rid of him. I'm sure they'll have Deion at Colorado as long as he wants to be there. But until another program comes calling and a bigger program, and I said this from the start, he deserves a big time coaching job. And I was a little disappointed when he had to settle on Colorado, but that's where he is now.

And look, after one game, all we're doing is talking about Coach Prime's program. Hickey, how'd you react to Colorado TCU? Because some would say Hickey was one of those doubters.

Hickey was one of those non-believers in Coach Prime and what he could do when you talk about going to a team in the power five, even though like Colorado is not this football powerhouse. Oh, big time doubts. I will not hide from that. And I was in this week, number one, proven very wrong.

I don't think now all of a sudden everything most doubters have said of you can throw out the window and say, you're an idiot. You're wrong. One game. It's a great game. They were tremendous. They took a lot of shots. They gave a lot back. The offense was way more cohesive than I ever would have thought for bringing all these new players and having the offense look as smooth and defensive for the most part, when you needed to stop to play as smooth and cohesive as you could imagine. Considering again, when you bring in, was it 60 new guys? I did not expect that week one to look as clean and as sharp as it did, but you beat TCU.

Okay. This is the highlight. That's a pretty damn big win. It's after one game. That's what I'm saying. This is the highlight.

That's not exactly great. Well, but this is the highlight of the season being TCU. Okay. But like this, this go from here.

Now let's go. Like you weren't hired to win one game after one game. When you just say, Oh, this is the highlight of the season. It still makes me think that you're a non-believer with this Colorado team. Do you think Colorado will be bowl eligible by the end of the year?

Right now? I would still say no. They played one great game. They got a matchup that was favorable against a horrendous defense against an air raid team that did not run the ball down the throat. They should have, again, it's a great win, but like now am I going to always change my expectations based on one win to now change to say they're going six and six, seven, five. I'm not.

Let me ask you this. They played Nebraska this weekend. When did loss loss Colorado state the weekend after that win Oregon loss, USC loss at Arizona state win Stanford win, but tricky. Good offense at UCLA loss, Oregon state loss, Arizona toss up.

Where's that game. I'll say the home team wins Colorado. I'll say Colorado wins at Washington state. I'll say loss. And then at Utah loss.

So there is Hickey. The most critical person of the Colorado program has them at five wins. Now that wouldn't be ball eligible. You got to get the six, but if that's being as critical as can be, and there's going to be a game that they're supposed to win that they lose and probably vice versa, a game where they lose and they end up winning it. And I know that happened right up against TCU. I'm sure it'll happen another time this year. I would be really, as long as the quarterback and Travis Hunter stay healthy, I just don't see how this team doesn't get to six wins.

And that's just the bare minimum, but if they're a bolt team this year, everyone's going to be jumping up and down like a fat kid in a candy store. And most of these bowl games don't matter, but if Colorado is a ball game, it's going to matter because of who the coach is. So where's your belief level with Colorado 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27.

We'll take a break. Massive, massive show on this Tuesday, Cordell Stewart's going to join us on the other side. Scott Hansen coming up in hour number two, Mike Norvell, fresh off his big victory up against LSU. He'll stop by at hour number three, and then the fourth and final hour, Craig bowl, the head coach at Wyoming who defeated Joey Maguire in Texas Tech will join us in the final hour of the program. Off and running, very busy Tuesday edition of the Zach Gelb show. We continue with Cordell Stewart next. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show bought the lie.

I can't find one. What a performance by Travis Hunter, Chador Sanders and coach prime and their big opening game victory up against the team that was in the national title game a year ago in TCU. Let's head out to the guest line, though, right now. Welcome in a legendary Colorado program. I know he's probably all fired up after his alma mater made a big statement in week one and that is Cordell Stewart.

Cordell, appreciate the time as always. How you been? How you here, brother? How's everything?

I'm doing fantastic. So there's so many things to tackle here with what Colorado did. But to get that performance in the first game of the season, how did you kind of react to it and just give me your thoughts on what your school's doing right now? I mean, one, I was excited after talking to prime and spending some time with him when I went back for spring for the springtime, spent the week there with them and different, totally different team, totally different team. But some of the things that needed to get done, he spoke about, got done. He has the kids that wants to be there and the kids that he was looking for to make something like what took place this past Saturday happened.

I'll say this, and I sent this in a text message, he can tell you. I honestly said I wasn't shocked because the guys that I know that's still on the team from when I was there last, like Dylan Edwards, he tested 11 times for 150 plus yards for a touchdown. I saw that action from him when I was there and also watching him, you know, over the springtime and watching him play, he was doing that type of stuff. Travis Henry, same exact way. Hunter, I'm sorry, Travis Hunter, same exact thing.

To Chidor, the same exact thing. And also Jimmy Horn Jr., the same exact thing. Those are the guys that I do remember seeing and the work that they put in this past weekend where four receivers had over 100 yards catching. You saw what Dylan Edwards had, he had 11 touches for 150 yards. And Chidor threw for 510 yards, broke the record in the first game with 510 yards, shattered nine by 101 yards. So the sky's the limit for this team. Defensively, they had a bend but don't break mentality, which was good to see considering what some of the big plays that took place against them. But when it mattered most, they stepped up to the plate, made the stops on fourth and nine and called them to turn the ball over.

We got it back and kind of kneeled down to end that game. So the sky's the limit because if that was a game that caused you to be like, okay, they look really good with the mistakes that they've made, just imagine once they clean those up and how it will look as they move forward into a tougher schedule, as you move forward playing against a good team in Nebraska to CSU to Oregon and USC and all that good stuff. So it's perfect.

It's a perfect time to be a buff. But most importantly, along with that, they did all that great work within a three-month span because of the 50 sub-ball players that left to the 60 he brought in and to see them play on all cylinders the way they did. I enjoyed it.

I fell in love with it. When you say the sky's the limit, you know, people hear that they go, okay, Cordell thinks they could go all the way this year. I'm not ready to go there yet. And I've been a believer in this program and I like Coach Prime a lot. But what are the expectations the rest of the way for this team? You're that optimistic after the one game. Well, the sky's the limit didn't say all the way. The sky's the limit says that each guy can play at their top level. But yet you'll have an opportunity to see what they can do once that happens is what I say. But make sure we're clear because sometimes you throw a little buzzwords and then the people say, well, Cordell said, no, I did not say that.

What I said was the sky's the limit for the talent is concerned them playing on all cylinders and just imagine if that happens. For me, you know, it's like anything else, you know, this is not a conventional way of looking at what's taking place right now. So you guys can't put your finger on it. You don't know what it is. You don't know how to add it up.

You don't know how to put it in words. You don't know how to put it in context or anything because one, Prime is not like any other coach that you've seen. Travis Hunter, he's doing the work that you've not seen any other player do other than maybe his coach that he has in Coast Prime and maybe me having a chance to do something in Pittsburgh where I play receiver and quarterback put the ball in and play running back to as well. So you you get a chance to see it now in college to where it took a guy who did it actually before through his run throughout his career to allow it to be identified as something that these scouts as well as these owners in these organizations are going to have to have somebody in place to identify this the right way.

If not, they're going to go through the conventional way of thinking and screw it up because this is a this is a very far and few between where you could actually have a guy put up a hundred and something large snaps be as productive and be the difference maker in some capacity overall, which you know, they're going to be asking to do this throughout the season. So if I had to ask you if you had to ask me the question number one, we got to stay healthy. We have to stay healthy. We stay healthy again the sky's the limit to where we can get to that place called there, which is what coach prime talked about in the very very beginning and that place called there is a great place and that that has championship wrapped all the way around it. If we can stay healthy again, you say it one more time.

You know, we like to break this thing up when I say it. If we can stay healthy, we will have an opportunity to play for something special and that is a championship. Now, is this a championship caliber team?

I'm gonna tell you like this. If you call that a championship caliber team and they're going to get better, what is it going to be later on down the road, right? Because that was a team that went on the road in inclement weather and what I mean by that, that's the weather is very humid.

It was over a hundred plus degrees. That team you saw in the Colorado buffaloes didn't have anyone cramping up and from what I understand, no injuries, but you saw TCU in their own climate cramping up and guys having to do a lot of rotating and calling time out. So, you know, it, it, it, it plays into it. I know you guys are going to question it and wonder this, that and third, because you have to do your job and I respect it, but football is football guys. And when you see it and you see there's four guys with breakaway speed on offense, all four of those receivers, and you have a defense that had a bend, but don't break mentality that we know for sure is going to get better. I like our odds playing the rest of the games throughout the rest of the season in every single game we play because coach prime is going to have them battle tested psychologically, emotionally to where once they get out there, nothing will be, they won't be caught off guard at all.

They'll be able to play fast and hard. Like we saw him play this past weekend. When you look at what your door did, Cordell Stewart, it was sensational. He's going to be a first round pick when he declares for the draft, but the way that he spread out the football to me was, was the most impressive part of that performance. Oh no, I've seen him do it before. I watched him at Jackson state. I know everyone's questioned and wanted to question how he would play. And I think the impressive part maybe for yourself and it might be, I may be speaking for you, correct me if I'm wrong is because he came from Jackson state and HBCU world that to do it against a powerhouse team that was a national championship contending team. It will cause you to say that it's a natural thing inside of the psyche and the mind and how you think, not you, but just in general to say it had to be impressive.

No, this is what he's been doing. Somebody asked me the question. Do you think he'll, do you think he would be able to make it into PAC 12?

I asked this question. How many great quarterbacks or very good quarterbacks are in the PAC 12? You're telling me if we're playing from the bottom up, worst case scenario, he can't be in the middle of the pack. Worst case scenario, if you have an issue with him coming from HBCU football, and we don't respect that style of football because it's not as good and don't have as many, you know, top five guy or, you know, great players, five stars, this, that, and third.

That's what people may say that that may cause you to question it. But for me, I've watched him be at the top of his game in every single level that he's playing on little league, high school, Barrett at Jackson state. So now he comes in and do it at Colorado. And as he said, everybody get caught up into the hoop line, the hype and all this, then the third to where you forget those guys were playing ball too. That ball was just as hard as the ball on this level. Now don't get me wrong. The talent may be better on other teams as we move forward.

And I'm sure they'll be prepared to step up to the level of play that they have to step up to in order to compete. But it doesn't shock me that should doors playing this way. If anything, I'm glad he did put it down the way he did to let the world know. This is what they're going to have to deal with with the leader at the helmet. Number two out there doing it the way he did this past weekend. Cordell Stewart here with us.

It's something I never got. And I said this to coach prime when he joined us two weeks ago, cause I always thought he should get a big time job. I haven't said two weeks ago, I thought you should have been the sec and Auburn should have hired you. Why do you think people were so hesitant to see prime get a big time job in college football?

Cause not conventional. It's crazy. So I'm on a football team, coaching quarterbacks and wide receiver at the high school where I was. And I remember his name came up about the Florida state opportunity.

Yeah. And I remember some of the guys like, why would he get it? And the only reason I'm sure that it became hard for me to get it, cause I think he had to get his degree.

I think at that time, I'm trying to get the timing right, right. But it was all the questions about why shouldn't he, or he's not qualified. I'm saying, okay, so if he's who he is with what he's done in his career, you've seen what he's done everywhere he's gone. If he's not qualified, then what's your excuse. Cause you've been doing this for a long time.

So what's your excuse? So why aren't you in the conversation about having a chance to get a job anywhere on the collegiate level? Listen, the disrespect is so huge guys, you know, and I'm not saying you guys, but just in force, the question is his concern. This dude is a hall of Famer. He's at the top of the food chain at the quarterback position. He's arguably one of the most dynamic to ever play the game on the NFL level and collegiate level to the point where he takes these young kids, whether it's in the little league, whether it's in the Under Armour, whether it's in high school, whether it's in college. And before he got to Colorado and he's going to championships over and over and all you have to think inside of that think tank, that all of the things that he did when getting prepared to play all the coaching that he received to get ready to play, don't you think he's pouring that into his kids? I just like when raising your kids, if you had any success in your life as a businessman, a doctor, a lawyer, a politician of some sort, officer, military, if you had some form of success, what will you do to your kids that are coming up? You're going to give them that same flow of preparation and guidance.

And if you were at the top of the food chain, what do you think they're receiving from him? So that moment that we saw last week, it didn't seem like they were shocked. They didn't look surprised. They didn't look like they never, they looked like they've been there before.

And it makes them extremely frustrated and mad because everyone's questioning if they belong or not, as well as close crime. And people are going to become even more mad because they're not done. You know, I'm telling you, I've been there. I've seen it.

I've been around him. They're not done. They have the talent and to move 50 plus kids, whether they wanted to leave or it was a conversation for them to leave, to then him bringing another 60 plus kids in his, his kids. And he only had two to three months, maybe max for to get prepared for week one and do it the way he did it on the road against the national contending teams. I mean, performing in that championship, even though, I mean, they may have fives returning starters on offense and defense, loss, offense, coordinator, defense, coordinator, all that good stuff, same head coach, for them to play that way. It makes you have to scratch your head to say, you know what, let me digress a little bit and pay attention a little bit more just to see, you know, what I can find, because when you see that much talent performing the way they did, particularly the quarterback and Chador it's, it's, it's, it's Heisman trophy conversation week one, if it was USC playing like this here on the road, it will be conversation is the same thing with Alabama, same thing with Florida state.

It will be the same type of stuff. If it was a guy coming from another school performing that way, but it's not because it's all about coaching prime and what no one wants to believe yet. Cause there's more you have to see. They got to play Nebraska as a rivalry. Look at the rivalry and look how that happens. You know, Nebraska, you know, then all of a sudden it's the same state rival. Oh, okay.

Then all of a sudden it's Oregon, the ducks. They got to go on the road. It's going to be over. And all you're doing is, is you're awakening a sleeping giant and coach crime and pulling more stuff out of the bag of tricks to get these kids psychologically prepared to play in these moments. Because none of these moments are too big for him and his kids for sure.

I'm talking his biological kids, Shiloh and Chador. It's the other kids, which he has a few that's come with him since little league, like Dylan Edwards, he's been around him forever, uh, to a few other kids that he's tapped into and had for some time. But, you know, it's like, it's becoming very interesting in how things slipped over, you know, the last few days, but in all due respect, everybody's job, including mine and even his, you got to have some perspective, right? And things happen and I get it, but you have to be intrigued and excited about seeing what's next.

The next time they come up and that's going to be against Nebraska on Fox at 12 o'clock, Easter time, they're in Boulder, Colorado, baby. Well, Cordell, this is what I would say. And I was always a proponent of, of coach prime.

You had a big time job. It's like, how many times do I sit here and let me preface it by saying what he did the other day was a coaching masterpiece, but how many times do I talk about coaches that go, Oh, they're more known for recruiting and their actual coaching. Isn't good. Just based off the potential recruiting and excitement that he brings to a program.

That's why it was a no brainer to me to, to get this guy a shot. Yeah. And again, again, you know, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's the conventional way of thinking that doesn't fit in this. It just doesn't fit. He's an outlier. Like it doesn't, it doesn't add up on him. He's one to one.

Yes. It's an outlier. So it's, it's, it's not a, it's not something you can put your finger again. What do we do? And then I've been, I've been in that seat too at ESPN and I'm a podcast that I've done before.

And what do you do? You're trying to figure out what can you find that's familiar to what you know about what was done. And in this case, everybody's trying to press the right algorithm to determine what can come up on the screen and they don't have it on the, on the, on a freaking pad. They don't have it on the, on the, on the, on a computer pad is nowhere to be found to figure it out because he's a one-off. He's not coming from a Bill Belichick, you know, a line of, of work or Nick Saban or, you know, anything like that. He's not, he's coming from beyond. And so when he comes from that space, it makes it hard for people because you say, he's got the antics thing, you know, he, he's rash and he's flashy and woo, and it doesn't translate to football. Well, it does because he's given it to his key. And he's been doing it his whole life. That's right. And he wants his kids to have that swaggering competence and don't have to go through this thing of, well, you have to figure out what position you're going to play because traditionally in the national football league, they don't believe in that.

It happened with me back in, in Pittsburgh. It's like, figure out what it is you want to play. Uh, because we want to bring in this kid. We're going to bring in this guy because we don't think you're a real quarterback. We're going to bring in kick Graham and have it. And then all of a sudden he doesn't work.

They put me back in and it is still the same thing again. So it's like he's not going to have to deal with that because I think right now is being put on blast in a sense of how you need to look at these players in college football. There are more athletes out there that have that ability to play multiple positions.

This dude right here just have the factor. He was doing that here in Georgia in high school. It looked wrong. It didn't even look right.

It was like some video tech mobile type stuff, you know, stuff we used to play back in the day. So I don't know how he's not tired. He played over a hundred snaps elite level, both ways.

Like Cordell, I was tired walking from watching the game to go get in ribs. You guys played like this when you were playing, when you were young, think about this to your younger days, you know, it's like we play all the positions on the football field. Coach prime is just letting him do it and not questioning it because we need it.

And he's letting him do it. It's just, again, we're going off of conventional thinking. You can't think that way with this.

And this dude can be a number one or a first round draft pick in both positions that he's going to be playing. Where do they do that at? Well, you come up with that idea and that concept. It just doesn't happen based on what we've seen scouts and how they've gone about their business to owners and even cities and what they appreciate.

It just doesn't happen. We were one of those first teams in college, in the national football league that had that in Pittsburgh. No one appreciated it, but look at us now today, the highest paid players are who? Dale and Hertz and Lamar Jackson. What does that look like? And look at the first four picks in 2023. Who do you have out of three players out of four?

What do you have? You have Young, Strout, you have Richardson. Looks the same identical way. Time to change fellas. And it's going in a different direction. You'd better jump on board quick before it's too late. And then all of a sudden you got to say, well, you know what guys, I got to eat crow.

You don't want to eat that. Leave it alone. Jump on board. You don't have to be all the way on. Just, just ride your paddle boat behind the boat and follow it and just hang out for a little bit and give it a chance so that as you go about your business and watching this stuff, you can enjoy the game because after watching that game on Saturday, I promise you it was hard for me to watch anything else on television.

It was, it was the best thing I saw in college football this past week. He is Cordell Stewart. Cordell enjoy it. Thanks so much for doing this.

Thank you. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Zach Gelb shows CBS sports radio. So we talked about how impressive Colorado was this past weekend. Maybe the most disappointing team though in college football from this past weekend was LSU. Now I think the world going into the season of Florida state and LSU, Mike Norvell, who's going to join us later and that Florida state program, they were my pick to win the ACC.

And if you win the ACC, you could be a college football playoff team. And then for LSU, I thought going into the year, they were the second best team in the SEC and LSU would be a college football playoff team. And with how that game played out, and maybe there were some ominous signs early for LSU with how many times they were getting close and then turn over the football, but still going into halftime, LSU is up by three. And what ended up ensuing in the second half was stunning. It really was, you know, praise Florida state and what they're able to do on both sides of the ball, but I didn't know who was going to win that game going in.

You could have flipped the coin. I thought that would be a touchdown or less game with two minutes to go and maybe going into overtime and said the final score was Florida state 45 LSU 24. Now, hecky, I see you tweeted up a storm posting videos about Brian Kelly, but what's your take here on Brian Kelly? He's officially on the hot seat at LSU and this isn't clean up quick. He's getting fired this year. You know how Deion Sanders says, give me my music.

Give me your sounder real quickly here. Hot take. Oh, hot take. Hickey is edited. We have a hot take alert. You think there's a chance he's going to get fired at the end of this season, Brian Kelly. I heard that correct.

They're sitting there eight and four, seven and five. Absolutely. Absolutely. If he does not turn this around how he should schedule works out in your favor for the most part, but yeah, absolutely. He's not being brought back for a third year.

If you're sitting there with an eight and four LSU team that was preseason top five, and now is sniffing like the citrus bowl. There is a 0% chance he gets fired at the end of the season because if you go through his contract, if he wins a national championship, which he hasn't done yet, I'll give it to you both ways here though. 100% of the money's owed right now, even if he doesn't win another game at LSU bare minimum, they own 90% remaining of that contract. We're talking like $90 million.

I get it. That fan base is impatient. That fan base has got rid of Ed Orseron two years, right? Year and a half after winning a national championship after one of the all-time great seasons. They only had to pay him $17 million.

There is no way. I don't care what they do this year. And I do think they'll bounce back. Cause like what you said with the schedule, but if they're going to have to own $90 million, either way, you've seen it with Jimbo and that guy at a level of extreme ugliness, it's not going to get that bad for LSU, but there, I don't see how you could even say that there's even a chance that he gets fired. If they're going to have to pay him $90 million to not coach the team. Money's no object in the SEC. They don't care.

A&M doesn't? They're about to pay Jimbo what, $80 million? $75 million?

Have they done it yet? Why did they fire him at the end of this year? $75 million or whatever it is.

I don't know the exact number. Why did they fire him at the end of last year? They're too patient.

Because of money. That's why. You don't think that Jimbo's getting fired after this year if they go five and seven again? I don't. I don't because of the money.

I really do believe that. I know we can all say, oh, money's a non-issue, but when we're talking about here with Brian Kelly at $90 million, after last year going to an SEC title game, there's not a chance in hell that they fire this guy. And also, worst case, they're going to have three losses this year. You think LSU's going to have more than three losses this year? Even after that catastrophe the other night, Grambling, Mississippi State, Arkansas, you have a tough game against Ole Miss, Missouri, Auburn, Army, you play Alabama, tough game, Florida, Georgia State, A&M, they only have three losses even if they get to four losses. You're not firing a coach after a four-loss season.

I get it. There's national championship aspirations, but there's a money component to it here. Coach O was fired a year after winning national title. $70 million.

Okay, that's fine. Honestly, I don't think the money would have mattered. Coach O could have got $70 million. I think they were fine no matter what.

$90 million. They want to win titles. They brought Brian Kelly in to win a title, not to win the SEC West, not to be preseason top five.

You get blown out the way you did. And again, I think they're going 10-2. I think they're going to be back in the SEC title game.

So this should be a moot point anyway. But if things, when you hear Brian Kelly talk and this team is not ready to play, which is an indictment directly on him, they're reading their press clubbings, they bought into the hype and things don't change. I don't see, you can't bring him back.

And LSU will not bring him back. I'm telling you right now, I, you are, you are, I'm flipping the rules here for a second. You like to say that I sometimes use logic too much. You're naive. You are using too much logic here.

This is college football in the South. They, I promise you, they don't care. They don't, again, he's getting fired. I don't think he's getting going seven to five.

You don't think he's going seven to five, but if they do go seven to five, he's not back for year three. I can promise you that million. Well, it's like $80 million.

Cause you got 95. He's been there two years. Oh God. Oh God.

You'll see. I think a hundred million dollars. All right. Over 10 years. All right. Give me a break here.

$90 million, $80 million. You got to go down a lot further than that to make me say that Brian Kelly after two years is going to get fired, but I'll see. I'll see. I'll see.

It is the Zach Gelb show on CBS sports radio. Oh geez. Louise. What a start to the week. That was some take. Well, come on back. Five questions, five answers. We call this segment onsite offsite. Scott Hansen still to come in about 25 minutes from now as well.
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