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Under Pressure (Hour 2)

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August 9, 2023 8:39 pm

Under Pressure (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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August 9, 2023 8:39 pm

Top 5 NFL head coaches under pressure this season l 1st & Goal: Marcus Williams, Baltimore Ravens safety l Should the College Football Playoff shrink from 12 teams?


Alrighty, how we doing?

It is the Zach Yelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. So I was thinking about this when I was watching Hard Knocks last night and you had a love fest where it was a smoochy smoochy fest where Aaron Rodgers and Robert Sala were hugging, they were kissing, they were singing Kumbaya, and everything's great right now in Jets Land. And I don't want that to come off in a negative way because I think people will hear that they go, oh Zach's so miserable, oh Zach why can't you let people just enjoy what's going on? The Jets fans should be positive right now. The Jets fans should be fired up for this season because outside of Super Bowl 3 where the quarterback in Joe Namath said I guarantee you you're going to win, it's not as if the Jets fan has had a lot of moments to celebrate. And most of the Jets fans that are alive right now weren't alive for Super Bowl 53, Super Bowl 3. So you look now what you had the two years they went back to back AFC title games but it wasn't as if you went into those seasons expecting the Jets to be a dominant force and it wasn't like in the regular season for either of those years.

They were dominant forces. So this year the Jet fan like put it this way, my best friend I was talking to him today, he's a big Jet fan and it does not take much for him to believe in his team and for him to hype up his team and no my best friend isn't hickey but when I was talking to my friend today he goes this is the first time I could genuinely believe and not talk myself into believing into a football team in his lifetime and I said to him I go bare minimum what's a successful season this year and he gave me that look of ah and he was about to say Super Bowl or bust and then he goes what I've been saying they got to go win a playoff game that's what he said and I'm like what just the playoff game and then I kind of talked him into agreeing with me where I go you got to get to an AFC title game because you have a short window here of three years where I think Aaron Rodgers is going to be there for three years this year being one of them and this year you have to get close to that Super Bowl and then he did say to me my buddy that it's the first time I could say though if I wanted to Super Bowl or bust and actually believe it so Jets fans should be on cloud nine Jets fans should be up jumping up and down like fat kids in a candy store it ain't gonna be easy you're in a gauntlet of an AFC East you're in a ruthless AFC but I do believe at the end of the year the Jets will be in the playoffs and the Jets can be a threat in the postseason I would say right now the Jets win a playoff game this year and then the Jets go home in round two but they're either gonna lose in the wildcard round or the divisional round but if you want me to say that this year was a success for the Jets it's gonna have to be bare minimum them in the AFC title game because then you know Hickey if you lose this year like let's say they get to the AFC title game against Kansas City and they lose 28 to 27 Mahomes goes on a late drive and you have a game-winning field goal or a walk-off touchdown or something like that the Jets fan will then go into next year saying Rodgers in year one was a success he took less money will fill in the blanks in the offseason and then they could go get the job done so I really do believe for the Jet fan this year you could say Super Bowl or bust you could believe that this team is going to get to a Super Bowl and win a Super Bowl I don't think that's going to be the case but bare minimum this Jets team has to get to an AFC title game because you only have a window to go win for so long and it's not like you gotta wait and wait and wait and say oh two years of waiting and then oh by year number three like it's not one of those timelines your number three is when the Super Bowl should be the expectation the expectation to win is now but there's a difference in saying the expectation when a Super Bowl is now and then saying that's the only way that it could be a successful season and that's why I keep on going back to bare minimum for me to say it was a success this year for the Jets is just getting to the AFC championship game and also having a good showing hickey in the AFC championship game. For me while I'm still at Super Bowl or bust is I look at the Buccaneers what happened with Tom Brady a few years ago where very similar very similar situation downtrodden organization gets a one of the best quarterbacks and lead to come to their team and you'll get the Buccaneers year number one I'm sure if Tom Brady got to the playoffs they won a playoff game hey success that team you know still a lot of moving parts year two Tom Brady's not going anywhere year three they'll build to it 2021 eliminated what round two 2020 or 2021 limited round two 2022 eliminated the wildcard round never got close to a Super Bowl again so my point is it's a very short window in year one right but what I'm saying is if he didn't win the Super Bowl in in in year number one he would have gotten a pass in year number one for not winning one you assume oh we'll be better the next year and we'll get better that was not the case of the Buccaneers and I don't see why that'd be the case with the Jets either where you can think oh yeah it'll be a linear sort of progression where we got Aaron Rodgers we'll win a playoff game this year and we'll only get better as we go yeah but but the fact that the fact that they won the Super Bowl like if they would have lost in the NFC title game that year I could think the next two years are totally different because remember when you win a Super Bowl people exhale or priorities of all right winning I already got that so let me go cash in off that Super Bowl in the now and you have a total changeover in the roster so I don't think you could play that game that way once you do win the Super Bowl championship but also a big difference here where I can't really compare Brady and Rodgers and what they did like I understand what you're saying the Jets have been a putrid organization the Bucks were a putrid organization talent on both sides of the ball and you felt like they were just missing a quarterback you bring in Tom Brady you know right away the Brady standard is Super Bowl or bust and he's the greatest NFL winner we've ever seen the thing about Rodgers is I don't know if Rodgers is going to be able to win a second Super Bowl because without early in his career Aaron Rodgers won that Super Bowl and I know some years you can blame it on the defense in Green Bay other years you can blame it on coaching or special teams but as of late in the playoff games against San Francisco and against Tampa Bay Aaron Rodgers didn't do his job so there's no question about Brady in terms of clutch and in terms of winning for Rodgers I know he has one and there's a lot of people that would just want one but there is a question in a much tougher conference in the AFC can Aaron Rodgers be clutch and can Aaron Rodgers win another Super Bowl and that's a big question right which is why if you can't like I don't think the Jets like this is not a free year this is not a situation where okay you're number one we'll kind of learn the system and we'll get everything organized we'll see how far we can go but we're kind of playing with quote unquote house money and then in year two like you said we'll fill in the gaps we'll go from there the sense of urgency has to be sky high right now the window is already short as it is if we're talking about maybe maybe three years with a guy who has not been clutch who has right now everything he wants going from the right direction you got to go for now because just like the Bucks you could say oh maybe they took it easy the next few years whatever Tom Brady's a guy you know who's always winning always run with the next one and if you don't kind of get it and you miss your maybe one crack you make it one crack maybe and maybe if that's this year you miss it then you'll be sitting there saying three years from now you know what I wish we went harder or wish we should have got that one in 2023 now I'm a bit confused here so just correct me if I'm wrong here do you think I'm giving them a free pass by saying bare minimum they have to be in an AFC title game to be one of the final four teams remaining is still a pretty high bar I'm not saying it's not but I'm saying like they I think the Jets brought Aaron Rodgers into a Super Bowl sure so I'm saying if you're the Jets you already have a base maybe baby three cracks that it is I'm just saying like you got to get like crack like there's no my point is this there's no time to waste right basically there's no time to get activated there's no like free grace there's no grace period that's what I'm looking for there's no grace period where year one is kind of like we'll see what happens the aura of still Aaron Rodgers being here still there it is Super Bowl or bust right now so you think it's a failure of the year for the Jets yes if they lose in the AFC title yes yeah I can't say that remember this is a team still that won seven games last year and you're bringing in a new quarterback and you're handing over the keys entirely to him there should be a high standard but I'm not going to sit here and crush the Jets if they lose by a field goal they lose by a touchdown in the AFC title game but what I will say is when I'm watching Hard Knocks last night very buddy buddy almost as if Rodgers and we know he has all the power is like this this model in the way that we would drool over models and Robert Salah was like one of us drooling and I think there's a lot of pressure on Salah this year because you think the Jets are going to miss the playoffs I don't think that's going to be the case but if you want to tell me the Jets don't win the AFC East totally agree I can understand that I think they got a shot to win the AFC East I think we're splitting hairs between the Bills the Jets and the Dolphins but then there's only three wildcard spots the AFC East does play up against one another so they're going to beat up on one another if you lay out an argument the Jets are going to miss the playoffs I wouldn't agree with it but I won't crush you for it the Jets bare minimum for Salah to be back next year they got to have 10 wins and they got to be in the playoffs and if they miss the playoffs he'll be out of a job so I'm starting to think about this a little bit five coaches under the most pressure entering the season and I put my list together and I'm curious what you think about this here Hickey at number five I think we define pressure in multiple different ways but when everyone's anointing you as a playoff team or a team that people believe in you got to deliver and this off season I've had a lot of positivity with the Lions and Dan Campbell did a remarkable job last year but in that week NFC you got to make the playoffs this year and I think there's a lot of pressure on Dan Campbell and I have a tie here for the fifth spot also Mike McDaniel I don't know if the Lions would fire Dan Campbell if they missed the playoffs this year I don't I think they should but I don't know if they would the Dolphins if they missed the playoffs this year even after making the playoffs a year ago and almost beating the Bills in the wild card round with Skyler Thompson I do think they would get rid of Mike McDaniel because they have so much talent and you have a window here where you have a few years to go for it so if the Dolphins missed the playoffs this year I would not be surprised if Stephen Ross goes for a big name at the head coaching position so I think there's a lot of pressure on Mike McDaniel and also Dan Campbell for it's Ron Rivera new ownership coming in and everyone's already assuming that most likely Ron Rivera won't be back next year three Kevin Stefanski I don't know where that relationship is at with Deshaun Watson and Kevin Stefanski if they don't make the playoffs this year with how much they are paying Deshaun Watson and how many picks they gave up to get Deshaun Watson and a team that I don't want to call the Browns underrated because I don't have these high expectations for them but if you look at that roster that is a loaded roster and when we talk about some of the better rosters in the NFL I don't know if the average fan is really going to say the Cleveland Browns but if you don't make the playoffs this year even in a tough AFC North and a tough AFC there's going to have to be a fall person here and I can guarantee you this it will not be Deshaun Watson because you gave up all those picks to go get him and then you gave him a guaranteed contract in like the worst circumstances so I do think there's a lot of pressure on Stefanski too and there's a reason I put this guy too because I have higher expectations for this team than I do for the team that's in at the one spot Brandon Staley you could make the case that he should have been fired last year you knew he wasn't going to because if the team just made the playoffs they were going to bring him back and I can't trust the Spanos family to make the right decision Sean Payton wanted to be the coach there he should be the coach right now but I look at that Chargers roster it is a loaded roster they made the playoffs last year they had an embarrassing performance after looking like they were going to blow out the Jaguars and they choked that game away but if Brandon Staley but if Brandon Staley doesn't take a big step this year I don't see you can continue to justify with all the talent that you have on both sides of the ball him being the head football coach and then number one it's Robert Salah the Jets they're in New York the the Jet fan is drinking all the Kool-Aid right now with Aaron Rodgers you cannot disappoint this year and if Salah doesn't make a big impression and a big jump this season you know that the New York fan and the New York Jet fan is going to be livid so those are five coaches that I have under pressure for this upcoming season.

Hickey anyone that you think should be on that list? Three actually I think that are in consideration or maybe should be on the list number one gotta start with your guy Bill Belichick the talk has been there when you see how he's handling Mac Jones and that quarterback situation if they miss the playoffs again under 500 again we know the owner Robert Kraft is dead set on now getting back to success and seemingly everything he's saying publicly is back to winning and there's no we'll say use the word we used before grace period for Bill I wonder what happens if this is another bad year? So I will I've been critical of Bill Belichick if you listen to this show the last year I did not agree with the approach heading into last year and going into this year I'm happy they got Bill O'Brien but they still don't have a number one wide receiver so they satisfied half of my wish for this upcoming season I really do believe with what Bill Belichick has done in this league being arguably the greatest head coach of all time winning six Super Bowls for an organization that was once a joke that he would he would get another season and I think if Bill misses three seasons in a row talk about getting the playoffs then he would be out but I still don't believe I've not come around on the likelihood and I think the Patriots only win eight or nine games this year that Belichick is not back next season number two go ahead let's stick with the tree Josh McDaniels you know what I was thinking of Josh McDaniels and I think we're in lockstep with our opinion of Josh McDaniels but I don't think Mark Davis is and a lot of people wanted McDaniels out after one year and I don't really think they improved that football team heading into this season where you go from Carter Garoppolo so what you get rid of Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs isn't happy and who knows when he's going to show up I kind of feel as long as they are in a three or four win team and I think they'll they'll win at least six games that McDaniels will be back and then the intensity really in terms of the pressure that Mark Davis will feel on his head football coach won't pick up until next year if that's fair or not you could debate it I'm probably in agreement with you if it's a bad season this year get rid of him because I don't believe in him as a head coach but with that being said I do think Mark Davis believes in Josh McDaniels and would be stubborn and would bring him back for a third year and finally Dennis Allen because it's one of those irrelevant names you're not wrong but it's like you had the best quarterback in the division the Saints on paper the best team and it's like also the Saints like he was hired from within because Sean Payne retired it's not like the Saints actually went out and said Dennis Allen our next head coach you wouldn't have a choice I wonder if you liked him as DC now two years in a row open division especially this year we have the quarterback advantage can't get it done maybe he's gone it should be gone well you could only really lose this season if you're the Saints now you win a playoff game I think you take it further than anyone expected so there is a way to win but if you just win the division it's like we're going to praise you for winning that division you did what you were supposed to do but if you don't win that division there's no reason to bring back Dennis Allen and can I give you a hot take here maybe this is in the moment sure and I don't know if they would allow this with some of the lawsuits and everything going on in the tigest world John Gruden's been around been around the Saints a decent amount could John Gruden who I think is an overrated coach would it shock you with Derek Carr and who knows with the the legal matter that could play a factor in it would it shock you if John Gruden next year is coached in the New Orleans Saints right now would yes because the legal situation and he's just not a good coach yeah he's overrated he won that Super Bowl give him credit after that what has he really done in the NFL as a head coach it is Zach Gelb showing CBS Sports Radio will do some first and goal with Raven Safety Marcus Williams who joins us next. For 25 years has made mailing and shipping easy all you need is a computer and printer imagine mailing and shipping right from your desk anytime no traffic no waiting no hassle plus gives you discounts up to 84 sign up for today use code program for a four-week trial plus postage and a digital scale that's code program you're listening to the Zach Gelb show the NFL season is inching closer and closer who are the contenders and who are the pretenders we have four downs to figure out your team's future it's time now for first and goal on the Zach Gelb show all righty time to preview the Ravens we'll do so with the man that plays for the organization and of course he's on the defensive side of the ball as a safety back in 2017 when he was drafted by the Saints he was a second round pick 42nd overall last year for the Ravens had four interceptions and that of course is Marcus Williams Marcus always appreciate the time thanks for it how are you of course I'm good I'm good how about you well I'm doing fantastic so last year you moved over from the Saints to Baltimore I know you had to deal with an injury but you still had a good season when you were on the field how do you kind of look back at your one with the Ravens I mean it was a good year man I mean we we made we we made a run I mean we made the playoffs I mean it ended short but uh you know I'm looking forward to this year coming out there and you know uh doing it all over again and get it to where we want to get to you've been in the league since 2017 as you get ready to embark on your seventh year in the NFL individually where do you think your game is at I think I'm still I think I'm still growing I think I'm still striving to you know to to get those accolades and you know to make those pro bowls all pros and I and I have a lot more game in me I mean I'm so young and I haven't even peaked yet so I mean I'm improving every single day every single time I step on the field and I mean there's you know there's a whole lot that you know is is about to come let's get to the next down Marcus Williams with the uh Ravens here with us in the Zach Gelb show last year we got to see the rookie year of Kyle Hamilton uh what have you seen so far out of him in year one and as he gets set for year number two in the NFL man he came in he came in ready um and you see his progression already from year one to year two and I think he he definitely stepped up and is more of a communicator he's definitely a leader out there um he's everywhere he could play up he can play back he could do he could do just about everything so I think he's gonna have a great year this year and once we once we put the pads on uh come game one uh we're gonna see a whole bunch of what he can do we all know the type of player that Roquan Smith is and you guys got him last year in a trade and then gave him the contract extension what did Roquan Smith bring to what was already a good defense man he flies around he's always he's always trying to be the first one to the ball I mean um if it's not me it's him no I'm kidding uh but but uh yeah he's flying around he's making plays he's a leader he he sets the tone and when you see him he pops up the screen along with uh PQ they both they both go hand in hand uh that's a dynamic duo right there when you think of certain organizations there's always like one thing that comes to mind and when it's the Ravens you know at least the era that I grew up in you always thought about those defenses as a player now and you're number two there do you take pride in that trying to live up to that standard of the way that people associate the defensive side of the ball with the ravens I think we just live up to our standard we set a standard as a group and you know we we we make a an emphasis to come out each and every day to keep up our standard I mean those teams were those teams and we are who we are so when we go out there we set our standard and that's the type of that's the brand that we're gonna you know show on the field when it comes Sundays I like that answer so then I'll follow up here Marcus Williams what is the standard for the ravens defense this year man you're gonna see us flying around making plays attacking the ball um we're gonna pop off the screen we have a lot of we have a lot of great great talent but you know our play is gonna speak more than than the words that I'm saying let's get to the next down talking to Marcus Williams safety for the ravens here on the Zach Gelb show so the last few years everyone's been talking about this Lamar Jackson contract now it finally gets done how did you react to it when you saw that news in the off season that this situation was taken care of man I was excited I was I was like shoot I came there because I know Lamar Jackson is gonna be there and he and the way he got that I'm like yes I was I was excited so you know my brother my family they're like he signed his deal and you know that you know the highlight of the off season for sure because uh one of the best quarterbacks in the game dynamic quarterback can do everything um throw the ball he he's a phenomenal um thrower I can't wait to see him go out and ball this year does it surprise you because like let me preface this by saying I'm a big fan of Lamar Jackson I'm a big believer in Lamar Jackson but a lot of people are critical of him are you surprised by how many doubters there are with Lamar people are gonna talk there's always gonna be doubters it allows them people who love them um shoot thousands of haters they still they still watching and when he goes out there he's still performing and they can do they can hate because he's doing great so you know I'm saying this is what it is let's get to the next down impressions of the offense so far going up against them you guys made two big moves landed Odell Beckham Jr and then Junior and then also drafting Zay Flowers what has Odell and Zay brought to the team so far a lot of energy you know they come out there ready to ready to go out here and perform they don't take practice lightly hard workers um and I think they both have a chip on their shoulders so I think it's I think it's going to be a pleasant surprise when we come out there on on game one when you look around do you kind of sense that I know you've been close with with other teams and this team made the playoffs last year as well do you kind of sense that this team has everything they need to to go out there and get that Lombardi trophy man I think I think we we have what it takes but it's gonna it's gonna start in practice it's gonna start in the film room it's gonna start doing the little thing right going into the game and you know making less mistakes than the other team and then that's how you're gonna win last thing I'll ask you I saw that Genevion Clowney who's a free agent was in for a visit and Josina Anderson even reported that the Ravens made him a contract if Genevion Clowney was to hit up Marcus Williams and say why should I want to be a part of this defense you know why should I sign with the Ravens what would you say to him I would say you you you with a group of young guys who are gonna fly around and attack the ball and make a statement so if you want to come we'll invite them you gotta come in and gotta work and not you don't just get you don't just get the spot you earn it I love that well hey I really do appreciate the conversation today Marcus Williams good health and good luck this upcoming season yes sir appreciate you there you go Marcus Williams joining us on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio from the Baltimore Ravens getting set to enter his seventh season in the NFL and his second with the Ravens we will take a time out here on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio and when we come on back I want to get into a little bit about the future of the college football playoff we touched on this a little bit earlier in hour number one but what is the college football playoff going to look like with it appearing that the Pac-12 is on the verge of fading I guess you could say they're on life support and they may only have a and they may only have a breath or two left so we'll get into that conversation we return you're listening to the Zach Gelb show all righty this is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio you can think of Riley Auto Parts where your car care needs guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts O O O O Riley Auto Parts poll question today has to do with the JTS jets jets jets after episode one of Hard Knocks did come out last night with the slobber fest over Aaron Rodgers and then Zach Wilson what was he eating there again Hickey what was the thing that that you loved that what Zach Wilson was chowing down on in the locker room at halftime of the of the hall of fame game an uncrustable you eat those a lot no I wish I did I really I just make my own peanut butter and jelly and eat the crust that's a thing like that would be a good snack I feel as if you were in elementary school or middle school right when you bring a brown uh lunch bag to I was gonna say to work but to school and you get a little snack after whatever the sandwich was I feel like that would be I was a big rice pudding fan actually when I was a kid I would always like a peanut butter and uh just a peanut butter sandwich no jelly on it on whole wheat bread and then I always enjoyed rice pudding still to this day I enjoy rice pudding I think rice pudding is an underrated snack I'm a big rice pudding fan gonna go to the old folks home next geez maybe I am 29 today so I'm getting up there and holding you don't like rice pudding I've never heard anyone under 50 even try rice pudding no because you're not cultured that's pretty simple what happens chocolate pudding like that's easily the way to go at that like why why rice pudding over chocolate pudding do you hate chocolate pudding no I like chocolate I like vanilla pudding rice pudding over vanilla and chocolate pudding yeah just something about rice pudding that that I really do do enjoy and anytime I'm walking down the supermarket and I know exactly where it is it's in the back left corner it's right next to the cheeses and right next to the the frozen fruits so I'm always there to go get my strawberries and my mangoes and my blueberries for for my smoothies I see the rice pudding and I go you beautiful son of a bitch and I go get that rice pudding you say that come to papa no that just sounds weird okay especially you with that mustache sounds very creepy I would not say that to anybody then I would turn myself in they also have I think they're called balance breaks right now I believe is what it's called it is a it's a little circle and there's three different sectors in the circle and to the left and to the left it's like raisins and peanuts and then there's there's like a little like cheese bites as well and there's one more thing that I forget but when I see those two now when I see that now I think they're called balance breaks or balance breakfast or something I I don't know but it's all snack in in the middle of the day that's only like I think 140 160 calories also very good those are my snacks these days and the skinny pop popcorn I am a fan of of that popcorn you can never have enough popcorn around the house I would agree with that do love good popcorn now I do have to try your cactus candy today that you got me yes when are we having the big taste test I'll eat the cactus candy at some point but you know you know what I'm jonesing for today when I'm really craving scorpion lollipop I will get to well you know what let's discuss the scorpion lollipop right now okay so let me real quickly give you the poll question will Aaron Rodgers be playing in the AFC Championship game this season 38% say he won't make the playoffs 47.9% say he'll lose in the wildcard round a division round and 14% say Aaron Rodgers will be in the AFC title game so two things one I'm really craving right now have you ever heard of this place Chip City in New York City they have these delicious cookies chocolate chip cookies I have heard of Chip City never been there though so they have a chocolate chip cookie then they have different flavors each and every day but every day they have the chocolate chip cookie which is brown sugar cookie mix with dark chocolate chips obviously then they have the triple chocolate cookie which is a fudge cookie mix with dark chocolate milk chocolate and white chocolate chips then the specialties today is a s'mores cookie which is a graham cracker cookie mixed with dark chocolate chips and topped with marshmallows I ordered that last weekend did not meet my expectations and I'm a big fan of s'mores really oh that's a shame it sounds delicious it does put it this way you you know what that cookie was it was the Kirk Cousins Dak Prescott cookies where it was good but you're hoping it was going to be great and in the big moment it didn't lead you to where you want it to go was a marshmallow gooey was there enough marshmallow that's sometimes a problem enough it was gooey oh man it looked really good it looked like it could lead you to a Super Bowl and then interceptions galore and it just wasn't as what I thought it was gonna be now there is a dairy-free trail mix today which is an oatmeal cookie made with roasted peanuts raisins and mini chocolate chips this actually sounds pretty good there's a pina colada cookie which is a coconut cookie with creamy pineapple filling and then there is an orange and cream cookie today which is orange cream sugar cookie stuffed with an orange cream cheese filling and drizzled with orange cream flavored glaze which cookie would you like because now I'm getting hungry I'm gonna order one of these cookies now you've never had this before no and I want to go to the s'mores but you already talked me out of it and I feel like you are a traditionalist so you'll go with the chocolate chip but I think your face really lit up the most at the triple chocolate I was just gonna say I I'm a traditionalist but I actually stay away from a lot the chocolate chip just because I think it's very mostly vanilla but I don't say vanilla but it's like very classic you have a chocolate chip cookie all the time triple chocolate does sound very good now that's my sweet spot this is an enormous cookie it's not like insert insomnia these are those oh these are bigger than insomnia cookies oh these are big cookies like don't get me wrong I'm trying to explain this without sounding like an idiot like if you just look at it at the circle like by the design of the circle it would not be enormous it is such a high up and thick oh it's heavy heavy cookie but for example levine you think this the s'mores uh let's go the triple chocolate cookie which is fudge cookie mixed with dark chocolate milk chocolate and white chocolate chips how many calories do you think is in this cookie if you had to guess uh 350 so it's 108 calories per serving how many servings do you think are in this three four geez so you're talking about 720 calories off this cookie so basically this just wipes away this just wipes away me going to the gym tonight is it the size of your face no it's not that big I got a big face here I'm just we're talking about a cookie that's 700 calories it's a heavy cookie it's serving size of four mm-hmm it's that's that's a big ass cookie it is a big ass cookie so which cookie would you like what do you want because I'm going to place this order and it usually comes within 15 minutes um and the triple chocolate sounds good are you going to eat this on the air um no I won't eat this on there do you want any milk with it by the way no they they come with milk they have milk there at chip city yeah you could get whole milk wow skim milk almond milk respect or oat milk or hot chocolate no one percent come on two percent I'm actually a big skim milk guy I've always liked skim milk which that's you know that's why you know you don't have to worry about those things when you're like a twig like you skim milk before like I mean honestly skim milk one percent two percent whole is there a truly difference in taste I can't tell you that okay I'm gonna go you know what I've had the triple chocolate cookie the triple chocolate cookie is is oh it looks really good you know what hecky I'm making a you want the triple chocolate yeah I'm going to do the triple well how about this you're spilling should we split here should we do half C's on the triple chocolate and then on the traditional sure sure oh my god I put way too much in the car here I put two chocolate chips and one triple chocolate all right so I got one triple chocolate and then I got one chocolate chip as well so my order right now is a chocolate chip cookie a skim milk and then a triple chocolate how much do you think that is without fees or anything uh considering it feeds four I'm gonna say 41 dollars 41 it's cookies yeah but we're talking about a massive cookie no no it's it's four servings per cookie right no I know but I'm saying these are big cookies so I'm assuming and this is like you eat one your fault uh okay 28 dollars if you're on the Aaron Rodgers diet if you know what I'm saying you could maybe two uh 14.50 not bad oh that's it for two cookies and milk now let's see what the fees are here are so no thanks I don't want anything else so this order now is after fees twenty dollars and 88 cents how much we tip in here by the way but what do you think is a fair tip here hickster five bucks I always like to tip heavy okay I was in the tipping business growing up gotcha all right so we place our orders up by the way you'll run downstairs and get it right yeah so you gotta be someone in the newsroom that's gonna be able to get it just Marco yeah Marco's had a tough week with the car and you know Marco can have my cookie if he wants he's had a tough week that's just the selflessness in me because he has had a rough estimated time of arrival eight o'clock so that's perfect so we could get on the air and then you go run downstairs and get the cookie we don't need your your thoughts on actually we do need you for the eight o'clock segment so anyway hickey comes back from the desert and he gets me cactus candy and then he also which I don't I didn't think you had this level in you because you come off as a very nice kind person and you go you get you get on the air and you're like you always say that I won't try things well how about I'm gonna get you a scorpion lollipop and there's a dead scorpion in the lollipop so this is in my locker here at CBS Sports Radio and I want to offer you a proposition here let's do football picks this year up against one another and I kind of threw this out there yesterday but you weren't giving me an answer so I'm hoping you've had like 24 hours to think about it if I lose football picks this year we'll make three picks a week then I will eat the scorpion lollipop if you lose picks I've been begging you to try escargot which I don't even think is a punishment because it's delicious but you're like oh it's stale oh disgusting I'm a child like I told one of my best friend today about the escargot and how you just hate escargot he's like what an idiot so if you lose football picks this year you eat some escargot live on on CBS Sports Radio and I think you will actually enjoy it too so it's not really a punishment for you but mentally you're just like so bleeped over the thought of eating snail yeah I'm out on snail but okay that's fair we'll do it so you're in well I am in with one goal in mind to win oh I'm in it to win it I would hope so I don't think anyone gets into a competition and goes yeah I'm in it to lose it anyway uh this was on the Paul Finebaum show SEC commissioner Greg Sankey saying that changes to the college football playoff format need to be considered and here in the SEC we wanted college football to be strong nationally and we've not seen a west of the Rockies participant in the playoff since I believe 2016 and so the expansion was about making sure we brought in western football well now what's happened is western football has come into other conferences the net of that is circumstances have changed and I think it's it's wise for us to take a step back and reconsider what the format might look like given these circumstances and let's also hear Greg Sankey say the playoffs should still remain at 12 teams the access we've created through the 12 team format still seems wise but maybe there are elements and specifics of what was decided when we had clarity around 10 conferences that might need to be adjusted given what's happening right now so there's no doubt about it with the way that we think college football is moving where the big 12 has been able to survive it looks like the PAC 12 is is going to fade away I will see who if any of these remaining teams end up joining the ACC that the idea of the five power five teams getting automatic bids like even if the PAC 12 is able to find new members I don't think it's going to be anywhere with the four that are remaining that people go oh my goodness gracious the PAC 12 is going to be in the same category of the the top four conferences in college football where they deserve to remain on that pedestal now like don't get me wrong we know the SEC and the big ten of the two preeminent conferences in the sport but the big 12 has done a good job since losing Texas and Oklahoma or they're about to in finding a way to replace some of those schools and the ACC hasn't anyone really leave yet because of the fact of of their current contract and how expensive it would be to leave the ACC right now so I think we're all in agreement here Hickey and maybe I'm wrong you correct me if I'm wrong because I know that you're always plugged into this stuff that the four guaranteed spots into the college football playoff or actually five four should be for the core four conferences SEC big 10 ACC and the big 12 and then your best non-core four conference winner gets into a guaranteed spot based off the rankings into the college football playoff and then you have five guaranteed spots and then the other remaining spots are all kinds of like wildcard spots and you can pluck whatever schools and put whatever schools in there whether it's Notre Dame or a few more SEC schools a few more big 10 schools that's probably the best format here moving forward absolutely four get in four get the buy so it's nice and easy nice and clean and the other eight teams I like the group of five automatic qualifier no reason to change that and now instead of six you know instead of six at large you go seven and we're good to go now let me be clear here I don't think they should have ever gone to 12 I know why they go to 12 I was always saying if you're going to expand maybe you go to eight at most I would reduce the teams from 12 and realize that you just made a mistake but Hickey earlier and I know we only got like 45 seconds left you said now it makes more sense than ever to stay at 12 and go to 12 why is that real quickly because you're gonna have teams that barely play each other SEC and the big 10 have 16 teams in each conference there's gonna be plenty of years where Alabama won't play Georgia or won't play Oklahoma and Ohio State won't play USC and if you have it where tiebreakers and you know just gonna be the two highest teams in the conference we could see I think plenty of years where there's three teams at 11 and one they don't play each other and you get screwed outside of an independent like Notre Dame getting in out of those seven I think it's seven right remaining or no is it eight remaining spots that are oh no because you have the the five with the the non group of uh the non power five or power four now so with those spots remaining the wildcard spots do you think we'll see big 12 and do you think we'll see ACC teams get in I do think so one or two okay I think one would be max after the guaranteed one because it's going to be a ton of SEC and it's going to be a ton of big 10.
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