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Denver Too Dull? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 25, 2023 9:20 pm

Denver Too Dull? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 25, 2023 9:20 pm

News Brief l Are the Nuggets boring? l Jimmy G hurt to start Raiders tenure

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That's right, it is the Zach Gelb show. Coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. Coming up at 9.40 PM Eastern, 6.40 PM Pacific. You will hear in the final segment of the show today from the owner of the Florida Panthers who are off to the Stanley Cup Final. As they just swept the Carolina Hurricanes in four games as you do see Florida advance to the Cup Final. Their owner, the Easter Conference champion owner Vinny Viola will join us. And how about this Florida Panthers team?

Last year, President's Trophy winner. They get swept out of the second round. This year, I think they got in after 81 games of the regular season. And they had the fewest points out of any post-season team. They were down 3-1 to the juggernaut that is the Boston Bruins who had the most points and most wins in the history of the NHL. They come on back, you get the Verhage game winner, then they take care of business in round two up against the Toronto Maple Leafs. And then you have a really good Carolina Hurricanes team.

And you have Carolina go down in four games. And Hickey, I know last night Rod Brindamore kind of got dragged for what he said after the game. Where that was in a sweep to him. I know that we crushed Windhorse for saying, Oh, that was like the most impressive losing performance that we've ever seen in a sweep by LeBron James with the Los Angeles Lakers. But you look at what the Hurricanes said, like I'm not giving them participation trophy points.

They got swept. But I kind of feel as if he was saying the first two games we lost in overtime and one went to four overtimes and the other one ended rather quickly. In game three I'm pretty sure it was a one goal game because they pulled their goalie with about three and a half minutes to go and they never scored an empty net. I was just thinking if they scored an empty net or not and they didn't.

And last night you lose in the final five seconds. You want to talk about puck luck? And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying what the Panthers did is lucky. But every team needs some puck luck.

Those bounces could have gone the other way. Now, Kuchuk has been sensational for the Florida Panthers and they acquired him in July. And I don't think people realized how good he is and he's taken his game to a different level and they got rid of Huberto who's part of that team for 10 years. But how Kuchuk has dominated in just this series. Think about just this series. How many years do we talk about the Stanley Cup playoffs and you talk about guys in the top six that when defense picks up in intensity and there's less ice space. That some of those guys get lost for some stretches in the postseason. Just in this series the guy had three game winning goals. In four games! Now it would be one thing if it was a seven game series which still even that would be impressive. But to have three game winning goals in four games is absurd.

But I know Rob Brindamore is getting dragged. I kind of got what he was saying. I wouldn't have said it. He probably should have just said even though this is a sweep it was a close series. And the bounces and the effort just was more in favor of Florida. But that series easily could have been 2-2 if you want to be fair. When you look at how long those games were and how close those games were as well. That might be ESPN's lead tomorrow. Who got swept better? Who was more impressive in their sweep?

The Hurricanes or the Lakers? We debate next. You're expecting ESPN to talk about hockey that long? That's true. You're right.

You're right. Even though they have a big deal with the NHL. It wasn't that long ago where Stephen A. Smith didn't even care about the Rangers being a professional team. And then had to put out a pro ranger video because definitely Gary Bettman and company got annoyed with him.

And was a little perturbed at Stephen A. Smith. So I don't think they're bringing on Barry Melrose or P.K. Subban to talk about that.

Maybe they do a good five minutes on PTI and that's a question that they ask. But you have it from Winhorse the day before. Will you agree with this? What Winhorse said I thought was funnier than what Rod Brind'Amour said, the head coach of the Carolina Hurricanes. Well especially when you consider the source and who it's coming from and his connection to LeBron James.

Yes. It's more laughable because he's almost like he was treating like in the way almost the Lakers won. Like hey look at the Lakers. Look how impressive they were despite the fact they just lost 4-0. Look at them and they were great, huh?

Let me ask you this. If you're a Carolina Hurricanes fan, would you rather, it's like asking like which disease would you rather have? But would you rather lose in four games where they were also close and you wake up today saying how the heck did we not get one? Or would you rather have this series go to seven and then you lose in like an overtime game seven. But at least you showed up technically in the series and you got some wins on the board. I would choose game seven overtime heartbreak just because I want to feel like my team is in it. And even then looking back, I don't want people to go oh they got swept.

It wasn't even close. Because that's definitely something we all do is the further away we get a move from it, five, ten, fifteen years. Like I do want to at least feel like even if my team can't win, I want to at least feel like okay they were right there. It wasn't like an embarrassment of just like oh they got swept, no showed. Yeah, you get some of the highs of even though you didn't win the series. Like let's say you win a game six, the force of game seven, at least you get those twenty four hours of feeling like you're on cloud nine. And game seven overtime would be painful, but like you said at least you win three games and there's some reason to hope. I mean the Panthers fans got no reason for hoping.

Any time they did, it was immediately wiped away. Whether it was a quadruple overtime goal or a goal of four point, or as I say sorry, Panthers fans or Hurricanes fans. It's like they got seconds maybe, like five seconds total of hope or joy in that series. They should get three wins out of it going to game seven. It reminds me a lot like the Rangers losing to the Kings in the Stanley Cup final back in 2014. I'm pretty sure that was because there was a two overtime game in there and then there was two other overtime games I believe as well.

It was and they just didn't find the way to win any of those games. And you go back to Madison Square Garden, you drop that game three, you knew the series was over then they win game four. Then you get into another overtime game in game five and you end up losing.

That is maddening though. It's maddening however you lose, but when you lose quickly and you showed up. It's one thing, I think it's easier if you just get steamrolled in a sweep and you lose four nothing. You lose five two, three one and then six nothing.

You just weren't better. But when all those games were one goal games where it's four overtimes the first game, an overtime the second game, the third game one nothing and the fourth game you lose in literally the final five seconds. You just got to think your curse at that point.

Like what the heck do you have to do to go get a win? And if you're a hurricanes fan today, I think you just wake up and you look up at the ceiling and you go. Why the heck did the hockey gods do us like that? Yeah, that's that's cruel.

That is cruel and unusual punishment to suffer for heartbreaking losses like that in a row when you're so close to kind of see in the end goal. All right. Let's get to the news brief right now. I'll teach you some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio.

Let's roll. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. The Boston Celtics are an eight point favorite tonight, even though they're down three one in this series.

Heat coach Eric Spulster says his team doesn't care that they're an eight point underdog. We don't get it. I'm trying to compete. Yeah, that's a great opportunity. And our guys love these kind of challenges. Love to compete. Love the playoffs and love playing in an environment like this. This is what it's about.

It's not about getting ahead of it. You want to be present for the competitive nature of what what we can expect tonight. That's that's how our guys are wired. Now, I know it's weird to question Vegas because usually when you question Vegas, Hickey, you lose. But when you tell me Boston was the home team in this series, that they were favorite in the first two games. I understand that even when they lost the first game, you would expect them then to win the second game.

And you were something that picked the heat. You thought, though, that Boston was going to win the second game. So I understand why Boston was the favorite in the first two. When they're up, though, 2-0 and you're going back to Miami and Miami's now getting on their home court. I didn't get how Miami in Game 3 wasn't a favorite. It was Boston who was still the favorite.

And then in Game 4, they finally made the Heat the favorite. Tonight, this just comes off to me as Vegas is expecting the Boston Celtics to blow out the Miami Heat. Because it's one thing to make them an eight point favorite, but you wonder why they're an eight point favorite. Like it makes no sense after what we've seen through the first four games, why they are an eight point favorite tonight. But you look at that's Vegas telling you they expect this thing to go six. And most people are going to look at that eight point spread and they're going to say, oh plus the points.

Let me plus the points. I don't know if Boston is going to definitely win the game. So therefore I'm going to take Miami plus the eight points. When you get into that type of scenario, usually Vegas does win.

So I'm going to say that Boston wins the game tonight by nine points. But I do find it funny that Miami keeps on telling you they don't care about the outside noise. They don't care about people doubting us. You know whenever a team gives you that line when they say they don't care, they actually do care. And that's the team, the Heat, that will take that bulletin board material, use it. I'm sure Jay Butler knows that number in his head without a doubt. And that's if I had to guess one number being said in shoot around and before, you know, they come out to the court.

I bet you it's eight. No one's giving us a chance. Vegas thinks we stink. We're going back to Miami, fellas, except being a big rallying cry tonight. Oh, yeah. They're going back to Miami for a game six.

Well, I guess go back to Miami anyway. That's kind of the old Shaquille O'Neal packing one suit on the trip. Yeah.

Sort of thing since that made absolutely no sense what he said a few weeks ago. So, hey, let me ask you, eight point spread tonight. You plus in the points tonight. Yes, sir. Taking the Heat. Folks, I think you have your answer on how to bet this one. That's all I'm going to say.

Let's go to Jimmy Butler. He says the team will be ready to play in Game five. We'll be OK. Let's get back to doing what we've always done to get us to this point. Continually have belief in one another, knowing that we're going to win and we will. We've got to play harder. Like, there's not too much to say with this group because we already know. So we just got to go out there and execute.

Let's go to Shams Sharani. He reveals that LeBron James had a torn tendon in his foot. We go to the Pat McAfee show leads the Lakers from two and ten all the way to the Western Conference Finals. And he plays Pat the last few months of the season with a torn tendon in his foot that could need surgery this summer. I'm told he's going to be evaluating that foot. It's very possible he might he might need surgery on that foot. That could sideline him for two months. But, you know, two months over the offseason.

Get that foot right. I think that's something he's gonna have to get evaluated. And if he's going to need surgery, that'll shelve him for a little bit. We all know LeBron's still a fantastic player. Duh.

Hot take of the day. But when you hear that news and you knew there was something wrong with his foot, it makes you ask many questions. Like, was some of him looking worn out at the end of those games due to that foot injury? Or was it due to wear and tear on the body and old age and age catching up to him?

And then if he does get the surgery, how long is the rehab process? Can he get back to being that dominant LeBron James form? Because you've seen now for the last few years, LeBron at times looked like he's the best player in the league. But not be regarded as the best player in the league. He's still a top ten player in the sport. You can probably still argue he's a top five player in the sport.

He's not like falling off a cliff. But he's starting to look a little bit more and more less like the immortal LeBron James. Where there was never any flaw in his game. Even when LeBron falls off just a little bit, he's still one of the more dominant players in the league.

But I wonder if he needs a surgery about to turn 39, just what does the future start to look like for LeBron James? Let's go to Adam Silver. Spineless Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, says he thought 90s basketball was too physical. This courtesy of Showtime Basketball. There was a point, I believe, probably around the late 90s when the game became too physical. And I think we lost some of the- For our viewers, you mean? Yeah, and I think for our fans, from the aesthetic enjoyment of the game. Where it de-emphasized the particular skill a player had and maybe weighted too heavily physicality.

Where a big strong player could come in and prevent an incredibly skilled player from doing those kinds of things. You know what he just did? I don't think these were his intentions. I think Spineless Silver was just trying to protect the players of the NBA these days that get called soft and how basketball is no longer physical. But he just admitted that. Like in trying to defend the players these days, he made it seem like the physicality of the 90s was a bad thing. Doesn't that further just enhance the argument and give more fuel to the fire, to the crowd of people that talk about these NBA players now being soft and how they wouldn't be able to play?

Which is always a dumb conversation. In the 80s and the 90s, I feel as if he just gave the commissioner more ammunition to the people that want to further that argument and further that debate and further that conversation about the lack of physicality now in the association. Is he wrong though? He's not.

He's not wrong. The game was more physical back then. Now it seems like each and every play gets reviewed for a flagrant if you make contact. But I don't think he put the players in a good spot now, which he was trying to do. And I look at what he just said, it was almost as if like, why do you even have to go there? Even if you got asked about the physicality of the NBA back in the day, I don't think you need to publicly admit that it was more physical in the 80s and the 90s and then make that seem as if it was a bad thing that it got too physical.

I just don't even get why he went there, Higgy. I don't know, you know, question if it was just kind of like, you know, the how the game has evolved because it has now evolved towards way more of a skill game. Can you argue that the referees now are blowing the whistle too much?

Absolutely. But now you're starting to see that the talent at least shown off a lot more. Fans love scoring a lot more scoring now than there was 20, 30 years ago.

So in terms of defending the sport, and like I said, maybe he was trying to push back on those that are calling people soft these days up to kind of go and say, you know what, everyone loves to live. You know, in the past and reminisce about the quote unquote good old days, but you don't realize that the good old days were not as great as they were in the time that you think they were looking back at them. I can't tell you that the NBA right now is this great product. I can't sit here right now and tell you that I'm in love with the NBA. Like I love some stories in the NBA right now. Like I love this Denver Nuggets story. I think they're really fun to watch. I love watching Jimmy Butler as well.

Ron's getting older, but he's still fun to watch. But you know, the Warriors clearly with Steph Curry, extremely fun to watch. But I can't say that the sport is in this great place right now because it seems like usually when people are talking about the NBA, it's two things. Drama off the court or load management. And when that dominates the news cycle and that dominates the way that your sports perceived, I don't think that's a good thing for the sports because I like to talk about the games. But when you lose sight of the games because your players aren't playing a ton and you don't know when they're going to show up and then we're talking about who's going to force a trade, who's going to do this, who's going to do that. And that almost seems as if it's more important than the regular season. That's problematic to me with at least the way that your league is run.

But that goes back to Adam Silver just having zero control over the league and just catering to everything about the players. Crazy Kwame Brown, he crushes LeBron for getting swept by the Nuggets. LeBron, you not that, bro. I'm sorry. I can't hate to say it. You are a stat sheet junkie. You're a bad boy when it comes to stats. Throughout history, people are going to, you know, the little nerds are going to look up your stat line and they're going to say, he got to be the greatest player that ever played the game.

And people who actually play are going to know that is bull. I have never seen a guy of your caliber, supposed caliber. You don't even get a shot off. And you mean to tell me that you didn't have the nerve to tell me you were just going to run in there and pump fake, pump fake, pump fake and beg for the ref to bail your ass out again.

How many times we got to see you flop? Now you're going to come back at 39 and they're going to try to carry you to the playoffs in the finals again. Do you know what that's going to look like?

That's going to be horrible. Trying to carry a 39 year old aging, failing superstar. Hickey, he's crazy. If anyone operating with the same brain is going to say that the legacy of Lebron James gets impacted off of one series and what he's doing at 38 and he just views Lebron as a stat pattern, that makes no sense to me.

Like what I just heard the last 40 seconds, I'm now dumber from hearing because at no point did that make any sense or is that a coherent response there, Hickey? It actually makes a lot of sense because Kwame Brown, at least to me, and maybe I'm in the minority here, but I feel like to most people is known for one thing and one thing only. Stephen A. Smith's epic rant about how he's a bonafide scrub, no hands, no footwork, can't do the same post move two times in a row.

You're not in the minority though. Everyone associates Kwame Brown with being a bust. So it's like when we're talking about the guy and that's always known for is being a really bad basketball player, then hearing him call a great basketball player bad is just... It's funny. Comical to say the least, but it just goes in one ear and out the other.

Not just a great basketball player, an all time great basketball player. Just a waste of oxygen for anyone actually giving him time and sense on social media. You know what it is though? It speaks more to our society now.

We live in a world where everything you do in the moment impacts your legacy. Over this stupid goat debate, which I absolutely hate, between LeBron and Michael. I don't even care at this point what side of the fence you lie on on that.

I think the debate has become so stupid. But Kwame Brown thinking one moment basically like eliminates 20 years of basketball greatness by LeBron James and he's just a stat junkie. And my favorite part of that hickey, guys that played the game like me really, really know what LeBron is. I'm sorry Kwame Brown. And I'm not someone that says you need to be great to give an opinion because it would be hypocritical. I never made the NBA, I never played college basketball, so why should I be able to give an opinion? But there's a difference in giving an opinion and giving a bold take and then just looking like a jackass and a clown. And that's what Kwame Brown did right there.

He sounded like a jackass and he looked like a clown when spewing that nonsense. Here is John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson's lofty passing goals. He wants to throw for 6,000 yards and throw the football more this season courtesy of the Adam Jones pod. 6,000 yards?

Hey, I'm all for it. I mean, we get over 4,000 yards, that would be spectacular. And that's, to me, 4,000 yards would be a great goal. I still think we want to run it for a lot of yards. What that number is, I don't know, 2,000 something, whatever it ends up being, but we're still going to try to run the ball.

But I would think more explosive plays, running pass would be a big part of where we're going this year. That's a tough spot for John Harbaugh because everyone knows it's ridiculous to suggest that any quarterback is going to throw for 6,000 yards. Even if someone said Patrick Mahomes is going to throw for 6,000 yards and that's his goal, I would laugh about that. And we're talking about someone that's been well over 5,000 yards and is the greatest quarterback in the game right now. Even with adding an extra game and how much teams do throw the football right now in the year of 2023. But you really can't crush the goal if you're John Harbaugh because that is your star quarterback.

That's the guy that you just paid so much money. Even in Patrick Mahomes' best statistical passing yardage season, it was 5,250. So for a guy that Lamar's career high is 3,100 and some change, I thought that was fair or hard, but I was like alright, let's try for 4,000 if we want to throw the football more. And notice how he's like, oh yeah, then let's run for 2,000.

And that's how he kind of did the math to get to 6. Now he's not rushing for 2,000 anyway. He's not probably throwing for 4,000. But if you tell me Lamar this year goes almost 1,000 rushing yards and 3,300 passing yards, that would be a great MVP type of season for Lamar Jackson. I would agree, especially a nice bounce back year from what we've seen in the last few years. The bigger thing is, I'm just going to say stats are important, but so is him playing 17 games.

Let's go to Josh McDaniels. He discusses the severity of Jimmy G's injury. You won't see him today. There's a number of guys that you're not going to see. Again, you'll see him. I'm not going to run down a list every time here, but no, he's going through his process just like we knew he would.

Nothing has happened that would surprise us based on the information we had. Yeah, right now that's not a problem that Jimmy G is out. I know he got surgery and that word is alarming, but they expect him to be ready by training camp. Let's go one more to Josh McDaniels. He says he has no problem with Devontae Adams' quotes questioning the roster construction. The thing I'd say about a player like Devontae, and we have many other players in this same category, is they have an opinion and a voice because they've earned it. I respect the hell out of anything that they would say or suggest or anything like that during the course of the process of trying to improve our team.

I know where Devontae comes from. He's a competitor. He wants to win.

That's really his sole focus. That's what he does here every day. Stan McDaniels, but that was a very likable answer because he could have been a jerk when discussing the Devontae Adams quote. But the fact that he said, no, I believe that Devontae Adams should have that right to question the roster and he's earned that in this league. I think that's a good way to smooth over any of the drama from this situation. Right, defuse the situation. That's the perfect answer to use. Now the question is how does Devontae Adams react to that and he says he's happy to be a Raider and here's the classic line, the quote was overblown.

You can grab something and run with it if you want to get clicks and that's what people often do with me and things that I say whether I misspeak or if I speak up. But at the end of the day, I'm a Raider and I'm excited to be here. I love my head coach and I love the general manager here and everybody.

I mean from the top to the bottom. So we got a lot of guys in here that know me well by this point and know my intentions. Know I just want to win. I'm here to try to win the Super Bowl like everybody else is on their team. So y'all can do that if you're that bored.

Like go play Monopoly or some s***. Oh he did the interview, Hickey. And in the interview we all know that he's not happy with Derek Carr getting let go and that was his guy. It doesn't mean he dislikes Jimmy Garoppolo but then he questioned the front office.

So it's one of those things where you say something and you don't like the reaction to it and you're annoyed that people go after you with the truth of what you said and then it's like all of a sudden, oh, you know what, it gets overblown and then you attack the media. That doesn't make sense to me. It is Zach Gelb's show on CBS Sports Radio. That's the news brief. We'll come on back. Help save lives. Donate today at your local CSL Plasma Center and be rewarded for your generosity. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show.

Alrighty, how we doing? Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio. I am in Centennial, Colorado right now as the Denver Nuggets are waiting to see when the NBA Finals are going to start and when they're going to have their opponent. You know that the date of Game 1 of the NBA Finals is of course going to be a week from today as that's going to be June 1st. Will it be the Miami Heat or will it be the Boston Celtics? That series now, Miami at a 3-1 advantage and Boston has a Game 5 tonight on their home court. We'll see if they can send it back to Miami for Game 6.

So you know when Game 1 is going to be. It's just who you're going to be able to play and it's kind of weird because you still have to talk about Denver even though they've been off for the last few days because they won in four games. And if you listen to this show, you know how much I have supported the Denver Nuggets really ever since 2020 believing in this team where I did a sports minute in 2020 and talked about how special this group was going to be. In 2021 I thought they were trending to be an NBA championship team and then Jamal Murray unfortunately gets hurt against the Golden State Warriors and everyone was taking their shots at them the last two years old. The Koliokic could win an MVP but he can't win big playoff games.

I said now hold on, wait a second. This team's not ready to win right now even though they were trending that way because Jamal Murray who's so important to the culture and the fabric of what you see from Denver was out with an ACL injury. And now Jamal Murray's back. You see the Joker who had another MVP type of season and if it wasn't for the fact that people just don't like giving out the award back to back to back years to one person, he probably would have won it. And that's not taking anything away from Embiid or Giannis Antetokounmpo. Embiid won it.

He was deserving of it. So was Joker and so was Giannis as well for what they did in the regular season. But now you're seeing everyone kind of get shut up by anyone that was doubting Denver and the last mountain to climb and the last speed bump to jump over is winning these next four games and being NBA champions. The one part of the conversation that just annoys me when people don't want to appreciate greatness or people want to take away from a team that they didn't think was going to get there just because they're stubborn in their opinions is when people call a team boring. And I don't know about you, Hickey, but when I watch Denver, Nikola Jokic does things that we've never seen. I don't get how people call him boring.

Jamal Murray, that story, overcoming the injury, getting back to this dominant form and just being an assassin isn't boring to me. And I think it's very lazy and it's very pathetic when you don't get a team in the finals from a market that's very popular and big and sexy where all throughout the year, people were doubting Denver. And now there are some that want to take away from Denver, whether that was Mark Jackson just being a joke, not putting Nikola Jokic in the top five and then saying, oh, it was a mistake, blah, blah, blah.

Or we'll get to the ridiculous comments by Chris Mannix in just a second. If you do this for a living, where you cover sports, you cover stories, I don't get how anyone writes the story of the Denver Nuggets. That's without even knowing if they're going to win the championship or not. And their first thought is that this team is boring. And what's funny to me about this, Hickey, everyone that says Denver is boring are the same people that bitch about all the drama in the NBA and players leaving teams and also load management as well and the lack of commitment from some stars. You look at Denver, this is everything you want in a basketball team. You have a generational player in Nikola Jokic and his running mate is underappreciated and someone that's just an assassin and is an absolute killer. I don't get the boring tag for this Denver team.

Same, they run an exciting style of branded on offense. It's almost kind of Warriors-esque the way they run their offense. They're one of the highest scoring teams in the league. They have a guy who, like I said, won two MVPs, finished second.

Arguably right there, the second best player in the league bare minimum for the last three years. There's a lot to like about this team, a nice journey with their head coach as well. There's a lot of good storylines and they just continually don't get the respect they deserve. Like, how many years do people complain about Golden State? And they go, oh I don't like the way that that team was constructed. There's too many stars on that team. Now you have one star and a second player who I think is great but he's not considered a star, he's not considered number one in a championship team, which is Fair and Jamal Murray, and now people are going to tell me that they're boring.

That's another part of it. You can't win. If you have too many stars, people go, oh that's not a genuine championship. And then when you don't have enough stars, people call you boring.

Same thing with Milwaukee when the Bucks win the title. Catch-22. It's just stupid.

You never end up winning here. Here's Chris Mannix on the Rich Eisen show. Let's just hear this jackassery. He explains why he thinks the Nuggets aren't interesting. Frankly, the Nuggets aren't very interesting. Like, Nikola Jokic is arguably the best player in the game right now, but he's not someone that does a lot of interviews outside of the NBA-mandated stuff. He's not going to see a lot of profiles on Nikola Jokic. Jamal Murray, great player, not especially interesting.

Michael Porter Jr., excellent player, not especially interesting. At least not compared to what we have at the bottom of the playoff bracket, where you've got drama in Los Angeles almost weekly. You've got the Suns. Can they succeed in this first year with Kevin Durant? The Warriors, all their dysfunction this year.

The Clippers, can they get it together? The Nuggets' problem is they're not respected. They're just not talked about. People just don't find them as interesting as some of the teams on the bottom half of the bracket.

They're just not a compelling team to talk about, to write about, at least not as compelling as some of the other teams I mentioned. That's the dumbest thing that I've ever heard, because his reason for knocking Nikola Jokic had nothing to do with his basketball ability. It's because he doesn't do a ton of interviews, or he doesn't think he's a great quote. There's a difference if you think someone is a boring human being, and then a difference in him being a boring basketball player. And with what he does on the court, I don't care if he gives a great quote or not to the media. If you watch the games, he is phenomenal to watch. You can't walk away and say that Denver is boring when you have a unicorn in Nikola Jokic and you're downplaying the story of Jamal Murray.

The guy tore his ACL, has come right back, and has got right back into that assassin form that everyone loved in the bubble. That's just lazy by Chris Mannix, and it sounds like Chris Mannix is upset. I don't know where Chris is from, but it just sounds like Chris is upset, and I'm assuming he covers each and every final because he's been covering the NBA for forever, that he has to come out here to beautiful Denver, Colorado.

That's what it sounds like to me by Chris Mannix. Just lame. Really is. Help save lives.

Donate today at your local CSL plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Jimmy Garoppolo got surgery in the offseason. He is not going to be able to participate in OTAs, but he is expected to be fine to get back on the field by the start of training camp for the Las Vegas Raiders. Jimmy Garoppolo got surgery in the offseason.

He is not going to be able to participate in OTAs, but he is expected to be fine to get back on the field by the start of training camp for the Las Vegas Raiders. Jimmy Garoppolo got surgery in the offseason. He is expected to be fine to get back on the field by the start of training camp for the Las Vegas Raiders. Jimmy Garoppolo got surgery in the offseason. He is expected to be fine to get back on the field by the start of training camp for the Las Vegas Raiders. Jimmy Garoppolo got surgery in the offseason. He is expected to be fine to get back on the field by the start of training camp for the Las Vegas Raiders. Quarterback this year the dead caps 33.75 million but in 2024 and you're two of the contract The dead cap falls all the way down to eleven point two five million dollars, which we've seen the way that teams have moved on from quarterbacks with significantly more dead cap when you look at the past of a Carson Wentz when the Eagles gave up on him or Jared Goff when the LA Rams said we had to go out there and get Matthew Stafford I don't think it's crazy. Even though Jimmy G is a McDaniel's guy and Let's just assume that McDaniel's is there for your number three in Vegas which we'll see if that actually does happen that this could be one and done For Jimmy G with the Vegas Raiders. Oh Yeah, I mean he was brought in as a guy as a bridge, right? The only question is okay What are they gonna go find their quarterback in the future because you kind of knew going in they said not only do they?

Down great. I would say going from Derek Carter Jimmy G That's not a guy in Jimmy G. You can count on for multiple years to be healthy and on the field. So it's like he's your Finishing piece if you will a quarterback if you're Josh McDaniel's and you go. Okay, we got quarterback set Let's worry about the rest of the team. He's more of a bridge guy I'll go on to say this The only way Jimmy G's on the team next year is If he's just serving as that mentor role and they want to wait to throw whoever they draft in the first round to the wolves if they just want to wait on on that buffering kind of process to making you the number one or the first round draft pick to them being the starting quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, but this is a Classic move where the Raiders and let's just say Josh McDaniel's and David Ziegler didn't get along with Derek Carr They knew they had to move on from Derek Carr.

That's fine. I don't think Derek Carr's this great quarterback in this league He's not bad quarterback. He's fine quarterback, you know, it shows you moments where he looks like a top ten quarterback He's a good leader.

But whenever you start to believe in Derek Carr and whenever you're about to say, okay here comes Derek Carr Here's come here comes the belief level or anything you hear about Derek Carr How he's supposed to be this and he's supposed to be that he shows you that he's not as great as what some Try to prop him up and puff him up to be but When you get rid of someone you have to give me a better replacement Than just Jimmy Garoppolo who Jimmy Garoppolo sure he wins games But I can't say that this Raiders roster is a great roster sure on the offense side of the ball You got Josh Jacobs you have Devante Adams, but defensively that's gonna be a team that's leaking all over like they were last year on the defensive side of the field and Jimmy G. You can't ever expect him to be healthy So it's like almost damned if you do damned if you don't But if you get rid of Derek Carr Immediately you had to bring in someone else. That's better and it's it's funny to me After all the the talk about Brady may be going there that Brady actually goes there, but it's not to play It's to be a minority owner hickey with Marc Davis. Like that's hilarious to me where if you would have told me that Brady was going to Vegas this offseason. It would be to play No one would have ever thought he would have been a minority owner Even with his partnerships and his dealings in the business world before especially in sports with Marc Davis Brady's a Vegas guy, you know Peyton Manning moved out to Denver loves Denver sports. Brady now is mr. Vegas aces Raiders, I believe it also pickleball league in Vegas.

I believe as well. He owns a pickleball team. Yes Now, you know me.

He's a diverse portfolio. I'm a Brady Realist the Brady sycophant, whatever you want to call me. I had no clue that Tommy Brady He's an owner of a pickleball team Or league one of the two.

Yeah Can you look that up and give me the the direct term for that and what the actual role is? I didn't even I know pickleball is a really popular sport right now extremely popular Yeah, you walk around the streets of New York City on a weekend. You see everyone playing pickleball even though you have a pickleball paddle hot take hickey I had to get to because the first one you brought you got Shamed because it wasn't a good enough pickleball paddle by some old lady That's right when your girlfriend had to go get another pick graphite Friday I left listening graphite rackets the way to go you got shamed by an old lady like just use the regular Pickleball stick that you got originally or the or the paddle who we beat too, by the way But that's and you let her talk smack to you and see that's like she was wrong It was just you beat her. Did you not know we got smoked cuz she had this ringer as her partner No, we like we smoked her. She was terrible But she had a ringer as a partner where we just couldn't return any reserves and he was he smoked us But she didn't do anything too. We lost but we beat her in a way like she didn't do anything to contribute to the win We lost. Yeah, like we lost her, but she's not. All right, Brian win horse We are both better pickleball loss that you'll ever see it an 80 year old woman It was more just the fact that she was just standing there the three points.

We got to be drilled it right at her But yes, she technically got the win in her in her scorecard Congratulations You sound like a loser here. Do you have the title on Brady? And what series an investor in Major League pickleball and I'm trying to look for that. It says he owns a team I just can't see the team name right now. Did you even know that there was a professional pickleball league? I didn't even know that Not a major league pickleball. I know that's I think there is like Rick Barry Rick Barry comes the show.

I figure anytime he's on the show. He's always traveling some tournament Yeah, so he plays pickleball, but that's a professional league that he's in I thought he was just like playing with his friends or something like that. Oh No, no, I knew that was some sort of big-time tournament. He's he's a big pickleball guy So so there's like a professional pickleball league is what you're telling me. M L P MLP don't not to be confused at ML B Major League pickleball Maybe you should do some announcing for them. I Think that'd be good for you.

I think big good for your resume. Oh, he just pickled him hard with that right hand serve Yeah, you shouldn't say that one. That just sounds wrong. He pickled him hard No, that's that's a that's a term. That is a term. All right, what do you open it up an OnlyFans channel? the bottom line is when you look at Jimmy G in Las Vegas, I don't think this relation is gonna last that long and He's just paving the way to eventually mentor a quarterback. They're gonna be drafted this upcoming season Surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your CSL plasma donation can help create 24 critical life-saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets His new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day Every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives Donate today at your local CSL plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity
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