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Jimmy Butler Gets Buckets (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 25, 2023 7:06 pm

Jimmy Butler Gets Buckets (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 25, 2023 7:06 pm

Heat & Lakers go up 3-1 l Kevin Harlan, NBA on TNT broadcaster l Who is the second best QB in the NFC?


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So you can spend more time with the ones who matter most. Visit to get free delivery on your first three orders. Live from the police show, yet not overly ostentatious, studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City, sitting on top of the 10th floor of 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Tuesday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158, and that free Odyssey app. 855-212-4CBS is the number to jump on in. 855-212-4227. You could always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter, at Zach Gelb.

That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Loaded guest list for you coming up 20 minutes from now. Fresh off the call last night as Jimmy Butler was Jimmy Buckets with 56 points and 9 rebounds as the Heat take a commanding 3-1 lead in that series up against the Bucks, which is a stunner as Miami got the 119-114 victory last night. The man that was on the call is the legendary Kevin Harlan will join us 20 minutes from now. We will also have to chat some Milwaukee Bucks and in addition to that, the Aaron Rodgers divorce with the Green Bay Packers, winding up in New York and we have the details of the trade that did come out yesterday. I'm going to go to two guys that are big-time Packers fans and also big-time Bucks fans and two of my favorites in the business. We'll have them at the same time at the top of the hour in Bart Winkler and Ryan Horvat and then at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific, we head out to Kansas City tomorrow for the NFL draft. We will do our live show Wednesday preview from 6 to 10 p.m. Eastern. We'll do the live draft show covered starting at 6 p.m. Eastern on CBS Sports Radio with myself, Andrew Perloff and JR from the JR Sportbrief extravaganza and then on Friday will be JR and yours truly doing a 6 to 10 p.m. Eastern time show. So with the draft literally right around the corner, we'll go to a former number one overall pick.

He got drafted 20 years ago and that is Carson Palmer who will join us in studio. So a whole lot to do today but first up producing this extravaganza for the next four hours is no other than Hatekeke. Okay, last night was probably my favorite night of the early post season so far on the hardwood because that was a tremendous back-to-back sequence with the Miami Heat finding a way to take down the Bucks and then LeBron James. Let me just say this, great job out of LeBron James because I think Bum Brooks, Dylan Brooks is insufferable and this guy is just a flat out clown. That's what Dylan Brooks is. You run your mouth and you are biting off more than you could chew taking a shot at one of the greatest players of all time saying you don't respect him until he drops 40 against you. Like who the heck are you Dylan Brooks? I want to have confidence but who the heck are you to not have respect towards LeBron James and then when things don't go your way, I'm not talking to the media. What a crybaby.

Oh my goodness gracious. Bum Brooks, Big Baby Brooks, all the above. Like this guy is just a joke and now he's saying the reason he got ejected is because the media made him a villain and he also didn't talk last night.

Yeah, I'm good. So you're willing to talk and you're willing to talk a big game but then when things don't go your way, you know where to be found and I say this all the time. Being someone that has a platform, being someone that has a microphone in front of my big fat face five days a week, if you are going to say something and you're going to predict something, have that same energy when something doesn't go your way because that's what I actually respect people in the media or in sports. If you're going to make a big bold claim and if you're going to take a big shot and you take a swing and not only miss but you're whiffing a big way, you got to face the music and Dylan Brooks, what I've learned about Dylan Brooks, he's not willing to face the music and it's gutless. So I loved that last night in that back and forth game because for a while I let the Lakers, we're going to win and win big and then late in that game it's back and forth and LeBron's driving him gets the shot to fall which was not an easy layup and then in overtime gets that play right over Dylan Brooks and you could tell LeBron was feeling it because I wish LeBron would be a little bit more transparent but when you are the first when you are the quote unquote king and someone tries to get on your throne or someone tries to tug on your cape, it's probably best that you don't even acknowledge people that are so beneath you but there is a part of me that would just love if LeBron would acknowledge Dylan Brooks's shortcomings even more but LeBron knows that's beneath him but you could tell that what Dylan Brooks said LeBron thought it was extremely disrespectful with the way that he was celebrating late in that game when he had the shot and the layup over Dylan Brooks and I love the emotion from LeBron James and I know LeBron for the most part in the game like if you were saying all vintage LeBron game or great LeBron game you would expect him ironically to have 35, 40 points, 45 points whatever it was but the way that he took over that game late and the way that he was dominant on the glass and had 22 points, 20 rebounds and seven assists that's what makes LeBron at the age of 38 there's a reason why he's in a category that is the elite of the elite because he could dominate a game in so many different facets of a contest and this series it's over like quite frankly this series was over when Dylan Brooks opened up his big fat mouth because you knew LeBron was going to shut up the Grizzlies and more importantly not only the Grizzlies shut up Dylan Brooks and that's what LeBron has done there is a zero percent chance that the Los Angeles Lakers are going to blow a 3-1 series lead and quite frankly I think the conversation starts to develop what are the Lakers going to do the rest of the postseason because you take a glance at most this series is going to go to six games I would think it's probably over in game five but you never know from night to night in the association but they're going to get the winner of the Kings Golden State series where we don't know how healthy De'Aaron Fox is going to be able to be with the finger injury if it is Sacramento and also if you're Golden State I get it they're they've been a dynasty they've won from every way they are not a great road team this year and the regular season only had 11 road wins but Golden State is always going to be a tough out we know the NBA wants LeBron up against Steph we know that's what Spineless Silver Adam Silver is begging for is the LeBron James Steph Curry second round matchup but the Lakers who could use rest because we know Anthony Davis is at 100 we know LeBron even though he's magnificent last night dealt with injuries this year is 38 years old they're going to get some rest assuming they take care of business and probably Sacramento Golden State has the feel as if it's going to be a seven game series where in all likelihood Lakers and Memphis is over in game five so the Lakers are going to be rested and the Lakers as long as they're healthy they're dangerous and I didn't think I'd be saying this headed into the postseason headed into the postseason I said at best the Los Angeles Lakers probably win one series that's at best and I'm talking about once you actually get into the tournament not this playing nonsense which they were in but at best I thought the apex of the Lakers is all right you win one series just because all throughout the year we've been expecting the Lakers to do something and the Lakers really haven't delivered but the Lakers are starting to form together and gel together at the right time and you just look at the game last night you know Reeves continues continues to be really good for that team Anthony Davis was good late even though that wasn't his best performance you know Ruiz you know been a good player for them Schroeder could get hot like they got some players on this team it's don't get me wrong Russell Salah I know he fouled out last night but don't get me wrong this is not a great Lakers team but we're now in a league where I guess you could say outside of the Suns there's not really a super team and you could debate that on the Suns but the Suns got to the finals and added KD so for the most part this is still dynamic duos and I'm not going to sit here and tell you that the Lakers can't beat the Golden State Warriors I'm not going to sit here and tell you the Lakers can't beat Sacramento and we got to see how the health of both those teams are and how long that series plays out so it's not far-fetched to say that the Lakers can go to the Western Conference Finals and then in all likelihood you're getting the winner if you are in the Western Conference Finals of Denver and Phoenix and right now even though both those series are at three games to one I would give the edge to Denver over Phoenix because Denver's looked a lot better in their series in 3-1 and I've been impressed with the way that Jamal Murray's been able to come back in in what you could say is the early big moments for the Suns the Clippers are the walking wounded with George out with also Kawhi Leonard being out and Russell Westbrook I got to tip my cap to him the guy that Hickey said that bleeping guy about he's played well in the playoffs now I got to give credit to Russell Westbrook for the way that he's played but the Suns they've had to play a lot of minutes and they have not been that impressive as the 3-1 series lead would indicate so I'm not telling you the Lakers are going to the finals but the way that I move the apex for them has gone up we're heading into the postseason I said at best one series now it would not shock me whatsoever if they're in the Western Conference Finals now talking about shocking what we saw last night from the Miami Heat was just magnificent and I did not think heading into this series that the Bucks you know the Heat would always be tough because the Heat with Jimmy Butler even though the record does that indicate what they usually are we know the Heat are a good basketball team but for the Miami Heat to be one win away and for this to be 3-1 is bonkers and I know Giannis has been dealing with the injuries he missed game two missed game three missed game three or missed game three missed game four and I came back last night for game four if I get that right sorry because the series is 3-1 and Giannis comes back last night after missing two and three and he gives you a triple double like if I would have told you heading into that game last night that Giannis on to the kumpo would have had a triple double 26 points 13 assists 10 rebounds and Brook Lopez would give you 36 points and 11 you would say with all due respect to the Miami Heat how many points did the Bucks win by that's what you would have said instead the Heat have this ridiculous comeback where Milwaukee led the entire way and at home the Heat beat the Bucks to send this back to Fiserv Forum with the 3-1 series lead and Jimmy Butler is just a dog that's what Jimmy Butler is 56 points and nine rebounds the second leading scorer for the Miami Heat was Martin with 12 one of the Martin twins and yet excuse me he had 12 and Bam at 15 but Bam did not play that great in the contest last night you almost like forget about him so you take a look at that and you see what Jimmy Butler did that was Jimmy Butler just being an assassin last night and the Miami Heat are now one win away from going to the second round where in all likelihood because I don't think the Knicks are blowing their 3-1 lead they're going to be going up against the New York Knicks and Philadelphia I don't believe in Philadelphia I don't believe in Philadelphia going to the NBA Finals I don't believe Philadelphia gets to the Conference Finals and there's more and more pressure that grows on Boston because even though we sometimes think the NBA is very predictable you look at the Eastern Conference if I would have put a poll out there who's going to be the Eastern Conference Final teams everyone would have said it was going to be Boston it was going to be Milwaukee I don't think Milwaukee's coming on I know Milwaukee a few years ago was down 0-2 to the Suns they end up winning an NBA Finals but all Jimmy Butler has to do who is a really good good postseason player you can even say a great postseason player and he doesn't have a ring but what he continues to do he continues to win with less that's what Jimmy Butler does and at most you get three shots I don't see how Jimmy Butler in three opportunities even though I have all the respect in the world for the Bucks doesn't find the way to get one win so think about the landscape here of the NBA postseason the sun's not looking too hot but they're going to survive in advance the Nuggets have impressed with Jamal Murray being the complementary piece to the Joker Sacramento Golden State's going to be a dog fight the Lakers are going to be in the second round and in the East assuming the Knicks hold on the Cavs are going home and the Knicks who tried to get Donovan Mitchell then weren't going to give up what the Cavs were are going to send the Cavs home the Heat most likely going to send the Bucks home Philadelphia is already through and Boston's going to be through so as we continue this push to the Finals like right now if you ask me I would probably say it's Boston and Denver but a team like Miami is going to be a tough out and they're going to be a pain in the ass and Boston knows that better than anybody and you look at the Lakers with LeBron it's going to take all you can to take LeBron James down so this is going to be a crazy rest of the postseason if how we think this is going to hold does hold in the first round Hickey last night was just a phenomenal night with the Butler comeback and what LeBron was able to do it was really fun to watch let me just simply ask you this because I do think the Lakers can now make the Western Conference Final and when you look at the Heat I would assume that everyone's going to pick them even though they eight seed if they go up against the Knicks who are five seed how far do you think the Heat and the Lakers can go with the way that you evaluate things go ahead oh um I would say for the Heat I do think the Knicks would give them a heart I think the Knicks would win that series so I think you think that won the series yeah I think that's scrap I think both those teams are extremely scrappy we know that and I love what the Knicks are doing with Brunson and Josh Hart I would just even though it's a tricky game I just trust the best player in that series and and that's Jimmy Butler that's fair I would trust the team and the bench of the Knicks a lot more than the Heat especially in a seven game series and for the Lakers look I've been doubting the Lakers I'll be honest I was wrong AD so far he's been on the court and locked in has been really well you know playing at a high level he does get hurt though once a game there is one moment a game where you're like up AD's done for the rest of the postseason and it's infuriating and every time at least me personally I'm ready to write this guy off and say screw him it's not worth it he's too injured it's not worth the headaches that always cause you know that he brings along then he comes off the bench in the fourth quarter make some key defensive stops some you know get some key rebounds and a basket or two to kind of really help the Lakers in overtime especially win the game and LeBron James I'll be honest yesterday I was ready to write him off I was ready to actually to fire off some mean tweets about LeBron he had a very bad fourth quarter he had a very poor fourth quarter he was invisible outside of taking a charge or two against John Moran until he made that impressive layup to tie the game which was just incredible over Jaron Jackson Jr how he got that over his hand I have no idea how he got it so high off the backboard and fall and to fall in I have no idea when it was released I'm like oh that's gonna miss but I didn't think that was gonna go in and then it did and it was great and then also at the end makes a defensive play and I know it didn't count there wasn't enough time left but the fact that he made the the three quarters half court shot was ridiculous even though it was like the greatest shot you've ever seen that didn't count it was cool yeah it was absolutely cool um I said he had more than you know maybe he took a little bit less time on the other end of the basket LeBron maybe could have had that game winner right there look at you I'm kidding he was he was you're just a jerk no but he to his credit I I would give LeBron this oh this is nice you're gonna give LeBron a compliment the second greatest player of all time but go ahead it's very impressive when you can play so poorly and then when you need it most get it that's what the great players do oh I know I'm just saying like it's to flip a switch when you have to have a basket like have to have it I looked when LeBron got the ball I'll tell you I didn't think he was making the basket I did not have confidence he was going to make the shot to give the Lakers or send the game to overtime but here's the wild part either the Heat or Knicks are going to be in the conference finals I probably said what were you smoking if you would have told me that before the postseason and if before the postseason you would say that the Lakers are going to the conference finals now that's a slam dunk but there's a chance now of it happening even you'll admit that I would have thought you were on something as well and that's what makes last night so fun is when most people are thinking in Buck's Heat Giannis is playing that would get back to 2-2 the other series I think a lot of people thought that clearly Brooks just screwed that team and they bit off too much they could chew and I think a lot of people are rooting for the Lakers in that series uh it did not surprise me that the Lakers went up 3-1 but I was surprised with how the Bucks were dominating that game how they were not able to close that out but we could be talking about in more than a few weeks is how long this postseason goes on a Heat-Nics one of those teams going to the conference finals depending on the results of that and the Lakers being the western conference finals going up against the Suns or the Nuggets just wild Zach Gelb Show CBS Sports Radio Kevin Harlan joins you're listening to the Zach Gelb Show we continue this Zach Gelb Show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio what a wild night it was last night in the NBA playoffs you had the great performance by Jimmy Butler 56 points and nine rebounds as the Heat take a commanding 3-1 lead and then LeBron James and the Lakers in overtime also take a 3-1 lead as LeBron was magnificent at the age of 38 117-111 winners and now joining us is a great job calling all the games in the postseason NBA on TNT was on the call for Heat Bucks last night and that of course is Kevin Harlan Kevin just what a performance last night and that's probably an understatement by Jimmy Butler a day later how do you kind of put it into perspective Zach good being on with you it was uh it was phenomenal uh you know fourth highest scoring total for a game in a playoff and um he will been no one else was really performing uh even like just as a good you know wingman they didn't get the kind of scoring from out of bio actually they have it now for two straight games um no one else is stepping up and and Jimmy Butler had to had to carry the team but you expect performances like this uh from from all stars like him uh LeBron showed a little bit of that certainly in that Laker win late last night in overtime Moran did that earlier on with his 45-point performance even though they lost that game to the Lakers out there uh but you count on these big name players to deliver and and for the most part they are um but Miami is an interesting team probably not as low as an eight seed um and that's a little deceiving I think but when you take a closer look at the team that's got seven undrafted players on there and that's the most of any team in the playoffs so they're relying on a lot of no-name players and um to kind of fill in the gaps and and let Butler and out of bio and and thrive and certainly Jimmy did that last night and even without it a combo and even with Milwaukee basically at full strength uh they couldn't get it done and uh and Miami's got a 3-1 lead and we haven't seen many eight seeds uh over a one seed with this kind of lead this late in the series it's uh it's pretty fascinating to watch now everyone's gonna ask the question can Milwaukee come back from being down 3-1 I know a few years ago in the NBA Finals they lost the first two games and won in six as much as I like this Bucks organization and this team Kevin Harlan with Jimmy Butler only needing one more win and potentially having three shots to do so I just don't see how the Heat are gonna lose three straight well you would think that Miami uh has kind of defied the odds all season long really since the all-star break uh they've kind of gotten everybody back they've had some injuries they've dealt with significant Lowry was out for a long time Robinson was out for a long time and and they're just kind of getting themselves back to what they envisioned and uh that has proven to be a pretty uh successful recipe for them the way they play and their coach Polestre is just he just is terrific at devising different fivesoms on the floor to combat whatever a team as good as Milwaukee may throw at them Milwaukee had the best record in the NBA when they've got Yanis they're a special team um they're not getting much from their point guard Drew Holliday right now and that that has hurt them a couple games in a row now he has been below his averages and and that's got to be a concern all in all though um I would agree with your statement that you know for just one more win looming uh you would think Butler could come up with at least one more chance to to stick a dagger in the box and it may happen I don't know if it'll happen tomorrow night that's going to be a very tough crowd welcoming Yanis back and and and getting that team back home but they've got to play again in Miami and that could be rugged we do know Miami has won in Milwaukee did it game one so it can happen and they split the season series two wins apiece so there's precedent there Miami's got to be brimming with confidence and you would think that this could be one of those rare occasions when an eight beats a one and it hasn't happened since 2012 when Philadelphia led by coach Doug Collins and they had actually I think Drew Holliday on that team with Andre Iguodala beat Chicago and that was the series where of course Derrick Rose blew his knee early in the series and and Chicago wasn't the same when Rose was gone. Kevin Harlan as a broadcaster and you're one of the creme de la creme broadcasters in the business you've seen everything pretty much from LeBron James he's 38 years old last night 22 points 20 rebounds leads him to victory uh you know gets it into overtime and all that you get set now for this game five on the call just what else is there to prepare at this point for you when it comes with LeBron seeing this guy be number one for so many years? I think just rest Zach um you know he was a 2020 guy last night oldest player in the history of the NBA to ever put those kind of numbers together at 38 years old in 115 or 116 days whatever it is I mean we've just never seen the likes of him before put up these kind of numbers and this kind of influence on a team and it is a team that is following his leadership and I've always thought that in the playoffs coaching and individual leadership from players is at its premium the the huddles the practices all the the film sessions these players are really delving into the books and and watching the tape and listening to everything these coaches are saying and they are they're hanging on to every word and every action a player like LeBron James has to offer much like Butler's offering to Miami and um his influence is so far reaching and and so commanding that I don't know how the Lakers are not going to win this series even against the great Morant and and Memphis clearly is debilitated Stephen Adams is everything for the Grizzlies and as great as as Bane has been he struggled the first three games of the series had a good 36 point game last night but they miss Stephen Adams they miss his rim protection they miss what he does in the lane they miss his you know basic double double numbers that he puts up with offense and rebounding and and and they've not been able to really be the same team without Stephen Adams in the middle so if AD uh can come in and give them a solid performance and he wasn't solid last night but he was good enough and LeBron is LeBron uh this baby could be over tomorrow night and the two seed could fall and the seven seed will get ready the Lakers for either Sacramento or Golden State uh James and his far reaching ability uh on the floor and off the floor and commanding this team has uh almost been unparalleled I rarely do you see it but we're lucky enough to see it now Kevin Harlan let's also be real I thought Dylan Brooks made a massive mistake running his mouth about LeBron and now he's trying to play the victim card blaming the media for making him out to be a villain I just don't get what Dylan Brooks is trying to accomplish here well and I don't think the team did either quite frankly I I think that his words were uh were just the exact kind of fuel that a guy like James is looking for you know Michael Jordan famously would look for the slightest uh knock on his game or on him to motivate him and LeBron is the same way you get to that stage in your career Zach as you know these players will look for any little shred of of disrespect to take and fuel them and there's no doubt that James did that and ironically enough uh it was over Brooks for James tied the game last night with the drives and then eventually won it in overtime with another shot and um even even the defensive player of the year Jaron Jackson couldn't stop LeBron but but that was all the fuel the Lakers needed now they're still locked in um they're they're a rested team from winning the play-in against Minnesota and right now they just seem to be one of those teams that could really be on a on a magical run and I don't know that Memphis has got enough wherewithal now unfortunately for the Grizzlies uh to get uh to get back out they're in a deep hole and it's it's going to be difficult I got two more left for Kevin Harlan before we let you run that Warriors King series has been phenomenal uh King's had a chance Warriors let him back in and then Barnes couldn't hit the shot now we'll see what happens with uh with the Aaron Fox for game five coming up tomorrow night how do you think this Warriors King series going to wrap up well Fox's injury is interesting I did see just as I was getting off the plane a couple minutes ago Zach that he says he's he wants to play he feels he can play even uh with the fractured finger so that will be worth watching he is a he is a uh an emerging superstar in this league clearly and a player that that has been difficult for Golden State to stop you wonder when you get to this stage of a series where now three games remain if some of that championship pedigree doesn't take over that confidence um King's team has not been there for a long time it is a three seed we get that um but sometimes there's got to be a little bit extra that pushes you over the top and gives you that kind of confidence and as a defending champion the Warriors may have that but it's going to be a dynamite next three games to watch I can't wait last one for you Kevin Harlan just got to squeeze in one football point the Jets are going to be getting Aaron Rodgers saw the details of the trade come out yesterday the draft is coming up this week you look at the Jets with Rodgers and a loaded AFC how dangerous do you think the New York Jets could be with Rodgers or QB well the the good news is is that Rodgers will be engaged because I think he feels he's got a lot to prove and um and the change of scenery will do him I think well and and I'm excited to see how that team which had a lot of good parts to it and still does and is building even now uh has maybe what will be the final piece for for a good run I I I think that that him being engaged is everything and if he stays healthy um and he takes great care of his body um he's going to be a difference maker so I think we're going to see um Aaron Rodgers at the very top of his game he's only a year removed from being the MVP uh he was injured last year you know that with the broken thumb uh they didn't have the kind of people around him that a guy like him deserves and that was on the Packers um quite frankly now now there are reports that Rodgers was not engaged and was not necessarily a full participant in a lot of the offseason things that make the quarterback offensive weaponry relationship so important I think it'll be different this year I think he's going to come in incredibly motivated I think that's exactly what he was looking for at this stage of his career I think he likes the challenge of a new conference new division new teammates but there's a lot of quality around him and I think he's kind of hanging his head on that and I think he's going to come in with a terrific season have a great call tomorrow night Kevin Harlan always appreciate your time Zach always fun talking to you my friend take care you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb show CBS sports radio did you see the Colorado spring game from over the weekend hickey like last year you couldn't find anyone in the stands there's this video from parcel that they put out there was like more empty seats than there were butts in the seats and this year you couldn't find an empty seat and I'm pretty sure it was in the snow too so much for a spring game by the way 30 degrees sold out 47,000 people now you study this stuff more than me but I saw afterwards just following this stuff on social media a lot of people now leaving Colorado too like 25 I think transfers since Saturday but that many yes they have 40 since he's got there 46 players have entered the trance report I believe is the latest number and I saw that one player had like 100 something almost 200 receiving yards in the spring game the next thing you know he's transferring out out diana's pledge things are going to change and they're changing all right but that's crazy because you would think like this late in the game with though and I know people still making their decisions but already having the spring game that you wouldn't have that many people leaving the program well now it's one of those things where spring ball you get a chance to see where you want the depth chart coaches kind of tell you the truth or not and then you're feeling the second you know transfer portal window open so he's I'm sure he's going to go digging in there and digging big time the team was also 111 last year so yeah I will say not exactly the craziest thing to try to run as many of those players off that went one in 11 um but he's going to be this is going to be a brand new team now I've been a big supporter of Dion Sanders getting a I don't I know Colorado's had a major job and we know the importance of the job that he was at but being a division one college football coach and I wanted to see him go to the SEC clearly that did not happen we'll see how long he's at Colorado and this will go either one or two ways he has a lot of success at Colorado the next thing you know he gets a major major job or it's a disaster and I don't think this will be a disaster let me be clear I'm a believer especially now in the NIL era that we know Dion Sanders is going to be able to recruit we know he's going to be able to get a lot of talent but I just can't wait to see what the immediate results are for this upcoming season I'm looking at their schedule now they got that TCU game I know that was up in the air I see that's listed on the schedule so you have TCU to kick off the season you got Nebraska coming to your place with that rule going to town uh Colorado State you have Oregon USC Arizona State Stanford UCLA Oregon State the Pac-12 schedule clearly Arizona Washington State and Utah how many wins can you kind of expect I know we got to see it's kind of a tough question to ask Hickey but you're Mr. College Football just because the roster is going to look different and we know his son's a really good player but I'm just fascinated to see how many wins they're going to get like what do you think Dion I'm going to answer the question probably that you're going to ask this I'll answer it but what do you think is a successful season in year one when you take over a one-win program success I would say five wins six wins you get to 500 like I don't know I'd say right now three and nine is what I would predict for them to go next year and you know Dion would not view that as a success no no but I think it was a lot of questions a lot of roster turnover how good is his son how good is Dion as a coach I got no idea I couldn't tell you we're going to find out I'm really rooting for him I don't know I get a sense that you think this is going to be a disaster I do I don't here's my thing I think he does personally too much on the outside instead of coaching I don't think coaching is a glamour job I don't think coaching frankly is a fun job I would never want to do it but there's a reason why you know guys like Kerberos are one of the times all you do is coach coach coach and recruit I personally think that Dion Sanders is too obsessed or too distracted by a lot that comes along with coaching a lot of media stuff a lot of attention that he gets instead of being all in on just making everyone better but that's what makes Dion Dion is that he he thrives on being the star and the center of attention and it does make kids I would think even though he's older right and I know he's such a powerful name clearly but I still think younger kids and you got to have the money in the NIL and all that stuff to do so I get that want to kind of be a part of what Dion is trying to build sure but if you can't coach if you can't develop them if you can't get them to the NFL I think you're going to learn that out pretty fast I'm pretty confident in saying that Dion Sanders knows what it takes to to get to the NFL and just because you know that and you've been a great player doesn't always translate to being a great coach I don't know what the the word that you like to use the ceiling is here and I don't know what to expect for this season and it's a miserable miserable job but if you're Colorado and I'm not saying that you're saying this but like what else are you going to do how many people do you bring in they just end up don't work in there if I'm Colorado this is a risk that's worth taking in my opinion I would call it a success already honestly yeah look at the spring game you were one in 11 and now you're right spending minutes in April talking about Colorado football because the one man first right exactly right so I think I don't think it's going to work but from right from Colorado's perspective when you're one in 11 what else you're going to do Colorado fans by the way you should be thrilled get the national championship tickets ready in in two to three years of hickey's telling you it's not going to work because how many times and hickey's even laughing when I'm saying this because he knows it's true whenever hickey is so adamant that something is not going to work I should really just stop doing this on the air I should just start making bets and fading you whenever you say it's not going to work and you're so defiant and you do one thing I have now understood your playbook when you really believe something is not going to work you kind of like turn your head to the left and you put up a finger to emphasize your point and you just did that there and I don't think you realize when you do that no I don't even know what you're talking about but I guess I'll keep the analytics on you keep an eye out for for that the next time but there we go I'm gonna hammer the over for Colorado I don't even know what it is Charles Barkley guarantee yeah you could guarantee that that hickey's gonna be wrong hey real quickly I have a poll question out there Jalen Hurts is the best quarterback in the NFC who is the second best QB in the NFC I want you to guess how our audience is responding to this one two three and four here are the four options Dak Prescott Kirk Cousins Matthew Stafford and then other what do you think the super duper early returns is on the poll question of who is the second best QB in the NFC what do you think those returns are I think Twitter is a here and now sort of place I think they're going to forget Matthew Stafford and write him off well let me just say this this Twitter doesn't have a lot of logic and this is showing this but go ahead I will say Dak Prescott is the leader right now incorrect he's in second 24.8 of the vote is other number one yes the overwhelming majority so 45.3 then 16.8 say Matthew Stafford and who I would probably argue heading into this season is the second best quarterback in the NFC and I hold my nose when I do so Kirk Cousins is 13% and like who's the other I think a lot of people just looked at the first three names and they're like oh all three of those options are horrible I'll just press other right but you can't tell me it's Derek Carr even though he's with the Saints now yeah you're gonna tell me it's Brock Purdy Jared Goff Gino Smith like come on and I think all three of those quarterbacks are close like if Stafford was healthy and if that team was good I think Stafford would be the runaway second place guy here but I just don't know how healthy he's gonna be and Kirk and Dak are very similar I know Dak didn't have a good regular season last year but Kirk and Dak have like good regular seasons for the most part and they're bad in the postseason I actually think it's Kirk because Kirk's not as injured as Dak gets and Dak's been injured a lot recently and I just think Kirk is out of the three with the current situation they're in and the health they're in heading into this season he's the second best quarterback but do I have any confidence any of those three guys to go to Super Bowl this year no because Dak doesn't show up in the big spot not as Kirk Cousins and Matthew Stafford I'd be surprised if he is in the postseason we'll take a break when we come on back Bart Winkle and Ryan Horvath will join us to get the Packers side of Aaron Rodgers almost finally saying goodbye to the Green Bay Packers
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