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FDU Beats Purdue! (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 17, 2023 10:00 pm

FDU Beats Purdue! (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 17, 2023 10:00 pm

Fairleigh Dickinson upsets Purdue!!! l Will more of these upsets become commonplace? l Mitch Henderson, Princeton men's basketball head coach


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Our care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Mayhem, mayhem, mayhem. And that's why we call this March Madness. We have a 16 seed and fairly Dickinson who is about 30 seconds away from securing a victory. Now this game is far from over.

There is a review right now. It was originally ruled fairly Dickinson's ball. They're up by three with 30 seconds to go but I think it's gonna get reversed. They're just figuring out how much time is left on the clock and they're gonna be up 30 seconds. They give the ball back to Purdue. So Purdue is a number one seed last year. Lost to a New Jersey school in St. Peter's in the round of 16 in Philadelphia in the NCAA tournament.

We could see a New Jersey school do it again. This time would be a 16 up against a 1 but the school still being Purdue. Shot clock unplugged. There is 20 seconds to go now in this one. Fairly Dickinson's up three but Purdue has the ball and Matt Painter who is probably sweating through that long sleeve shirt that he's wearing and he is losing his mind berserk on the sidelines. He does call a timeout.

So there's gonna be 18.9 seconds left and Fairly Dickinson is still up by three. Matt Painter is upset that they did not call a foul as a fairly yeah he has a case there. There should have been a defensive foul off ball as a player on Fairly Dickinson just bulldozed through a Purdue player. No call was made and then they waited a little bit thinking maybe there was a call that was gonna be be issued on the by the official and Purdue that ends up taking a timeout. Now Purdue is in the bonus so they would have gone to the line and I think that there's already more than ten fouls there so it would have been two shots. So it's 61 to 58 in this one.

Fairly Dickinson is up by three. They're gonna put some time back on the clock here. I think that's what they're looking at and that is 19.7 seconds to go. I don't think they're reviewing if this is a flagrant or not right now but they they did put a few seconds back on the clock so maybe they're trying to figure out if this is going to be right. The possession hour by the way not that the possession is up in the air here but it is with Fairly Dickinson and I think this is a clock issue on when Painter did call a timeout and he was irate hands were up in the air because he did not get the call and then he motioned that. They have it at 19.7 right now it's that was in that realm maybe a tenth or two tenths of a second get taken down or maybe even added on but it looked like it was somewhere that 19 to 20 second range when they just did flash that the the game clock on the screen but Fairly Dickinson who was up by five a few moments ago is now up by three and they are up by three right now 61 to 58 Purdue has the basketball and Purdue's offense has just done nothing here absolutely nothing here in the second half but you better show up it's better to show up late rather than never and we'll see if they could do that here as they've just inbound to the basketball we're under 20 seconds and oh you got a block by Fairly Dickinson they were not able to keep the ball so it's gonna stay with Purdue with now 12.3 seconds to go now by the way we cannot do play-by-play so we're not doing play-by-play we are just reacting to things several seconds after they happen and we were just trying to relay the information to you in the best way that we can without doing play-by-play with three three three point game and now they're gonna how many reviews are we gonna look at here on the clock this is where it gets insufferable a little bit icky as they have to see where the times exactly going today about 12 seconds if you're a fairly Dickinson do you foul if you're Purdue go for a three here 12 and a half seconds they were just trying Purdue to go for a two before it was swatted out of I think with your size advantage and I know it has not worked and now Purdue is gonna call what I think is their final timeout it is I would go for two okay I would go for the deuce but you gotta go quickly down by three twelve and a half seconds left your Purdue with the ball you would go for the two right now yeah okay I would go for the two and then you foul and you hope even though Fairly Dickinson has showed zero signs of the stage being too big that they missed the free throws or bare minimum split and two if you score relatively quickly let's say within five seconds so let's just say there's six or seven seconds up to foul within two seconds but if you have four seconds up that's still a good amount of time where you can get definitely within half court to throw up a heave to either hit a three to tie or hit a three to win there's definitely enough time to where you can have two possessions here go for two foul and then you know make a run out after the free throws but I'm with you like at this point you're exactly just throw it up there get a quick two and then see if you can kind of put the pressure back on Fairly Dickinson and see how they respond in a moment of major adversity yeah and no one for Purdue is in danger not that it matters this late of the game really because you got a foul if you got a foul you know coming off the inbounds pass no one is in danger of fouling out Smith does the most fouls with three fouls for Purdue Edie only has one so it's underneath the basket I would imagine they're gonna do a lot of play here for Zach Edie that would probably be my guess well they can't get it to him they're in the corner they jack up a three not even close and Fairly Dickinson has the ball they're gonna go to the charity stripe with seven point six seconds left you make your free throws it's over you make your free throws you go up by five with seven point six seconds left it is almost impossible to blow that game now they tried to feed Edie I wouldn't even say on the inbounds pass in the corner that must have been like a third or fourth option and the player got trapped in the corner and then he just jacked it up at that point when you get from seven point six like we were talking about they didn't weren't able to get the ball and then just drive to the basket when the inbounds it with 12 seconds left once you get stuck in that corner with seven seconds you really have no other choice but to shoot that three right and it's great defense by Fairly Dickinson because like I said they kind of knew where the ball was going they did a good job despite their size cutting it off and then forcing the only outlet pass a corner three and it was a terrible look and then it's a one and one and they make they made the first free throw so this is now a four-point game with eight point one seconds to get you know left in the game second free throw good just don't foul here because Purdue has to go to length of the court anyway what are they doing they're driving for two and they get rejected anyway how do you not pull up from three there just go pull up from three in that spot a deuce there yeah I get it makes it a three-point game but all I have to do is just hit one free throw and then wasted more time there's 1.5 seconds left this is just pandemonium and it's gonna be more heartbreak for Purdue Purdue is just gonna get destroyed once again by a New Jersey team that's a double-digit seed Fairly Dickinson's gonna become the second ever 16 seed to take down a one UMBC you got some company in the fraternity there is six tenths of a second left Fairly Dickinson is up 63 to 58 and I will say this Tobin Anderson now has the biggest boss move in NCAA tournament history after winning the playing game to get into this game up against Purdue he wanted the cameras to see it and all he said is the more I see of Purdue I think we could beat them and a coach knows his team the best we talked about these double-digit seeds that end up winning you know UMBC Oral Roberts Shaheen Holloway at the time with st. Peters they all have great confidence it's an upset to all of us but not an upset to them and their coach Tobin Anderson a Fairly Dickinson knew when everyone probably laughed and said well you end up on old takes exposed he knew this was possible and they are now one second away from this happening and it's over Fairly Dickinson as a 16 oh my holy smokes they beat Purdue 63 to 58 man this tournament's crazy yesterday 15th seeded Princeton winner over Arizona Furman a 13 they take down Virginia you didn't think you could add yesterday topped well today it just happened because Fairly Dickinson becomes the second ever 16 to win an NCAA tournament game against a one Wow Wow Wow this tournament is just drunk it never makes sense and it never will but this is why the NCAA tournament is just the best man Hickey that was awesome that was cool that was very very cool I love chaos I always I don't know you I always end up rooting against my bracket anytime it's me because as soon as an upset or as soon as a lower seeded team I should say starts to gain some momentum it's all let's just see chaos as much as you possibly can credits of Fairly Dickinson man they have they answer the bell big time they made Zach Edie and non-factor despite the fact that no one was I think within a foot of his height and they just did a tremendous job putting the pressure on Purdue and making Purdue be the hunted not the hunter in a way and they just killed it Fairly Dickinson it's a dance party right now I can't gritty you can't gritty but they could gritty that's awesome this is just such a cool moment it really is now I was fortunate enough to be on the air when for CBS Sports Radio when UMBC did defeat Virginia and to be on the air right here these are just the moments that you look for this is so cool this guy Tobin Anderson what a boss sir he called his shot Hickey he called his shot called a shot we said if you keep it within ten it's a win screw that scrap that he said you know we're winning the whole thing or at least winning this one outright man that's incredible this guy should channel his inner Stu finer right now and just scream promises made promises delivered oh that's awesome and if you're Purdue you're Virginia without the championship against these double-digit seeds you just don't have an answer and we talk about this all the time when you let a team hang around in a neutral site right the crowd just naturally gravitates towards the team that's the underdog that's the major major major underdog and then I've been in those buildings before I was there last year when Purdue lost to to st. Peters you know I I've been in the building when Florida Gulf Coast beat Georgetown and like halftime everyone's a guy just to be a good story and then when you get like ten minutes left and the other team is still in the leader or in striking distance everyone in that building that's neutral that doesn't have a kid or doesn't have a family member on Purdue or isn't a Purdue fan they all start with the team that no one knows like where they're from who the players are they all start to root for that team and now we get to learn about all these kids and the coach and everyone this is just a special moment Sean Moore the leading scorer for Fairleigh Dickinson at 19 points and you have a 16 seed defeat a 1 3 straight years of a 15 beating a 2 and now we have for the second time ever a 16 a 16 taking down a 1 other scores Kentucky with 114 to go they're up 54 to 48 against Providence Gonzaga who was struggling Grand Canyon early now 840 to go there are big 64 to 46 and maybe another upset brewing Drake they are now down by two this was a 34 34 game Miami just hit a deuce and they're up by two 36 to 34 with 15 29 to go and it's the first lead for Miami since the 422 mark in the first half with 422 remaining so there's 520 to go now in this contest Wow that's special that's just really special with Fairleigh Dickinson as a 16 seed taken down number one Purdue brackets busted yeah who cares about your bracket that's awesome that's just glorious it's great I don't want to get wrapped up in the moment but I feel like now you were started seeing a lot more opposites like I think this is I don't think it'll be on another you know what was this five years I think it'd be within another five years we've seen another 16 take down to one who knows the confidence you just see them from these guys that way before it's all right who's you know we're just here to get beat by so and so we're happy to be here now it's like you see even the way Floyd Fairleigh Dickinson's way the way they play down the stretch even celebrating like obviously they're happy but it's like hey we expect to win this game like we're not coming here just to be in the tournament and just to lay down but say we had a fun ride we are here to win well you know what it is the the kids that are 16s and 15s they have also worked their entire lives to earn this opportunity and when you're a 16 or a 15 no one gives you a chance and you have this enormous chip on your shoulder and once you see a few 15s do it and then you see now the second 16 do it you've worked your entire life for this and you're ready for the moment you still like a lot of times you're like on 16 15 no chance and no one ever expects them to win but like now you go into you're like okay maybe it's possible you know either coach is basically locked it up guaranteed it so you'll find delivered and I think when you work something your entire life and you have all these guys for Purdue who have these like big success stories and they're all talked about and they get all the the praise and hype going into it if this is your one moment to shine you better take advantage of it and we've seen oral Roberts as a 15 st. Peters as a 15 you know in recent memory for to go coast is a 15 the other day Princeton as a 15 and now you see UMBC 16 and fairly Dickinson as a 16 do unthinkable things and you're right I don't want to say it's becoming the norm but three straight years of a 15 beating a two and then two years where you you look at something like never happening and like what the last six or seven years whatever it is where you have a 16 beating a one it's just bonkers so congratulations to fairly Dickinson as a 16 once again has defeated a one as down goes Purdue now not to make this all look at my bracket blah blah blah blah blah because I didn't predict this but I had Purdue losing in the second round to Memphis where did you have Purdue going down same second round I did not have many once he's going that far for the most part this becomes a big win for us because I bet you a lot of people had Purdue bare minimum in the lead eight so we get them out in the round to 32 those guys have a few more rounds where there's no potential points for them to get so I'm hoping a lot of people put up for doing their final four because they fell in love with the exact ed alright exactly helps our CBS Sports Radio nothing's better than feeling comfortable in your own shoes maybe you're a parent raising a little rock star or a techno man working from anywhere all birds wants you to be comfortable in your actual shoes too they're wool runners pipers and loungers are so cozy you might forget you're wearing them and they're crafted from natural materials that tread lightly on our planet so get comfortable in your shoes get to know the wool runners pipers and loungers at all birds calm that's a LLBI rds calm you're listening to the Zach Gelb show a historical evening on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio a 16th seed has done it again fairly Dickinson takes down Purdue and that just happened a few moments ago obviously everyone remembers UMBC when they became the first ever 16 seed to take down a one back in the 2018 NCAA tournament and we know the next year Virginia ended up winning the national championship we'll see what the heck Purdue basketball could do a year from now but my oh my heading into this game 16 seeds were one and 150 against number one seeds now make that two and 151 as fairly Dickinson gets the job done let's hear the final call by Kevin Coogler on the NCAA tournament Westwood one radio network the inbound comes over shoots everyone scooped up by Roberts the Knights have slain the dragon for the second time in NCAA tournament history and if you're in your car right now or if you're listening to us on the Odyssey app and you're just saying hmm fairly Dickinson wasn't that the coach that was talking a lot of smack heading into the game after they won the playing game and they knew that they were gonna play Purdue as a 16 CD up that coach's name is Tobin Anderson and this is what it sounded like a few days ago in Dayton Ohio the more I watch Purdue the more I think we could beat him I'll say this for what the third time now in the last 25 minutes hickey that is the biggest boss move in the history of the NCAA tournament to have the stones I know you're the locker room you with the guys you're all fired up it's awesome you want to talk to your kids and and make sure that they're not like oh we're playing a 1c blah blah blah blah blah to be able to say that and then for it to come to fruition and for him to get the job done tonight I've never seen anything like that in the history of the NCAA tournament it is it's truly amazing it's like that fearlessness that again now is helps lead to a comeback where you have that confidence after game and he's didn't clip the morning so forget even just this game that was even before they even played the playing game to get to this game that's already they were getting kind of said looking forward to oh we're gonna play Purdue we're gonna win that game it's the confidence is unbridled it's incredible and again it's part of the reason why down the stretch they look like they were the like the team that was been in the mold before they they did not allow the moment to get too big in park as if they already visualized them being there and winning you know I just go back to either moments that I was there for or just coaches we've talked to since being on in this time slot and I remember when I was in college and I saw FGCU Florida Gulf Coast take down Georgetown and then also take down San Diego State and go to the sweet 16 before losing to Florida where they lost to Florida and there was a confidence about that team they called themselves Dunk City and they knew they belong Shaheen Holloway last year knew he belonged Paul Mills for a guy that ended up having a 15 seed in in oral Roberts taking down a two seed in Ohio State like he came on us I'm like coach you know what you just accomplished and he like was just basically a it's what we expected to do Mitch Henderson right he even has talked about how he knows his team's a gritty team and that it's an upset to everyone else but not an upset to them and whether we may roll our eyes at that or not you appreciate the confidence the team has and they know the work that they've put in and you keep on hearing this a similar message from these sixteens these fifteens that get the job done that it's really us against the world and when I mean that like yes in the building people are rooting for the underdog but you have to have that mentality of we know what we're capable of we could accomplish this we know what we have we've been together we've been doing the same thing that all these other teams have been doing Purdue and and also you know you look at Ohio State and all these at UMBC all these schools that went down and those schools they had the luxury of being able to lose games in their conference tournament or you know lose a game in in February not think it's gonna derail their season but in these one bid leagues your this is that I think the biggest part hickey you see other teams do it and then also the competitor is you're in survival mode once you enter that conference tournament and if you're in your conference tournament you could be having a great season you don't win the conference tournament you're out like look last year Furman thought they were going to the NCAA tournament and with like three seconds left then at the buzzer some kid hits a 35-foot shot and you're going home after having a great season so I do think it's seeing other schools do it helps but then also you've been in postseason mode now for so long you've been in that winner you go home mode for so long that I do think not that it's a deciding factor but it does help the mentality of not being that nervous when you're now a 16 or a 50 and I think these last two days exemplify that perfectly look at Arizona down the stretch against Princeton on Thursday could not make a shot and really got out of their own offense and then you started kind of chucking up shots because they felt the pressure goes I'll be at three so bad let me just all force doesn't hope it goes in did not work and then even today Purdue then down the stretch made what one basket in the final six seven minutes and the same thing the ball to like their first three options and you see these teams like Purdue like Virginia that and even Arizona yesterday they feel the pressure and then you do uncharacteristic things like Clark yesterday Virginia has been there forever he's won a national championship and excusably gets trapped and throws the ball away if you look at Arizona they they couldn't do anything even Purdue tonight it seemed like any time they touch the basketball they dropped it and that's that has to be a mental component to this when you are down late or you're in a tight game late and you know everyone is gonna be trolling you clowning you if you don't find a way to get the job done the 16 seed the 15 seed now plays with no pressure and the one of the two seed they feel all the pressure and there's even more pressure now because of how many times we've seen 15 seeds win three straight years and then also a 16 seed and UMBC get the job done against Virginia and now you do get fairly Dickinson getting the job done and becoming the second 16 seed ever to take down a one seed with the job that they were able to do a few moments ago up against Purdue it's incredible like I said that's why we talked about before I don't think it's been about five tournaments right if you take out the COVID year where obviously we didn't have one in between one seeds going down to 16 seeds I would not be surprised next two three four years within that next five-year window from what we saw UMBC to today and fairly Dickinson what happens again and it's kind of nuts too because like after seeing it for two straight years of the 15 seed you went into this tournament like oh it's not gonna happen three straight years in a war Roberts just did it and I know you also did have st. Peters do it but it's not gonna happen for a third straight year in Princeton very quickly the NCAA tournament made it clear that it was going to happen and now you have two for the second time ever a 16 seed beat a one it's just crazy like who yesterday I said this there's no way Friday could actually top what happened on Thursday but here we are in where a 16 seed beating a one tops you know a 15 and then also a 13 with the games that we did see yesterday nothing's better than feeling comfortable in your own shoes maybe you're a parent raising a little rock star or a techno man working from anywhere all birds wants you to be comfortable in your actual shoes to their wool runners pipers and loungers are so cozy you might forget you're wearing them and they're crafted from natural materials that tread lightly on our planet so get comfortable in your shoes get to know the wool runners pipers and loungers at all birds calm that's a LLBI rds calm
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