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How Much Money Does Lamar Want? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 14, 2023 8:08 pm

How Much Money Does Lamar Want? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 14, 2023 8:08 pm

What does Lamar Jackson want in a contract? l Mitch Henderson, Princeton men's basketball head coach l News Brief


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No one told me that with Auto Trader a dealer can deliver cars to my home or that I could shop by price on Auto Trader. No one. Consider this friendship that you just learned we had officially over. Finally, it's easy.

Auto Trader. How we doing? Hour number two of our radio program, Mitch Henderson, the head coach at Princeton, back in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2017. They will match up against Arizona, the Wildcats in the first round of the NCAA tournament. So coach will be joining us 20 minutes from now and then in the next hour, Bruce Pearl from Auburn will join us an hour from now as Auburn is matched up with Iowa in a big 8-9 first round game in Birmingham. And then at 8 40 p.m. Eastern, 5 40 p.m. Pacific, we will be joined by Jim Laronega, who we all remember obviously George Mason, Final Four, now with Miami since 2011 and last year did lead the Hurricanes to the Elite Eight. So Jim Laronega fifth seed for Miami, regular season champions in the ACC.

They will draw a 12th seed Drake coming up at the end of the week. So we'll chat it up with Coach L coming up in about an hour 40 from now. But first up, I got to get into this Lamar Jackson stuff from earlier today. So I've seen this report before and it's by ESPN that the the Baltimore Ravens and their latest offer it was it's it varies it's like 230 or 250 million dollars total but the the latest report today was reiterated today by Adam Schefter is that Lamar Jackson turned down 200 million dollars in guaranteed money back in September. So Lamar who's representing himself alongside with his mother but Lamar today tweeted out it was 133 over three years fully guaranteed but I need an agent.

So I interpret that as two different things. Number one and there's two topics in the number one part either Lamar would be willing to sign a fully guaranteed deal of 133 million over three years or the Ravens offer was actually 133 over three and that's what he turned down. But then there's another side of this where you read the Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter reported this is what Schefter said in the article. Mort and I reported on this last September when Lamar Jackson was offered a deal that he turned down a deal that included at the time he was offered 133 million due at signing Schefter said 133 million guaranteed the contract also had injury guarantees that brought the guarantees to 175 million and then it had a signing guarantee that could have brought the value of the contract of the guarantee money to 200 million dollars in guaranteed and yes those were the actual numbers and that was the situation so those are really the guarantees for Lamar Jackson. So like Hickey that number and we'll get to what Ian Rappaport said in just a second we'll play that audio but that number that is throwing around of 200 million dollars in guaranteed money isn't that a little bit misleading if when you go into the details it says it was 133 million due at signing and then there's other guarantees with injuries involved that could bring it up to 175 and then other ways that it could get up to 200 like that doesn't seem like it's actually 200 million dollars in guaranteed it's really just that buck 133. So the 133 number it's all over the place and Lamar's tweet was vague we'll play what Rappaport said in just a second but like I'm now more confused as I was before on this Lamar Jackson situation with the Baltimore Ravens. I mean really doesn't yeah I mean the we know the contract that was offered to him it was basically I mean basically it was like Lamar said 133 for three years guaranteed and there's some other guarantees but again that's also based on him being able to stay healthy and him being on the roster three years from now and how much of a guarantee truly is that and if he's on the roster on the fifth day in 2026 when we're sitting here in 2023. So it's like technically the Ravens could say well look it's 200 million dollars guaranteed but you know and you can just ignore that you got to hit a few stipulations in order to get the quote-unquote guaranteed money in your bank account but it just goes back to basically the original offer that we all saw of 133 guaranteed and that's why Lamar Jackson kind of laughed at it. When Kyler Murray got a buck 89.5 last year.

Never really a thought to consider signing that. And also Deshaun Watson got 230 fully guaranteed which started all this stuff. So this is Ian Rappaport on the NFL network who says Lamar Jackson's tweet detailed the latest contract offer the Ravens gave him.

Listen up. What Lamar Jackson did was pull back the curtain a little bit and show us what the Ravens have offered. And you know we had heard that the Ravens had offered him a fully guaranteed deal.

I'd heard that it was a shorter deal. It seems to be not 100 guaranteed but it seems to be what Lamar Jackson is indicating that he got a three year deal for 133 fully guaranteed for the Ravens and a lot of people thought maybe this would would get it done. It obviously did not get it done more than 44 million dollars per year. And Lamar Jackson decided that he wanted to play on the franchise tag instead. So what Rappaport is saying is that the Ravens went to him with a three year 133 million dollar deal fully guaranteed.

That's how I interpret it. And that's like part of the response when you see in Lamar's tweet where you go okay if that's the offer it makes you rethink things. Now we've been always told about this number I forget what it was either 230 or 250 over five years and 133 million of it was fully guaranteed. But if the latest offer maybe the Ravens were saying whatever we're offering over five years and the guaranteed isn't deemed enough let's then go shorter years we're skeptical on the fully guaranteed like you're not going to get five years 230 million dollars fully guaranteed that's not the road that we're going to go but we'll give you a very good average annual value when you do the math of a buck 33 divided by three which comes out to what like 44 point uh 44 let me do the math 0.3 million dollars so I think that's a fair price tag when you look at it you get three years 133 million fully guaranteed but I could understand why Lamar turned it down because if you do go to let's say eventually a five-year deal I do think you could truly get 200 million dollars bare minimum guaranteed I do think you get a five-year 240 whatever million dollar deal with 200 million fully guaranteed by either the Ravens or somewhere else so I don't think it was an unfair offer by the Ravens if that was true they said let's compromise three years a buck 33 and if I'm Lamar I would maybe be inclined to sign it and bet on myself and say okay I'll get a buck 33 fully guaranteed it's my big payday and then three years from now I'm going to prove the Ravens wrong and then I'll go get a deal done with either somewhere someone else or I'll really make the Ravens give me what I want three years from now but I could also see on the other side of this Lamar looking at it and saying hey the last two years I haven't been healthy I have the unanimous MVP if let's say the next two years I do get injured in back-to-back years then more of a conversation and a thought process starts to develop that I'm injury prone and then I move further and further away from that unanimous MVP uh year which is probably my biggest negotiation chip so bottom line hickey we could dissect this until we're blue in the face these two sides are nowhere close and there has not been an offer yet that Lamar has said ooh and ah and actually that he's probably contemplated and accepting by the Baltimore Ravens fair or not if you're Lamar I don't get why you would turn down 133 for three I'm with you 44 basically and a half million dollars a year and what you're doing also is is betting on yourself he's had no problem and he's going to play according to reports on the franchise tag this year so he's betting on himself this year even though it's still a short-term deal if he plays through that and plays well you're then coming out of that contract at age 29 still in your prime ready to get another big-time deal kind of like what Dak Prescott is doing when Dak Prescott signed that deal last year and wanted a shorter-term deal because he knew if I play well I'll get back on the market get a bigger deal he wanted for the count was one at five years so it's just like if you're Lamar you have no problem betting on yourself now why not last year betting yourself you know screw the five two hundred other just basically looking at it as three for 133 fully guaranteed let's go you know give me an opt-out or give me something where I can get back on the market age 29 and if you're the Ravens you feel I would say better about taking a short-term risk and seeing Lamar complain a three-year period see if you can stay healthy compared to a five or six year deal so I think it works out for both sides I don't honestly get why I didn't get done now I'm in full agreement with you but let me just give you two different viewpoints here maybe Lamar still thinks he could get that five-year deal fully guaranteed or at least 200 million dollars of it actually fully guaranteed if he just continues to wait or is it that crazy to suggest this Lamar doesn't want to get a deal done with Baltimore and Lamar probably knows that if they don't get a deal done this offseason then next year if you play hardball with the Ravens that they will then ultimately trade you because the Ravens can't allow or they can't run the risk of Lamar going through two years on the franchise tag and you probably won't franchise tag in the third time around and then you let him just walk for a compensatory third round pick which when you do the math who even knows what it's going to add up to what you're actually going to get back so maybe Lamar this is showing the side that Lamar is really done with Baltimore and he's agitated with Baltimore because it does make sense to take the three for a buck 33 because if you're going to go through this song and dance for two years you may as well just get paid two out of the three years and then spend another year in Baltimore and then you know maybe you put a clause in the contract they can't franchise tag you after that and then you just walk three years from now but the way that I would interpret the three for 133 is either he still thinks he could get his five-year deal and he's not moving off that and he thinks he'll get the number that he wants or he's fine with playing this year on the tag and then realizing that most likely Baltimore is going to trade in the next off season if they don't get a deal done. And I get that deal was last year so again it was before Lamar got hurt again and missed more time at the end of the season again so now if you Lamar I wonder if your thought process changes if you get that offer again if he would still say no or if you would actually sign it again I think it benefits him at this point with his age.

Oh right because this deal was in September right? Right so before you know it was before obviously we knew what was going to happen I think his value has decreased a little bit now it's two years in a row he's been hurt but if you revisit that if you're the Ravens or if you're another team now going forward I don't see why Lamar Jackson would turn that deal down now. Yeah and maybe he saw a lot of this stuff coming before the start of the season you know maybe he knew that where the talks were going because this has been now a song and dance for the last few years so this is all over the place every time I hear about it it doesn't seem like they are inching anywhere closer to actually getting a deal done so I will stick by my stance until I'm proven wrong here that I will believe Lamar Jackson is getting a long-term deal from the Baltimore Ravens when we get the announcement from Eric DaCosta, when we get the announcement from Steve Basciotti, when we get the announcement from John Harbaugh that we've agreed to terms on a multi-year extension with Lamar Jackson and the more and more that this continues to go on and maybe some other team ponies up and maybe some other team makes a deal and they put the Ravens in a position where they have to match it or they just let him go for the two first round picks until a team starts talks to Lamar and they could start talking tomorrow but I don't expect any team to talk to him really starting tomorrow. Hickey the more and more that this is this is heading down the more and more we go through this it looks like Lamar will be in Baltimore this year on the franchise tag until maybe after the draft the team swoops in that gets desperate but then this could all end because all the Ravens have to do is either match it or reject the offer and then you get your two first round picks back or you just match it and you let another team do your negotiations for you so and my gut tells me right now and maybe my gut will end up being wrong but my gut tells me right now that next year Lamar Jackson is in Baltimore and he's playing on the franchise tag and that will be his final year with the Ravens. I would be very surprised if that's what we see.

I think the relationship has run its course. I think there will be a team or two desperate enough come draft time to make an offer for Lamar Jackson. I think his market will be there. I don't think the Ravens are intending to match. I would be surprised if we get either a long-term deal or even having Lamar in Baltimore next year. Who's the team that matches? Let's just say Rogers goes to the Jets. Who's then the team? Like the Raiders just brought in Jimmy Garoppolo. The Saints just brought in Derek Carr. The Panthers just moved in to the number one spot. Like I'm trying to identify who that team is going to be and I'm coming up with nothing. Like the commanders do make the most sense and is Daniel Snyder going to do this with the pending sale of his team or or him maybe trying to sell his team? Like who knows? I don't know. So I look at this.

I just I would love to see a team that makes sense right now and that I actually believe because there's some teams I think make sense but I believe that they'll actually do it. Potentially. And on Deshaun Watson last year.

They were. Not had a quarterback in a while. No it's a team that makes sense but right away they were one of those teams that comes out and says we're not going to do this and we don't know how much they were willing to pay for Deshaun Watson to. All we know is the Browns are willing to go fully guaranteed.

We don't know how much the Falcons are willing to give Deshaun Watson in terms of a contract. So I think this thing is a major major mess and it's all speculation right now and you got a little juice today with Lamar Jackson throwing out the three for 133. All right we'll take a break. When we come on back we'll go out to Sacramento. Princeton's getting ready for their first round NCAA tournament game as a 15 seed champions of the ivy league. Taking it to Yale over the weekend and they'll have a date with the Wildcats of Arizona. Mitch Henderson who played for Princeton is now their coach. Make another trip to the NCAA tournament will join us next.

You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Princeton is back in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2017. They have a date with the Wildcats of Arizona coming up on Thursday opening round of the NCAA tournament at 4 10 p.m eastern and now joining us is a man that played for Princeton. He is the head coach of Princeton. I'm very fired up for my next guest as in the earlier part of my radio career as I produced and did set up a lot of Mitch Henderson broadcasts as we did have a few shows on the great campus of Princeton and that is coach Mitch Henderson who's kind enough to join us right now. Coach I know it's been a while congratulations to you and your team and thanks so much for doing this.

This is a pleasure to be with you today and I'm uh I'm psyched to be here we're we just left a little practice we got to Sacramento last night and we're just absolutely thrilled to be dancing. So I know that Yale has been a pain the last few years and the last time out it was a heartbreaking one as you guys had a big lead and then weren't able to get the job done. What was the difference this time around in the championship game of the ivy league tournament? You know I think it's it's um you learn a lot about yourselves in a in a place where you have a really difficult loss and that was a really difficult loss that you just mentioned we were he had a gigantic lead coughing up we told him he had played great basketball for 35 minutes for that game and we lost it and you know unfortunately that's the way teams learn so the human element deck and as in teams you can't underestimate it so we needed to go through something like that so we learned how to win games and get a little tougher um get a little more resilient and we did and I thought we played just great basketball played our best possible this season on the weekend had two great wins over playing Yale to get to the to get to the tournament. And I really think in that Yale game because you had a lead and then it got cut down a little bit and you wonder how your team was going to mentally respond with what happened the last time out against Yale it never seemed like you guys lost control of the game and even when momentum could have been shifting you never let them really overtake that game down the stretch. Yeah you know and that's that's the point he's doing it um unfortunate totes on one mile and Ryan Langboard not a lot of the sort of three guys that have really put us on their back all season um they just said no we're you know we're gonna stay the course we're gonna do what we need to do and we guarded you know a very good team as you mentioned Yale's been very good at great players um but I was just so thrilled for the guys to uh you know you just this is what you want this is all we we put our chips in we got back-to-back Ivy League titles but um you want to go dancing and we're happy to be in the tournament. Mitch Henderson here with us the head coach of Princeton champions of the Ivy League they have Arizona coming up on Thursday coach we've talked about this throughout the years when you have a freshman and they're playing well right they think everything is going to come to them so easily and when they have a down moment it's the sky is is caving in on them uh I look at Caden Pierce your player he's been so big for you guys and he doesn't appear to be a freshman player for you guys why has he been able to be effective uh you know so great right away and did you expect this production out of him this early on? No I would no I did not we thought he was you know we feel pretty good about all of your recruits we thought he was going to be a very good piece but instantly from the very beginning of the season we realized that he was really good at the small things that you need to the small and little things that are hard to do remembering the scout you know hey we want to go over on this screen and want to make sure we're influencing this guy this way and then and then he was tough but what you don't realize and I say this um you know I I realize some people out there there's a really good freshman but I think he's one of the best freshmen in the country he's such a winner and he makes such big plays and continuing over the course of this last weekend to make huge plays he's you know gets two-handed rebounds above the rim he's that you know basically averages double double on the weekend you know just uh tough we wouldn't be where we are without him. Keishon Kelman he looks like he can play defensive end in the national football league offensive rebounding was big down the stretch for you guys he also took a big charge as well what does he bring to your program?

You mentioned the charge on Saturday um we really emphasize and try to put a sort of a tactical number on the plays that don't get measured in the stat sheet charges taken deflections loose balls and Keishon just absolutely loves making those plays for his teammates um but I you're right I actually thought you know he had been struggling just a little but he was just terrific on the weekend especially Saturday in the pen game which you know honestly was was equally as hard fought for us to get to the Sunday game so you know we really got to have all and we have eight guys who played a lot of minutes and have all those pieces coming together and again the guys did it man they really came through. I know how much coach Pete Carril means to the Princeton program and for you personally unfortunately coach did pass away in August I know you're honoring him all throughout the season what were you thinking about walking out of Jadwin gymnasium over the weekend as ivy league champions I'm sure coach obviously who's been with you mentally all throughout the year was probably on your mind right yeah you know I mean so much of what comes out of my mouth I always say this you should be cited uh you know he used to say like um for free throws for instance he would say hey these are three points you got to get every single one of them and I say it all the time and when I told the guys one day that's what coach used to say you know sort of look at you funny because it's um it you know what what he did and who he was was you know Princeton basketball to me and you know now I'm the steward and uh I think he used to also say Jack that when you're if you're fortunate enough to be playing basketball in March and especially in New Jersey and it's still light out when you're leaving the gym since the days are getting a little bit longer you know you're playing in the tournament and uh so he'd be really happy for us and really happy there's at Princeton's in the NCAA so. Mitch Henderson when you look back at that win that coach Carril was able to have that you were able to be a part of in the NCAA tournament against UCLA what are the memories all these these years later that still come to mind on that one?

Well first it was uh today's the day today's the anniversary uh 27 years ago today and uh my memory from that time does not feel like 27 years ago it feels very recent in my head and everybody else is although we're all much prayer but he would say and I remember him saying this distinctly I'm preparing you to win the game and he would do things and talk to us about things that were associated with winning and including when the ball got thrown up in that UCLA game all funds was ran back on defense yeah I remember him saying to us don't worry you're not going to get it just run back so um I don't know you know it's um this is the magic of the tournament you need to believe but you also got to be exactly who you were and who you are that got you to the tournament ain't that much and because you know it's um this is why the tournament's a reflection of all the good teams. What we've seen the last two years 15 seeds take down two seeds uh in the NCAA tournament I know you got to have your guys ready to go right out of the gate to be able to put yourself in that position do you get a sense right now that your team will be ready to go come Thursday and not afraid or the stage won't be too big for them? I don't think the stage is too big I don't think we'll be afraid although Arizona is huge and they're very well coached and they're great so I would imagine every 15 seeded looked at the task and said listen man this is going to be hard and we know it's going to be hard we know that too but you got to have fun and tap into that little inner kid you know we all all the guys and us coaches included you know we've seen the upsets and you got to tap into that but you got to remember again like I go back to it but you got to remember what got you here and we've been playing tough and hard-nosed defense and finding them ways to get you know to get loose balls and long rebounds from the last couple weeks and you know we're going to have to be really special against Arizona.

You mentioned their size how do you deal with the size of Arizona? Hey I don't know you know I you know I hope you work as hard as you possibly can and hope that you know you get a couple good bounces you know they got to guard us too so we know that we have to take advantage of the strengths that we have in the matchup but boy it's a tough task I don't know how you stop and work your best. Coach before we let your on Mitch Henderson here with us Princeton goes up against Arizona coming up Thursday at 4 10 p.m eastern sometimes coaches are a little skeptical to coach their alma mater just because they never know how it's going to end and it's a place that obviously they love they don't want it to end in a bad way you've been there since 2011 what has this experience been like for the last decade? Yeah that's a good question it's hard to describe what it's like to work at your alma mater and you know to many people on that you certainly can't do it to your team you know the guys I'm sorry I'm walking around outside here so windy but the guys they um there's nothing they don't care about my time I'm just always feeling that it's inappropriate you can't talk you know you internalize that and then you you know who wants to hear about glory days um with people that are around you so um you know it's yes it's it's where I went to school and it's where I played and I have those those those memories but I it really makes you stay in the present and focus on what's the most important thing which is the current team and what they're all about you want to create the same memories for them that you got to have so um you feel it deeply Zach I feel it very deeply um it's a it's a relief when you get to this point because this is where in my opinion where Princeton belongs which is at the top of the league and in the tournament so I feel I feel that and and that's that's where all my efforts go last thing I'll ask you you've been in the NCAA tournament as a player for Princeton you've been there as the head coach I was at that game uh years ago which was a thrilling game up against Notre Dame how do the emotions compare and contrast you being the head coach and then also when you played at Princeton I you know as a player it's all new and you're it's a little like um it's shiny and fun and as a coach you know I I really this time around at least really enjoying it trying to take it all in and appreciating the what got us here and you know two weeks ago you know as you mentioned three weeks ago we were in a real low point so um you got to enjoy these kind of moments and I'm we're soaking it all in out here in Sacramento and and really excited about Thursday well enjoy it I'm happy for you I'm happy for your kids also happy for all the staff at Princeton good luck and surprise some people coming up on Thursday all right I appreciate that thanks for having me on I really appreciate it you got it there's Mitch Henderson the head coach of the Princeton Tigers um and we've had a relationship back to my first job out of college actually I was at a radio station in the Princeton area and I came up with an idea to form the Mitch Henderson radio show on on our station to try to make some money get us out to a bar and also have Bob Sarace the the football coach so good to see those guys having some success and winning the ivy league tournament and getting into the big dance and they have a fun team and we'll see how they're going to fare up against Arizona and that's going to be the toughest challenge uh it's just going to be the size of Arizona and how they deal with it and they're going to have to be on from three and we'll see if they can connect from three and give Arizona a little bit of a scare in the first round of the NCAA tournament all righty it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we will take a break when we come on back we will update you on the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio we call that segment the news brief still to come at the top of the hour about 30 minutes from now Bruce Pearl will be stopping by and then and a little over an hour from now an hour 10 will be joined with Jim Lara Nega by Jim Lara Nega the head coach of Miami you're listening to the Zach Gelb show we will get to a news brief in just a second but first there's not a ton of great wide receivers available this off season like Allen Lazard's not a great wide receiver he is going to the jets reportedly on a new a new deal pays about 11 million dollars a year Jacoby Myers three years 33 million today signs with the Raiders and then Darren Waller gets traded to the New York Giants for a third round pick so I don't think out of actually I wouldn't say there's one great wide receiver that's available to be signed this off season but someone who has been dominant in the league before he's getting up there in age and Adam Thielen he is now made available and with the new league year starting tomorrow and I know the legal tampering is already underway going back to Monday there is one team that is having a meeting tomorrow with Adam Thielenhickey can you guess who that team is going to be is it the Kansas City Chiefs that has been rumored it is not the Kansas City Chiefs I'll give you one more guess and then I'll give you a hint so not Kansas City blind shot in the dark is it the New England Patriots who need wide receiver help good guess but no it is not an AFC team it is an NFC team NFC team oh is it the Carolina Panthers who now need a new wide receiver one ding ding ding ding ding it is the Carolina Panthers according to rap sheet Ian Rappaport this is interesting that is what Ian Rappaport said the Panthers are expected to host former Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen on a visit tomorrow the veteran has plenty left and Carolina will get the first look now just because he's going to Carolina first doesn't mean that he's going to sign there but with that being said if you're going to Carolina and we all know even though like you kind of view Adam Thielen as an unselfish player the guy that puts in the ultimate work and all that yes he loved his time with Justin Jefferson loved his time playing in Minnesota KJ Osbourne was getting more of a role there we know Thielen is still very productive but maybe he wants more number one wide receiver reps and you go to a team like Carolina that who do they really have that wide receiver Laviska Chenault right now it is not like the Panthers are this tremendous option in terms of talent on the roster that you look at and you go oh wow I can't be the number one guy there so maybe ends up signing with the Panthers and he gets put in that number one wide receiver role again which he was for a while in Minnesota until you did have really Justin Jefferson come on to the scene but that's bizarre like I understand the approach by Thielen because you get probably more money that way and you can have a team that's more desperate in Carolina but I don't think Adam Thielen with his age is the number one wide receiver anymore in this league he's more a number two wide receiver and a complimentary piece to what is a very good or great wide receiver in this league I would argue if you are the Panthers he's maybe right now the best option you could get considering the free agent market's not great and obviously you just gave a ton of draft capital up to move so you're telling you are in let's say the DeAndre Hopkins sweepstakes for the most part unless it's cheaper than we think um and he's the ultimate pro so if you bring in a young quarterback and I know Andy Dalton did just sign in Carolina today so maybe Andy Dalton starting early in the season they do the stupid delay until they hand the baton over to CJ Stroud Bryce Young whoever the quarterback is going to be kind of like what Pittsburgh just did this past year with the pointless time of putting Mitch Trubusky under center um also if there are some growing pains with the young quarterback I don't think Adam Thielen is going to throw his quarterback under the bus like maybe some other wide receivers would I would agree with that now you know the question is going to be asked to Frank Reich to Scott Federer to even if you're meeting with David Tepper what quarterback you taking what answer thing he's going to get I don't know we like like do you let's just say the Panthers like two guys question like does that definitely come up don't you want to know who you're going to catch the quarterback we're going to we're still evaluating our process I'm not going to tell how I'm dealing if that's really going to be the deal breaker we're going to take either Bryce Young or CJ Stroud would you tell him if you're between two do you tell me who you're between to keep everything a secret and hey look we're going to get a quarterback you're going to like we're between you said Stroud and and yelling that you were deciding with what do you do there you so let's say you're feeling I'm uh Scott Federer or Frank Reich you asked me that question uh coach whom I'm going to catch some passes from next year we're going to take either Anthony Richardson we're going to take either Bryce Young or CJ Stroud out we're not all in on Will Levis but it could be Andy Dalton starting week one one of those four options will be your starting quarterback geez that's my answer I narrowed it down well why did I tell Adam Thielen that just in case if you don't send Adam Thielen and then the next thing you know Adam Thielen goes and runs his mouth and tells you that oh they're definitely taking CJ Stroud and maybe they're trying to put on the front that it's someone else or and and try to get someone to trade up so they move back as well like I don't think that's gonna happen I I do believe the Panthers know that they're staying in the number one spot and they're taking a quarterback I do believe that I don't think they have to tell everyone though who they're taking yet um but I do think they know I don't buy this nonsense that they haven't made up their mind well I guess the one I would I don't I'm not sure they made up their mind so I guess if you haven't what else you're going to say we're between these two or three guys or let me let me rephrase that maybe Scott Federer and Frank Reich know who they want to take and David Tepper's being a pain in the ass trying to micromanage and get them to take somewhere else but I guess what's the point like what's the secret see I guess then if you have like you don't have to worry anyone jumping you like no one's gonna move up above you to take whatever quarterback you like you know how paranoid these teams are I get it but there's really they have no like there's nothing anyone else could possibly do but they don't need to make that announcement public now if you like CJ but I'm just saying you don't have to make it public now but you can tell I'm feeling as good of a player Adam Thielen is he is not a must-have player for the Carolina Panthers where you need to tell them what you're doing at the quarterback position Adam don't worry about it sit your ass down you'll get a guy that we think will be good enough for you don't worry about it well here's what you do we'll pay you three to five more million dollars than any other team would would do shut your mouth and and sign the contract to take a hike add me I cut for a reason we're giving you wide receiver one opportunities don't ask us any questions about the quarterback all right let's update you on the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio we get to the news brief brief time for your daily news brief we get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports Rogers officially has not made a decision yet but I do believe that he's going to the jets his demands have been leaked by Diana Rossini the Rogers riders some ayahuasca little darkness caves fireman ed chanting go jets go but the actual riders are Randall Cobb Allen Lazard Mercedes Lewis and Odell Beckham Jr Lazard already reportedly signing a deal with the New York Jets when the new league year does officially get underway tomorrow we'll see what happens with Cobb Mercedes Lewis and Odell Beckham Jr but Jordan Schultz was on the Pat McAfee show which by the way Aaron Rogers will be appearing on tomorrow at 1 p.m eastern and Jordan Schultz did talk about which fit which team fits Odell Beckham Jr perfectly Buffalo to me out of all those teams we just talked about makes the most sense I know they have Gabe Davis obviously Diggs is there but if you add a healthy Odell Beckham that that offense gets a lot more exciting so I to me Buffalo would be the most enticing if I'm just thinking as a fan I like the Buffalo suggestion but I think Rogers would look at a place like the Jets more intriguing just because in Odell's mind I still think he could say he's the biggest commodity where if you go to Buffalo Stefan Diggs is the biggest commodity where even though you have the reigning offensive rookie of the year guys like Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore will look up to Odell Beckham where I don't think Stefan Diggs is doing that in Buffalo so I think the Jets actually do make sense if Rogers is there for Odell Beckham to go back to MetLife Stadium except play with the Jets and not the Giants Ian Rappaport says Lamar Jackson's tweet which said three years 133 million it did detail the latest contract offer the Ravens gave him in a full network what Lamar Jackson did was pull back the curtain a little bit and show us what the Ravens have offered and you know we had heard that the Ravens had offered him a fully guaranteed deal I'd heard that it was a shorter deal it seems to be not 100 guaranteed but it seems to be what Lamar Jackson is indicating that he got a three year deal for 133 fully guaranteed for the Ravens and then a lot of people thought maybe this would would get it done it obviously did not get it done more than 44 million dollars per year and Lamar Jackson decided that he wanted to play on the franchise tag instead so more chaos more confusion when it comes to the Ravens and Lamar Jackson are nowhere close to actually getting the final destination on what's going to happen with Lamar let's go to Mickey Loomis of the Saints and what he loved about Derek Carr this courtesy of our friends at Sirius XM NFL radio you know whenever you have an opportunity to get a player that you like that your staff likes or offensive coaches like he fits the type of offense that we like to play and and look I get that it didn't you know it didn't end well or didn't end the way that Derek wanted to in Las Vegas but you know we did pretty well with the last quarterback that we got from a team San Diego some years ago and hopefully this one will turn out the the same way if I'm a Saints fan that's not the response that I want to hear oh well we had success with Drew Brees so we'll find a way for it to work with Derek Carr does anyone think that Derek Carr is even going to be 75 of what Drew Brees is we've seen Derek Carr now for a decade anytime he looks like he's going to be a top 10 quarterback he falls flat on his face and then his brother makes a bunch of excuses for him there is one person answer a question who does think that Derek Carr could be 75 percent at least of Drew Brees David Carr Robert Sala or Joe Douglas whoever in the jet said you're gonna be the first ballot hall of famer I don't want to curse like you but ball bleep okay because someone said it they said Carr go walk go marching with the Saints we'll wait for Aaron Rodgers to come out of his darkness cave and make a decision Patrick Peterson on why he's signing with the Steelers on the all things covered podcast his podcast along with our pal Bryant McFadden my plan is to take my talents to the steel curtain man I'm gonna take it to the terrible tiles man I always obviously grew up watching all the greats there you went to super bowls there obviously love coach my uh coach uh coach Tomlin and what he brought to the table um and just how consistent he is how consistent the defense is how consistent his team is year in and year out I think it's a fine move I'm actually optimistic on the Steelers headed into this year I like what they have with Pickens I like what they have with Kenny Pickett Najee Harris is is a solid player you know offensive line could obviously get better they have a really good defense I I'm not telling you it's a lot but I do think the Steelers can make the playoffs this year they have good skill pieces the one thing that's concerning though is you hear it unanimously Matt Canada everyone hates oh yeah he's bad OC you got a bad guy not to call him plays that's not good he does stink all right let's get to the end of this game last night between the Bucks and the Kings so when I was watching it Trey Lyles and Giannis had a little dust up and then Brook Lopez came in and finished it here's Mike Boonenholzer who says he hates the way that the game ended just unfortunate um you know I think it was a great game a lot of good things happen it's so you know impressed by Sacramento and the way they played and you know good for for our guys to fight back in the second half and I'm really not going to say anything about what did didn't happen it was just to me it was unfortunate I loved it we almost saw a fight in the NBA and it wasn't a hold me back situation because when Lyles puts his hand on Brook Lopez's throat Brook Lopez just walked right through it that was great we don't usually get excitement in the NBA regular season because a lot of times players don't care in the regular season I thought it was great the other night when Dylan Brooks and Draymond Green were going at it now you get Trey Lyles and and Giannis and and Brook Lopez going at it we need more of that in the NBA we need a little fire a little excitement a little care from these players usually all they care about is load management and not really giving our ass into the playoffs I love that good battle between the Kings and the Bucks last night that was fun all right we'll take a break we'll come on back Bruce Pearl will join us Jim Lara nega gonna stop by 45 minutes from now as well offer the miami talk in hour number three
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