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Kyler Trust Issues? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 10, 2023 10:03 pm

Kyler Trust Issues? (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 10, 2023 10:03 pm

Onsides/Offsides l QB Carousel: John Gambadoro, 98.7 Arizona Sports l Closing Bell

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JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
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JR Sports Brief

Last year, you may have made some smart decisions, and you may have made some not-so-smart decisions.

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Subscribe to NerdWallet's Smart Money Podcast. Our number four of our radio program, three hours in, and I've been here for five years at CBS Sports Radio, this is the most fun I've ever had doing a show. And I was on the air for many big moments, like when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were coming to Brooklyn, was on the air, UMBC taking down Virginia, I was on the air, big NFL trades, I was on the air.

Some crazy awful moments too, I was on the air. A lot of history here in the last five years that we've been through, and there's a lot of memorable shows. But I think with the storyline of this show, with the arrogance of Hate Kiki, and just the blind loyalty that he has to his football team, there's still 59 minutes for this show to become boring, lethargic, pedestrian. But I don't think it's gonna happen. I got on the air tonight and I said, this is Christmas in March for this show, Panthers to the number one pick. Bears go down to nine, DJ Moore to Chicago. And even with probably the best news, the Panthers reportedly want CJ Stroud with the number one overall pick, that means the guy that Hickey wants for his Colts Bryce Young is gonna get swooped up by the Houston Texans. That is what probably will happen. And now there's a storyline to follow, cuz Hickey in hour number one, it's over, it's over, my team didn't get Bryce Young.

And then in hour number two, hold up, wait a second, y'all thought I was finished, nuh-uh-uh. Because then all of a sudden Hickey is now talking himself into this idea that the Texans are gonna pass on Bryce Young because they had interest in Jimmy Garoppolo and they're gonna get Jimmy Garoppolo and Anthony Richardson. And I know Hickey doesn't actually believe that. But this is what he has to do. He has to latch onto something, cuz he's a sycophant for those Indianapolis Colts, he has to latch onto something to make him think there is still a chance that his guy, Bryce Young, is gonna wind up in Indianapolis. No, I do believe that, I think it's a real possibility, again, what I've said.

No, you don't. If they sign Jimmy Garoppolo, you are not then drafting Bryce Young. And then once again- You are drafting Anthony Richardson or Will Levitz, cuz you are starting Jimmy G in 2023 and developing the raw talent, if you will, like the 49ers did, which a lot of the 49ers staff is in Houston. If they sign Jimmy G- You could say this nonsense, you could talk about it, but when you were going through the draft order and I said, what do you think will happen?

You said CJ Stroud won, Bryce Young too. So you give yourself a little hope, I'm gonna be fully honest with you, Hickey, I hope everything I said on this show tonight, I hope the party that I threw at your expense tonight, I end up being wrong. I am now rooting, even though I started off the show by saying, I want the Texans to get Bryce Young. I hope in two months from now, when we're in Kansas City, you punch me in the face and you go, yeah, we got Bryce Young. I hope that happens. It would be fun.

I would be very happy for my friend Ryan Hickey to finally be happy in his football fandom for like the first time in the last seven years or so. I would love that too, yeah. Okay. But it ain't happening. I knew it, it's too good to be true. It ain't happening. It's too good to be true. Well, that was a fun 30 seconds. Oh, can I just be honest, what I really hope happens here?

What does that mean? One, CJ Stroud. Okay. Two, Anthony Richardson.

Okay, now we're talking. Three, Will Anderson to the Cardinals. All right, yes, yes.

Four. Yes. Will Levis. The Colts get their guy and don't have to trade anywhere. Will Levis. I am in. Will Levis.

I am in for Bryce Young at four without giving up any assets. That's what I heard. Thank you.

I didn't even hear any other quarterback you mentioned. Thank you. Folks over there, thank you. Just clip that audio when I'm saying Will Levis and Hickey's like, I'm in, I'm in, I'm in. Oh, that's gonna be wonderful. That's music to my ears.

All right, out of 100, what do you think the chances are that your team gets Bryce Young's though? Because in the first, you're all over the place. In the first hour, it was ding dong, the witch is dead. Second hour, oh, there's a chance.

Third hour, not so much, and now you're all over the place. Give me a number. Give me a number.

Right now realistically 25%. That they get Bryce Young. That they get Bryce Young. Okay, so you don't think they're getting Bryce Young? I just told you that the only hope is if they sign, Jimmy Garoppolo to me is the barometer of where the Texas are going. There's reports that there's internal push for Jimmy G. You sign Jimmy G to me that tells me that you're going for a project. Now again, I could all change come draft day. That's how I'm operating.

And those percentages, I'll say, not skyrocket, but they increase dramatically. If we're sitting here this time next week, Adam Schefter, breaking news, Texan sign, Jimmy Garoppolo. Can I ask you a question? Sure. Is there anything about George, your podcast host Bremer that I should know that I don't know? Uh, I don't think so. Have you guys ever shared like a drink or anything on that podcast or anything? No.

No, not at all? Considering George, we have not seen George in person. Okay.

Well, we did so on zoom. I'm going to send a direct message to George right now. Oh no. Good luck with hickey tonight. You may want to pour up, I spell poor incorrectly. You may want to pour yourself a glass of vodka before you do the show. Yeah, he's going to need it. I'm going to ask George if I'm just going to let me just, he's going to be a therapist.

Go loose for, I'll say three minutes. He is going to be a therapist tonight. If you, if you want to call the hickey helpline eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven because I'm telling you, I am actually looking forward to your podcast.

And also by the way, the hot take hickey hour on CBS Sports Radio tonight from what two to six a.m. Eastern. Not looking forward to that show. Oh, what? Bro, you got to get the fandom out.

That's it. That's my problem. I know it's my problem that you still got to learn how to do a radio show while being a fan. I'm going to do the radio show. I'm going to do. I hopefully do a good job. I'm going to be a professional.

It's Pat Boyle over there. You know, this is not going to be amateur hour and I'll be crying for four hours about how the Colts lost out and woe is me. That's not who I am. We're going to be.

That's what you should do. We're going to talk about the move. We're going to talk about the losers. Talk about the winners. C.J.

Stroud. You want to do that? OK. Be my guest.

Wrong. You have three topics tonight. It all goes back to one topic, but you have three topics tonight.

The bear side of it, the panther side of it and the personal side of it. Those are the only three things you talk about tonight. And I'm sure you'll give some shout out to Penn State along the way, too.

Well, that is uplifting my spirits. Big 10 semi-final. That's up to that's about 30 seconds of your show tonight. Penn State.

That might be the lead, actually, I think. OK. Seven one in the last eight. Spike, we need to talk about the program schedule. We need to reconfigure the Saturday night overnight. I don't know what NFL news you're talking about.

Everyone I see is talking about the March Madness. You have three topics tonight, Panthers, Bears and then yourself. That's it. All righty, onsides, offsides, five questions, five answers to this every Monday and Friday. Hot take, hickey. If you're still breathing and alive with us on the other side of the glass. Zach's taking on the most polarizing issues in sports.

Side of the line of scrimmage will he end up on its onsides, offsides with Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio. All right, hickey, hickey, hickey, hickey. All right. Biggest story of the day. Ryan Hickey cursing last night on CBS Sports Radio.

I wish, honestly. I heard it all on the network. I heard it on CBS Sports Network as well on TV with Boomer and Gio.

The NBA played it. That was the talk of the office today until you then became the story once again where everyone was checking on you as if we were at your wake to go talk to you pretty much even though you'd be dead when people were going up to you wanting to just talk to you about the whole trade in the draft. My only regret is not waiting to that f-bomb 24 hours later. That's my only regret.

By the way, think around the other parts where your car care needs. Whoa, what did you say? So if you get one freebie. Oh, I thought you dropped an f-bomb again. No. I heard the f word.

No. And if you want to check out my reaction to Hickey cursing, cap was rolling so you get that at Zach Gelb at CBS Sports Radio. Go follow on Twitter and you can see me react to Hickey cursing. People say it was pretty funny.

Think the Riley Auto Parts where your car care needs can guarantee low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. All right, Hickester, what do we got? Biggest story of the day, the Bears have traded the number one overall pick to the Carolina Panthers. Oh, they go from one to nine. The Panthers jump from nine to one.

And not only do they make the big move today, Zach is also being reported that they are now circling in on one specific quarterback. Joe Person of the athletic is reporting that the Panthers, at least right now, that sounds like such a fake name to Joe Percio person that he's in the witness protection program potentially. If that's the case, great for him in terms of build up a second life. Well, if he was in the witness protection program, that would be stupid, making him in the public eye. Well, I'm assuming you change your name, change your identity.

Yeah, but they would still be able to person to identify what you look like. Who's the writer? So maybe that's what, you know, it's on TV all the time. Is he? Yeah. You see his face everywhere.

I could not pick him out of the lineup. At a Panthers practice. You see Joe Person's face all over the place.

Yes, that is, that is, that is true. Maybe he's not quite a few Panthers practices, if you, if you may recall. Back in the day. Yeah.

Back in the day. Maybe at some, you're going to be at some Nebraska Cornhusker like five a.m. Winter workout practices? No, but I am debating taking a trip to Nebraska this year. Nebraska Michigan do play. I think I may be taking that trip.

I would highly suggest that. I've heard great things about Nebraska. Great game atmosphere. Yeah.

All right. But back to unfortunate, the big story of the day. Panthers now sitting there at number one. Maybe Nebraska Penn State we go show, show out there. I don't think they play this year.

I would definitely do that. Down the road. If they, if they do in 2028 when there's like 400 members in the Big Ten and they finally play everyone one time. What are you trying to run me out of this studio already? No, I'm saying like there's just so many teams.

They're barely going to play now. So Joe Persson, Mr. He is the Panthers beat reporter saying that they are circling in on CJ Stroud as their pick at number one. Onsides are offside. CJ Stroud is the right pick for the Panthers at number one. Offside.

Offside. And here's why. I'm not saying it's a bad pick. I like CJ Stroud a lot. I just like Bryce Young better. I was more impressed with Bryce Young who did more with less this year. And we didn't see CJ Stroud use his legs until the last game of the season where he was magnificent. But he had a lot more talent around him. Young who was smaller.

That's the reason why he probably won't go number one. But if you watch the play, Young was the better quarterback. Let's talk about another team, another quarterback. That is the Miami Dolphins because earlier today they are reportedly going to pick up to it.

Tungarello is a fifth year option. Now this guarantees the former number five overall pick, $23.2 million in 2024. There have been conflicting reports these last few weeks where Josephine Anderson reported that the Dolphins are looking at all options at quarterback. Earlier this week, Jeff Darlington of ESPN reported that not only are the Dolphins not interested in Lamar Jackson, that Mike McDaniel feels that two is the perfect fit for his offense. Onsides are offsides. Two will be the Dolphins starting quarterback in 2024.

That's so tough. I guess it depends on the injury. Like if he just has a foot injury, yeah, he will be. But if he has another head injury, we got to start talking about retirement for Tua Tunga Vailoa. So you asked me, this is for 2024?

2024. I'll hold my nose when I do this, but I'll say onsides. All right, speaking of quarterbacks and how long they'll be with their current team, Rams general manager Les Snead spoke to the media on Thursday and said that while he's trying to reconstruct the roster, players like Matthew Stafford, Cooper Cupp, and Aaron Donald are cornerstone players.

He mentioned building around them, not selling them off for scraps. This comes, or this came, I should say, hours after former GM Mike Lombardi told Pat McAfee that the Rams are, in fact, trying to trade Stafford. Onsides are offsides. Matthew Stafford will not be the Rams starter week one. Offside.

Offside. I don't think they're going to be able to trade him. He's going to play. You don't think he's going to be the Rams starter week one?

I'm just asking. I would say he probably will be, I don't think he's tradable. Yeah, I think they want to trade him, I just don't think they can.

All right, next question. All right, Geno Smith and Daniel Jones, they both got paid this week after productive 2022 seasons. Now looking ahead to next year, the big question is, can they replicate their success? Smith will have the benefit of a great one-two punch with DK Metcalf, Tara Lockett, plus a healthy Kenneth Walker Jr. Jones on the other hand will have Saquon Barker at least for 2023, but does need some help at receiver. Onsides or offsides, Geno Smith will have the better 2023 season than Daniel Jones.

Yes, I just think Geno Smith, hey, he had a better year last year up against Daniel Jones when you compare the two quarterbacks, but you look at the situation to succeed. I know he has Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf. I don't know what Daniel Jones has, outside of Saquon Barkley who was on the tag, I don't think someone's going to sign into a contract and then give up two first round picks for a running back. So you know Saquon, but I don't know who he's throwing the football to.

So therefore I will trust Geno Smith more than Daniel Jones. And finally to wrap up here, going back to the big story of the day, Bears, Panthers trade in that trade from Carolina to go from nine to one, they did give away great receiver DJ Moore, who now will be in Chicago with Justin Fields. He gets his wide receiver number one, DJ Moore was very productive in Carolina, three straight years of over 1100 yards from 2019 to 2021.

Now he will be with Justin Fields. Onsides or offsides, DJ Moore will go for over 1100 receiving yards next season. Ooh, great question, 1100 receiving yards for DJ Moore.

Now he had 1157 in 2021, 1193 in 2020, and 1175 in 2019. Last year with basically Hickey playing quarterback, you know the best quarterback was last year for the Panthers? Who would you say? Honestly, Sam Darnold, like I'm trying to think of even the third quarterback that played. PJ Walker?

Yeah, I guess that's right. He did play a little bit too. Right? He got that one win where people are like, oh, make him the starter.

Can't get the job back. I forget what NFL video it was the other day, but they did the top 10 throws of the season and PJ Walker was the number one throw. The Hail Mary.

That was a great throw. Against the Falcons. In the game they lost because DJ Moore took his helmet off.

Oh yeah, that's right. But anyway, if he had 888 yards last year with no quarterbacks and in 2021 he really didn't have a quarterback as well and he had 1157 yards, he has to be 1100 yards with Justin Fields. My concern isn't DJ Moore, it's Justin Fields. And I like Justin Fields.

But I think DJ Moore is going to ball out. I think it's going to be great for Fields. So I will go onside.

It's a lot more than 1100 yards. Alrighty. It's five questions, five answers, onsides, offsides. We will take a break. We'll come on back. We'll get more reaction with this Bears Panthers trade. Once again, the details, if you're just tuning in, Bears get the ninth and 61st pick of this year's draft, the first round pick in 2024 from the Panthers, second round pick for the Panthers in 2025, and DJ Moore and the Panthers get the number one overall pick. And Joe Person from The Athletic believes that CJ Stroud will be the first pick for the Carolina Panthers in the draft coming up in Kansas City at the end of next month.

We'll take a break. We'll do a QB Carousel next. We'll talk to John Gambadora, who does a great job covering the Cardinals and hosting a daily talk show out in the desert in Arizona. And we'll try to figure out what the Cardinals are going to do with the third overall pick.

Are they going to go, maybe trade that pick and have a team like the Colts or the Raiders move up to number three? We'll talk to Gambo next. Attention, police passengers, fasten your seat belts. We are about to experience a blizzard of free money. That's right. Deposit a couple of hundred bucks into your BetUS account and get into the action with $450. That's $250 more than you started with.

I know, crazy, right? Sign up today at or call 1-800-79-BET-US. Be like me, bet for free! You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show.

Step right up here, don't be shy! The Super Bowl is over, but the NFL quarterback carousel is just beginning. You could ask yourself a question.

Do I feel lucky? What does the future hold for all 32 NFL teams at the QB position? Now I'm going to give you an opportunity to spin this wheel right here. Let's spin the wheel and find out which teams we hit today. The Arizona Cardinals.

All right, let's talk to John Gamodoro who does a great job, long time afternoon drive hosts out there in the desert who's stopping by right now. Big news in the NFL today, Panthers moving up to the 1 spot, Bears falling back down to 9. We know quarterbacks here to go 1 and 2 in this draft.

Who? Your guess is as good as mine, but we do know that the Panthers will be taking a quarterback and the Texans. So John, now in at number 3, the Cardinals have an interesting decision. Do you trade the pick and move back a few spots to one of these teams that want a quarterback or do you think you take the best non-quarterback off the board? Jack, I think you take Will Anderson, they need an edge rusher, they need to pressure the quarterback.

They cut Marcus Golden today, JJ Watts retired, who knows if they're going to be able to keep Zach Allen or not, Vance Joseph and the Broncos may come falling. I think you just take the best edge rusher. You could trade back, but how far back do you want to go? I don't want to go back more than a couple of spots if I'm going to trade the pick. Ideally I guess you'd want to call up the Colts and probably do that right now and see what they want to do to move into the 3 spot.

Dream scenario, right? If you could go from 3 to 4, let them take a quarterback, and then you still get Anderson, and you pick up a second-round pick in the process, and then you trade DeAndre Hopkins and you get a second-round pick, that's a jackpot for Mani Austin for it. He'd have a slew of picks and he could start to rebuild this roster.

I can't ask you what the early returns are like on him because he's barely had the job, but what have you been hearing about Mani Austin for it? The last regime, Steve Keim did a good job with trade. Traded for Carson Palmer, he traded for Chandler Jones, it was the draft. The drafts were just not very good. And you're taking Isaiah Simmons, and they drafted Hassan Radek and they didn't even use him correctly. They didn't use him correctly. And then he goes to Carolina, has a great year, and then he goes to Philly, and part of a team with four guys with ten sacks, so they just didn't draft very well. They drafted the wrong positions.

And then they traded their first-round pick last year for Hollywood Brown when they needed a center and Rodney Hudson doesn't play, so we don't know enough about Mani right now. He's new, he's never been a GM before, there's no track record, you're just hoping that he can nail some of these drafts. What was the reaction on the Gannon hire? Mixed, mixed.

What was your reaction? I wish they would have got a coach that had experience, and it didn't have to be Sean Payton. I would have liked Brian Flores, I would have liked Flores.

I think he would have been good. Now Gannon may be good, but again, it's another first-time coach. Cliff was a first-time coach, now you've got a first-time coach, he has three cycles in a row, they're going with first-time coaches with no experience. So I would have rather hired a coach with some experience, to me Flores would have been a great hire if they could have got him, but we don't know, maybe Gannon will be great. Let's just hope he's not the first coach fired in this cycle of new coaches.

John Gamodoro here with us. Was the Payton move ever close to happening? Because when they had that meeting, and there was a time for like a week where everyone thought it was going to happen, it seemed like. There's no way Michael Bidwell was going to spend that type of money on Sean Payton, plus give up the draft pick. I didn't think there was ever a, that was a pipe dream, I didn't think there was ever any chance. There's a reason why they interviewed him last, they were hoping somebody would hire him, so they wouldn't, you know, but then they said, there is, there's a reason they were the last team to interview Sean Payton, they spent eight hours with him, they let him leave, they didn't make him an offer, they didn't try to, there was no way they were going to get Sean Payton, you know, this organization doesn't have money the way other organizations do.

They don't spend, the cap's one thing, cash money's another thing, they don't spend the cash that the Rams do, and the 49ers do, and a lot of other teams do, this is, it's a family business, you know, Michael doesn't have a high-tech company that he owns and he's making all this money on it, this is what he has, so they never would have spent that type of money on Sean Payton, no way. You're very much well aware of the Kelvin Beecham comments from yesterday, John Gambadoro, good job by you guys, were you surprised, like, we all know that is the legit answer, but you surprised that he said it. You know what, I'm doing the interview, he's a great guy, and by the way, he's doing a great thing, he's building a, building a well in Zambia to help people have fresh, clean drinking water, like, doing a great thing, so we promoted that for him. I tried to hit him a little bit with hard knocks first, I was like, hey, give me something that was on hard, give me something that didn't make hard knocks that everybody wanted to know about, that you guys were like, oh my God, I'm so glad that didn't make it on hard knocks, and he didn't really bite, right, he didn't really bite, and I was hoping to get you something, something juicy, right, something juicy, like, oh my God, you wouldn't believe it, but he didn't go there, so then it was, you know, we're down to like the last minute, you know how this stuff works, it's down to the last minute of the interview, I'm like, hey, I got one more question, I say, hey, Tyler Murray, you know, what does he got to do, he says, grow up, just grow up, I started to follow it up, well, you give me an example, he's got to be a man, he's got to be a leader, no, I didn't expect it, it wasn't, you know, we didn't talk about it, it was just something, I was like, hey, let me get one more in, and see what he says about Tyler Murray, it wasn't about, I wasn't trying to bait him or anything, I just wanted to see what he said about the guy that he was blocking for, for all those games. And I think a lot of the locker room says that, because I want to play this, we had Buddha Baker at the Super Bowl, and I just simply asked him, does he believe in the leadership style of Tyler Murray, and this is what Buddha Baker had to say, John Gambadora. Tyler is a great QB, he's a winner, he's been winning since he was a young guy, and I definitely feel like he's getting better each and every year, whether that's talking to, you know, the offense, or what they want to do, or whether that's talking to the team, or talking to the defense, and, you know, everybody, of course, can get better at everything, so we can all get better, I can get better at leadership myself, and, you know, so, you know, I'm definitely excited to see him recover, and hopefully he gets better, and hopefully we can get him in the season, you know, early on. It wasn't a yes, though, like, he even asked the question again, we didn't play for you there, he's like, do I believe in leadership style, and then said that. Yeah, Buddha, that's the politically correct answer, I could be better, we could all be better, you know.

That means they don't. Beecham was straight to the point, man, he's got to grow up, it wasn't like, he's got to grow up, like, he's got to, whether it's stop playing the video games, or just, you know, be more accountable, and take more response, stop yelling at your coaches, and telling players to calm the blank down, he did, he told Hopkins to calm down, he told Cliff to calm down, it's like, you know, so I think the point is, like, be a leader, like, be a leader of the team, not just be yourself, but lead everybody. Look, Calvin Beecham's 100% right, everybody knows it, the only person that's come out to Kyler's defense is his buddy, Hollywood Brown, that's it, Hollywood Brown came out there, boys that went to college together, and Beecham said, like, he's got all the tools, he does, he has all the tools in the world, the question is how bad does Kyler Murray want to be great, we'll find out. The other thing on that front is John Gambadoro is here with us, I guess, though, Calvin Beecham, he's afraid he's not going to come back to the Cardinals, right?

That's a good question, I think the Jets want him. He's been there before, I mean, listen, he's a good player, guys, he's versatile, he's never heard, he plays all the time, a team would be happy, you don't have to pay a lot of money to get him either, because he's an older player, but I know the Cardinals need offensive linemen, Rodney Hudson's gone, Justin Pugh may not be coming back, like, you know, they gotta start, he might be a good patchwork guy for them, but now you've got a question, it's a fair point, Zach, you've got a question, did he just burn a bridge, and would Kyler Murray say, hey, I don't want this guy back, would there be any bad blood or anything like that, I don't think so, I think guys get over that, but it is a fair question to ask. The other thing is, too, I was looking at the contract yesterday, because who knows when Kyler gets back on the field, whenever a player tears his ACL at that position, I always say it takes him like a full year after that to get back to really at his best, like you look at the dead money the way that this goes, you're not getting rid of him this year, you're not getting rid of him next year, but if he doesn't come back with really playing at an elite level, like, you look at 2025, it wouldn't shock me if he's no longer on this team. That's why I didn't want to give up the first round, next year's first round pick in anything, like you know, like this year, you would, okay, let's just take the Sean Payton example, I don't want to give up, I wouldn't want to give up this year's first round pick for Sean Payton, it's the number 3 pick in the draft, but here's the thing, what if Kyler's out 6 or 8 games, I didn't want to give up next year's number 1 either, now again, I don't think Michael Bidwell would have ever spent the money that it would take, but think about what if they were in the same position next year, Kyler comes back, he's not good, and you decide, hey, we're going to move on from him in a year or two, wouldn't it be wise to hold on to next year's first round pick, it might be a top 5 pick, and if you had to draft the quarterback, you could. And especially, wouldn't this be crazy, no wonder why you guys have so much success in Arizona, you go from Josh Rosen, you think that's the guy, then to Kyler Murray, you think that's the guy, you guys get the number 1 overall pick next year, hello Kyler Williams. You forgot about Matt Leinart?

Oh yeah, that's past the statute of limitations, John. They drafted Matt Leinart in the first round, they said he was the guy, they drafted Jake Plummer in the second round, they thought he was the guy, it's been a terror, you had a couple of one hit wonders, you struck Lightning with Carson Palmer and Kurt Wonder and that's about it. Listen, I moved here in 97, Kent Graham, Dave Brown, Sean King, Josh McCown, he wasn't good when he was here, he played under Dave McGinnis, but the quarterback carousel here has been a disaster. What is it going to take for Hopkins on the market, what do you think a team, what are the Cardinals going to get back for him? A second round pick, I don't think you get a first round pick back, but I think you take a second round pick, you get off the contract, save a little bit of cap space, he hired an agent now, he did his own deal last year, but he hired an agent, so he's going to want to restructure with whoever he goes to, just like he did here, restructure, try to get an extra year or two tacked on with a little extra guaranteed money, but there's no reason for the Cardinals to keep him, there's no reason, they're not going to be good next year, they're going to be bad again.

You know, so get a second round pick and let Monty Austin Ford start the rebuild. Last thing I'll ask you, we know Kyler won't be ready for week one, any intel on who's going to be starting for the Cards week one? I would love it for it to be Jacoby Brissett.

That'd be good. There's a connection there with Drew Penzing, the offensive coordinator, he's a perfect guy to come in and start four, five, six games for you. I like Colt McCoy as the backup, but I think Colt McCoy should be the backup for Kyler, or the backup if somebody else is, Colt's not a starting quarterback, for a game or two, yeah, but not for five, four, five, six.

So I think Jacoby Brissett would be perfect, that's a name we've heard a little bit, whether they would spend that type of money or not, you're probably talking what, five to seven million to get Brissett? Danbo, appreciate the time, thanks so much, great stuff as always. All right you guys, Zach, take care. There you go, John Gambadoro joining us, does a great job out in Arizona on 98.7.

Marco Belletti is here! This has been like the most fun I've ever had doing a show, because Hickey was all for two months, Bryce Young, Bryce Young, Bryce Young, Bryce Young, Bryce Young, and I kept on telling him, there's a chance you're not going to trade up, or there's a chance you're not going to get Bryce Young, and now you kind of get like the double whammy, where the Panthers trade up, and this is the part we didn't even get into yet, Hickey. Frank Reich is the guy that trades up to that number one pick spot, the old Colts coach, CJ Stroud, according to Joe Person, probably going to be the pick, so Bryce Young's still there, and he's probably going to the Houston Texans.

So it's been a rough last few hours here, Franky. Well, I would say this though, Farai, one little ray of hope is that they want Stroud, so you could still trade up to two, and still get the guy that you want. It's possible. With the Texans? It's possible. Oh, imagine if the Texans say, we want all them picks.

It's possible. Do you think they would ever do that to Texans? Like Hickey, even with how you've been trying to still weasel your way into Bryce Young, you can't even think that the Texans and Colts are going to make a trade where you get Bryce Young, right? I don't see that happening. We've had the Vikings and the Lions make multiple trades. I would be very surprised if we have a Texans-Cults swap for the Colts to get Bryce Young. Look, it's unlikely.

I wouldn't sit here and tell you that it's out of the question, though. But let's not make this the Hatfield-McCoys. I mean, it's the Texans and the Colts.

It's not like it's, you know, it's not some irreparable damage done between us. Giants and Cowboys, or Eagles and Cowboys. Yeah, I mean, this is not the biggest rivalry in the NFL.

Yeah, I mean, there can be discussion if the price is right. I just don't know if the Colts have the stomach to do what they need to do to move up to be able to get to two. Let's just entertain that idea for a second. If I'm the Texans, I wouldn't do that because I would be so afraid of the quarterback that I pass up on going to Indianapolis and then being a star.

Yeah. But again, we've seen that before. We've seen teams do that and still, you know, pass up to whatever and then it can wind a bite in your ear.

It doesn't. You got to do what's right for your franchise. The thing for me that with the Texans where I wouldn't want to do it is simply because they need a quarterback and I don't want to get trade down. You know, if they weren't looking for a quarterback, like what are you worried about?

Like, you know, what's the difference? But I feel like for them, they have to get a quarterback in this draft because I don't see them ponying up the money. I mean, they're not going to go after Lamar Jackson.

So what else are you going to do? The idea that I've heard the rumors of Jimmy Garoppolo, like it doesn't, it doesn't compute in the brain. They have to get a quarterback in the draft. That's what he is pushing.

He went from the first hour of the show to it's over, it's done, ding dong, the witch is dead. They're not getting Bryce Young to then the next hour. It's like, wait, Jimmy G to the Texans. They, they take Anthony Richardson or pass on a quarterback in the draft and then three's available with the Cardinals and then the Colts move up to three to go get Bryce Young.

That is what he is on. And then when I pressed the money, he said he only thinks like a 25% chance. I was going to say, I don't see that happening.

I also don't see. I mean, for me, like the idea that Jimmy Garoppolo is a viable option with a lot of money for a team, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It doesn't because he's an okay quarterback, nothing else more than that, right? But he's also, he's a, I think a little bit better than okay, but not above the average game, but that's it. Right. And that, and that's fine, but he's also got a ridiculous injury history. So the idea, and he's going to want big money.

So you've had all those elements together. What is the market for Jimmy Garoppolo? Like it doesn't compute in my head when you tell me the same market on Lamar Jackson, I can't, I can't commit $200 million, but I can commit 110 to Jimmy Garoppolo.

Like it doesn't make any sense to me. Well, that's what a team like the Colts and Raiders should do right now. They should talk to Lamar and they can't talk to him on Wednesday, make him an offer.

You got nothing to lose. I know you're under the belief that the Ravens will just match whatever, you know, at least go that road. You don't have any quarterback that you're going to annoy. Like some teams may be afraid to make an offer because you may hurt the feelings of your quarterback.

If you don't get him, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Like tough luck. Well, if you don't have one, the Raiders don't have one, the Colts don't have one. I'd be making a 200 plus million dollar guaranteed offer to Lamar Jackson. The worst case is that the Ravens just pick it up and you're in the same place you are right now. Again, I would be of the same mindset. A lot of teams, the only thing, like I said, the only thing that made sense to me in this whole idiocy with the Lamar Jackson situation is the idea that teams feel like no matter what Baltimore will match minus something ridiculous where, you know, $330 million guarantee.

I mean, something stupid that nobody's going to touch and minus that Baltimore would match. And that's the idea. You look, I'm not doing your work for you.

If it was 240 fully guaranteed, you think they match it? I don't. I don't know. Okay.

I really don't know. But I, again, to me, I get why Lamar Jackson, like everybody keeps saying like, well, how can you want all this? If Kyler Murray got 189 fully guaranteed and Deshaun Watson got 230 fully guaranteed if I'm Lamar Jackson, like why the hell shouldn't I get at least 230 or 240?

I'm better than both of these guys. Why do I have to take less? Why?

Like what is the reason other than you just don't want to give it to me? Because it doesn't really make a lot of sense if that's what the market dictates. And everybody seems to want to put that back in the box that the market doesn't have two guys that have a ridiculous amount of guaranteed money involved that Lamar Jackson wants.

Just real quickly, getting back to the Jacks, because then we have to take a break. So I think right now it's going to be Stroud one, Young two, regardless. Those two guys are going to be the first two picks in the draft, I would think. The Cardinals then become faceting at three. Do you take the best player available? Probably Will Anderson. Or do you fall back and you have a team move up? But if the Cardinals take Will Anderson at three, then the culture at four, it's like you take Richardson, you take Levis, do you trade down?

Like what do you do? Those, the picks three and four are now going to become the most interesting picks in the draft because one and two, it's just, all right. It's going to be Stroud or it's going to be Young. And then whoever doesn't go one is going to end up going two, I would think.

Yeah. Look, I'm on the mindset of this and this is something that I think every team needs to keep in mind. Just because you need a quarterback doesn't mean you look at it and you go, well, whoever's in the class, I take the third guy and I'll roll the dice.

No. If you want a quarterback, you got to go get the quarterback you want. Same concept with like Carolina going to number one. This idea that they haven't made up their mind about who they want. They did. That's asinine. If that's the case and you did that, then that's malpractice. The only team that we've seen it was the 49ers because the way that it goes, I think they wanted Mac Jones and then eventually they said, wow, we'll actually go with Trey Lance.

I think that was the only time where someone traded up and they did not know who they were taking. And you know what? That's a bad job.

That's a bad job. You have to know, and I always say this too, like everybody goes, this quarterback class, this quarterback class, guess what? I don't get to take all six. Yeah. I get to pick one. If I don't like the one, then I'm not touching any of them because you don't get a chance to just kind of go through the roulette of this. This is your franchise.

This is two to three years. You make a mistake on a quarterback, it sets you back for three, four, five years, possibly. You can't make those kinds of mistakes and you can't just go, ah, I throw the dart.

Can't work like that. All right, I'll take a time out. We'll come on back with a closing bell, wrap things up for a tremendous week of shows. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell.

Only on the Zach Gelb show. If you're a Bears fan, you should be elated. You get the ninth pick in the draft, the 61st pick in the draft this year, first round pick next year, which the Panthers can be a bad football team potentially, when you're ushering in a new quarterback, even though I like that roster in Carolina, you have a second round pick in 2025, and then you get DJ Moore.

That's a heck of a job. You stick with Justin Fields, you get him a legit number one wide receiver, because sorry, it's not Chase Claypool, and you get a bunch more assets to build your team. Stock up to the Bears. Devin McCourty is calling it a career. The three-time Super Bowl champion, had a masterful career ever since getting drafted in the first round out of Rutgers.

Love me some DMAC, give him a stock up. Brandon Graham, remember he told us right before the Super Bowl, he's still gonna play a few more years, and that this would not be his last in the NFL. There was a question, maybe it was gonna be his last in Philadelphia, well he's back with the Eagles on a one-year deal, so give a stock up to BG Brandon Graham. Brock Purdie, we were waiting when he was gonna get this elbow surgery, well he got it this morning, and the recovery time is about six weeks. He could begin throwing in about, six months, excuse me, is the recovery time. He could begin throwing in three months. So Purdie has anticipated to start a throwing progression program in about three months per, and then it says the full recovery for the internal brace surgery has long been pegged at around six months, and that's lining him up right about week one if it goes to a full six months.

So maybe it doesn't play week one, but shortly after that, I would still think Trey Lance is gonna be the week one starter, but I bet you the leash is gonna be short on Trey Lance, but getting the surgery out of the way, good stuff. Stock up to Brock Purdie. Tua Tungavailoa, goodbye to the Dolphins quarterback conversation for now, they're not gonna go bring in Tom Brady, they're not gonna trade for Aaron Rodgers, they're not gonna go make a run for Lamar Jackson this year, and they locked him in for next year, with his fifth year option getting picked up today, so give a stock up to Tua Tungavailoa. You know me, I got Bucks-Luss, the Milwaukee Bucks, what a game last night, they get the victory, and how about Bobby Portis, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, he was sensational up against the Brooklyn Nets, as the Nets are basically like playing nobody in that game, but Bobby Portis goes for 28 points and 13 rebounds, give a stock up to Bobby Portis. Patrick Ewing out as the Georgetown Hoyas head coach, all we heard was how Patrick Ewing should be a head coach one day, and ended up being a disaster at Georgetown, hate to see it give a stock down to Patrick Ewing. Jim Boeheim talked today, and he says he is thrilled to be retired, no one buys that, cause the university deservedly so, they forced him out, so I love how Jim is continuing to just lie about this, give a stock down to Jim Boeheim. And finally, I gotta give a stock up to my producer extraordinaire, Hatekeke, you're just a wonderful producer, I love you, you're great, you're awesome, I want you to feel a little bit better after you're starting to realize your team's not getting Bryce Young, cause the Panthers and Frank Reich paid the price, they may not get Bryce, but then Bryce is gonna go to the Texans, so Hatekeke I want you to feel better about yourself, give you a stock up. And what a show that was, that could actually, in my five years hosting shows here on CBS Sports Radio, I do think that's my favorite show, it's the most fun that I've had, big thanks to Roman Harper for stopping by, Colin Dunlap, Max Asmus, and John Gambadoro, good job to each and every one of you, thank you for calling, listening, and tweeting, we'll be back on Monday when the legal tampering period is underway, final results who won the trade, Bears or Panthers, Bears in at 84.2%, have a great weekend everybody, we will see you out, bye bye, peace!
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