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Lamar Tagged...Will He Get The Bag? (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 7, 2023 7:09 pm

Lamar Tagged...Will He Get The Bag? (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 7, 2023 7:09 pm

Ravens give Lamar Jackson the non-exclusive franchise tag l Is Aaron Rodgers to the Jets a lock to happen? l 5 NFL offseason storylines to watch moving forward


Live from the police show yet not overly ostentatious studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City sitting on top of the 10th floor on 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Tuesday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all the great local CBS Sports Radio affiliate Sirius XM channel 158 and that free Odyssey app 855-212 for CBS. Number to jump on in 855-212-4227.

You can always get at me on the good old cesspool of Twitter or on Instagram or I'm always straight flexing at Zach Gelb that's z-a-c-h-g-e-l-b. Mike Florio gonna stop by coming up an hour from now. We'll do two QB carousels today featuring the Seattle Seahawks who have Geno Smith now back on a three-year deal and we'll try to figure out what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to do with their quarterback position but we got a lot of news right out of the gate. Lamar Jackson gets the non-exclusive franchise tag so that pays him about 32 million dollars for this year. He could negotiate with another team if he agrees to an offer sheet the Ravens have a chance to match it they elect not to match it then they the team that signs him would have to give up two first round picks for the former unanimous NFL MVP and Daniel Jones it came down to the final 10 minutes but he gets a four-year contract with the New York Giants as well and they slap the non-exclusive franchise tag on Saquon Barkley and we'll see if the Giants can get a long-term deal done with Saquon Barkley but if you're a giant fan in the interim for now you have Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley under contract and ready to go for next year assuming Saquon Barkley doesn't like to sit out or gets a deal done with another team and somehow that other team would give up two first round picks for Saquon. I don't see that happening so so far so good if you are a fan of the New York Giants we've got to start the show with a topic that we really discussed in depth yesterday and I don't want to say I have a change of heart about it but we did have a little bit of a miscalculation how the rest of the NFL teams would operate and that is Lamar Jackson now this could change but as we just explained to you he has the non-exclusive franchise tag yesterday Hickey and I were in lockstep with this which by the way producing the extravaganza for the next four hours is no other than the phenomenal hot take Hickey.

I don't know about that hot take Hickey. So yesterday we were in lockstep that it made little to no sense for the Baltimore Ravens to slap the non-exclusive franchise tag on Lamar Jackson and they should give him the exclusive franchise tag and a big part of our reasoning was if they didn't match they would only get back two first round picks. I really still do believe that if the Ravens said we're going to trade Lamar Jackson let's pretend this non-exclusive franchise tag didn't happen today that they would get more than two first round picks whether that's three first round picks or two first round picks and then picks in other rounds so that to me didn't ever make sense why the Ravens would run the risk even though they could match of a team blowing a deal out of the water and one they didn't want to match and all you get back is two first round picks I thought you would look stupid but on the other side of it is is there going to be a team that either overspends as some would say or I think properly spends for a player like Lamar Jackson and if you remember the latest offer from the Ravens according to ESPN a few weeks ago was only 133 million dollars fully guaranteed. Now there's been conflicting reports but some reports have said Lamar Jackson wants the fully guaranteed deal that Deshaun Watson got which was 230 million dollars guaranteed here was where the miscalculation was and I'm not even willing to say that another team would eventually go give him the fully guaranteed deal or close to it but the owners were extremely pissed off at the Haslam family last year when they gave Deshaun Watson 230 million dollars fully guaranteed and and Steve Basciotti did not like it who is the owner of the Ravens and a bunch of other owners as well and I don't think it's just coincidence where all of a sudden we know there's a lot of teams that need quarterbacks and we know how great Lamar Jackson has been and can continue to be in the future that the moment we find out that the Ravens slapped the non-exclusive franchise tag on Lamar Jackson that there are reports out there that the Panthers, Falcons, Commanders, Raiders and Dolphins are not expected to pursue the services or negotiate with Lamar Jackson. I think this is as clear as clear could be we'll see how long it lasts if you want to call a collusion that is fair I don't know how you prove it because all these owners could be operating individually and I say that in air quotes but I don't think it's just a coincidence where the moment he gets the non-exclusive tag that a team with Matt Corral currently has their quarterback Desmond Ritter, Sam Howell, the Raiders who don't have a quarterback and the Dolphins who are one two a concussion away from his career being over now all the sudden don't have interest in Lamar Jackson. So I think all these owners right now are sending a message to Lamar get it out of your cabeza that you're not getting the Deshaun Watson deal we're annoyed at the Haslam family and we're gonna try to make that price come down whether that means Lamar winds back up with the Ravens or a team gives him like 200 million dollars guaranteed but it's not the fully guaranteed price of the contract and then maybe the Ravens do say all right Lamar we're good we're gonna move on and we'll send two first round picks back to that other team but ultimately just like the Haslam family did last year there are owners that get desperate and even though owners try to work together and protect the shield once again set in air quotes and do what's in the best interests of the league ultimately one owner will swing and miss in free agency will swing and miss in the draft and then after the draft will work to go pursue Lamar Jackson that may happen before but eventually enough dominoes will fall where one of the Panthers, Falcons, Commanders and Raiders and other teams as well will go screw the rest of the owners we need to go do what's in the best interest of our team and we'll deal with the consequences from the other owners and the dirty looks that we'll get in league meetings for the foreseeable future but if Lamar is on our team and if the Ravens didn't accept their offer and elected to send Lamar somewhere else that that owner will be fine if ultimately he wins and wins big with Lamar Jackson that's what I think is happening here so yes it doesn't look good for Lamar Jackson today but ultimately there will be an owner that gets desperate enough and says middle finger to the rest of the NFL the NFL doesn't want us to give a guarantee a fully guaranteed contract to a quarterback or anywhere close to that we're gonna do what benefits us because at the end of the day these owners are all about themselves so immediately you go hmm okay there's a lot of teams that need a quarterback that aren't interested in unanimous MVP doesn't make sense we'll see as time continues to pass by how many of those owners and how many of those teams continue this firm stance because if the Panthers don't move up in a draft to get their quarterback they sit at nine if the Falcons don't get a quarterback if they don't move up uh they're at eight the commanders you're really gonna start Sam Howell this year I know they're at 16 the Raiders you're gonna go with Jared Stidham or Jimmy Garoppolo this year when you can pursue Lamar if Tua does not get uh cleared or if something happens this off season where he suffers a setback you're not gonna pursue Lamar like I don't buy that and who knows who else could get involved because if the price does come down maybe that means that Lamar is going to go back to the Ravens because the Ravens will then just accept the offer but if the price doesn't come down enough you kind of be foolish if you're any of those teams we just mentioned are throwing some other teams like the Vikings the Lions a team like the 49ers after the draft where they'll eventually have two first round picks in future years maybe if the Jets I think the Jets are going to get Rogers but if they don't get Rogers somehow and if this falls apart in the 11th hour you don't think the Jets are then going to go pivot to do everything in their power to go pursue the services of Lamar Jackson there will eventually be a team that offers more than what the league wants them to offer it will happen it happens all the time in these negotiations whether it's on the player's side or the owner's side like how many times the players say we rally together we're going to be all one and then when players miss paychecks they're like yep screw the players union well we got to go get a deal done we're going to accept a deal that doesn't even benefit us it will the same thing will happen where there will be at least one owner that's going to make the Ravens maybe pay more than what they actually want for Lamar Jackson so right now as we sit here it doesn't look good for Lamar but Lamar time is kind of on your side because when you have desperation it makes owners in the NFL break from the norm and break what the other 31 owners want them to do we've seen it time in and time again in the NFL Hickey how do you react to this and before I get your take I just got to bring up actually a funny tweet from Trey Wingo who is like now I guess at NFL inside I know he's been covering the NFL for a very long time but he's the first one to have the Rogers news last night that Rogers is talking with the Jets and then today he saw a tweet about uh collusion maybe going on and he wrote regarding this spoke with sources at the NFL PA and they're keeping a very close eye on the Lamar situation for that very reason regarding as the Trey Wingo said the c-word there's constant concern about that now I always thought the c-word was something else but I guess in NFL circles the c-word is collusion and that's what it appears you can't prove it probably because I don't think the NFL owners are that stupid to send out an email hey no you never know the owner in DC may be where you send that an email no no one uh pays Lamar Jackson a fully guaranteed deal we can't make this be the norm after what the Haslam family did with Deshaun Watson but I'm sure these owners have had conversations verbally that were not recorded that voiced their displeasure and their disgust with what the Browns did and how they don't want to be pigeonholed into a situation where they have to go give a fully guaranteed deal to their quarterback so Hickey where do you stand on all this stuff today as we pretty much had 24 hours for this to marinate and we got what was the outcome that we both were on the the same side of the fence we thought was a stupid outcome it does look a little bit better in the interim now but we'll see how long that lasts until there's one NFL owner that ultimately gets desperate like you said no surprise he was tagged with the non-exclusive tag I think he's already played his last game as a raven I thought that for a while now and there's no doubt in my mind the team's going to make an offer that Lamar is not going to refuse and the Ravens are not going to match so it's just a matter of time and that's the thing for Lamar you don't have to get this done this week you don't have to get this done next week you don't even get a deal done by the draft so there's no reason to rush all the teams right now I could say we're not interested we're not interested easy to say now an hour after the tag deadline talk to me three weeks from now talk to me once now you get your first round pick whether the draft comes or goes and now more teams are in the fray because you don't have a 2023 first round pick maybe the Ravens aren't talking well now in a month when the draft comes and goes now you could start negotiating two future uh first round picks this is gonna no doubt in my mind he'll be on a different team in 2023. Now we don't know how much money the panthers and falcons wanted to offer Deshaun Watson but that is bizarre to me how the panthers and falcons were both heavily involved in Deshaun Watson sweepstakes and now you have a quarterback who has a squeaky clean resume off the field has done more on the field than Deshaun Watson in the NFL and now all of a sudden the panthers and falcons are like yeah we're not really interested right now those two teams in particular are very much so bizarre and I don't want to say I could guarantee you this but I don't think David Tepper is going to be someone that is necessarily going to fall in line with the other NFL owners and we know he feels the pressure and he is going to be desperate to go find their next quarterback and it would not surprise me if Tepper is the one that does the 180 from the quote-unquote non-interest that is there and they're not expected to pursue Lamar Jackson right now and I'll throw out another NFL owner what about Daniel Snyder who we all anticipate that he's going to sell the team but we haven't really heard much on that front and I know Dan Snyder is a disgusting human being and he's an absolute pig but you know what wins people over winning and maybe Dan Snyder who still wants to be in the owner's club even though there's owners like Jim Mercy that clearly won him out of it and spoke for all the other owners months ago it would not surprise me if Daniel Snyder is the owner and it would not surprise me if Dan Snyder goes yeah I'll annoy the league one more time I got secrets on the league I'll go get Lamar Jackson even though this fan base absolutely hates my guts right now if we start winning people will then start to ignore my awful awful awful pass and the NFL will literally have to kick him out in order to get him out because maybe getting Lamar will make him say yeah I have second thoughts even though we've hired a firm I have selling the team those are the two owners that I look for right away Daniel Snyder and David Tepper to do a 180 from where the reporting is right now absolutely I mean look it's coincidence if you want to say that timing wise that what six teams five teams right away within an hour that need a quarterback or should be in the quarterback market are out on Lamar Jackson for sure like I said two weeks three weeks a month from now I expect things to change and I'll throw one more other owner out there who we know likes to break the rules as well Stephen Ross if one thing happens and we don't want to see it happen to Tua you're going to tell me that Stephen Ross who who flirted with Brady and got a draft pick taken away isn't going to go flirt with Lamar Jackson and say yeah you know I already ruffled some feathers in the league office maybe I'll end up doing that once again that would not shock me whatsoever so those are the three teams that I really keep an eye on the panthers the commanders and then I will also say the Miami Dolphins and like come on if you're the falcons Arthur Blank like what are you doing you're not getting any younger you want to win everyone remembers you as the fool that walked downstairs uh celebrated thinking that you won a super bowl and your team blew a lead where you're on the sideline you're really going to go with Desmond Ritter that's what you're going to do and are you going to wait another year like how many teams are going to keep on waiting you have Lamar Jackson guys unanimous MVP I know he's been injured the last two years but the guy's a heck of a player he's an explosive player in the league and you're going to hold your nose up high and go yes the Haslam family did this last year it was disgusting therefore we won't give him a fully guaranteed contractor close to a fully guaranteed contract baloney you will because you're going to lose because all these owners are selfish selfish pigs that's what they are and even though they'll say we're going to work together they will ultimately operate in the best interest of themselves Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio we'll take a break when we come on back the Jets talked to Aaron Rodgers last night I saw that they were flying today the plane has already landed one if you want to call it take flight with the Jets the JTS Jets in California and now they're meeting face to face with Aaron Rodgers I don't know if they have to go into a cave to meet with Aaron Rodgers but they're meeting with Aaron Rodgers we'll talk about the Jets and Rodgers when we come on back in five you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio so legal tampering which is always a stupid way of saying it but that's what the NFL makes us say we'll start on Monday if I had to make a prediction right now and I will acknowledge this is not a big bad bold take coming from yours truly I would say by the end of the week end of the weekend maybe at the at the most that uh Aaron Rodgers is going to be a member of the New York Jets it is crystal clear from Gudekunz basically telling you that love is ready to go and him not saying yes we want Aaron back going back to the combine last week and now we know that the Packers gave the Jets permission this is not some Stephen Ross tampering the Packers gave permission to Woody Johnson and also the Jets to talk to Aaron Rodgers where it was reported last night oh Aaron Rodgers and the Jets are talking it's like don't bury the lead that means the Packers are allowing Aaron Rodgers and the Jets to have a conversation and this entire time what we have said is the Packers don't want to be viewed as the team that forced the great Aaron Rodgers out of town they want Rodgers to fall in love or be fine with going to another destination and say oh after my conversation with the Jets if this is the team that you want to get a deal done with then I'm good or come back to the Packers in an ideal world and say guys thank you for everything you've done don't even need to say that I'm ready to leave I like what the Jets just sold me and I'm ready to go to New York that's what the Packers want to have happen because they don't want to be viewed as the bad guys here because there will be a percentage whether it's the majority or the minority that's up for you guys to decide that in the Packers fan base will say we don't want Aaron Rodgers in another uniform and Gudekunz if he doesn't get love to work he should be out of a job but he wants to be able to spin it as if I love Aaron Rodgers I would never want to get rid of Aaron Rodgers even though he traded up unnecessarily in the first round a few years ago to go get Jordan love but I am the biggest Aaron Rodgers fan there is we have a good relationship blah blah blah blah blah it was him who didn't want to be here not me this is a married couple that have been together for a long time that even though they've had their ups and downs they've won a lot of games they've won a Super Bowl right Packers Rodgers together Rodgers going to Hall of Fame he'll always be remembered as the Green Bay Packer but this is a married couple that had a bunch of kids they lived a great 20-25 years together whatever you want to call it and now they realize that spark is not there anymore and they're in couples therapy couples therapy is not go well they are looking at each other they know what the other person's thinking they know what they are thinking and it's both we want to split but it's whoever's going to be the first person to come out and say we're done we're over the other side could use that against them and say oh yeah we always wanted to be together it was them that broke up with me not me breaking up with them it's stupid semantics at this point it's really petulant behavior you have to be the biggest idiot in the world to realize the Packers don't want Aaron Rodgers anymore and I think it was up to Rodgers he would want to finish his career in Green Bay but when you're a player of his caliber and you sense the GM and probably the coach are fine and don't want you there anymore I don't care who you are and how tough you are your ego has to be affected by that and if you're not feeling the love and you could say isn't it irony right because Rodgers people get on him for not being all in in the off season not attending the voluntary stuff well the Packers are no longer all in on Aaron Rodgers so this divorce is coming this divorce is happening and Hickey I would absolutely be shocked by the end of the weekend if we're not sitting here knowing that the Packers and Aaron Rodgers are done and Aaron Rodgers is off to New York after they probably figure out some of the writers in his contract like Unlimited Iowaska and then probably Randall Cobb also joining him in the Big Apple as well this will happen this deal will get done I would be shocked at this point especially with the Raiders having like no interest it appears when we thought the Raiders would definitely be in it would be stunning at this point if Rodgers didn't wind up with the Jets I'm not ready to go there yet just because I think other teams now that they see Aaron Rodgers is willing to play and willing to play somewhere else I think more teams will get involved I think there was teams that were afraid or wanted to see what Aaron Rodgers was thinking first whether he's going to retire not whether he actually wanted to play for a team not name the Packers or not and now obviously meeting with the Jets two days in a row it's clear Aaron Rodgers is set to play in 2023 and that he's okay with playing somewhere else outside of Green Bay I think this is going to just open up the door for other teams to want to talk to Aaron Rodgers see if they can make a deal done first so I'm not ready to say this weekend we'll have a done deal and Rodgers will be a Jet but doesn't a deadline have to kind of be the start of the legal tampering period are you willing to go at least until well I would say it has to be the legal tampering period because that's when deals pretty much get done even though they can't be official we see some players go back on the players go back on their words but if you're Rodgers you would want a deal to get done by Sunday so then the Jets could go legal tampering with other people so they can come join you in New York for the pieces that you think you need to go bring in to go make them a Super Bowl contender and for the Packers don't you also want to know who your quarterback's going to be and it's going to be love and then that allows you the freedom to go try to get other pieces for Jordan Love yeah it's only Tuesday why can't you know all the teams jump in tomorrow Thursday Friday like this is going to take that long so what teams I think the Dolphins should be interested I think it seemed like the Panthers should be interested like I think there's a lot of teams and we're talking about Lamar yeah absolutely should be calling for the Packers for Aaron Rodgers I don't think the Dolphins will be interested because I still think in the Dolphins mind they believe that two is going to be their starting quarterback come week one so I will throw the Dolphins out the Raiders to me and I don't know how you feel on this after hearing Vic Taffer the other day with us it's stunning how it seems like they don't they aren't really interested in Aaron Rodgers that one I don't get like if you would have said the Raiders I would say in theory yeah it makes sense and I thought he was going to the Raiders I said that in February early February but that's the that's the stunning one that's the confusing one to me is that the Raiders really don't seem to have that much interest in Aaron Rodgers maybe that changes the next few days and you're right on that yeah I don't see Aaron Rodgers going to I don't think it's a good fit for the Raiders I don't think it's or I don't think it's a good fit for Aaron Rodgers I don't think that's a place you'd want to go working with Joshua Daniels kind of knowing how he's headstrong in one way he coaches we know Aaron Rodgers wants to run a team the way he wants to I don't think that would be a good partnership I think it's part of the reason why amongst other things Raiders and Aaron Rodgers really never got any traction now I like the Panthers suggestion because if you put him on the Panthers I would say they do then usurp the Saints who just went out and got Derek Carr and that division absolutely stinks like don't get me wrong here the Jets have the best roster out of any of the teams that I think are realistic options or at least potential options I don't throw the Dolphins in there because I still think the Dolphins are operating under the belief that they're going to have to a tongue of I lo but if you tell me the Raiders the Panthers and the Jets would be the three suitors like let's just say even the Jets have the best roster you're then thrown in the AFC where you have Patrick Mahomes Josh Allen you also have Justin Herbert Joe Burrow for now Lamar Jackson Trevor Lawrence with the Jaguars if I'm Rodgers and I don't know if the Packers would be willing to deal him in the NFC but I think you take the best package available and you go from there clearly they would not deal them inside the NFC North but if a team like the commanders comes calling or more importantly a team in the NFC South I would go there because I think it's an easier road to guarantee a spot back to the playoffs like don't get me wrong the Jets should make the playoffs with Darren Rodgers but it's not a lock because I would still believe that Josh Allen with the Buffalo Bills would win that division before the Jets but I don't even know if the Jets would finish in second if Tua could somehow stay healthy the Dolphins you know have a pretty good offense and they got to fix their defense. Yeah the AFC road is obviously very you know a lot harder but yeah I mean if you're like again like now I think that you see the Jets talking to Rodgers and Rodgers sort of willing us to leave I think that should just signal to other teams if you were kind of hesitant you gotta get going I think yeah you gotta get going quickly here but because the Jets do have a leg up and you may laugh at this Rodgers loves Nathaniel Hackett Nathaniel Hackett's now their offensive coordinator and the Broncos tried it last year didn't work and the Jets basically took the same playbook and so far seems to be working a whole lot better than it did in Denver. So yesterday we talked about our expectations for the Saints and how it's like all right the Saints with Carr they should win the division but I expect nothing more than that what's your expectations for the Jets if they do in fact land Aaron Rodgers that's the poll question today you can find it on Twitter at Zach Gelb at CBS Sports Radio and here are the four options be in the Super Bowl win the AFC East be a wild card team or miss the playoffs how would you actually what's actually what's your first choice there just wondering Hickey I will say make the playoffs as a wild card as a wild card yes I would say one would be a wild card team two would be missed the playoffs three would be win the AFC East most likely the least likely and then four be in the Super Bowl like the Jets have a very good young defense that can be great and it showed last year their ability to be great offensively Breece Hall coming off the injury if he could stay healthy looked like he was going to win offensive rookie of the year then you do have the offensive rookie of the year in Garrett Wilson you have Elijah Moore who I guess saved his career in New York after the troubling stuff that we found out about last year it looked like he was going to get dealt right off the team yeah they got to fix that offensive line and make sure that guys like Becton and Elijah Barrett Tucker can remain healthy they should be a playoff team but I don't think it's a lock because Buffalo to me is a lock Kansas City is a lock the Chargers are a lock the Bengals are a lock the Jaguars are a lock like those are five teams right there and then it feels like there would be two more spots that will be up for grabs the Jets should be able to grab one of those other spots but I don't think with Rogers that the Jets end up winning a Super Bowl because we've seen him be 13 and 3 13 and 3 13 and 3 and play some of the best ball in his career and they didn't even get to a Super Bowl in Green Bay and not to mention the issues that Aaron Rogers had last year the offense in Green Bay is similar to the issues he'll have in New York he didn't get along with the receivers last year they're all young inexperienced you go to the Jets what do you work with young inexperienced players at receiver and running back on the line like if he can't gel with his new teammates and we saw last year didn't work why does anyone think it's going to work in New York well I will say at least Garrett Wilson has some established success in this league like at least it's not his rookie year anymore he's still young sure but the guy just won the offensive rookie of the year and you would imagine that the Jets would go out there and pursue someone else whether that's a trade maybe for DeAndre Hopkins or whatever wide receiver becomes available that's established in the league or they bring in Randall Cobb someone that he trusts uh can they go out there well they'd be trading away I don't know what the draft capital will be but could you draft another wide receiver things along those lines I would think that the Jets would just not stop at Aaron Rodgers if you're making a move for Aaron Rodgers even though I don't think you're gonna win a Super Bowl you'd be all in and do whatever it takes under the salary cap constraints to go out there and put you in the best position to succeed right but even if it's drafting another young receiver getting someone else like he obviously takes a lot of time to develop chemistry with no matter who you are no matter what year you are we saw even divide times it took three years for them to get on the same page together you don't think he can develop chemistry with Hopkins if he brings him in right away no really no one of the best wide receivers in football how long did it take for him to divide times you get on the same page like he's someone he's different the way he plays the game is different because it's more mental than anything else you got to get on the same you got basically if you're a receiver think like Aaron Rodgers that's very hard to do especially when he's not present half the time it's not something we just get on the field and play he wants you in a certain spot at a certain time when you see a coverage you both got to know without any sort of signal what you're running there that's part of reason why him and divide times are so great they were on that same synergy but it took three years it's not going to be one of those plug and play Aaron Rodgers is here this is going to be a top five offense if Hopkins goes there I think they would absolutely be able to find a way to get in sync pretty damn quickly this is that Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio Mike Florio going to join us coming up at the top of the hour we'll take a break when we come on back we got five other storylines to get to in the NFL we know Lamar Jackson got the non-exclusive tag Aaron Rodgers meeting with the Jets we'll get to some other storylines when we come on back you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb show CBS Sports Radio you can always find our poll question on twitter at Zach Gelb at CBS Sports Radio and the early return to the question of if the Jets land Aaron Rodgers what are your expectations for them 18% say miss the playoffs 22% say be in the Super Bowl 23% say win the AFC East and 37% in first place be a wildcard team make sure you chime on in 855-2124 CBS 855-2 42 27 or on our twitter accounts also I guess when I was away in Barcelona I must have missed this but Andrew Perloff is supposed to eat an entire jar of peanut butter I don't think that has happened yet but it turns out that the lawyers have got involved here at Odyssey and for a while it was deemed not safe for Perloff to do that which I don't understand but I guess the lawyers have come around and Spike Eskin gave two thumbs up and now Perloff can eat this jar of peanut butter and we'll try to get the info on when it's going to happen but I did see Perloff put out a tweet asking what brands of peanut butter should he eat and there was a lot of responses of skippy skippy skippy skippy a lot of responses now Hickey considers himself to be a peanut butter connoisseur he's not and I think that was made clear with his peanut butter reviews that he put up do you still do those by the way I saw peanut butter bars just had a one last week Trader Joe's peanut butter bars but that's the peanut butter bars yeah oh yeah but not the traditional peanut butter out of a jar like have you tried all the peanut butters that there are out of the jar at this rate that are worth trying a good amount yeah I would say so I mean there's not that many peanut butter brands that are you know dabbled into almond butter and I think it's like sunflower butter or whatever it is because that's not peanut butter we stick right to peanut butter we don't go outside almonds we don't worry about sunflowers I've had sunflower butter before maybe you should expand your horizons for the reviews not good for the reviews because it seems like the reviews are getting a little dry I disagree actually if we're going to Trader Joe's peanut butter bars where there was no peanut butter actually in those bars I remember seeing the review that's correct so anyway a lot of responses on Perloff's account for skippy skippy skippy skippy skippy and then I saw like one person his name is what's his twitter account at Ryan underscore Hickey oh that's you that was talking about gif a lot of skippies and there's a photo of you a great photo of you online as you are screaming in excitement that I just put out there over the skippy peanut butter what is your thing with skippy I just don't get it it's very simple it's not good oh it's amazing it's tasteless it's bland it's ah disgusting that's that's my only thing that's my only gripe against skippy it sucks so what makes shift that much better the taste it's very simple you got to give me more than that what do you mean have you tied both yes I would I would be I'd reassess I would really reassess that oh do you consider doc Emmerich to be one of the great play-by-play men of all time yeah not field absolutely okay you know what doc Emmerich would do to keep his energy up during games what is that eat peanut butter when I once asked him if he would like some peanut butter when I was meeting him in Philadelphia he said absolutely bring me bring me skippy well great announcer terrible taste buds sorry happens but I don't you don't correlate your taste buds are actually valid and here's why you don't try enough things like if you tried enough things I would be willing to consider your opinion as like an expert but there's a lot of foods that you will just refuse to try when I've been away with you and you go nope don't like the way that looks I'm not eating that so you're a picky eater so I really do feel like your taste buds have bumpers up like we're at a bowling alley and you got to let the bumpers down a little bit and then I think you could maybe take a deeper road down this food path of being viewed as like this food taste tester connoisseur that would be my advice two things number one I just did a peanut butter review I have expanded my horizons to all different peanut butters I have it I am not opposed to trying peanut butters I'm just reporting back on okay but that's not peanut butter I'm reporting back on what I taste and unfortunately unfortunately because Jeff is not exactly the healthiest thing in the world don't get me wrong no other peanut butter does compare to the taste number two I am on Andrew's tweet right now I'm looking at the Perloff tweet from about a week or so a week or so ago I'm looking at the responses I see a lot of Jeff I see a lot of Jeff well a lot of people do compare you to Donald Trump you both spread a lot of fake news I go go scroll yourself I did I I don't think you've scrolled hard enough or you're only selectively seeing what you want to see and you're only looking at peanut butters that start with S and any other letter you're just blocking out of your mind or do you you think my mother has a good opinion are you really going to talk crap about Mrs. Gelb are you going to do that right now I'm just asking it depends what her peanut butter take is because my mother was an absolute saint when I was a kid growing up making me peanut butter sandwiches no jelly because I wasn't a big fan of jelly when I was a kid sometimes she would put some M&Ms occasionally in the peanut butter sandwich that's probably why I was a fat kid growing up and she just texted me out of nowhere she's in Florida on vacation I guess listening to the show and she goes I've made peanut butter sandwiches for over 20 years Skippy is the best brand of peanut butter tell hot take Kiki he has cold takes when it comes to peanut butter thank you mama gel a standing ovation to mama gel your mother may have made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for 20 years watch your mouth you watch I have eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for 25 years bare minimum stop I know good taste yeah you know what but the good thing is you like Skippy that means more jiff for me so I'm not really complaining I'm just telling you the truth what was the brand that just got recalled for salmonella well it was Jeff what are you gonna do I didn't see Skippy get recalled well I don't know you're probably creating these articles you're probably writing them up you fake news peanut butter guy and you're probably gonna give me some article that there was a recall on Skippy oh I'm not I'm not arguing the recall the recall killed me over the summer time but that has nothing to do with the taste and also unfortunate the slogan says it all you feel the fun that's what you do I'm gonna say choosy moms choose Jeff that slogan's better than feel the fun it's a fun peanut butter and it tastes great what do you say my mother's not fun feel what is a fun peanut butter for me did you just say my mother's not fun how how did you say my mother's not fun I would say choosy moms choose Jeff oh my mother has great taste I'm not saying she doesn't stay to the wolf of wall street under peanut butter he liked that's a good question to ask well whatever they were serving in prison probably you know maybe that's if they serve Jeff in prison maybe got to reevaluate them wait mom is that right uh Laurie Gelb just called me oh here we go Jordan Belford in prison requested Skippy peanut butter all right sounds good well that makes sense reputable source Skippy peanut butter absolutely deserves to be served in prisons five quick storylines from the NFL so far Brady this possibility Rich Eisen said of him coming out of retirement having talks uh or you know could potentially be the Dolphins or the 49ers enough I don't want to see as much as I love Tom Brady I don't need to see him on a football field anymore you have retired now twice I know Brady went to Twitter today and he responded anyone who thinks I have time to come back to the NFL has never adopted a two-month-old kitten for their daughter I thought that was a good tweet Brady if you're gonna make a joke like that don't come back you already had Sirius XM NFL on your podcast you had Belichick on you guys were crying together as much as I love Brady and Brady is my favorite football player favorite quarterback of all time you have retired now twice you can't be coming back for another time now I'm sure if Brady doesn't like to come back I will throw a parade of happiness and all that but right now I'm good with seeing Tom Brady retired number two even though there's a collusion going on right now in the NFL I do think the Panthers are the most likeliest team to I don't want to say overpay but pay enough where the Ravens would maybe balk at the offer and then send two first round picks back to the Baltimore Ravens three Derek Henry may or may not be available he should be available final year of the deal Tennessee is nowhere close to winning again Bills and Eagles will obviously be involved Saquon Barkley now on the tag Jacobs Josh Jacobs the Raiders now on the tag we know that the Bills and Eagles will pursue Derek Henry don't be surprised that the Cowboys I know they're going to probably look for a wide receiver first but they have Pollard on the tag maybe they get rid of Zeke and I don't know how much you have to give up to go get Derek Henry with one year left on his contract I think that would be a smart move the Cowboys pursue Derek Henry Baker Mayfield Jordan Schultz said there could be a bidding war between the 49ers and Rams I don't know how much I believe that hickey but if I'm him and the 49ers want to bring you in I think you go there but that doesn't make sense if you're the Niners because then he could maybe win the job outright because that's telling you that you don't really believe that much in Trey Lance or Brock Purdy you got two quarterbacks there where's the bidding war even mean for Baker Mayfield eight million nine million ten million you want Skippy or you want Jif and then Texans may be interested in Jimmy G I think he'll ultimately land with the Raiders because Rogers is going to the J-E-T-S jets jets jets we'll take a break we'll come on back we'll try to put hickey on load management when it comes to crappy peanut butter takes but when we do return in five minutes Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk will join us talk about all the mayhem in the NFL this podcast is supported by FX's Snowfall FX's Snowfall is back for his sixth and final season where a few threatens to destroy the Saint family Franklin is faced with losing everyone he loves and everything he's built getting through it it will mean outmaneuvering multiple law enforcement agencies as well as avoiding the LAPD's corrupt crash units John Singleton's visionary series comes to an epic conclusion FX's Snowfall the final season all new Wednesdays on FX stream on 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