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Carr Ride (Hour 1)

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February 14, 2023 7:43 pm

Carr Ride (Hour 1)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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February 14, 2023 7:43 pm

Eagles second half decision making l Fat guy shaming okay with Andy Reid? l Which teams will be interested in Derek Carr?


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It's just, you just learn to deal with it. You know what I mean? It's the Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast with Evan T. Maxx. Subscribe now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. Live from the play show, you're not over the ostentatious studios of CBS Sports Radio here in beautiful New York City, sitting on top of the 10th floor of 345 Hudson Street. Welcome on in to a Tuesday edition of the Zach Gelb show across all the great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158 and that free Odyssey app. 855-212-4CBS number to jump on in. 855-212-4227. You could always get at me on Instagram where I'm straight flexing or via the good old cesspool of Twitter at Zach Gelb.

That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. Whole lot to do today. We'll have a conversation for you with Chiefs defensive coordinator, three-time Super Bowl champion Steve Spagnuolo coming up at 8 20 p.m Eastern, 5 20 p.m Pacific. So we got a chance to catch up with coach right before the show.

So we'll have that for you coming up later on in the show. There's a lot to do today and we'll get into the Derek Carr release. We'll get into the Colts and the Cardinals making their next selections as their head football coaches. But I still am buzzing about a few things from the Super Bowl and this is what I want to just highlight two or three things. We went through most of it yesterday when you talk about the brilliance of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, how dominant that Chiefs offensive line was in the game and how they just made that Eagles pass rush non-existent and also you look at the difference of the first half compared to the second half and the play calling got a little bit conservative I thought for my liking from a Philadelphia standpoint.

But when I go back to that game there's just two things that I thought about more in the last 24 hours or so. The field goal after the Chiefs got a touchdown where they go into half they're trailing 24 to 14 coming out of the second half Chiefs go right down the field and they took up nearly six minutes off the clock and it was a 10 play 75 yard drive that resulted in a touchdown to make it 24 to 21 Philadelphia they saw their league go from 10 down to three. The Eagles started to storm down that field and they're in the midst of what ended up being nearly a 20 play drive that was taken off eight minutes off the clock. Now they ended up stalling when they got in the red zone and they had to settle for a field goal and I've seen some people today on fourth and six at the the Chiefs 15 say oh the Eagles should have been aggressive the Eagles should have gone for it. I don't have a problem with taking the points there because of the way that the Eagles were playing even though they allowed that touchdown to open up the second half but that moment by the Chiefs defense I thought was an extremely underrated part of the game and we've talked about this probably for the better part of the three years going back to the last time the Chiefs won the Super Bowl we know this Chiefs defense isn't the best defense we know they're not a great defense but when they won a Super Bowl a few years back even no matter how ugly it was early they found a way to make timely stops and sometimes especially when you're in a high octane offensive type of game you could bend but you just can't break and on fourth and six or third and 11 to only allow five yards to gain while on the short pass and then to get off the field I thought it was an enormous part of the game because if you go for making that a 10 point game at halftime then it gets cut down to three and the Eagles quickly answer back with the score and it goes back up to 10 a 10 point game and remember at the time there's under two minutes to go in the third quarter where they had to settle for a field goal I don't know if we're talking about a Chiefs championship yesterday and then also today so I thought that was an enormous part in the game and you saw what happened after that Chiefs get the touchdown then they get a three and out they force the the Eagles to punt and then right after that you get the great punt return by Kadarius Tony sets him up at the five yard line and a few plays later Sky Moore is off into the end zone and that's where the Chiefs really those three drives regained control or got control for the first time in this ball game I know Mahomes goes down the I know Hertz afterwards goes down the field and gets the ball in the end zone and makes a two-point conversion but those things even though the game ended up getting back to a scenario where it got tied it kept not only the Chiefs in the game but eventually allowed them to go take that lead so that moment and that was one of the two thoughts that I have what was enormous in just holding them to a field goal and making a three-point game go up to six instead of a three-point game going back to 10 with basically a quarter left and I know Mahomes we've seen it before we've seen him make up a 24-nothing deficit in one quarter up against the Texans we've seen him be down in the Super Bowl a few years back against the Niners down 10 with eight or nine minutes to go whatever it was so he could still come back but with the way that Hertz and that offense was moving the ball and the limited possessions that there were in this contest and and the second half and you could throw out the final possession of the game for the Eagles because once the kick was made barring some miracle you knew that the game was over but in that second half Kansas City on offense only had the ball which was four times because they got a touchdown a touchdown a touchdown and then a field goal at the end you look at the Eagles they basically only got the ball three times because you don't count the last one field goal punt touchdown so that one field goal that they held them to really probably did impact who ended up winning this game or allowed the Chiefs to go pounce and make their comeback and it just shows you when you have Kansas City on the ropes and we said this numerous times throughout the years when you have Kansas City on the ropes and we've seen teams like the Bills get up early in an AFC title game we've seen the Bills be up late in a division around we've seen the Texans you know all the teams and Tennessee as well all those teams that have had those leads 49ers there's always moments that you could look back and go yeah almost had them beat and when you have a Muhammad Ali when you have Mike Tyson whoever the boxer that you want to use whatever analogy on the ropes you better knock the boxer out you better knock the immortal player out because if you don't and you leave just a little sliver of hope there nine times out of ten the champion the great team the the the culture and also what Kansas City has done for the last few years will find a way to pounce and will find a way not only to get back in the game but then go out there and win the game so that was one extra reaction after we did the big recap on on Monday the other thing that I thought of and I didn't really think about this until Marco Belletti said it last night in the final hour of the show is when we were talking about the James Bradbury hold which you can make a case that there's holding on every play my big point yesterday my big gripe with the officiating is I just want consistency and you look back at and you look back at that Super Bowl you had no clue what was the hold what wasn't holds you had no clue what was the catch what wasn't a catch there's so many things the NFL how many times we talked about it all throughout the year how do you hit the quarterback so I look back at that hold can you tell me that it's maybe holding sure but with the way that it was being called in the game I would have said that it was not a flag that should have been thrown it had nothing to do with the time it had nothing to do with the circumstance but earlier in the game James Bradbury clearly held Juju Smith Schuster and it wasn't called late in that game I thought it did not really impact the play and I know that's not what really constitutes if you throw the flag or not but I didn't think the flag should be thrown with that being said I thought Marco's take yesterday was was was uh you know made me think about something else and this is the thought that I'll get to because Marco said yesterday that you didn't really see Bradbury on the field throw his hands up in the air like couldn't believe that the flag was thrown and after the game I thought Bradbury was just being classy and saying that he held the guy because if that was me I would be absolutely livid if something that ticky tack did get called in a moment like that but when Marco said yesterday go back and watch Bradbury and you don't see James Bradbury really be irate on the field when they throw that flag I then also wondered well what was the reaction from Juju Smith Schuster because you saw Mahomes calling for a flag but how many times do you see a Mahomes a Brady a Rogers a Burrow um a Herbert Lamar whoever the quarterback is you always have quarterbacks saying throw the flag throw the flag and it doesn't mean that a flag should be thrown but the wide receiver is the one that's going to feel the contact feel the jersey tug and maybe there's a different replay out of it but the ones that I saw it goes the other way too where I didn't see Juju Smith Schuster throwing his hands up in the air imploring the officials to throw the flag so if you're gonna tell me well Bradbury really didn't argue it on the field the thing that I would argue right back is that Juju Smith Schuster I know what he said after the game oh yeah it's 100% the right call like what else are you supposed to say and I don't expect anyone in Kansas City to say oh yeah the flag shouldn't have been thrown you know if you're a Chiefs fan today it's not the reason why you won the game but I wouldn't care if they threw the flag sometimes it goes your way sometimes it doesn't everyone's been on both sides but I don't want to hear that because Bradbury didn't make a big deal about it is why you should be fine with it because on the other end I don't even know if Juju Smith Schuster realized that his jersey at all got tugged if that's what the call was because he's not begging the refs to throw the flag he he's not and you saw it earlier earlier in the game but he was held in a big-time lay up against Bradbury he's throwing his hands up in the air he's going nuts I did not see that when I went back and watched it on the play late in the game so that's just the thought that I had two thoughts after the Super Bowl when we gave you most of the reaction yesterday just things that I just things that I thought more about in the last 24 hours now since we're well north of of the game that was played on Sunday now the other thing that I think is amazing and I know people take things really serious on on social media but it is Valentine's Day today so first off happy Valentine's Day to all and I thought Juju Smith Schuster had a really funny tweet today now I know people are going to call it classless I know people are going to say he probably shouldn't have done it I'm just going to be transparent with you guys when Juju Smith Schuster posted this and I know that Bradbury hands it in a classy way I I thought it was funny you know take your emotions out of it take who you had money on out of it take who you're rooting for out of it when Juju Smith Schuster writes happy Valentine's Day everybody with the heart and puts James Bradbury's face on a Valentine's Day card and goes I'll hold you when it matters most that's really funny now Bradbury I'm imagining isn't going to respond to this or I haven't seen him respond yet but I right away saw this and I posted a photo back with the fans or excuse me with the referees and I wrote we'll always be there for you so who would have thought after the Super Bowl on a Tuesday we'd be having Valentine's Day cards being exchanged but that's where we are and AJ Brown was not happy with Juju Smith Schuster and if you're an Eagles fan I get it this is still fresh this is still something that you're very annoyed about there's other reasons why you lost the game like the like for example what you saw out of the Chiefs offensive line just making the Eagles pass rush be irrelevant which was shocking to me you could also get on some of the conservative play calling like we've been talking about in the second half by by Shane Steichen and also Nick Sirianni but if you're AJ Brown I get it you're defending your teammate you're gonna you didn't like the shot that Juju Smith Schuster threw even though I thought it was funny he responded back and once again I'll tip my cap to AJ Brown because I think this entire exchange is funny where AJ Brown writes first off congratulations y'all deserve it this is lame you were on the way out of the league before Mahomes resurrected your career on your one-year deal TikTok boy that's AJ Brown speaking how about that shot at Juju he admitted that he grabbed you but don't act like you liked that or ever was but congratulations again so here we go two days after the Super Ball over a Valentine's Day card we have Mr. TikTok I guess we'll now refer to him as Juju Smith Schuster sending out I'll hold you when it matters most with James Bradbury on the Valentine's Day card and then AJ Brown getting a little bit annoyed obviously at that one I have not looked at the Eagles schedule for next year and I know that James Bradbury is a free agent but AJ Brown who just got traded there is not going anywhere anytime soon let me quickly look at the Eagles schedule because if Juju Smith Schuster is back that's another part of the equation with Kansas City and they do play in Kansas City next year Eagles at the Chiefs oh I cannot wait if Juju is still on the team I cannot wait for the pregame interaction between AJ Brown and Juju Smith Schuster I would actually you know I don't remember I want to say when the Panthers lost the Super Bowl to the Broncos I think the next year they open back up with the Super Bowl rematch I usually don't remember those Super Bowl rematches being played to open up the season I would kind of be fine next year open at night if we get Chiefs and we get um Eagles to Eagles to open up the year that would be good by me but and that game is in an arrowhead so that could be a home destination for Kansas City to open up the season let me also just check on that real quickly and then we'll take a break I just want to see the Chiefs 2023 future opponents as this just came to the top of the Cabeza and when you look at their opponents for this year when trying to determine who could be that opening night game um so clearly the three divisional games against the Broncos the Chargers and the Raiders you get the Bills you get the Dolphins you get the Bears Lions those are the opponents right now then the Eagles and the Bengals and I could probably if I'm the NFL just looking at that schedule right now not knowing what's going to happen this offseason I I would open up the year with either the Bengals in arrowhead or you'd open up the year with the Super Bowl rematch with the Eagles and the Chiefs all righty this is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27 and the worst kept secret the Raiders have made a decision they are releasing Derek Carr when we come on back some new destinations are popping up for Derek Carr where he's going to play football for next year since now he's a free agent we'll discuss that next on the Zach Gelb show only on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb show CBS Sports Radio I'm cracking up because I just saw from Adam Schefter Andy Reid was asked today about how he celebrated the Super Bowl win once he returned to Kansas City yeah I went to pizza 51 I got a mushroom and sausage pizza how about that and a salad just to make my chubbiness feel good now you have some jackasses that were complaining about Terry Bradshaw saying hey big fella waddle over here and have a little fun with Andy Reid after he wins the Super Bowl on the stage Andy Reid embraces being the big coach and all the time with the cheeseburgers and say he doesn't drink coffee he just gets up and goes and now talking about the barbecue and now talking about the pizza that's wonderful the only problem I have with it is actually just the pizza order I don't like mushrooms on a pizza hickey now you're very bizarre with food I don't think that's a bizarre take from me I'm still trying to figure out how you got food poisoning when all you eat is pasta and PB&J last week but the thing I'll ask you when you're ordering pizza what's like your specialty slice of choice like if you're not just getting a regular slice with it which is a cheese slice I know I have to clarify everything because you know us being a New Yorker and I don't know how it is all around the rest of the world but when I say a regular slice that's just a cheese slice with some sauce on it obviously but when you want to get a little bit of a specialty slice what is your go-to specialty slice you can't find it everywhere but penne ala vodka slice is has every time I see it boom that's a choice you know what's interesting that you brought that up one of my favorite dishes is rigatoni ala vodka okay like I'm going to philly this weekend actually to have a a lunch with a few friends and we're going to this place called Pietro's which makes I don't want to say the best thing about this dish the best but one of the best bowls of rigatoni ala vodka that I've ever had I don't love it though on my pizza I like a vodka slice but I don't like when they put the pasta on the pizza that's just me you know if I borrow some tips from our friend stoner Sirianni maybe that's a little bit different but if I'm just going Friday night got nothing to do looking for two slices of pizza and let's say I'm not ordering a regular slice but penne ala vodka slice is not the the first way I go really interesting would you have in the same uh sitting like penne ala vodka and then a pizza slice next to like you know you can do a little pizza and a pasta combo five years ago yeah not now now where I'm trying to be less gluttonous I think I'm only getting the fried calamari the rigatoni ala vodka okay that's what I'm doing if I'm sitting down at Italian restaurant that's what I'm doing I don't think I'm ordering a pizza uh there but if someone maybe got like a bar pie or something as an appetizer I think I would dab a little bit I think I'd do a little double dip that would be fine I would say my two favorite specialty slices are buffalo chicken but you got to go to a place like you could mess up buffalo chicken buffalo chicken pizza and then I am a sucker for chicken bacon ranch but if I'm ordering buffalo chicken I'm probably not ordering another specialty slice of chicken bacon ranch it's either one or the other so I pick one of those and then you know what I've really loved lately the Sicilian pepperoni slice simple but when you give me a Sicilian slice like Detroit style with those little circular pepperonis and it's crispy those two slices are to die for now I think it's important to say the reason why I'm questioning Andy Reid slice uh option here of a mushroom and sausage pizza is I'm allergic to mushrooms so of course I'm not gonna like mushrooms on my pizza you know when I was growing up I could eat mushrooms but now they do not digest I cannot digest mushrooms and I get I have an allergic reaction if I ever do digest mushrooms the sausage I like I like sausage on a pizza I think sausage is really good on a pizza don't fault that personally though that's a little bit of a problem with me putting mushrooms on a pizza because I'd be down and out for the count one two three if you weren't allergic let's say in this world that we live in this magical world would you be okay with it then or like are you only anti-mushroom because it doesn't agree with you or you anti-mushroom whether it agreed with you or not so when I could eat mushrooms I like them on my cheesesteak I had no problem with with mushrooms and onions on my cheesesteak pizza and my dad likes mushrooms on his pizza you know my dad and Andy Reid would get along because my dad usually loves to order either meatball and mushrooms or sausage and mushrooms and I think sausage and mushrooms go go a little bit better together than a meatball and and mushrooms but when anytime he would order mushrooms on a pizza even when I was allowed to eat mushrooms I would always hope that there was another half of the pizza with another topping or there was a different pie that we ordered because for some reason when I was allowed to eat mushrooms and I could eat mushrooms I liked them on a cheesesteak I was okay with them even sometimes on a burger when it comes to my pizza for whatever the reasons were yeah was not a fan maybe because it's a little bit more directly like I don't I didn't love mushrooms like love them to begin with but I would put them on some food you know when you have let's say a burger or something and you got other toppings on them it hides the mushroom a little bit when it's on a pizza that's more a little bit directly there Hickey yeah I'm with I'm not team mushroom I'm not team pineapple oh I'm shocked by that that you're not team mushroom on a pizza going on a limb here not a fan of mushrooms on a pizza but that and and pineapples are too I think I will never oh I don't get the pie on too like I can understand why some would go mushrooms on a pizza like that's not inconceivable to me even though I I didn't enjoy it when I when I could have mushrooms but the pineapple on a pizza I don't get why anyone would find that delicious like I want to know what you are on if you're having pineapple on a pizza yeah the Hawaiian slice is never one that um yeah tickles the fancy so what other specialty slices do you like meatball sausage pepperoni vodka slices delicious I'm intrigued by this grandma or Sicilian pepperoni slice I never had that that sounds good wait hold on they ordered every Friday here at the station from Prince Street pizza which is delicious they make one of the best uh Sicilian slices with pepperoni on top they have it each and every Friday you're telling me on Fridays you have not wandered over to the back of of our offices and devoured one of those slices I have not no I usually bring my own food and then by that point by the time I mosey back there it's usually cold I love the people here it's fine those hands don't know where they've been touching the pizza but that pizza gets ordered later in the day that's not a lot of contact eight o'clock at night sometimes nine o'clock at night you're too gq you're too gq no yeah you're almost high and mighty because high and mighty other people may have put their hands in a pizza pie how do you think the pizza's made that's I trust the guy they gotta make it do I trust people here I know a lot of people that work here I love everyone here do I trust them headline hot take Kiki says Craig card and Evan Robert's hands are dirty won't eat the pizza that they so graciously give us each and every Friday very nice they just I bring my own food that's all yeah that's that's a problem with you it's more for you it's more for everyone else around trust me they order that pizza as if we have 9 000 people in this office yes there's some like I usually only have two slices and I think people sometimes get surprised by that because of my size and how large I am and Angelo Cataldi when I was his intern once ordered an entire pizza and made me eat the entire pizza because he found out when I was growing up as a kid my mom kind of had like a two slice limit she would say you have two slices you don't need any more than that and that was the thing for the entire family my mom thought Angelo um Angelo thought my mom was just being cheap because then that means when you only have a family of four it would be two slices a person now trust me back in you ate a whole pie on on air oh yeah and wings did you pull a maggie gray and nah it was through four hours come on that was back in my fat prime of college that's impressive wow I could devour anything but he demanded me to eat his you know the entire pie show right and then a bunch of wings what was that it's a morning show so yeah well like 8 a.m crushing a pizza but you got to remember when I worked that morning show for for about uh well almost a year because they they kept me around after the internship ended I was up those two three days that I went in at like 2 30 in the morning you'd have to get in at like three o'clock because Angelo would get there so early so it was like noon basically your body clock okay I guess that does greatest internship ever they were uh Del Frisco's was the sponsors of theirs so they would bring in like they like once a month you'd have steak you'd have lobster mac and cheese you'd have the I think a lemon pie they would usually bring in for dessert which was delicious you would also have just asparagus like everything it was it was it was bonkers I ate well during that internship I probably gained like 20 pounds during that internship if we're being honest when I'm housing a pizza and then just devouring steaks left and right but like you could see what you didn't have a problem with Bradshaw right like waddling over here like I'm reading some article today it was in one of our affiliates I don't remember which one but I saw it was on the Odyssey website and it was like talking about Terry Bradshaw like being a part of the the old boys club and like how it wasn't that big of a deal that he was fat shaming but he was like I made a joke about it last night that I knew that article was coming someone's gonna bring up fat shaming like give me a break there's no problem with Terry Bradshaw and you know what you're getting with Terry Bradshaw hey Andy big fella waddle on over here it was a great moment and Andy like there's some people that don't embrace how big they are Andy Reid embraces how big he is you know like look at morass in the morning like if if DA said the things that he said to morass and morass had a problem with it that would be an issue but morass welcomes that conversation and brings it upon himself Andy reads the same way so I don't really have a problem with it but you had a problem with the whole waddle thing if memory serves me right I just have a problem with Terry Bradshaw at this point in general oh come on he's just a shark enough he's great I'm just not a Bradshaw fan like that's really what we're doing here but anyway yeah but you love that Manning cast I do they're funny oh Terry Bradshaw just is I don't even know what he's saying fly eagles fly saying that was a bunch of nonsense he does him he does him yeah he's like the crazy uncle at a party yes that's a great way to explain it yes and I enjoy the crazy uncle at a party in like 15 minute doses and that's what you get it's like you have 24 7 of Terry Bradshaw pre-game hit halftime hit and then a little uh post-game interview on the podium I've always been a fan of Terry Bradshaw because you never know what you're gonna get and when I watch things I want to be entertained doesn't mean that you always agree with it doesn't mean that you always love it but if you're entertaining I do appreciate it and I usually do find Terry Bradshaw to be very entertaining you think we should start using that around here hey waddle on over trying to who you say that to I can't say it to you you're like you're Mr GQ can't say that I like that nickname better than hot take hickey that's for sure maybe we'll get that to say oh you don't get to choose what your GQ hick or something like that yeah let's keep the nicknames to the professionals it's already trademarked right folks just embrace what we give you and be thankful for it um I guess like Peter Schwartz would be a waddle type of guy and morass would be a waddle type of guy anyone else my liberty to say I don't know what do you mean you're at liberty to say no I said am I I'm asking you know there's like you know you mentioned on the air before I think you're right like if you're in the we'll call it a fat club you can call other people fat but it's like one of those if you're not in the fat club you really can't call anyone else fat you know what that is a fair point and since I am a larger man I do feel like there is a culture that I'm not a fat like there is a code where if like I would go after morass or I go after Peter Schwartz or if I go after Marco Belletti we all get it but then when like a little twig like you or like da or hmm trying to think who else like Tommy Lugauer around here do slim down a lot no but stew was once a bit I knew stew when he was big but he was never that big no but but he was not slim and trim like he is now so now so what like it's like a life or card once you're in the club at any point like you're you're good you can drop 100 pounds no problem you're still in okay like I've lost 70 pounds in the last three years I still have fat guy tendencies if that makes sense to you I still have fat guy thinking from time to time and I'm not saying I'm mr skinny mini but there is a certain code there between larger people if Kevin Burkhart was emceeing the Super Bowl and he said hey big problem over here big problem okay because he's like GQ I love Burkhart I'm John that's why I'm asking but he's a GQ type of guy I'm asking you know it depends who comes from like Cliff Kingsbury if he's if he was somehow becomes a media star and he's doing the presentation he goes hey Andy waddle on over here like get him off the stage not allowed you understand the code here and that's why I didn't participate when you're asking me to basically name other fat people right here so I'll give you a free fat guy card here for for one name who would be your waddle guy over here at CBS Sports Radio I think you hit them all I'm trying to think HR is on line one eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two 42 27 we'll break when we come on back where will Derek Carr be playing football next year listen up team we've got a game to win so here's the strategy deposit two hundred dollars at and get four hundred and fifty dollars immediately to play with sign up today at or call 1-800-79-BETUS be like me bet for free you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio so the Raiders officially informed Derek Carr today that they're going to release him and you saw from Adam Schefter that two teams that have been already kind of maybe interested or expected to draw interest in Derek Carr is going to be the Saints and the Panthers now you may have forgot about this last week in the shuffle of the Super Bowl I guess the Saints and the Raiders were pretty close to getting the deal done and Carr said that he didn't want to get traded now that does not mean and it's been explained that does not mean that he doesn't want to go to the Saints but when you're on the verge of knowing three days after the Super Bowl if you don't approve a trade you're going to get released and you could a pick your new team and then also you're going to get a new contract and I know we just got a new contract but clearly with the way that that was structured and we even talked about this at the time they gave them an extension but it's not a typical extension where you're locked in for like three or four more years at a ridiculous price tag so for Carr financially even though you don't need you don't need any more money you've made enough money but when you play this game you want to make as much money as possible never fault someone for that you get to figure out whatever your new deal is and you're going to be one of those guys that even though I don't think he's a great quarterback he is going to be a commodity because if Aaron Rodgers doesn't get traded even if he does he can only get traded to one team and then the only other quarterbacks that are out there that could move the needle a little bit is Jimmy Garoppolo so if I'm Carr and you see the supply and the demand here the supply is never really all that plentiful in terms of quarterbacks but there's always a demand because it's the biggest problem we have in the NFL is the the hunt and the search for your guy and a lot of times a guy gets tagged to be the guy and I don't think Derek Carr is this exceptional great quarterback now he's not horrible the guy's the top 15 quarterback in the league but whenever he starts to take that step right into the top 10 and you think he could be 10 or 9 he takes about three or four steps back and you saw that two years ago where he started to take that step and then this year I know you could blame a lot of things but with the moves that they made this off season he fell flat on his face this year now is that solely his fault no but what he could control he did not control well in the way that he played the position this year at the quarterback spot so they're going to release him they've made that decision we knew a divorce was coming it was just is it going to be via trade or release now you get into the future destinations and here's the part with me right now you know the Saints are going to go after him and I do think for the Saints it makes a lot of sense to go bring in Derek Carr where you're in that part of you have a solid team you don't have a great team you're in a very winnable division too like if they were in I don't know let's just say a division that was loaded with talent and you had at least two just unbelievable teams in that division I don't think I'm making this move for just a guy but when you have a division right now where the Bucks their quarterback is Kyle Trask the Panthers don't have a quarterback right now like Sam Darnold's what the best guy that they have on the roster like you just go through the teams in this division they don't they don't got guys right now at the court like Brady just retired so you go through the teams in this division Atlanta Desmond Ritter is not the long-term answer Marcus Mariano we know quit on the team this year so for a team like the Saints I'm going to make it a move to go bring in a guy like Derek Carr I'm what probably like a three or four year deal probably as I would imagine he goes for because they don't have I know that they that one of those the picks that they had is it's over to Philadelphia I don't think they have another first round pick it's not like one of those years we had two first round picks and just one was trade away so they don't have a first round pick so it's not like Carolina for example where Carolina has gone through the wringer of trying to find that next guy for the for the last few years like if I'm Carolina I'm at nine you either see who falls there at nine or what I think you have to do is you fall in love with someone and then you move up that draft board and and you give up future capital so I don't know where you stand on this Hickey but just when you you get the Saints and the Panthers even though they're the same division you can make arguments similar ways with the circumstances that they're in and right Dennis Allen I know it's your number two but not a lot of people believe it and Frank Reich it's your number one even though I didn't love to hire you're starting over there if I'm the Panthers I'm pass it on Derek Carr and if I'm the Saints I would pursue I guess the only trigger part for the Panthers is what quarterbacks do you like and what price are you willing to trade up if you want Will Levis or CJ Stroud or Bryce Young can you get to four can I don't think the Colts are trading down I don't think the Texans are trading down you get to three could try yeah that's probably enough to be the move so we've seen teams jump up a lot more than that whether and I don't I don't even think this is like one of those years where remember the Eagles had to make two trades to get up to two to go take Carson once and that's the gamble because once you know other than one season really didn't work out for them it's not impossible to move up from nine to three or nine to to even one no not at all you just got to give up a lot like I said it's if you go to even three let's say depending who's at one you could be taking the third quarterback so it's just a little tricky but I mean I get if you're Frank Reich like again you just came from a situation when you had five quarterbacks in five years yeah I'm with you Derek Carr is not the guy that's going to get you over the top so he may be there for longer than a year it could be there for two or three years but it's kind of the same thing where you're spinning your wheels again with a guy that is not the guy that's going to get you the promised land so I'm I would agree Panthers I would say go for a quarterback it's gonna be tough I would give up whatever it takes personally if it's me to move up in the draft to get a guy but if you're the Saints like kind of stuck there's this is the best option you don't get a first round pick and this is probably like you could argue Jimmy G that's the the other name so whatever your preference is a car Jimmy G personally even though Jimmy G's won a lot more in this game I do think Derek Carr is a better quarterback and he's more healthier right he's more reliable beyond the field more for a team that has just been decimated by injury the last few years I look around the other possible destinations the Jets but you're gonna have to make that that choice of do you maybe pass on a car Jimmy G and you throw it all in on the table for Aaron Rodgers and there's a chance you don't get Aaron Rodgers there's no one in the AFC West right now obviously the Raiders aren't in that conversation but you got Mahomes you got Herbert and Russell Wilson all committed there in the north no one's going to make that move AFC South like I do think it's an upgrade if you go to Carr from Tannehill but is that that much of a difference I would probably say no you did slightly upgrade I think the Colts made it pretty damn clear this year they're going to draft a quarterback but if something goes crazy in the draft in the first three picks before you get to four now by that point it's it's a mute point because Carr would have already made his decision that it's not a terrible situation if Carr goes there but I think they're going to draft someone it's like you look in the AFC the only team that I really see pursuing Carr in the AFC hickey is really the New York Jets that's pretty much it and obviously like you mentioned he is not number one on their list which is part of the reason why I think you've heard Derek Carr patience right now is to your biggest friend we're not rushing to sign him because no you you don't need to but there's other destinations out there like you go to the NFC the commanders I think are a really good destination even though their owners are disgraced you look around like I don't think he's going to go to the Cardinals for half a season you're going to look for a place where you're going to be the starter for the next few years uh Seattle I think will stick with Gino Stafford's going back with the Rams it's really the entire NFC south and who's going to be like the Bucks I think would be a good destination the Saints would be a solid destination and the commanders those are the three and then you loop the Jetson and it's okay who's going to blink first and you know Carr is going to want to be wanted and I don't know if he's going to sit there and say oh go flirt with Rogers and then I'll maybe go to you
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