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Faces of the NFC (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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February 2, 2023 8:28 pm

Faces of the NFC (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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February 2, 2023 8:28 pm

Who are the 5 faces of the NFC right now? l Vernon Davis, former 49ers tight end l Should San Francisco bring in another quarterback this offseason?

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The biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, is on Odyssey.

And Westwood One brings it to you, streaming live for free, Sunday, February 12th on the Odyssey app. The Eagles have been the NFC's best team. Touchdown, Travis Kelce! It's the Eagles versus the Chiefs.

The Kansas City Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles, are going to the Super Bowl again. Catch all the action from Westwood One. Your Super Bowl, your Odyssey. Get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. The biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, is on Odyssey.

And Westwood One brings it to you, streaming live for free, Sunday, February 12th on the Odyssey app. The Eagles have been the NFC's best team. Touchdown, Travis Kelce! It's the Eagles versus the Chiefs.

The Kansas City Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles, are going to the Super Bowl again. Catch all the action from Westwood One. Your Super Bowl, your Odyssey.

Get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. Alrighty, we continue it as the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. The speculation continues about the future of one Aaron Rodgers and potentially departing not only the Green Bay Packers, but also the NFC. And if he does that, you're then in one offseason. If the Packers do trade Aaron Rodgers, I think is very likely. You're gonna have Tom Brady out of the NFC and Aaron Rodgers out of the NFC because the report from a few weeks ago was if the Packers do trade him, they would only take offers, they would only field offers from AFC teams.

We'll see if that eventually does change, but that is at least the word right now. So you look at the future of the NFC, where compared to the AFC, like I ask you for the names in the AFC. You go Mahomes, you go Burrow, you go Allen, you go Herbert. You talk about Trevor Lawrence, Lamar Jackson, since he's still with the Baltimore Ravens for now. Like those are the big names in the AFC at the quarterback position. But in the NFC, they have a major, major, major identity problem and future faces of the NFC. Because the AFC is loaded right now with those quarterbacks, and quarterbacks are what's sexy, right? Leading the offense, that's what sells in the NFL.

But you look in the NFC, right now, if let's say Rodgers does get traded, Hickey, I would say that Jalen Hurts is the biggest face in the NFC. Because there's one thing to be really damn good, and I know you need to see more longevity from Hurts, but he's only been a starter for two years, made the playoffs last year. People doubted him, now he's 60 minutes away from winning a Super Bowl. But you look at the the NFC, like if I tell you Dak Prescott, good quarterback, he's good. I wouldn't call him great, and also he's not winning a Super Bowl anytime soon. You look around the rest of the NFC, maybe Trey Lance one day, but is he even gonna be the starter next year?

Like I can't sit here and confidently tell you that. Maybe Brock Purdy, starting for the Niners next year. But still the story of the Niners is McCaffery, Kittle, like those are the names you talk about when you talk about the Niners. Kyle Shanahan, the head football coach. Matthew Stafford, don't get me wrong, good player, coming off injury though, is he someone that I go as a face of the NFC?

No. You think of McVeigh first when you talk about the Rams. It's not Kirk Cousins, you can't like Kirk Cousins in a big spot. Jared Goff, I don't even know how many more years he's gonna be in Detroit. The NFC South, they don't have quarterbacks right now. You know who it could be down the road? Justin Fields, but the Bears never get a quarterback.

But Justin Fields impressed a lot of people this year. So you look at it, and I think the Eagles are set up to succeed for a while now. You look at that team, you got AJ Brown, you got Devonta Smith, you have Jalen Hurts. Defensively, you got to get a little bit younger, but you got Hassan Redick. Is there gonna be an eventual change with guys like Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham?

Sure, that's coming. Right, even Brandon Graham basically said on this show, he still wants to play, he just doesn't know if it's gonna be in Philadelphia. You have Darius Big Place, on the offensive line, I don't know when Kelsey or Lane Johnson are gonna hang it up, but they're still elite football players. They're getting older, but you got Milata who's an excellent left tackle. You got Dickerson who made the Pro Bowl this year, he's a very good interior offensive lineman. So the Eagles should be set up, and I know it doesn't always work this year where if you win the Super Bowl and they do, then it's all, they're gonna go win it for the next like, they're gonna be in the conversation the next four or five years, but they have a window with Jalen Hurts where you expect them to be really good year in and year out. I keep on saying this, Ryan, and I'll say it again, it seems like we're at a point that Lamar Jackson and the Ravens aren't gonna get this deal done, and maybe they surprise everyone and gets the deal done this offseason. The NFC could really use a name and could really use a player like Lamar Jackson, because there's not a lot of excitement here when you go through the quarterbacks in the NFC.

I'll give you the quarterbacks right now, Hickey. You tell me excitement or no excitement. Jalen Hurts.

Excitement. 100%. Dak Prescott.

Can I go like in the middle, like eh, like there's some intrigue, but again, anytime it's a big moment, he never really plays that well. He's good. Solid. He's not as good as what his contract is saying he is. He's not, the last two years, I know it's up against the 49ers, those were winnable games. He crumbled. He failed. Daniel Jones. A little less version, but eh. I don't think you're looking at Daniel Jones winning a Super Bowl anytime soon. No.

Forget the commanders. The 49ers, like it could one day be Trey Lance on what his ceiling is, but the guy hasn't played in three years. And Brock Purdy's played seven games, so same thing. Geno Smith, good story. Let's see what it is next year. I don't think that's a long-term phase.

In the second half, so there's even a little concern of how, you know, bright can a star be next year. He played well in the playoff game. I'll give him credit. He played well in the playoff game up until the fumble, then that entire game just got out of hand. Matthew Stafford?

Banged up. And as much as I like Matthew Stafford, and you could root for Matthew Stafford, there's guys that win and then they're like, there's marketable force. Does anyone really look at Matthew Stafford and is like, okay that's one of the the biggest names and a big face in the NFL?

I don't. It's like the reverse of Sirianni and Hertz. Where Hertz is like the face of the Eagles, I would say McVeigh. Right. It's the face of the Rams.

And then there's still notable names. It's still like, oh we're still talking a lot about Nick Sirianni, we're still talking a lot about Matthew Stafford, but the Eagles are talking more Hertz and with the Rams, I'm with you, we're talking more McVeigh. And you're the biggest Matthew Stafford supporter I think there is here. Very happy for him last year. But that's, you look at that team and you think McVeigh first. Kyler Murray has chance to be a video game-like player, but I don't like his attitude and I don't know what he's gonna be like coming off this injury. Can't play well in the second half either. And obviously not gonna be in the field for the first half of this year, but.

And be careful what you wish for. I know Cliff Kingsbury should not have been a head coach in the NFL, but now the Cliff Kingsbury excuse is out the window. The second half collapses, you're right. You can't just now look at Cliff. If that continues, shows you maybe Cliff was a little bit better than what we thought and was more so in the quarterback. Right. Kirk Cousins, polarizing name. I don't think anyone's saying that he's a face in the NFL that you're really gonna build a franchise with. You think of Justin Jefferson first.

Yes. Dalvin Cook when you look at Minnesota. Jared Goff, I don't know how much longer he's gonna be in Detroit. Jordan Love, you know, can you swoop in and go from Favre to Rodgers to Love?

I think it's unlikely. Justin Fields, that's a good bet, but Hickey, the Bears mess up every quarterback, it seems like. And I don't know what Eberflus and Pols are gonna be as a head coach at a GM in this league.

A few possibilities. Jalen Hurts is the most accomplished and a most established. Again, outside of Rodgers, if we're assuming he's gonna get traded to the AFC.

And it's like you quickly look around, you're right, there was maybe some guys that could in like three or four years blossom. You're forgetting. What about Kyle Trask and Desmond Ritter? The NFC South. Sam Darnold. Oh my god. Jameis Winston. You know what's crazy? Jake Luton.

There's a name for you. Barring or barring a a big quarterback getting traded to the NFC South, the NFC South's gonna be worse next year. You lose Brady out of that division. Barring Jackson getting traded there or Aaron Rodgers getting traded there. Like even if Jimmy G gets traded there. I don't know if Jimmy G gets the healthy. What about Derek Carr? If he goes to the Bucs. Their win total probably be better. I don't think they're gonna go eight and nine again.

I don't know about that. I would say they'd be above 500 with Derek Carr. But Carr had all these weapons this past year and he stunk. He was horrible this year. It was the defense. Tampa Bay had this great coach.

I would agree with that. Brady or not, he should've been fired. I think Brady and I know everyone said Brady had a bad year.

Even though you don't throw a party for eight and nine. But I think if you put Derek Carr there, I don't know if they're gonna date wins next year. Because how many years the Raiders fans say, oh Derek Carr is nothing to throw to. Derek Carr is nothing. Derek Carr at times looks like he could be a top 10 quarterback. Whenever you say yeah he's a top 10 quarterback, he falls flat on his face. I'm trying to think right now, for next year with what we know right now.

Would you agree with this? These are the five, these are the five quarterbacks that you think are probably the faces of the NFC. Like I have to take Colin Murray out because I don't know when he gets, when he's gonna be healthy. But it's Shaylen Hertz by far. And then after that, look at this wonderful list. Dak, in no order. Kirk, Matthew Stafford, and Justin Fields. Is anyone else deserving to be on that list that I did not put in there for next year with what we know now? Assuming Rogers is out the door, those are the five biggest names, five biggest faces in the in the NFC.

Heading in probably not. I think there's a chance he could play his way into that list would be Jared Goff. But I wouldn't say right now he should supplant any of the other four names you listed. And don't get me rolling into the season. Goff had a really good year this year. But I still think for a lot of people there's that stench on Jared Goff for his performance in the Super Bowl.

And the idea when he went to Detroit that he was never actually going to be their guy. I do think if you watch football this year you could appreciate what Jared Goff did. But how many of those fans that are commenting actually sat down and watched a ton of Lions games this year? Like I still don't think Jared Goff has the respect nationally for what he did this year with that Detroit offense. Which is why I would say going into the year, no. But I think end of the year, like we're talking end of the year, who are the five faces of the NFC after 2023? I think we'll be talking about Jared Goff as one of the five guys. Now again, it's not the AFC where he's in a you know royal company.

But still I think would be a nice accomplishment for him. And you know what? Dak Prescott and Kirk Cousins, you should be embarrassed.

Both of you. Because you had an open opportunity this year. And I know what the Eagles are doing is wonderful. And I get it the 49ers have a great roster. But they were down to a third and then a fourth string quarterback. For next year, I don't know who's playing that quarterback for the 49ers.

You'd think the Eagles are right back in there, but the Cowboys and Vikings should be right back into that conversation. But is it just gonna be you have these great regular seasons and then you throw up in a big spot in the playoffs? I'm not saying even go win the Super Bowl if you're both those quarterbacks. But you would think in the next, and I know Kirk's only under contract for one year, but let's say if god forbid Minnesota extended him again.

Which I don't think is out of the realm of possibilities because who would have thought they would have extended him this long? But you look at Dak and and Kirk Cousins, like let's say if they're there the next three years in Dallas and in Minnesota, I don't want to hear any excuses they don't get to a Super Bowl. Because as great as I think Jalen Hurts is and as great as I like this Eagles story, it's not like they're gonna go to the Super Bowl each and every year. Like even Patrick Mahomes, he won a Super Bowl, went to a Super Bowl where he lost, then lost in the AFC title game, now back in the Super Bowl.

And that's Patrick Mahomes who's like the standard right now in the NFL. In a tougher conference too. Like you look at the NFC, Kirk Cousins and Dak, I'm not telling you I expect him to get there, I have zero confidence in them. But it's really Slim Pickens in the NFC.

Until some big name also joins that conference. Next three years, what is your confidence that either one of those guys even just get to an NFC title game? Forget Super Bowl, like you're talking about that and I would agree it's a failure because you look around and we're talking about some of the quarterbacks we are. With that said, like I can't even say like oh Dak would be an NFC title game or the Vikings Kirk Cousins could win two games in the playoffs. I can't even tell you that.

25% maybe? Because like the Cowboys were close this year. Close but no cigar. You thought they were gonna get blown out against the 49ers. Dak had a legit chance to win that game. They probably should have won the game if we're being honest.

You had the two picks, then you had Turpin who joined us, not bouncing away from the kicker. Like they had every chance to win that game. So do you get a player two to finally go your way and you get to an NFC title game?

Yes, potentially. Kirk Cousins, his script is you could win one playoff game and then you lose one or this year you didn't even win one. Against a giant team that don't get me wrong, had a really good season but you had a lot more talent than that Minnesota Vikings team and they went into your house and they dominated the game. They took control of that game. Like I bet the Vikings and early on I'm like oh after going up seven nothing when the Giants answer back.

After that the Giants were in control that game all throughout. And that's why I'm gonna ask the question like I can't even sit here like forget again forget Super Bowl. I can't even sit here and tell that either we'll be in an NFC title game next year just because you asked them to string together two good playoff performances.

Think about this. Cowboys of the talent can never come up with a big moment with the right play. Kirk is Kirk in the playoffs. Can't do it. Couldn't even get the ball. You had the false start by Darasson fourth and one two. But that's just part of it. And the Giants are in the same fourth and short scenario and they converted.

That was the big difference in the game. You see the playoffs where small things really you know rear their ugly heads with Kirk Cousins. But who are you intimidated by in the NFC? That's what I'm saying. That's what makes this even more embarrassing. But I trust other teams right now to right now figure it out and capitalize compared to Dallas and Kirk.

It's like the Death Fish of insanity. You're not wrong in what you're saying but who else do you trust in the NFC? The Eagles and the 49ers? The Giants just beat them. So who knows. Maybe the Panthers come out of nowhere next year.

Or maybe you don't get to make that prediction again. Maybe the Falcons with Desmond Ritter are like you know a spunky 10 and 7. Next thing you know they're going into Big D and taking down Dak Prescott. What are you sipping on during this break? Who are you sipping on? I mean who saw the Giants winning uh what they get ten wins this year? One man and one man only. Kevin Wall. I know right. No one knows who Kevin Wall is but I got to give him credit.

Does he believe it or see one of those guys I don't this is the only thing I don't know. Giants or 9-7-1 by the way? 9-7-1. They did get ten wins in the playoffs. Does Kevin Wall is he one of those fans that says no matter if you're 2 and 14 this team is going to be great next year. Like you with the Colts? They're going to be a playoff team.

No one's giving them respect. Like you with the Colts? I had reason to believe and I was not alone in my belief of them winning the division and at one point last year after you go into Arizona with no offense lineman could they be a Dark Horse Super Bowl team?

I don't think it was crazy to say yes. Who are you picking in the AFC South this year? I'm picking the Jacksonville Jaguars. I am picking the Jaguars.

I'll believe that when I see it in September. Everyone last year was picking the Colts with me. I wasn't on an island coming off a team with a bad talent. I don't I Kevin Wall could've been right and saw it coming. But it took you forever to jump off that ship. Is Kevin Wall a fan? It took you forever.

Yes it did. To walk the plank. Is Kevin Wall a fan? I tried to warn you to walk the plank.

You wouldn't do it with me. Where he says this is our year every year. I don't know.

Maybe I don't know. Now Kevin Wall I remember this conversation because I kind of laughed at him. He said the schedule was very easy. He looked at he goes tell me I'm wrong and I go okay yeah you have a decent point but why should I have any trust in your organization? When they were laughing stock of the league the last five years. Kevin Wall was the only one laughing to the bank after that one.

Yeah. So congrats to Kevin Wall. Maybe I'll have a Falcons fan call up and say this is the year for the Falcons 10 and 7 and then everyone laughs at him and then we're sitting here this time last year. Wow what a great year for the Falcons. But you did have some people believing in the Vikings.

Like when you look at this this year look at the after effect. The aftermath of the Giants beating the Vikings. People then thought it was gonna be a close game between the Giants and the Eagles and that wasn't even close. It shows you how fraudulent the Vikings were. Like even though we were saying the Vikings are fraudulent, they're fraudulent, they're fraudulent. To get pretty much manhandled where the Giants control that game even though it doesn't reflect that way in the scoreboard and people like oh the Giants are or maybe actually a lot better than what we thought.

Then they go in Philadelphia they get destroyed. It shows you that I think a lot of the public thought a little bit higher on the Vikings than what we did. I picked Minnesota to win that game against the Giants so I believed in Kirk at least for one playoff game. Yeah so did I. Let me down there thanks.

Thanks for nothing. And you know what I say when Hickey and I both pick the same team, fade, fade, fade, go the other way. Vernon Davis will join us next. The biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood One brings it to you.

Streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app. It's the Eagles versus the Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl.

Again. Catch all the action from Westwood One. Your Super Bowl your Odyssey. Get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. The biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood One brings it to you.

Streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app. The Eagles have been the NFC's best team. Touchdown Travis Kelce. It's the Eagles versus the Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl.

Again. Catch all the action from Westwood One. Your Super Bowl your Odyssey. Get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. The biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood One brings it to you.

Streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app. The Eagles have been the NFC's best team. Touchdown Travis Kelce. It's the Eagles versus the Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl.

Again. Catch all the action from Westwood One. Your Super Bowl your Odyssey.

Get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. We continue to Zach Gelb Show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio.

We inch closer and closer to Super Bowl 57 and now joining us here is a Super Bowl 50 champion. He played tight end for many years of the National Football League and Vernon Davis is here today on behalf of Smirnoff and the cocktail coordinator. Vernon great to see you as always. How you been? Good. Good. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Well I appreciate you coming on. I got to start you off with your Niners. It was an unfortunate ending to their season in Philadelphia. You have the Brock Purdy injury but everyone wants to know next year and maybe Purdy's gonna be out six months. You got the future of Trey Lance. Just what are your thoughts on the future of their quarterback position?

Well that's a that's a great question. I mean everyone's asking because they they have to they have three outstanding quarterback that we know of and we don't know what's gonna happen but I believe that the San Francisco 49ers should give Trey Lance an opportunity to get back to where he was because this guy has a lot of upside. He's going to feel like he's gonna prove everybody wrong.

He's gonna show that he's continuing to evolve and this time that he has a way from the gate. It's only to allow him to be even better as a quarterback and a leader. That's fascinating point because he basically hasn't played consistently for the last three seasons because he didn't play his final year in college because of COVID. Barely played his rookie season unfortunately got hurt this year.

What what really makes you believe that he'll be better with this time kind of on the sidelines and being away from the game and watching it from a different view? Well when I was when I go back to when I was a young guy when I first came to the NFL and my first injury that first year and I was able to step away. I wasn't playing exactly the way I was supposed to be playing and the media and everyone around started calling me a bust. They was like he's not gonna live up to his expectations but during that time when I was injured I had a chance to see everything that was going on everything that I that I was doing wrong. I grew I want to seek information I want to get better as a player and I challenged myself and I knew that if I did it getting to where I think I I should have been then it wasn't gonna work out for me. That's how I programmed myself and as a player I think as a competitor you think that way.

You always think that the next man behind you is going to move in front of you if you don't do your job. You have this faith and you know that you're gonna do your job but there's always that on your mind it's like the good guy good guy here the bad guy here right and I think that's a great thing because it allows you to be better when you go back out there because you have something to prove you want to show everybody that hey I can do this and you and you learn a thing or two from watching observing is it can be the best teacher you know because you observe and you watch the next man in front of you or the guy that's behind you when you're down and you know that the only way for you to come back up is to to prove everyone wrong and show them that you have to play this game at the highest level possible so I believe that Trey Lance it has that in his DNA and I think that he's going to be one of those guys to to come back with the vengeance and show the 49ers organization as well as the rest of the NFL that he has what it takes to be that dynamic quarterback. Was there any part of you Vernon Davis yesterday when you see the Brady announcement that he retired a little bit disappointed because there were some rumors that Brady maybe wanted to go to the 49ers and maybe there could have been some mutual interest there? You know what I was a little upset because I was thinking I'll say hey Brady goes over there I'm gonna go join George Kittle I'm gonna see what I got. Love to play with the GOAT, let's go.

Do you think you can still play? Oh come on man I tell myself the other half a son that's here 10 years old he's always challenging me I have to be better than him he can't outperform me and I tell him that all the time he's playing tight at the math at senior high school you're gonna hear about him this year he's going into the 10th grade but he's always challenging me so I got to go out there I got to be able to run routes I got to be able to run you know so I you know when I when I'm working out I work out five days a week I'm always doing the things that I did when I was playing football not necessarily using the heavy weight that I used to use but I'm sprinting pushing sleds and I'm just making sure that I can stay dynamic. Vernon Davis here with us we'll talk about Smirnoff in just a second so we all know your brother Vante also played in the NFL you have this Super Bowl you have Travis Kelce going up against Jason Kelce can you even imagine what they're going through you got two brothers going up against one another in two weeks in the Super Bowl. Yes like who do you root for if I'm if I'm if I'm there the mom or mom or dad I'm like gosh what do we do oh I gotta have a good idea I just thought about this maybe they were half of the Jersey is Kansas City right and the other app is Philadelphia she already has that Jersey the mother Donna has that Jersey she's a veteran she's ready to go but this tight end matchup though it is fascinating because we all know what Travis Kelce has done for the last few years but Dallas Goddard other than we had the Mississippi game because he got hurt he was on pace to have a masterful season what do you think about this tight end matchup with Travis Kelce and Dallas Goddard? Yeah I think Dallas is uh he's a good tight end I think he's uh he's very reliable accountable he's he's gonna be everywhere he needs to be I mean especially in this game you have to be the mindset has to be different and I know that he's going to be be that for the team but Travis Kelce is in a whole another league of his own he he's been around for a while he has experience he's been doing this he's been playoff games he's been a Super Bowl he's won a Super Bowl and he's one of the best tight ends to to do it in my opinion so far I mean he just has to keep on keep on keep on trucking I think he's top like top four five top five in touchdowns are all overall and he said it's gonna be it's what been it's gonna be a showdown it's gonna be great. For you you look back at your two Super Bowl experiences we all remember when you with the 49ers and unfortunately lost up against the Ravens and then you got traded to Denver and I know Frank Gore says oh you didn't really win that Super Bowl but you did with the Broncos how do you look back at those two experiences? I'm about to give Frank Gore a call and tell him about his business.

He still brings that up to you right? Yeah I hope he's listening but yeah now he's uh he's funny we're always getting each other a hard time but I'm very grateful very grateful for the opportunity to be able to to win a Super Bowl before I decided to hang it up and it's hard like it's hard it's few or far between because there's been guys that has played this game that's for years and never even won a Super Bowl and I think to kill spikes is one of them if I'm not mistaken but yeah it's it's just it's just hard it's tough so to be able to to walk away with the ring is a beautiful thing and to win it with a great group of guys I mean that locker room in Denver was truly amazing Peyton Manning DeMark is where some of the two of the most beautiful human beings I've ever seen and Peyton's probably gonna text me if he hear me talking about him he's gonna text me text me about a couple months ago I said something beautiful about himself over and thank you for your photos where I hear his voice too over but you put on work for him I was worried about you I can't remember did they get you in the Manning cast yet they got to get you the Manning cast right I gotta get on the Manning cast I gotta get on the Manning cast maybe after my movie comes out I go in there and talk about it what's the movie you got coming out as a movie with Morgan Freeman and I it's come out between now and March I'm waiting on it yeah yeah it's gonna be pretty cool I play a serial killer from from South Africa my name is Andoku what's that experience like how do you recap that oh man I had anxiety after that it was crazy I mean it's just because you know as a trained actor you're you're trained to live realistically in that moment so for me I'm thinking that I'm actually doing these killing so after I got done with the movie I'm right came home and I was like well I need to find a therapist it was it was tough Wow but yeah yes but it's cool though it's cool the journey is cool you can learn a lot about yourself you get to you get to meet wonderful people like Morgan and Cole Howser spent time with them it was it was beautiful I feel like I'm in I'm in two different living in two different worlds right now you know I went from football to now I'm doing this and other things it's it's pretty cool man I'm really grateful and honored tell me Vernon Davis what you're doing today on behalf of Smirnoff and the cocktail coordinator look I'm letting you guys this is all about the cocktail coordinator best job in America we're flying we're flying them down privately they're gonna spend time with me on radio row and we've been excited about this because there's only one left you know it's one one remain out of all of the contestants that we had and to be a cocktail coordinate you have to bring your very best just like anything else you have to you have to come with it and the individual that we identify is unbelievable so I'm happy excited about that it's going to be epic I can't wait let me truly amazing I know you got a run but early Super Bowl prediction you going with the Eagles are you going with the Chiefs home videos how about that that's the jail at Hertz has been a great story this year I love rooting for him yeah he's he's talented he's true found the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood 1 brings it to you streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app it's the Eagles versus the Chiefs the Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl catch all the action from Westwood 1 your Super Bowl your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today the biggest game of the year the Super Bowl is on Odyssey and Westwood 1 brings it to you streaming live for free Sunday February 12th on the Odyssey app the NFC's best team it's the Eagles versus the Chiefs the Kansas City Chiefs Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl catch all the action from Westwood 1 your Super Bowl your Odyssey get in the game and download the free Odyssey app today you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio so I thought that was a fascinating point that Vernon Davis made with us that even though Trey Lance hasn't really played in three years consistently where his last year at college was pretty much wiped away besides one game because of COVID last year didn't really get much of an opportunity in year one and then this year was supposed to be the starter and then unfortunately quickly has the the injury and was not able to return so his point was because of his upside he still believes in him and he thinks actually even though you don't want to see anyone get injured but when you're away from the field you get to see things from a different angle things are slowed down and he's actually gonna benefit from that this upcoming year and let's also be real and I know what Brock Purdy did was special this year and Brock Purdy in the NFL in that small sample size of seven games or so has done a lot more than anything that Trey Lance has done and just because you are a first-round pick a third overall pick the Niners traded up all that capital to go get you doesn't mean that you're gonna be super duper successful in this league Baker Mayfield was a number one overall pick I don't know what his NFL future is Carson Wentz was a number two overall pick doesn't look like he has much of a future Sam Darnold just recent memory of third third overall pick doesn't have much NFL future so for Trey Lance just because you're number three overall doesn't mean that you're gonna be a stud but I just don't know what to expect out of him because either he's not been given the opportunity or when given the opportunity just stinks of the circumstance that he gets hurt however if this was Trey Lance where let's say it was Jimmy G was there which he was and there was no scenario where Jimmy G to start this year was given the opportunity to there's no scenario for Trey Lance given the opportunity to be the starter I do feel like the the narrative or the conversation heck he is different because how many times do people say be patient with the young quarterback let him sit on the sideline and that kind of happened in year one but then in year two he was given that opportunity to start unfortunately gets hurt early on and now it's like up all that's out the window cuz someone else came in and looked really damn good who was the third string quarterback and did more than what Trey Lance had been able to do but if let's just say they never gave the baton to Trey Lance so that was Jimmy G and Jimmy G never got hurt this year it would have been okay he was in the NFL for for two years Trey Lance he was sitting learning and waiting and now this is go time but that time clock already started to get ticking because he was given that opportunity to start so I get Vernon Davis's point and I actually which I would not have said this before the NFC title game but because of the injury and now the uncertainty on when you're going to get Brock Purdy back he'd be back in August I do think that this is set up for Trey Lance to get every opportunity to show the reason why the 49ers drafted you is still the player that he could be and he does have I think the upper hand to win this competition already just because of the way that the Brock Purdy situation did unfold in that NFC title game I'm really excited for Trey Lance this season because look not to take anything away from what Brock Purdy accomplished but it was like we're watching him each and every week it's saying and marveling and dazzling what he's able to do physically it's like he's Patrick Rehomes or is making these impossible throws because he's a freak of nature but he didn't lose no he didn't lose but I'm saying he just basically ran the system that was all he did he just operated the system and I think if you're Trey Lance maybe you're feeling because of where you picked and you're feeling you know I got to come in here and show right away why I'm the man I think there's a chance when you kind of see what Vernon Davis talk about of watching Fred Jimmy Jean watching Brock Purdy come in and get all the success just by keeping it simple like if you're Trey Lance with more you know with better physical attribute to the stronger are more mobility you should be just keep it simple be able to take what Brock Purdy did and make it even better you would think you obviously logically we've now had this conversation since the draft where all you hear about Trey Lance is the ceiling the ceiling the ceiling the ceiling eventually you got to touch the roof eventually you got to show me something tangible now you could argue how much of a chances he had to do that so far you're one not really much and then year two you get the injury that makes him miss the entire season but all I hear about that's the one thing that concerns you about Trey Lance and I think the world of him I interviewed him once and I was so impressed when we had that conversation with him back when he was in North Dakota State and this was before even people were we're talking about him in the draft like we had him on a year before all that draft conversation and I and I was very impressed with him but fair or not how much do we really get to see them in North Dakota State not much I know he had an incredible season but then the next year unfortunate because of kovid and wiped him out the entire year and so far in the NFL there's nothing tangibly I could hold on to where I go Wow Trey Lance is gonna be this stud other than people just telling me his potential is potential is potential and I hate to be harsh here but someone once told me a wise man once told me potential means you haven't done it yet and if he doesn't show you some signs next year or give you something tangible latch on to next year I don't want to hear about this guy's potential I don't want to hear about his ceiling and whether however you want to look at it he has every opportunity this this offseason hickey and I would imagine the 49ers want him to win the job because ego plays a role in this like they didn't just draft him there's one thing when you one-off draft someone and that was just your regular draft pick they moved mountains to go get this guy and I'll just be fascinated to see at the end of next football season do we talk about Trey Lance and say Wow Trey Lance is the guy that a lot of people thought he could be coming out of college or is Trey Lance the guy that the Niners are already thinking about moving off from I'll say it's more the former I think this is a guy that's gonna play well come in keep it simple cuz again I think when you see how this offense is run with also the pieces around him you don't have to do a lot like it's I do think that you know if you are able and you come in just realizing all right it's let everyone else make the plays around me you kind of almost act like a point guard it makes life so much easier for a guy like I said who hasn't played more than three games in a season in three years now that's also assuming another thing and I know this is the nature you could play this the nature of the beast you could do this with any team Christian McCaffrey was healthy down the stretch I know he had the the he didn't miss any games though you look at Deebo Samuel at the end of the season got banged up but was able to return for the postseason run kiddel healthy watch Trey Lance will then be healthy and finally be ready to go but then you miss a piece like a Christian McCaffrey or something like that or Deebo has some time I just think it's asking a lot even with the 49ers being in such an advantageous situation for everything to come together and next year if it does come together that team should be a Super Bowl team because we talked about earlier in this hour the NFC does not have many teams that you trust and I do think people trust the 49ers roster I don't think people trust the 49ers quarterback position and I think that's been the case for the last few years now I'll give you some names here we know Purdie's in the competition we know Trey Lance is in the competition other names first off let me ask you this and I think I think you'll be in agreement here it's right to move on from Jimmy J it's right to just say he's gonna go somewhere else we're done it's either got to be Purdie or it's got to be Lance next year I have no desire to see Jimmy G once again in a 49ers uniform without a doubt it's time to go I'll give you two other names I think you're gonna laugh at the first one but there is a connection there I'm not saying this guy's going in to be the starter but do you think Matt Ryan will be in that quarterback room next year no why not I don't think he's going somewhere he's gonna be a third-string quarterback well where is he going that's I mean a fair question I'm not sure I think he tried to go to place where he could bare minimum compete I mean I'm not sure if he's even gonna be back in the NFL in general he wants to play but I who wants to know like you I mean you're gonna go to Carolina like you want to pair up with Frank Reich again I don't think so yeah I would say no won't be there's not a lot of landing spots where he can go the NFC south other than I don't think you're going back to Atlanta at this rate no no I know none of those job I don't think you're going to your arch rival well I I think he could do that right Brett Favre went to the bike I get it but it happens you'd later your career I think people understand it now drew Bledsoe played for the bills yeah things like that happen NFC north I guess you could go the Cardinals you don't play there for half a year maybe a full year of Kyler slow and you're in a dome too you are it's not bad actually Arizona nice retirement weather but like Matt Ryan's got to be realistic I know he wants to start it's not a starter anymore in the year of 2023 if he's being realistic then don't go anywhere and say with the Colts like if you're gonna just stay there and just be a mentor I just keep him under contract if I'm Indian say art mentor whoever they draft to send to San Francisco for basically for free and I have a mentor both quarterbacks like that's basically I'm with you he's probably have to be that role as a mentor more than a player how many years you have left on that contract one next year is there any dead cat money to it do you know yes it's significant or no I gotta look it's like eight eighteen or twenty something like that okay so that's not like it's not five million I know we look at dead cat now differently but that's you know that's that's something that teams could easily trim yeah it's 18 million a decade I could see Shanahan if he becomes available I could see Shanahan bringing him in I don't think he's the plan is to bring him in to start but it would not like if there's a complication with Brock Purdy and he's gonna be out longer Trey Lance doesn't perform well a lot of its trust and who you know in the NFL and it would not shock me if if Matt Ryan is a backup quarterback for the Niners now I'll give you one that I just wonder if it's worth it if let's say Shanahan's not all that bought in and he had to be convinced to draft Trey Lance and he has his questions is Derek Carr destination for the Niners assuming he gets released is that a destination for Derek Carr to wind up in San Francisco Carr should want that one to go there but with the Niners wanted I would say no I believe him when he says he's content with the two quarterbacks because I think right now with the system you have it's kind of built around having a cheap quarterback and even if Derek Carr you can negotiate your own deal and if he wants to go there I think he's gonna be taken you know close to a rookie level deal to go play in San Francisco also I don't think Derek Carr has the upside that makes you say okay we have to go bend over backwards to go bring in Derek Carr from the Niners I'd rather run with the unknown and the ceiling that you keep on hearing about about Trey Lance than going to Derek Carr. Not to diminish his career but even like what Brock you saw in the small sample says what Brock Purdy is able to accomplish like is Derek Carr gonna be that much better and that much more consistent for probably not ten times the price like I don't think so no I think it's worth it no like I also I don't know what Brock Purdy's gonna be over the course of a full season that's also the great unknown. Also fair also fair but I will try to find out then I guess throw it all away for Derek Carr. I think Lance is starting week one next year you? Oh yeah. Okay funny how that works cuz leading to the NFC title game we're both like oh it's Brock Purdy it's his team that injuries happen well come on back we'll do a little scripted or unscripted in a fun conversation that's happening around the internet these days
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