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Pro Bowl QBs Revealed (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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December 21, 2022 9:19 pm

Pro Bowl QBs Revealed (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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December 21, 2022 9:19 pm

News Brief l Terry Collins, former Mets manager l Pro Bowl rosters revealed


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Need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family? Well, Rocket can. It is the Zach Gilb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. Coming up 20 minutes from now, Terry Collins will join us.

At an hour 20 from now, we will be joined by Andrew Whitworth. Just one interesting note before we do get to a little news brief is that the Indianapolis Colts are benching Matt Ryan once again. And now Nick Foles, not Sam Ellinger, but Nick Foles is going to be taking over. And I saw Jeff Saturday say today that the plan is for Foles to be the starter for the rest of the season. Now, Hickey, the way I interpret this, and I guess the Colts can't say this publicly because maybe it becomes an issue with the union, but I would imagine with the way that this is in the contract where if the new league year does start, if Matt Ryan can't pass a physical, then his money for next year becomes fully guaranteed. I would think with three weeks left in the season, this is kind of Jim Irsay who's stepping back on in, who originally did not want Matt Ryan on the field and wanted Sam Ellinger, then Saturday comes in and I think Saturday maybe he said to Jim, if you want me to take the job, you got to let me start, I want a quarterback. Now since a few weeks have gone by, this is now a business decision where Jim goes to Jeff as much as I want you to start Matt. It's not like the team has drastically changed with Matt Ryan. Okay, we'll set him down and go to Nick Foles. Yes, and also obviously for tanking reasons, as we saw with the Dolphins, you cannot outwardly say, hey, we're not in the business of winning anymore, but also too if you're Jeff Saturday, you blow a 33-0 lead, Jim Irsay is going to do what he wants to do.

You can say, oh, I'm going to take the job, but you got to let me make the decisions. That goes out the window when you blow a 33-0 lead. Oh, you talk about tanking. NFL and CBS yesterday, and we discussed this on yesterday's show, they laid out the path that the Colts could still win this AFC South.

Shame on the Colts organization for not trying to go all in to go make a late run playoff push. I think I could be wrong. I think the exact percentage was.02 or.2. No, no, they had like I saw another tweet.

It was just like the playoff odds. Sorry, it was Steve Kornacki on a podcast I saw. Oh, Steve Kornacki, great hands with the charts and everything. You know, there's a great Steve Kornacki impression. I know there are Steve Kornacki impersonators. DA.

I've seen DA. Cap has put out a video of him imitating Steve Kornacki. It is great. DA has the hands down, the rapid pace in the voice, the high pitch voice that Kornacki has as well. I think he does a very good Steve Kornacki. I got to check it out.

I did not know there was impersonators. That's when you know you made it big time, so good for Steve. Yeah, we go from the election to them breaking down. The guy's in numbers, man. Football percentage.

And there we are at the Colts, like.2. People are having this guy on now as a guess. Well, he's an electric factor, yeah. He's an interesting guy. He's a big gambler. Apparently, he's very successful in gambling. Breaks all in numbers. You see him on TV every week.

You toggle playoff odds. Are you trying to get him for the Hot Take Hickey Show? I mean the Ryan Hickey Show on CBS Sports?

I did not reach out to Steve. I mean, he seems wired enough to where maybe he would be up at like 3 a.m. He could always pre-tape too. Well, you could, but you know. I'd like to have him on live.

Possible, but I don't know if I would go and say I'll have Steve on. I don't think he's joining a 3.20 a.m. Eastern time. Well, you never know.

Some people just can't sleep. Well, where does he actually, do you know where he lives by any chance? No idea. I was going to say if you're west coast, then maybe you have a shot. No, I would guess like Washington State. I would think like Midwest. Okay, Iowa, Nebraska. Yeah, something like that.

Maybe Chicago, maybe a die-hard like Cubs fan back in the day. I don't know. So anyway, yeah, that's why they're going to Nick Foles. Can you expect anything out of Nick Foles? No, considering he's not had one snap practice or game with the starters, I would say no.

Can't expect that. When was the last time he started a game? I think it was, I said week 11 of 2021 or 2020. I remember the COVID season.

Maybe 2020. I think it was the COVID season. He defeated Brady when he was with the Bears, Nick Foles. So he's not taking a snap this year as you just laid out. Oh, he played last year.

It was last year, right? He beat the Seahawks 25 to 24. He was 24 of 35. With the Bears?

For 250 yards. And did have a touchdown. And then in 2020, his last start was on December 27th against, no, it wasn't a start against the Jaguars. Minnesota, he was 15 to 26 and a loss. So there you go.

He did beat Tampa that year. Hopefully he's rusty. Fingers crossed. It doesn't matter. You don't have Jonathan Taylor. I don't think it matters who you start at quarterback. If the Chargers lose this weekend. They better not lose. I did not like what Nick had to say.

I know Nick Tostles, excuse me. Yes. I know he's talking more about the spread. So it's, you know, you can still win by two points and the Chargers can, it doesn't matter. You just can't lose that game. I don't like how he's confident about the Colts.

Was it plus four and a half? You don't like that. I'm actually rooting for the Colts. No, no, I don't like this. I want to see the Colts go on a three game win streak.

To end the year. I don't want to see you have a better draft pick. So yeah, go beat the Chargers. Go, go, go beat the giants. Go, go beat the Texans. I think it's safe to say that those, those hopes for at least two of the games are dashed when you're, when you see how. Well, I think the only game that's like you cannot win, I think is this weekend.

They should. I like if the giants can't be the Colts, the giant should be able to beat the Colts, but I can't tell you that's a lock. I know. Yeah. And then the Texans, I know they've been playing Grady the last two weeks, but they shouldn't be.

Maybe they'll get lucky. And this is that Gelb show on CBS sports radio. Let's update you on the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio. We call that segment the news brief time for your daily news brief.

We get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Jerry Jones gives his thoughts on Dak Prescott's recent play on one of five, three, the fan outstanding. We can win with him playing like that to be tried. I thought he played outstanding. And as we see, he wasn't playing against job liver out there. And so I thought he did really well.

I thought he made good decisions overall. We can, if he'll play like that, we can win most games. Can you say that Dak Prescott's been playing outstanding football right now?

Hickey? No, not outstanding. Yeah, I can't either. Now I'm not going to crush him for his performance against the Jaguars. They did score 34 points, but the week before that against the Texans, he had two picks against them. You had to squeeze one out against the Texans. The Jaguars are at least trending to being a good team.

The Texans aren't. So I can't say he's outstanding. I'm not saying he's playing horribly, but outstanding is you're A plus. He's not been an A plus quarterback this year.

Let's go to Trevor Lawrence. He says he doesn't care how we play. It's just as long as the results are a win. We do whatever it takes to win the game. Who knows what it's going to take for us to win that game out of myself. Maybe we're running the ball great. Maybe we're throwing it great. Who knows what that's going to be, but whatever it takes to win, that's the goal.

Not really anything else. And Doug Peterson says he's not getting caught up in all the playoff hype. I'm not thinking past Thursday, quite honestly. You know, listen, this is a, we got a good football team that we're going up against Thursday night, but anything's possible. I understand that, you know, and what we've done the last couple of weeks. I mean, it's just, it's two games, you know, still got a big, big road ahead. Yeah, you're going to get traditional coach speak right there, but I don't think you're human when you look up at the standings with you being more of a bad team than a good team this year and not think, okay, we got a chance to go make the playoffs, but you got to take it one game at a time, especially when you're the head honcho.

And that's the way that you got to approach it. Zach Wilson says he hasn't lost his confidence at all. I've always believed in myself since day one. And regardless if anybody else does or not, I've always believed in myself. And at the end of the day, I have a great support system. And I think the guys around me, you know, they believe in me as well.

And, and, you know, I just want to go out there and just do everything I can to help us get the job done offensively to help us win games. Like what else is he supposed to say? Hickey, but there's no way he could actually believe that everyone else around him around him does believe in him when a you got bench. And the only reason you're playing is because Mike White got hurt and look at that team just responded even though there were two losses. Um, but look how they responded to Mike White and just kind of supported him going into that Vikings game wearing those t-shirts.

He can't feel as if you're wanted. If you're Zach Wilson, not only has a team, I like said, rallied around Mike White, but even you watch Sunday's game gets Alliance TV shot. Gary Wilson's throwing his hands up in the air. Elijah Moore's upset. Like ever she was upset with bad throws. Right?

It's not good. Did you notice that on Sunday, every time there was a bad play, they went right to Mike White on the sideline. How many times are you going to show Mike White?

I show him a few times. I don't need to see my wife every play he is right now. The guy who wants to look at he's in the Jerry Jones role. When Jerry Jones is in a close game, they just always show Jerry Jones. That is now Mike White.

Whoever thought we'd be mentioning Mike White and Jerry Jones in the same sentence. One more on Zach Wilson. He says he doesn't feel any extra pressure to play well. Just being grateful to be on this team and being with the guys.

And so, you know, for me, it was like, just go out there and have fun. Just go out there and enjoy being around these guys and do the good plays, the bad plays, you know, just, you know, really be grateful to be able to just play football. Now, he put his own foot in his mouth when he said that he didn't feel like he let the defense down after that loss, the second loss to the Patriots. Do you get the sense, Hickey, that now he's afraid to just speak and say the wrong thing again?

Because I don't know, maybe it's because you don't want to admit it, but you got to feel pressure right now. You have to understand that you got benched and now this is an opportunity to prove and show everyone maybe their analysis on you was wrong. I think that learning lesson from the past game for you kind of showed you how much weight his words carry. And if you like, realistic, if he said, Yeah, I'm feeling the pressure. I'm nervous going into Thursday. We're crushing him. No, but I think the way you could say it is I hear the pressure.

I know I got to play well and I will play well. I think you could answer it that way. He kind of just comes off to me now as kind of that dog that has his tail in between his legs. Because you know who Zach Wilson is, you know what he wants to say, but now he's not saying that. So like it is learning and you do got to reel it back in a little bit. But I think now he's reeled in a little bit too much.

Did you see what he did, by the way, for his offense alignment? I did. Got him some gifts. You could buy a happiness, I guess, back.

I'll see how they block on Thursday night. Bought them all motorized scooters. Yes, that's the thing now. Would you be buying when you just got benched and the whole team turns on you?

Would you then go buy your your Lyman motorized scooters? You know, that's a funny thing. You brought that up. I was saying the same thing.

The keys started majority games, but there's three different starters for the Jets this year. I guess you're still the face. I probably would, especially with starting on Thursday night. Yeah, I think you have to.

Now I'm a big holiday gift guy and those are coming, so don't worry. But. If I'm if I was in his shoes, I was out the beginning of the year, then I come back, then I just got benched, like maybe he already bought them. I would have a tough time given the team that just turned on me for.

No one else's fault, but himself. But you're just trying to go through the mind of Zach Wilson. I would have a tough time giving it like I know they're protecting me, but still even given those guys. Any gifts would have the whole team just turned on me. Does Mike White have to also now get a gift? No, that team loves him.

No, I don't think so. Started two games. That's not enough. Well, what's Mike White's contract? That's the question.

I'll pull it up. How much you think Mike White? There's no way he's making a lot of money. No, but I mean, it's not about the money.

It's about the gesture. Yeah, but I'm not saying it's to get a motorized scooters, but I mean, well, it's a hot tub. First of all, Mike White's doing OK. You say hot tub? Yeah, I said it doesn't have to be something crazy, but like, you know, who gives a hot tub?

I don't know. I feel like now you see all you see is motorized scooters. Here's your Josh Rosen jacuzzi hot tub.

What? Zach Wilson got the hot tub. Josh Allen got the scooters. If I was a quarterback, I'd try to do something different. I think the, I think the, the hog mollies would appreciate a hot tub. 2.5 million Mike White's making this year.

So he's doing OK. But it's like, it's not about what you're getting paid, isn't it? You're the starter.

You're the guy we ran around. You got to get a gift. The quarterback has to take care of the offensive line.

It's also how much you're getting paid. Even though everyone loves Mike White, no one's like, oh, Mike White's the face of the franchise right now. So watch. I think there's an understanding that Mike White doesn't need to get you a gift.

That's just me. Davos Sweeney says Clemson built their program through NIL. OK, let's see how this sounded. Thinking through it. And I honestly, I mean, for me, we built this program on NIL.

We really did. And it's probably different than what you're thinking, though. We built this program in God's name, image and likeness. And that's how I look at it. What the heck does that mean? We built the program through God's name, image and likeness.

I know Dabo is very religious and this isn't a shot at anyone being really religious, but you know what NIL means to say you built it through God's name, image and likeness. I don't even get what he's trying to say there. It's just another way for him to take a shot at NIL. He's not been shy about hating the entire players getting paid. He's never been on board. He said he would quit his job and get a new job if players are getting paid as a college coach, which does not follow through on that.

Thanks, Dabo. I think it's just another shot, another example of him just not taking it seriously. Or maybe he was actually paying everyone and then he's like, oh, I can't actually admit I was paying everyone for all those years.

So, yeah, it was God's name, image and likeness that we were building this program. So WFAN earlier this morning, they had a caller who claimed he broke his wrist in excitement when he found out that Carlos Correa was signing with the Mets. This courtesy of the WFAN Morning Show with Boomer Esiason and Greg Gianotti. Did you at least go to, like, an urgent care or a doctor to get, like, a cast or something, walking around with a broken wrist and not feeling it because of your elation? I don't feel anything. That's great. The best Christmas present I can get is combed. Thank you very much, Mr. Comb.

I love you. Have you ever injured yourself? First off, that's a great story. But have you ever injured yourself celebrating a sports event or just being really annoyed from news or any sporting event? Thankfully, no.

Thankfully, no. I kind of did so. When the Rangers beat the Penguins last year on the Artemi Preneron overtime goal in game seven, I was at my parents' house and my parents have really low ceilings and I'm six foot four. And I jumped up and my head almost went through the basement, like the ceiling of the basement, and I fell right down and my brother-in-law thought I was injured and I got right back up.

I'm like, I don't even care if I'm concussed. The Rangers just won. And I ran outside and then yelled into a phone to do some video to troll Andrew Filipponi. And last one, real quickly, I know it's a little bit long, but Franco Harris discusses the Immaculate Reception. This is back on the Zach Gilb show, our show obviously, in 2020.

Franco Harris unfortunately did pass away at the age of 72. In the moment, you didn't know how it was going to be talked about forever, but what were you thinking after that game when you were in the locker room? Well, you know what? I was still in a day not knowing what happened and really not knowing the scope of it at that time. I don't think any of us did. Any of us realized the scope of that play. We just didn't grasp it that this was the first playoff game the Steelers ever won.

Well, really it was only the second time in their whole 40-year history they were in the playoffs. So we didn't grasp it because we were looking towards next week now, right? Because now we're going to the championship game. This is my rookie year, right?

You know, I'm having this phenomenal year at that play. Now we're going to the championship game, the game before the Super Bowl. I mean, so much is happening. We didn't even think about it. And I tell people this, which is very surprising, that during that whole decade we really didn't reflect on it.

It's funny. We didn't reflect on it until it was all over and then we started to look back. But while we were winning Super Bowls and doing what we were doing during the 70s, we never sat down and talked about last year or a couple of years ago.

You know, we just didn't reflect back at that time, which is interesting. But now that we're older, slowed down, I guess we reflect back and like also, you know, looking at the 100-year history of the NFL, knowing that our 70s Steelers were a big part of it, and you look back and you say, this is where it all began. It all began right here where, you know, like I always tell people that Mr. Rooney left his box when Kenny Stabler scored. Mr. Rooney left his box to go downstairs because he thought they lost again because the Steelers always found a way to lose.

So he left his box and once again, we're going to lose. We were winning, but not anymore. And when he got off that elevator, he was a winner because we found a way to win. And we went on to do that for the rest of the decade. So we changed the worst team in NFL history, which were the Steelers, from 1933 to 1971, the worst team in history to where we went to the best team in history and what happened in the 70s. So quite a transformation and it was great being a part of that and knowing that that play helped kick off what we were about to do. And I also tell Bradshaw, I said, Terry, you know, you have to remember that what was your first touchdown ever in the playoffs? The immaculate reception. Love that conversation that we had in 2020 with Franco Harris and may he rest in peace.

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That's right. It is the Zach Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. As you know by now Carlos Correa the other day was supposed to be introduced as the newest member of the San Francisco Giants and there was a hiccup in the medical reports. And the next thing you know in the middle of the night last night Steve Cohen swoops in and now Carlos Correa is off to Queens to join the New York Mets. And now joining us to talk about it all on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio is a former big league manager.

Of course did manage the Mets of the World Series and also did manage the Astros and Angels and that is Terry Collins. Terry appreciate the time. How are you? Great Zach. How are you?

I'm doing fantastic. So take me through your reaction and how you found out about this Carlos Correa news. Well I will tell you Zach when I heard about it today the first thing that in my mind is I'm not I wasn't shocked.

Nothing surprises me anymore. You know anything can happen in the game and certainly with the activity of Steve Cohen and the way he's going about things nothing shocks me. And I think it's a great move. I actually talked to Buck today and congratulated him on the sign and said how much fun it's going to be to watch this team play. Was Buck at all surprised the way that this did go down because it looked like and everything that reported he was ready to have his introductory press conference with the Giants. Yeah I think Buck was surprised by it all.

You know certainly you know you got to be because like everybody we were waiting to see the press conference in San Francisco and certainly I don't have any of the details on what happened what went down. But you know I know one thing you know he's a great player and Steve Cohen has made it pretty public that he's going after great players and he got another good one. There's some people and I think it's people that are very jealous of Steve Cohen and wish their owner would do this or saying today Steve Cohen is bad for the game of baseball and Major League Baseball needs to step in and do something. What do you say to the jealous people like that.

Yeah well too bad you know hang with them. You know they look nobody nobody tells anybody how to spend their money no matter what they do. Steve Cohen wants to win in the worst way he wants to bring a championship to New York and certainly being a huge Mets fan himself he want that that that championship team to be the New York Mets. And you can't you know I understand it you know I understand you know hey look not all the owners had that kind of money well you know that's just the way the game is you know for years for years everybody was the envy of the Yankees when George was running the Yankees and they got every every good player out there. So I don't I think it's great for baseball I think it's great for New York and certainly for the New York Mets. Talking to Terry Collins that infield Terry it's really something with Alonzo McNeil Correa and Lindor I can't wait to see how this plays out. Oh I can't either I you know and I as I told bucket I said you know about the one thing you did last year you got these guys to play the game right they hustle they did all the things they were supposed to hit cut off man they hit relay man and you now you put great players on the field and you get them to play like that. This is this team's really going to be a fun team to watch when you look at the rotation this year for the Mets the Grom out Bassett out but you insert Sanga and then also obviously Justin Verlander how do you think about what feels like the Mets swapped out those two guys and brought in two new pitchers.

Well certainly you know obviously with Justin you know coming off the Tommy John the way he is you know I think he's probably got a lot more left in his arm. And Max matches Max I mean the competitiveness of Max Scherzer takes over his stuff's good I mean it probably wasn't what it used to be about four or five years ago but it's still very very good but his competitiveness makes it even better. And then you add you know you put those guys Sanga you know I spent two years in Japan I know all about Japanese pitching and he if he's as good as everybody says until it just passed the United States. I think Cookie Carrasco continues to get better after his injuries and it got some depth with with McGill and you know David Peterson and I'm looking forward to seeing Cantana because you know what when you got a competitive staff which the Mets have they you know they bleed off they feed off each other.

The competition with hey look you pitch good well I'm going to pitch good tomorrow night so I just think it's a really really good looking staff. I know you were very close and probably still are with Jacob deGrom he's now with the Texas Rangers on a lucrative contract. Just how did you take the deGrom news when you found out about it. Well I was really disappointed very very disappointed you know because I was there Zach one time when I was in the locker room where David and Jake were talking about you know spending their entire career with one with one team and how exciting it was going to be and David was always very very excited about ending his career with the Mets and Jake kind of bought in and she did that would be great so I don't know what happened. Maybe the money got big maybe something else that I don't even know but you know I love Jake deGrom and I think the Mets are going to miss him. I think the fan base is going to miss him but you know what you got to move on and certainly now we're going to root for some other guys. I feel like though deGrom leaving Terry did motivate Cohen to go to an extra level that even I didn't know he was capable of going to.

Yeah I mean now he's he set the bar for everybody. Hey look you know there's nothing that's going to get in the way of him putting out a quality team on the field and you know what he said hey look every fan deserves this and I think that's a great way to look at it and I'm very proud of what Steve's done and certainly you know the energy back in that ballpark this year is going to be just something to see. You know Colin's here with us we know how great the NL East was a year ago but these teams got even better you know look at Philadelphia bringing in Trey Turner we talked about what the Mets did the Braves have been an unbelievable force this is going to be one heck of a division once again Terry. It's going to be a very very good division obviously you know I tell you the Braves losing Swanson is going to be a big piece he was a very very big piece of that team but you know they got that good pitching still and they've got some very very good offensive clean. Oh come on there's going to be have another year you know coming off that injury that he had so they're going to be directed with but the Phillies are going to be the team I think it's going to really be the team you've got to compete against right now.

I know baseball is a business. It was a bizarre for you this year to see Cindy guard go to the Phillies and now off to the Dodgers especially with your your connection with Cindy guard and maybe some of the things you said to that umpire where Thor threw behind not Lee. Yeah you know I love Noah you know you know I could tell you that some of the things you know when he was just a young man he had when he first came up he asked all the right questions you went about his job correctly. You know he took the ball there were a lot of nights after the chase that Lee incident you know the deep when he in game five he said look I'll do whatever you need me to you need me to throw it somebody I'll throw at him. Anyway he had that tremendous outlook and yeah it was pretty tough you know watching me and Zach and the Phillies during during the World Series you know I'm thinking about you know it and I did a story about what it was like that never got getting the chance to see those five young tremendous starting pitchers on the same staff that I thought would have been really the base of the New York Mets for a long time.

But you know the game has moved on the game is different and certainly now I'm excited for everybody I hope Noah gets back to where he used to be because you know that he had the chance to be in one of the best pitchers in the game. Terry Collins today the Yankees name Aaron judge their captain they had the press conference since he resigned that contract with the Yankees did you ever think he was going to leave New York because there was some talk about San Francisco. No I didn't think he was leaving the Yankees. No I knew that when his push came to shove the Yankees weren't going to let him go. You know that's that's one of the things about free agency. You know and I think Aaron really wanted to be a Yankee deep inside. You know you you sit there and you play every day in front of all those monuments and center field knowing that at some time you're going to have one out there.

You know that that's pretty special. When you look at Shelly Otani he's in the final year of his contract. I'm starting to think and I've been thinking this the last few weeks that if the angels don't perform well this year they're probably going to look to trade him. I would not rule out the Mets right with Steve Cohen. I would neither.

I would not rule out the Mets and I will say you know I wouldn't rule out the New York Yankees either. I think show he's going to be good. He's going to be in such demand and you know you've got it. You know if you're going to get him in trade though you better you better be prepared to give up some top line young players and a few of them. And then I think you know that's what I've always said about the good team. They look they're not afraid to trade good young players because they'll develop more. They'll go sign good players and they'll develop good players and that should never stand in the way of making yourself better. Yeah I'll never forget when Otani came over to Major League Baseball and you hear all the comparisons to Babe Ruth because of the pitching and the hitting and all that and it almost seems like mythical because we haven't seen someone do that obviously in forever. Never in my lifetime. You've been a baseball lifer to see what Otani has done and how quickly he's taken the sport by storm and surviving through some of those injuries early on in his career to now see how dominant it is.

How do you kind of process it. Well obviously he's a tremendous talent one of a kind talent. You know you can you know the game's a little different over here in the United States. We've got some guys there's there's some guys that I've seen you know you want to assess but to see if you wanted to put you could have went to the mound through 95 98 2. You know this guy had one of the greatest times I ever saw. So but you know your show is has been able to come over here and do it and do it on both sides of the ball. And you know it's a special talent and certainly you know I would hope the Angels do something because you know to get to get a chance to see Mike Trout and Shelley Otani on a nightly basis would be fun fun to do. It's really a shame when you look at trout's career and we know how great he is the fact that he's only played in one postseason it's only been three games and that's just crazy to me. It is crazy I mean because there's a lot of guys who ride that star player and you know and certainly you know Mike he's one of those guys that goes out three plays a lot of games he plays a lot of innings.

And you know it's starting to where it's starting to show the wear and tear on which is what you expect to you know as you continue to age in baseball. But you know he's really truly one of the great players in the game and we'll see it's going to be fun to see what happens next year with time. We talked about the moves that the Mets have made adding and bolstering to their lineup. You also then take a look at the Padres who got Soto at the deadline.

You're going to eventually get back Fernando Tatis Jr. after he serves his suspension. You sign Xander Bogart you have Machado on that roster you go on and on and on. As a manager when you have so many weapons in place how do you kind of manage the team and keep everybody happy and know how to press the right buttons? Well you know and again Zach the game is different now. You know there's such a staff of performance guys that you know will tell you about you know guys are going to need days off.

You know a few years ago I mean you couldn't you couldn't wrestle David right out of the lineup. Well nowadays you know there's the schedule going to be put down that hey you're going to get days off. And so what it's going to mean is hey look you've always got you've got a quality guy to put in. You know you certainly there's guys who are versatile put in a different spot. But the idea is the main idea is to make sure you get your star players you know 450 at bats.

That's going to be that's going to be the challenge because those are the guys are going to win and win the pennants for you. Terry Collins always do appreciate our conversations. Thanks so much have a good holiday season. All right Zach happy holidays you guys.

Good to talk to you. Take care. Many of us are already planning our New Year's resolutions to work out more in 2023.

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O'Reilly Auto Parts. So Hickey the Pro Bowl rosters were just announced. downs. Now, the Pro Bowl has changed this year where it's a few days of competition and I guess it's like competitive skills and then they'll have a flag football game. I usually don't care for the Pro Bowl. I don't anticipate watching whatever the NFL is putting on this year, but maybe with the new format you get like a little bit intrigued, but I can't see myself, Hickey, really going out of my way. I think it's on February 5th to go watch the Pro Bowl.

If I'm at any point on that weekend watching any sort of Pro Bowl festivities, I'm not kidding, kick me off the show, fire me, and check me into, I don't know, I would rehab somewhere because I need a clinic. I would really need some help. Oh, are you the right messenger for that? Wouldn't you mind the right messenger? For what?

For needing help? You did make the third preseason game of the year for the Colts. You said it is a big game and you altered your plans and ditched your girlfriend to watch a preseason game. It was the biggest preseason game of my life and it foreshadowed the season because the Colts offense did not play very good.

I didn't want to believe it at the time, but little do we know, sitting here week 16, it makes sense. But you could see how I view that a little bit hypocritical. Oh, I will never watch the Pro Bowl and if you find out that I do watch the Pro Bowl that weekend, like lock me up and throw away the key. But then you were the same jackass four months ago that was saying, I gotta watch preseason game number three and then preseason football in the NFL.

A little hypocritical. What does that tell you about how meaningless the Pro Bowl is? That should tell you right then and there that if I'm at one point in this season prioritizing a preseason game and now spitting on the Pro Bowl, that should tell you right then and there how little anyone should care about it. So hickey standards, preseason football, well excuse me, postseason football number one.

Then you go regular season football number two. Then a slight drop off preseason football. Big gap.

It's still a big gap. It's just a one-off situation where I want to see the offense together for the first time. And then all the way down is the Pro Bowl is what you're saying. Not even on the list if possible. If we have to include this, fine.

But like if you could leave it off, that's it honestly. Gotcha. Okay. Real quickly, do you think there's three quarterbacks selected in the AFC and three quarterbacks selected in the NFC? Do you think you could guess all six quarterbacks? Yes.

Start AFC. Let's start with the easier one. Question for you really quickly. Is the voting, is this just the fan vote or is this like everything compiled?

Everything compiled. Not that I am an expert here in the Pro Bowl voting, but I don't want to give this away. I will explain why I think this is everything factored in. Because you can tell sometimes big fan bases if it's like, let's just say Brock Purdy as the NFC quarterback.

Okay, fine. The NFC, the Niners got to the voting, but okay. AFC, I will say hot take Patrick Holmes, Pro Bowl quarterback. You would be correct. Okay, we are one for one.

I will say Josh Allen, Pro Bowl quarterback from the AFC. You would be correct. Okay, this is actually kind of tough. Third and final one.

Joe Burrows playing well, but I'm afraid for the voting he is playing a little too well, little too late. Can I, can I just say one thing? Tua did win the fan vote. So Tua? No.

Okay. I was, I'm really between Burrow and Herbert. How can a social media quarterback be starting the Pro Bowl?

That's what Emmanuel Acho is saying. I will say the third and final quarterback. I will say Joe Burrow.

You are correct. Mahomes, Allen and Burrow. So Barry Jackson, this was a tweet that I saw. So when you asked this question, I had no clue what was the voting process, but I was able to use some clues here. Mahomes, Burrow and Allen beat out Tua Tonga-Wailoa in the coach and player vote, thus overcoming Tua winning the fan vote. So Tua left off the AFC Pro Bowl team, despite leading the league in passing rating.

So I guess you have a fan vote, a coach vote and a player vote. And the coach and the players said Mahomes, Burrow, Allen, the fans went with Tua Tonga-Wailoa. Well, I mean, I'm a little bit partisan on the outside, but the Tua-9 showed up strong. The Tua-9 said Tua. That's who's voting Tua. True. To their credit, they won.

And those are your people. Tua-9 was out. You are in the Tua-9. I'm on the outside periphery. No, no.

You are fully invested in the Tua-9. No, I'm not. And the leader's in the middle giving any speeches. I'm not saying you're a leader. You're just fully invested. You are a member. You are in the inner circle. You're in the circle of trust. No, but you are. I'm like walking by in the street. Oh, there's two. Yeah, like two.

I'll stand by. But isn't that kind of the first rule if you're in the Tua-9? Don't talk about the Tua-9? Well, no, because they do publicly out themselves all the time. But maybe there are some members that don't reveal some of the things that go inside the Tua-9. So they want to avoid some questions. So they don't want to admit they're in the Tua-9.

Well, a lot of them probably hide behind burners if we're being real. Okay, NFC. By the way, no one could have predicted the NFC quarterbacks that ended up making the Pro Bowl before the year started.

You could have maybe got one before the start of the year. I will say, let's start off with what should be an easy one. Jalen Hurts. Jalen Hurts, yes. He is the starter. I will say Kirk Cousins got voted in.

Oh, real quickly, just because I don't think I gave you the order here. Mahomes was the starter in the AFC, then it was Allen and Burrow. You are right, though, in Jalen Hurts, he is the starter in the NFC.

And then who'd you say? Kirk Cousins. Now, I don't know if this is the depth chart, but Kirk Cousins is one of the top three.

He was listed third, though. This is really tough. I don't know. Let's see.

Where am I going to go here? I'm trying to eliminate quarterbacks in my brain. Well, tell me who you're thinking of that you're eliminating.

I eliminated off top of the head, anyone on the commanders, easy. Yes. Giants down, Jones out.

Correct. Justin Fields out. So you're considering Dak.

I'm considering Dak. Okay. Fields out. Yes.

I will say Aaron Rodgers out. Yes. Okay. I will go Tom Brady out. Correct. I know everyone.

I mean, I'll just save the time. Everyone in the NFC South out. Stafford out.

Yes. Garoppolo slash Lance slash Purdy out. Did I say Stafford? If not, Kyler out.

Jeez. I'm standing here between Geno Smith, Jared Goff, and Dak Prescott. I will give final answer. I will say Jared Goff, Pro Bowl quarterback. Dak Prescott, Pro Bowl quarterback. Geno Smith, really? Yeah, he leads the league in completion percentage at 71.4%. Tua has apparently the highest passer rating.

That didn't get him anything. It also hurts when you're a tougher AFC. But wow, Geno Smith. So just like we thought, the Seahawks got themselves a Pro Bowl quarterback and the Broncos got themselves a bottom five quarterback.

Yeah. Think about this before the start of season. The AFC quarterbacks are, nothing shocks you. Mahomes Allen Burrow. The NFC, if I would have told you for the year, no Rogers, no Brady, you would have never believed that. If I told you Kirk Cousins, believable, not out of the realm of possibilities with the weapons that he has on offense. Made it last year, I believe, over Matthew Stafford, in part, because... Well, how many times he had people... Cousins went home or Stafford's going to the Super Bowl.

Yeah. If I would have told you the initial rankings, Jalen Hurts and Geno Smith. And I was optimistic about Jalen Hurts. And I thought he was going to win the NFCs. Pro Bowl MVP, no shot. And Geno, I would have thought he would have got punched in the mouth by week three. If he would have even made it to week three, that would have been an improvement. This guy's not leading the league in completion percentage. That's wild.

Good thing no one keeps calling him. What is this saying? That stupid saying still gets me upset.

Some people wrote me off. That's it. But I didn't write that.

That's it. Thank you. Now Geno Smith is riding back to the Pro Bowl, but it's a flag football game and a skill competition. Congrats, Geno. Geno! Geno! Geno! I love that. Geno Smith, Pro Bowl quarterback.

Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. Many of us are already planning our New Year's resolutions to work out more in 2023. But let's face it, they rarely stick. Well, Peloton's got a gift for you. Get up to $200 off accessories like non-slip grip dumbbells, cycling shoes, heart rate monitors, and more with the purchase of a Peloton bike, bike plus, or Tread. Don't wait. Get this offer before it ends on December 25th. Visit All access membership separate offer ends December 25th. Cannot be combined with other offers. See additional terms at Many of us are already planning our New Year's resolutions to work out more in 2023.

But let's face it, they rarely stick. Well, Peloton's got a gift for you. Get up to $200 off accessories like non-slip grip dumbbells, cycling shoes, heart rate monitors, and more with the purchase of a Peloton bike, bike plus, or Tread. Don't wait. Get this offer before it ends on December 25th. Visit All access membership separate offer ends December 25th. Cannot be combined with other offers. See additional terms at Many of us are already planning our New Year's resolutions to work out more in 2023.

But let's face it, they rarely stick. Well, Peloton's got a gift for you. Get up to $200 off accessories like non-slip grip dumbbells, cycling shoes, heart rate monitors, and more with the purchase of a Peloton bike, bike plus, or Tread. Don't wait. Get this offer before it ends on December 25th. Visit All access membership separate offer ends December 25th. Cannot be combined with other offers. See additional terms at
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