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This QB or That QB? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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November 10, 2022 9:24 pm

This QB or That QB? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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November 10, 2022 9:24 pm

This QB or That QB? l NFL MVP odds l Who should Nebraska pursue as their next head coach?


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Hour number three of our radio program coming up an hour 20 minutes from now. We will be joined by Jets running back Michael Carter at a touchdown last week. Jets six and three as they enter their bye week. As then coming out of the bye they will have the New England Patriots.

But they were able to beat the Buffalo Bills last weekend. Big time victory. Big time coming from behind win for the JTS Jets, Jets, Jets.

So Michael Carter going to be stopping by in about a little under 90 minutes or so. But first up it is week 10 of the NFL season and a monsoon tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina. You have the Panthers going up against the Atlanta Falcons. So we got to do a little week 10 of this QB or that QB. Now hot take Kiki you did this so perfectly last week.

Give you a little disclaimer and a little spiel that you always give before we start this segment. Well just for the audience's sake that they know. We are talking about just this week which court I could drive out in this game and this game only. Not for the year, not for the career, not for the season. Just one game injury status. How they're playing is all taken into account when you're deciding between this QB or that QB. Now just to be clear this is not which QB I definitely think is going to win the game. It's just which QB would I rather have if all things were equal right? In this exact matchup yes.

Okie dokie. So for example let's start with the Thursday night game. PJ Walker versus Marcus Mariota which quarterback for this game would you rather have on your team? And this is personal.

Personal. Because we got the T for Temple you former quarterback and PJ Walker. And he played great the last time these two teams matched up. Now it's gonna be a lot of running the football. Both of these quarterbacks could run. The more consistent runner this year has been Marcus Mariota.

Now he's got more playing time and more of an opportunity. But I will slightly trust Marcus Mariota more than the great American Athletic Conference winning quarterback XFL star and PJ Walker. Let's go international Zach.

Munich, Germany to be exact. 9 30 a.m. Eastern kick here on Sunday. Seahawks Buccaneers. Who would you rather have for this game? Tom Brady or Geno Smith? Again one game only with how they are playing so far Geno Smith I was just gonna wow you're gonna do it good for you Geno Smith here's what concerns me and I am like the biggest Brady fan on the planet I know I love Tom Brady more than Gisele Bunch and let me just say that especially these days the execution and effort debate that they're having where Brady thinks it's a lack of effort Todd Bowles thinks it's a lack of execution that concerns me a little bit we all know Brady by far and away is a better quarterback than Geno Smith Brady's the goat but Geno Smith has those guys believe in him right now I'm not saying Brady's not the Bucks believe in him but they've just been better this year and Geno right now is the most accurate quarterback in football and dare I say it he's playing like a top five quarterback in the league he's playing like an MVP candidate now I don't think all the problems are the fault of Brady the offensive line stinks and that's usually the root of the problem whenever Tom Brady struggles but right now I think the answer is Geno Smith I feel like really dirty just saying that I feel like morass pooping my pants or something like that I'll give Andrew Perloff a lot of credit who I thought said something earlier today was very funny Geno Smith's gonna be like the David Hasselhoff after this game if he plays well just an absolute star and like the people of Germany they're gonna see their first NFL game Geno lights it up for like 300 yards three touchdowns and they're going to be a god man a lot on the line here a lot on the line and that's your best pal Andrew Perloff I like Andrew you guys are very close you're rubbing elbows on the flight back from Las Vegas you guys had a lot of bonding time on that flight he's a Pennsylvania guy he knows a lot of you know a lot about Penn State I'm a Penn Stater yeah originally I thought I was a little bit annoyed that I wasn't sitting with you guys because I felt like I was left out of the party and all the fun conversation but I'll let you two have your conversations because I'm fine on the plane just being by myself and catching up on some disease all right next quarterback Sunday let's go to Orchard Park Kirk Cousins or an injured right now Josh Allen his status still for Sunday is unknown so we'll do a little Josh Allen slash uh Case Keenum because for the second straight day earlier today Josh Allen did not practice well if everyone was healthy the clear answer would be Josh Allen you'd be an idiot a moron and a dope to say otherwise I don't think Josh Allen's playing this week I don't think Josh Allen's playing next week I think he'll make his return on that Thursday of Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Thursday so yeah I'd rather have Kirk Cousins over Case Keenum not even close it appears so we'll go into the assumption that Ryan Tannehill is going to play on Sunday for the Titans would you rather have Ryan Tannehill or Russell Wilson can I take neither can I go Malik Willis I would go Russ Russ has played like crap I'm not a believer in Ryan Tannehill though Henry's just going to be running I would still run run run run run run run and then run some more I would slightly go Russ but I I don't feel great about either how about Davis Mills or Daniel Jones oh not even close Daniel Jones in a second Davis Mills remember when people going into this off season because of the way that Davis Mills played sporadically last year people thought oh Davis Mills if you actually watch the games he may have been the best quarterback out of all the quarterbacks that played last year that were rookies like those are some things that I was here now you turn on a radio station in Houston everyone's like oh Davis Mills stinks got to get him out can't win with them can't have them they got to go draft a quarterback next year not that Daniel Jones is this great quarterback but he's been playing well this year and here's one thing I guarantee you Daniel Jones will have a successful day running the football and that may be enough for the Giants to take down the Texans I will though say isn't this the first must-win game this year for the Giants and what I mean by that there was no expectations they were surprising people left and right now if you lose this game to the Giants I mean to the Texans I do believe people start to second-guess this team again not that anyone actually believes that the Giants are this great team but I do fully expect the Giants to make the playoffs and they just lost to the Seahawks not a bad loss then they had their bye week coming out of the bye at six and two all I'm saying is you can still make the playoffs even if you lose this game but if you lose this game I think a lot of people start to look at you and go hmm are you gonna start to crumble the Giants need to win this game because then they get to seven and two I don't see it any way that they end up missing the playoffs so they get to seven and two how about Andy Dalton or Kenny Pickett oh that's ugly Kenny Pickett because of the mobility factor Andy Dalton now is pretty much a statue Andy Dalton now all I could think about are those two interceptions up against the Arizona Cardinals a few weeks ago that were horrible horrible horrible throws I not that Kenny Pickett has been great but I would I would give the benefit of the doubt to Kenny Pickett over Andy Dandy Dalton Mike McCarthy is making his much anticipated return to Lambeau Field does he have the quarterback advantage bringing Dak Prescott into Lambeau going against Aaron Rodgers now we all know Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Dak Prescott it's not even close attitude matters though and I don't know what I'm gonna get from an attitude level and a compete level from Aaron Rodgers this week you would think the game would mean something to him because no matter how much bullcrap he gives you in spews this week about how he loves Mike McCarthy blah blah blah blah blah it ended really ugly between those two and it got really personal so I'm not saying that Rodgers doesn't want to win but how quickly do you tap out when things don't go your way and can you overcome that adversity attitude matters to me I don't know what to expect out of Rodgers right now he's not we know Dak is not a better quarterback than Rodgers but for this week and this week only I'd rather have Dak I'm gonna kind of amend a rule here we're just going to the assumption I know Matthew Saveritt's inc concussion protocol probably won't play but let's just especially did you see the things that his wife was posting and she's been very outspoken about head injuries and how the NFL needs to take that seriously she was even responding a little bit to the news today I would be she didn't say that he wasn't going to play from what I saw but I'd be stunned if he plays let's just pretend he's going to play if this was the case would you rather Matthew Stafford or Kyler Murray Kyler not that I love Kyler and Stafford is a better quarterback but both these offenses are struggling and Stafford's only weapon is to go hit Cooper Cup Kyler Murray he could use his legs as a weapon and that may be enough to will that team to 17 points and pull out a 17-13 type of win if Stafford was playing but I'd be surprised shocked if Stafford plays and let's finish up with this Jared Goff or Justin Fields Justin Fields the way that Justin Fields has played the last three four weeks he's starting to turn garbage into gold not that the Bears are this great team and they're going to make the playoffs or anything along those lines but how many times do we ask a young quarterback when they're put in an unfavorable situation to just give me a few moments that you could tangibly hold on to and say wow that's our guy we had this debate with Sam Darnell when Sam Darnell had bad coaching and Sam Darnell had bad coaching and no uh no real talent around him Sam Darnell never gave you those four or five moments where you go okay I could see enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel saying this is the guy Baker Mayfield now in Cleveland he gave you a playoff moment early on in Carolina wasn't playing well you get through a lot of these quarterbacks that quickly are in and out of their situations of the team that drafted them and you have to ask for tangible moments Justin Fields this year is starting to give you those moments and you saw last week he breaks the record goes for 178 rushing yards he throws for three touchdown passes as well that's not a roster that's great like I know it's the on defense but they just said goodbye to Robert Quinn they just also said goodbye to Roquan Smith and offensively I know they brought in Chase Claypool but less than a week to get the the playbook understood Justin Fields took matters into his own hands the last few weeks and even though he may not be winning all these games he's showing you guys if you surround me with the right pieces I could be really good and what I would like to see this off season is the Bears do what the Eagles and the Dolphins have done the last two off seasons go get young pieces for your quarterback you gotta go see how great this guy could be because right now he's showing you moments Ryan where he's saying I could be good and look he's doing that with the roster that is not all that talented I gotta give a lot of credit he's growing he's developing he's looking more comfortable as well and even when they're not talented whatsoever he's getting better and it's he's slowly starting to show you like why he was one of the top rated quarterbacks coming out of Ohio State and really just making a case for him to stay long term that is this QB or that QB 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27 let me remind you this season for the first time you can hear every Westwood 1 NFL broadcast stream live for free Mondays Thursdays Sunday nights the international series holiday triple headers and every postseason game 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customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later there's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today throughout the 60s and 70s cops hunted down key figures of the Dixie Mafia including its enigmatic ringleader Kirksey Nix I'm interested in making money I'm not interested in hurting people 15 years into Kirksey's life sentence the Dixie Mafia was practically folklore but that would soon change I'm Jed Lipinski this is gone south a documentary podcast from c13 originals a cadence 13 studio season 2 the Dixie Mafia available now on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts you're listening to the Zach Gelb show that's the president of the UFC Dana White he makes his triumphant return not that he's really been missing or rejecting us anytime we've reached out to him but he will be joining us on the program tomorrow I'm attending UFC I want to say it's 281 I believe coming up Saturday at the world's most famous arena Madison Square Garden the president UFC said he would come on so looking forward to that conversation I have never been to a UFC event in my life now we've had Dana on we've had a bunch of fighters on but I can't wait to see fight night at Madison Square Garden on Saturday now Hickey we've been to a lot of sporting events has there been a sporting event that you have not gone to that you've been to that you would love to go to is there one out there like let's just for starters you've been to a hockey game right you've been to a playoff hockey game yes I have okay you've been to enough baseball games you've been to football games you've been to all these crazy college football games you've been to basketball games like all the major sports you've been to correct Amundo yes sir okay is there a signature event that you have not been to that you would love to go to signature event I am fascinated and intrigued by going to a NASCAR race and everything that goes around that like Daytona 500 I think I'd definitely be into just for all the atmosphere f1 I guess because it's kind of the same thing same similar vein so yeah I'll go NASCAR slash f1 okay that would not be on my list but I've heard I had friends that went to an f1 event in Miami and they said it was the biggest party they've ever been to they said it was one of the coolest things that they've ever been to but that's not high on my my priority list a few things now I would love to go to a masters that would be really neat like master sunday but it's impossible to get in I believe when the Super Bowl this year is in Arizona that assuming we go and it looks like it's trending in that direction I do think I'm going to the Waste Management Open I do think I'm going to the Waste Management Open which is an awesome event and it's a big time pretty much frat party on a golf course college I'm gonna give you a college football one now I've been to a ton of college football games I've been to this this building before but next year you know what I have in the works Thanksgiving weekend next year the plan right now is to go to Michigan Ohio State in the big house next year so that's one um other than that oh you know what I would love to go to the Kentucky Derby now I was supposed to go to the Kentucky Derby and then COVID happened I was supposed to go to a bachelor party at the Kentucky Derby and then COVID happened they weren't allowing fans in and poof there went that thought out the window I don't know how many more opportunities or how many more friends I'm gonna have that say yeah let's go do a bachelor party at the Kentucky Derby but I would say Kentucky Derby I would love to go to Michigan Ohio State and I know a master's is probably not likely but those are probably three things you've been to NCAA tournament game by the way I've been to a bunch I've been to a woman's NCAA tournament game never meant okay final four two would be pretty cool that would be very cool have I ever been to no I've never been to a final four been to Stanley Cup final games have been to World Series games NBA postseason games um Super Bowls but the first two that I could think of I love to go that I haven't done yet Kentucky Derby Michigan Ohio State in the big house and you know what would also be great too SEC have you ever been to an se oh you have you just went to Auburn right that's right down there see how they do it that's cool yeah but you know what against Penn's like I'm talking about a true SEC football game you know get a rivalry and like like an iron bowl let's just say or give me Alabama LSU like something like that that would that would probably be on the on the bucket list as well so we got some things that we have to cross off before it's all said and done I don't think I'm going anywhere anytime soon I'm only 28 years old but we got some big events that we need to go to throughout the years the final four that would be cool too but I don't know I feel like final four may be better because you're in a football stadium watch it on television I'll tell you this year when March Madness happens I'll go to down to AC and go to one of the sports books to go watch the March Madness games this year that was a great setup down at AC at the Borgata that I did on this past Sunday with a bachelor party we were in the sports book $75 minimum is what you had to spend and you were sitting there from one to four you got all this food all these drinks it was it was a great time to watch all the bat watching college basketball there must be awesome during the NCAA tournament anyway NFL MVP odds I'm gonna throw some out there you think likely or unlikely Patrick Mahomes plus 200 very likely yeah I would say right now he should win the award and that's why he's the betting betting favorite Josh Allen before the injury and the loss to the Jets I think this would be very likely now with the ambiguity around when he's actually going to be coming back plus 225 likely or unlikely for Josh Allen when the MVP I'll still say likely really I'm going unlikely now because if he misses two games I think that's going to take away from him winning when you get into tiebreakers him winning the MVP now if it's only two you may still have a chance but I would say it's unlikely now and I would think would you agree with what I've been saying that he misses this weekend and then the following Sunday they have a game up against the Browns he probably misses that one too and then they have him return on that Thursday against the the Detroit Lions because they have that turnaround of playing on that like you don't think he's playing this weekend right let me just ask you that I don't okay so then to have him play against the Browns with how we don't really know what this injury is other than an elbow injury to have him play on Sunday against the Browns and then have a quick turnaround and throw the football a bunch against the Lions on Thanksgiving Day that doesn't really make all that much sense to me so I think he's out the next two games would be my thought you I say three I wouldn't even play him on Thanksgiving well the NFL is not gonna be happy with you oh so then you have him returning against my team and I'm going to the game bills and Patriots you'll be rusty by that point so you're welcome well I don't know about that I think he's gonna come on out there and then kick our ass you have three weeks of Josh Allen rested oh it's gonna be on building let's see what you got dialed up there it's gonna be on bill bill could go pick him off two three times they can't score they can't score well bill also couldn't get one stop last year so yeah that should be they should be better once last year they didn't now mother nature need to intervene don't want to hear excuses no I don't want to hear excuses I give the Patriots a lot of credit lose the game they won the game Patriots won good bye back to gosh stop Jalen hurts plus 250 likely or unlikely when the MVP likely yeah because that at most the Eagles are gonna have two losses I really don't see at this rate how the Eagles have any more than two losses and even if you want to say okay maybe we miss one then you're talking about three losses at most for the Philadelphia Eagles and with the way that Hertz is running and distributing the football as well he's gonna have a good chance Lamar Jackson at plus 900 likely or unlikely to win the MVP I'll still say likely because he's their entire team and if they go win that division you will get more of a you'll get a later push for Lamar Jackson with the MVP okay I'll give you a few more names Joe Burr right now you get him at plus 2000 with the MVP I would say that's unlikely for Joe Burr to win the MVP just too much inconsistency he's great but too much inconsistency with the Bengals yeah I would agree they should have the offensive weapons to do so but not enough consistency also plus 2000 your guy Tuatunga Vailoa likely or unlikely to win MVP I'm gonna go likely I think he's definitely the max so the argument would be every game that he started and finished so far they have won and without him any game that he did not start or finish they have not won I win three when I think of that team first though is he the first guy that you think of because the first guy I think of is Tyreek Hill who's on pace to have just a monster monster monster season I'm not downgrading the importance of Tuatunga Vailoa but when I why I would go unlikely is I just a I don't think he's gonna win the division but b I think of Tyreek Hill first that's just the way when I when I view the Miami Dolphins who's throwing the ball do it sure why can't he get the love when you think of that team first you think of two I do okay aren't defeated when he's played let's show you right there his importance right now if Tyreek Hill's not on that team how they doing pretty close maybe one loss but it means you think Tyreek Hill's only a one loss difference yeah you think he's that that crazy yeah two is playing really well and it's the offense I'm not taking anything away from Tua Tua has been great he's been phenomenal but if that's just Jalen Waddle there I think I think I think they have at least two more losses that's how great Tyreek Hill has been Tyreek Hill's been sensational and for a lot of years I don't know about you we've we've talked about Tyreek Hill and for whatever the reasons are he hasn't always been the easy pick to be a top five wide receiver he's clearly showing now without Patrick Mahomes why he is a top five receiver in the sport and may be the best wide receiver in the sport Geno Smith likely or unlikely at plus 2500 I will go unlikely yeah he's gonna win comeback player of the year though and then I'll give you two more what do you think by the way I'll give you one more but what do you think the odds are for Tyreek Hill to win MVP 10,000 now receivers never won an MVP yeah you're dead on wow plus 10,000 not bad now is he the first he is he's the first non-quarterback in terms of best odds Justin Jefferson's right after him plus 12,500 um and then Derrick Henry's at plus 15,000 so one more I'll give you Kirk Cousins plus 5,000 unlikely what happens if they have what happens to the number one overall seed what happens they only have two losses Philadelphia gets the three losses he's in the mix guys here he's playing but yeah it's up in the conversation without a doubt he's 15 and two but who's the first player that you think of when you think of the Minnesota Vikings it's not Kirk Cousins right for me it's Justin Jefferson who's the first player you think of Minnesota I guess but I don't really know that has to do with MVP I'm just asking like Justin Jefferson's a better player but the court actually get the credit like you mentioned there's never been a wide receiver that's ever won the award so you can think Tyreek Hill or Justin Jefferson but yeah like realistically it's going to be Kirk Cousins but the point is if you if you don't if you don't think of the quarterback first he's then probably not going to win the MVP award that's the point that I'm making with that we're 15 and two he's going to win the MVP or top three right wouldn't you say I don't know throw the ball I don't know about that because people then are going to look at it and say oh Justin Jefferson's more I would think that if there's going to be if you tell me there's gonna be an MVP from the Vikings and I'm cognizant of the fact that there's been no wide receiver ever to win the MVP award I would think there would be Justin Jefferson instead of Kirk Cousins it is Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio and if you're going to win an MVP you got to be the first player that you think of when you're on your team if you're going to be the MVP of the entire league football season is here the new Odyssey app 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podcasts on demand best of all you can completely customize your listening experience follow topics you care about like leagues and teams pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later there's a lot to listen to so get started and download the free Odyssey app today you're listening to the Zach Gelb show Zach Gelb show CBS sports radio did you see the one report in south florida hot take kicky um two questions number one is this real verified we sure looks verified to me uh then no I've not seen it this is from also from a day ago um but people have then since commented on it it's from a host that works at wdae I don't have the host names up in front of me but that's the radio station in tampa john gruden if he wants the south florida job there are boosters that are ready to write the check for john gruden how about that one now i've always said john gruden and they're right there's been rumors for all those years tennessee was going to get john gruden ten every time the tennessee job was open i feel as if someone plays john gruden with the tennessee job now with all that happened when the in the demise with the raiders and then what happened even before he even got there with the emails that were leaked if he wants to be a coach again and you know how this works coaches are addicts they're addicted to coaching so if he still wants to coach and he took 10 years off let me remind you but he got that coaching fix in the broadcast booth working for monday night football and he was a head coach again in the nfl but if he wants to maybe i don't know if restore the images the right way but get that fix again in coaching kind of seems like a job like usf would be the job that he would have to go to which is wild to say for a guy that was once that highly thought of and that great of a coach who really displayed that he was a little bit overrated or a lot overrated it seems if he needs to resurface it would be that job that at usf if it like it's not crazy when you actually hear it right i mean it makes sense from well it's not surprising that ucf or usf choosing wants to go down that route but yeah that would be great for them for that university to get some some attention if john gruden's any good of a coach anymore to be honest or a good recruiter a good college coach but hey but if you bring the right staff that will do the the heavy duty recruiting and all that and he's kind of like a ceo guy i don't think it would be a bad hire whatsoever bring attention to him and get to the map usf has been kind of a doormat and a dumpster fire for a long time now so yeah it's one way to get relevant you're not gonna do it by winning games so they haven't been recently they used to be good when they have uh i think it's i remember watching the guy quinton flowers flowers and then marlin mack was there i chose me i'm well versed in my history with the uh long long long times they were like number two in like 2008 once now these the same report also says that the bulls are expected to place a call for scott frost which is that the spot where scott had a lot of success at ucf we know in the american i don't think scott frost is getting a major power five job anytime soon i'm just gonna got a limb by saying that can he get a lesser power five job yeah south florida or i guess it's that's not power five though that's power six come on like trying to think here like trying to think here who like for i don't know like indiana maybe so it's a bad comparison because it's still in the big 10 but like when brett bielma took over illinois can he get a job like that where a program just been bad for four or five years and you go out and you bring in a guy like scott frost can that be one of those jobs that he gets possibly i i i think scott i i honestly i i would maybe think that even usf where they are in the talent and the recruiting talent he had at ucf uh and the success there that maybe even better job to be honest and willie simmons is also uh a a 1b candidate per this report from wdae that is uh the florida a&m coach which is fcs so those are the names there now i will give you a little update on the nebraska job now this is from football scoop did you hear about the two names that are currently hot on the nebraska job oh i have not here you're really plugged in let me mr college football the most knowledgeable person here at the network when it comes to college football you've really been grinding on these coaching searches i have big time as you could tell per sources is from football scoop both in the college coaching ranks and in the industry nebraska is continuing to heavily vet both current and former head coaches with a pair of former big 12 skippers you want to take a guess who the former two big 12 head coaches are that are currently names and players in this nebraska coaching search according to football scoop kevin someone no hmm big two i guess a&m was sec but i think he was there when they moved um it's don't tell me it's bob stoops no big gary patterson wow that's the one that i thought you would not get but yes gary patterson the former tcu coach who got fired and now sunny dykes has taken over and has done a wonderful job they're undefeated now this is gonna i actually don't think gary patterson would be a bad hire agreed he's consistent he's a good coach and for nebraska you just need someone to steer you in the right direction gary patterson can do that however when i look at the nebraska job he's 62 i know for for some coaches you could be a young 62 don't you think in nebraska now that's a reputable name that's a good name that's a solid name and he could do well there wouldn't you think you're looking for a younger name though if you're nebraska yes but also where you are i don't think it's the worst in the world to try to build towards stability first for three or four years and then kind of get the guy that could take you to the next level um because they've been down down down there's no doubt about that try to go zero to 100 it has not worked you don't know who the other big 12 coaches i have i have two thoughts is he's currently coaching right now like currently employed and will coach a game this weekend no maverill yes i was gonna say cliff kingsbury really well imagine cliff kingsbury nebraska no i can't that's not a fit for either i agree but you said for a big 12 coaches the people of nebraska but i think like gq when i think of cliff kingsbury i'm not thinking of nebraska well unfortunately gq design football team so it's the issue for cliff there darry badderson and maro among those continuing to receive their due diligence from the huskers uh search there's another name that they list in this report now this one if you get i would be shocked would be absolutely stunned if you get this one okay so i'm gonna need some sort of not not a big 12 coach it's not a big 12 coach currently he's currently a head coach he is currently a head coach with one of the academies troy calhoun air force no now the coach that's always rumored is kenny amatulolo with navy so it's jeff monckin yes jeff monckin at army is no stranger the midwest continues to be an additional name that's circulating enough to continue to monitor monckin's consistent success and at levels um army has not seen in decades continue to be a topic of respect among his peers so that's the ladies from football scoop on the nebraska job gary patterson matt rule those are two guys that they're continuing to heavily vet and then jeff monckin's a name that's popping up as well maybe that's how nebraska win games triple option play a style that no one is ready for well it kind of makes sense that those are the three names that are popping up rule one is the one that's popping up rule would be the sexiest name of the three right he's the mix of the young coach that has had sustained success in college i know the nfl was a disaster but in college he built up temple and won at baylor took over a disastrous situation and won now in terms of longevity no one could touch gary patterson between those three names and monckin's well respected i would say rule probably moves the needle the most in in college coaching circles but if you look at the three i don't know if matt first off i don't know if matt is going to be coaching next year i just don't it may behoove matt rule to take a year off and go through tv where he'll be fine on tv take a year away and you had so many big jobs that were open last year lsu notre dame uh you could go to oklahoma last year with the jobs that were open usc there's so many big jobs that were open last year we're now not that these jobs aren't good jobs that are open but you may want the market to reset and go through another hiring cycle if you are a hot commodity like gary patterson who definitely is deserving of another job you don't know how many more jobs you're going to get offered at the age of 62 for monckin you have to have everything go on your terms to leave a place like army where it's clearly a stable situation for jeff monckin if those are the three names and if you had to guess out of those three names which way they go who do you think then would be the higher patterson rule monckin in terms of the university has to be interested and they have to be interested back in the university who do you think would be the most likely between those three i still would say matt rule so i think it's still like good i know breast is a good job with a massive fan base where you get that thing rolling you'll be a a midwest hero um so i'll say maverill okay i'm gonna say patterson i'm gonna say gary patterson that that would be my guess uh right there and i don't think matt by the way is going to be going like conference right wise you're right he seems to me like a big 10 big 12 type of coach i'm not thinking that he's going to the sec and and taking the auburn job if he was offered the auburn job that's just me so that's where we're currently at with these coaching searches right now but from uh football scoop gary patterson matt rule and jeff monckin and jeff monckin have been some of the names that they're doing their due diligence on at nebraska it is the zack ghelp show on cbs sports radio if i'm nebraska though you know who should be on that list dion sanders i think you may get the best of of all worlds if you're bringing dion sanders the excitement will be off the charts everyone will genuflect to him the personality is captivating and he would bring a ton of excitement to that program i would i really hope and my preference would be seeing dion sanders in the sec i think i predicted a few weeks ago that the auburn job will go to lane kiffen and then dion sanders will go take over for lane kiffen at ole miss and that gets him in the sec if you're nebraska i would be doing everything in my power for a job that needs some excitement and a job that has been not the way that it once was and it's now looked at as a job that we even had these discussions of oh is it even this great job anymore i'm i would really be on board for dion sanders that's it i just keep on circling back to that name that if i'm an athletic director that's looking to make a splash i don't know how you make a you know realistically how you can make a bigger splash than dion sanders like lane kiffen is a splash um if you're in the sec hew freeze is a splash but nothing to me tops dion sanders maybe lane in terms of the splash that you could make but if you're a job like nebraska that's obviously the big 10 i think dion should be on that list and i think dion would be really really good i think tough part about that is what i'm interested in seeing is not a thing it's not if dion centers can recruit because obviously we know he's a very good you know persuader all his roots are in the southeast atlanta florida he's now jack state alabama he has zero midwest ties you could try to pull these kids out of the southeast and bring them to the midwest i think it's a really really really tough undertaking i wonder if because like it's tougher to recruit they're prepared to wait for the sec he would have a line of people that'd be willing to join him initially now sustainable that is that's one thing but i think he's one of those guys if you build it in and everywhere he's gone he's had success you know professionally and then now entering this coaching world this is one stop i think if you build it they'll come for dion sanders i really do it is that gilb show on cbs sports radio we'll come on back we'll do a little apex of some controversial nfl team football season is here the new odyssey app lets you stay connected to your nfl team your station your shows follow your favorite stations and come back again and again get real-time updates on everything you care about miss your show jump back to their awesome rewind feature the odyssey app is nfl football 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