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Take 5 (Hour 3)

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October 12, 2022 9:44 pm

Take 5 (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 12, 2022 9:44 pm

Sonny Dykes, TCU head football coach l Take 5 l Who should the Panthers pursue as their next head coach?


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For home loan solutions that fit your life, well Rocket Candidates is at Gelb's show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio. We're getting set for a huge weekend in college football and one of the featured matchups coming up at 3.30pm Eastern is undefeated 13th ranked TCU hosting Oklahoma State who's ranked at number 8 and also undefeated at 5-0. And now joining us is the first year head coach at TCU, has been around the game for a long time and that is coach Sonny Dykes. Coach, appreciate the time, congratulations on the good start. How you been? I've been well, thank you.

I appreciate it guys. We're playing good and we're off to a good start. So this being your first year as the head football coach at TCU, when a new coach comes in you never know how the transition is going to go. Obviously you expect to win every game, but is it surprising that so far you guys are off to this 5-0 start?

Yeah, a little bit. There's always a learning curve that takes place when you take over a program and actually this is the fourth time that I've done this and first years are usually tough. Just trying to get the players to buy into what you're trying to teach.

Sometimes there's a reason normally jobs are open and sometimes there's a little bit of a lack of talent or whatever the case may be. It takes a while to get the kind of players that you need into the program and then sometimes it takes a while to get the guys to buy into the culture. We were very fortunate to have an opportunity to come to TCU where there were good players and the buy-in has just been a real pleasant surprise. I think since day one our players have done exactly what we asked them to do. They've wanted to win.

This is a unique group. They really like playing football. They really like practicing. We haven't had very many bad practices. I can only think of one really since we've been here even going back to spring practice. It's an eager group and they want to do what it takes to be good.

It's been fun so far. We realize it's early in the season and a lot of games still to play, but we feel like our guys have done a good job up to this point. You know what it's like dealing with 18 to 21, 22 year olds. Not only do you have to trust your players, but they have to trust you. That's not something that you could teach. It just has to be done by example. Especially what you guys have done the last three weeks.

If anyone was doubting, you kind of put those doubts away. Yeah, and again it's a credit to our players. We have a great strength and conditioning staff led by Kaz Kazaty. I think he's one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in all of college football. He's done a fantastic job of building a culture that started in the weight room and carried over to the practice field during spring practice.

Really carried over summer workouts as well. Once we started fall camp, we got a couple weeks in, we felt like we might have a chance to have a pretty good team. If we could stay healthy and some of the pieces can come together. We've been fortunate that it has so far. Everyone's important, but the last three weeks to take down your old school SMU and then you go up and play Oklahoma and Kansas and take care of both of them.

How do you kind of put that three week stretch into perspective? Well, the best thing about it is our guys have gotten better every week. We got off to a fast start against SMU and didn't finish the game like we wanted to and had to hold on. Then we had a pretty good performance against Oklahoma.

Really from start to finish. I liked our guys' focus better, but we made a bunch of mistakes in that game and felt like we played a much cleaner game last week against Kansas against a very good football team on the road. That was the first time that we had trailed in a game, really going back to the Colorado game the first half.

It's hard to do that on the road. Kansas had a bunch of momentum. We were kind of on our heels a little bit and our guys did a great job of answering and continuing to do their job and not get on that emotional roller coaster. We beat a good Kansas team last week.

I think we passed that test and now it's on to seeing how we can deal with success because sometimes success is harder to deal with than adversity. I think our guys have done a good job of doing that. We've had two great days of practice on Tuesday and Wednesday so far this week. Guys had a really good Sunday coming off of that tough Saturday game on the road.

So I feel like we're in a good spot. What is your quarterback? I know he's been around for a while and he wasn't starting to begin the year, then Chandler Morris had that injury, but what has Max Duggan really showed you? Well, just a lot of toughness and leadership. He's one of those guys that makes everybody on our team better. Everybody believes in Max and everybody knows he's completely committed to them and the team and TCU football.

He's just one of those guys that everybody knows would do anything to win. I think that rubs off on everybody else and gives our team some toughness and some edge. He's really played well. He's made good decisions. He's taken care of the ball. Every single week he gets better and better and plays with more confidence and gets a better understanding of our scheme and how to get the ball to our playmakers.

He's just really starting to come into his own. TC, you had coach Sonny Dykes here with us on the Zach Gelb show. How has that dynamic been with you, Chandler Morris, and then Max Duggan? Well, those guys have been great.

I think they just want to win. When we named Chandler the starter at the end of fall camp, Max came in and I just said, hey look, you're going to get an opportunity at some point. Just be prepared for it. He goes, hey look, I'm disappointed, but I'm going to hang in there. He did exactly that and he had his opportunity. Chandler feels the same way. I know that Chandler's dying to play and wants to get out there and help his team win football games, but he's a team first guy.

He just is. So that room is a great room to be around. We've got a lot of selfless people in the room and when you get to coach those kind of people, man, it makes it fun. Coach, your stud wide receiver, Quinnen Johnson, we all saw the game that he just had last week, 14 receptions, 206 yards, the game-winning score on that game-winning touchdown.

It was pretty impressive in the moment, but when you saw it in film, did it just even raise it up a notch? Yeah, Quinnen's a talented guy. We're lucky to have him. He's a big, athletic, fast, really explosive wide receiver, kind of got an unusual blend of really, really good size and quickness and explosiveness. It's a great combination. He's starting to come into his own, starting to play with more confidence.

And again, Max and Quinnen are starting to get on the same page. So, excited to see the work that those guys are going to put out in the field and I think they are getting more comfortable with each other each and every day. I was reading a mock draft earlier this morning. That shows you how much of a loser I am because we're not even close to the draft, but how do you think his game will transition to the next level because right now he was the first wide receiver off the board? You know, I think he's going to be a great pro.

I really do. I think he's got the work ethic. He's got the personality. I mean, he really is a very unique guy, loves football, loves being part of a team, very unselfish, and like I said earlier, just really, really talented. So, his best football is still in front of him. I think he's going to end up being a great pro.

I really do. Sonny Dykes here with us. Spencer Sanders, I have a lot of respect for the Oklahoma State quarterback. He's looking like a guy that could be in New York as a Heisman Trophy finalist. You guys have a tough task this weekend.

It's going to be a heck of a game. How do you try to slow down the quarterback? Yeah, you know, Spencer's just a winner. I mean, he's a great player. He's got a great arm, very, very good runner. You know, he runs physical, runs hard, really does a nice job of anticipating throws and throwing a ball to a spot. You can tell that he's played a lot of football. And as I said, he really trusts his wide receivers to go get the football and make plays. So, he's a great quarterback, certainly. I think the best quarterback that we've played against so far this season and, you know, one of the most productive quarterbacks in a long time in the Big 12. And, you know, he just knows how to win football games and take care of the ball. And Oklahoma State does a great job of their offense.

They always are very balanced. They run the ball. They take shots down the field. They also have a really nice screen game and a control passing game where they can throw high percentage throws and complete passes and move the chains. So, they're kind of one of those teams that's good at everything.

Yeah, what else jumps off to the page specifically about you? Because you know Mike Gundy always has a good team. Yeah, yeah. Just their toughness up front on both the offensive and defensive front I think is what stands out to me. And, you know, the game is still one, you know, on the offensive defensive line every Saturday. And you can see why Oklahoma State's been bowl eligible I think 16 consecutive years now is because they do a great job recruiting and developing offensive and defensive linemen.

And that gives them a chance to win every game they play. We're talking to Sonny Dykes right now. A few more questions for the TCU head coach as they get set for a big matchup this weekend, top 15 matchup.

Them up against Oklahoma State, 3.30 p.m. Eastern on ABC. This is your fourth go-around as a head coach. What's different about this one for you, coach?

Well, I think he learned something from all of them. You know, I think that, you know, I'm really fortunate to be someplace where we have great resources. I was able to hire an outstanding coaching staff and bring in some guys who have a ton of experience and understand, you know, how to recruit Texas, have relationships in Texas, you know, have a lot of experience and have had success coaching. So that part of it's been really, really good. And, you know, we just have a ton of support from our administration, really from our chancellor to our athletic director all the way throughout our administration. That's been a real pleasant situation to work in.

You know, and I think that's what makes this thing so different. I mean, there's been a real commitment to facilities here. You know, we have a beautiful stadium. Our facilities are first rate. We've really invested in nutrition for our student athletes. And, you know, I think which has made a big difference for us on the field.

You know, we're about to build some brand new facilities as well that I think are going to be state of the art. You know, there's a very strong commitment from TCU and, you know, we're lucky to be in the Big 12. It's a great league and has a lot of parity and I think, you know, I think anybody right now can win the league.

So it's a great place to be and a lot of fun and we're enjoying living in Fort Worth and it couldn't be better right now. I love that you bring up the state of the conference because when Oklahoma and Texas announced that they were moving to the SEC, a lot of people thought that the Big 12 was maybe going to fade away or you could have a lot of other schools leave as well. But this conference this year in football, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, you guys, the surprise of Kansas, we saw what Baylor did a year ago. Joe McGuire's done a nice job with Texas Tech.

Did you feel like maybe some of the teams in the conference, you know, you coming in were a little bit disrespected once they got that news that Oklahoma and Texas were leaving? Yeah, I coached in the league, you know, way back when at Texas Tech from 2000 to 2006 and so had a pretty good idea about the Big 12 and the commitment from the schools in the league and then obviously had watched, you know, Big 12 football, you know, when I was at SMU the last four years. And so, you know, there is just really, really good coaches in this league. I mean, you look around and some of the best and brightest are coaching in this league.

I mean, you look at the job obviously that Coach Leopold's done at Kansas. You look at what Matt Campbell has done at Iowa State. You know, you look at Kansas State, the kind of program that they have and then you look, you know, you look at, as you said, the momentum that Texas Tech has. You just start looking around the league and there's a bunch of really, really good football teams and people that are committed to winning at a very high level and they were adding some teams that have tremendous potential as well. You know, two from the American, where I was before in Central Florida and Houston and both of those teams can recruit at an elite level.

They both have very good coaches and are very dedicated to winning. And in Cincinnati, I forgot Cincinnati, and Cincinnati obviously showed all the college football last year what they were capable of getting to the college football playoffs. So, you know, I think the league is going to be really good.

BYU has obviously had a lot of success as well. There are going to be some great additions and some teams are starting to emerge within the league. And so when you look at the 10 members right now, you know, I think it's as competitive as any league in college football. Do you feel like your team could be a college football playoff team this year? Because you said it, the conference is wide open and a team that wins this conference this year, depending on how many losses they have, but you would think they'd be in the college football playoff this year.

You know, I don't know. It's early. I mean, I think we certainly have an opportunity. You know, I think that there's a bunch of teams that do. I think there's probably several teams that feel like they've got an opportunity because there is so much parity in the league, and every single game, you know, the Saturdays are going to be good football games.

They're going to probably come down to the end. I think that, you know, you've got to catch some breaks to have a chance to win the league, you've got to stay healthy in some key spots, and there's a lot of things that you have to have a chance to do. But for us, it's just about playing well against Oklahoma State, you know, taking it one game at a time, and honestly, just, you know, try to get one win Saturday and then see where we are and then try to figure out how to win another one the following Saturday. Number 13, TCU going up against number 8 Oklahoma State this Saturday, 3.30 p.m. Eastern.

He's that football coach at TCU, the Horned Frogs and Sonny Dykes. Coach, really do appreciate this time. Good luck the rest of the way. Thank you very much.

I appreciate it. I appreciate Coach Sonny Dykes joining us right there on the Zach Gelb show. Ryan, I had one big takeaway from that interview, and it really doesn't directly have anything to do with the TCU program. My takeaway is this, and you're going to say, well, how the heck did you get to that takeaway after just talking Big 12 football and talking to the coach of TCU? If Clemson doesn't make the college football playoff this year, I think this season would be more embarrassing than last season.

Because last season, the line stunk, the receiver stunk, the quarterback took a step back, there was no creativity on offense, they just didn't have it. They just survived the stretch of Wake Forest and NC State, where now there's confidence again with DJ Ungoloy. And the remaining schedule is Florida State is having a solid year with Mike Norvell, Dino Baber's doing a good job at Syracuse, Notre Dame, kind of like a retooling year with Marcus Freeman, you play Louisville, Miami, bad, and then South Carolina.

After surviving Wake Forest and NC State, if Clemson doesn't go undefeated, then shame on them. And the way I got to that and just thought about that was when you look at the college football playoff, I would say that the Big 12 has been better than what people would have thought this year, and the Pac-12 has been awesome this year. But there's a chance we don't have a Big 12 or a Pac-12 school in the college football playoff because eventually you may have the opportunity where the Pac-12 beats up on the Pac-12 and the Big 12 beats up on the Big 12. Where the ACC is weak.

It's a weak conference. So the way that the Big 12 or Pac-12 may not be in the playoff is like, let's say USC loses a game. Let's say the winner of the Big 12 championship loses a game. You would think, right, the three automatics for the college football playoff this year, Alabama, Georgia, and then whoever wins between Ohio State and Michigan.

That leaves one spot left. And if you have one spot left, if Clemson isn't undefeated, then shame on them. Because if you get to a one-loss Clemson team and then you get to a one-loss Big 12 team or a one-loss Pac-12 team, the Big 12 and Pac-12 teams are going to have a better resume just because the conference that the Big 12 and the Pac-12 is this year is just better than what the ACC is.

Without a doubt. And yeah, they should not lose another game. It would be embarrassing if they do. And if they lose a game barring just absolute, absolute chaos for the next six weeks, they're on the outside looking in and it's going to be tough for them to get in because the resume is not as strong as everyone else.

Now, I know we got into it last week about the whole eye test and the committee and Marco was in agreement with me. The ACT was in agreement with me as well that if Clemson was undefeated, there's no way they don't get in if it comes down to the one-loss Big 12 or a one-loss Pac-12 team. But if it's on a level playing field where it is one loss for Clemson, ACC champs, let's just say, one loss for USC Pac-12 champs, just throwing out the teams here. And then in the Big 12, who do you want to go with the Big 12? One loss, let's just say. You want to go Oklahoma State?

Sure. If it's Oklahoma State one loss, the resumes for USC and Oklahoma State will be better if it's all the same record. And that's the way the Pac-12 and the Big 12 will get in is they're going to need a loss from the ACC or have Alabama or Georgia drop one before the SEC title game, which I guess is a possibility. Like this weekend, it's a possibility that Alabama could lose to Tennessee.

But then if Bama goes into the SEC championship game and they beat Georgia and Georgia was undefeated on that game, you know Georgia still get in, you know Alabama's going to get in too. You want to get really, really, really nuts for a quick second? You know what? Let's get crazy. Go ahead. Dennis Dodd threw this out today on Ryder Than You.

I think it's fascinating. Tennessee beats Alabama. With the great Bill Ryder, obviously. Tennessee beats Alabama. Alabama runs the table the rest of the way. They have one loss during the SEC title game. Georgia beats Tennessee.

Tennessee runs the table. They're 11-1, only losses to Georgia with a win over Alabama. Georgia undefeated in the SEC title game, takes on one loss to Alabama in the SEC title game. Alabama wins. You have one loss to Alabama, one loss to Georgia, one loss to Tennessee.

You could, could. Just so I understand the scenario. I have three teams from the SEC. Alabama loses to Tennessee this weekend.

Wins out. Wins the SEC. But they lose to Tennessee. Let me just get to the scenario so I can process this.

Because you threw a lot of the plate right there. So Alabama loses to Tennessee this weekend, but then they run the table and they're still in the SEC championship. And they win the SEC title game. They are SEC champions this year, one loss to Tennessee this weekend. And then Tennessee beat Bama, but then you're saying Tennessee loses to Georgia. Loses to Georgia. And then Georgia goes into the SEC championship game. Undefeated. And then they lose to Alabama. Correct. So that would be how many losses for Georgia?

One? So you have 12-1, Alabama. 12-1, Georgia. 11-1, Tennessee.

All with impressive resumes. All with... And Georgia beat... Tennessee. Tennessee. So Georgia would get in. I'm saying you could. I mean, three teams could get in. No.

Oh. That's what we're trying to get at here. This could be fascinating. I don't think you would get three teams in. Because let's just say if you have undefeated Clemson and then you have Ohio State or Michigan undefeated, I think those two teams would get in. I think the Big Ten champ would get in. I would love to see the decision between Clemson and Georgia, Tennessee. I don't think you would get three teams in from unconference.

That's just me. That would be the scenario where it happened. I'm not rooting for it, but it's an interesting discussion. It would be a little bit wild. Now, it's a shame too that the Big Ten is down. And the reason why I say that is imagine if you have Ohio State and Michigan in a spot where you could have got both of them in the college football playoff this year. Like if Ohio State... And you still could.

Nah, you can't get both in. And yet Alabama not win the SEC championship or even their own division in 2017 and got in. But the SEC is so much better than the Big Ten. That's why it happens why the SEC gets in.

The Big Ten's not a good conference this year. What's confusing here? Nothing's confusing. I'm just thinking.

You're looking at me like I have 15,000 heads. No. Yeah. No, but it stinks that the Big Ten isn't better if there would maybe be a way that we could make the argument for both Ohio State and Michigan to get in. But it just won't be. This is going to be...

This may be... It has potential to be one of the more chaotic arguments for the college football playoff this year. Because there's about like eight or nine teams that you look at that you can legitimately see making the college football playoff. And you know two are probably getting in from the SEC. One will get in from the Big Ten. That deciding argument of ACC, Big 12, Pac-12.

It's going to be fun to see how that does unfold. Zach Gelbsch at CBS Sports Radio. Check out Fantasy Football Today, anywhere podcasts are found. Check out Fantasy Football Today, anywhere podcasts are found.

Check out Fantasy Football Today, anywhere podcasts are found. For the first time in a long time, we've had a change of the teams that are in the top five. For the last few weeks, it's been the same teams in the top five.

Just the order of where those teams are in the top five have moved around. Welcome in to the fifth spot, Tennessee. Now, for a while I held off on putting three teams from the SEC in the top five. But Tennessee, all they have done is just have impressive win after impressive win and they just annihilated LSU this past weekend.

So undefeated. You have the big test of Alabama this upcoming weekend. Hendon Hooker right now looks like he could be a Heisman Trophy finalist. Maybe the winner of the Heisman Trophy, but I have finally elevated Tennessee into the top five. They've beaten Florida. They've beaten LSU.

And at the time, top 20 Pittsburgh because of the resume, Tennessee in at number five. This team doesn't have the greatest resume in the world. But all they have done so far is win as they should. Now their schedule does pick up in intensity. They did beat Iowa going away two weeks ago. And then this weekend, they get Penn State at the big house at noon Easter.

That is Michigan. Michigan last year was an unbelievable team. Won the Big Ten championship. They beat Ohio State. They got to the college football playoff before getting their doors blown off by Georgia. This Michigan offense is better this year than last year.

Now defensively, you don't have Hutchinson, you don't have Ajabo. That's my concern about Michigan. Will their defense in these bigger games, and I do expect them to be undefeated leading into that Ohio State game, will that defense be able to slow down C.J. Stroud like the defense last year for Michigan was able to do? But I do have Michigan in number four.

Now here's where we're getting a little bit crazy. Alabama. They were one last week.

I have moved them down to three. Went up against a Texas team where Quinn Ewers got knocked out of the game. Just survived by the skin of their, what does Al Michaels say? The hair of their skinny teeth teeth? I can never say that right now since Al Michaels said by the hair of their skinny teeth teeth.

By the hair of their chinny chin chin. I don't know why I can never say that right because we've said the Michaels part every time. That's probably why. But Alabama last week, A&M going back to Haynes King because of the injury to Johnson. They didn't go to Wigman. I know they're playing with the back of quarterback because Bryce Young is hurt. But that game should not have been a four point game and they could have lost it at the end if Jimbo Fisher just dialed up a better play call. So the Alabama resume, yes what they did against Arkansas was impressive, but Arkansas is not the same team as we thought they were a few weeks ago with what's happened the last few weeks. This is a week where Bama, if they take care of Tennessee they'll move right back up. But I'm curious if Bama is going to give the middle finger to everybody or if Tennessee is going to have what would be a great win for them. And it would not surprise me if Tennessee wins this game by three or if Alabama wins this game by 20.

It really wouldn't because I don't know which Alabama team is going to show up. In at number two, I'm going with Georgia. I know Georgia had that close call against Missouri two weeks ago. Georgia has been great, we know that.

Every team is allowed to have a close game. But the reason why I put Ohio State in at number one is Ohio State, every team they play, they are just dominating them. And their receivers are great, they probably have the Heisman Trophy winner in CJ's shroud.

And they also haven't had Jackson Smith and Jigba, sure. Rutgers stinks, Michigan State stinks. Wisconsin just fired their coach, but these games aren't even close. I'm talking 52-21, 49-10, 49-20 and they'll roll Iowa coming up next weekend. They're going to roll Penn State you would think on October 29th in Happy Valley. They'll take care of Northwestern, Indiana, Maryland and then it all comes down to Michigan. So for now, I have elevated Ohio State up the board.

Hot take, Kiki. In at number five, we have Tennessee. Michigan 4, Bama 3, Georgia 2, Ohio State 1.

Speak now if I ever hold your peace. Why is USC on the outside looking in? Because of the resume of Tennessee. The resume of Tennessee is just better than the resume of USC. USC, they could go undefeated. I look at USC, I have a lot of trust for Caleb Williams.

Addison's great, we know Lincoln Riley, what he could do as a head coach. But they really haven't been tested yet and their schedule hasn't been great. Now this weekend they play Utah and this would be typical Pac-12. USC should win the game. But Utah's already, you know what, to their season and it would be so Pac-12 for Utah to go beat USC this weekend.

But for now, the resume is the tiebreaker. Tennessee undefeated, USC undefeated, Tennessee just has the better resume. What about Clemson? Similar thing.

Resume and I think the offense for Tennessee has consistently been better than the offense for Clemson. Anyone else? That's it. Okay.

And the NFL. The first three teams are so easy. Whatever order you want is fine. But then four and five, it's like, who do you really like?

Because there's no one you love, but who do you like? In at number five, this team's three and two. They could be five and oh. They had that terrible loss to the Dolphins. They're up 35 to 14. They had that terrible loss to the Bills and they're up 20 to 3, both at home.

I'm going with Baltimore. I think Baltimore's better than three and two. Their defense is a little bit concerning.

Lamar Jackson has been great. But that's a team that even though there's some four and one teams, you may say, oh, why aren't they in the conversation here? I just look at that team at three and two and I feel like at worse, they should be four and one.

Dallas at four. You win back to back to back games without Cooper, without Dak Prescott. Four straight games without Dak Prescott. I know that Cooper Rush has not been great, but he hasn't turned over the football.

He hasn't messed anything up. That defense has been great with Micah Parsons and they've been running the football. That one-two punch with Tony Pollard and then also Zeke Elliott has been good enough.

I know everyone loves to slam Mike McCarthy and he's low hanging fruit, but he's done a good job the last four weeks. So I put the Cowboys in at number four. Three, Kansas City. Come from behind up against the Raiders.

They still show you as long as number 15's behind center. Man, they're going to be a tough out. And they're in at four and one. They're only lost somehow kicking while they lost to the Indianapolis Colts.

Number two, just a dominant performance. I know it's the Steelers, but Gabe Davis, Josh Allen, Staphon Diggs. That Buffalo team, I think they're going to beat the Chiefs this week and I really do. I don't see a major flaw with that team.

The only little flaw is that they may ask Josh Allen to do too much and you finally have to get some more production out of that run game. But Buffalo's in at two and the number one, the lone undefeated team left in the NFL had to win a close one this weekend. They got up by two touchdowns.

Then they started to go away a little bit, but they did survive. So they're still undefeated. That's why they're in the one spot. That's the Eagles. So Ravens five, Cowboys four, Chiefs three, Buffalo two, and the Fly Eagles fly. The Philadelphia Eagles in at number one. Hot Take Hickey, speak now forever.

Hold your peace. What about the Vikings? So you know, I said the Ravens are three and two and I feel like they should be better than three and two. The Vikings are four and one and I feel like they should be worse than four and one. They have a lot of games where they start quick.

And then at the end, they hold on by the hair of their chinny chin chin. And they're against some bad teams. Like you look at that Bears game, the Bears should have never taken a one point lead. Against Detroit, it was reversed.

They got off to a slow start, then had to pull it out. Those are not good football teams with the Bears and the Lions. So I got to see, I do think the Vikings are making playoffs before the year. And I know that they crushed the Packers earlier, but the Packers have flaws.

I got to see a little bit more consistency throughout the game from Minnesota before I put them in the top five. What about the four and one Giants coming off their nice win over the Packers? Great win up against the Packers. I think the Giants could make the playoffs because it may only take nine wins in the NFC and their schedule is easy. It's just tough for me to be all in on the Giants right now because of the talent on that roster and the lack of it. So that's why I'm just out in the Giants, even though they are four and one. And what about the 49ers? They're trending in the right direction.

They are. And that defense has been great. You take a glance at Jimmy G as long as he could just be serviceable. You know he could win games in this league. I said it yesterday, I think they're going to win the division.

But when you lose to the Broncos a few weeks ago, that's a tie breaker. That's what prevents me from putting in the top five for right now. Anyone else? You're good.

That is it. Alright, so take five in college football. Tennessee, Michigan, Bama, Georgia, Ohio State five to one in the NFL.

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You can think of O'Reilly Auto Parts right car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. So as you know by now earlier in the week on Monday, the Carolina Panthers elected after two plus years to say goodbye to Matt rule as their head football coach for Matt. You're going to assume that he's either returning to college this upcoming year or maybe he takes a year off. And then after sitting out a year maybe being selective waiting for the better jobs to open up because if you're Matt who is a phenomenal college coach turn around temple turn around Baylor.

The only job or two right now that I think would would intrigue me would be Wisconsin. I do believe though unless if something out of right field happens that Wisconsin's going to go to Jim Leonard and then maybe it is Nebraska where Nebraska but kind of fall in line of one of those jobs that Matt's a program builder and you've seen what he's done a temple and what he did. More importantly at Baylor especially in those circumstances where you could see him having a lot of success in reason at a Big Ten school like a Nebraska but if it's not Wisconsin if it's not Nebraska and I don't think he's going to Georgia Tech. I don't think he's also going to Arizona State where if you know he's he's done an interesting kind of philosophy or approach and taking these jobs like he was offered the Oregon job and he liked to go to Baylor now worked. And he got the giant job went to Carolina. So I would rule out Arizona State, but maybe looks at it Pac-12 who knows what the Pac-12 is going to look like a few years from now.

And that's a program that's basically down and out. And I had a few top 25 wins under Herm Edwards, and you'll have more, you'll get more patients there that maybe at a job that's in more of a spotlight like a Nebraska, or like a Wisconsin. But other than that the only other job I can think of is Auburn. And if this is going to be a guy that is being called one of the top candidates or maybe the top candidate in the coaching carousel, especially when you have all that money coming to you from Carolina 40 million and then it will eventually offset with whatever college deal he does sign. I would think if he doesn't love a job this offseason.

Then there's really no harm in taking a year out you recharge the batteries you kind of reassess a few things. And the monster jobs could potentially open up a year from now like last year. There was just a wave of so many big jobs that were open.

LSU, Oklahoma, USC, Notre Dame. So there will be jobs open but it's not like there's a bevy of big big jobs that are going to be open. And if you look at last year being LSU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, USC being some of the jobs open. Yeah, that's a more rich field or richer field than Auburn, Nebraska, Wisconsin. So maybe you just wait naturally where other bigger jobs get impatient with the guys they have or other guys move around, and then the right job opens up a year from now.

So that's the mat side of it. But like, like, Ryan, do you, other than Nebraska, Wisconsin, like if Wisconsin is a good gym liner if I'm not really pouncing on Wisconsin. I could see him at Nebraska. And then you look at Auburn, that's probably it.

Like is there any other job that could potentially open up. That's a big job in college football this year. Open up, maybe Michigan, if Harbaugh goes back to the NFL. Right, like that's contingent on him leaving.

Like, I'll be honest, I wonder if a place like Arizona State would be one that's up his alley. Lower expectations, good weather. You'll get patience.

Sometimes when you are in a situation that's kind of a pressure cooker, you want to go to the opposite. Like I said, he'll get more rope for sure than he had in Carolina. The NFL in college is different.

It is, but you get that. It's tough to preach patience in the NFL. College though, I was there at Temple. They were competitive, they were in a lot of games. Like lost all this game and only won two games. Baylor, he won one game his first year. So the first year when you're a new college coach coming in, like even when Dave Aranda took over a very good Baylor team, I know it was different circumstances, but they were bad and the next year they go out and they win the Big 12. So like any new coach that comes in for the most part in college football, they tear it down. Like Marcus Freeman was on the staff at Notre Dame and this is kind of like a tear it down and you rebuild this year.

You get to implement your approach as the guy in the head seat. If you're Matt too, when you look at a school like Arizona State, do you look at the conference? USC, UCLA, leave it and go to the Big 10. Conference is wide open. Oregon so far has looked nice.

Utah has looked nice. But there's no, what's a behemoth like if you go to the Big 10, either Wisconsin or Nebraska. You still have Ohio State to deal with. If Jim Harbaugh stays, you have Michigan to deal with. Penn State's been a team that wins consistently.

It's tough. It's like Big 12 light, what the Pac-12 would be when he was at Baylor. Because Baylor, you still had the top dog of Oklahoma. And Oklahoma was obviously so tough to beat. And you know how that did play out in their two games that year up against Oklahoma. But you look at the Pac-12, there's no team there because USC and UCLA are leaving that. It's like, oh my goodness gracious.

They're tough. Arizona State, it would not be a terrible landing spot. I think he could do better though than Arizona State, but for his approach, yeah, I could see him being patient. It would not stun me if he, I would not expect it, but it would not stun me if he lands up at Arizona State.

Is the best way that I would say. But anyway, his old job, Carolina. Who could be the next Panthers head coach? I put together a list of like eight or ten names. D'Amico Ryans, Sean Paden, Jim Harbaugh, you got to take a run at him. Brian Flores, Shane Steichen, Dan Quinn, Eric Bienemy, Byron Lefwich, and Mike Kafka. I don't think Sean Paden is going to take the Panthers job.

Because regardless what he says, and I don't think he really sold it on the herd. I don't think that job is attractive right now. You got pieces on the defense. That defense is solid in Carolina. But offensively, is McCaffrey even going to be there? Is DJ Moore going to want out?

You don't have a quarterback. That's also why I think Sean wouldn't consider it. Unless, maybe, maybe, maybe. If they end up picking the top five, which looks likely now. Maybe Sean likes one of these college quarterbacks and he wants to hitch his wagon to that quarterback in the draft. But I think there will be better options for Sean Paden. But I could just give you three names right now. Here would be my three names. That I think would be interested and I think the Panthers would be interested in them as well. D'Amico Ryans, Brian Flores, and then Dan Quinn.

Those are the three names. For D'Amico Ryans, young up and coming coach. Brian Flores, established coach. Dan Quinn, established. Dan Quinn, I know it ended ugly. He got a team to a Super Bowl. Brian Flores, he coached that roster better than what the talent they had.

The only concern was that relationship or the lack of it with Tuatunga Vailoa. If I had to take a guess right now and attach three names to who I think is going to get that job. In the early stages, I would go Dan Quinn, Brian Flores, D'Amico Ryans. Who are your three names?

I like the two you threw out there especially. The thing with Brian Flores is I think you have to make sure he hires the right offensive coordinator. True, because he had 7,000 in Miami and also this pending lawsuit with the NFL. I know he's working this year, but does that maybe make the owner say, yeah, you could work on a staff, but we're not going to have you lead the staff? I like Jim Harbaugh. I don't know if he's willing. I don't know if he'll get other offers.

I think that's one you should take a run at. Because now two years in a row you've seen what he's done in Michigan, turned it around, and obviously a great NFL head coach when he was there. I think Harbaugh would be willing to leave.

You just need to give him all the control. And a job like Carolina, they just gave all the control to Matt Ruhle the way that we thought. Now people say, oh, don't hire another college coach. Jim Harbaugh's had a lot of success in the NFL. He got to three NFC title games and a Super Bowl.

I don't think Harbaugh would be interested, but who knows? Fantasy Football Leagues are one on the waiver wire, and with trades, and with savvy starter sit decisions. The Fantasy Football Today podcast will help you along the way with the best advice on how to manage your team and dominate your league. With eight episodes per week, Fantasy Football Today is the only resource you'll need. Start sit, grade the trade, fantasy cops to settle your league disputes, and so much more. Check out Fantasy Football Today anywhere podcasts are found. Check out Fantasy Football Today anywhere podcasts are found.
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