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Waiting for the Promise

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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May 22, 2022 8:00 am

Waiting for the Promise

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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May 22, 2022 8:00 am

Pastor Robert shares how God still moves in our lives during seasons of waiting.

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We are in a series called Passover where Pastor Robert has been sharing how the case after Jesus's resurrection change today. Pastor Robert is talking about waiting for. I'm sure there are many waited for a promising pass. Robert has some incredible things this year so let's join. We are in a series called Passover typically cost 50 days that changed the world and those 50 days are divided into two sections 40 days in 10 days. 40 days Jesus was only earth after his resurrection. 10 days they were waiting for the promise of the Holy Spirit. That's the 50 day so the title of this message is called wavy for the promise. So were going to talk about the TN base and I'm going to tell you what the last words of Jesus were before. He stated 40 days is only earth and then right before his CNC tells his disciples to do something, but most people get it wrong. Most people quote Matthew and Mark.

The great commission going all the world and preach the gospel.

So I said the last words of Jesus begins with the word go.

Not sure Luke and acts, one last chapter of Luke 24 X1. Record the last words of Jesus, right before he is taken up.

His last words were not go his last words were steak anyway until you're endued with power from on high, because if you go before you get the power. Nothing's going to happen anyway basically only 24, 49, and behold, I'm sending the promise of my Father upon but stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high X1 for being assembled together with them, he commanded them not to be a part from Jerusalem, but to wait, wait, that's that word we all love for the promise of the father guy so let me just admit something to you. I don't like to wait.

Actually that's not true.

I hate to wake you know what I hate more than waiting, hurrying up to wait, hurrying our reservation is at six hurrying hurry, hurry, and when we get there while we waited. But while we waited. Did you call did you make the reservation if 605 wire we waited. I'd like to go up to the manager and set fire we wait, but I can't do it because the whole restaurant to say I Pastor Robert, I'm full of the joy of the Lord. Right now I hate to wait until that way but will wait something to answer the question in this message of why does God make us white. Why couldn't Jesus have stayed 50 days. Why did he say 40 and make them wait TN base. I'm also answer a couple of the questions that you might not ever thought about where did they way and how did they wipe. In other words, if you're waiting on a promise from God. Where should you wait and how should you wait and then round about why the white suckers for number one. Where did they what now don't answer it because you get it partially right will get it partially right. I asked a few people this question this week.

I got it partially right.

Where did they way they all said the upper room that's partially right. By the way the upper room was not the same ring they had the last supper in. That was an upper room not the same one because this operating held 120 people there were hundred and 20 there on there. Thus there were the 11 by non-native another one they got 12 PM, in the end I had the 70 others in that it makes very specific mention of Mitch and the ladies were there as well as well as it mentions Mary the mother of Jesus is the last century is mentioned in Scripture. Mary the mother of Jesus was there for the birth of Christ and for the birth of the church because the church was birthed and accepted. So X1 1213 says they returned to Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, that's right, this right after the Assyrians, which is near Jerusalem, a Sabbath day journey. I'll just explain for those you want to know what that means moments and when they entered, they went into the upper room where there was, thanks. That's why people think they were in the upper room for 10 days. 10 days they were there they never left the upper room and they sent out for junkies during the 10 days but never left that room will show you they get a Sabbath day journey.

It was not the Sabbath. It was the day before the Sabbath when they were waiting, but it wasn't the Sabbath and when they went into the upper room the Sabbath day journey simply me about three quarters of a mile but they didn't say it that way. It was either 2000 cubits or thousand steps man steps a cubit is from the tip of your finger into your elbow at 18 inches so that be 2000 1/2 of that thousand of those would be 36 inches which is about a man's okay so that's that's all it was. It was a made up law that both on the Sabbath. You could only Walt 2000 cubits or thousand steps, and so it's just simply saying thank they went about a thousand. They went about the journey Sabbath that George now so upper room, but that's not where they were.

The whole time during the 10 days because Luke again records. This 24 verse 52 and they worshiped him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy and were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God a man in the temple. Upper now this work continually. By the way, I don't as I don't want to get too far not told you about the cubit not suffer no I get to porn big Bill details, but they were continually in the temple not continuously now. I'm glad the teacher stood up because they'll know the difference continuously maze 24 hours a day never left, never ceases no breaks continually made frequently, often, you know, if you say you continually talk about that you frequently thought, but you can't say you continuously okay nevermind I said now I want to understand the difference and I really like for you to use the correct word.

If you're around me. Okay, so hot, so they were most of the time in the temple and they were in the upper right. The church began in the temple and in the house.

It is continued in the temple and in the house. If you only have church in the temple and for the other six days of the week you don't have church in your house, you're missing something but even though were coming out of the season program. I do believe are coming out. If you only have church in the house and never get back to the temple you're missing something to because it's good to come together so we needed both on the source of the Scriptures. XC 46 so continually continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house acts 542 and daily in the temple, and in every house they do not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the price okay so this is all through Scripture he got in the temple and from ourselves. Paul said about five times that I couldn't. I did one thinks it's unreal. Scriptures gray so and so it will and Priscilla and break the church that is in the house so they met in the temple and they met in houses but is there a deeper principle. Yes the deeper principle is when they asked Jesus.

What's the greatest commandment. They said no. I season greatest commandment is love the Lord your God with all your heart mind soul and strength.

But the second he said, is like love your neighbor as yourself.

When you sum up those 240 relationship with God and relationship with God.

The people so I'm answering the question, where did they wipe I'm answering the question. Where should you wait if you're waiting on a promise from God and all of us are waiting for promise in our marriage or business, our health, with one of our kids were all waiting for promise.

Where should you waste here. It is not saying just in the temple process. I'm using the principle, the principle is you need to wait in relationship with God and relationship with God's people.

That's what you need white you need to maintain.

If you are waiting for promise.

You need to maintain your relationship with God and your relationship with God's people.

That's very, very important. Or you might not keep waiting for the promise. So where do you like white in relationship with God and God's people. So here's number two how do you wait, how did they wait X1 14 these all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, not me just let you know what prayer means to ask supplication means to intensely ask to ask fervently to ask passionately the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much. So that's what supplication might, but I want you to understand prayer is a huge part of the church and it's not the S I have to do it.

I need to pray it's communicating with God presenting your petitions talking to him and when you talk to him. You can release the burden that's all you and if you don't pray you will still have the burden and you will continue to carry the burden until you give it to him.

The farther we get from prayer, the farther we get from receiving the promise of the Holy Spirit. And when I say receiving the promise those spirits just think it's almost like, wait, wait, it's like a one time thing yes we were seeing Jesus as our initial Savior.

But there is a continual receiving Jesus everyday as Lord, not for salvation but for whatever were going directly. There is an initial receiving the Holy Spirit. But there is an initial me there is a continual receiving the Holy Spirit in every situation were going through in life, but it comes through prayer. What what watches you will feel the Holy Spirit comes through prayer, just short again and again.

Jesus is life and in the church. Luke 321 when all the people were baptized became passive. Jesus also was baptized and while he pray most people miss those three words while he pray that heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like above about the Holy Spirit came when Jesus prayed all through Scripture that heaven is waiting for one person on earth to agree with heaven so that Evan can ring the heavens and the Lord himself out there waiting God's waiting on us so where did they pray they stated relationship in the temple and from house to house, and how did they wait they waited in prayer. Here's number three why did they like. This is the big question why did Jesus stay only 40 days. Why did he make them wait 10 days and by the way, I did know is will be 10 days. Helen wait for Pentecost, and by the way, there were no Pentecostal churches at the top so they did know Pentecost made the day the Holy Spirit comes I didn't know they know how long they be white, but he said white.

But why, why did he make them like why does God make people like.

You're so thick you can take this word. Why NS got a whole bunch of questions why did I lose my job.

Why did this happen and why did this happen here.

Figure 6 a bit tough. Why did my wife get sick.

Here's another tough one. I never bring these up to bring up a bad memory I'm just trying to let us know. We have these thoughts. Why did my husband.

I where were you got. Why did this happen.

Why did you allow this to happen. So why does God make us white. Well, it's a tough question, but it's an easy answer. You will. You might not like the answer.

Jill explained, but sometimes he makes you wait because he's God, here's what I mean by that because he's he knows more than you. He is all knowing, but here's the good part not only see all knowing he's all loving, so his decision to make you wait is because you look he's doing it for your good. He's doing it because he loves you and he's also making you wait to build your faith but you need understand some of that faith, because I'm gonna take it a step further with you that maybe you never thought about first fall we got understand faith what Hebrews 11 one famous definition of faith. Now faith is the substance substance. Substance of things hoped for, notice were hope the evidence of things not seen.

So hope and not think that faith is hope that you can't say Romans puts it this way. Romans 824 for we were saved. In this hope, but hope that is see is not hope for. Why does one still hope for what he thinks but if we hope for what we do not see we eagerly wait for with perseverance, housework, hope and wait in the same verse is another verse look Lamentations 326. It is good. It is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. Likewise that and by the way, if you already have everything you won't, then you actually have no hope. People who have everything.

Don't hope for anything that that's why you hear of a lot of people that have a lot committing suicide because they lost all hope. If you have everything you hope for nothing. You have no so what why do we hope why does God make us hope he's building our faith.

But here's the key he's actually building your relationship with him.

That's how you build your faith. This is very very very very very pleased for this is my burden for all message. If you catch this. You catch about God's giving you a promise. But you can't handle the promise yet. He's building his relationship with you and your relationship with him so that when the promise comes you can handle it. Remember the promise was the power and the person of the Holy Spirit.

The person came with great power the reason God doesn't give you the power before your written is because it would destroy you. The reason God made the disciples wait 10 days or so they would go deeper in their relationship with God through prayer and they would get deep enough that when the power of the Holy Spirit K they be able to handle it up Abraham and Sarah God made them white 25 years for the promise will know why I got two reasons, but first one is this they wouldn't of been able to handle the promise until they waited 25 years and we know that because 11 years into it Sarah gives her made Abraham to sleep with her made to try to accomplish the promise on the road and Abraham agrees that they are not ready to handle the promise cell. I want you catch us when we say God's building fake wheat we we say that all that we say things like Dodge building my faith is building up five say different weight. He's building your relationship with him. He's putting a death in your life so that when the promised comes you have enough faith in him you can handle the promise you won't fail because the promise and not just say it's a business thing where God you know God's going to bless you financially.

One night, but he gave if he gives you the financial blessing God before you're mature enough to handle it, it will ruin you knows that. So he's making you wait. Now here's a here's a question if he wasn't going to give the promise to Abraham and Sarah for 25 years. Here's a question.

Good question. Why did he tell them 25 years before this seems a little mean to me.

I'm a God. If you never give us this job for 25 more years tell us in 24 and God's thinking, no, it's gonna take you 25 years of no and wavy and hoping to have enough maturity to handle this so that that's one reason.what's the second reason is because even though he doesn't own a watch. His timing is always perfect. So Abraham and Sarah's child was named Isaac. Right.

One day Abraham's Abraham stands to serve it to his brother. Household to find a wife for his son Isaac on the exact day that he sends his service on the exact day his servant gets to a well and Rebecca comes to the well on that day.

If Rebecca had come to the well if Isaac had been born 25 years before Rebecca probably had was not even born. So Abraham has Isaac at the exact right time so Isaac and Rick meet Rebecca and Isaac and Rebekah and Jake up at the exact right time so Jacob to meet Rachel and God does not open what Rachel until it's exactly the right time for her to have Joseph and this continues all the way to a virgin named Mary.

And here's the good news it's still continuing this day with your children and your grandchildren. Claude is determining the days of their lives God and God had Mary born others time so the angel could come to heard a certain time. Scholars believe between the ages of 13 and 16.

She was very so that Jesus could be born on a certain day so he could begin his ministry authority and sort 33, he could die alone Passover so that 50 days later, the Holy Spirit could come on Pentecost on the exact day and started with Abraham and Sarah having to wait 25 years for the promise.

I know you're waiting for promise. But where you need to waive his relationship with God and relationship with his people, how you need to wait and why you pray this because we want you to take a moment to develop pastoral temperature today and really listen to what the Holy Spirit seemed. If you want to connect with the sort check out some of Pastor Roberts at the messages. Visit Pastor if you haven't already, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be a part of your community. Today's message missing. Next time, Pastor Robert is concluding the series with a message about how the Holy Spirit have a nice day

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