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What's So Amazing About Grace

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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June 2, 2019 8:00 am

What's So Amazing About Grace

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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June 2, 2019 8:00 am

Pastor Robert explains how grace is unmerited, undeserved, and unearned favor from God.


Welcome to worship and the word with pastor Robert today. Pastor Robert is beginning a new series titled amazing Grace or he will help us understand what graces and more importantly but it's completely free gift. Thank you so much for joining us. I'm your host Patrick and today I'm here with Jenae.

Hey everyone you know Jenae, I think that most people don't fully understand God's grace or what it really means.

We've probably all heard of the song amazing Grace, but that seems like a him that we sing in church than a gift that is available to us today TR I remember thinking that in the church I grew up in Arkansas when I was just a little girl, but I've never really thought about it and just how amazing God's graces until I heard Pastor Robert explaining this message. It's minus series is one of my favorite I completely agree.

Well, let's join Pastor Robert now and hear what yes to say about why Grace is unmerited undeserved and unearned.

So the title of this message is what's so amazing about Grace, and I know that was the title of a book while that which was a great book to read the book of love.

The book, but about two months ago when the Lord put this series on my heart is actually on my study break time.

I said Lord, why do you want me to teach on grace, I will only know that I know the doctrine of grace and all the theology of grace. I know how important it is for us to believe in grace what you want me to teach on grace that I felt like you said. I felt like he said look around the room. How many people don't know the grace of God and don't understand the grace of God and even how many believers how many believers live with a sense of shame and condemnation and fear of failure and how many believers are performance oriented and perfection driven and how many have a father wouldn't help me live discouraged and depressed because they can never measure up, so I want us to understand how amazing Grace really gets when it is so amazing and there such misunderstanding about rivalry, a good friend, a good friend who is a wonderful man of God and nice teacher in the body of Christ.

Great guy but he doesn't say grace and so we got together to talk about and one of things he said was that grace is like the orders own a boat and he said were in the boat and there's a current that's pulling us toward hell and God has provided the scores that's his grace and he said, and if we keep growing will get to heaven. That's the way he thought} but if we ever quit rolling we don't help something that's not amazing Grace, that's amazing. You and your not that amazing. He's amazing and so he and I sat and talked and he said okay Robert is on some will tell you what I feel about it and he said you tell me if I'm wrong and I said okay I'll probably do that and so he shared about grace and he said I pulled 100 pastors and I asked him what he is grace. And he said 90 something percent of them came back with some answer close to the typical answer unmerited favor on the traditional answer unmerited virus. He said only a few said divine enablement is something we totally missed it. I think grace is the divine enablement of God and he said that he went 80s about 24 events explained to make sure he had covered all his bases and he said okay. Am I wrong. I said 100% your hundred percent right where he laughed.

I laughed and were still good friends.

I've tremendous respect for emotional I'm right, but he said will why is that wrong.

I said because you asked your question. You said you asked what grace is. You didn't ask what grace does in one of the aspects of grace is, it does divinely enable us to live a new life in Christ, but it is the unmerited undeserved unearned kindness in favor of God.

That's what it is. So let me budget and if you want to write that down. I estimate that that statement grace is the on unmerited undeserved unearned kindness and favor of God.

That's when it so I just want to unpack these three words just just a little bit for you just can't lay a foundation for our series today right. Here's number one unmerited Ephesians 289 says, for by grace you have a site by grace through faith analysis list that not of yourselves wasn't you're really not of yourselves, it is the gift of God not of works, lest anyone should boast here.

This clearly there will be no boasting in having there's a lot of boasting owners right now but there will be no heaven you will not say I Really, that's why I'm here I'm here because I Growing I have some friends.

I think he really is or not. Here, but I'm here because I rode the first time you see the nail prints in his hands. You'll say that's one that's that's why I'm here I'm here because of Jesus is unmerited when we don't merit. What's amazing is when we first get say we know we don't merit but 20 years later after all the good things we've done for God. Somehow we think now Wally, I mean I didn't like them but I'm low closer now know even your righteousness is as filthy rags. The best thing about you is still not even close to the worst thing about when I think of this unmerited. I was talking less than this week and talk to him at the series on grace. They said that I remember grace in my life way several times growing up. I just thought of time when I was that he was probably early junior high he said we got our yearbooks and before on our lunch time, he said, for some reason, a group of guys. My friends, we decided it would be funny to draw mustaches and beards on the pictures of the teachers in our yearbooks and so when he got home. I said hey you got your were going to your book and he does not. And so, anyway, I got it and I looked at, not eyesight some of the ladies actually look never know right okay so but I remember saying to him some did you realize what you and it was beginning to Donald and I said you ruined this.

This is something you know you may want to look back on this your snow but you ruined it and and Josh has such a tender heart. He started crying. Then I picked his chin on the sentence on tomorrow about you. One of my he said I want you to because that's what father Stinson III raised my children because my own father with the sense of trying to model what the fathers like grace, they have hundreds of examples of grace because I always always wanted to err on the side.

Grace said this with Father's Day Father's Day.

I take care of it when you do some stupid & this this was stupid. But you know the Scripture says, love covers a multitude of sins. Here's a mistake not thought of grace covers a multitude of stupid sense that you want to raise your hands.

But never do anything stupid, you better be glad for grace, so it is unmerited.

Here's the second thing it's undeserved well deserve it. We didn't deserve it. Then we don't deserve it. Now you know were teachers or leaders or groups or what went well deserve it. Romans 324 being justified freely, undeservedly by his grace through the redemption. That's a price Jesus met this word grace alone. Unpack a little bit from from the Greek art was pronunciation of it is Karis and it's fine to say that but it's that's really not how it's pronounced of the sea in the Greek assignment and so therefore it is actually pronounced Hall Reese Hall Reese that I would be like along the Reese so that if I said the record is Reese most of you would recognize it because we we know of Karis and as matter fact there are many people named their daughter daughters Karis, which is great to go home and start color Reese okay is just Karis is great actually mind who said more thing that made our daughter Karis and I think you think about that first he said why I said because your last name is Maddox charismatics okay so anyway so I will just unpack this word just just looking for it does mean the unmerited favor of God.

That's what that definition, but I want you know that this word was a cultural word before it was a scriptural word the Holy Spirit chose to use this word but let me tell you the cultural meaning of this word before it was even a scriptural work it.

It implied you always get it referred to a benevolent gift from a superior to an inferior.

That's always what culture went when someone superior in well oriented goods. Saul someone who is in need are inferior as a person, but inferior in goods. Then, if the superior gave a gift to that inferior person in this area of goods and that that was called grace that was always okay but it involves a listen carefully because this might shop something it actually involves three parties three persons. You would think it just involved to the person giving on the person receiving them, and integrate these would be the closest English words to the Greek word, so I didn't come up with these that these would be what what they were doing in the Great Plains right person providing the goods was called the patron. The patron and then the person receiving the goods was called the client now again I don't I don't think these are words that we should use when we talk about the gospel like clients and patrons and things like that. Not saying that silly saying in cultural Greek.

That's what those were the means like so the patron let's put it this way. Maybe own the shoe store and he wants to provide shoes for some children in an orphanage. They would be the clients them, but there's 1/3 person in every transaction there was 1/3 person that this again is the closest word in Greek. He was called the broker.

The broker would glide into the community and see the needs of the inferior and bring the inferior together with the superior. But here's something else he would do the brokers actually paid for the merchandise if it was 20 pairs of shoes he paid for the shoes. The patron provided it but clients received it but the broker paid for the sound familiar, the brokers Jesus. He brought us together with the father, but he also paid fully for us. Every time I think the paid in full when I was a young man attended a Bible college in amino Bible conference. I didn't and about, because renting a Bible conference and at this conference a pastor named Dr. EV fuel spoke never forget this testimony he shared.

He said when he was young he told his mother.

I would be a pastor when a group is mother said will you you need to go to college and even thinking about was young because he didn't understand but as he grew older he relies on the lookout. They were very poor. He was a minority. She was a single mother and there weren't agent programs at that time for minorities.

We didn't understand our nation do not understand that need that time, or were blind to that need. And so he just thought on the real go to college and as he got older he began to come to prepare his mother for excite your mom. I'm certainly a pastor but I may not go to college. It's a sign you're going to college. A similar way we can afford college this what you say. She looked and whatnot she sits on God will provide. And every time he read a few sites on God will provide. So she sitting down on the date register. He goes down register. The standing gets all his books he gets all a schedule he standing in the registrar's line is about five people back in his thinking.

I'm so embarrassed and so ashamed I should not be here. I don't have any any money at all to pay for this meal and then he was for people back in three people back to them once and then when that person stepped aside, he said.

I started to turn and run, but I remember my mother saying son, God will provide choice and I took a step up that window and when I did a man stepped right up beside me he took my hand like this and he put money on it and he looked at me right in the eyes and he said to me, son. God will provide any said the lady said Mr. Hillyer Bill is that he said I took that money and I put it down there.

She counted out and it was the right is exact amount and this is what he said she said she took my bill and she took this stamp, she said paid in full and he said I remember for the first time thinking that's what Jesus did. That's what Jesus did.

He paid it in full. You are listening to worship in the word and will get back to the rest of pastor Roberts message on God's amazing grace in just a minute but I wanted to take a break and let you know that if you would like to get this entire series.

You can do that at our quote Jenae have to make asking the wrong question needs to deal with such good point recently asking what we should be asking like crazy.

I've never been taught about what grace does. I've always just thought of it as something that I just received by being a Christian right there with you. I think if I look at it differently with the idea of what Christ died Mary Kay anything we don't really begin to really understand and finally to live a new life in Christ.

I absolutely agree. Well, let's get back to the message and hear what Pastor Robert has to say about how grace really is the unearned kindness in favor of God doing in the next three stories I've heard the father's grace, so it is unmerited undeserved. Here's third word unearned unearned Romans 11 six as and if by grace, that is no longer works. Otherwise grace is no longer grace and a mix of works is no longer great grace otherwise work is no longer enough substitute for grace and work the words free and earn because we receive the free gift.

The free gift of salvation freely been justified freely received freely about that same image free.

It's soldering a light freeze not free image earned this not free allies is not her.

If one or the other it's grace is either free or insert an image.

Grace can't be a 20 site if it's a gift that you cannot. It was paid for was paid for by you is paid for by Jesus.

So you definition. That just blows me away about grace. This is the Baker encyclopedia of the Bible.

Grace is the dimension of divine activity that enables God to confront human indifference and rebellion with an inexhaustible capacity to forgive and to bless us an inexhaustible capacity to forgive unless it's free.

It's free to send you.

You never received a birthday gift from someone and any zone thinking I said to be $86 when I said that I actually thought of some gifts of my children have given me that I knew I'd paid for.

Never open your kids all decided that we got your Christmas gift.

He opened up before first question really is, what is the second alien is how much of this posting literally.

I remember Tom all of our children that one of my credit cards when they were in high school and college in case an experience or to build the Philip Arbogast Underwood that my daughter life gave me a Father's Day gift so that you see separately guard so other than gifts from your children. Okay there free gift of right I'm ever going to Bible college and I believe we should study church history, but nobly we should argue about nonmember Bible college. They were sitting around. They were arguing about grace to truly embrace what you probably never even heard of Augustine grace Palladium grace or some you may have heard of Calvinism. Arminianism. We saw leaders in the body price arguing today.

Here I was in Bible College just gotten saved. You heard my testimony out of a horrible life.

They were arguing about grace and I was thinking if you only if you only knew that I shouldn't even be here today. I shouldn't even realize much less in college studying for the ministry and actually turned to me a moment I said so what you think about grace not just so overwhelmed I just said I was lost and found that they just went right back argue. I think Satan tried to make arguments about grace so we forget that grace is that Christ died for our sins. That's grace so I want to show you a picture of grace. Hope you never forget this.

It's about a father and son name Rick and Dick Hoyt.

Rick was born with the umbilical cord around his neck and because the oxygen was cut off his brain for a while. He has never been able to walk or talk. But they found out as he was growing up, that he was extremely intelligent because they can watch with his eyes they could communicate. They taught him Dick and Judy has father mother taught him the alphabet, even though he could not talk with just using his eyes, and in 1973 great thing about the technology back then they gathered a group of engineers who invented a computer for him or he could move a cursor with his eyes and highlight letters in the bump something on the computer like a mouse and speak words for the first time that that technology courses been advanced but that's in use now all over the world. They invented for this young when he was 15. One of his classmates was in an accident where he was paralyzed that his classmates paralyzed and they were going to run a 5K race to raise money form and he threw the computer tapping letters he said to his dad. I want to run that race and so is Dan who is not a runner trained so that he could push his son in a wheelchair in that race and after the race. He said to his dad.

That's the first time in my life that I did not feel handicapped and so his dad continued to train now they've run in 72 marathons and 255 triathlons triathlon if you don't know is 2.4 miles of swimming 26.2 miles of running and 112 miles of biking. When Dick slams Rick is being pulled by Dick in a little raft when Dick cycles Rick is in a seat on the front of the bicycle and when Dick runs Rick is in the chair and Dick is pushing everything I've done this because the father's been pushing me and pulling me caring disgrace and all he's asking you to do just get richer. No, actually he's asking you to let him put you in the chair. As you can get in the chair was such an amazing story of grace. I can't even imagine what Rick had to go through to be able to compete in whole of those races with his he really moving when beautiful picture of grace. It was such a good reminder that our heavenly father has been pushing and pulling and carrying every step of the way.

Not really is great. It really is.

Well I hope you've enjoyed this word from Pastor Robert today if you'd like to get a copy of this message want to share with a friend. You can get the complete eight part series titled amazing grace right or by calling 833933 word again that's Pastor or 833933 word and you can also follow Pastor Robert on Facebook, Instagram or twitter join us next time. As we continue this series on amazing grace.

Pastor Robert explains what righteousness is and how we need God's grace to have. Thank you for joining us and we hope you have a blessed week

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