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The Principle of Intimacy

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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September 8, 2019 8:00 am

The Principle of Intimacy

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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September 8, 2019 8:00 am

Pastor Robert warns against adultery in body, soul, and spirit.

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Welcome to worship and the word with pastor Rob today. Pastor Robert is continuing his series titled relationship where he shares how each of the 10 Commandments has a principal behind it that leads us into a deeper relationship with God and other people.

Thanks so much for joining us today. I'm your host Patrick and I'm here with my cohost Jenae hello everybody. Well, today's message focuses on the second commandment which says that you should commit adultery. For some people this is an easy thing to talk about but is so important you know absolutely and this message isn't just for married people. There are truths in this message that all of us can definitely see Amanda Pastor Robert as he explains three ways people commit adultery and what often leads people to work in a series called relationship through God stopped him and so were on the seventh commandment calling at the principal of intimacy.

I believe this tells us how to have intimacy with God and with each other, and especially your marriage because what he refers to the world. The seventh commandment and its Exodus chapter 20 verse 14 you shall not commit adultery.

Five simple words you shall not commit adultery. I want to share with you three ways that people commit adultery, not just one but three ways and if you remember were three parts, body, soul and spirit. Let's actually going be my three points as room talk about your body your soul and your spirit, and many people don't realize that it can affect your spirit but I will show you in Scripture how I can write so number one is the body you can commit adultery.

Your body displays self-explanatory boneless Georgie in Scripture. I first review chapter 6, verse 18 flee sexual immorality flee run from every noticeboard every every CN that Amanda was is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality, CNN's against his own body or do you not know that your body and say soul or spirit here. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who was injured you have from God, and you are not your own, for you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit inside the Holy Spirit in your spirit so I get a shot say this affect your spirit as well because installment sexual immorality, which are God's. So first of all, did God create six. He did. We didn't mutate from some gob of glue somewhere. We wait we are due Guba blob. I don't know I say but we didn't mutate from something God cradled us someone surprise you will write God actually formed your sexual parts. You better be careful about the aliens today my just like my throw me off a little for okay I know this is who ripped up must die so so God formed bit your sexual parts and God bless and God formed the you to have pleasure he that was his idea but didn't go awry know the words to the sexual urges become a little more than what he thought they would did he do too good of a job. You know was this not in the plan or did he actually form listen God formed male and female to fit together a design that I didn't just happen God formed male and female to fit perfectly.

And he informed it for you to enjoy yourself and have pleasure, intimacy, but we don't think of as ice in a good way really lived in a bad way. I got member attending a pastors conference one time this pastor he preached the message on this. The other pastors when he was trying to do was say enjoy your sex life with your spouse so that you're not tempted to go do something else. It was a great message for best because it is almost up a feeling of the church that you have to be a prude if you want to serve God and yet I'm trying to tell you. God actually created you to have fun in marriage also commit adultery as number two in your soul and your soul a Proverbs 632 says whoever commits adultery with the woman lacks understanding, he who does so Watts destroys his own soul, destroys his soul at this were destroyed upon the definition of GC from the Hebrew image corrupts the corrupt Sissel the ruins it spoils it injures it waste batterers and rocks. Soul begins to rot and ruin now I understand. God can redeem. But if any of you had a mistake in this area you understand how much you spoiled your life in this area. I understand the soul is made up of the mind, will and emotions, mind, will, emotions, what how you think about things.

How you feel about things and then the decisions you make to listen carefully you can commit adultery in your mind you can commit adultery in remote peer emotions. You can have a real relationship in your mind with someone and you can I'm wrong relationship with your motion in Jesus backs this up as all through Scripture that adultery any thought or feeling toward another person that is inappropriate outside of marriage is wrong you can do this. As you married.

You do this before you're married. Song of Solomon three verse five. Do not stir up nor awaken love until it pleases until it until it's time that God it's pleasurable to God and he will be pleasurable to you can marriage to show your word that maybe you never thought about.

I love words and lend it to look at the root end and I can see the root of most words just by looking at them, but let me show you this you not get ahead of me on this, but the word fantastic fantastic is appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination.

I want you know, sort, unrestrained, and maybe didn't realize this but here's the root of this word ready fantasy, imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained say that that the unrestrained part is what I'm concerned about and I want to take something that might even shock you. God actually designed you to live a fantasy with a person your spouse for you to say what we have flex fantasy is fantastic. This is why I'm saying this is the principle intimacy keep taking back this. You can't imagine the intimacy that you can experience with one person when you keep the Lord of that relationship is phenomenal listening to worship and the word with pastor if you'd like to listen to this message again or if you miss the start of this relationship series. Be sure to check out our or call 833933 word penis today were talking about the seventh commandment, which is, you shall not commit idolatry and so far, Pastor Robert has talked about how God created sex.

He isn't surprised by her urges were designed such a great reminder that adultery physical competency if not remaining here in her mind around the first battleground. You know, I'm really glad Pastor Robert is going to explain more about that. Just so, let's get back to so affairs start in the soul before they ripped the body. I'm usually what precedes lessee lust proceeds, adultery, which I would perceive what what you heard a set of old, you shall not commit adultery but I say to you that whoever looks whoever looks at a woman to lust is Artie committed adultery so lust proceeds adultery book, but this is such a simple thing looking proceeds, lust. You cannot imagine how many times I'm driving on the street and there is an athletic woman jockey and I'm not going to look because I know what that leads to just look the other way. I had to train myself to do this Potter first wife.

The Bible says cast longing eyes on Joseph. She looked before she lust, David, Saul, Bathsheba from his balcony. He looked in that stirred up lust which caused adultery but Job 31 one I made a covenant with my eyes and I've literally said and done this. I've done this personally.

I made a covenant with my why then should I look upon you definitely got it when I was a young man and God began dealing with me about this. Our pastor Olin sure something like this that he did and so I said to Debbie I said I need to talk about something she said okay I said I have a problem looking, you know, she said you think you might think your be in slicer, but it's noticeable/alive I don't want to do X. I said if you see me looking. I said I want you to confront me and pray for me, confront me and pray that here's the problem. I didn't define how to confront so a few months later we were on vacation.

We were seated at the pool which is like me and say little bar for an alcoholic, you know, it's just, you know what I beg your shop for a baggies just you know the pool's not a good place if you've ever had a problem in this area so you will read magazines when looking over the top of the magazine and this girl walks by and I made a mistake Randall and we got sunglass on you guys don't we go ahead send a note day, so I followed her like this. All of a sudden I felt this excruciating pain.

Debbie reached over and started teaching me this by the way's 11th commandment, thou shalt not pinched by husband on the back of his arm she started pinching right here and she said do I need to pray for you so adultery can happen in the body, but he can also happen in the soul, but I'm concerned because your for number three, the spirit, something happens in the spirit, the most of you do not realize with adultery. Most of most Genesis 224 when marriage began says therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Knowledge knows couple things, Vern Portier, flash, so one body, they shall be joined. I'm telling you again. God created the male and female parts to fit together will be joined together they become one flesh. It says things I would say one spirit, your is one flesh that come together, they become one and a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife that do any of you remember the old King James word for joined here man will leave and cleave right is to be in the marriage vows.

Do you do you commit the cleave only to this woman you know, till death do Berkeley okay leaving fleet okay so there's a leaving enclave of this scripture is repeated in the New Testament four times. Jesus says it and Paul says three times. It refers to marriage but one time it's in first Corinthians 6 until June 3 of them will shortly what watch this first trip in six verse 50.

Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ, your bodies are members of Christ. I wish you good thing.

Think about it all week about how you treat your body, your bodies are members of Christ.

Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of the heartland, certainly not, or an immoral person or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her for the two.

He says shall become one flesh. So this Scripture that's about marriage that a man leaves his father mother is joined to his wife says. But if that same man began, joined himself to another woman. He now becomes one with her. There's a leaving and a cleaving there's a oneness that happens I would tell Matt in the body and the soul and the mind of the emotions as you can leave emotionally to bunting some happens in the spirit that we stopped at verse 16 Outlook adverse 17 but he who is joined same word to the Lord is one spirit with him.

Remember, we read the first data verse 19 says glorify God in your body and in your spirit.

You have a spirit and when you join yourself with the Lord. You become one spirit with him, but you commit adultery, listen in order to become joined to someone else you have to leave someone you really think that you can take the members of your body, the members of Christ and join those with the members apartment you really think you can think everything's okay in your relationship with God when you're committing adultery in your body are your soul.

You have to leave the Lord and I must say you lose your salvation.

Salvation is based on grace and thank God it is when you lose your intimacy with God. Don't ever try to convince yourself that you are in a vital, ongoing, passionate, intimate relationship with Jesus when you're having an affair. Don't ever think you can commit yourself. But here's what you need to know you leave him in the spirit is a leaving. There is also a cleaving and you know what you join yourself to a demonic spirit. If you just tuning in your listening to worship and the word with pastor Robert Morris Patrick when pastor Robert was talking about how looking proceeds last time about how a lot of computer programs and TV apps now include parental control feature maybe one day. How often do adults take control of our own wondering how often do we filter what we view on social media are following DirecTV about cultivating strong and self-controlled mind you know those are really good questions. I think we can get kind of mentality become spiritually pleased with what we watch on the enemy is always ready to pounce take us by the hand from one cent next. And this is just a great reminder that we need to shore up on fences and ask for help so important. Pastor Robert Lindley can adultery something happens next.

And we are separated from the well. Let's continue on with pastor. He has a thought-provoking story to tell us things I was speaking to you through one time and one young lady said is this the only, and we were talking so we don't work on his nobler. She said a little embarrassed asked this question, but I I don't know why I don't understand. She said if were to Christians and were going to get married anyway.

We love the Lord were trying to finish our degrees first before we get married parents have told us.

By the way, by the way, we never told her children as we thought entering marriage pure was much better than entering marriage with a degree personal. We told our kids because most people say we will pay for it. We told our kids and our are the ones American in our family pay for your education will keep fighting for because we know there's a strong desire and you think you go to three years not fulfill that strong desire. I doubt it. Your lot stronger not guaranteed. So we told you get married and they will take care of the school of art so in order though to have.

She said she asked this question. If we really love each other and were going to get married anyway. What difference does a piece of paper might.

I said none none. Zero.

The piece of paper makes no difference. Someone likes them, is the blessing of God is the principle of God's word*and explain to you why and I said to her, us that when explain this your boyfriends at Messiah Dir. I got you love each other.

Gasket rollouts question what I want to tell you how you will ruin your message.

If you give him what he wants right now and he won't let his mama tell you, young lady, how you will destroy your marriage if you give it to them before marriage in order to have premarital sex you have to sneak around the you don't just say this like those you you don't sell your parents like oil going not going to have sex) good time. You have to live. We went to Susie's house were bowling lot yet be deceptive. You start developing a habit lots of habits that you should develop.

God never intended you develop and yet the snake around it so you actually develop an appetite that God never intended you to develop listening that appetite you develop, you develop an appetite for sneaking around six. I never intended you to develop so you develop an appetite for sneaking around six but then you get married. I guess what happens eventually granting the kids.

We must stay grounded more rashly. This is why a submission like this is why if you develop this appetite in him.

What you get married you never really satisfied this like you'll start talking to an administrative assistant or coworker at the office. This is why you might actually start developing some emotional feelings toward someone because he listens to you, but let's just take with man will begin talking to someone flirting and you and you know he's doing the snake around not even do anything offense. Maybe some text or maybe an Internet chat room or something, you'll start flirt ramp to start you start feeling that appetite satisfying this appetite that you young lady created a medium.

God said don't do this, and he had a reason. And so pretty soon you will begin to think that he loves her and not you because he feels the same way. Now, when he's with her as he used to feel when he was with you before you got married elicit how unbelievably foolish Satan is to get us to believe this because here's what happened. Then he'll divorce you, and married her. And guess what happens is that snake rounding so he doesn't feel now the same way with her that you still before.

This is literally why some people say would rather just live together get married because we get married and rinse it because they know deep down our hearts enough. I don't know the Bible that there doing some this is why some people been married three and four and five and six times basic because they create an appetite that cannot be satisfied. The Recent so what he did what you do if you if you have premarital sex are you have had sex after you got married was someone else.

You repent you confess and repent, you bring enough like say why confess because site works in the darkness.

And every time I preach a message like this. We have many confessions you say that body, pastor know because I know I understand you, let me tell you who falls in this area.

Humans are pastor humans, so doesn't bother me that we have many confessions because it actually excites me. We can finally get it out of the darkness and light, so we may have some confessions this week will help you without you, but to the offended party. Please let me say something you may be very tough to hear it, but you're in the first step to do laundry something very very wonderful life very wonderful police. Police understand if you violate this commandment, you will not have an intimate relationship with your spouse is not intended.

You will not be 11 relationship while that's waiting, but I'm just so glad that Pastor Robert explained the why behind God's warning against sex outside of marriage. You know, your mind instantly changes when thinking about how going against this commandment risk God's blessing on your life right in today's message carries a severe warning to remain pure in all walks of life.

When you're single or married the guy didn't warn us because he doesn't want us to #. Rather, he warns us for our own gain. We can live in his blessing in his favor. We encourage you to take a moment to think about what Pastor Robert Scheer today and really listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to get a copy of this message for any of the upcoming messages in this relationship serious visit. Pastor Robert Doc or call 833933 word get the complete 10 parts, so be sure to visit Pastor or call 833933 word can also follow Pastor Robert on Facebook and Instagram next time Pastor Robert King about how the commandment is God's principle of traffic and how that applies to think and have a great

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