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The Principle of Honesty

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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September 22, 2019 8:00 am

The Principle of Honesty

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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September 22, 2019 8:00 am

Pastor Robert discusses three simple ways to develop honesty in your life.

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Welcome to worship in the word with pastor Rev. today were continuing past Roberts relationship series with the message about the ninth commandment and how the principle behind it is honesty.

I'm your host Patrick and I'm here with my cohost Jeanette hello everybody. So the ninth commandment is you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. And most of it just boiled it down to and we all know inattention. This is a tough one to keep the will. I really like this message because it's not just about lying about developing honesty in your life You Know Pastor Robert Is Going to Dive into That in a Ton More within This Message, and It's Just so so Let's Join Series Called Relationship through God's Talk to You and What I'm Doing Is I'm Looking for the Principal That's behind Each of the 10 Commandments, the Principle of Relationship. I Believe God Gave Us the 10 Commandments for a Couple of Reasons but for One of One of Those Reasons Is for Us to Be Able to Have a Better Relationship with Him and a Better Relationship with Others.

All Right, so That the Ninth Commandment Is Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 16 You Shall Not Bear False Witness against Your Neighbor. You Shall Not Bear False Witness against Your Neighbor. Now Many Times We Shortlisted You Shall Not Lie and That's Okay.

That's Just a Bug Agreed to Really Look at What the Actual Command Videos and Talk about It for Moment and I Want to Clarify Something That Your Neighbor in Scripture Is Not the Person That Lives beside It Is the Person You Come in Contact with. And Here's How I Know That Because Jesus Said They Said What's about Most Important Commandment Is the Love God with All Your Heart Mind Soul and Strength and Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. And They Said, Who Is Our Neighbor and He Told the Famous Story of the Good Samaritan, but It's Basically Whoever You Come in Contact with Gotchas Walking on the Road Comes in Contact with a Person Who Needs Help and He Says That Your Neighbor Okay so This Is Everyone There and I Want You to Notice about This. You Shall Not Bear False Witness against Your Neighbor. When You Remember That God Was Establishing a Society, a Civilized Society Were Looking at the Principles behind the Commandments, but These 10 Commandments Are the Foundation for a Civilized Society a Civilized Society Is a Society That Is Governed by Moral Laws. That's Why by the Way, It's Important What Laws Our Government Passes Whether They're Moral or Not. And You Say What Is Morality I Don't Get into Long Thing on This, but Morality Is Not Subjective Is Not Whatever You Think Is Right.

If There Has To Be Absolutes. There Has To Be an Objective Morality and That Morality Is Based on the Bible, God's Work, so We Have To Have an Absolute Base That Morality and This Was a a Legal Commandment yet That Jim Know If He's Actually Say When You Go to Court. Don't Perjure Yourself. It's Really What He Say Bear False Witness Bearings Testify, Our Answer When You're Asked a Question Answer False Means Course Falls Are Lying and Witness Means Testimony. Don't Give When You Asked the Question, Do Not Answer with the Lying Testimony Is Really What He Say so You Need Understand That There Was a Moral Code That God Was Trying to Implement through the 10 Commandments, but As I Said Settle Many Commandments. I Am Not That Concerned That You Are Going to Why, under Oath, and Send Someone to the Lecture. I'm Not That Concerned That Some of You Are Going to Murder People or Commit Adultery or Set up Wooden Idols in Your Homes and Bow down and Worship Them, but I'm Concerned That All of Us Violate the Principal That's behind the Program so I Would Give You Three Simple Ways to Develop Honesty in Your Life to a Greater Degree or Greater Level You Have Now. Here's Sure Someone Be Honest with Yourself.

Be Honest with Yourself Now.

I Told Debbie When Is Your Preparing This Message.

I Think This Might Be One of the Most Difficult Messages I Preach Because Dishonest People Are Dishonest Know What I Mean by That Is I Can Be Preach on Dishonesty and They Convince Themselves That They're Not Dishonest As Matter Fact the Hardest People to Help Are Dishonest People, People Who Won't Be on His Own. So I Told Debbie I Can Help That Person Because He Will Be Honest about Himself. It's Never His Fault Can Pin Them down. He's Always Got an Excuse or Reason. I Just Know What Help Attain Something to God Won't Help You If You Won't Be Honest about Yourself. And Here's the Problem Though. What I Found Is That Some People Are so Hurt and so Wounded Either past That They Not Experience the Healing That God Has for Me at That They Have To Be Dishonest Almost about Themselves Because I Can't Face the Truth You've Met People like This, You Say to Someone, You Made a Mistake on That Report Returned and They Say Something like Yes I Know I'm a Terrible Person Not in Say You Are Terrible Person.

I Said You Made a Mistake on the Report Returned You Five Never Tell Someone like That and They're Such a Perfectionist That I Can Get Fault Can Admit When They've Done Something Wrong. I'm Telling You, If You Can't Be Honest about Mistakes. You're Never Going to Free I Told You A Few Weeks Ago How I Still Debbie You Know I Have a Problem When I Was in My 20s Again Trying to Get so Many Things Straightened out My Life As I Have a Problem You Know Looking Sometimes That Women Should Look You Know Help Me with This. You Know in Her You Know She's I Will You Know. And She Did so Many like I but on This I Decided the Same Thing. I Thought I Would Tendency to Exaggerate.

And so I Said to Her I Would Tendency to Exaggerate It. We like Saying That Better Than Lie, I'm a Liar Us Have a Tendency to Exaggerate, so Will You Help Me. She Said Yes Auto.

So Back to November, a Traveling Preacher Bibles and Things like That Churches and so We Were Leaving the Church One Time and She Said Hey You Asked Me to Help You in Knowing Exaggerate and I Feel like Exaggerate the Message to and I Said Really Possible.

What I Said. She Said What You Said That Last Week in Revival. There Were 200 People Say and There Were Seven. Thank You, Buddy Started Helping Me. I Actually Started Underestimating Crowds and Decisions. Please Hear Me You Can Do This and People Will Be Gracious. If You'll Say When You Catch Yourself Exaggerating.

If You'll Say No Way. I'm Sorry That's Not Right Never Done That or You Have Somebody That You Don't Get Mad at Him for That. Just like That They're Trying to Be Anti-Christian. So When You Catch Yourself Doing the Accountable Some Other People Be Honest with Yourself If You Catch Yourself to Say All Alums Some Sort. That's Not Right. But We've Got to Learn to Be Honest in Everything We Say and Everything You Listening to Worship. Thanks so Much for We Are Nearing the End of This Relationship Seems so If You've Missed Any Part of This Series. Be Sure to Check out Our or call 833933 word to get in and letting this message some time that I have to stay that have to Robert's point about exaggerations being alone. I really Have to smile and easy to embellish a story or overstate it is so, but I think it's possible exaggerate unintentionally or in ways that have become so commonplace don't even realize that were doing well. Pastor Robert has more to share with so let's jump back your support number. To be honest with others. We honest with others talking to someone in the person say I want to be honest with you and the but to be honest with you what or here's here's one I'm going to be honest with you now. Now what what have you been to be honest with you I guess it's an expression and some of you might have this expression changed about because you don't want to say sometimes now going to lie to you I been honest with them. The light look a little mystery how far God takes this being honest with other people. James 516 says therefore confess your sins to one another. Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. Why did he have to say that I why doesn't the Bible say confess your sins to God only under your breath. Make sure no one hears. Make sure you don't have a microphone known at the time. Confess your sins only to God, why would you say confess your sins to one another because of humility and accountability toward being honest with others so they can be honest with you.

Here's the other thing you bring it out of the darkness into the light for the best things you can is to get honest with someone else. I told your mom to go. I can help people who are dishonest and what I found out is that some people are so wounded that they just cannot look at themselves honestly, but also learn some more. Dr. Henry cloud. He's been here wrote a book called necessary endings. If you're any type of management or leadership you will read the book because he said any time you're dealing with people or overseeing people, leading people.

You need to know what kind of person you're dealing with any thoughts about three types of people that the Bible talks about why foolish and evil.

Do you decide which one that perseveres wise for the shriveling type. A wise person you can correct correct wise man will be wiser still.

You can correct the Wiseman is matter fact, when you take the truth to a wise person. He will adapt himself to the truth will say this is a true I'm want to change to line up with the truth and you'll actually thank you thank not a foolish person a foolish person or make excuses a foolish person many times with turning around on you a foolish person will actually adapt the truth to himself as I well know, that's not actually what happened and out of the and and he won't receive that Proverbs 98 says do not correct this golfer a foolish person, lest he hate you rebuke a wise man and he will love you. So what I found out is that there just some people there foolish and end.

By the way, here's what Henry says you cannot correct it with word you can only correct from consequences when telling you that the bottom line is you have a dishonest person he has something in his life that he cannot be honest about so I can be honest about himself. By the way, evil person you you reject after the second morning. Titus 310 says reject the divisive man.

After the first and second admission or demolition.

So if you have a person is just downright evil to get rid of.

Cannot you get work with a person like that. So it is one safe start getting honest with people. Please that this is a principal you can imagine the freedom that comes in your life you have to be to people anymore. You can imagine how many people are two people there, one public and one private is a dishonest person. You have to be dishonest anymore just be who you are like God help you let someone else help you want to talk will be two people. There was a pastor friend of mine one time that that had an immoral failure and so I met with him to help them. After this, and the Lord gave me.

I feel Revelation and so I said to him you know how we talk, but to people like one public one product and he said yes I said what I think the Lord show me that there are. It's like three of you. Now not, multiple personality early on guns, it's just listening to the analogy is that there's like three of you.

I said one is a man who loves God and loves his family and I know that guy for years and years and years and I know that he's there is and there are no the other man is a man whose.who fail and upholding immorality and wants to get free, but the third person is a liar and the deceiver he's been lying to his wife and he's been lying to me is been lying to his friends say I need you to understand something I can help. The first two I can help with this one has to die if you continue to lie to me or if you continue to lie to your wife. During this process will never be restored.

I can't restore you that first mastodon when I can help the other two people and by the way, great news. He was honest with me. Honest with his wife honest with an accountability group in his restored down pedestrian.

If you're just tuning in your listening to worship and the word pastor this last part of this message really challenge to make sure I have more moments of being completely honest with friends and family and I love what Pastor Robert said about how you get with other people and are honest about what you're going through doing things out of the darkness into the Pastor Robert isn't saying we should have deep emotional honest moments with everyone imperatively fine people at that we contrast those vulnerable conversations. That's so true wealth. Let's get back to Pastor Robert shares the final point you have to get honest so be honest with yourself. Be honest with others of yours number three.

Be honest with God. Can you imagine how God feels when you're dishonest with you when you think let's say that you blew it last week or so. You blew when you talk to God like three or four times since they are but you never mentioned why he doesn't know me like you never had a child you hold set behind his back. Is that what you brag about nothing.

You're thinking you're five years old. I'm smarter than you, pal had anything. God feels. But here's the amazing thing he's already paid for.

He not only knows about it, but either you do it is already paid for in full all you will tell them about the problem. As you learn to be dishonest with God. The other thing is you want to be prideful because you can deal with this without bringing him into it. I can deal with this on my own. Its exact opposite. You'll get free from something you could bring dotted and he already knows. I told you the story before but I think it bears repeating Debbie 71,000 she said. I'm concerned about something I said what she said I don't have a desire to read the word like I used to. I said you need to talk to the Lord about. She said I don't tell him said he might've heard you tell me right now, he already knows case I should focus on 30 carries a look at some 32 verse one. Psalm 32 verse one Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven Lucienne's cover notice present tense is forgiven is covered present tense it is and forgiven covered past and see his argument. Thank you. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity.

We understand about the word impute here and in whose spirit there is no deceit. I want first three this is David talking when I kept silent, my bones grew old through my groaning all the day long for day and night your hand was heavy upon me. My vitality was turned into the drought of summer.

I acknowledged my sin to you, and my iniquity are not getting. I said I will confess my transgressions to the to the Lord and you for gay iniquity myself that here's what he say until I confessed. I felt horrible. I had no vitality and no street and no no joy, no peace until I confessed what he saying is what took me so long to confess but let me show you what took them so long to confess that because we missed this one little phrase verse two. Blessed is the man thing the Lord is not impute iniquity. Now watch this and in whose spirit there is no deceit that not what I've been trying to tell you is that violating the commandments affects your body your soul and your spirit in order to hate someone or have an idol in your heart are getting us involved in some sort of a sexual sin. Yet, to be deceitful. We talked about that you have to be deceptive.

This is what happens when you're dishonest. Your deceived in your spirit.

There is deceit in your spirit what I'm trying to say two years bring out the open get it out in the open. Be honest, speak fully transparent be vulnerable with God and with others.

I remember the first time a light got caught. There were some money on the counter of our kitchen and I took the money and my parents were omniscient. They knew all soul all omnipresent and so some so my dad knew that I took and so he said whatever that money that I put on the down.

I don't know. So I said well I know it's here somewhere in the house so were going to look for it. We find was in my pocket so so we look at what time he will eventually give up. He said no were not quitting until we find because it's here somewhere he is. He's hoping on confess so finally I member slipping out of my pocket behind it. Living room chair wasn't a good plan and asset all abounded was to fall out of your pocket those of you so I said to me you said I know you took a sewing thing. Okay I'll get the sweet taste filled the room someone is. Thank you for stealing place thanks me for stealing. Then he says now I'm going to spank you for lying. I got to spankings now. My dad did a great job he did the right thing, but I mean I realize now what happened in that moment Satan put a thought in my mind. I didn't know that it was like, but here's a thought that came in my mind at that second spike I need to get better light.

I will have to work out the details of the story a little better a month to go through this in my mind and I got just asking. I'm just I'm trying to be real with you about it already, unless you raise your hands about, so you got good at you learn how to lie in learn how to turn the story were favors you learn how to do so. The best thing for me was to really get honest, I feel like the Lord told me to people best to get honest with one pastor only briefing that setting on the front row here. It was my pastor and Debbie and at separate times I got with each of them written down on a piece paper everything that I've never done that no one I just thought this is the best way for me to complain.

I member with with Debbie I I was seven years and our marriage.

I was going to restoration process and I said sure I need to tell you who you really married I want to tell you everything that I've ever done everything and it took several hours. I told her everything we got down to the end and I said that's it.

That's everything that I can remember that I've ever done in the women's I'll never get what she said. She said Robert I knew you were bad when I married I do know your that bad, but I knew you were but I'll let you and I saw in you a person that wanted to deal with the students involved, she said allegedly and but I love you more today because you know the hardest thing when I work with couples that had been fidelity in the marriage hardest thing is not the morality, dishonest God is saying.

One should be honest with being honest with yourself which be honest with others, which be honest with. This is one of the most freeing principles deliver low during this whole series pastor Robert has been reiterating how violating the 10 commandments affects a person and I've really seen firsthand how dishonesty alone just cripples body soul and spirit is like being honest is so important. I don't think I'll be forgetting this message anytime honest with myself, be honest with others being honest with God and in doing so freedom will follow well which is actually take a moment to think about what pastor Robert Scheer today and really listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you to get a copy of any of the messages in this relationship series visit pastor or call 833933 work to be sure to visit pastor or call 833933. You can also follow test. Robert fees 15 to 20. Next time, Robert will be concluding their relationship and message about content containment principal. You won't

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