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I'll Arrange It

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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March 29, 2020 8:00 am

I'll Arrange It

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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March 29, 2020 8:00 am

Pastor Robert shares a powerful message about how God is fully merciful and fully just at the same time.

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Welcome to the worship and the word pastor Robert Morris were so glad you joined us in a series called God is in in the series. Pastor Robert impacts several characteristics of God in this message he shares about how God is just and merciful in a message titled all which refers to a story that kosher I know that you're going to enjoy this message. So let's get started explaining why when we talk about the justice of God lift up at the mercy of God were talking about attributes of God.

So these are two attributes that many people think are contrary to one another.

But they're not the reason I think they are is when we look at working definition of what we call summary definitions, outdated rhodopsin, for instance, let me show you the summary definition of justice. Justice is giving someone what he deserves best justice, just as giving someone what he served mercy is not giving someone what he deserves. So, anxiety, and justice, giving someone what he deserves. Mercy, not giving someone what he deserves. So would you like to explain how God can be fully just and fully merciful at the same time. In other words, how can God do you have the same person. How can God give a person what he deserves and at the exact same time not give the person what he deserves. So that's what were going to talk about. All right, so here's the first they understand for number one God is one hundred percent magma explained that what I mean God is 100%. Remember, attributes are things that God has not just any dies and I put this right, not just lazy has because if he just has the maybe he could run out. Or maybe he could use them up. In other words, God might run out of mercy. One day it's not symmetric because God is mercy, and he is 100% merciful at all times and is also 100% just at all times. He's 100%. Some people think that it's a good thing that God is a little more merciful that he is just no.

He's 100% justice.

That's why he's just as 100% mercy that flies merciful say God is 99% knowledgeable. He's all-knowing, omniscient, we would say all-knowing on science P is all knowledge. God is 99% powerful. He's 100%. He's on the omnipotent. He's all powerful social God is all you say another what God is 100% grace and 100% truth at the same time.

John 117 says for the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ say, many times we think that God's attributes are actually warring against each other and we just hope it is. Mercy wins out. Sometimes we think about it like we think about a human judge that wants to be merciful, but the law demands this. This so the judge was three merciful but has to do with the law demands. Sometimes we think that slated for God is God wants to be merciful to the center but God's law demands that he do this now firstly explains the no one demands God, no one or nothing. There is no outside force demanding that God do something. The law came from God that came from God, so God's justice is not an outside force demanding that he do something and he wishes he could be merciful, but the laws demanding him, not not know and I know that I'm building right now and I know that it sounds like a theology class but it's important important that you understand that God can be 100% merciful in the hundreds suggested's another thing we think we have a tendency, and I felt this way and I have to correct myself because I know Karen theology after correct myself. Sometimes we think God gives us more grace I will go through a difficult time and will say thank you God for giving me more grace through meta-lesson God is 100% grace all the time and usually by the way, you need as much grace today as you did when you got saved, so God's 100% all the time. All right, so here's the point number two God is 100% merciful. He is 100% merciful. I was thinking about this phrase house watching a western and it was the old Western TV show and anyway day.

They were hanging this guy and they said the guy said my God have grace on your snow mercy on your soul. May God have mercy that phrased my God have mercy on yourself. Okay God has mercy, universal because God is merciful. He is mercy seat. It's my God had great mercy he has mercy, he just is mercy at that. The idea of these are not things God has, they're not things God does there who God is. God is merciful. So lately, a review of Psalm 136 of the first three were versus enabling.

David wrote this on the word out for sure. Psalm 136 verse 10 give thanks to the Lord for he is good for his mercy endures forever.

Give thanks to the God of gods for his mercy endures forever, only applies to the Lord awards for his mercy endures forever. Now if you have a Bible there like you decide turn. Just glance at the rest of the verses quickly, and you'll see every verse. There are 26 of them and they all say for his mercy endures forever for his mercy near-term.

So just just for moment, would you just do some forming every campus.

Would you just say for his mercy endures forever say that okay you have memorized half of Psalm 136 just like that.

That's how quickly I thought you memorized the line a chapter you memorized half of 20 or 26 verse chapter in the Bible right now for his mercy endures forever. The reason I say this is this is become a very famous song and mutually to the Jewish people, and it should be to us as well for his mercy endures forever for his mercy endures forever, and they keep saying it over and over and over again and you know why because his mercy endures forever.

His mercy will never end because God will never his mercy had no beginning, because God had no beginning, his mercy is infinite because God is infinite and that mercy yes… Yes mercy. There are two famous passages in the second Chronicles that most of you know, but you might not know where they are back in a second Chronicles. Five.

You probably heard the story, the glory of the Lord filled the temple of Solomon's Temple and the dedicated the glory of the Lord filled the temple. And he says the priest cannot even stand up to minister.

Stanley checked here's what you might not know the song they were singing. When the glory of God filled the temple was Psalm 136.

His mercy endures forever is famous for its egg Chronicles 2nd Chronicles 20 they were surrounded by armies and they consulted Godwin for battle plan Melissa God. What we did and God said, put the sailors on the front row now personnel file that I wonder how the worship team felt about that. There's a way to tell or listen God said for you to be on the front front front room. One of their like the guys with the swords on the front row.

You know, it takes two hands to play the guitar economic can even carry a knife you fix.

But you know what song the worship team shows the same. Psalm 136 is mercy interest rate is something we need to catch the seven why did God ever give us a second chance are a second meal chat chance because his mercy endures forever want. Why can a man live in unrighteous life again. Saving on his deathbed because his mercy endures forever. Here's one of my favorite scriptures. The New Testament says that I'm nondominant shade Old Testament Scripture ability to save New Testament says God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come up and make sure you know how much I love the Old Testament truth as I live, says the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked would turn from his way and live in no pleasure in the death of the wicked one. This is a merciful God is not willing that any should perish, you want I want to be psyched is 100% grace of 100% truth the same time I hear something people psyched you know God is sitting on a throne of grace right now but he's going to get up, you'll set on the throne of judgment. One day we just tell you biblically just one from just there's one from God is always gracious is also always truth is always merciful. He's also always justice when Josh was John not got Josh James in line when Josh was John – I don't know why did this, but I thought just what he was a troubling cellular spanking and I thought, you know, maybe I can start teaching them some about the character of God says told him about mercy and so soft I said I'm gonna be like God is stay on them to give you mercy will give you mercy.

What that that backfired because after that everything in person is a daddy be like God but would you be like God please be like God giving mercy be like God so chemically to my justice, so I said okay's sense of unexplained humility… God is just a music give someone what they deserve and so when you explain something you send so someone has to get spanked and he said, James, so I spanked him and we got that over with.

I analyses a great Reitman ROTC because he got a spanking. I so does 100% merciful is 100% all damning. Here's number three God's 100% just 100% just now let me just remind you these desk definition.

Again, justice giving someone what he deserves. Mercy, not giving someone what he deserves. There will how can God be both. Again knowledge that the moment but first I Dino injustices again.

I love the reach of the work, the root of the word justice needs equal adjustments equal. I so there's a word for CN in the Bible there are several words for CN transgression is a word for sin, but there's a word for CN that you've heard, but again, we don't know me, it's the word iniquity so looking forward getting equity for minute and LME; what, what, where does this word come from. I welcome you change one letter from the eye to the end. Iniquity becomes an equity what he means is not equal inequity would be not employ Something that's there's an equity something that is inequitable.

It's not equal right okay any equity means not equal with God.

That's what any equity CN is not equal with God because God doesn't sin God's perfect so how do we think about this.

Well, think about this. Have you ever thought about the scales of justice are you ever seen those the scales of justice. Here is the only problem. Many people don't know how the scales of justice work or what they represent what they think.

PS the prosecutor puts all of his evidence on one side and the defense attorney puts all of his evidence on another side and the scales tip a little bit. One where the other.

That's not that is not what the scales represent the prosecution and the defense put all of their evidence on the same side and if you look closely at the old scales of justice may venture scales now, but you'll see on one side is actually the word justice.

So all the good and bad is put on one side and justice is put on the other side and you don't weigh the evidence against each other. You weigh all the evidence against justice. The following is important because some people think God one day is going away. Not good in my back and hopefully my good will tip the scales just a little bit but not if God puts all of your good and your bad alongside the scales and then he sits on the other side because remember God's justice and the scale goes like this and you jump up and down all you won't and you can try to do another good deed, but he'll never make people stop. So how in the world could you become equal with God is real simple dogs on one side of the scales. I'm on the other.

I can do anything about it except one thing I can invite Jesus into my life and Jesus gets on the scale with the NFL balances and justice that now here's the second subquestion whacking God not give you what you deserve and give you what you deserve the same time. Another simple simple answer because God gave Jesus what I deserved. Some people say it's his mercy that sends us to heaven.

Yes, this is also as justice, God is totally just and saving you to heaven because he gave his son, all of your punishment word you sentenced to hell to eternal death.

That's what the word combination makes member we talk about this file still condemn me said that since so we were sentenced to hell.

Is that right guy. Here's the sentence of Mike that hope blows you away.

You now have been sentenced to heaven for Senate staff. I'm sorry I have to go I have to go to heaven because Jesus took my punishment and I accepted Jesus so God is fully merciful to me a sinner and is fully justified in sending me to heaven because I accepted Jesus and Jesus took my punishment.

I will show you one of most famous verses in the Bible, and you might see a word now that you never really see in this light.

First John 19 if we confess our sins he is faithful.

Watch and just to forgive us our stance and find a small garage done say he is faithful and merciful to forgive us our sand says he is faithful and just listen is justified to forgive you of all of your sailors because Paid for All of Your Students Is Justice Actually Forgives You to Not Just His Mercy Is Justice Forgives When Jesus in the Last Year of His Ministry He Started Telling the Disciples the Son Of Man Must Go to Jerusalem, He Always Uses the Word Must of Looked at It.

Matthew Mark and Luke, Son Of Man Must Be Delivered into the Hands of the Chief Priests and Scribes, the Son Of Man Must Die and Be Raised Again the Third Day He Must Assignment You Must You Must in One Day, Peter Remembered Took Him Aside and Rebuked Several of These Things Shouldn't Make Any Patrick Called Peter Site, Which Is on Another Subject, but in Life. He Gave the Asthenosphere 46. Don't Understand If I Don't Dive You Don't Live Because Otherwise the Justice of God Could Never Be Satisfied. You Don't You Don't Understand You're Not Following This You Don't Understand. Yes, God Is a Merciful God. Dr. Just Got in.

So If I Don't Dive You Don't Live so I Get My Title I'll Arrange It after World War I. The United States Allocated Funds for Orphans in Europe and There Were Many Many Orphans at That Time. One Orphanage Had over 1309 Orphanage Alone Parents Had Been Killed in the War. One Day the Story Is Told That the Marauder Vista.

I Have This Orphanage Wrote This Told the Story Wrote It for Us to Have. He Said a Very Fan Looking Frail Man Walked in and Was Holding a Very Little Girl's Hand Was Also Very and He Said to the Heaven Orphanage.

This Is My Daughter. I Need You to Take Her Take Care Of Her Giver Home and Food in Close Because I Can't Take Care Of Her in the Handoff and Said Are You Are You Her Father and He Said Yes and They Have Often Said, I'm so Sorry I'm so Sorry We Only Have Limited Funds and We Cannot Take the Child and If One of Parents Living. I'm so Sorry. The Man Said Do You Mean If I Were Dead You Would Give My Daughter Home in Your Giver Food You Would Take Care Of Her and Then Orphanage Said Well Yes If You Die, and We Will Take Care Have Orphanage Wrote That the Man Reached down and Picked up a Little Girl and Hugged and Kissed Her and He Took Her Hand and Put It in the Head of Orphanage.

We Looked in the Eyes and Said I'll Arrange Any When Adding Himself When I'm Telling You This in Jesus Took My Hand and the Father's and He Said I'll Arrange and Went out and Hung Himself on the Cross on a Hill Called Calvary, so That God Could Be Fully Merciful and Fully Just the Same Next Time past.

Robert Is Sharing about the Sovereignty and Faithfulness of God Is Going to Be Another Powerful Message, so Be Sure to Listen Have

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