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Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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April 10, 2022 8:00 am


Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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April 10, 2022 8:00 am

Pastor Robert concludes the series as he discusses how God’s character is the answer to your tough questions.

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Customer for concluding our series called paternity in it. We've been learning that we get to choose where and how we spend eternity in that God's character is the key to our tough questions on today's message Pastor Robert is going to tackle some of the difficult questions that people have about God, life, death, and attorney. There's some incredible so let's join Pastor Todd with a series by the way is he currently your choice so I will mail it down.

But God did not choose some people go to heaven. Some people go to hell that it is completely your chirp choice where you spend for so we talked about this or will where and how this weekend. Messages why and what I'm going to do is take some of those tough questions and were going to answer those for instance, why would God send someone to help. Why would a loving God's way of sprays make them send someone else.

Why did God really create help.

Why did God create two trees in the dark and for serving injuries, but the drum referring to the tree of life. Love to me why why why Dotty why did God even give Adam the choice that's a questionable a lot of people have white wine okay in order to answer these questions, though, please hear me, you can never answer a difficult question about God without making sure that your answer is congruent with his nature and his character and we know his nature and his character through Scripture and the whole of Scripture. It's very important to understand this, the whole of Scripture because there are some scriptures that would tend us to believe some way of thinking that my cause is that they will God bike might do that. God is justified to do something like that. But if you try to answer difficult questions about God without taking into consideration is character.

If you begin going down the line of thought, and this is very very important to me. Again, I'm not trying to pick a fight with someone who believes that what I'm really not. But it is so difficult for me to believe that people can believe that, and not believe God is good. In other words, I don't know how you can believe some of these things if you believe God were going to look at something, some some attributes of God today that are extremely important because here's the reason when I read something this book and I think not only understand that that sounds like God might be harsher mean or cruel. I always go back to well I may not understand it but I know God's good, and I know God's character and I've studied the whole of Scripture to know God's character so we have to answer difficult questions in light of God's character. It has to be congruent anyway if they have has to be compatible with Scripture. The whole shift right so three points today. Number one, I've already alluded to God is good he is good. Psalm 119 verse 68 says you are good and do good you are good and do good by the way, if you told yourself that reminding yourself that Scripture every morning in my change of day you are good and you do good. Now at this reason I really love this Scripture you are good and you do good. Listen carefully what I want to say okay God is good because he does good God does good, because he is good just to follow me, reciting the human being good is not dependent upon him doing good deeds does good because he gives good faith just like God is truth. The district. Jesus said to say I know the truth is that I am trip anchored that so because God is truth. The Camelot the Camelot.

This is what I am so real big problem with most people's definition of the sovereignty of God because what they think that it means that God can do anything he wants to know God. Is this what it means there is or should study it sovereignly sees the supreme ruler of the universe, but because he is who he is God disable document or they won't know God can't act outside of his character. I don't following this might make it clear because it's not that you follow moves meet stated clearly, God is true. So he can't lie is not a man that he should lie okay in the same way God is love. So everything I read in Scripture. I have to I have to put within this disability in the basic God is one of the like. God is loving God is good. Okay, so let me explain some about how good God, it's Mose this. Ask God to see his glory, that glory does this huge word I could say the Hebrew and the words it comes from.

I could say the Greek and the words it comes from and explained that that would help us much. Okay so I want to give you a practical definition glory is what you're famous for this what you're known for.

Okay, so Mose this when he said show me your glory. Here's what you say it. Show me what you're famous for. Show me what you're best at once. What what you do best. Say what what this is what he said I will get Isaiah 5 at the very long time from now they just barked exit 3318 and he knows this said, please show me your glory. They see that God said okay.

Unlike my goodness pass before I left that Scripture show me what you're famous for his 701 famous for being good Muslim famous for. I'm known for good okay so because I know that anything I read in the Bible has to line up with the goodness of God and what happens is we read something in the Bible and we think it sounds like not to be me, so let me show your when Adam NECN.

God drove them out of the dark and he gave a reason like drove them out, but we understand it is good you understand why drove about that when you read Genesis 3 verse 22 then the Lord God said, behold, the man is become like one of us us father son and Holy Spirit, to know good and evil and watch less TV, put out his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and live forever in the notice, the same stops. Her email is not a complete sentence watch and that's very important one. This therefore the Lord God sent him out of the garden to be to kill the ground from which you say can. So he drove out the man and he placed cherubim. That's really big boots. What that means in the Hebrew Jew really big dudes angels ethic of the gardening, and a flaming sword watch this a flaming sword is the same by withholding a flaming sword which turned every way north, south, east, west, to guard the way to the tree of life. Here's why I said you know what your city says.said Peggy Manis become like us. Now he knows good and evil. We better draw them out the garden lest he take from the tree of life and live forever in the glow blessings I country life live forever that it about what what is that me okay. So many people said safe. I just shows God was mad and adamantly, and it is temporary just drove them out. No Dodge good.

Here's what I was saying.

He said they have. They are now. Adam and Eve are now in a fallen state there in a fallen state. They are now separated for me and if they eat from the tree of life. Now they will live forever in a fallen state separated from me get him out. Get them out right now and put a flaming sword down there so they don't eat from that tree in a fallen state because the live forever separated from us guessing that's that's got students, but people don't pick that up if you don't have it rooted in your thoughts. Good God, by the way, three Scriptures in Revelation tell us that that tree of life is in heaven and you can eat from it all.

You won't because you're the Redeemer state is fine for you to eat from the tree of life in a redeemed state, but he doesn't want you to eat from it in a fallen state does alter the State Farm so God's a good dog. That's the first thing you want to go. Here's the second thing God is just is just it does. It's not just that he does just things is just Isaiah 4521. There is no other God besides me. This is God speaking a just God and the Savior a just God in the same there will never be injustice within it with God, or any of his judgments never because I know that Satan can't go along with a single God chose some go to heaven.

Some go to hell.

That's not just some justice and I know God. I know God, I don't know if you know this admitting personally unsafe and I are not going email St. anybody here so you made to go to sky since I talked to him every day you talk to him everyday about the everyday and he will be a love letter and read it multiple times so I can't believe anything doesn't line up with this book, I cannot believe it because I know this guy I know is good and I know you just so we have these questions of well what a loving God, or what I have put a just God sending anyone to help one instrument. But here's another question. Would God send someone the Hiltons never had a chance never heard the gospel never had a chance.

Let's answer by the Bible, not our opinion by the Bible Romans one, or safety for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest. Now let me just tell you Naugle little beeper.

The word manifest means to make no, that's what it makes. I know it sounds like a big word that means to make notes.

So watch the Scripture because what may be known of God is made no God makes it known to every person watch in underline that word in them. For God to show it to them. Always remember even entered for since the creation of the world watch this a success, tucked under six explain, but it's it's it's good let's watch his invisible attributes know what supporting this moment to say it right okay watch what can't be seen about your watch his invisible attributes are clearly safe, play on words of the Lord, his character, his goodness is clearly same. His love is clearly safe, being understood by the things which are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that day. That's the people who live unrighteousness and won't accept them so that they are without excuse. So God manifests himself to every person internally and externally. That's what Satan internally and actually so forgive me give you low moral manifest. If I said to you. There is a multi millionaire in the service is delivered by know that and then I just go home you think not that big. But if that multibillionaire got up and began to do what only a multibillionaire could do and that is given every person $100,000.

Are there any multibillionaire seminar just for self-destruction for any okay. But if he did and he gave to every person what only he could do, we did for them when only he could do for him and be manifesting his presence.

Just begin our service to our presidents and be making his presence known.

Listen, this is why love worship because it's not just the omnipresence of God. It's the manifest presence.

He gifts it during our worship, and he begins to walk around and give to every person what only God can give to give is the only one he makes himself no right so how does he make himself known for this internally connection with any limit safe this where I God manifests himself to every person on the inside because we have a conscience.

Every person is a conscience, he manifests himself to every person only outside because we have prediction conscience and creation. Your conscience tells you there's a God and creation tells us there's a God think about this. Why did God created universe. This big stars as far as right now as far as our telescopes go. I just love and told 300 million light years away like speaking, Suite 106,000 mi./s Spring Fest 300 million. Why in the world would God create the universe that big, except he wants us to walk out. Look at the stars and say there's got a bit.there's undergone an here's what's amazing.

People say that that takes a leap of faith. Okay, here's the other one not see collided with nothing and all of this came in the big you will talk about a leap of faith is crazy. By the way, it is still called the Big Bang theory okay but if you want. Why got the things that God put eternity in every person's heart, God has put eternity and every person or think about this, no person can ever say no one told me is one because God can come and say I told you I came to you when you were child and I put it in your heart to wonder about me I will just take a little prolabor campus like how many of you remember wondering about God when you were child Syrians.

That's because God from your heart and let me try something else on this this this might blow you away just to list a few of the Scripture just got the time just to be every person, this what the Bible says every person, every, every person who seeks after God will find every person you show your fear the Scriptures. Proverbs 817 I love those who love me and those who seek me diligently will find not my should not hopefully will I will go see you diligent I will Jeremiah 2913 and you will save me and find me will find me versatile applies defined when you search for me with all your heart, Jesus himself. Matthew seven serving them out seven late and ask and it will be giving you see and you will find knock and it will be overview for everyone who has received an here's six funds in the knots will be open next 17. This is why Paul put it in his sermon on Mars Hill.

Verse 26 and 27 and is made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of dirt and is determine their prerecorded times and the boundaries of the dwellings so that so that because therefore so that they should seek the Lord. He's done this forever person is for the never person's artistic in the hope that they might grow for EMS. The hope and if they do grow forward and grow by the wife things to make an effort.

It's often just make an effort watch and find if they that's what God put eternity in your heart so you would look for him. And if you look for notifying because he's not far from each one's boys not far from each one's soul. God just God is these these these good is just an here's number three God is love. First John four 1880 does not love God does not know God, for God is love.

Okay, so this question. Why would a loving God's anyone help someone get to it. But just for moment could we just look at that that issue from a biblical perspective okay first of all you need to know something about health. God did not create hell for people people say regarding create help for people eating Prego for people the created hell for the devil and his angels, Jesus's own words. Matthew 2541. He will also save those left-hand part for me your purse into the everlasting fire prepared Rita Lasorda greatly built built for the devil and his angels so he didn't prepare help for you prepared heaven for you. I go to prepare a place for you and he didn't prepare help for you and he built it for the levels angels, but me and became evil and so watch what happened with this. This might be something you never see about life by the way, I'm not. Isaiah 5 on my bike. I got the okay and will read something after this also has a fuzzy stay there. Verse 11 woe to those who rise early in the morning that they may follow intoxicating drink and continue until night till wine inflames them the heart and the streams the tambourine, flute, and wine are in their feast, but they do not regard the work of the Lord, nor consider the operation of sand. Therefore my people of God in captivity because they have no knowledge there honorable manner famished and their multitude brought up with others. Watch 14 carefully uses the Old Testament word for hell, which is she'll therefore she'll watch has enlarged itself hello and you don't.

The devil added on the hill. Therefore, she'll God didn't do it. She'll has enlarged itself and opened its mouth beyond measure their glory and their multitude, and thereupon Peter is jubilant shall descend into it.

Hell was enlarged by necessity, not by design will say that again. I love you never forget that hell was enlarged by necessity, not by design, and held enlarged itself.

Satan added on to it because he got 1/3 of the angels. The following and then he got people forward. That's what so we say why would a loving God, you know, Cindy anyone, the Helen storm last very rhetorically very angrily very I have a really good word somewhere in my notes.

Shrimp accused regularly.

I was a good word. I noticed that at that park there.

We just give you three. The three major there are many more stories of rejection of God in the Bible there are three major stories of the rejection of God first is in Isaiah 14 Revelation 12. Also, Ezekiel 28 Lucifer was the worship leader in heaven he let 1/3 of the angels to rebel against God's will should remember that that they were born into a bad situation. God never abused, never trade them bad, and 1/3 often reject.that's the first rebellious store rejection God. The second one is found in Genesis 3, God creates Adam and Eve perfect bodies perfect health.

Perfect garden perfect marriage perfect relationship with God in perfect relationship with each other and they rebel against God. The third was even worse left.

He said his own son to this earth, who explained to them the Scriptures who did nothing but good for 33 1/2 three and half years in public ministry kill people raise people from the bed, love, don't people had dinner with sinners never acted prideful and arrogant and we rejected him so much that tortured him the inexcusable rebellious rejection of a loving okay the only answer the question why would a loving God send anyone to help. It's a simple simple one. It would people send himself we want to take a moment to think about what pastor aperture today and really listen to what the Holy Spirit saying to you if you want to connect with us or check out some of pastor Roberts. Other messages come visit and if you haven't already, go follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can be a part of your community hope that you enjoyed this series next time pastor Robert is starting a powerful new series. Be sure to join us then. Have a great day

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