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The Blessed Marriage

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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March 6, 2022 7:00 am

The Blessed Marriage

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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March 6, 2022 7:00 am

Pastor Robert shares how marriage represents God on earth, Christ and the Church, and covenant.

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Welcome to the worship and the word podcast. Pastor Robert Morris were so glad you joined were in a series called West families, which is about God's purpose and design for families. Pastor Robert shares about marriage.

But before all of our single listeners to know I want to let you know that Pastor Robert is going to be talking about how marriage represents God on earth. Christ in the church and the covenant so there's more here than just tips to having I hope you enjoy this message. So let's get right to through a series called blessed families this weekend. I will talk about the blessed marriage.

Marriage is under attack in our country and all over the world.

I don't know if you notice that there is a statistic make sure I get it exactly right here 1930 and 1930. 83% of adult Americans in America were married today 49.7% are married and I want to show you why Satan hates marriage so much that I want to show you. Matthew 19 what I believe to be the most in depth passage: marriage in the Bible. Now, that's saying a lot because most would believe it's Ephesians chapter 5. Not downplaying Ephesians 5 I'm not downplaying that all bets are extremely important chapter marriage but in Matthew 19 we have a question being asked about marriage and divorce and Jesus himself gives the answer. Remember Jesus is God. So this is God's answer about marriage and divorce. I also want to make another statement. If you've experienced divorce that I can no way do I ever want you to feel condemnation. No way at all. I'm going to say something else a little differently than the way you heard it, and I'll explain it, but for Debbie there July. Now let me tell you what I mean by that. The saying expression is which I agree with Ali. It's a great expression is but for the grace of God there July. I agree with that but God's grace has played a huge part in our marriage.

I agree with that but some could hear that who have experienced divorce I say will send this guy said, but for the grace of God there go I would be divorced. Also in so they might say where was the grace of God in my situation, resume, sites, and yet understand that when it comes to marriage. It takes two people so the reason I'm saying that is yes, but for the grace of God and that I would be divorced because Debbie could have divorced me on several occasions, not III was a jerk I was a chauvinist. I verbally abused her in my 20s I said and did stupid things she could have divorced me so.

But for Debbie and the grace of God I will I would be I would've expense divorce Rosario following so if you've experienced divorce.

This is a no condemnation message but I want to show you what the Bible says about marriage and divorce and how important marriages in the Bible, and personally I think most people don't realize how serious God is about marriage and only show you why he tells us one another words he gives us the reason why marriage is so important. He gives us reason and it's God himself. It's it's in rent. I like to say that it's in rent. So it's Jesus talking right so Matthew 19 verse three the Pharisees also came in testing him and saying to him is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for just any reason and answered said of them are you crazy know I'm gonna dump But that's kind of what he's implying. Here's what he says do not read. In other words, have you never read the Bible yourself. If you read the Bible you wouldn't even need to ask me this question. Watch have you not read that he who made the VM that's husband-wife male and female. At the beginning. That's before the fall. Before the broken family gave you little about Leslie and its quotations now is because he's quoting Genesis 126 and 27 May VM male and female, and he said for this reason that we gonna come back that because there's a reason why he's talking about marriage and divorce and why God would not have permitted divorce in the beginning that there's a reason okay for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife. This word join is the word you use when you go to animals together and by the way, it means equally yoked. That means each person does his share. That's the way only way marriage works. I heard someone say one time. Marriage is 50-50.

It's not. It's 100 hundred takes 100% commitment on both parts that for this reason a man shall his father, mother, and be equally yoked to his wife and the two shall become one. Now I got I got stop again. Do you think that Jesus exaggerates. That shouldn't take that long answer a question, do you think he lies the faith that he stretches the true Jesus said the 22 watch this, the two become one. The two become one. They become one. They become one flesh, and therefore a member here little preacher one time and he said anytime you see the word therefore you need to look to see what it's there for. Therefore what God has joined together, made one, let not man that would be the husband as well. Disaster, mother, husband, husband divorce his wife rereads. Let not man or any man separate checks. This is the answer to the question that they asked. Here's my problem.

He don't vaguely ask another question which obliterated moment and then he answers that question. But a lot of people will give that answer to this question, we follow male out of your help. Familiar with this passage in the teaching of marriage and divorce, but many people will say will give the next answer as his answer to this question, but that's not his answer this question. They said is it lawful for man to divorce his wife for any reason at all and he said, have you not read. Have you not read that when God made them in the beginning made them male and female and a man will leave his father and mother and be joined equally yoked his wife and the two will become one.

Therefore what God has joined together, let not any person in the world separate that that's his answer. It's over that, but that's his answer. Then ask another question okay and then he answers that question somebody's question right now is likely to sum it up, no, that's his answer.

No it's not the 20 site. No, the two become one Dodge joined them together okay now watch selection. They said to him, why then did Moses command notices for command to give a certificate of divorce and to put her away. He, Jesus said to them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts permitted you permitted you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. Not until symptoms were because of the hardness of your heart. I listen carefully please please hear me getting up I gotta speak the truth. And please don't think I'm trying to text someone if they experience this but I will say this in every divorce, there is at least one person with a heart heart. Sometimes certain, but most senders really just want that has a heart heart and here's what he said. I said Moses commanded commanded to give a certificate, divorce is said Moses permitted you to put your wife away to divorce your wife if you had a heart heart.

If you have a hard or inversely. Here's what was going on at the time when this when Moses when this became part of lots men were married other women and neglecting their first wife and abusing her and actually letting other men abuse or and not letting her go free and so Moses then became a part of the law of Moses then made a commandment give her a certificate of divorce and maybe another man will treat her like the Queen and the Princess of God that she really us. That's where this came from. That's worthless with solitude noticed that by the way, Moses in biblical language, biblical interpretation, hermeneutics, exegesis, although swords I love that Moses represents the law and Jesus represents products. Landowners are universal.

You know John 117 for the law was given for Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus that here's my point. Jesus said they said is it lawful, is it lawful for men divorce what Jesus said no it's not by civil Moses said you could sit under the law, you can listen we would think it's the opposite. We would think that the law said you're not supposed to divorce and the gray says it's okay following gray says no you and the company you work it out. Law says you got a hard heart. So just let her go. This cheese okay so why, why okay so Jesus said these three words. Have you not read that in the beginning God made them male and female, and then he makes a statement. For this reason, to what reason. What reason we got to go back to Genesis 126 but I meditate a recent facial there's three things about a blessed marriage made no type number one. Marriage represents God. Marriage represents God on this earth so backing that Matthew 19 again and he answered and said, have you not read that he who made them again by the male-female. For this reason, Mansell is following a joint malachi like genesis 16 then god said verse 26 let us make man gives us singular or plural plural sold three and one let us make man man.

i wonder member is a dawn which means mankind, let us make man talk, not male not say let us make male in our image, he said, let us make man time male and female.

let us, let us make mankind in our image, hours, plural according to our plural likeness, and let vm plural male and female had dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of their over the cattle, over all the earth ever really facial nerve. so god created mankind again. that's the word here liebermann time is all damage in the image of god he created him male and female he created them. male and female is the image of god but not just any man or any woman, a husband and wife because that anyone living in sin that we know that the cm was eating from privilege posting the other stuff they were doing was fun and i was in sin because they were married.

so when god wanted to create a portrait of himself on this earth degrade the marriage is what you got. as god said, let's put your marriage are like is only your and he put a married couple that with that is the image of god. marriage is the image of god was the male is not the image of god and all women can cite boys got mail is not the image of god, male and female is the image of god. a marriage is you will know why satan hates marriage so much because it's the image of god on this earth. that's what sadie listener think about this, saying he did not attack adam. he did not attack until the image of god appeared on the earth.

that's when he got scared one sterile man by himself.

he was scared when god showed when he looked at god, he saw the image of god bathing suit and adam besought him adamantly. this is phenomenal. that's when he got mad. okay, so god is a try using god. i know that's a theological word. what that means is for you and one day, but now somebody will say for now. they created male and female messes image is a registry in one but marriage is to more that's what you completely missed because marriage is a husband or wife and god. that is a blessing that is glassware and that's the only way marriage works three and one unit three and one built-in stand against you. make sure god's ignored. so marriage is the image of god on this earth for some return. marriage represents christ and the church.

this is why marriage is so importantů christchurch okay here's the ephesians 5 passage watch what three words.

it starts with an watchword verse, the "from genesis ephesians 5 verse 31.

for this reason, in other words that were the image bearers of god on the earth. for this reason a man shall leave his father, mother and be joined to his wife glued to his wife is not glued to his parents remorseful and his wife and the two shall become one flesh.

this is a great mystery but i speak concerning christ and the church. nevertheless, like each one of you in particular so love his own life and the stronger the median ssl and absorb the women and let the wife see that she respects her husband.

so the two of you together representing the trinity, but as i as a couple. now as a man or woman as a man you represented christ as a woman your representing the church. so again, let's talk about now lost someone washer trying to win them toward. so you're trying to win a guy let's say husband will start you the legs.

i'll get you husband the start menu. let's say that you're trying to win joe to the lord. and so joe says you live.

i give my life to the lord. what's my life going to be like after i give my life, lord, what how is god going to treat me if i give him control my life. this is your answer. well, you know, the way i treat my wife. god is going to treat you just like i treat my wife would you like to be saved you. let's get honest. what would josette god's will treat me like you treat your wife otto will be safe. i don't want to be laughed at and will be put down and will be made fun about only talk about on my back not a one be ordered around the world talk about servant leadership.

sir, that's what you think marriage is your right horrible example of jesus, and sometimes i just say things straight out. no, not just surprises may affect what you said that, straight up. but what joe should say is kneeling on the beloved family honored to be treated like royalty. yes, i want to accept jesus christ.

if jesus treats me like you treat your wife. i love the beach like say we represent christ. okay ladies, it's your turn. so let's say you're talking to another lady and she says you know i don't really know how to pray. i don't know how to talk to the lord and so you say. well let me use the example in scripture. if you will know how to talk to the lord you talk to the lord the same way that i talked to my husband what she does say in the nine cussing out in the i be disrespectful emailing talk about his weaknesses to everybody else, please hear me marriage is a lot more important than you think.

this is why jesus got upset when they said is it okay to divorce.

he was thinking. would it be okay for the trinity to divorce have you not read that you represent us on this earth that you not only represent the trinity, you represent me in the church so ephesians 56 marriage, husband and wife represents christ and the church hardly heard represents marriage represents covenant covenant.

are you catching how important marriage is to god. it represents his image only earth it represents christ and the church. and it represents covenant in malachi is telling them why he's not accepting offers. the first reason. by the way is the family. the family is out of order. actually, your faith is on order savories or family look for reasons of finances.

that's were given to the portal type, but this is this is the family part, so he's selling and i'm not receiving your your worship are your offerings and they said malachi 214. yet you say, for what reason is amazing that the other two passages also begin with. for this reason, now they're saying for what reason do not accepting our offerings because the lord is been witnessed between you and the wife of your youth with you and your belt treacherously. yet she is your companion and the wife and your wife by covenant in a contract we protect our rights and we limit our responsibilities.

think about if you're buying the house regular into a business agreement in the contractor trying to protect your rights, right you're trying to limit your responsibilities covenant is just the opposite in the covenant we give up our rights and we picked up our responsibilities and this is the example to the world seeks the idea if a lost person says how do i know that god will keep his word to make note you should say you should say look at how my wife and i have kept on because the we entered into a covenant to.

by the way, let me just remind you of the covenant that you entered into.

if you're married, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health. here's one for better what does abdullah marriage counselor will say well it's really gotten bad.

that's what you signed up for you just couldn't shut up you and only said, till death do us part that's coming in, but it is example it is.

an example is the site of the new covenant, not built. god said i want to love your will protect your provide for you bless you will be your fault as my part. your part is you know what son son, would you come over here jesus, would you come here the sun walks over lord says that jesus is robert roberts will be able to keep the covenant son.

i was wondering if you would go to the earth and if you would fulfill the covenant for robert and you live the life that he can't live and also need you to die the death that he should die, and jesus said that elder and then the father said the main do you believe that jesus lived the life that you could live and he died the death of you should've died in a motel room when i was 19 years old. i said this i believe in.

the father said during the company and your my son and i will never that's what marriages listen even if my spouse doesn't keep her in the covenant. i'll keep my that's marriage and were telling the world.

this is what god is like. thank you so much for joining us. i hope you take a moment to think about what pastor robert sharon and listen to what the holy spirit seemed next time pastor robert is going to share how to move from brokenness to blessing in your life and family. you won't

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