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Hearing God Through Worship

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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February 20, 2022 7:00 am

Hearing God Through Worship

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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February 20, 2022 7:00 am

Pastor Robert unpacks the importance worship plays in hearing God.

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Where you have to reverently think Philip we're in a series titled frequency and Pastor Robert ensuring that how we continue Nene and hear God.

I'm your host Jenae and I'm here with my cohost Patrick.

Everybody flatly learned in this series so far. There are many ways that God speaks to us in today's messages about hearing God's voice through worship business is really hits home for me because I often feel like my lifeline to God is through music. I totally relate. I also feel close to God during this message is packed with great stories Scripture and wisdom about how God doesn't just want to speak to us, but he wants to be with us and Pastor Robert will explain exactly what this is such a great message, so let's listen in 35 years now been in ministry and the number one question that I get asked is by far people asked me how to run your God. How can I hear God and how can I know that is God speaking to me. So in this series we been talking about how to hear God in the book talk about how your God the different ways a God speaks practical ways really in some very practical ways to your dog. But today I want to talk to you about here are God's voice through worship. I want you to think about how many times you been in a worship service and you sense the presence of God and God is spoken something to you that you needed to hear.

I may just change your life. God speaks through worship. The reason God speaks through worship is because he's there, he's there were two or three are gathered in my name, there I am right there in the midst I can remember one time that this young lady got saved and she went home she was living with a guy he was in a rock band. She went home and said I'm moving out in the gas and why moving up.

She said I got saved. He said well I want to get saved literally and she said while nonserious and he said I'm serious, and she said I gave my life to Jesus a song of my life to Jesus so she told him the only way she knew how to get say which was the way that she gun safe so she said okay. Next Sunday you come to church like when the pastor says if your visitor and you want to give your life to Jesus you come in the front. She said then you go down to the front so I said okay so the next week, they came to church and during the worship. He said he started thinking to himself. I'm getting sick I'm getting sick, and he started thinking I will throw up.

I will throw up right down the back of this lady in front of you. That's what he was like, and so he said to his girlfriend, I got a go because I'm about throw up, and she said it's just the devil, just stop it. So he said also he felt better, but he was sensing God's presence and worship you know he was sensing something different so want to talk to you about worship and read a couple scriptures about the tabernacle in the Old Testament right X.

This chapter 25 verses one to Exodus 25 verse one says then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, speak to the children of Israel, that they bring me an offering from everyone who gives it willingly with his heart.

You shall take that offer.

Now here's what he saying when they come to church with them to come to give a lot of times we don't even think about this. I'm not talking about money at all knowing. Think about that for a moment, but God is saying when they come to the tabernacle. I want them to bring a really offering I'm going to tell you why that's so important in just a moment okay then he goes down in verse eight, and says and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. Well would be another word for live and in verse 22, he says, and there I will meet with you and I will speak with you. I work on not hearing God.

God speaking.

I told you God speaks all through the Bible all through the Bible.

The Bible starts with God speaking adamantly.

It is with God speaking to John on the on the premise God speaking. So God wants to speak with us but he also wants to meet with us.

This tabernacle is actually called the tabernacle of meeting. So let me just take these two phrases he says they are. I'm going to meet with you, speak with you okay so here is point number one I will meet with you. I will meet with you. God wants to meet with you now.

When the Lord started speaking this to me.

I just thought that this what I want to share own. I want to share with the whole church and eventually outputted in the book, but I remember thinking I've got two great points.

I will meet with you and I will speak with you and then when I wrote down. I will meet with you I felt what's the difference I will meet with you and I will speak with you. What's the difference in the Lord started shortly God can speak to you without meeting with you all through Scripture.

He might send the prophet to give you a word from God, but God's not there. He's not there meeting with you.

There was one time when a hand showed up and started writing on the wall. Remember that God was speaking but he wasn't there, so their wife and even now you can. Someone can speak with you and not meet with you. You send someone a letter you know if your old-fashioned body cinnamon email you sent him a text right are you a call and talk to him on the phone and you can speak with them, but there's no meeting, so there's a difference. So I think this is very important were God's talking about worship. He says I do want to speak to you. And while this is this is not a book that I wrote frequently about hearing God telling yes God wants to speak to you, but here's a great truth that witness wants to meet with you to. So what's the difference okay you can hug someone when you meet with the eye we referenced earlier that one my good friends Gavin MacLeod's series for an actor and play captain of the love boat and things like that. We talked on the phone Saturday before AK today. The first thing when I saw them without we spoke Saturday but today we met we met together. He said I'm saying there's a difference.

Okay, so God wants to meet with you and the makes a statement and when I come.

Have him bring an offering, wants God saying that they want because when you give to God. It's in his nature that he gives back to you that we know we always relate this to money, but I want you know that it's more than that when you give something to God. God give something back to you now. Please understand that we really don't have anything to give God as a matter fact what we actually had to give him most of it isn't that good were worried right about something were anxious about something were upset about something were angry about something.

Or how about something so we give God our current God gives us his healing. We give God our worry. He gives us his peace. See the difference with the media, not just speaking with is that there can be an exchange.

Let me show you the Scripture Genesis 28 versus 1670 says. Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said surely the Lord is in this place and I did not know it, and he was afraid and said how awesome is this place, this is none other than the house of God and this is the gate of heaven. Okay well I told you before, grammarian. I love grammar and I love math.

I love those two subjects. So this jumps out at me now maybe none of you are jumped out. It understand that you might have strengths you you do x-rays and other areas.

But if you're grammarian that jumps out because Jacob said surely the Lord is in this place and I did not know it and let me say that again he said surely the Lord is the one shaking. So you know you got it.

Surely the Lord is in this place that's present tense and I did not know it. That's pastorates for that's a no no you don't do that. Not to tell my wife or my sons and my daughters a halt when they say dad when you read over this article I wrote in my wife some dental safe.

We read this that I wrote and don't correct the grammar is what will run through the editorial department milk like ceramic.

I just want to know the content I wanted to know if the theology is right and that what you think about content and a Seder sugar. I like I have to correct the grammar because like I can't read it until I corrected them. So I see this and I think okay that's grammatically correct repairs. Only problem that that's the Bible so you can say some role in the Bible. Some drawing me so I realized is that here's what Jacob setting.

Surely the Lord is present tense steel in this place and I did not know what but I know it now.

I know it now, but I didn't know it but I know it now that we give you definition worship. Worship is becoming aware of the presence of God. Muscle worshipers worship is an encounter with God. And if you don't read the story what Jacob does is he says God I'm going to serve you a first before this he calls him the God of my father.

After this encounter because of my God numbers before this he says really got my parents and he needs with God and he says you know the Lord is here and I didn't know what but I know it now now will not worship so we give to God. Worship God will speak to you if you really give your heart to him during worship. I can remember one time I been ministering a lot. I was very tired. I was in a worship service and I was just kind of sitting there and also my thought when my doing nothing be worshiping God, my strength comes from worshiping God. I'm tired. But even worse, with such a started worshiping God. As I was worshiping God.

All of a sudden my mind I had what the Bible television.

I could see myself I could see. Well, first I could see this big hall and it looked like in Roman times to me. Everyone was dancing there wood doors at the end of the hall that were probably 50 feet tall. Tall is the ceiling and the throne at the other in and the Lord was sitting on the throne and also in the doors open and I stepped in Outlook like a soldier I had that the sword in my hand the spear scars all over my body. Blood from war. When I stepped in the music stopped.

Every wide body parted and the Lord said, have everyone go out so everyone left it was just the Lord make this is happening in my mind during worship while understanding the worshiping God and I said, the Lord said, how's the battle going on. I said were winning sir, and then the Lord took his crown off and I took my helmet off and then he set down his scepter and I set down my sword and then the Lord went like this from her son and I just ran and hugged him, set in his lap on the throne and went to sleep and I have the scars and I felt like the Lord would just touch my arm and the stars would go away and all the dirt from battle and all the more than all the blood and I was just completely clean and I was invigorated I was ready to go and I went back out.

Then I turn around I said so good to see that he said it's good to see you son, and then I put my helmet known for put his crown owned by picked up my sword.

He picked up his scepter. The doors opened up and everybody came back in I look totally different and this is what I heard someone say no one knows what happens to close the doors. I remember thinking no one knows that I'm a son. I just think I'm the captain of the Army, but I know that happened in worship. I was to change my life. I had a meeting with God, he didn't just speak something to make but I met loosely. God wants to meet with the here's the second thing is, God says, I will speak with you.

I will speak with you or do not worship. Worship is when God manifest his presence. 20 makes his presence known. If you study Scripture about the presence of God. There is the omnipresence of God on the comes from the word all God is all present.

There's the omnipresence there's the anger presence and that the Holy Spirit lives within us, and there's the manifest presence and that's what we see acts either in our quiet time or in a corporate worship service, we sense God's presence is strong 20 makes his presence known when I was traveling and speaking I remember they asked me to speak one time in the Lions Club meeting and it was at a luncheon and I went in week we sang some songs I got greeted us so glad you're here then we sang some songs and then the guy got up and made some announcements and then they passed a bucket around and we gave some money to help people and then I got up and because I was supposed to speak and I spoke and I use the Bible and when I set down this other guy got up and said now if you will join come down here at the front I'm immersing myself.

I've seen this before. This looks like church. We sang songs wed some announcements we did offering a talk from the Bible and they say going to join Camilla from God standing there and I said Lord what's the difference between church and Lions Club meeting and the Lord said to me church is when the lion shows up in the lion of the tribe of Judah.

When I show up at church and if the lion doesn't show up son is that all you had is Allianz club meeting say when God shows up and makes all the difference. He wants to meet with us and he wants to speak with us. The Scripture I used before talks about this tabernacle. Exodus 25 89 says and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. I read that one.

The look of the Vert next verse, verse nine according to all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furnishings, just so shall you make it. This is the Old Testament Moses, the tabernacle Moses takes all the tabernacle meeting.

We referred to as the tabernacle Moses so we can compare it to Solomon's Temple cake or David who had the tip to an immediate fight. Let me show you New Testament Scripture about the tabernacle of meeting. Hebrews 8 verse five says these priest serve the copy and the shadow of the heavenly things, as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle.

For he said the knowledge God said see that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain so he said I want you do this, according to the pattern so Moses made this pattern now Hebrews says Kate, this is just a copy and a shadow of the real tabernacle is not the real one Moses, the tabernacle, that the real one that was just a foreshadowing of the real one to come, so there was a place if you had been alive when Moses was leaving the children of Israel. You been a Jew, you could go to the paternal place where God dwelt. Think about that.

Where were you could be with God, and you could speak, yet this is what he said I will meet with you and I will speak with you at this tabernacle is my question for you when you be great if there was a place like that today.

For before you think of church in the region of the Scripture. Second Corinthians 616 says for you are the tabernacle of the living God as God's said I will dwell in them and walk among them.

I will be there God and they will be my people.

If I told you that through my high and lofty position that I have is a senior pastor I have arranged for all of you a personal meeting with God if I told you that anything you knew it was someone just blowing smoke it was.

Would you show up surely what right was there someone that has a higher and the loftier position than I have, and I was just joking about my okay but his name is Jesus and he's arranged for you to have a personal encounter with God. Anytime you want. Through the Holy Spirit and you are now the place where God lives in Wells. So were talking about that in this mini book frequency, hearing God listen if you want a word from God. Let me tell you these it is just as watchable give you visual watch alone. Here's a good word for me.I am a doctor. You think is right there lives in you lives in you. You are now the tabernacle I'm telling you, you can have some of the best experiences with God in worship enter his presence with singing, and his courts with thanksgiving and praise you you you probably all experienced this. I'm talking about in a worship service in God's all over the place with a one more testimony about God speaking in worship. Most of you know the move. Some of you might know, but lobby will know that my wife was a goody-goody grown-up.

I was a baddie baddie and sorry my parents are here but we all know so I told the world about it, but so.

But when I got saved. It was dramatic and it was dramatic. I was on drugs I was delivered never wanted to go back as 19. Debbie was nine, she was delivered from bubblegum, you know, so I have this dramatic love affair with Jesus and Debbie looked at it and thought I know I never love Jesus that much now. When this man is he was, you know, and so one day in worship. She has a vision she enters the presence of the Lord and God speaks to her. She sees herself in a white wedding dress. She sees the Lord. She knows the Lord is her groom. This is all Scripture she goes running for the Lord and all of a sudden she falls in a mud puddle that she densely she said mud was all over, all over hair. She said there was not one place on her body.

Her dress was a covered mud she's in the mud puddle on all fours weeping because she was so dirty before the Lord and she said the Lord brought back to her attitudes when she was young, a pride and bad attitudes toward her parents and things like that singing and she thought I had so dirty, how could he ever love me and also she saw standing on the mud 2 feet with nails Carson and there was no mud on his feet. He was standing on top of the mud and he put his hand down with a male star in. She put her hand in his hand in the mud.

Just begin to go away and he lifted her up and she was completely clean and then as it went down. The mud became gold and they started dancing on streets of gold, and here's what she thought I was just as dirty as Robert and I needed a Savior just like he did, and I can love Jesus just as much as a human that happened in worship what you close your eyes, just for moment I want you just to just just say to the Lord in your own way in your heart right now, not out loud just in your heart. Even those of you watching at home. This say I Lord I want to enter your presence in worship will not just attend a song service are not just pray and read my Bible and my quiet time, which is important.

I want to really worship you. I want to meet with you and I want to speak with you. In Jesus name I just feel like we received news we can encounter and experience God anytime there's nothing keeping us from meeting with him at this very moment, and having him envelop us in his arms and whispered what an incredible privilege to be allowed to enter his court at any moment and I think we need to ask ourselves, are we taking hold every opportunity to meet with God.

But we encourage you to take a moment to think about what has to Robert share today and really listen to what the Holy Spirit seemed to get a copy of this message or any of the messages and visit Pastor or call 833933 that's Pastor 483-3933. You can also follow Pastor Robert on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter after radically saying about how to value conflict. Thanks for listening today greatly

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