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Why Hear From God

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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February 6, 2022 7:00 am

Why Hear From God

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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February 6, 2022 7:00 am

Pastor Robert shares a message about how God desires to have a relationship with us, so He speaks to us as a friend.

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Word after rapidly doing last time Pastor Robert began a new series titled frequency. In this series he's explaining how God is speaking all the time and how we can tune in and hear his voice. I'm your host Jenae and I'm here with my cohost Patrick.

Everybody well today's message is why hear from God and it Pastor Robert will share how God's reasons for talking to us are often different than our reasons for wanting him to speak to us. Let's dive right in his Pastor Robert shares how God doesn't speak to robots but speaks to people and friends will want to welcome all of you in the studio and I want to welcome those you are watching at home.

I am sharing from a book that I wrote called frequency to me on here God. It is the number one question that biomass is a pastor is how can I hear God and so want to talk today about hearing God. But today's teaching is like I called it. Why here from God. Why hear from God, and I think it might surprise you that God's reason for talking to us might be a little different than our reasons for wanting to hear God and Solomon just unpack this a little bit this country.

Chapter 2 in the book frequency. While I hear from God. Now our number one reason to hear from God. Probably is direction. God what do I do what school do we put our children and where do we move do not take this job, which church do we go to for all the right questions, and I know God wants to give us direction.

But that's not as number one reason for communicating with us and what I think it is. I'm going to say little differently than what we might think, but it's friendship, relationship.will sub relationship with you know, think about marriage that is okay with me giving her directions sometime this malaise not really what she wants to talk with me. She was supposedly my first salsa relationship with however relations over there. I don't her just to give me directions want to talk arts only to be illustration about friendship okay let's say that you and I been friends for a long time maybe like 30 years and you're in the hospital. Okay, I don't.

I would be the one the hospital this illustration okay so say that you had to be hospitalized as an reason and and so I come by the hospital and I dropped some books solve that I've written a view toward him at the book frequency. This is a brick like 14 books. Now let's say I drop some books off it that I've written at the front desk as I have eight sons of the hospital. Would you give them these books to read and then you're there maybe a week. I never text you I never call you. I never come and see you personally. I just dropped off some books that I wrote for you to write or what if you're in the hospital not come by on my way to work and I stop and talk with you for a while and then I text a few times during the day and then on my way home I stopped in my visit with you for 30 minutes or so. Again, and I do that everyday. And then one day I like sneaky and some fast food.

Okay. Let's his Day-Glo pole here in the studio.

How many of you ever have ever snuck food into a hospital cannot little you all the rules like a live so your set may like okay so so I am I visit with the okay so which type of freedom would you want it want this iPhone right God's going talk to you spend time with the right listen to me carefully. A lot of people think that God just drop some books off that he wrote but he doesn't speak to us personally, I don't mean by this illustration.

To minimize this book. Obviously, this is this is infallible. American inspired word of God. It's like, to those who find it helps to their whole body sweeter than honey purity gold sharpening two edged sword.

Okay I know welding by port. We need to read it every day.

I'm just sending God's also personal got okay so here's the reason I think is friendship.

John 1515.

So it's really easy verse. Remember, because at 1550 John 1515 Jesus said, no longer do I call you servants for a servant does not know what his master is doing. But I've called you friends for all things that I heard from my father I have made known to you are told to select a different a friend tells you what's going on tells ones don't talk strictly so let me tell you three things about why hear from God and about being a friend of God.

Okay, here's number one. God does not speak to robots now anything okay what is the blood that might well he speaks people he did not create us as robots equally… People he cradles with emotions he created us in his image right there and you probably maybe never thought about this you like I have, but we actually communicate to one's we communicate personally and we communicate mechanically listen to me. We communicate with people personally but we communicate to machines mechanically valuing out communicate to machines yes you do if you want your machine your computer to type the G you hit the G if you want your come computer to print something right. You hit print America very first time. Years ago my son help me. You know, got the computer all set up and all and I hit print and you know it said cannot find the perimeter. I took the monitoring terminus is right so we communicate when you're you communicate your car mechanically. Right now you might speak to it, but you can if you want to go you personally asked if you want to stop you push the present present right so I want you know God doesn't communicate.

Here's the reason I'm sending this God is not communicate to us mechanically were not machines or people. God communicates partially God is not sitting having pushbuttons expects someone to show your conversation and it's along the Scripture but it's amazing a conversation God had with someone he called his friend Abraham and exercising is called for, and so Genesis 18 starts in verse 17 and the Lord said shall I hide from Abraham what I'm doing since Abraham shall surely become a great mighty nation all the nations of Europe shall be blessed in the four I have no numbers. I relationship with friendship within in order that he may command his children and his household after him, that they may keep the way of the Lord to do righteousness and justice, but the Lord may bring Abraham what he has spoken to him what he has spoken to him. Then the Lord said, because the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is great because her sin is very grave I will go down now and see whether they have done altogether. According to the outcry against it and that is come to me and if not I will note it says then the man turned away from there and went toward Sodom. But Abraham still stood before the Lord and Abraham came near and said would you also destroy the righteous with the wicked okay here's important when God first spoke, there were other people are. They left but Abraham and Lynn piece stayed and then he drew near real simple. If you want to hear God stop what you're doing and draw near, look how simple it was stop what you're doing and draw near. Five so Abraham stops what he's doing and he draws near to God. Now let's watch the rest of the conversation.

Verse 24.

Suppose that this is this is Abraham talking suppose that there were 50 righteous within the city. Would you also destroy the place and not spare it for 50 righteous that were in it, far be it from you. I like this language a range far be it from you.

God to do such a thing is asked to slay the righteous with the wicked, so that the righteous should be as the wicked far be it from you. Should not the judge of all the earth do right so the Lord said if I find in Sodom 50 righteous within the city that I will spare all the place for their sakes. Then Abraham answered and said in the email.

I am but dust and ashes have taken it upon myself to speak to the Lord and not just their funny things in the Bible it is unlikely that funny. You know me.but it's funny. He says suppose there were fiberglass and 50 would you destroy all the city for lack of five so he said if I find 40 50 not destroy any spoke to me again and said suppose there should be 40 found there and he said I will not give is like a 40 then he said let not the Lord be angry and I will speak.

Suppose 30 should be found there. So I said I'll not do it about 930 there and he said indeed. Now I've taken upon myself to speak to the Lord.

Suppose 20 should be found there. So I said I will not destroy things like appointing many said let not the Lord be angry now speak but once more supposed to, and should be found there and he said I will not destroy it for the sake of team so the Lord when his way as soon as he finished speaking with Abraham and Abraham returned to his place. Okay, here's what I think when God walked away. I think he walked over to Jesus and the Holy Spirit and and maybe you know Michael and Gabriel are some things that some like this.

I like that guy is here that did you hear him say, far be it from you Lord will hear that a guy like I think were going to be great friends. God wants to be your friend. Think about this. The Bible starts and ends with God speaking people, and everywhere in the middle. Every book of the Bible. He speaking people ever book the Bible he starts speaking adamantly and that speaking to John on the island of Patmos in the book of Revelation and you think all of a sudden he just stopped speaking 2000 years and he hasn't spoken a word now since that Scripture ration of the of the Bible you think all of a sudden now God doesn't speak. I mean, he's got to be about the first right tracing God to even think that. So that's for normally God doesn't speak to robots. Here's number two God speaks to people we have records. As I said, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, no Adam and Eve Deborah Ruth altered Scripture also built is also the New Testament swinging the disciples also speaking after the resurrection speaking up all speaking to Barnabas speaking to John after the resurrection is still speaking the people.

It's all through the Bible. Think about this. Do you really think that the indwelling Holy Spirit would speak less to people than before the Holy Spirit came to dwell in us. It's crazy like you know Jesus among Olevia's orphans, send someone to know he can talk to you. That's crazy. But the Holy Spirit through the word Paraclete chose which the word comes from the Greek parent means alongside, and Plato's meanings to walk or to come alongside. So the Holy Spirit is going to walk alongside you. But here's what people think he's walking along, those words walk my gift crazy. Think about that. Or maybe it's like some game. He's playing with Chenault life for words. First word to syllables. You know they let me show you a Scripture straight out that the Holy Spirit speaks. John 16 verses 12 and 13, Jesus said, I still have many things to say to but you cannot bear them now. However, when he the spirit of truth, is come see will guide you into all truth for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak that Jesus, he will speak and he will tell you things to come, but it was a horrible trick for God, played on us to stop speaking all of a sudden and he still speaks.

You know the reason I think that we have a difficulty. Wondering, God still speaks today. I think we actually think that he spoke differently to people in the Bible that he does today known to submit to you that it might not have always been different. We just and in one of our other sessions we read were Gideon said show me a sign that it is you who talk with me, but why would he say that we have. Hebrews 11 which is the hall of faith, not fame, but all of faith in the Bible. And here's what it says about all of them by faith, by faith okay will if God spoke in this loud booming voice you like on a cartoon we see here going back. You know like this is God's speak like this, I think. Hebrews 11 were saved by fear. They were scared to death they lie just said it was a still small voice. Here's a good one for you.

Moses was talking to a Bush is issued.

What's your name, now that's what you what your name Bush, God speaks to people.

It's all through Scripture. Five. A friend of mine that was called into question by his denomination for saying that God still speaks today and for about three hours they just really and finally he said, cannot – you gentlemen a question just one question you asked me questions for three hours and I asked you a question and there were four pastors only credentials committee for this denomination and licensor has us a question so he's looked at the head of the committee and said who called you to preach that.

Here's what they had just said to him before he asked the question. They said if you tell us that God spoke to you something and you can give us a book chapter and verse then that's not got in your adding to the Bible you know what happens people who had the Bible, so he that's what he said, can I ask you a question I said and called you to preach all four of them went like this, but the answer because even theological persuasions that will teach that God doesn't speak today believe in a call to preach, so he said Dr. so-and-so fascia question college approach so you know anyone in flight because the company well God did face a good, would you mind giving me the book chapter and verse. He said in the same way that God called you to preach God still speaks today. He never says anything contrary to this word, but he does speak to our hearts.

God speaks to people. Here's number three God speaks to friends he done speak to robots and communicate mechanically to us.

He does speak to people's altered Scripture any speaks to friends numbers 3311 so the Lord spoke to Moses face to face as a man speaks to his friend James 223 and the Scripture was fulfilled which says Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness and he was called the friend of God. So we understand that God wants to be friends with you. I'm not spent in that great news. He wants to be your friend wants to talk to you and you can talk to God. You can talk to God about how you feel… What you're mad about your understanding will intimidate God, you will not upset God is like. I'm really mad here right now is on the Douglas that he's okay.

He's in control you can talk to God. God wants to talk you as a friend. He calls us friends even when we don't act like friends.

This is a great truth about God were still his friends arrange a couple scriptures that, shocked me when we talk about friends.

This is a Scripture. The first one from the Old Testament ends what we would call the messianic Scripture.

In other words, it's in the Old Testament, but it is speaking about the Messiah affect the Zachariah 13 six it says if someone asked him what are these wounds on your body he will answer the wounds that I was given at the house of my friends. Here's another one is Matthew 2648 through 50. Now his betrayer. That's Judas had given them a sign saying whomever I kiss. He is the one cesium immediately he went up to Jesus and said, greetings Rabbi and kissed him.

But Jesus said to him, friend, why have you come in and they laid hands on Jesus and took him away. Let that one sink into the guy who was betraying him, Jesus said friend put into maybe never thought about this but Jesus was Judas's feet. He was there in later left of the foot washing one Chantel years that he doesn't treat you any differently even when you treat him badly and in a very famous one where I John 1515 earlier no longer directly served by quality friends because I told you what I'm doing to verses before that.

John 1513 greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends. I hope your catching. Why hear from God does not want to talk to Phyllis me friend my greatest memories have been a Christian after 35 years.

My greatest memories as a believer are not what God's done for me, but what God said to me that I am very grateful for what is done from a number of very, very grateful of. Obviously they redeemed out of a life of sand that he gave me a beautiful family that he uses me to help other people.

I'm grateful for what God's done for me and through me.

I'm grateful for that. But when I think back about milestones in my life. My memories go to what God is said to me when I was going through a tough time and God gave me a word to get through that I've done some coaching. Dallas Willard, one of Dallas Willard quotes is from illegally exactly. I treasure his presence and that's like him being present in the situation feeling God's presence. I treasure his presence more than his presence and that spelled like gifts Christmas gifts presence like a gift for Asia. So as I begin I treasure his presence more than his presence is pretty strong. I meant one time I was having my quiet time and I out.

I just said Lord I got document seven I started like this just telling I was given a my to do list. You know, go to work well and all you do these things, so I was I just started talking and all of a sudden I just felt like the Lord said, can we just talk for selectmen to install from just like if you went and saw friend you haven't seen in years and you immediately started science lesson next week. I need you to do this and this and this and this and the first thing one about hey how you doing has your family was going out.

We just fell from. I really feel like that's what God's like all of his children.

Can we just talk on Ashley. Just close your eyes for a moment and I will submit this truth in our hearts. God does want to give us direction. He does want to give us guidance, but he wants to have a relationship with you mostly your friend watches take a moment and just say God I want to get to know you as a friend and I want to hear your voice as a friend in Jesus name.

It's really amazing that God wants to be my friend even see this as a friend. When we don't act like one in his left her ass is so great it is that we encourage you to take a moment to think about what Pastor Robert Scheer today and really listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. I know that he wants to speak to you today and every day to get a copy of this message or any of the messages in this frequency series, visit Pastor or call 833933 that's Pastor or 833933 word. You can also follow Pastor Robert on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pastor Robert will be saying about hearing God. The Bible thanks for listening and have a great day

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