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Start Going to Church

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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July 18, 2021 8:00 am

Start Going to Church

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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July 18, 2021 8:00 am

Pastor Robert explains why it’s important to go to church and why the Bible says we need to gather together as believers.

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Worship in the word today work, including past reference three steps the victory with the message about why would you prioritize going well with joy. We built a three week series called three steps to victory the first week was stopped believing lies last weekend was stay in the word peers. The third one last one in a series start going to church now what your five years. While I am here. I don't need this one pastor well the emphasis is not on start the burden. The Lord gave me is the only going start going to church. Now here's what I mean by that.

I want you when you can't come to watch on the Internet and I won't even if you decide not to come just because you're too tired to watch a minute don't don't stop watching on the Internet today not say anything bad about that or if you live outside the Metroplex where I won't you watch a minute. I want you to buy just so this is a correction. This is just to answer a question that's beginning to come up more more more I think since so many pastors their messages or are available at any time online but I just want to know that a lot of you know this is church attendance for church attendance like I want to actually answer the question why go to church. Why go well just watch what's the difference, and if you can't get if you can't come the end. Watch if you're out of town or if you're traveling or if your want someone sick in the family, then watch.

But if you can.

Why make the effort, and I have three reasons is not shocking.

I got three reasons that reminds me there was a guy that got up one morning and Sunday morning told his wife I'm not going to church today and I give you three good reasons why I'm not going he said number one.

I don't like the building I just don't like I've never liked the building number two. I do like the people number three. The people don't like me.

I can just tell it. They look at me funny. I just don't like me and so she did as all ladies have to have some time or another she so I give you three good reasons why you're going buddy, she said. I've gotten up and ongoing number two.

The kids have gotten up and they're going number three you're the pastor they're expecting to be there so what happens if the pastor and the people don't come so that's why when I talked about why so here's number one reason to go to church God's presence. Now I understand that God is everywhere. That's called his omnipresence, then there is his inner presence in her eye union ER with the Holy Spirit lives within us.

But there is his manifest presence, which is has made no presence which happens when we come together in a more powerful way than what I've ever seen in my life so I want to show you prescriptions right when when they were when God told him to make the tabernacle on earth. The very first one ever.

This is Moses, the tabernacle Moses Moses Deborah on Solomon's Temple.

All that he gave his instructions and by the way, he said, what you see in heaven built on earth was tabernacle the pattern for is in heaven and initially said Exodus 25 are safe and let Dion that's the people make. He, God, a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. I will place to live on earth next admin lay down verse 23 says, and they are not the sanctuary. There I will meet with you and I will speak with you. Something happens when we come together and in Jesus even conferences of the New Testament Matthew 1824 were two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in the midst of the it's his presence.

I bet you can remember some worship services. When you sense God's presence more than ever you ever since them before and you know exactly I'm talking about when the whole body is coming together and were worshiping God's presence is so strong. You know when he got angry with the people as they were visually traveling to the wilderness. He said to Moses, I'm not going to go with you in the promised land, but also my angel Moses, his reply was if your presence doesn't go I don't want to go and he made an incredible statement. Be safe.

Your presence doesn't go with us.

How will we be different from any other people in the world. If the only thing that makes us different from us that it's the only thing that makes the church different from every organization in the world. Every organization world.

Every meeting in the world.

The reason were different is because God shows up himself. When we meet together God's presence is if it is let's not forget it is God's house so number one is presence. Here's number two is power. God's power. Now we read Matthew 1820. A moment ago to refer together my name, there I am in the midst showing the verse right before verse 19 again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by my father in heaven and they says for this workforce.

A preposition which means because because this is why it's done for two or three are gathered together my name on their sleep. Maybe will never connect these to the reason that what you ask is done is because he standing right there with you is presence is there is presence is there. His powers that it is presence is there in his powers, so only people won't need, want and need the power of God in their life they don't go to church when I grew up. We went to church three times a week Sunday morning and want to finish this Sunday night and Wednesday night and I was able Internet Tuesday visitation that we provide immuno or Thursday Bible study was Saturday more demands reference update at least three conflict. I'm not advocating that I'm not even advocating four times a month ever weekend because I know we traveled we had kids events, things like that but logically more once or twice a month and not for a candidate say yes understand that no ulterior motive. I don't need a hard number okay unless someone doing this. It's for you. I know what happens when we come together God's power is exponential.

When we come together. Deuteronomy 3230.

How could one chase 1002. Put 10,000 flight.

It's the power of God. See people sometimes have a difficult time committing to church. Sometimes people could be like butterflies or bullfrogs. Butterflies will just split around from church to church and never like very long anyone place and bullfrogs will come and settle your lily pad till someone touches him tries to develop a relationship with them when they blow up and hop off somewhere else that we need to show your thoughts and if you afford you need to be planted may be planted initially were a base that on Psalm 92, 13 and 14 for those who replanted in the house of the Lord planted on just a T on their planted shall flourish in the courts of our God, they shall steel bear fruit in old age, they shall be fresh and flourishing. Again watch fruit, fresh and flourishing. Three points south of the Bible father-son was location and but it all that's only the verse is only good for those who replanted those who flit around from church to church.

You will be planted somewhere. Another testimony from Shady Grove that's in our Grand Prairie campus has shown limited marriage counseling with a scalpel and after little while. He said I don't think I can help you and they were down you know discouraged as to what he said the only thing that can help use the presence of God. You need a touch of God. They said my advice to you is keep coming to church this keep coming to church keep worshiping God and let God do a miracle in your hearts, so they did one time during worship.

Just a few weeks later after he told him that presence of God. Just all over the place and its backward passion would stand on the platform during worship, and he just felt the Holy Spirit said. Open your eyes and look what I'm doing and he opened his eyes and his eyes told this couple. They were both standing there like this. Tears streamed down her cheeks worshiping God and right when Castro looked the man took his arm like this and put it around his wife and she put her arm around his waist. They stood there minute and then I turned my face to each other. He said something to her.

She said something to him and then they hugged and they cried and then I turned back. He's got his right hand. There is arm around her. She's got her arm around him in her left hand. There in their marriage was healed just one thing in the presence of you will know to become an elder in the church to be very successful in business is matter fact, probably most of you have something in your home that he invented is given lots of money to the kingdom of God and they were married over 50 years now still married still going strong. And what saved the marriage obviously God with her church this coming the church, God's power and here's number three God's people. God's people. Now what you may be thinking as well, although I'm not God's presence of God's power what any God's people want to tell you why but here's just some of the because his presence and his power flows through his people. You need people in other people say. Just me and God is being God first ball is not grammatically correct pages to figure say it's a God knife, but just leave. Just me and that's all I means God is not the way God set it up. You need someone else out of all that God created everything was good except for one thing, man alone, God said to give everyday it's good that's good that's good. Great sadness is not. I knew better map immediate socially few scriptures here about.

I don't think we sometimes realize how incredible deals to be called the people of God is meaningless. Don't have any type of Jewish heritage. We been drafted into the nation of the Jews understood Jewish people to show you some Scripture were Peter's wreckage and tells him her pulse from the Gentiles. First Peter two TN who wants were not a people, but are now the people of God that he's quoting Hosea, you'll see Paul actually mentioned that Romans 925. As he says also in Hosea I will call them my people, who were not my people, and this is Scripture in Hosea Hosea 223 then I will say to those who were not my people. You are my people, and they shall say you are my God it's good to be a part of the people of God but we need other people.

Jesus back so that they come to him. So what's the greatest commandment is civil obviously love God with all your heart mind soul and strength. But the second is like it. That word means equal to the second is equal to love your neighbor as yourself, and then he makes incredible statement of these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets, the law, the first five books of the Old Testament prophets of the risk of major props and nonprofits and by the way, you have a New Testament when Jesus was speaking.

They were the New Testament so they can have one at that time. So when Jesus referred to the Scriptures, the law and the prophets what he was saying was the whole Bible hangs on these two commandments and recitals to commandments a bit different way. Love God, love people place a different way relationship with God can relationship people.

You need both you both so long.

When we need God's people, so balls addressing that in first Corinthians is putting some things in order, but is also encouraging them and some things are really just trying to help and better, but he makes a statement that you need a ton understand his writing because the last question they'll answer it himself noticed some density rail site.what's the conclusion the real answer, orshall we continue in sin that grace may abound in obviously answers not permit any EA answers like so this what he does in this one he says, screaming 1426. How is it them brethren alert how Allie is all this house.

All this work and he answers it. Whenever you come together each of you has a song as a TG as a time as a revelation as an interpretation that all things be done for edification. Edification means building up but apparently what he saying is the way you get built is by someone else's song by someone else's teaching by someone else's revelation. I'm given someone out.

Listen to what God said. I'm going to give someone else what you really and you're going to have to come together to get because I designed it that way. I don't want you living just me and God. I want you living in community in the congregation. I want you to congregate.

I want you to come together.

So the Old Testament as regular work congregation. From there, always told the congregation. Have you ever heard of the signal trumpets as most people never even heard of the signal trumpets only show you a place where the Bible tells Paulson the signal trumpets in numbers and then go back couple of numbers to show your God told Moses to make them and what they were for right. So, numbers 31 verse six. Then Moses sent them to war with the holy articles in the signal trumpets in the sand flats 31 six now back of numbers. Tumors one and the Lord spoke to Moses, they make two silver trumpets for yourself and you shall make them of hammered work you shall use them for number one, calling the Carnation and for directing the movement of the camps in the universe ninth and when you go to war in your land against the enemy who oppresses you. Anyone have an enemy you trust oppression, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, and you will be remembered before the Lord Lord your God and you will be saying from your enemies. Here's what he said. He said edification coming together and we just read when you come together, it's not. It's all for edification. So edification direction and protection free once again all good sermons that the reports in preaching last I remember one student asked the preaching professor, how many points should a good sermon.

Happy said at least one thought is pretty good. It should not be a point less sermon edification, why, why come together all day. Right now, why, why come to church because you need to be edified elite had direction in your life and you need protection from the and you know the one wolf catches oneness on the Frank oneness on the edge, the one that only comes every man that doesn't attend classes. It doesn't go through growth path that doesn't go through next steps to designate alone and God listen your sheet right well seek that's what the Bible says we all, like sheep gone astray with the sheep of his pastoral back so if you're only the fray. Here's what you need to do is make you extremely statements you receive escape escape statement and you live in the middle of the flock because it will still attach the ones on the edge as I write. You need brothers and sisters around. We, the body of Christ. We need each other and now now that talk about gathering. I will take a step further. I will talk about assembling.

Now I know usually really what's the difference between being gathered and being assembled is the one thing see a pile of bricks in each brick has individual worth and individual beauty and individual strength you think about one brick aspirant. In the head with one set strict. It's got individual work on the two bucks a brick or some I don't know what the work individually and individual beauty.

I guess the brick has some beauty about self but we take those bricks in Uganda rightly relate to other bricks there worth their strength and their beauty is increased. A lot of churches use piles bricks, but if you just assembling this what you have helps a house or someone can boil where you can meet with and speak with some my thing. Once a good two good illustrations. But Cardinal bricks sitting assembling but you have a Scripture on a pastor think I got Scripture on what do you have a new test someone use Old Testament law give a New Testament one yeah dude got one that you read before but you probably never seen this like Hebrews 1025 not forsaking the what the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, watch this and so much the more as you see the Day approaching church attendant should be decreasing. It should be increasing because the day is approaching we should go to church. More recently, gathering law, which is simply more so. Another thing that happened that I'll never forget Shady Grove was we would tell people if you have a testimony shared now. We do like video testimony to know and so people come up sometimes and share with the pastor and the pastor would decide with this be a good moment to share bad or is this a good week or you know how we do this you so this guy talking on the pastors of the one pastors in time.

Worship said when she gets to hear discussed testimony. So this man said, I'm not from around here. I live in another state several months ago, our daughter was diagnosed with an incurable disease, and a few weeks ago we came to the hospital here in Dallas to see if I could help her in on Friday a week ago. Before last week you they call the sand.

They said there's nothing we can do to save her daughter. She was about eight years old.

We would suggest that you take her this weekend and do something fun. Some parents decide to should tell 1/3 their children summed up whatever you decide with and bring her back on Monday with instruction treatment. Try to prolong life, but we can save her life so he said I've heard about this church. I've heard about how you worship and how God shows up so last week and we came in. He said it was incredible. We sense the presence of God.

We can feel God's presence.

We were all encouraged no one fray.

No one talked to CCD. Dave asked when no one talked to them they didn't come for national prayer. They just were in the service and they sense God's presence during worship is so Monday we went back for her to start getting treatment and they came back and no one said were getting some odd results window run some more tests. So all that day they ran tests and all day Tuesday ran test all day Wednesday test on Thursday they came in they said we don't know what happened to your daughter doesn't have that this is okay.

What happened the presence and the power and the people of God when the people of God together his presence and his fellow we want you to take a moment to think about what pastor Roberts year-to-date and listen to with the Holy Spirit. If you want to connect with us. Check out some of pastor Roberts other messages visit Pastor Robert.if you haven't already, go follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can be a part of. Thanks so much for joining us next time pastor Robert starting a new series about our inheritance as children of God, you won't want to miss. Until then, have a blessed

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