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Stressed Out

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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April 18, 2021 8:00 am

Stressed Out

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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April 18, 2021 8:00 am

Pastor Robert shares the unexpected purpose for stress in our lives and three biblical, practical ways we can deal with it.

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Welcome to worship and the word with pastor Robert when a new series called perfect for perfect work. Pastor Robert challenges our perspectives on perfection and helps us shift our focus from trying to be perfect for letting God perfect us as we walk closely with today's messages about dealing with stress biblically without great wealth which joint series called perfect our perspective we talk about perfectionism last week, it's amazing how many people came up to me this week and said he realized that the WordPerfect and become a buzzword with me how much we say the WordPerfect so were talking about perfectionism this week, though really talk about stress out.

I will talk about stress stress the skin all our lives, but let me just say something perfectionism causes extreme and continual stress so I might give me some examples you still got some stuff on the stage will never forget the illustrations on the use of the moment my son James has a little and I 5 1/2 acres is actually outside the city limits and so he can shoot a goner do whatever wants pay raises animals chickens, NES cows, he said sheep until one of the Rams rammed Bridget's life and so they ate him so got rid of the sheep and then but exec tells now, but before that actually a deer and little deer farm and one day he goes out in the morning and one of his songs is there and so he's very sad obviously but he goes out finds this on, but he doesn't say the marks on like no Bobcat or Saudi really like that no blood marks so he takes her to the bat that does an autopsy because he wants to know if there's a disease. It is heard that he needs the Novak site for so anyway the bet. Does this cause and back and says the following, by stress, stress, and he said I saved James like a never heard that he said nothing and a lot probably what happened is a Bobcat got in the hyphae ask and James went out then all these prints, but he say chase them around. The beer gets away normally. But then it causes such internal stress that they bleed to death internally. They got NJ start thinking about you know that dear had a heart had belongs.

You know, liver, kidneys, all that sacred somebody physical body.

So if that's what it does to a beer.

That's what stress does what is it due to human body, so that'll really talk about little dog so first of all you got to know the definition of stress. Stress is an outside force applying pressure.

An outside force applying pressure my father seated anger is a civil engineer so I know enough about engineering to just get in trouble but I heard a lot of the growing up, but let me just tell you the engineering principle of stress if the external pressure is greater in the internal strength it results in a stress fracture. See somebody shaking your head in the rabbit study that it's important that you never use it. Now you can use it if the external pressure is greater then the internal strength it will result in a stress fracture enemy give you now where stress the word comes from and I know I'm I'm laying the foundation for your community will realize it comes from the 13th century and he refers to what it's how they would be forever referred base and referred to how they would shape and mold would you express a board so that you could use that board in your building project in some room or something like that. So you gotta think about this because stress is an external pressure, so I want you to understand something's you don't do anything well I guess sometimes you could put yourself under stress. We want major credit cards out but sometimes stress comes from nothing you've got. And we as believers don't like to hear someone say you're stressed out or you're under stress file we got back problems are stomach problems or something ago. The doctor, he says, I think it stress will I care that as believers, you know, we say and is not not not stress, I cast all my Carol Jesus for Jesus carefully. I don't have stress it's not something you have internally it's something externally that comes on possibly have internally are you following me.

So if you could lose your job change positions at work have new responsibilities move to a new school district build a house. Something breaks at the house of air-conditioning unit or whatever your distress financially, so it is not an insult or an accusation to say you're under stress is what you need to know, stress is an external pressure.

It's something that happens from outside when it happens. From the outside.

You need understand that is going to cause some sort of reaction depending on your internal strength so to talk about what you can do but I want to first show you little illustration here. So here foregrounded, we got aboard here I'd like you to take some whites there and put them on this board so you think about you. God, a mortgage and you got job responsibilities and you've got kids activities and you, God, a new boss at work and then shift and then a global pandemic fits yeah yes the big one jump yes I'm sure a pandemic fence and all of a sudden more weight is put on you but you didn't do anything to deserve it and then you lose your job you the big one, you lose your job because this pandemic came you have anything to do with it. One something new data. I'm not sure about this, and then and then were also in a presidential election might have put two of the lights on for this one and then your husband wants to watch the debates just drop it. You willlet me give you three things to come back up in a minute with a look. This will be more give me three things you can do with younger stressors number one. Check your weights. For instance, there weight so you that you can't remove and then more weights put on you but look and see if there are some weight, you can remove.

In other words, can you take a leave of absence from the PTA.

Can you not sign up for 11 activities for your kids have unjustly wanted to. Can you stop volunteering for something extra. Can you can you pull something back.

It is not a failure to pull back some and that's what we think and that's when you break is when we think.

I just can't stop and somebody else put this only there's nothing I can do about it. Yes, you can have some whites that you can take off you following the saline dilemma.

Check your whites is don't put more weights on your board when you're already stressed out.

Don't take on a new project.

Don't volunteer for something else. We've already got your plateful may many people talk about time management. I don't hear a lot of talk about energy management is not how much time it takes see what I'm looking at sermons and speaking and things like that. I can say a much time it takes effect a lot more energy.

So I have to to manage my energy is not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a believer because it's either God's will. It's not anybody think it's a great opportunity but it's not the season for Dr. Brady background so number one take away tears. Number two strength in your more strength in your inner man, so you couple's readiness.

We may need some stagehands doubles can come back up. We got put the sawhorses back up will grab that one, so how do you strengthen your board will rent all but spiritually guys would give you an example here, the object of the others I scrap these we clamp them together. She could see them in our rehearsal. We put all the weights on the just like that. Think about when you get in a group. When you get in a good church when you get in community. Think about how you strengthen yourself, but the other thing is that when you get in a good church and you getting God's word. He can give you some God ideas all of the inventions that improved us come from his wisdom. So one day a guy was looking at boards like this and thought how do I strengthen those will obviously put more like this in one day I got an idea to do that now put some whites on their and you probably save even in homes beings like this so God gives someone the idea to simply turn the boards vertically instead of horizontally just looking up. There's no no no band note no movement at all. But never what we have on their okay so how do you straighten yourself obviously getting a group and spend time with God. Springtime in his word only make a statement here ever thought about this statement that we might lauded as believers. I want to go from victory to victory them or let you have to have a battle before you remember victory some of you might not make that statement ever again is what you actually said is I want to go from battle to battle.

But here's what I need you know it's fine to say will go from victory to victory, because you are going to go from battle to battle in this world you're going to have tribulation John 1633 in the world.

This Jesus speaking you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer. I've overcome the world. This word tribulation by wife each pressure outside pressure that he and Julian Romans 534. Tribulation produces perseverance and perseverance, character, so when we go through problems characters producer like now I've got some good news for you when you learn to handle small problems you get a reward from God.

Big problems. I know you're not thinking, that's good news. But here's what people say what times they see someone who's successful someone who has some employees work is built the best or something myself like Problems that he has what he started solving small problems and he got bigger problems.

Scripture says if you're faithful with least or little bit will be given much thought your faithful little problems get big problems and by the way, if you ever get perfect in handling problems, then God will let you solve the biggest problem of all, which is CN but none of us will ever get perfect, but the perfect one thing handle every problem perfectly and handle the biggest problem this world ever known Sam your you only learn when your brain is aroused, the more stress in your life. The more you learn, you just have to learn how to deal with every person falls pleaser make a little much.

Strengthen your inner man.

Your boards every person falls to his or her level of training steel in preparation when you get a big opportunity at work and ongoing rise to the challenge is going to fall to whatever level your skill, your training, your preparations, but the good news is you can do something about your skill in your training and your preparation.

So when the big opportunity comes that your lap loyal following. I'm just really trying to help you in this area of stress because stress comes no matter what we do, but what are you going to be when it comes when you gonna fall back on before COBIT so before mass zero see some pictures and I don't bit to get out the newspaper last known business before COBIT I got to play golf with this guy named Jack Nicholas Michelle you couple pictures as Jack found the grave and then were looking at a pot here, then, actually, here is Jack telling me the line and made the pot. By the way just so you know 20 footer not not to bring that up though but I did play I had lunch with them play golf. Had dinner with dinner. There were several of us to got to play with them that day that play golf that day and so we were asking questions and he said under pressure. Every golfer reverts to his natural swing.

That's the problem, and so were talking about it and then he tells us the story going all the back story, but I know some the back story and I looked up Metro's right so for 17 years.

He wins an average of four tournaments year. He told us the story and then he goes 1979 he does when one permits a whole year say goes back to his coach and he said to them, I've never played golf.

Never in my life I've never seen golf I've never held a golf club teach me to play golf teach me the stance teach me the grip teach me this way teach me golf in the next year Jack won two majors and one year. I just want to say. As believers we go along, and we know we need God.

We know we need the word we know we need each other. We know we need worship and prayer. We get down the road after 17 years of winning all sorts of victories and we forget to do the basics. So here's number three so number one we talked about is check whites number two sprinkler borders number three soaker board so that actually the way they did.

They been doing this for centuries. The way they would stress aboard so that it wouldn't break as they would soak it in one of two substances. Water or oral, you just think about it as believers, water being the word of God and all be in the spirit of God the father, seeking those who worship in spirit and truth. Soak your board. I got some pictures of some boards that the base soaked in water lilies pictures here. Hell I bet these boards and they didn't break pretty amazing when you think about it, but I could be under these boards simply by soaking them in water in this last one I'd almost any show because I think my wife's phone will not buy that now so soak your board spend time in the presence of God. Springtime in word so only sabbatical this past summer God convicted me of something that I used to do that I quit.

I took a seven-day time of just prayer and fasting was worshiping and praying and spending time presence of the Lord in the Lord corrected me. I used to not preached on Sabbath and part of the Sabbath wrote the book don't take the day off, you know, because I had stopped doing this. I didn't even put in the book.

It's like God had reminded about this by the way God has a real sense of humor. He said to me. I wish you talk to me before you wrote that book so anyone but there will be a revision mouth all at this, but the Sabbath I got unwanted I focused only my teaching and in the book.

I focused on rest and I forgot the most important part. I could show you bunch of Scripture, but would, on time, but when he destroyed one Exodus 31, seven, then this is the Lord speaking talking about Sabbath one day off a week is a sign between me and the children of Israel forever. Forever 46 days the Lord made the heavens and the earth and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed.

So this summer the Lord convicted me because I used to own the Sabbath.

One day a week not only rest and stop work, but I have been what I call an extended time in the presence of God I did for years and I just got too busy. I guess just quit, but I that for me that's normally 1 to 2 hours and I put on worship and just spending time in the presence of God just commented think now I have a quiet time everyday. It's 15 to 30 minutes.

I pray and read my Bible everyday. That's it. That's a spiritual discipline 24. Most people, though you can't spend two hours a day, and probably heard the stories about people sale price.

We are steak okay I don't have jobs or small children unless their prayer is God please help me not kill this yellowcake, but you just can't do that normally. But one day a week is I want you to stop your work and worship me and I was so focused when I taught on this for years to get people to stop working one day a week at least stop your emails one day a week. Please because it wasn't a part of my life. I forgot about that. I used to spend time presence.

So as I begin to springtime the present presence of the Lord, the Lord spoke to me: I was introduced presence of the very first day I remember saying, Lord, I need a word. I really need to work and he said to make you do but stop working thank it's the word repent that's working you because you used to do this every week use to set aside one day a week and you would take one to two hours of that day that you can read do stuff the other rest day. Have fun just don't work. But if you never had an extended time or if you haven't had meant extended times in the presence of the it will change your life. This is only way were going to handle stress got check your whites strengthen your board so we want to take a moment to think about what Pastor Robert shared today and really listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you if you want to connect with us or check out some of Pastor Roberts. Other messages visit Pastor if you haven't already, go follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can be a part of your community. Thank you so much for joining sitting next time. Pastor Robert will be talking about being good. We hope to and then have a blessed

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