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Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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April 11, 2021 8:00 am


Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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April 11, 2021 8:00 am

Pastor Robert shares the reason why all our efforts to be perfect fall short and the hope we can find in God’s Word.

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Welcome to worship and the word with today were starting a series called perfect perfected in the series.

Pastor Robert will challenge her perspectives on perfection and help us shift our focus from trying to be perfect to letting God perfect us as we walk closely with Leah so many incredible things to share. So let's join Pastor. We are beginning a new series today called perfect or perfected going to explain these words over the next four weeks to you perfect or perfected not going to a little bit more today because today were going to talk about perfectionism.

WordPerfect is a buzzword today know if you notice that you say to someone. Hey what about Thursday for lunch and I say I could be Thursday about me did an early lunch as I woke about 1130 and they'll say perfect.

I feel like saying well I don't know whether it's going to be a perfect lunch or not. I think you're getting expectations up to high. Let's just say it will be good okay let's just go for that.

But a space of a friend of mine that when I'm talking to him explain some okay so will have the meeting next Tuesday.

Perfect and I say Lindenwood of the public perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

Perfect. Perfect. Just saying. He says perfect or you know. And again, I'm thinking, I think you got to mint too much too high expectations for this meeting next Thursday so we don't talk about perfectionism today. Okay, so 3.4 years. Number one, I'm not perfect I'm not perfect. Now I'm not told my Pastor Robert this point is it past Roberts not perfect, it will pass Roberson, not perfect opening first-person because we remember these points I want you to say I'm not perfect. Not you're not perfect by forever I will you say I am on Foley when I'm told that I'm on, you okay and animate okay a matter fact turned to someone and say out loud I'm not perfect thank you note for slave there there thinking I knew that here's the definition for Merriam-Webster perfect being entirely without fault or defect being entirely without fault or defect now and ever at all my messages. The whole message, and then each point.

I do exclamation.

I explained the Poinciana back that the Scripture that I do an application applied their lives than other illustration exclamation will be basing the point on the Scripture has to be based on Scripture as I looked at this point, I thought you know I probably don't lead to an Scriptures to prove that were not perfect.

I think we all will have that matter fact it's easy to say but it's hard to live but let me just give you one Scripture right. Romans 323 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

All have sinned and fall short of were God's most purely Scripture swing what we call the Roman road ugly someone to Christ.

Romans 323, Romans 623 and Romans 29 but this works again is the Greek word for March of most Greek words I told you this part before but is willing to remind you this. If you don't remember most of the Greek words, the majority over 50% either have a sporty context or a military context.

When the Bible says take every thought captive that were captive is a military context. When the Bible says so.

Let the peace of God rule in your heart.

The word rule in the Greek as a sporty context it means umpire let the let the peace of God tell you whether it's safe or out for you what. Let the peace of God umpire in your life like this has a sporty context this work for Martin it means to miss the mark and many of you might've looked this up in the Greek and strong for something you know lexicon, but the thing I need to know is the background of dismissed markets archery preferring archery is referring to a arrow that doesn't get the bull's-eye but I want you to think about this, gets the bull's-eye, not the target to get this right big target with this bull's-eye. The arrow might be one or 2 inches off, it still hits the target, but doesn't get the center of the bull's-eye.

That's what this word CN means it doesn't mean debauchery. It means that you just barely missed the center of the bull's-eye financially know when the Bible says all of see and hear some people say well yeah I'm sure I've made a few mistakes you haven't hit the center of the bull's-eye. Every time every day every second everyday you not be perfect so that's what this means perfectionism. You gotta realize is an unreachable goal for humans.

And here's the sad thing were still trying to reach and all it does is cause more stress, more anxiety were more worried just wears us out to try to be perfect. You can't do a perfect job. I can preach a perfect sermon. I try, I used to preach six times a week freely Saturday night through Sunday morning. You think after six you could get it strike. I can remember saying that, Debbie. Finally, I got an apartment, said fun. I did she say what you set up. It's a perfect the last one that was perfect.

She went up like what she said well you know you're tired Robert done six and sometimes your mind gets tired and you know us of why he was perfect. She said well you said there were 10 disciples number 12% 12 Commandments of their TN just got something backward, you know, so never preach perfect sermon.

I admit I'm a recovering perfectionist. I'm not in denial. I'm recovering anxiety.

By the way, to us, how to spot a perfectionist. Now some of you are going to like this illustration.

Some of you are not. Some of you when I say get your say well I said that. But I'm not a perfectionist. I know perfectly well I'm not a perfectionist. Here's how you spot a perfectionist he will tell you he's not a perfectionist before you don't struggle as much in this area don't ever need to feel the need to tell you, but people struggle was so funny to watch her faces.

Those of you lying or just hiding from me right now, but God sees you by his number two, number one is I'm not perfect is number two. He is perfect he is perfectly good recent Scripture Psalm 18 verse 30. As for God's way is perfect with without fault or defect of Psalm 19.

Seven the law of the Lord is perfect. Here's one specifically about Jesus. Hebrews 415 for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our leaders from the Lord in your imperfections, our weaknesses, our imperfections are missing the mark, but was in all points tempted as we are yet without missing the mark without ever missing the bull's-eye one time without CN same work without ever missing the mark. He never missed the mark.

Jesus never ever miss the mark is perfect so that's can be very important for the third point cake so I'm not perfect. He is perfect, but let me just give you a little bit more about his perfection. The world examined him and couldn't find a defect, the leader of the world couldn't find the defect remember very famous statement. I find no fault in him said that remember pilot do you know how many times he said so is like a little trivia watch and attribute before the service on the monitor and I got them all right. Praise the Lord. He said it 33 times pilot said we just recently because it's important in these all the matter few versus John 1838 Pilate said to him, what is truth when he said this, he went out again to the Jews and said to them, I find no fault in him at all and just about I think about six verses later averred chapter 19 verse four.

Pilate then went out again and send them, behold, I bring them out to you that you may know that I find no fault in him, and then to versus after that verse six.

Therefore, the chief priests and officer saw him, they cried out, saying crucifying crucified pilot said their view taken and crucified for. I find no fault that's our Savior, no fault again until John recovering perfectionist so that hundreds of illustrations for this message at the tall South just enough time to go through all of my corrections with you about being perfection and so take some have in the summer so Deb and I drove up to Jackson Hole I everyone in Jackson Hole and we spent a 10 days 14 days, or some like that which church up there had a great time.

Drove my truck up you know so but were going along the highway and we've got the automatic air conditioning word to settle whatever temperature you want. You know, so hers was 771-772 and she just happened to notice since I just reached over and turned mine from 72 down the seventh and she said she just didn't just noticed it felt while he was on 72-71.

He went to 70 about 10 minutes later I reach back and I turned back 72 to 50 minutes after that I turned back 70 some of you are ahead of me on this illustration that you find out how deep my problems actually go so she said to me what what are you doing and I said well I'm just in their W keep going for a 77 Ethan a civil 72 choose is too warm and 70s to pool. I know we all get some of you understand how many can understand why yes, thank you so she said to me you do know that there is a number between 70 and 72 and I said yes. She puts it on 71 put it back. She suggest putting Samuel and I said I I can put on 71 sugar. She said why can't you put on 71 it's an odd number. I said it's an odd number which is who says it's an odd number. The whole mathematic community says it on the lot number. It's an odd number. I said I should like it is all set. You're on so I'm not perfect. He is perfect. Here's number three I am perfected sorry as a believer in Jesus of this one. Is this what I wanted to get to this the meat of the message. This is the revelations will take you deeper in your walk with God.

We are perfected by grace perfect in the father site without folder defect, but breaks only when some will show you Scripture that I would think it would be in the high 90s of people that don't have revelation about the Scripture hunt 90 percentile because if you don't read all the Scripture through the eyes of grace the lens of racial never understand, but it all has to be Old Testament always be read through the lens of grace because God didn't change of old and New Testament.

Some show you Scripture that's from one of them. The most famous sermon that Jesus preach that we have sermon on the Mount, and it may have thrown you for per before the Scripture Matthew 548 says therefore you shall be perfect just as your father in heaven is perfect or that Scripture never thought I can do that one of my thrown chapter 6 and Jesus not only says I want to be perfect they has to thrown top of that, just like your father is a map just like God's not just perfect for a human want to be perfect like God is. There's no way to understand that, except for Greg's someone to read it again, but I've underlined a couple of other words.

So you we can understand savers verse 48 therefore you shall bring perfect you shall be disabled and you shall be that's future tense, you're not now, but you Shelby you're not now you're nowhere even close now, but once I do for you on the cross. What I'm going to do, you will be perfect and complete in the eyes of my father lacking nothing.

You shall be perfect in the sight of my thought once I finish with unlimited. Now this this WordPerfect you will agree it's Kelly also and gets an adjective so it's describing a noun, which is you are the person. But here's what it means and you can be receiving some other versions of the Bible. It means complete. You shall be complete, complete, finished, sometimes expressly likely finish sometimes translated complete you shall be complete.

Now what you think about this you will be complete. Once I complete you. You're going to be, not now, but you're going to be complete and the other word is finished finished we show you where the verb this is the adjective or the verb is in the Greek of this word which is telling Kelly off to Leo Dyke. I know I know you make sure at that temperature, but this is the verb so this is the actually when it happens.

John 1930 so when Jesus had received the sour wine he said it is complete.

It is first. This is the same word that we just read in Matthew five to translate perfect the work that I just did a list cross is perfect, and then he bowed his head in spirit. It's done. It's finished.

I done the work. Now I was describing how you would be once I did the work, but now I don't know.

Follow me because of what Jesus did for us. We have been perfected, made complete.

Now I'm going to shock you. Little of this next part. Jesus even though he was perfect was also made complete in other words, the work which he had done which he reference many times I'm here to do the work.

My father and he kept telling disciples here so I'm going to do it and I haven't done it yet and they kept rebuking report, he said, because see I can only do the complete work. My father, I got to be delivered to the chief resubscribe and I got to be crucified and got be buried and then will rise again on the third day and I Say no, far be it for the Lord but I will show you a lot of Scripture now just initial read through a list of and show your this Greek word, but being made complete made perfect is in the Bible right and then you go back and look to him by the way of Colossians 210 says that you are complete in him some work. You are perfect in the watches were Jesus says I'm going to be made complete. I would be perfect by the way digital contacts the verse right before this is they said to him you know heritable truck. Harold wants to kill you just to show you how scared Jesus was. This is what he says Luke 13 verse 30 tape and send them will go tell that fox say one really worried about Herod, behold, I cast out demons of war cures what's what's the reference here to the three dates today and tomorrow and the third day I shall be perfected say when he said you shall be perfect. The reason you're not now is because I haven't been perfected in others. I haven't done the complete work yet.

Once I do the complete work will be complete so nice saying I shall be future tips on the third day perfect. Hebrews 59 and having been perfected a Jesus made complete finishes, complete work, he became the author of eternal salvation to all those who blame John 1723. This is is prayer in the garden a spring for us to be one.

I am dammit you and me, that they may be made perfect same report made perfect with Hebrews 1223 to the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven to God, the judge of all the watches to the spirits of just neon may perfect your spirit is been made perfect by what Jesus did. Galatians 33 are you so foolish, having begun in the spirit that all contactors brace a loss for having begun by grace are you now being made perfect by the flesh are you now being perfected by the flesh leveraged by your own work. Hebrews 10, one for the law having a shadow of the good things, not the very image of the things, can never with the same sacrifices, which they offer continually year by year.

Watch this make those who approach perfect doubt that Nate perfect is the same Greek word it separated and send it by saying that the law can never those who approach can never be Tellier law may perfect and I know that out, entered into like a Bible college class with. But I know also that your spirit is fed by the word of God. So just stay with me because if you catch this. You can stop trying to be perfect when you catch you've already been perfected, you've already been made perfect in the sight of God.

Hebrews 728 for the law appoints as high priests men outside this right you are not perfect man to have people have weaknesses, but the word of the own field for verse of the new covenant, which came after the law appoints the son who has been perfected forever completed and then one more verse and this is where brings in power still in perfect but we been perfect. Hebrews 1014 for by one offering he has perfected for ever. Those who are being sanctified by the me give you little version of that he has made perfect. Those who are still in perfect those who just aren't perfect yet which is all of us. He's already made his perfect inside God. I'm telling you when this Dawn Sonja were going to go deeper and deeper of the night she wakes when it dawns on you that what Christ did on the cross is complete, you'll have to strive to be perfect because he's already perfected you. I'm not perfect by my performance, but I am perfect in my position before God because the perfect one perfected me another way to save yes I'm not perfect in my behavior but my belief puts me in a perfect relationship with God by belief in Christ again I'm I still struggle we all struggle in this area think and sobs talking with the counselor that helps you work through some things and I was just so frustrated that it my age. I still have weaknesses and imperfections and I know we all say well I know, and I'll be perfect but you know how it is you get frustrated you think okay by now should be over this. You know John telling this counselor and going through it just you know thing and you is listed in the minute he said Robert you are really good at giving grace to others, but you are lousy for giving grace to yourself. You are really good. I'm saying it again because I want some of you to hear this from the Holy Spirit. You're really good at giving grace to others. You are some of our Lansing at giving grace to yourself when I'm hoping through this message is that you receive God's grace and you'll quit being so hard on yourself and striving for something you can never attain through your behavior but you've already attained through your belief because the perfect one is perfect. We want you to take a moment to think about what Pastor Richard and really listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you if you want to connect with us or check out some of past reference other messages visit Pastor if you haven't already, go follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can be a part of your community. We hope you've enjoyed the start of this new series next time. Pastor Robert will be talking about stress this next message is so important and we hope that you will tune in for Tilden. Have a great

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