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The Purity Test

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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November 29, 2020 7:00 am

The Purity Test

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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November 29, 2020 7:00 am

Your purity affects your character. Your character affects your entire life. Joseph passed the The Purity Test, and you can too! Learn how in this message from Pastor Robert.

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Worship in the word, when the series from dream to destiny for Pastor Robert talks about character building tests from the life of Joseph that we almost go through to realize her dreams and stepping towards us well in today's message Pastor Robert shares three areas upon which impurity has an impact and why God wants us to live in. There are some incredible things in this message so let's join Pastor Robert now we're in a series called dream to destiny and were basing it on the life of Joseph every person I want you to hear this. I'm saying this every week but it's very important that you hear this every person has a dream from God.

God has a dream for your life and every person has a destiny that God wants you to fulfill. But the one word that will stop us from fulfilling our destiny is the word character and Joseph had to go through TN character test before he could fulfill the destiny on his life. We talked about the pride test we talked about the pit past. We talked about the palace – this is number four. This is the purity test the purity test Genesis 39 verse seven and it came to pass after these things that his master's wife cast longing eyes on Joseph I want you to notice these words, longing eyes on Joseph and she said lie with me, but he refused and said to his master's wife look, my master does not know what is with me in the house and he has committed all that he has to my hand there is no one greater in his house than I nor has he kept back anything from me you because you are his wife.

How then can I do this great wickedness. I want you to notice what Joseph calls sexual immorality. Great wickedness and sin against God. So it was that she spoke to Joseph day by day.

Notice how the enemy attacks that he did not heed her to lie with her are to be with her, but it happened. About this time when Joseph went into the house to do his work and none of the men of the house was inside, but she caught him by his garment saying lie with me, but he left his garment in her hand and fled and ran outside. I will give notice that he ran from immorality.

This is congruent with first Corinthians 6 that says Lee are run from sexual immorality. So I want to show you some things that sexual impurity will affect in every person's life. And then I want to give you a very very practical key to being able to overcome and be pure in this area of your life.

Alright, so here's number one impurity affects your family. Impurity affects your family jet. David felt morally in second Samuel Levin and his kids failed and second Samuel 13. I believe that he was not able to see the attack against his children because of the blindness in his own life.

Here we have Joseph and it would affect his family.

It would affect his destiny would affect his future if he fell in this area now want to blow away ally of Satan. And here's what Satan tells many many people with in regard to lust. They say as long as you don't transgress as long as you don't step over the line as long as you never physically do it. It's not going to affect your family even though you allow allow this in your mind or you look at pornography or something like that. Please understand when the Bible talks about CN. It talks about an inward motivation and an outward movement and let me give you the word for transgression is an outward movement. The word transgress literally means in the Hebrew to step over a boundary line. Our English word would be trespassed if a person steps over a boundary line on to someone else's property. He is trespassing in the same manner. That's what the word transgress means immediately step over a boundary line. The Bible uses another word for sin called iniquity. Iniquity is an inward bent or an inward motivation toward sin and it is then also I want you to understand that many people don't understand this because iniquity is lost.

Lust is in our heart gets in iniquity, transgression, then would be adultery and so many beautiful play was long tunnel transgress that boundary. I'm okay anyone affect my family listen carefully.

The Bible doesn't say that the transgressions of the fathers go to the children to the third and fourth generation. It says the iniquities, the iniquities of the fathers. In other words, if it's in your heart it will affect your family. We even have a saying in the world that what one generation does in moderation. The next generation does in excess. That's because if it's in the heart of one generation it's in the hand of the other iniquity is inward motivation. If you're taking notes yard. Write that down. Iniquity is inward motivation transgression is outward movement but please please please hear me clearly if it's if if it's in your heart it will affect your family don't allow it say in your heart.

By the way the Bible is so perfect. It is so perfect because the Bible fits together perfectly. Remember, transgression is outward. Iniquity is inward me just rejoin Scripture Isaiah 53 verse five says he was wounded. That's an outward wounded outwardly for our transgressions, he was bruised that's inward inward bleeding for our iniquities.

So Jesus died to pay for all of impurity affects your family. Here's number two impurity affects your faith. It affects your walk with God not only affect your walk with others.

It affect your walk with God. Let me explain this.

And I'm going to say something extremely practical here. One time I was speaking to a group of young people, and I open in this area about purity and open up for questions and answers and a very question came.

That was just a question that really exemplifies what a lot of young people feel this person said to me if we love each other and were going to get married anyway. What difference does a piece of paper make, and here's what my answer was none none the piece of paper that the license is written alone makes no difference at all. It's not the piece of paper that makes a difference. It's the blessing of God that makes the difference.

When God tells us not to do something it's not because he doesn't want us to have fun or he's a prude. He doesn't want our lives destroyed. When we tell our children not to play in the street, it's not because we don't want to have fun, it's because we want to save their lives because we want them to have fun.

We want them to be around and alive long enough to have fun. So when God says flee sexual immorality. There's a reason and I want to tell you what that reason it's all sexual immorality opens up the door to numerous sealants.

One of the sins would be deception. One is manipulation. One is line you have to sneak around for any such type of sexual immorality and so you open up the door to lying to be good to be deceptive. David himself when he was sexually immoral.

Then had to commit murder to try to cover it up. And so when you have premarital sex. You learn how to lie and be deceptive which affects your relationship, your family, it affect your relationship with God. It puts a deception in our lives that affects us and here's what happens. We come to church and we we get we have sexual impurity in us and we stand with our hands raised in our hearts covered and you learn to be deceptive with God as well and you are no longer convicted of that.

This is great wickedness and sin against God Emily say what else does, it's going to affect your marriage. I promise you, because here's what happens when you begin to sneak around you develop an appetite that God never intended you to develop you develop an appetite for sneaking around six and what you have an adrenaline rush when you do that and then once you get married, have you ever thought about this wants the primeval and that's why maybe the man will say to the woman. It's just not the same and he'll want to bring things into the marriage to spice up that area of their life, but he will be able to spice it up because he created an appetite but God never intended him to have many, many times ladies by you acquiescing in saying yes you help to create that appetite and now he now has an appetite appetite goes both ways, but most of the time for me and get sex for women it's romance you create an appetite for sneaking around sex seeking around romance sex is not as high on the list for women as it is for men.

Men normally rated as number one and number two of their needs. Women in the last boldly rated sex number 13 rated gardening number 12 what a woman does rate high as her need is romance so you listen in both men and women you create an appetite for God never intended you to create and that's why man will begin to talk to a woman in his office and he'll begin to flirt just a little bit you know what's happening for gets the adrenaline rush because he's fulfilling an appetite that he doesn't even know it has, but was greater than him before he ever got hurt and then eventually that'll turn into an affair and just what to have an affair. What you have to do that sneak around so he is now satisfying the appetite which the two of you created before you ever got married and what happens then is he'll begin the sneak route now hear something else… As he's having sex with her. He begins to feel with her. What he felt with you before you got married and he associates that feeling with love and so you begin to believe because all sexual immorality has its base deception will begin because these deceive you begin to believe that he loves her and not you.

Let me tell you how stupid this cycle is was like he'll divorce you, and marry her to think about now what happens he does not sneak around anymore, so after a few years, he'll say to her, just not say something against a granny and that's why some of our friends have been married three and four times because they're trying to satisfy an appetite. The God never intended us to have when God says flee at flee sexual immorality is not same because he's a prude excited because he loves you and he doesn't want your wife and your children's lives destroyed by this server, so you might be thinking well were guilty we we we bought the lie we had premarital sex. We never been with anyone else.

We have premarital sex. What we do we do it, but he treats them like any other sin you have to confess and repent of it so many times is that we have a clockwise nor are we don't even see the sin because it was just a piece of paper what the piece of paper matter it was the and so the two of you need to confess it to each other. You have to broadcast it, confess it to each other and maybe another couple or pastoral counselor come into accountability confess it repent of it and closed that door because as long as you leave that door open in your marriage. You don't want to leave any door open the site in your marriage. Such items in and it affects your family. It affects your your faith, your relationship with God. Here's the third thing affects it affect your future. It affect your future. Here's what's I can probably tell Joseph man, your slave, you you been sold as a slave. All these dreams you rather not come to pass.

God's never going to build a use you because your brother sported God's plan for your life. Let me just make a very, very clear statement here was only one person in the world that can for God's plan for your life and that you are the only one there's no one else I can stop God from doing what he plans to do through you accept you if you make the wrong choices.

And if you make this choice. Joseph would've thwarted God's plan on his life. Now I'm not saying that if you fall in that you can never fulfill God's destiny for your life because I told the congregation this I told you this many times for I had a fault when I was in my early 20s in ministry and say this is why I'm so strong on the baptism in the Holy Spirit inner healing and deliverance because I didn't know anything about that. I want every person the church go through Kairos and freedom ministry to be baptized in the Holy Spirit because we have to have supernatural power to live victoriously in this world we have to take so please hear me. I dear looking at a restored person but it's not because I'm tell you the reason I am now walking.

The destiny is because… Dealt with that image biblical scripture away and I allowed him to build that and I become open and accountable and transparent. Now in my life for over 24 years since that happened.

So please understand I'm not saying that if you fall and yet you can never fulfill your destiny. I will say this though, if you continue to walk down that road you will not be able fulfill the destiny God has for you. You will be able to so it affect your family and affect your faith. It affect your future. So before I give you .4. Let me let me tell you where I'm going with this. So what's the answer I I have a I really believe that God takes the most complex things and make some simple just like last week we talked about it. We bolted down very simply to hear the word of God which will build faith in our lives take listen to me. I'm going to tell you how impurity begins. Most people believe it begins in the heart. It doesn't begin in the heart.

It affects the heart doesn't begin in the heart here is point number four. It begins impurity begins in the eyes peer impurity begins in the eyes you member what we read, much as you remember these two words says his master's wife cast longing eyes on him. You know why she had lust in her heart because she looked. He was a handsome personnel as I started the name of this this point don't look to you.

I put in parentheses. Here's the don't look, don't look it says Joseph was a handsome person artless in the don't look at handsome people helping you look away. I have trained myself not because if you look your last that you have to look the last I listen to Matthew five. Let me show you. I promise you. Jesus is going to back this up. People know the Scripture, but they did didn't know if this is so clear here. Watch this. Matthew five verse 27, 28, Jesus said but I say to you that whoever looks whoever looks looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart, as two things else knows about the Scripture.

First of all, it blows away the Pharisees think what if I don't transgress.

It's not the final step of the Latins not seeing Jesus if it's in your heart assume within your heart. You've already done it, but then he gives us a progression. Whoever looks to lust is already committed adultery progression look lust, adultery, listen if you don't want to commit adultery.

Don't let lust in your heart and if you don't want lust in your heart. Don't look looking empowers lust.

I don't look at pornography. Hear me, don't look at it is that I got lust problem.

Now you have a looking problem. That's what you have stopped looking. Don't look at any movie my wife and I way I love movies I really I just love movies but we will not go when there's nudity in the movie because I had been an alcoholic in this area to understand an alcoholic can have one drink not one drink, listen to me you can't some of you can have one look because it stirs it up and you and you have to become accountable in this area. I want to explain how I've had victory now for over 24 years in this area of my life it, here's the way I confess everything to Debbie you have to get people say well confess it to another man. You can confess with your wife. I'd even had men who work in men's ministry. Councilman don't tell your wife this wrong, wrong. She's the one person that needs to know. You have to listen to her if you want to write down again. Write down three words struggle together, struggle to gather and ladies, please, can you please please please will you hear me when you not condemn him when he admits it to you when you not feel insecure it.

Please understand if he says he has a problem lust. Listening carefully.

It's not love that he has a problem with its lust. Lust is never love is never love that part of her. Why did love Joseph as she led Joseph she wouldn't let them set in a prison for 13 years. Jim loving it's always lust and and ladies when a man tells you young ladies when a man tells your boy tells you if you give if you love me you'll give it to me less than the very thing you give him to keep him will be the very thing that causes you to lose it site is a liar. I'm telling you.

Believe me, in this area. You struggle together.

So I struggled on lots that haven't struggled 24 years, but I'm telling you this I struggle with that and she doesn't get insecure about it because she understands that that's a deck that's been an area of weakness for him. Now this is not the same thing. I wish I could've, the better analogy, but I didn't and I understand the brevity of these two is not saying I understand that but let's say that a man struggles. This is an appetite of the flesh and the saleswoman struggles in her appetite.

She struggles but she loves sugar. While it does it mean if a woman says her husband.

I have to have a Krispy Kreme I have to. It's been three months I just I just need one doesn't. That's all I need to call in the man doesn't hear that in the way that she doesn't let me she doesn't love me anymore. She doesn't desire me he doesn't hear that please ladies, please, please, please, the pride of life, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the arts.

They're all there together when a man says I'm struggling. He's not saying I don't love you. He saying I have an unhealthy appetite that I should've never developed. I'm struggling when when I would travel that we have a policy.

Listen, I never travel alone, but I used to before. I plan to get way church there wasn't policy where I was in the return flight travel alone.

If I get the struggling in a motel room hotel room, I just I would call Debbie Debbie.

I'm struggling and we struggle together. I just can't emphasize ladies that your husband is a promise area. The number one person should come through as you inhale really come to you.

I told Debbie years ago when I finally came clean. I said to her, I want you know all my past. I told her everything about my past sexual everything and I mean I really thought when she hears that she's going to walk out the door yelling pervert on her way out but I'm going to tell her everything about my past.

I told her everything I said that that's me, that's me.

When I finish you'll she said she said Robert on the you were bad when I married you but what I saw in you was a desire to serve God and I saw in you a desire to bring me into your struggles and I can't listen weightlessness very important, sir. Listen to me. She can probably forgive the lust very difficult to forgive the lines the number one thing we have to deal with with couples where there's been immorality is not even the immorality.

It's the deception that's what we have to do in Satan works in darkness so mount if he has a difficult in this area don't make them work in darkness in this area try to fit try to overcome it. Letting bring it to the light and bring to the light every chance you get. We show you a couple more scriptures.

Psalm 103 verse three says I will set nothing wicked before my eyes. It begins in the eyes. Proverbs 27. 20 Hell and destruction are never full. So the eyes of a man are never satisfied. Matthew 622 and 23 the lamp of the body is the if, therefore, your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. Listen to make if your eye is bad. If you look at darkness you got your whole body full of looking like your body full like one of the Scripture, Job 40 115 made a covenant with my sides widely. Should I look upon the young woman. I have made a covenant with my eyes. Why then should I look upon the young woman when the Lord showed me this truth about looking.

I would tell Debbie out that I was struggling my lap and then got show me the look stop looking stop looking so any sound want you to become an accountability with nebulous or so I went to her and I said to her, the Lord to show me. I have a problem with looking you'll she said you think you know a man. Men think alike and facet that they play look at other women that screenshot the wives they know, guys. Just let me let you know that argument they see. So I said well I won't you to confront me and pray for me when I leave you see me looking all you confront me and pray for me. Now the problem is I look back on this was, I did not fully define the word confront and shortly after this we were at a swimming pool on vacation and what you don't don't go to swimming pool.

If you have a promise is like an alcoholic going. The bar is just unsound just going to sit and watch CMO the drinking in a song were at the swimming pool and and this lady walked by that. Did you know that she didn't have a bathing suit.

She really did check dental floss at the back of and I looked, and all of a sudden remember I didn't define confront to Debbie.

She reached over and grabbed me on the back of my arm where no human being should ever be grand and sheep pinched me and twisted the Bible specifically says that shalt not twist if I pinch and she pinched me and twisted and said do I need to pray for you pinched and twisted a few times a month, but he unloaded the book the Melita book, read a book and read the book not specifically want to begin with that testimony, here's the reason why because this is a heavyset none of them and I know that many, many people, many of us in all the camps as many of us struggle with this.

I want you to understand it's okay struggle, but let's struggle with struggle with struggle.

Let's not give up what you to take a moment to think about the pastor of Richard today and listen to with the Holy Spirit saying to you if you want to connect with us or check out some of past Robert's other messages visit Pastor if you haven't already, go follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can be a part of your community were so glad that you listen with us today. Next time, Pastor Robert is going to share about a test of perseverance. We pray that you have a blessed

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