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What Happens to Those Who Never Hear of Jesus?

Words of Life / Salvation Army
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June 13, 2021 1:05 am

What Happens to Those Who Never Hear of Jesus?

Words of Life / Salvation Army

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June 13, 2021 1:05 am

We’ve probably all heard the question, “If there’s an island of people who never hear about Jesus, do they go to hell when they die?” In this episode of Skeptics Welcome, Captain Ken Argot discusses this question along with many that revolve around a seemingly violent God.



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Hi this is breathing welcome to the Salvation Army's words of life. Welcome back the words of life on Bernie Dake and I'm sound is great to be with you and all of her listeners out there. We hope you are well, absolutely. And as we begin to wrap up the series skeptics welcome. Just another reminder to follow us on Facebook and Instagram throughout this series we been sharing links to some books and articles mentioned by Capt. Ken Arnott if you want to dive deeper into somebody's topics.

I think all of us as believers have heard this question from someone at some point, if there is an island of people who have never heard of Jesus. What happens to them when they die. Is it their fault.

They didn't know him. Yeah this is that this is one of those topics in conversations and questions that we have that at the end of the day. Some of this is really just a mystery and were not in a you know fully know everything, but I will say two things. First of all, there is something called natural revelation where we see God in his creation immediately. Never heard of him. There is no I just have this picture in my mind of someone walking down you know in a woodsy area and feeling Drew feeling his presence and close to God because they look and they see his immunity right on so so that's that's one thing and and then the other would be we underestimate that the depth of God's mercy and his love for us right and he pursues us and so he is making away and he's going to make a way I've heard of of Muslims who have never known Christ and they've had dreams about Jesus coming to them and I mean that is that is a wonderful gift that God gives he speeds constantly speaking to us and speaking to to his people. Who is he is created which is everybody world absolutely for me.

I just think it's hard to wrap my mind around the thought that there are people still on planet Earth, but haven't heard of Jesus. 30 years ago in high school or college. I remember hearing a story about missionaries that went to some place in South America and were trying to minister to natives that were very violent and didn't want foreigners in their homeland. But you know that what the foreigners were bringing was the hope of Jesus Christ and they persevered in fact for sleep. Several of them lost their lives, but out of that was then born of that very thing that the seeds that have been planted rooted themselves. They grew up through one of the elders. The leaders of the tribe and and that became his evangelistic movement for that group them were evangelized to God be the glory.

Well I think it's brings us back to another thing that we need to focus on, which is called to be his witnesses and so we need to make sure that we are being his witnesses, what, whenever and wherever we can, to testify about his goodness and about the fact that he loves us and he cares for us and he wants us to be saved. We love getting your feedback throughout this series so please keep the conversations going. Comment on social media or send us an email. Radio at USS.Salvation Army.a. Who is the new.

The will good morning. Welcome to skeptics welcome and just a reminder that this series was based on questions that you sent to us. So stop me if you've heard this question before. If there was an island full of children who never heard about Jesus, and they died with.

They still go to hell what what about all those Canaanite children that were slaughtered by the Israelites when they entered the promised land. Are they in hell and by the way, would God order such genocide.

I mean why would he destroy the earth with a flood if he such a loving God. How could a God of love be so violent so uncaring almost so insecure I hate these questions. Some of you have simple answers to these you know God doesn't send people to help people make their own choice and that sends them to hell because they refuse to accept Jesus. They failed to receive his protection. You will note that heaven and hell are eternal destinations at the end of days.

The Bible uses words like say old or paradise to refer to a place after death, Abraham's bosom. If you will. It's this type of belief that led to early concepts of purgatory and Dante's Inferno that there is this holding place until final judgment is actually rendered you the concept of Jesus descending into hell is based upon this as well, that upon his death on the cross he went down and broke the gates of Hades and offered all those who were left behind before the cross a chance to experience his grace. Some might even bring up the case of Judas here.

Judas betrays Jesus, but then he when he realizes that he has been actually betrayed by the Pharisees. He goes and tries to make restitution. He wants to be redeemed, but the chief priests offer him no absolution, no redemption left in his own grief he returns the money and commit suicide. Now you've heard this right. Those who commit suicide, go to hell. Is that what we believe.

Interestingly enough, in the case of Judas he dies before the cross, and I imagine the story where Jesus enters hell and Judas is the first person he finds convincing him of grace and mercy. All I know is on the stuff I'm glad I don't have God's job because I know human nature and we need a lot of reassurances listen if saying don't take your life or you'll go to hell, keep someone from actually committing suicide. I'll say it if if a graven dire warning to how taking life breaks the heart of God even angers him. I understand all this, but I also understand depression. My friends and it doesn't always leave us in the right mind, and I fear that some are so darkened with Satan's lies that they can no longer hear the great truth of the gospel. They've been shamed, rejected, discarded for Sagan so desperate to break the chains that they forfeit their life. It is a great tragedy, one that I can only assume God ways with his grace and mercy. How do we answer this question. Sometimes I don't think we do.

Sometimes I think we wrestle with people in the Scriptures and just show them love. So what about these children on the forsaken, I when we talked about my guess is actually some of them actually have a concept of God.

And here's what I'm certain of God knows them and loves them and will do whatever it takes to make himself known. Remember Romans chapter 1 all creation is revealed.

So that none is without excuse. You see Israel walk through this with God.

I can't explain to you how the Israelites interpreted the idea of possessing Canaan that they might occupied and destroy everybody else. As God's will and you know what, I can't go back and rewrite history before the cross. What I do know is this the kingdom of God has now come through a Savior that no longer requires a physical land, God himself in the presence of his son came to die in our place and then through the Holy Spirit now resides in us, God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but that through him, the world might be saved. So enough of spreading judgment and shame upon others, but select God's word that peace out and let us not give up going to that island.

Who needs to hear God's salvation. Let's stop spreading judgment and shame and let God sort all of that out bus stop with using fear as a tactic for conversion, but instead show love at every opportunity shall grace with everyone who is stumbling and mercy for all those who simply need a break and let's share good news for all the world for the world has enough bad news already and let's make sure that we go to that island.

Those children are still looking for a Savior because somebody has to do it and God put his Holy Spirit in you.

God bless you go to the Salvation Army's mission doing the most good means helping people with material and spiritual needs to become a part of this mission every time you give to the Salvation Army visit Salvation Army to offer your support and love to hear from you.

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