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Introducing The Holiness Podcast

Words of Life / Salvation Army
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December 11, 2019 9:05 am

Introducing The Holiness Podcast

Words of Life / Salvation Army

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December 11, 2019 9:05 am

We, at Wonderful Words of Life, want to take a moment to introduce you to a new, monthly podcast also produced by The Salvation Army Soundcast. The Holiness Podcast is an in-depth Bible study with Salvation Army Officer, Lt. Colonel Vern Jewett. In this Bible study, Colonel Jewett discusses the gift of holiness God offers to His people.

To subscribe to the show, download the study guides and learn more, visit

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Hi this is Jake from wonderful words of life.

I want to take a moment and introduce you to a new podcast also produced by the Salvation Army's outcast the holiness podcast is a monthly Bible study with Salvation Army officer Lieut. Col. Vern Jewett. This is an in-depth study on the gift of holiness, God offers to his people. The following is an interview between Col. Jewett in major cam Henderson has a both share the heart behind this new show subscribed to the holiness podcast on your favorite podcast store or visit Salvation Army's We've done now three episodes of just recorded our third episode and thought of a good idea to kind to stop and introduce you a little bit introduce me just a little bit kind of talk to the audience about why were doing this. This is something that's burning in your heart.

I remember so how did you come about with the did the need to preach and and in this particular topic will ever sense I was a teenager in high school I became involved in the interscholastic debate then that the collegiate level. The graduate level and when God called me to preach. He did call me to be a Salvation Army officer which is a little distinct from being called just preached your butt preaching and teaching our natural gifts as a natural I think their supernatural gifts that God has given to me and that I've always focused on and enjoyed in my ministry.

However, as you know, being a Salvation Army officer requires a lot of other avenues of service and other responsibilities and particularly the last 15, 16 years of our officer ship.

We did a lot of administrative work right. I was able to preach and teach. Occasionally, so first it was my desired to do what I felt God called me to do, but about two years ago in my own personal devotions actually was after I had a tragic accident and I'm probably lucky to still be here, but I had a wonderful experience for the Lord and what he said to me pretty clearly was that he wanted me to stay in my lane. So rather than accept opportunities in retirement and I'm now in my 70s so opportunities to do things I can do in I believe he wants me to do things that I believe he's gifted me to do right and so I basically am trying to stay in my lane teaching and preaching about the whole podcast end of it that's that's your element here in brought me in as a real novice when it comes to that. So were exploring it, but holiness has been a big part of my life of teaching, particularly in the last 50 to 20 years I've had the afternoon. Teach holiness on a pretty regular basis and have a love for my wife gets a little frustrated because when I sit down in my study, and open my Bible. She can come in four hours later and say what's going on and I am in my happy place. That's awesome so that's that's kind of where I am personally comes to this will siding credit where credit's due Col. like our divisional commander.

Now your divisional commander in Florida a few can actually go to somebody and Col. like say one do podcast and it connected with the fact that you are now in Florida and I'm trying to do some things with the holiness center sinfulness studies in and out so that seem to all work together and then Chris Benjamin in territorial headquarters has been a tremendous help to all of us so we can you do the great work and hard work of study and then we can roll it all up and send it off to them in the package and so what the listener hears us a lot through their hard work and so that's wonderful but it's been a really neat time. I've been excited by them. I've enjoyed downloading the micelles in myself and in subscribing to it. So when the rollout every month and you know we'll see how this goes. It we've talked about maybe doing more than once a month we try to learn how to do it first and in those things. But anyway, I'm really excited to about the aspect of about the people can download a study material and continue the study at where you put your hope for that, or have you you do a lot of theater studies in your own and young adult studies in your own core. Praise the Lord. So I mean it is there hope for.

For that, or hope for direction for that or do even know was interesting you know in this kind of communication ministry one medium flows into another right hand so I find the other opportunities I have affected by what I'm studying and what I'm doing for the podcasts and I very excited about being associated with sound cast a long time ago I was the producer of those programs.

Right I was stationed at turtle headquarters in the was involved in the radio programs there and Florida.

We just love Florida and it was when we were here that the holiness center became a reality, and the people the soldiers and officers in Florida have a hunger for holiness that keeps me going through when I meet people at corporate divisional events. It's not unusual for someone to talk about having been to bring the Institute are asking about what's happening with the holiness center so it seems to be a timely and I'm pretty excited to about what's happening that's neat. I may be just the last things are that I excited about the specific topic to not just of holiness. In general, but I know your heart of joint wanted to get out the understanding of the gift of holiness, not my work to look wholly or to put on the costume of holy to become holy. What goddess is done. I say a word or two about that.

I think they will be good for the listeners to understand your heart and in that I think sure core salvation is a gift and holiness is part of our salvation.

Salvation is not a once in a lifetime regret for not being sorry sooner that kind of guy it's a it's a new life right and holy living as part of that life and in that way to is is a gift from God, I've been struck by the fact that the end of Luke the very end and the first part of the book of acts, both of which Luke wrote have the same story and same episode with Luke, referring to Jesus saying God has promised to give you a gift and that gift is the coming of the Holy Spirit into our lives in a way that is different, even as Jesus taught of the Holy Spirit is with you, but he will be in you and the power spiritual power that comes from the presence of the Holy Spirit only comes if we seek to set ourselves apart and give him complete control of our lives that I believe is what holiness is all about. It's about relationship and the.

The aspect of it coming from God being of God originated by God, the power comes from God within us all that says to me that we need to make people know and and appreciate the fact that God wants to give you holiness and you can't attain it in any way.

So receive it, and if we can awake passion for that. I mean we can do our part is the Holy Spirit, the wicks passion within us and if he does that in people's lives in than that. That's the that's the purpose of my mind ministry. I praise the Lord for that to me. I teach Sunday school class in in the Sunday school class.

Sometimes we come across sections where the teacher who was a godly teacher but doesn't teach the way we understand and preach and teach holiness and I'm constantly find not constantly but but whenever this comes up, find myself having to be in a weird spot of not wanting to say don't listen to this teacher but one to say. Can I give you more full understanding so to get that word out in a very understand and easy to understand way like you do. I'm excited to do that really am.

In fact the last time that came up with a few weeks ago I referred folks to the podcasts.

I said listen to this episode, said Col. Jewett just spoke about this and subscribe to it and keep learning about how we do it and it's not a salvationist way of understanding Holderness it's West German in its incident were not when I'm making something else up but I don't know that a lot of other folks are sharing or at least understanding the same message.

Some glad we are II agree with you and I do think it's very important for us to realize that holiness is one of the three or four most prominent pervasive teachings in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It is everywhere. There are literally hundreds of of commands and instructions and expectations for us to be holy people and we certainly had to take some responsibility for the fact that it's allowed to have become almost an afterthought, and there are some people who have misunderstanding of what it is and we need to address it because it's God's plan for us to write well. Thanks a lot and will this is I don't know if this will be on video or not, but just in case we set up a video, but this is where we do our recordings. It's a very humble place and maybe other people with the message or heart to share that they wanted to set up something simple and record but this is were we doing anyway that you're doing this anyway so thanks again? Thanks so much for listening and we love to hear from you (Salvation Army sound And if you're enjoying this Bible study with a friend or have any

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