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The Disappearance of Peace - Revelation 6:3-4

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Steven Davey
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October 24, 2019 1:00 am

The Disappearance of Peace - Revelation 6:3-4

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Steven Davey

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October 24, 2019 1:00 am

A red horse is riding out of the second seal. What does he symbolize? What will he bring to the world? Find out now as Stephen takes back into his study of Revelation 6.

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How is it that we can be at peace with God. The Bible is clear and here's Stephen Davey with an important reminder we have obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand and we rejoice in the hot of the glory of God is the peace treaty between you and God. My friend through Jesus Christ. There is no lasting peace. Apart from the Prince of peace. Everything you are yet peace God offers mankind the ability to be at peace with him through the gospel, but many reject that opportunity for them. There will be no peace. The book of Revelation describes a time in which four horsemen, writing bringing judgments on today's broadcast of wisdom for the heart. Stephen Davey is looking at the red horse and its rider and what it symbolizes what happens to the world. During this time will stay with us to find out were continuing through our series looking at it.

Known as the great tribulation, and Stephen has a lesson for you today called the disappearance of peace, your statement John the apostle sees the Lamb opened the first seal of that special scroll and a white horse. We studied our last session gallops forward without with a rider representing the nation of spiritual deception and grades diplomatic skill is pseudo-a peace treaty will promise Israel peace accord. I have long centuries, but the peace of the antichrist will soon be interrupted by wars breaking out all around the globe and most specifically, a coalition of nations intends on losing and stealing from Israel.

In fact, their intent will be to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth is that desire there today.

It is open and admitted. However, it is restrained. At this point, by the stability of people who will defend Israel primarily from countries who have some semblance of remaining respect for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. However, there is a day coming when no one will step forward to defend her and surrounding armies will march to destroy her, but that will be the end not Israel, but of them with your Bibles open to Revelation chapter 6 let's watch as Jesus Christ opens the second seal is the tribulation period continues in its opening days.

Specifically, in verse three and out came on another horse bright red. This writer was permitted to take peace from the earth, so that people should slay one another and he was given great sword.

This is where the story turns ugly, and it will remain so this way until the true King returns to establish his kingdom. One of the four creatures before the throne of God gives the command and the rider on a red horse gallops across the earth. The color of this course the perfectly fits the nature of terror and bloodshed which will ride on the heels of this horsemen the word for red is sure I'll see could translate the word fiery. This is the color of blood.

This horsemen is riding a fiery blood red horse, which will bring bloodshed and war of all kinds, which which you will will reach around the entire world. There is going to be mass rioting, but the world has never seen it all begins here as Jesus Christ himself intimated a growing in intensity as he spoke in Matthew 24 like the birth pangs of a woman in labor and it climaxes with the battle of Armageddon is the tribulation period sweeps to close this is a book of prophecy. This is yet to come.

Some would say that the writer of this horse was Nero and that the battles that are to our persecutions against Christians that would make this a scroll of history not of prophecy, which John the apostle clearly said it was. This is the second birth paying of Matthew 24 predicted by Christ on the Mount of olives in the discourses of the unfolding of the first days of tribulation primarily occurring at the beginning of the outset of the first 3 1/2 years now.

It's true that mankind has been able to catalog war, the ever present existence of who are somewhere in the world war is a new so perhaps the horsemen has already written through. I have read myself that by the 12th century, more than 2000 war's catalog of the planet that number increased to more than 13,000 wars by the 20th century.

One author estimated to perhaps 10 billion people of been killed in the wars of the human race was funny when Gen. Dobie, the British commander of Malta during World War I was stationed in Israel in 1916 and eight commented to him on one occasion he said sir, this is a is a funny war.

The Muslims will fight on Fridays. The Jews won't fight on Saturdays and the Christians won't fight on on Sunday with a twinkle in his eye. Dobie responded well. You can find for other world religions that refuse to fight on Monday through Thursday you solve the world in the last century alone, 37.5 million died in World War I 45.4 million died to the conflict in Vietnam. Those injured and those who die numbered half of million were not finish just as our country fights for the rights of the piece of people abroad, and those who will die fighting for countries who desire to conquer and subjugate or expand their own empire, war and bloodshed staying nearly every page of history lesson 400 years before John wrote what were studying in this revelation, the philosopher Plato complained all have seen the end of war.

So how is this red horsemen bringing in anything new. Certainly this is history.

Without the red horsemen signifies a time of increasing world anarchy and disorder, and murder. He calms and completely engulfs the world not necessarily in a world or wars between major nations alone, but war fighting revolution rioting everywhere. It would be sort of a kin to having the French Revolution and the Civil War and World War II and the Iraq conflict in the China wars of the African tribal wars of the Korean conflict all at once all the same time and that's just for starters.

Notice in verse four John writes of the red horsemen that he is permitted to take peace from the earth in the Greek language act taste gates. This has global in implications. It clearly states or means that this is not limited to Israel. This is not limited to, the Roman Empire, this is conflict worldwide. It's as if the red horsemen strikes the transformers that have kept the lights of stability and peace burning. He knocks out the power grid of global surveillance systems and in the looting and bloodshed breakout all around the world. Lightning strikes by the way, I was at this very moment working on my sermon yesterday and that thunderstruck limited at this point.

Lightning struck boom at our house went dark and my computer went off.

I the Lord is this assignment that you want me to stop my sermon in her voice and let's get going right leg in verse four.

If you can circle the word permitted trysting work is permitted to take peace from the are as bad as it is as terrifying and letting as it gets. Just as the white horse is on a leash so is the red was in God as the designer of the judgment. God will act as it were in the heavens against the nations that shake their fist at him.

This is not ultimately Satan's wrath for the wrath of man, though they are secondary causes. This is the wrath of the Lamb is the wrath of God. So the red horsemen could gallop as fast as he wants, but there is a fan there is a divinely ordained corral and he cannot get out of it is a lateral minute by God's permission when you're wondering what happened to that piece. The first horsemen brought one God now moves in this second seal.

Second, horsemen second birth paying to show the frailty and futility of man's attempts at peace.

Even from this amazing writer of the first horse of the white horsemen will be known as the peacemaker, he will undoubtedly you win the Nobel Peace Prize for the year, but his peaceful last as the peace treaties of the planet. Never do World War I, the league of Nations was created and it failed out of World War II came the United Nations and they have also failed to keep peace on the planet story and just of Albert Chronicle that from 1500 BC to 1860 A.D. European nations signed at least 8000 peace treaties and they were meant to remain in force forever. On average they they remain in force for any gas less than two years. Just think of all the treaties that have been signed and broken since 1860.

Even though the anticrisis broker peace with Israel peace will be threatened within a matter of months by those who do not weigh us to to see that the Jewish nation breathe one more breath of air in Israel peace will be disturbed, not by or because of the antichrist. By the way, none of these initial days because of the surrounding nation's who come to annihilate Israel at the outset of the tribulation and one of these many wars breakout on the planet during the gallop of this red horse takes place in the Middle Eastern region. This is what authors call the coming Russian invasion described by the prophet Ezekiel is the war of God and may God Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 give numerous details about this coming predicted battle, as nations converge on Israel to God and Magog leading the way and and the fact that they are specifically mentioned leads many to believe that this battle is actually taking place at the end of the millennial kingdom because God is mentioned there in Revelation chapter 20. However, by closely comparing Ezekiel's prophecy with the war in Revelation chapter 20.

Several key distinctives should be made to let us know these are different battles in the early battle of Gog and Magog. The invaders are killed by earthquakes and hailstones, among other things, in the final battle.

Revelation chapter 20 the Lord simply brings down one huge fireball that consumes all the armies, the march against his in the battle of Magog the dead troops will be buried and is gonna take at least seven months to do so. Ezekiel tells us, however, after the final battle the judgment of the great white throne will commence dead the race to stand before the Lord.

Furthermore, in the early part of the tribulation which is readily the battle Magog takes place. It concludes with the burning of all weapons affected takes seven years for them to burn may very well stretch into the early days of the millennial kingdom. However, in the final battle of Revelation 20, which occurs it will occur at the end of the thousand year reign of Christ.

Notice the millennial kingdom after the battle of God and Magog life will go on as normal as normally as it possibly can. However, after the final battle life is change, you must immediately factor will be the soon newly created earth and heaven. So the battle of Gog and Magog, to me, is clearly not the final battle relationship 20, there are others who believe that this battle takes place in chapter 16, which is the battle of Armageddon study in detail later, but I don't believe it's the same battle ability to be several reasons begin comparing the two battles we discover that the battle of Armageddon takes place during an outbreak of plagues and unrest, but Ezekiel clearly states that the invasion of Israel or this battle of Gog and Magog will take place in the nation Israel is enjoying peace and security, something Israel hasn't experienced.

By the way, since the Babylonian captivity. In fact, many say this if some country were to invade Israel right now it would not be the fulfillment of these prophecies in Ezekiel in this description of the red horse in Revelation chapter 6 and there are some teachers giving indication that would be true.

Why is that will because clearly from the prophecies were told that there is a time of peace and security in Israel before the battle takes place, and there is no peace and security in Israel. In fact, right now, every Jewish male in Israel has to sign up for compulsory duty. He has to serve for three years whether he likes it or not, every female serves four. Two years they are on already.

Just read the newspaper. Peace, security no, far from but a time of peace is coming brief, though it may be. Daniel nine recorded in Revelation 6 reported the vision of a coming peacemaker who will sign a peace accord with Israel. Furthermore, the battle of Gog and Magog involves six allies marching against Israel were the battle of Armageddon involves many nations. In fact, all are affected. Certainly more than six. The early battle in the tribulation of Gog and Magog covers the region primarily of northern Israel where God destroys them all the march converging there in the mountains where Armageddon covers all the land of Israel. Another distinctive is that the alliance of Gog and Magog with other nations, they are destroyed. But in the battle of Armageddon. Many nations are completely right out the early war of Gog and Magog fits perfectly. The scene prophesied by Daniel's time of peace interrupted by war, which occurs at the beginning of the time of trouble. The tribulation, the battle of Armageddon on the other hand climaxes at the end of the tribulation as the enemies of Israel are wiped out when Christ returns, which is described in glorious detail in Revelation chapter 19. So the battle of Armageddon and the final battle ending the tribulation are not the battle of God make this battle prophesied by Ezekiel fits into this period of temporary peace established by the peacemaker, the antichrist is the tribulation period begin. It takes place during the coming of this red horse war and bloodshed all around the world are going to give the nations surrounding Israel, the perfect opportunity to march against her. Undeterred by the rest of the world and the right.

There is no mention in the prophecies of any other nation coming to the rescue of Israel coming to defend her none show up. Who are these six nations that Ezekiel prophesied would form a coalition against Israel.

At this point. In fact, against the antichrist was pledged to defend about whether the slip of the tongue. At this point the antichrist is actually a distraction for this coalition is because he doesn't want the peace that he's brought he is and feared at this point early in the tribulation is a man of war is a man of peace. It is pseudo-PC is a false Messiah but at this point he is in the way of this coalition of first and foremost in this coalition is Roche. Ezekiel says with many Bible scholars identify as modern Russia. Roche is often translated as a common noun and translated chief setting is unfortunate. The Greek translation of the Old Testament, called the Septuagint translate Roche's proper names that Ezekiel 38 verse two says, oh God, Prince of rock from all of the evidence that I have studied Roche prefers what we noted is the land of Russia. It is this northern kingdom will march as predicted by Ezekiel against Israel. The next coalition member. Ezekiel tells us is Magog Josephus of the first century Jewish historian, identify the ancient city of inhabiting the land of Magog, which then helps us identify another Northern Territory that comprises modern central Asia. What we know today as the former Soviet Union. Magog might also include modern-day Afghanistan. This region alone is comprised of more than 90 million people and they are predominantly Muslim. In fact is we go around this coalition you'll you'll you'll see the unifying thread of the coalition should come together in our generation is the religion of Islam a religion that believes that Israel is a nation squatting on their land. They would like to see the nation Israel annihilated the next coalition member according to Ezekiel's Persia or modern day Iran country openly anti-Jew president of Iran set this recently. I quote the Zionist regime. The third phrase for Israel is heading toward annihilation. This regime is a rotten dry tree that will be eliminated by one storm, he said. Further, I quote a new Middle East will prevail without the existence of Israel.

Still again. He said the Zionists and their protectors.

Saws are the most detested people in all of humanity and our hatred is increasing every day.

One more quote from this winsome man Israel is destined for destruction and will soon disappear.

Even now, the internal news media Iran which never quite makes it to the forefront of our news media is talking about the preparations of what they are openly calling the great war. They believe it will precede the coming of the great emo peace giver. They talk about this great war.

They were, in which Israel is referred to as the beloved of the West are beloved because we protected one editorial said and I quote this great war is ahead of us and will break out.

Perhaps tomorrow or in another few days or months or even in a few years, but the nation of Muslims must repair for the great war, to completely wipe out Zionist regime and remove this cancerous growth the ancient region of Persia is occupied now by the country known as Iran country.

The dreams openly of wiping Jews off the planet in their quest infect for nuclear power is healed by one grand desire is to destroy Israel and all those who protect the next member of the coalition.

Ezekiel says is in the land of Cush. Most scholars believe Chris represents the area east of Egypt and west of the Red Sea, which is modern day Sudan. This region is extremely anti-Israel, and in fact Harvard for a number of years Osama bin Laden they would gladly join in a coalition to attack Israel if it has one sliver of a chance they will jump on board the next member of the coalition is pot, which I cannot do by the way, when I play golf you could pronounce this. Perhaps put or modern Libya's is another region filled with hatred, deepening hatred of Israel. One of final member of this coalition is the modern land of Turkey identified by Ezekiel is several kingdom smaller kingdoms. Turkey is also an Islamic nation with a growing allegiance to the Russian now only only say this at this point because so this is where I think many go to for the tribulation could be a thousand years from now. There is no biblical reference to anything either hindering the rapture or forcing it happen. This is his how perhaps it will succeed.

But it is fine. Israel can only wait and tremble as these armies March toward her, but then Ezekiel writes an amazing response of God. Let me read his his words in chapter 38, but on that day, the day that God shall come against the land of Israel, declares the Lord God my wrath will be roused in my anger, for in my jealousy and in my blazing morass. I will how does God act. The first thing that happens in chapter 30 verse 20 is an earthquake decimating earthquake, then verse 21.

The next verse, the coalition turns on itself and they begin to fight one another, perhaps in the confusion, the panic, and since all these nations are fighting together, they they lose sight of his their friend and who's their enemy then plagues, and torrential rainfall in hailstone size basketball world of your and then fire sweeps across the armies destroying. Imagine a matter of a few hours. Russia will be decimated.

In fact, frankly, disappears from any prophecies yet future. Until much later. Imagine Iran, Libya and Sudan, and the proud armies of the Eastern people fighting Israel destroyed and Israel never fires shot. Now there's little doubt in my mind that the antichrist will claim the victory as his own doing this will entrench him. This will give him great credibility, as he takes the role of leader not only in that world, the claims to be the leader entire that's another stunning another time and will be continuing our study through this section of Revelation. Tomorrow I hope you'll be with us for that if you joined us late. You've tuned into wisdom for the heart. You can learn more about Steven and the ministry of wisdom for the heart. If you visit our website which is wisdom while you're there, please consider sending us a note. It's always encouraging for us to hear from our listeners, we recently heard from a listener in Florida who said even though the news media tells us how awful things are in the world.

All we have to do is read the Bible for our encouragement, direction and hope. We love your program and the refocusing of the mind and heart that comes as we listen to your sermons. Thanks Donna. We were glad to hear from you if you'd like to send Stephen a note you can address it to if you'd like a CD of today's broadcast we can help you with that if you call us today at 86 648 Bible and join us tomorrow for our next lesson here on wisdom for the heart

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