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Sealed with a Sandal

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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June 3, 2022 12:00 am

Sealed with a Sandal

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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June 3, 2022 12:00 am

The romance between Ruth and Boaz is hanging in the balance. Boaz is bursting at the seams with love for Ruth, but she might be just out of his reach. A man is now standing in the way of their happy ever after. What will happen? Find out now.

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Don Solomon built a massive temple of God's glory to bronze columns were were were stationed on the outer porch. The portico and they were there were testimonies for every man or woman who walked between them they could see the names of men etched into those columns. One name on the left column and one name on the right column names meanings represented the character of God live with that kind of godly character and one of the names asked in the one of those columns was the name the man who was first in line to redeem Ruth was unwilling to do it. He didn't want to jeopardize his inheritance by assuming the responsibility for Ruth. Boaz was different.

He was willing to take that risk. Welcome to wisdom for the heart today will learn more about this and see the practical lessons for our own lives.

Stephen baby returns to his teaching series through the book of Ruth in a lesson that he is called sealed the sand. I can remember often sitting with my daughters last one is closer so my memory serves me better but it be a long day.

I'd be tired and she wanted a bedtime story inside say well okay honey to what I would do tonight on I want to make one up all the wonderful and so I with her on my lap, but I'd say Once upon a time the end and I lay my head back as if I were going to sleep.

That's not you cannot have a Once upon a time in and in the end, there's got to be something that comes in in the middle. I'd say you're right that I'd make up a story.

I'm afraid that we, as older Christians, especially if you know the Lord for some time may be read by, maybe read the book of Ruth we read the Bible.

I'm afraid this way, you remember you remember when Esther became Queen. Okay she saved her people don't know when the second one. What happened in the middle you member Daniel is fertilizing yeah I got out everything worked out. Second, what happened in between you member Jesus went to the cross and rose again, a lot of stuff happened in between you member the story of Ruth. Yeah, a widow got married, not just slow down second is like saying Once upon a time the end, we still have to see the prince take charge and that's Ruth chapter for at least the first part of it will cover in the session. One of the most intriguing scenes in this wonderful drama is when Boaz challenges the other Redeemer with a game of wits and he and he wins out so far. If you been with us you have seen about three months of courtship take place in and then eventually a midnight proposal. Boaz and Ruth whispered there their commitment and their loved one another out there on the threshing floor but we discovered the problem that the main problem there's another prince who has a legal right to the Princess. This is to me were really gets even more interesting. I know J. Vernon McGee said that the book of Ruth reads like a novel like a fairytale but it is not fiction. This actually happened once upon a very long wall time ago but this fairytale here will actually come to the first of the prince must win his bride. Go to chapter 4 verse one, Boaz went up to the gate and sat down there and behold close relative of whom Boaz spoke was passing by so we said turn aside from sit down here and he turned aside and sat down.

He took 10 men of the elders of the city and said sit down here and so they sat down. Now let's set the scene for a moment to the city gate was literally the place where legal transactions took place where business was generally carried out was just inside typically the city gate with it was a large open area where there was room to decide matters in the elders older respected men had their seats there were, they would adjudicate legal issues and where they would develop civil plans for the town. What was decided at a was the final word you had that that Hebrew expression gate. By the way, this illuminates when Jesus Christ brought into the New Testament you remember when when he said I will build my church, and the what the gates of Hades the gates of hell will not overpower. In other words, whatever the gates of hell decided whatever strategy, whatever their plans, whatever their purposes they won't succeed, they will not win the day no matter what their schemes are now you noticed that we read in verse two, Boaz has invited 10 elders to sit down and hear about this matter. 10 was the minimum needed to fill a quorum for a legal proceeding.

And so as soon as he has. He's not looking for the 11th. He's got what he needs and just at that moment.

Verse one informed us the other kinsman redeemer, the one closest in line to redeem Ruth just happened just so happened to walk by. Obviously now the author wants us to know that even though Boaz is played everything out.

There's someone even greater involved is orchestrating all of the events they could've sat there for hours he could've lost an elder to do some business but just at that time he comes by verse three, Boaz said to this closest relative. This go well this kinsman reading Naomi. He was come back in the land of Moab has to sell the piece of land which belong to our brother a little by the most believe the word brother in this context is a broad term indicating plan relation rather than an immediate family member. So with that possible but again, these are the opening lines of a Boaz classic lives in the classic attempt.

He says Naomi was come back from the land of Moab has to sell the piece of land which belong to our brother Lou Malec. If Boaz were up poker player. He would win at everything.

Talk about a poker face cool. He's undisturbed here. Not that I know anything about playing poker. By the way just for the record, I can't even play Rooks very well by daughter look speeding ever-changing I get a good card in my hand. By the way, my whole body lights up and they know well, he got a match Boaz here is cool as a cucumber diverse look at verse four. Love this, so I thought to inform you saying bye for those who are sitting here before the elders of my people know if you will redeem it, redeem it, but if not tell me that I may know what for.

There is no one but you redeem it, but I'm after you just love that and he's acting as if you don't just happen to be sitting here and I just happen to walk by and you I just thought I'd let you know that Naomi has a piece of land for sale if you want it will go ahead and buy it at your first in line but but if you don't want to dwell on a bicycle by trying to mask the motion.

At times, haven't you, you interview for that job and that you you got your you know your your face on it offers twice the pay three times the vacation in the company car you are cool and yet not to undisturbed your shadow back. There's begging please I want the job.

Then they say you know what we think we want you. When can you start to well I I don't know I would check my calendar. I financial obligations or shadows going tomorrow right you finally get a chance to talk to that girl you want to ask you out and you're just as composed as you could be all I did this is this is Boaz theories down on his knees, basically saying please don't redeem this property. Don't don't ask for the truth is through your current employer. I think Boaz knew that he would say yes. I think that's why he started with the land and not with the two widows, not with the financial obligations he wanted the last news to be negative and more likely overpowering positive news than the other way around. That's why when something comes you and says they want the bad news first good news is, it will give me the bad news first. Why, because matter how bad it is. You know good news is coming right and it could all just sort of obliterate bad news. If you just had to endure what Boaz is starting with the good news he shrewdly knows that the following bad news in the way will describe it as will see will probably obliterate the good news and render it meaningless. We starting with the best part and then let me follow up here. Hey, he says a piece of land does come on the market and you've got first dibs on you interested what you look at verse four pieces I will redeem it do anything about it couldn't happen at a better time have the money at my eye on the piece of land. I'd love to edit to my portfolio. Not sure Boaz's heart skips a beat here, but from studying his strategy. I actually believe he he fully expected the man to be positive. I watch this verse five. Then Boaz said on the day you buy the field from the hand of Naomi. You must also acquire Ruth the Moabitess, the widow of the deceased in order to raise up the name of the deceased on his inheritance that this is classic. Evidently this potential kinsman redeemer has not heard about Ruth or Naomi and you notice your help. Help. Boaz eliminates any enthusiasm.

This man had thought he just stumbled upon a great deal by adding in the way he does it. He had one negative on top of another -1 obligation one responsibility on top of the other look back at verse five again just a little slower on the day you buy the field from the hand of Naomi.

You must note, you must also redeem Ruth who she the Moabitess, our ancient enemies. She's also the widow of the deceased could've been the cooking.

Not only that, in order to raise up the name of the deceased and over to get a child why to raise him up to his inheritance. In other words, so you can give that child. This piece of land you just bought. Boaz is, by the way, I appreciate you wanting to buy that land. I would tube if you redeem the land you have to marry a Moabitess who hasn't had a child give her a child raised the child and and when that child reaches independence and by the way, he has kept his father's name give the land back to him as an inheritance. So whatever you buy got a giveaway later. Just thought you'd want to know that between friend listen as quickly as this guy said now is looking for the fire escape PS to raise a child is to purchase land just to care for Naomi just to marry a foreign woman from Moab just to give away the land. Later on he will lose whatever he's invested in this piece of property in the sun that they may have will keep his father's name who would do such a thing. Only one person, a man who happens to love the widow, and that will overrule every six. The closest relatives that like it, redeem it for myself because I would.

Well, you know, jeopardize my own inheritance is a long way of saying I can't afford that I can afford to do all of that is is I don't want to jeopardize my own financial standing with a purchase that will become a debt and I don't want to potentially in the implication here in the text is potentially solely the name of my client with mixed Gentile, Jewish offspring, especially a Moabitess I can afford to do that. So you want to say the words that Boaz was hoping upon hope to hear notice verse six the latter part redeem it for yourself. Boaz you may have. My right of redemption.

For I cannot redeem it in the Hebrew text is Boaz said he second time that words appeared in the ancient Hebrew text notice verse seven. This was the custom in former times in Israel concerning the redemption and the exchange of land for many matter. The man removed his sandal and gave it to the other and this was the manner of attestation in in Israel so effectively what you have is you have to kinsman redeemer.

One is now barefoot and the other one has an extra pair of sandals and this is how they confirm this transaction and I thought what an interesting custom so I did a little digging and it's it's fascinating to discover that shoes and feet symbolize in the Hebrew culture ownership and the right or the authority to possess the Lord gave mankind the rule over creation and David the psalmist put it this way in Psalm 846 when he said you are God have put all things under man's feet under his feet. The people of Israel were told by the Lord that were ever the soul of their foot tread that would be given to them as an inheritance right. Remember that Deuteronomy 1124. In fact, the reverse can also be just as meaningful in Exodus chapter 3 verse five when Moses met with God at the burning bush, God told Moses to do what take off his sandals why he's telling Moses. Listen, I want you to know you own nothing. I am sovereign and and you will fulfill my will and you'll go in my strength exercising my right to possess and to give to you.

So when this near relative took off his sandals and gave them the Boaz he symbolize that he was not going to possess that land he would not exercise his right and his authority.

So the sandal transfer indicates a transfer of power. He's literally saying it this way, Boaz. You can walk in my sandal. In this regard when it comes to the land and Ruth and Naomi and all that you walk in my sandals.

I give you the right. This was their custom, so he gave Boaz his sandals.

Then Boaz said in verse nine to the elders and all the people he said this, you are witnesses today that I have bought from the hand of Naomi all that belonged to a limb alike all along the killing in the mail on their two sons. Moreover, I've acquired Ruth the Moabitess, the widow of Marilyn to be my wife. In order to raise up the name of the deceased on his inheritance so that the name of the deceased will not be cut off from his brothers or from court of his birthplace. You are witnesses today. This is legal language. Boaz is making sure it's in the minutes here. Once all recorded.

He has a quorum of elders. He has witnesses from among the people together to watch this interesting site. He doesn't want any misunderstanding. So what he does here is basically repeat every legal detail that he is assuming can you imagine at this point as Boaz is rattling off these name standing there.

All of a sudden this guy you plan this winter. Happy new sons navel. He got Boaz implanted all no matter, he didn't really want his name or his family inheritance jeopardized anyway by the way, do you happen to know the name of that barefoot redeemer.

No you don't know what the man who did not want to jeopardize his name through connection with Ruth the man wanted to protect his name and his reputation and so avoided the divine right of law that was his. His name has been forgot. Did Boaz ruin his name not on your life that years later after Boaz and Ruth died when Solomon built that massive temple to God's glory to bronze columns work were were stationed on the outer porch. The portico and that they work.

They were testimonies for every man or woman who walked between them they could see the names of two men etched into those columns. One name on the left column and one name on the right column names whose meanings represented the character of God amended to live with that kind of godly character and one of the names asked in the one of those columns was the name Boaz.

He didn't hurt his wasn't solely that all is he exercise divine right and in law in an effort to please the way God designed this culture, commerce, and their kinship to be exercised, who was the barefoot guy. We don't but throughout history we have been told the story of prints and Boaz and the princes name Ruth and all the people respond verse 11 with prophetic precision. Look at their words all the people who were in the court and the elders said we are witnesses. May the Lord make the woman who is coming in your home like Rachel and Leah. Both of them built the house of Israel goes to women. Of course gave to us. The 12 sons of Israel and may you achieve wealth and afterthought and become famous in Bethlehem. They have no idea how true their words are and will be played out over the course of history. Ruth is going to become the great grandmother of King David Boaz and Ruth will continue the line through which our Lord Jesus Christ will come is the great kinsman redeem, imagine number chapter 4 doesn't give us any details of the wedding. The wedding garments the feasting and women are disappointing at this point, eternally grateful. There are no details here to expound on for an entire sermon, but is not there, it simply tells us that the bride and groom got together last night. All a matter when they got together. The Prince rescued the princess in the end, why would this godly man be open and interested in a foreigner.

Why would a godly man risk jeopardizing his good name, which he will by mixing it up with the Moabitess, having children that will be have to have Gentile having the potential doesn't seem like it happened, but the potential of his name being you know whispered about when he wrote in the town that this was the man who married a former idolater.

Why would this Prince risk his reputation. When I told but let me make a suggestion. Boaz trusted Ruth's commitment to Israel's God. She had not converted to the God of of Naomi and following her back to the land because of position or money or advantage of tech following after Naomi and after the God of Naomi meant that she walked away from every possible source of security.

It would it would be the virtue of her testimony that was to him. The appealing factor, but I think she also reminded him of someone she Boaz already knew the testimony of a Gentile woman who'd left her country and her heritage and her idols to follow after the God of Abraham his own mother did Boaz. His mother had followed after Israel converting from idolatry to faith in the true living God. After the walls of Jericho fell to the Israelites as they entered the land and later a Jewish man by the name of salmon married his mother foreign Gentile and they are both by the way listed in the genealogy of Jesus Christ in Matthew chapter 1.

So Boaz is is basically willing to do the very same thing. His father had done years before. In addition to that, Boaz isn't deterred by Ruth's past see he also knew the testimony of his motherhood, who left her sinful life and devoted herself to the laws of God's holiness and purity.

He had heard heard the testimony from his own mother's lips. No doubt as she explained how she had been known in her past throughout the city of Jericho is one of the resident prostitutes and bring hee hee new. I believe the pain that had caused her and the gratitude she felt for God's grace.

So Boaz also knew that his father had been willing to risk his good name by marrying a woman with a past, but more importantly a woman with the present devotion to God. Like father like son.

Think of it. Boaz isn't afraid to trust his future children to the care of a former Gentile idolater because he was the child of a former Gentile idolater see God and prepared Boaz's heart to see the potential in Ruth by having been raised he was raised by a former prostitute gave her life to God. A woman who will be known throughout recorded in Scripture and history and even up to this day as Rahab the harlot, but a woman who by the way, would be listed. Centuries later, in Hebrews chapter 11 for her great things just one more illustration of how Jesus Christ redeem sinners.

How are great and gracious God deems people with the past and you know something is not solely name of our Redeemer and only magnifies rates it demonstrates that it is indeed marvelous that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us and he not only redeems sinners, makes us part of his bridal party part of his family and then he uses us all what you pass this is a state in the testimony of what is you've been listening to Stephen David here on wisdom for the heart. Stephen is working his way through the book of Ruth and he's called today's lesson sealed with a sandal during the month of June. We have a free resource for dads. We want to equip fathers to lead their families in godliness. Stevens written a booklet called the Enoch example it's a booklet that explores the life and legacy of Enoch.

Everyone has a legacy. So the question for you fathers.

Is this what will your legacy be what your children say that you walked with God, or that you ran from God will your grandchildren receive an inheritance of earthly riches or heavenly rituals. Learn how your walk with God can impact your family for generations. This is a free digital download that you can access from our website right now, go to wisdom then join us next time. As we continue this series here on wisdom

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