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The Final Rebellion, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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May 16, 2022 12:00 am

The Final Rebellion, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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May 16, 2022 12:00 am

Many people reject God today because of the problem of evil. They say they can't believe in a God who allows suffering and evil throughout the world. But what will be their excuse when God sets the world right?

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Status, level of education might bring some benefits in this but those do nothing for the real issue of life.

So mankind is a heart's biggest problem is that his heart is corrupt, and his nature is fallen, he must be redeemed. You can feed him.

You can close on you can educate them. You can medicate.

You can ensure you can employ you can heal, but there's still a problem in that area are more Adam rebelled against God's people were born as rebellious sinners. Everyone since Adam was born in need of salvation you can have all the advantages this world offers and still be spiritually dead. That's even going to be true when things are perfect here on earth during the millennial kingdom even in a perfect world with Jesus directly ruling. Some people will respond to the gospel and some will ignore it.

Those who ignore the truth will participate in one final rebellion. The final rebellion is the name of today's message here on wisdom for the heart Heidi Young boy, to me and asked me if our pets were going to go to heaven. I told my believed Isaiah made it pretty clear that will have animals to play with fact I said son you can have some pets that your mother would never allow you have right now is going to be a blast. His eyes just worldwide. He was so excited about it. I had to tell him that we don't have any biblical indication that that our pets will be in heaven matter how many times they've been blessed by the church read one interesting article not too long ago that said that the pets of Christian get to go to heaven. This is bad theology. I've had some pets I'd rather not see in heaven ruin heaven. They follow me around the pets of believers go to heaven, where the pets of unbelievers go bad theology just gets worse.

We do know that animals will no longer be predators and I believe we have every reason to believe if you just look at the prophets in the descriptions and all the references animals that every species will be represented. They will however retain domicile enough to play with.

From the dinosaur to the leopard to the cobra. There will be a perfect government there will be a pristine environment. Third, that will be a prolonged lifespan. Mortals who are born and live during the kingdom will live such long lives. Isaiah 65 is already told us that a man at the age of hundred will be considered a very young man begin the millennial kingdom will reflect many the conditions of early creation as he got to Genesis 5 and read about it Adam living in a 930 years, and Keenan living 910 years in the thalamic living 777. All of this implies a return to the protective climates and conditions of life in and around in following the garden of Eden. There will be all along that same line forcefully pronounced health improvements.

Isaiah says in chapter 33 verse 24. Those mortals who are in the kingdom with disabilities and sickness is will be immediately healed. Isaiah 3324. Isaiah writes of this glorious moment as the kingdom begins in chapter 35. He says there's the eyes of the blind will be opened. The ears of the deaf and be unstopped.

The lame will leap like a deer in the tongue of the mutual shout for joy perfect government pristine environment, prolonged lifespan for mortals pronounced health improvements and fifth profuse resources and I'm almost done among the centipedes okay profuse resources for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 214 principal rulers. Six ways confirmed mortals no longer struggling with our sin nature that is gone forever.

We will rule and reign without any double mindedness without any temptation to sin with perfect justice and perfect balance, and wisdom, and godly principle final aspect I refer to is first and foremost and its importance. I just saved the best for last, this there is the present perceptible Savior. Surely the world the mortals that are borne by the billions over a period of time of such great health. When everything is flourishing when there's justice and righteousness when you have the visual demonstrations of of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and yet the memorial sacrifices and and you have immortals raining with him surrounding the globe. Surely the world will believe and and under these conditions follow after such a benevolent ruler with hints of trouble already from the prophets the prophets tell us the rebels during the kingdom will face with judgment, implying what there will be rebels in the kingdom were told by the prophet Zechariah the nations who refused to come to Jerusalem for the annual worship of Christ will not receive reign upon their land, implying there will be nations who, as time progresses will stop sending delegates to honor Christ beg Zechariah chapter 14 implies that Egypt as a nation will refuse over time to worship Christ and there will be a famine in their land.

Mankind will simply love his autonomy is self deceived autonomy.

He will love his sooner rather than the Savior. Imagine hearing a perfect society with pristine living conditions and prospers health and and and plenty of resources mankind by the aliens will be ready to follow the devil rather than worship Christ. This is the garden of Eden parts to human nature has not changed from the garden to the kingdom and everybody who might say to God, my conditions were only in such that disallowed me from ever believing he will say good perfect conditions and it did not change her nature and your rebellion and Satan had changed one bit either has he. As soon as his prison door swings open, he takes off to bring one more insult of the face of Christ.

He already knows he's defeated he knows Revelation chapter 20 better than we will ever know it but he doesn't care. He hates Christ, just that much. What matters most to him is that he could possibly deceive a few million more people who are ready and waiting that he could somehow implement instigate some kind of of betrayal some kind of authorizing some kind of rebellion so that he could cause an eternal created being to raise his fist against the creator God. He revels in opposite and even though he knows is and will do it again. Robert Brown said it this way, a thousand years of confinement does not alter Satan's plan nor does a thousand years of millennial conditions change man's basic tendency to rebel against his creator. Nothing is altered by the mayor passing of time you have had now up to this .25 generations or so. Born into the kingdom is mortals. Children of believing parents in this dispensation who hear the gospel, who may be in our presence today who have outwardly conformed, but inwardly they are rebel they are what one author called gospel hard, so also in this era, there will be those outwardly conformed children great grandchildren and great-grandchildren on who outwardly conformed but but they are glory hardened over time. Yeah yeah yeah we see the Golden Isles. Yeah, we we we took a field trip 575 years ago when I was in fifth grade, we sought yeah yeah we know that there's a kingly seeing the bright light. We've heard that he died for us. Five S. 4000 years ago or whatever. So what what right does he have children rule over my life and what what right does he have to tell me I can't live in their Satan will will then appear to be ready to say you know you're exactly right to feel that way. I think God's intimidated by you.

I think we can take with Cindy that's afraid of you. Why should Jesus Christ decide who lives in that house of gold.

Satan is lost none of his cunning. He knows exactly what to say what to do to bring about one final rebellion. Men are still men.

Sin is still sin. And he's had thousands of years to practice bringing to together and he will do it again for one last uprising.

John writes notice verse eight. He's able to recruit from the four corners of the earth and others from the four points of the compass North, South, East and West that there are actually people living all around the planet ready to take on God even in these conditions. John mentions, you might notice God and may God creates a little bit of confusion. They represent the Russian the northern nations you've already marched against Israel at the beginning of the tribulation. Some believe they must be the same thing the same battle there different battles.

Even though these two unique names reappear easy kills battle is different than this one. Easy kills battle will take place at the beginning of the tribulation. I believe it appears in in Revelation chapter 6 in the first war mentioned the conflict here in Revelation 20 Takes Pl. at the close of the millennial kingdom.

You can't miss that Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38 and 39 join other nations living around the Middle East. But in Revelation 20. Here the armies are recruited from around the world. After the battle takes place at the beginning of the tribulation. All the dead are buried. Told Ezekiel's prophecy, but here in Revelation 20. As you'll see in a moment the armies are instantly cremated as fire falls, there are no graves. Gog and Magog are certainly literally included in this battle with their names are also emblematic of the enemies of Israel and her God as they have been for thousands of years. Listen, you know what's happening here.

God is simply going to allow the unredeemed people of planet Earth one last gasp one final expression of defiance which resides in the heart of unredeemed mankind. One final fling to forever prove that the fallen nature of mankind is not partial but total. But this really isn't much of a battle is fact is really just divine execution. John records in verse nine and they came up on the broad plain of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city and fire came down from heaven and devoured them. Not one shot is fired. The implements of war that they have been able to craft and create very quickly lose no gun for suddenly it's as if the sky bursts into flames. Imagine it this way, the armies were told here have their number resembles the sand of the seashore. Again, a staggering thought, but they surrounded Jerusalem and suddenly falling rain of fire surrounds the city of Jerusalem is protected on the inside. And then it it it radiates outward in all directions until all of the armies are engulfed and destroyed by this descending sea of flame. The final judgment is moments away. That'll be for another study, but let me ask you, what does this final rebellion prove, let me say the same thing three different ways.

First, this final rebellion proves that a perfect ruler does not guarantee a perfect heart. Secondly, it proves that a clean environment.

You can put anything you want in the word clean prospers healthy. Whatever a clean environment does not erase inward corruption number three solving social problems does not solve the sin problem. Listen mankind's biggest problem has never been external but internal mankind is a heart condition and his biggest problem is is that his heart is corrupt, and his nature is his fallen he must be redeemed. You can feed him.

You can close on you can educate them. You can medicate. You can ensure you can employ you can hello but there's still a problem that is the burial and not that didn't matter. The greatest problem is that he is an eternal being in his greatest problem is internal is problem is not the parents. He went home with you on stand before God and say I would have believed any of it had been for those rotten parents of mine. The problem is and how they raised you, whether you were breast-fed or bottle-fed. Whether you are in the top 75 percentile of normal growth patterns at the bottom of the class whether they put the best namebrand footed pajamas on. You are gone from consignment shop doesn't matter what kind of car they drove in as a matter what kind of school. The matter how the potty trained can be] whether they bribed you work gave you a puppy or or or or spank you. I don't. The problem is never out there.

The problem is in here the problem is always us in the millennial kingdom is any perfect conditions ever been driving down the interstate and and you come up on a pack of cars. Both lanes going 55 miles an hour anything. What is their problem that speed sign, as it is a guideline what it means is if you can't go that fast. Get off the interstate. It's the minimum it's you I have a conversation. Maybe I don't know but what you want to kneel for several miles until finally, about a quarter-mile bit you see estate trooper pulling off on an exit and what is everybody due except you and me and a few other righteous people speed up the presence of that law in force or produce all loyalty to the law and certainly not love for the lawgiver. There has been in the kingdom outward conformity. Whatever time will the king is way off in Jerusalem see this far down the interstate trees between us and radar go through trees ever wondered that I haven't. Shame on you.

This final rebellion is in a reveal that apart from God's saving grace. Mankind will be unmoved by peace and joy in righteousness and plenty, and even the presence of his glory, they will be deceived into believing they can overthrow that ruler seated on the golden throne and they will march again so be the final rebellion before we wrap up our study today.

Notice in verse 10 Satan is cast forever. His throne into the lake of fire and brimstone. The verb throne ablaze say translated, cast, perhaps in your translational throne is a prophetic rest. Passive verb which doesn't sound exciting to you at all and it is very exciting. What this verb tells us is that some unnamed agent actually froze, Satan into hell. Who is this unnamed agent he's unnamed I don't know. When I told that I give you my guess when you pay me to sit around all we can think about the stuff some to give you give you my guess we know it would be somebody empowered by God. Obviously one person plus God is a majority right.

We've already seen an angel representing the godly host of angels that refuse to follow Satan we've already seen a representative and anonymous angel called Ford is been given the power and privilege of casting Satan into the abyss where he is incarcerated for thousand years of the Angels of had their I don't think this would be Christ. Just one word would be enough to cast Sigmund hell is God's chosen someone to carry out his word of judgment. If the agent is in the representative of the triune God. If if he isn't in a agent of of the angelic host we have left human race. What human being could best represent the human race. Casting Satan away for good. My guess, Adam, what better representative of the human race to carry out this task than the first human created and the representative of fallen fetid dying humanity. It was Adam and Eve who first heard the serpent's words of defiance right. Even if you were deceived by the serpent. Adam, you knowingly rebuild you chose Eve over God you chose personal autonomy over the sovereignty of God. Imagine would you with me again were just imagining. Imagine living for thousands of years forgiven absolutely.

Yet the memory is there, as our memories will be forgiven, perfected, and that glorified statement memories still imagine living with the understanding that it was you who opened the door to send it was you who opened the door to sorrow. It was you open the door to death when you rebelled. Imagine for thousands of years having your name attached to the sin nature. Adam's sin nature to be Scott's or Stephen's or Nancy's or Susan's sin nature and all of humanity thinks of you imagine us talking about the sin of you.

It's the sin of Adam part of God's plan all along for the glory of his grace to be revealed.

But here the end of this final rebellion. What better person and Satan's grasp over humanity than the human being who sin can. I hope I would love to see Adam. The representative of all of us who have spent our lives under the curse. And in the battle. I'd love to see our father who failed have the opportunity to cast the deceiver away forever moment of triumph for the redeemed human race.

We don't know if it's Adam but we do know that it does end.

This is Satan's everlasting doom, and this is the last time he will ever be seen by the redeemed again. What great promise for us through Christ, our gracious sovereign Lord we have been redeemed. We sinners, we utter failures, and we prove it every day. Don't we prove our connection to Adams fallen nature and her children after think of this. Think of this. Listen when when Satan comes along to you and reminds you of your past and your present you remind him of his future men.

You remind him of his future father, thank you for this text. Thank you for giving us a little bit of information about the glory of these days and our security.

Even now, thank you for the privilege and the thrill of realizing for the study of your word that we are already guaranteed a place among the immortal by faith in Christ. Thank you for Satan's doom and end.

Thank you for the rule of Christ in the crushing, with one command of the final rebellion if you're here today and you've come by faith in Christ and you know that you belong to him to thank him for your salvation.

Would you thank him for your position, your future while you do that, let me very quickly invite anybody standing here, you know your conforming outwardly, but inside there is a rebel. Perhaps the spirit of God is calling you. You've heard enough of the gospel to know that that gospel is for you, not just for everybody around you that sinful propensity is yours and it must be atoned for or you will be judged by God deferred enough would love to take the word of God to make sure this faith that you embrace general you are saying farewell to those who rebel against the sovereign Christ welcome father, thank you for this grand help to permeate our thinking and be reflected on the interaction give us dignity and diligence. We are anymore. A future co-region.

No wonder we been challenged to do everything in our hands with excellence. This, by your grace said payment. I hope Stephen's prayer reflected the sentiment of your heart today as you prayed along with him. This is wisdom for the heart. The Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey Stevens in a series called thy kingdom come. In today's lesson is entitled the final rebellion. If we can assist you in any way call us at 86 648 Bible Stevens the pastor of the shepherd's church in Cary, North Carolina. Stephen has one more message to go in this series join us here on wisdom

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