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The Golden Age, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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May 9, 2022 12:00 am

The Golden Age, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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May 9, 2022 12:00 am

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but even it has failed to usher in a Golden Age for mankind. Plato's Republic couldn't revolutionize the Ancient world, and Thomas Moore's Utopia couldn't revolutionize his Medieval world. Words on a page can't produce Eden.


Ages people have long, there's only one condition in which that would ever be possible. Global peace is directly tied to the arraignment of Jesus Christ from Jerusalem where he will subjugate and rule over the nation. You can have the last part of the verse without the first part of the verse. You can have a gold crown.

Jesus Christ returns and wears the crown as King of Kings and Lord of lords in our world right now.

Global peace is impossible.

The only time that true global peace is possible is when Jesus returns, and when he does he will be personally ruling over the affairs of the earth. Here unwisdom for the heart were working through a series from revelation called thy kingdom come. Today Stephen Devi is looking at this future.

Of world peace again. The series is called thy kingdom come, and Stephen has called this message the Golden age. There are three words that come out of Greek mythology to express a time of perfect harmony and peace and prosperity. It is the phrase the Golden age. Frankly, it has been the pursuit of mankind from the days of Adam's fall, and exile from the Garden of Eden to find this epic era. This golden age, was Nimrod's grand design when he built Babylon it was and will be the antichrist's agenda as he attempts to rule the planet usher in a one world government and one world religion and with it a global period of great peace and prosperity for something in the heart of mankind that longs for a utopia where where peace and justice reigns supreme.

I believe it is nothing less than the tracing of divine truth on the heart of also built into the heart of man, a sense of coming disaster coming judgment and the belief is nearly universal in some sort of coming world disaster. Recent events in Haiti only heighten the sense of our planet crumbling in some future series of disasters. Just one more movie was released to seize the attention of our culture simply named 2012. The caption underneath the movie title.

I saw a picture of it and it the word simply said you were warned that anybody stand line, watch a movie that just adds that her anxiety that the world and the collapse of all these cataclysmic events was opening weekend growth worldwide $200 million.

But isn't it interesting that tens of thousands of people all around the world. What would feed their already brimming anxiety with one more description of a coming cataclysmic upheaval of planet Earth. These are two incompatible motions. We believe we can make it to the utopia and in peace and harmony and something bad is going to happen on the planet for the believer. These two notions are not impossible at all very compatible. In fact, the Bible provides the information in the details and they are both going to occur on planet Earth. The tribulation as we have seen in Revelation chapter 6 through 19 affect most of the book of Revelation is dealing with the tribulation is a series of cataclysmic events one after another, brought about by the wrath of God as he judges humanity and all the nations of the world and at the same time prepares a redeemed people, those who will believe in the gospel during the tribulation after the rapture and most specifically preparing Israel as a redeemed nation for her returning Messiah. When the tribulation is over the majority of people on the planet will be dead and most of the planet utterly devastated the Bible records that of the last events of the tribulation, the majority of the remaining nations and their remaining armies will coalesce in one massive army to battle the Lord and what we have already studied the battle of Armageddon is Jesus Christ descends and stands up on the Mount of olives global army was defeated by one word of the living will locked us the word of his power, Jesus Christ will then usher in the golden age. It really does come true so the idea of the Golden age is also stamped upon the heart of every human being and it's nothing more than the tracings of the etchings of God's truth written into the mind of mankind causes them to both fear coming disaster and long for a coming utopia. I googled the words.

The Golden age such a great resource for preachers now days. It's absolutely wonderful fiber like anything I googled and I get my material from the Internet but illustrations are rampant. I ended up page after page on the Golden age Golden age of sports Golden age of TV course, we think, evident in apocalyptic terms. It's interesting. One particular guru. I watched them for about five minutes talking about the coming ages he said this I thought was fastening. He said we are approaching the Golden age and it will be the age of the crown said that over, it will be the age of the crowd.

He doesn't know how right he is the course mentioned to him that that crown will be on the head of Jesus Christ and discussion in his tragically ironic that our world affect our current United Nations. Now numbering little over 190 nations strongly reject the truth of Christ in the coming rain.

They reject, of course. In fact, despise the concept of a creator God who came to earth as God the son, and died on the cross for the sins of mankind and my faith in him we will one day reign with him. Upon the early reject all that but they long for a united global peaceful community where war is a distant memory. Isn't it ironic that the United nations longs for that moment in biblical terminology directly across the street in the Plaza there on one Avenue at 44th downtown New York. You have the United Nations building where political rallies have been taking place in the Plaza for the last 60 years. Ironic that on the Plaza. This monument is an engraving engraved on the monument are the words of the prophet Isaiah, and they read, they shall beat their swords into plowshares or plows and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.

Isaiah although mankind doesn't want anything to do with surrender to Jesus as ruler. They can't resist the biblical promise and they long for the hope revealed in the words of God's own profits of this global period of peace where mankind will reshape swords in the plows to harvest bumper crops is another view of the monument I found online with people getting her picture in front of it shows a better perspective of just how magnificent this monument is again you can see the verse engraved into the wall and at the end of the court is the prophet's name. Isaiah's nickname this wall. I was nicknamed the Isaiah wall. By the way, the specific reference in Isaiah has been left out. We don't have chapter and verse. Perhaps her friend somebody look it up.

It comes from Isaiah chapter 2 and verse four.

And it's interesting to me that that they have cut the verse in half, which isn't all that ironic, but it is sad the portion engraved on the wall says nothing of course about the Lord whom we know as Jesus Christ get on the wall. It says, and they shall beat their swords into plowshares or plows and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore wonderful promises. And here's the first part of the phrase for the law will go forth from Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

Reference to his reign. He will judge between the nations, and he will render decisions for many peoples, and they will beat their swords into plowshares and I does this prophecy of global peace is directly tied to the literal reign of Jesus Christ from Jerusalem where he will subjugate and rule over the nations. You can have the last part of the verse without the first part of the verse.

You can have the Golden age of the crown until Jesus Christ returns and wears the crown as King of Kings and Lord of lords. ECR world wants a peaceful solution without a personal savior. Our world longs for peace. They just don't want the Prince of peace will really don't want to hear talk of Jesus Christ returning a sovereign ruler, and because of their unbelief. According to the Bible all those who refuse the claims of Christ will one day be excluded from this coming Golden are not only a miss heaven, but they're going to miss this glorious prelude to heaven, which we rarely study in the church, which we will what will the kingdom be like what author wrote. Imagine a world described by the prophets throughout the Old Testament, a world dominated by righteousness and goodness. A world where there is no injustice were no court ever renders an unjust verdict where everyone is treated fairly. Imagine a world where that is true, were everything that is true right and noble marks every aspect of life, including interpersonal relationships, commerce, education, and government. Imagine a world where there is complete total permanent peace, where joy abounds in good health prevails. So much so that the world's growing population lives for hundreds of years. Imagine a world where the curses remove where the environment is restored to the pristine purity of the garden of Eden where peace reigns even in the animal kingdom so that the wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the young goat and the calf and the young lion together and the little boy will play with them or leave them there are prophecies throughout the Old Testament of Christ's first coming.

They were all fulfilled literally but 109 of them. I learned we have about 220 prophecies about his second coming. They are yet to be fulfilled. Of the 46 Old Testament prophets less than 10 spoke of Christ's first coming. 36 of them spoke of his second coming, with great precision. There are around 1500 Old Testament passages dealing with the second coming of the Messiah in the New Testament. One out of every 25 verses on average have something to do with the second coming of Jesus Christ. There are nearly 2000 references to the second coming of Jesus Christ throughout the Bible. I didn't seem to be writing the Dunnigan need another for the test I just want to warn you.

Okay, now how do we know that the coming King is Jesus highly know that this ruling king in the coming kingdom is the same person. Many Jewish scholars believe there are two Messiah, one who would suffer, and one who would rain if all you had was the Old Testament prophecies you might be led to the conclusion that conclusion since the Old Testament prophets often did not make a clear distinction between the first coming of Christ and his second coming gap that we now know is lasted some 2000 years. With this new creation, the prophets knew nothing of at all called the church, but by comparing the Old Testament and the New Testament. You have a clear picture that these are not to mention, but one man, the God man, Jesus Christ, and by way of introduction. I'll take it just in your memory to Genesis. The Bible records all the way back in chapter 49 that the ruling scepter that is the king's staff will belong to someone who descends from the tribe of Judah. Compare that to Luke and his gospel, who carefully traces for us the Christ genealogy traces back to and through the tribe of Judah. Chapter 3 the prophet Micah revealed the birthplace of the Messiah as Bethlehem.

Micah chapter 5 verse two. Luke chapter 2 verses 4 to 7 reveal the Christ was indeed more aware in Bethlehem.

Isaiah prophesied, behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and called him a manual that is God with us is a seven the angel Gabriel then comes to a virgin named Mary with the stunning news that God will by his power, cause her to conceive, though a virgin and he says the angel Gabriel to her. Behold, you shall conceive and bear a son, verse 35 chapter 1 says he will be called the son of God, that is, God has come to be with Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would in his reign. One day exalt every valley and make every mountain loan the crooked paths straight and the rough places plain. Isaiah 40 verses 3 to 4 John the baptizer appears centuries later, as the forerunner of the Messiah and he says oh by the way, he will make every crooked paths straight. Every mountain low.

Every valley lifted in every rough way smooth.

David prophesied that the Messiah would be hated without a cause.

In Psalm 3519 John's Gospel records our own Lord saying they hated me and they have hated my father, but this has come to pass so that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law they hated me without a call.

John 1523 and 25 is the Old Testament Messiah the same person as Jesus Christ. The prophet Zechariah said that the king of Israel would come into Jerusalem riding on a donkey.

He prophesied that people would rejoice throughout Jerusalem. It is coming.

Zechariah 9 verse nine.

Centuries later, Jesus Christ rides into Jerusalem on a donkey and the crowd shouts hosanna to the son of David, Mark 11 seven 211 even more specifically, David foretold of the Messiah's close friend with whom he would share bread bread from his own hand that close friend would lift up his heel against him and betray him.

Psalm 41 verse nine in Matthew's gospel. Judas Iscariot receives bread from the hand of Jesus and slips out betrayal to lift his heel against Matthew 1326. Zachariah even promised that the price of that the trail would be 30 pieces of silver. In chapter 11 verse 13 Matthew chapter 27 verse three tells us of that event work Judas filled with remorse, though not repentance returns to the chief priests and scribes, and he says to them. I've betrayed innocent blood, and they say to him, we don't really care and Judas froze on the temple floor 30 pieces of silver.

Matthew 27 verse three David prophesied of the crucifixion Messiah as he rode with divinely ordained precise foresight as he says in Psalm 2216 a band of evildoers has encompassed me and they have pierced my hands and my feet is that the method of execution of the Messiah. John 2025 as Jesus Christ the resurrected Lord entering that room where the disciples of assembled in Thomas with them and he says to Thomas C my hand is retain the scars for all time.

Paul would write in Philippians chapter 2 verse eight he will humble himself, even under death death on a what cross David also wrote in Psalm 22, they divided my garments among them, and for my clothing they cast lots. Matthew's Gospel records when they crucified him.

The soldiers divided up his garments among themselves by casting lot is and how specific can you get how many more prophecies would you need of the 109 a give you a few more is the crucified Messiah, the Savior who died for the sins of mankind. Isaiah 53 says he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities.

The chastening for our well-being fell on him and by his scourging we are healed. All of that happened as he was beaten.

All we like sheep have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way, but the Lord is because the iniquity of us all to fall on him, God the father speaking in The Apostle Paul Will Write Centuries Later, in Romans Five Verses Six and Nine While We Were Helpless at the Right Time Christ Died for the Ungodly One Will Hardly Die for a Righteous Man, Though Perhaps for a Good Man Someone Might Dare Even to Die.

But God Demonstrates His Own Love toward Us in That While We Were yet Sinners, Christ Died for Us, Much More Than Having Now Been Justified by His Blood, We Shall Be Saved from the Wrath of God through Him.

David Also Wrote of Our Lord's Resurrection and Leading He Uses This Phrase Leading Captivity Captive. I Believe Emptying Paradise from Hades and into the Place of Heaven with Him Some 6818. Paul Uses the Same Language. When Christ Ascended up on High, He Led To Betty Captive. Ephesians 48 the 10th Is the Lord of the Old Testament. The Suffering Messiah of Isaiah 53, the Same Person As the Resurrected and Ascended Christ of the New Testament Absolutely the Prophets of the Old Testament and the Apostles of the New Testament Agree in Unison and without Any Contradiction.

He Is One of the Same, but Let Me Ask Another Question, If the Messiah of the Old Testament Is the Same Person As the Messiah of the New Testament. How Do We Know That That Messiah Will One Day Come Back Literally to Rule the World. I Mean Think about It, Isn't It Enough That He Died for Us. Isn't It Enough That He Will Take Us to Heaven. How Do We Know That This Same One Will Rain and We with Them in the Kingdom. How Do We Know That Is Going to Come Back and Rule on Planet Earth. Well, for Starters, We Know That Is Going to Come Back for Second Time for the Same Reason We Know He Came the First Time, the Scriptures, and in Fact the Very Record of History As a Witness Testified of the First Coming of Christ in His Death and the Witnesses Testified It Was Resurrection the Same Inspired Book Tell Us He's Coming Back Again One Day All of History Will Culminate in the Appearing of Jesus Christ and His Redeemed with Him Will Be That Occasion.

The Knock on the Siding United Nations Building Politely Asked to Be Included in Their Plan When It Comes the Second Time the Days of Invitation Will Be over, and He Will Judge the Nations and Set up His Undisputed Uncontested Unchallenged Invincible Throne. Psalm Chapter 2 Reveals That the Rule of Christ Will Be Universal Prophesies of This Coming Rain with Precision. If I Just Turn There Turned a Psalm Chapter 2, Just Listen to David As You As You Writes Sometimes It's a Conversation between God and Father Got a Son That They Speak of One Another. It Is, It's Amazing. Listen to What What He Writes in Verse One of Psalm Chapter 2 Why Are the Nations in an Uproar and the Peoples Devising a Vain Thing Will David What's the Futility of Their Their Devising Verse Two the Kings of the Earth Take Their Stand and the Rulers Take Counsel Together against the Lord and against His Anointed. That's a Phrase in the Old Testament for the Messiah, Saying, Let Us Tear Their Fetters Apart and Cast Away Their Cords from Us and Others Were Not to Be Accountable to Triune God. When I Got a Vendor Needle Were Not to Be Restricted to His Anointed Noise Verse Four He Who Sits in the Heavens Laughs, the Lord Scoffs at Them.

Then He Will Speak to Them in His Anger and Terrify Them in His Fury Saying. But As for Me, I Have Installed My King upon Zion, My Holy Mountain. That's Jerusalem I Will Surely Tell of the Decree of the Lord. He Said to Me You Are My Son Today Have Begotten You.

Ask of Me and I Will Surely Give You the Nations As Your Inheritance, and the Very Ends of the Earth As Your Possession. In Other Words, the King Is Coming Honey Responded That We're Selling Verse 10 Now Therefore a King, Show Discernment Take Warning of Judges of the Earth. You Know, for Heavens Sake, Why Is up. That's My Paraphrase Verse 11 Worship the Lord with Reverence and Rejoice with Trembling Due Homage to the Son That He Not Become Angry, and You Perish in the Way for His Wrath May Soon Be Kindled. How Blessed Are All Who Take Refuge in Him.

Is That a Picture of Revelation 6 to 19 or What Is It an Introduction to Revelation Chapter 20 or One Perfectly the Wrath of God Is Revealed against the Nations and You Have All of These Cataclysmic Events and Then the Sun Will Take the Throne. You Better Bend Your Knee Doing Now so You Can Write with a Manner You Have To Be Subjugated by Him. Then Forever in His Great and Terrible Judgment. Then As He Takes the Throne.

Thus Begins the Golden Age Really Does Come True. Noah Is Also Written on the Hearts of Men and Women As an Intuitive True and Dying Wish. Surely This World Could Somehow Get along.

Surely the One They Be Uniform. Let's Try to Do It Now. Surely We Can Somehow Usher and Global Peace, It Will Happen One Day, but Only after the Prince of Peace, Kingdom and Glory the Claimant. The Topography of Her World Geography the Animal Kingdom the Lifespan. The New Temple.

The City of Jerusalem, Submit Here at the Outset. This Is an Introduction I Wanted to Just Talk about the Because There Can Be No Peace without the Spring There Can Be No King without This King. I Hope You're Encouraged by the Truth That Jesus Christ Will Bring True and Lasting Peace to the Earth When He Ushers in His Literal Kingdom You're Listening to Wisdom for the Heart with Stephen Daly.

Stephen's Message Today Is Called the Golden Age Is Only Halfway through with It Is Working to Bring You the Conclusion to This Message on Tomorrow's Broadcast. Stephen Is the Teaching Pastor at the Shepherd's Church in Cary, North Carolina. I'm Scott Wiley and I Thank You for Listening Today.

Please Be Sure and Tune in for the Conclusion to This Message Here on Wisdom for the Heart

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