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Hallelujah, Amen, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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April 28, 2022 12:00 am

Hallelujah, Amen, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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April 28, 2022 12:00 am

What will the world be like when everyone sees that Jesus is Lord? Imagine!

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Babylon is corrupting her man glorifying nature exalting animal worshiping Christian murdering promiscuous philandering false teaching ego promoting money loving, sexually deviant pseudo spiritual Christ denying demonically bound, spiritually blind world system and this is the beginning of the profile of the man was sitting. The things you read are astounding, even hard to believe, however, when God gives us a prophecy God is making a promise he's telling us that these events will happen just because they're in the future doesn't make them any less certain than past events were looking at some of those future promises today. This is wisdom for the heart. Stephen Devi continues through his series called thy kingdom come with this lesson entitled how hallelujah amen on Saturday, August 8, 1914 Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail from Plymouth England with 29 men. The request was to become the first to cross Antarctica on foot. In a recent publication I read that that Shackleton had recruited these fellow pioneers with an advertisement that read men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger. A safe return doubtful. Honor and success. Men signed on, they would experience everything he promised Shackleton went along with them. Work as hard as they did, he would eventually become their hero as they got closer to the continent on that ship. They had embarked upon disaster struck the expedition and the ship became trapped in pack ice and was slowly crushed by the freezing water before they could ever land so the man became literally stranded on a huge ice flow is a flat free-floating mass of ice.

Shackleton kept his crew busy by day as they endured the coming winter. The plate I soccer had nightly song fasten sled dog races was during this camp that he proved himself a sacrificing self-sacrificing leader. He willingly exchanged his warm her sleeping bag with one of his crew members. The personally served hot milk to his men.

Every morning in an attempt to buoy their spirit in the spring when they realize that there ice flow was thinning and would break apart the got into a flimsy draft and made into a nearby remote island called elephant Island.

Knowing now that the rescue from this desolate island was even more unlikely Shackleton decided to risk his life with five other men cross 800 miles of open and Arctic sea make it home and bring back a rescue party in their little lifeboat they made it two different times. He attempted to return to his men and rescue them but he had to turn back on his third attempt, which took 105 days. He kept his word reached his men and rescued them that you may be familiar with that part of the story of this recent publication introduced me to another side of the story and that was a life for these men on that desolate island as they waited. Shackleton had left a man named Frank Wilde in charge is second in command Wilde would maintain the routine that it already been established by Shackleton's sign daily duties, served meals, held sing-along times, athletic competitions. He also worked hard to keep the morale up and in a situation that was seemingly utterly hopeless because the camp was in constant danger of literally being buried in the snow just Falling. Frank kept his been busy shoveling away drifts of fallen snow. They wondered if they would ever be rescued and make it home.

Barely 4 days worth of rations remained in the camp and Shackleton arrived. He came in an icebreaking ship. He personally made several trips through the icy waters between that ship in Lander ferry members of his crew to safety aboard the ship. The news media course would turn this into an international legend of perseverance and hope and a promise kept. Shackleton later learned from the men how each morning, every single morning as they rolled up their bedding Frank Wilde would say to them all these words and I quote be ready boys. The boss may come today. You know, our goal with you can be half-asleep and know where I'm going with that you can get up here and do just as good a job with where I had to go with. We have been given a promise that we not our great leader has made some promises and they will come true. He has promised the church and we await the fulfillment of that promise to be rapture the way he's made promises for devastation to take planet Earth by storm and they will come true. And he has promised that he will return and set up his kingdom and that will come true all when he comes. His second coming to set up his kingdom. We his bride will be with him coming with him in the clouds in splendor and the majesty of the scene is breathtaking is coming in person is coming to rule and reign before his crucifixion. The disciples asked Jesus about that return. There were questions on their minds about what would be the signs to his coming.

This is a question about the rapture but about the prophecies of his return to earth to set up his kingdom. The first time he came all the prophecies were fulfilled that he would be born of a virgin suffer rejection, crucifixion and resurrection and ascension. Now I ask you Lord what are the signs going to be for you to return some of your kingdom and Christ answered them describing these cosmic disturbances that we studied describing the natural disasters that have already pummeled earth. Then the Lord said to his disciples in Matthew 24. These were after the days of tribulation, the son of man will appear in the sky later on in chapter 25, our Lord says that he will return in all his glory and will sit upon his glorious throne. Matthew 2531. The King is coming, he will keep his word. He will fulfill his promise, he will set the record straight as he returns with the church and a host of heaven is bride for the church, the bride of Christ will be described in all her wedding day beauty in the The Revelation 19 if you're not there yet opens with this stunning epic in human history when Jesus Christ is about to come back with his bride to set up the glorious kingdom and his throne on earth kingdom is the Geddes of pen wonderfully with emerald courts and sapphire sky.

Is it any wonder is will discover that as Christ returns every one and everything related is is about to burst into song the atmosphere is absolutely electrifying were about to study the capstone of redemptive history were given the lyrics of this grand song. The middle part of verse one. It begins with the word hallelujah hallelujah, salvation and glory and power belong to our God. What we have here in this amazing scene is all the redeemed in all the hosts of heaven are going to be singing at the top of their lungs.

This word begins all hallelujah let me tell you something surprising, perhaps this is the first time in the entire New Testament that the word hallelujah appears it doesn't appear in any other New Testament book. It doesn't appear in the book of Revelation up to her prior to this scene here.

Why probably because I believe after studying this its most common use in the Old Testament word appears about 22 times, most often refers to the rescue of Israel and the destruction the judgment of the wicked. So here you have in Revelation 19 that moment where where Israel is restored and Christ, the judge comes back to vindicate his name word hallelujah is a wonderful Hebrew word is transliterated into the Greek language. In fact, it's transliterated into every language, but just English.

So wherever you go. Everybody says it the same way, alleluia, hallelujah. Maybe you've been outside the country. As I have been in you go to visit believers on different continents, as I have done.

After the customary shaking in and hands and and bowing.

I don't know where their language Eleanor to my language.

I'll say hallelujah and I'll brighten up. He knows my language and no say hallelujah that's all we know, we just say it several times and I wonderful fellowship hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah close as I get to be a charismatic is what I travel overseas hallelujah well it's interesting to me no matter where you travel every Christian seems to know the opening lyric of praise to the coming king. Hallelujah, this word is actually a compound word, a verb and a noun squeezed together. The verb hallelujah is the imperative form of the verb, which simply means to pray in the. The ending which gives us how. Alleluia simply a shortened form of Yahweh.

The covenant keeping God so hallelujah simply means praise the Lord I read it earlier in one of the Halal Psalms. The hallelujah songs which is where the word appears frequently that we can certainly use this word now is a New Testament believer or church will need to wait for the kingdom. In fact, we got a warm up every once in a while because we have already been rescued. Heaven and God resides within us word we ought to get use to speak and sing your praise to God to hear it. And in Revelation chapter 19. The word appears four times what that form for us. Our outline first want to just go through and circle the word if you have a pen or pencil handy I think is a good idea to mark your Bible, well it appears first in verse one there halfway through. Hallelujah, it appears next in verse three will reread and the second time they said hallelujah in verse four we hear it again only this time they add the word to hallelujah amen amen is conclusive proof that some Baptists will make it to heaven were not told how many might be discouraging. No wonder numerous authors I've read consider. Chapter 19 to be heaven's hallelujah chorus. Let's go through these four appearances will make these standards are four points for stanzas and I want you to know is why the hosts of heaven are singing effectively. The hallelujah chorus first. They are singing hallelujah for what God offers verse one hallelujah why because salvation and glory and power belong to our God.

These are gods alone. Their quality as others of his character that he alone is able to gift to those who believe the author of the New Testament book the apostle Peter, did you have no idea what kind of glory you're going to experience another word appears for as many as received him, that is Jesus Christ. And John went up to them he gave the power to become children of God. Paul wrote to the Thessalonians in first Thessalonians chapter 5 verse nine God is not destined us for wrath, but rather for the obtaining of salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation through him so power and glory and salvation belong to God alone. They are God's possessions that he gives to those who believe. So when Bono steps out on the stage during his concerts is I watched a little bit online. As I read that he did this just to make sure he puts up on the jumbo screen the word coexist.

The C representing the Islamic Christian letter acts representing the Star of David T representing the Christian cross and then he leads the crowd and what is become the mantra for the apostate church. We are generational beginning to call the emergent church and here's the quote everything you know is wrong with you referring to religion, but even more than that is referring the biblical propositional truth which is the hangup but then leads the crowd and chanting Jesus Jew Mohammed all true. Jesus Jew Mohammed all true.

Was he saying he saying Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all equally true.

Think about it. Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the Messiah who came was crucified. Rose again assented and is coming back, Islam doesn't believe the Jesus is God incarnate, is not the Messiah, and he didn't even die on the cross, and Judaism believes the Messiah hasn't even yet, how can they all be equally true of you like taking I-95 South believing that you can go to Florida and New York and Alaska is not great. Try it, listen to the statesmanlike spin of the same message. Only this time from Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain by the way is now being promoted by the Willow Creek Association and the simulcast leadership conferences for evangelical leaders, which happens to be a utter mystery to me as to why hundreds of churches in America primarily affect thousands of churches we desire unbelievers as they've invited Bono and Blair on how they could tell the church how to act and Christian leaders to lead utter mistreatment Tony Blair happens to be one of the key leaders in this global push for abandoning doctrinal convictions and somehow coming together in one unified happy family on his board is a Zen Buddhist, Hindu and Anglican, a Protestant pastor whose name I won't mention for the sake of embarrassment and a Jewish rabbi's attempt at coexisting single online I found this as easily as you could and you can listen carefully and wade through statements he makes like this one as I attempted to teach you to think critically, to not believe something just because you hear it, including what you hear me say take me to the Scriptures to see if those things are. So, think critically, especially in this generation. I want you to listen to what Blair said as "him listen past the Christians speak and get the core of his message is what he says God's Spirit moves through us and the world at a pace that can never be constricted by any one religion. Be very wary of people who think there's is the only way who you think you might be talking about is referring to Christians who model it all up by believing in the gospel of Jesus Christ alone where the problem watch out for us.

Peter wrote to the believing church. Listen if you are reviled you translate that if you're scorned.

If you are maligned for the name of Christ. You are blessed because the spirit of glory and of God rests on you but this is the message we have learned of Babylon and the volume of Babylonian voices are growing ever louder pushing toward what they believe will be the panacea of hope and help one global order one political power one global village one global economy. One religious unity as we watched the message grow together as an assembly as we study this book and take shape until it came to power in the tribulation under the reign of Antichrist. We watched it ultimately wage open war on God and it was defeated the city of man and now here in Revelation 19 as Christ is set to return the multitude of heaven is chanting a different tune. And did you notice no one is singing. Salvation is from whatever God you like to believe in. It is hallelujah praise Yahweh our covenant keeping God blessed the first hallelujah hallelujah for what God offers. The second hallelujah is for what God settled with verse three and a second time they said hallelujah her smoke rises up forever and ever, who is she referred to hear her smoke rises up forever and ever. She is we have come to know is Babylon the city of man, the world system and the world Empire city. This is who she is. Babylon is corrupting with its arrogant defiance.

Her man glorifying nature exalting animal worshiping Christian murdering promiscuous philandering false teaching ego promoting money loving, sexually deviant pseudo spiritual Christ denying demonically bound, spiritually blind world system and that's just the beginning of the profile of the man's city of man's pride babble as we enter this paragraph and work your way through it. We can imagine is believer that all the hosts of heaven and all the redeemed would say and saying hallelujah as a relates to God's salvation and glory and power and we can immediately get into that but can you imagine the hosts of heaven here in the world of Christians and the resurrected saints are glorifying God for that and also now they are glorifying him for his eternal, unrelenting, terrifying judgment to exactly what's happening here. We, the redeemed are as thrilled over the justice of God as we are the grace of God. When God here measures out eternal punishment to the followers of the beast to the great prostitute Babylon with its system, its false religion who seduces the hearts of of unbelieving mankind as God is measuring out his divine justice and eternal punishment to the unredeemed unrepented humanity, along with all the fallen angels. Listen, the believer will be singing.

We don't usually attach the word hallelujah to the destruction of the unbelieving world. This is the fulfillment of Moses's words. Deuteronomy 32, 43, where he writes rejoice of nation rejoice with his people. Why, for he will avenge the blood of his servants and will render vengeance on all his efforts are. David wrote in Psalm 96. We know this song.

The first part well, we forget its context. Let the heavens be glad and let the earth rejoice, let the sea roar, and all it contains, but the field exalting all that is ended in it then all the trees of the forest will saying for joy before the Lord.

There is not it. There why, for he is coming to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness.

Psalm 96, 11 to 13.

Now some might think that the believer in the angelic host of heaven, you're somewhat insensitive and uncaring to rejoice in the downfall and judgment of unbelieving humanity that ignores the reality here in the context from which we hear them praising God. It ignores the fact that this city, and her inhabitants in the world of followers of Antichrist, will it had the greatest opportunities to repent of any generation that ever lived. In chapter 6 and again in chapter 9 were told of the human race a large refuses to repent, even though they acknowledge the great plagues and the natural disasters are coming from the hand of home.

God they know it's from God and the text repeats over and over, yet they would not read even though they have heard the most powerful preaching of the gospel in human history through the ministry. The 144,000 Jewish evangelists also recorded in chapter 6, they refused to repent the world at large. Many will the world will also hear this generation will will here and watch the amazing supernatural death defying testimony of the two witnesses anybody attacks their testimony. Fire comes out of their mouth and destroys them and people are still going. We don't think we gonna believe that the fact that they will see and hear that Angel that will go around the globe, delivering the gospel. There will be many among every time tribe and nation who will believe, but the world at large says wow were still not in a believe and they refused to repent.

On top of that, this generation will here and watch those who come to believe, refuse the market. Antichrist choose martyrdom over the Empire of man walk with joy for the glory of God and our time in God's word right here for when we come back next time will bring you the conclusion to this lesson. This is wisdom for the hearts Stephen Davey is working his way through a series from the book of Revelation. The series is called thy kingdom come. This particular lesson from that series is called hallelujah amen.

We hope you'll be along for all of it. As we continue to examine these future events that God has promised will come, in addition to being our Bible teacher here at wisdom international Stephen is the pastor of the shepherd's church in Cary, North Carolina. You can learn more about us.

If you visit our website which is wisdom once you're there, you'll be able to access the complete archive of Stephen's Bible teaching ministry. We also post each day's broadcast. So if you ever miss one of these lessons, you can go to our website to keep caught up with our daily Bible teaching ministry. The archive of Stephen's teaching is available on that site free of charge and you can access it if you have a comments a question or would like more information you can send us an email address it to we have a special place on our website were Stephen answers questions that have come in from listeners like you want Stephen's answer that will add it to the collection. Thanks again for joining us today were so glad you were with us and I hope you will be with us next time. For more

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