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Playing With Fire, Part 1 - Judges 16

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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October 7, 2019 1:00 am

Playing With Fire, Part 1 - Judges 16

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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October 7, 2019 1:00 am

There is only one way to be truly safe from a blazing fire and that is to run from it! The same is true of immorality.!

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What's the best thing you can do when it comes to sin and temptation.

Here Stephen Davey run for the sake of your family run for the sake of your testimony run for the sake of your integrity run for the sake of her spiritual vitality run for the sake of your church, your brothers and sisters run for the sake of your own future cannot.

You cannot hang a blazing fire run for your life. Should we respond the same way when it comes to sin and temptation. This is wisdom for the heart and were continuing through a series entitled breaking up stony ground Stevens band looking at issues of sin that can take root in our hearts and offering us solutions for dealing with those issues today. Stephen begins the last lesson in this series. It's a lesson that he's calling playing with fire. If you're in a position where you can read along in your Bible, go ahead and get that as we get started with today's in his book the quest for character Chuck Swindoll quotes from an article published by the United States, a number of commerce. It was obviously published a long time ago.

I mean a long time ago, but the principles remain true.

The article published by the chamber came under the title how to train your child to be a delinquent.

This was published a long time ago day. We would even publish about the truth remains. This article sets the stage in many ways for you to talk about how to train your child to be the like 12 steps will write these down. You don't want to remember them okay number one when your child is still young give him everything he wants when he wants it this way will grow up thinking the rest of the world owes them a living.

To number two. We picks up swearing in off-color jokes laugh along with him or at him as he grows older might be funny anymore, but now it's cute.

Number three never given many spiritual training wait until he is 21 and then let them decide for himself or for avoid using the word wrong.

It will give your child the guilt complex, you can condition him to believe later when he is arrested for stealing a car societies against him. He is being persecuted five pickup after his books shoes close do everything for him so he will be experienced in throwing all responsibility onto others.


Let him read or watch anything he wants to never think of monitoring him all yes sterilize the silverware but let him feast his mind on garbage. This was published a long time ago. Number seven argued frequently in front of him so that he could know how to take advantage of the vision in the home number eight satisfy every craving, he has for food and drink and comfort every sensual desire must be gratified because denial may lead to irritation or frustration. Number nine.

Give your child all the spending money. He wants to make them earn any of it. Why should he have it as tough as you did growing up number 10 take his side against your spouse. The neighbors his teachers and later on the police number 11 when he finally grows old enough to get in real trouble make up excuses for yourself by saying well here. We never could do anything with them. I guess he was just a bad see number 12 prepare for a life of grief and regret for everyone involved is a biography of the Samson opens in the book of Judges. It opens with a spoiled, petulant, selfish, rebellious young man who is already brought years of grief, no doubt to his parents while it isn't their fault that he has no interest in the ways of God. By the way no parent can do anything to guarantee spiritual interest.

I have seen parents with absolutely no spiritual interest at all have children with great spiritual inference. It isn't their fault.

However, it is in a way helping to pave the path we looked at it briefly. Samson begins to slide and you may remember in chapter 14 is biography opens with a sinful demand of where he effectively stances feeds with this pouting, immature, sinful demand where he says I saw a woman and she's one of the Philistines down in the village of Tim not going to dinner for me and they should've said no way you are on your order to subsidize your sin instead we have to read between the lines and I'm guessing they may have likely debated in the back bedroom well yeah that's it's true.

She's a pagan Philistine, but who knows, maybe this will settle down.

Maybe this will in no get them to behave.

Besides, every other family around us in these days when everyone does what is right in their own eyes of Mary, often cater to the pagan Philistine, so why, why fight it. Mrs. M get ready for years. Grief beyond this, nowhere in Sampson's biography by the way, the Scripture specifically point a finger at Samson's mother and father.

In fact, I think due to their commitment to him.

The Lord rescues them from their own compromise which you can only imagine trouble because if you are with us in our last study. The marriage never consummates if you look over the first 20 of chapter 14, you discover that before the wedding ceremony is even over that is on the eighth day the Philistines effectively in all the marriage and she is given to be the wife of Samson S.

Samson doesn't settle out either.

Becky goes on a rampage and he kills a thousand Philistine men immediately following that battle out a survey for the second time this is a three-quarter two-parter when he complains to God because he is thirsty on Thursday and there is no water fountain nearby God in his grace opens up a hollow ground and in the spring of water comes out of fountain and Samson satisfies self but there's no mention of gratitude will God, thank you for that medical and no repentance either.

Now we divided up Samson's biography in the three chapters in this case study of temptation and I want to give you one word for each chapter. We called the first chapter, the words sliding to simply that sliding Samson is governed by his eyes. He is sliding on the toboggan of lost and it is only going to pick up more and more speed over time. The scene opens with Samson sliding downward by visiting a prostituted in Gaza. Remember in chapter 16, where he was trapped in the instead of the state of the city picked up. The city gates and carried them off on his shoulders and that he is. He's more legend than ever. It it Samson the principal never mind that Samson is a moral it might be Samson the strong man, but he's far from being Samson satisfied anyone on the toboggan slide of the lost is far from being satisfied that one author pin one of the most perceptive definitions of lust ever written about 100 years ago lost is the craving for salt by a man who was dying of thirst. The trouble is here and this is all the more dangerous to Samson. It doesn't look like is dying. He's winning you stronger than ever and any doesn't look like he sliding down anywhere. He's on the mountaintop, he goes from one peak to the next and what matters most of the children of Israel and into Samson is that he appears to be the, the, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world's time now to watch him get introduced to a featherweight named Delilah to call this next chapter in Sampson's life by this one word crashing from sliding. Finally, crashing, rejoining the narrative here. Chapter 16 and in herself for after this that is after some time he loved a woman in the Valley of sora's name was Delilah not stop there for just a moment.

This happens to be the first time we've ever been given the impression that Samson loved anybody besides self. He's evidently struck by her given his his life more than likely she's attractive, he struck by her enough to stay longer than one night.

In fact I found it interesting in my study that the Septuagint which is the Greek translation of the Old Testament, and I wanted to look it up to find out for sure and and and I was surprised to find it, but they have used the word agape here, which is a volume it it tells us that Samson is committing his life to her in an loyal, faithful love and her alone so some things happen. Over the years that I think it's helpful to understand there's more than meets the first of all, you could make the observation that she is not a prostitute, which for Samson is a big improvement.

What's more, were never told that Delilah is a felicity in fact the truth is, she isn't Old Testament scholars point out the fact that her name is Semitic not Philistine was. She happens to be Jewish woman with Hebrew blood flowing innervate. According to the biblical record. She's the first Jewish woman. Samson has been interested and I think it's also helpful. By the way, as we as we go into a text that somewhat familiar to sort of rewrite some of our thinking and one of them would be this Samson by this time is middle way.

Hank not like me in my late 30s 37 or 38. He's middle-age. Several decades have passed here since chapter 14 introduced us to this in a hotheaded young you know man who demanded that his parents arrange a marriage with a Philistine girl.

Not now. Keep in mind that the Bible often in its biographical descriptions, condenses, squeezes, compresses the narrative so that you in a matter of two chapters literally covered, 20 years of a person's life.

That's what's happening here.

No were not told how much time elapsed between chapter 14 and chapter 16 verse three. In fact, between verse three and verse four. There is some time that has elapsed. We do know that by the time you arrive in verse four of chapter 16 Samson is in his middle years so erase from your mind, you know, at this point that Samson looks like Hercules had he's he's middle-age, and rather worn down by now is judged Israel for 20 years. He's battle scarred from numerous fights and because it is a moral life, never settle anywhere. All that together is taking a toll on his vitality and certainly gonna take a toll on his discernment as organist, but we have every reason to believe that Samson here decides to settle down is finally settled down 20 years just going from one city to the next. The implication is from one woman to the next. Not now. He has made a choice which makes this betrayal all the more tragic.

Samson has no idea that temptation has been waiting until this round to deliver the knockout punch is no idea he is about to be set up by the way, the devil is more than happy to wait 20 years to bring you down before we go any further, let me make a couple of observation about temptation. First temptation usually includes some justifiable for Samson that represented the need to settle down and establish a long-term relationship with a woman from among his people. He's close but still compromising. Secondly, temptation usually distracts us from any potential disaster. Remember temptation is only the commercial temptation doesn't show up with a photograph of Morgan look like what life is going to look like what relationships are going to look like when our conscience is going to look like it if you could have shown Samson a photograph at this point in his life, of himself, a year from that point he would not have believed it that he is this weary man bent over from hard labor with empty eye sockets shamed to a millstone grinding wheat in a Philistine prison. There is no way that's me. Temptation never shows you the photograph of verse five in the lords of the Philistines came up to her privately.

Of course said to her seduce him. That is, see where his great strength lies and by what means we may overpower him, that we may bind him humble.

Now I think I mentioned this in our last study. There are five major Philistine cities. At this time, each ruled by a Lord that is a dictator came all five of them come to Delilah with the proposal and in fact they sweeten the pilot of the last part of verse five and we will each give you 1100 of silver judicial Jesus for 30 pieces of silver she's gonna get 5500 which is a long way of saying she will be set for life nevermind love anymore. Her character has a price and they just meant it. She secretly agrees verse six Delilah said the Samson. Please tell me where your great strength lies how you might be bound that one could subdue you before you think will come on how obvious can you get this girl is no actress. Trust me, she just is there. How can I subdue you will. You would think he be suspicious and I think we need to think again.

He has been asked this question a thousand times over the past decades we have every reason to believe that only Samson and his parents knew this particular part of the valve is been made between them and God. He would never cut his hair. People been asking him for ages Samson Watts your secret by the way, the fact that she has to ask this makes us need to sort of rewrite this perception we have Samson evidently doesn't look like Mr. universe so there has to be a secret. He might have looked like any ordinary man and I believe he did. That's why they know there's some kind secret. All that to say this question from Delilah isn't really unusual.

In fact, I believe it's expected. Why because they love each other. They have now moved in together. There are no secrets. Samson if you love me like you got a secret if we ever want to be well-regarded, be we shouldn't keep secrets from one another so tell me what, what's the secret to your amazing strength of very honest expected anticipated question is why alarm bells were ringing in Samson's thick head. Samson responds in verse seven. Note there well if they bind me with seven fresh bowstrings that have not been dried. Then I shall become weak and be like other men in the lords of the Philistines brought up her seven brought to her seven fresh bowstrings that had not been dried and she bound him with. Once again we had to correct her mental image is no mention that Samson goes to sleep so mightily goes to sleep after each of these experiments, he will not hear. There is no mention that she binds him while he's sleeping affect how could you wrap bowstrings around the man's body when he is lead.

I would venture to suggest Samson isn't sleep is toying with her. There actually playing a game that one Old Testament scholar called Sanson let's play the Philistines are coming.

Let's play okay what do you well wrap these bowstrings around. Okay, okay. She wrapped them around him and then says Sanson. The Philistines are upon you and he snapped the bowstrings. The text says is a thread of flax snaps when it touches the fire. By the way this point or something else. We probably need to correct. There's no reference to Philistines rushing out to grab him and he snaps them and fights them and kills them know they stay hidden in an inner chamber until they're sure this secret is the real secret and it is in and they state hidden. Sanson has no idea there in the Delilah that outplays along tries hard not to show too much disappointment, but she pouts she has a point.

The man he says he loves her, won't let her into the secret place of his heart and life. Notice verse 10 then Delilah said to Samson to hold your mocking me telling me lies please tell me how you might be bound never to tell me the secret to who you are and he said well if they bind me with new ropes that is not in use and I shall become weak and be like any other manner between this verse and the next is at least a day or two. Maybe more. Delilah is either purchasing or she has delivered to her new ropes and she says to him you know one evening let's play that game again. Remember the secret he told me let's just promise if you really tell me the truth.

She wraps up with rope. Notice the text reads, but he snapped the ropes off his arms like a thread from the way the narrative unfolds.

Delilah immediately says the Samson verse 13 until now you have mocked me and told me lies tell me how you might be bound again.

11. I think here's what's happening. Look, I love you and you say you love me and I want to know what makes you tick and you keep making fun of me. You keep laughing at me by withholding the secret is toying with me, strange things. It is funny Sanson shouldn't keep secrets for me any longer before ever got a make it any further. Tell me how you might be bound. Would you notice for the first time Samson comes dangerously close to the truth for the first time he mentions his hair. Verse 13. The middle part of the said her view we the seven lots of my hair. You you you weed my braids with the web and fasten it type with the pin that I'll become weak will be like any other man just got a paraphrase what happens in our vernacular. So while he slept. This time he sleeping Delilah effectively wound his braided hair into a small portable Weavers shot whole. She had thereby. She said Sanson the Philistines are coming, but he awoke and disentangled his hair from the loom and in the process ruined her sewing machine and she said what's this verse 15. How can you say you love when your heart is not with me. That's why the danger signs are flying around. He has no idea Philistines are hiding in the she saying how can you say you love me when the very secretive your heart governs your life is kept from me.

I just try to figure out who you are. Sanson verse 16 and when she pressed him hard with her words. Day after day, sometimes going by mail, and urged him his soul was vexed to death. Learn here. The temptation resisted does not mean temptation grows weaker sometimes it grows stronger and more stubborn and more persistent. Stephen has more to say on the topic of how we can deal with our sin were just about at the end of our time and so will bring you the conclusion to this lesson on tomorrow's broadcast. If you joined us late. You've tuned into wisdom for the heart. This is the Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey, one of the things that brings us great joy is when we receive correspondence from our listeners. Here are some notes that have come in recently.

Thank you so much for your ministry.

Your wonderful teachings and the time you invest in the study of the wonderful word of God.

I'm always greatly blessed Natalia in Pembroke Pines, Florida, a listener from Dover, Ohio, said your sense of humor adds to the clarification of the point and we praise the Lord that we can share these materials with others.

Keep up your studies. And one more. Your lessons are meaningful and easy to remember and I've quoted you several times in my two Bible studies. We hope to visit Colonial Baptist Church in person one day soon well thanks for that note, Bonnie. We would enjoy having you visit if your travel plans ever bring you to our area. Stephen is the pastor of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina. If you visit.

I encourage you to go to the church website and let us know in advance that you're coming this information for guests in a form that you can fill out to register your visit and help us prepare to greet you.

The website for the church's if you like to learn more about the ministry of wisdom for the heart. That website is wisdom.

Online.thanks for joining us today and join us tomorrow for more wisdom

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