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Eyes To See 2020 - John 20:1-8

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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April 8, 2020 1:00 am

Eyes To See 2020 - John 20:1-8

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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April 8, 2020 1:00 am

How do you know that the little part you see of life and what you believe about the afterlife is really the full picture? Are you certain what you believe is true? Bring your doubts to the Scriptures and discover anew why the Gospel is reliable . . . and glorious!

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Jesus Christ is not someone to look casually upon is not someone you create theories over don't just look into the empty town. Don't just send one more Easter Sunday use.

Ask him to open your eyes to see the truth for what it is one direction in life Christian where you looking. Are you preoccupied with the risen Christ. You see him afresh today. Seated on his throne in total control over the agony of your life and raise him as a teacher, but glancing at Jesus is not the same thing as really see and knowing Jesus. There is much that we can't see about our lives and there may be times when we have doubts this is wisdom for the heart.

Today Stephen baby invites you to bring your doubts to the Scriptures and discover a new why what we find there is reliable organ to examine three passages today and be encouraged to really see as God wants us to see Stevens calling today's lesson eyes to see.

Let's get started.

Christ is risen, risen, I wonder if I were to tell you that this afternoon as you leave, you'd have to relinquish one of your five senses. I wonder which one you choose to give away. I can't imagine anybody seeing me out of the lobby singly. I'd rather smell than see I would imagine most of us would rather see than perhaps anything the human eye is an amazing creation of God in a sense that we all value. Those of us who can say it's one of God's amazing creation even Charles Darwin admitted his frustration and doubt of his own theory of origin simply because of the complexity of the human eye since her eyes are delicate and so highly valued God with you some pretty careful design specifications tech them dignity. Most of RI is placed inside the hardest part of our body or head. How many of you married someone with a hardhead let me see your hand arise were designed for maximum protection bony protrusion of the brow the cheekbones underneath and on either side then further protected by the bridge of our nose. In between some of us have more protection than we are to have got installed tiered docs that constantly bathe our eyes. He's hedged them in with eyebrows to reroute sweat from our many equip them with eyelashes to catch foreign objects and then gave them beautiful colors to catch future house and got gave us two of them that wonderful, many could have given us two noses and one eye that be attractive, wouldn't it enables us to see in three dimensions. We can determine distance and velocity, height and depth, without any aid through them we can see the world I've read every 20 minutes. Someone in the world loses their eyesight. There are some 15 million blind people in the world today. We have those in our own church family are blind for millions of people are physically blind. There are billions of people who are spiritually blind. That is far greater issue. Is it not is not surprising to me that God would use the metaphor of spiritual side to related to physical side throughout the Scripture according the Bible.

It's possible to see physically well and yet not be able to see spiritually. Well, Jesus Christ rebuked the religionists of his day. When he said you see, but you do not perceive you have physical side but spiritually are blind. He said in Matthew 15 to the religion leaders. He said you are blind guy's leading blind people. The apostle Paul talked about unbelieving mankind who is unable to see because the God of this world has blinded them to the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the very image of God.

Second drink is for verse who can see physically, but are blind and spiritually, they cannot put it together they can see a little bit they know there's something spiritual they're fascinated by the afterlife in another world but unable to come to the truth, like the poem I remember reading in middle school for the first on the wind like this. It was six men of Hindustan to learning much inclined to went to see the elephant though all of them were blind that each by observation might satisfy his mind. The first approached the elephant and happening to fall against his broad and sturdy sided once "God bless me.

But the elephant is very like a wall. The second feeling of the Tosca cried. What have we here so very round and smooth and sharp.

To me it's mighty clear this wonder of an elephant is very like a spear. The third approach the animal and happening to take the squirming trunk within his hands, thus boldly up and spake. I see quality. The elephant is very like a snake.

Fourth, reached out his eager hand and felt about the need what most this wondrous beast is like his mighty plane quoth he is clear enough. The elephant is very like the tree, the fifth a chance to touch the ear said even the blameless man can tell what this resembles most deny the fact who can this marvel of an elephant is very like Diane the sixth. No sooner had begun about the beast to grope, then seizing on the swinging tail that fell within his scope. I see quoth he, the elephant is very like a rope and so these men of in the stand disputed loud and long, each in his own opinion exceeding stiff and strong though. Each was partly in the right they all were very wrong, but the truth is we need help desperately. If we are going to be able to see and comprehend how you know what part of life is really worth pursuing how you know what it is about the afterlife. That's real and what you know that Jesus and God and the spirit and spiritual truth. It's real not going to lead you as a blind leading the blind into some trap or want to show you several times in the Bible where we are challenged to not just look but truly see the first scene I want to take you to occurs at the empty tomb of Jesus Christ and the other to relate to the church. This love delivers live John chapter 20 if you'll turn their John chapter 20 verse one John writes now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came early to the tomb while it was still dark and saw all the stone already taken away from the tomb. You could circle the words solve their so she ran and came to Simon Peter and to the other disciple whom Jesus loved, this is Johnny never refers to himself by name in his gospel. Only the other disciple, or the disciple whom Jesus loved, and said to them, they have taken away the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid him.

The record tells us that Mary saw the stone already taken from the tomb literally thrown off its tracks. The little guy heard that it would roll down in the cover that the entrance of the tomb literally thrown, as it were. Set aside. She saw all that but didn't comprehend. Would you notice she does not run back to the disciples filled with exhilaration and announce hey you will believe it. The stone is rolled away.

Jesus has risen from the dad now. She said the stone is rolled away I saw that but we don't know where they've taken him will probably never find him again while she was right. The body had been moved but not the way she thought verse three Peter therefore went forth, and the other disciple, and they were going to the tomb so Peter and John here in the two were running together in the other disciple ran ahead faster than Peter probably irritated Peter did came to the tomb first and stooping and looking and he saw. There is another word to circle. He saw the linen wrappings lying there, but he did not go in. He didn't go in word that's used in the original language for saw, here's the word black poet literally refers to just a casual glance.

Just a casual glance. John stooped, he looked in and he saw the linen wrappings just a casual nod. Nothing further infected tells us in verse five that he didn't even go into the tomb now. Finally Peter huffing and puffing arrives at the tomb in verse six as he entered the tomb and he saw the linen wrappings lying there. This is typical Peter. He doesn't stand and just casually looks. He blasters into the tomb and he see again. That word appears in English language and just as he saw, but it's another entirely different original biblical word theoretical which gives us our word theory he standing there dumbfounded he scratching his generous cheek or his head, and he's trying to put the clues together and he's coming up with his own particular theory. Why is he theorizing will the text tells us verse seven. This is the amazing site. The face cloth which had been on his head, not lying with the linen wrappings, but rolled up in a place by itself. Another word somebody's tidied up here the face cloth the dairy on about the sizable of small washcloth that was placed on the face of of the deceased where their body would be wrapped that had been rolled out neatly and set over to the side, but the grave closer. The strips were still lying there, you can translate this literally in their place still lying in their place like an empty cocoon. These wrappings with 100 pounds of dummy spices that formed like a mummifying wrap of the deceased body.

It's as if according to the Texas as they are still there lying in their place.

You could see the form of a body. The feet and and then the belly of the chest and then it would end at the neck and it's still there like an empty cocoon was so amazing I Peter standing there. What could this mean now the text tells us the other disciple had first come to the tomb. Verse eight that also entered, that is.

John then goes and then he saw circle that again another word and believe John saw the grave close to their not torn up scattered around the tomb as if some body snatchers. Ed Conda quickly take them away or the religious leaders he wanted to make sure Jesus ain't dead there. The wrappings are still in their fold. In other words, in the form of a human body, but now there an empty shell except for the face cloth which is been rolled up neatly and set over to the side it says the John Saul, that word is Morocco. It means to see with comprehension and discernment. John saw and believed it.

I think this incident here in this text perfectly describes our world today.

There are those who will take a casual look at this Easter thing and say well that's great you know the terms empty wonderful and saw a lot on with life. Just a block quote just just a casual glance, there are those who scratch their heads and they look at the clues in maybe they say if I had a little more evidence or maybe I could figure it out but I do have a theory.

Let me tell you my theory the world is filled with theories is nearly empty tomb, but there are those who see it by faith comprehending the empty tomb means victory over death. Life beyond the grave, forgiveness over sin entrance into heaven. Those of us who believe in this risen Lord. We see, we believe it. Somebody came up after the first hour and handed me a little note and he said he had written out on it and the little phrases that the world says you have to see it to believe that the words that you believe it to see. We believe it and it is the evidence of our faith.

These things not seen. The first look delivers everlasting life. I want to give you a second look.

This delivers direction for life and turn to Hebrews chapter 12 just keep heading right for those who come by faith to this risen Lord. We need direction in life. Knowing we celebrate Easter, every Lord's day we move beyond it, asking the Lord to give us direction and here's a wonderful thing. And again, the word to see the verb to look or see appears the writer puts it this way. Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us.

Chapter 11 give us stories of faithful men and women, let us lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. How do we run, looking unto Jesus, your translation maybe fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author that is the pioneer could render it the perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

That's an idiom that played relates to him sitting at the place of authority sitting in the place of the presence as it were, the very image of God he sat down there if you see God you will be looking at Jesus. He is the image of God and he is sitting there with the authority and as the representative person in power of the triune God.

Now in this scene you notice here, you're the runner you're running the race of life in the word for race in verse one is on his own. It's the word that gives us our transliterated word agony ever felt like that in your race of life. This is not a Saturday morning jog.

This is the marathon.

The writer is referring to the Isthmian games of Greece. The agonizing race was called. It was referred to this was the marathon and the question would be for those of you who believe, will you be able to make it with the biblical writer indicates that it has everything to do with what you're looking at what your focus is in fact the word lock in verse two. Looking at our fixing is a word that appears only one time in the New Testament and it is here in this text and it is a word this offer, which means literally to look away from everything else. The prize is Jesus Christ, the risen and ascended the exalted Lord and is as if the writer indicates he is as it were sitting at the finish line waiting for us to arrive. He the grand prize. Think you can make it there, look at Christ, who whatever reason to doubt the goodness of the father in his agony, the one who had every opportunity to abandon his race look to the one who had every earthly evidence that following God would not be worth it.

Look at him see how he ran look at how he responds and in his run watch his actions during his race.

Keep them in your side's believer as you run your marathon of life, endurance, and is gained by being preoccupied with the risen Lord. Look at him when there is a look that brings life everlasting life. There is a look that brings direction for life. We give you one more. There is a look that delivers life to others. The first look has to do with the Messiah's miracle. The second look has to do with the Messiah's management and the third look has to do with the Messiah's mission back to John.

John chapter 4 John chapter 4 and while you're turning.

I'll remind you of the story you may have heard before. It's the story of Jesus who was resting beside the well, originally dogged by his patriarch father Jacob, the disciples have gone into Samaria. You remember and they've gone to get food to eat.

They have a need for some time and water gone a Samaritan woman arrived at the well to draw water. She came at noon the time when most of the other women would not have come she didn't want to be seen. She perhaps knew that they talked about her anyway. Jesus was there and he exchanged with her a cup of cold water for the gospel in told her everything about her, including her five former husband's in her current live-in boyfriend whom she was not married he told her about true worship and the promised Messiah. She hurried back into town and she was sharing the news with everybody and in the meantime, the disciples came back and were with the Lord there at the well. They wanted him to eat something he wanted them to see something in all the villagers were coming their way through the lower area that village and then up the hill the Jacob's well and he said to his disciples. Look at verse 35 he said to them, behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and what and luck on the fields.

They are white for harvest lock can you see them there. Why under harvest.

The harvest fields are necessarily white robe in a pharmacy and enough pictures are not white cream-colored. Perhaps if we would not white. Furthermore, they were facing some harvest field they were facing the city of Samaria. Jesus said, in effect, do you see the fields are why what could he be referring to. I think one Bible commentator, a century ago.

Give us the answer.

He himself was seated at Jacob's well. He was looking toward Samaria on the well was still there to this day as he was seated. There are Samaritan men came out from the city and started the climb up the hill toward the well, and they came in little groups and they were wearing their customary robes and had their heads wrapped with white turbans, which was their custom and he watched them, he could see their heads bobbing along as they came up the hill toward the well, perhaps that's when Jesus was telling the disciples to see as the village was literally attempting to come to see the one who claimed to be the Messiah who knew everything about this woman's secret life. They came along in their turbine heads are bobbing and Jesus says what do you see that that's the harvest field. That's why ready for harvesting question for the church today is can we see with joy inside the empty tomb, but can we also look with sorrow at our empty world. It's possible. Ladies and gentlemen have 2020 vision and yet be blind spiritually is also possible to be blind physically and have perfect 2020 spiritual site.

I think of one woman like that Fanny Crosby you know her by name and in many of her hymns. We sing the famous hymn writer. She lost her sight as a baby through the misdiagnosis of their family doctor. Many would believe it to be a tragedy but she had an interesting insight and unusual perception she would write her first poem at the age of eight when he read it to you today-year-old little girl she wrote oh what a happy child. I am although I cannot see I am resolved that in this world, contented I will be first him of praise to God. She would grow up to write many more. One of her most familiar ones. The lyrics are sung often times in anticipation of seeing the Lord.

They go like this and I shall see him, how face-to-face tell the story saved by grace you want the kind of confidence will then Jesus Christ is not someone to look casually upon he's not someone you create theories over. He is the missing piece. Don't just look into the empty town.

Don't just go and send one more Easter Sunday.

Ask God to help you see ask him to open your eyes to see the truth for what it is you want direction in life Christian where you looking. Are you preoccupied with the risen Christ, will you see him afresh today. Seated on his throne in total control over the agony of your life and race church do we see our mission field to not just look at the world around us, but to see it for what it is tragically empty to look upon the harvest fields of the world are about you.

I would your friend say what I live in a world of pastors, ministers and clergymen and they are absolutely depressing. Let me tell you all of the stuff coming out talking about were post-Christian ought to think of it this way were pre-Christian were living in a pre-Christian era where they need to hear the gospel that we begin with a very basic truth.

Race is not over the mission field is not now swept clean. It is just beginning to ripen in a message to the world is simple, if you want to see his face in the future you have to see them by faith in the present resurrection of the Redeemer. According to the Scriptures, makes possible the coming resurrection of the redeemed ladies and gentlemen, I want to say as I wrap up our study. I want you to know that on this campus is you perhaps well know, we take the biblical record of Christ's death and burial and resurrection. Literally.

Seriously. And we believe it.

We believe in the record of Scripture. Everything in it, and every part of it. I like to say we believe in the Bible from the book of Genesis to the book of concordances we don't debate it. We declarant, we believe it is the living word given to us by the living Lord. Maybe you're thinking, but you know I don't have the advantage of the early disciples to believe that they got to see him with their physical eyes, and I haven't seen the risen Savior, may I give you the words of Jesus. Therefore, you and for us who believed is Jesus, the risen Lord reappeared inside that little room time is it that I'm not believe unless I seal Jesus in his glorified body chosen to retain scars for eternity in his hands and his feet.

His side as memorials to his work is Leo I am Thomas when he saw the risen Lord immediately fell to his knees and he uttered that great truth, my Lord and my God. Jesus somewhat rebuked him, but blessed us. He said these words in John 20 verse 29 because you've seen me of you believe O Blessed are they who believe have yet to see this is my invitation to you to receive the greater blessing by believing in him whom you've not seen to join the rest of us who believe the word of God to take it at face value is God's truth to us text like Matthew chapter 28 verse six when the angel announced. Are you looking for Jesus Christ is been crucified. He is in error is risen, just as he said, by faith, simply accept the fact that he is the risen Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, then you shall be saved. Romans chapter 10 verse not add to mention Romans at least one time this morning. Place your faith in this living Lord, and you can indeed join the rest of us who see it, who will literally see the entire faith is the evidence of things not seen. We believe that say it, join the rest of us who can say this wonderful truth.

Are you ready to say it again, Christ is risen he is risen indeed. Again, Christ is risen once more Christ is risen, I'm glad you joined us today here on wisdom for the hearts. One of Stephen's sons, Seth, Davey, has written a children's book that introduces children to Jesus Christ covers the incarnation of Jesus.

Some highlights of Jesus life and his death and resurrection. If you have children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces and you want to help them understand who Jesus is. This resource will help them. Seth is both the author and illustrator of this beautiful children's book called Marvel at the mystery.

We'd love to give you information on how you can get a copy of this call us today at 86 648 Bible. That's 866-482-4253 were in the office on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern standard Time. I hope we hear from you. I also hope you'll be with us tomorrow.

Stephen continues his focus on Easter. Join us, right here on wisdom

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