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Practicing the Truth of Easter - 1 Peter 1:13-16

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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April 10, 2020 1:00 am

Practicing the Truth of Easter - 1 Peter 1:13-16

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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April 10, 2020 1:00 am

The Apostle Paul once said that the resurrection is the most important part of the Gospel. Do you know why he said that? In this message Stephen discusses why the Resurrection lies at the heart of Christian doctrine and practice.

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Resurrection truth should be seen in the way we talk everything and plan and dream, and interact and work way that lets people know that Christianity is more than the fish symbol Laura bumper sticker or an Easter outfit. It is a God pleasing future looking Bible sinking, hopeful living, joyful speaking holiness practicing life. This is what matters. This is by the way what our world desperately needs to see gather on Easter Sunday.

You'll celebrate in a special way.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ. But what about Monday. How does the resurrection matter when you go to work or go to school or interact with your family and friends. The apostle Paul said that the resurrection is the most important part of the gospel.

Do you know why he said that today Stephen Davey opens God's word and discusses why the resurrection lies at the very heart not just of our Christian belief but also our Christian practice.

Stephen's lesson today is entitled practicing the truth of Eastern few days ago I was sent this article from a man in our church story about a man was being tailgated by very stressed-out woman on a busy street. Suddenly the light just in front of him turned yellow and he had time to stop so he stopped. He did the right thing stopping at the crosswalk. Even though he could have been you could have beaten the red light by accelerating which is what some of us are prone to do right will the woman had been tailgating him was in Syria.

She hit the roof.

She began to swear at him and and razor for us. She laid on the horn shaking your fist at the Manor front of her for making her miss her chance to get to that intersection. She was still in mid ramps when she was.

She heard a tap on her window and looked up into the face of a very serious police officer. The officer ordered her to exit the car with her hands up. He put her in the back of the police car to the station where she was searched, fingerprinted, photographed and placed in a holding cell.

After couple of hours. The policeman opened a policeman open the door to her cell and she was escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer was waiting with her personal effects, and he was extremely apologetic. He said ma'am, I'm so sorry from a terrible state so I was actually behind you and you are swearing at Amanda blowing her horn and shaking your fist and I noticed all the stuff on the back your car.

The choose life license plate holder in the what would Jesus do bumper sticker in the fish emblem on the trunk, so naturally I assumed you had stolen the car and are you like that though I when I drive on my facility with fish on the bumper. I just I look medially at the speedometer eradicated everything. Be careful.

So maybe after church and apply this message by going and taking off. The fish is off of your trunks right. But the question is, what difference does all that stuff make anyway when we how can we tell it how can people tell if we really are catching the truth of this one we say we belong to lie like her attention back to the letter of Peter to the believers first Peter chapter 1 where we last words, they uncovered for demonstrations that are to be lived out in the life of believers who understand the truth that only the truth about Easter but understand there is life after Easter. In other words, there is a lifestyle to be lived by those who say they believe in the life of Christ. For Peter, the living Lord made all the difference talked about how her to focus on this inheritance rather than stuff temporary stop Howard were to live with a sense of hope rather than be defeated, and several other demonstrations.

Let's build on those first four today and uncover several more demonstration number five is this. We ought to think biblically and not get caught napping spiritually. Go to verse 13 of chapter 1.

First Peter.

He writes therefore, prepare your minds for action. Love that phrase Cranfield translates it roll up the shirtsleeves of your mind.

Get ready your translation might read guard up the line of your mind. In fact, I personally like that translation better and more Woodley translates on is a solenoid that word that means to gather and it's a word that goes right back into the culture of that day were those Middle Eastern men wore the long robe, sort of like long shirts on the outside of there under garments in their pants of the normally war, but they have these long tunics or shirts that went all the way down to their ankles. What this word referred to was the customer they would reach down and grab the back of that tunic and pull up in front of their between their legs and pull all of it up and tuck it into their wide belt they were girding up their liens. They work, gathering up the material so now they can run now to get work unhindered.

They were ready for action. Peter tells the believer listen if you believe in the resurrection of Christ, which is where he began adverse. Three. If you really believe that he's alive.

Get your mind ready for action. Be alert.

In fact, the word he uses for the mind goes beyond simple intellectual activity to that mental activity that literally guided and directed the conduct of life. So what he is saying is make biblical decisions. Get ready for action in making biblical choices saying yes to this saying no to that choosing to walk in this way and choosing not to walk in that way saying think biblically, Paul writes to the Roman believers be transformed by the renewing of your wife, your mind so that you will do so that you're going to be able to test out as as proof that God's will is is good. It is acceptable. It is perfect from 12 to the same letter here. Peter wrote he will exhort the believer to be prepared to give an answer that defense to everyone who asks for you to give an account for the hope that is within you.

Chapter 3 verse 15 get ready to respond. Get ready to interact with the Israelites were instructed by Moses, who'd been instructed by God to eat the Passover meal in Egypt for leaving the land of bondage. They were told in that text to eat the meal with their loins girded and with sandals on their feet. They were about to be freed from bondage they were leaving the old way of life forever. They were to prepare for a new life, a new walk new laws, new way, the new land was an entirely new life. That's the idea. Here Peter I believe is drawing on. If you believe in the resurrection of Christ. He says get ready for a new way of thinking and the new way of living for the higher laws of heaven for new path and ultimately a new land demonstration number five and as we ought to think biblically and not get caught napping spiritually. Number six, six demonstration of life after Easter. That is, there is a lifestyle we should follow our celebration today is that we auto act with self-control and not be driven by emotions. Verse 13 again.

Therefore, prepare your minds for action. Keep sober stay sober word is a double meaning of the New Testament first refers to the one who refuses intoxication not under the influence or any of the effects of wine, most often in the New Testament the word refers metaphorically to self-control, to not being influenced by those emotions are feelings are even thoughts that would be contrary to the word of God. Peter writes in this letter.

In chapter 4 aces be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of praying chapter 5 verse eight of the same letter, Peter had to be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Why because your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking somebody to devour, seeking someone in the context of believers seeking a believer to the word to be rendered. Discredit is looking around and he's prowling about for you and me to discredit our lives better. Have your emotions under control. Paul writes to Timothy B sober in all things. Secondarily, for five to the Corinthians Paul writes become sober minded and stop sinning.

In other words, stop letting your emotions drive your life your feelings which lead to sinful action stay sober then is a warning which means don't determine how you live based on feelings alone that don't misunderstand. Here Peter has already told us that we are to be a people of deep and expressive joy, and it should show interfaces. It should show interactions verse six he writes in chapter 1 of this you greatly rejoice with great rejoicing. Verse eight with joy inexpressible from his understanding emotions are wonderful traveling companion, but they are not good drivers. Make sure they're not behind the wheel don't kick him out of the car. Keep them with you. He moves further on number seven will remember the future is coming and not get stuck in the past or present noticed the last part of verse 13 fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation. The apocalypse is the word used of the final culmination of the presence of our risen Lord Jesus Christ fix your hope ultimately on that future will be setting one of the three supreme virtues of the Christian life.

They are what faith, hope and love the greatest of these is love, hope, ladies and gentlemen is not nailbiting it is and wishing for the best at its basic core. Hope is the Christian's attitude toward the future fact, in its essence, hope would be very similar to faith. The difference being faith involves trusting God for the present and hopeless, often portrayed as trusting God for the future. Would you notice the language of Peter. He is, he's actually commanding the believer to exercise, which means hope is an act of the will fix you are so on this coming future day is alluding to the fact that Jesus Christ, the resurrected one. This one gives us our eternal inheritance are great joy. He is alive and he has prepared an incredible future for us all. So don't get stuck in the past. Peter well newsreaders looking forward even a terrible present experience at the hands of Nero's persecution would would rise so he will lift their thoughts beyond their past and present. Toward this future day one wears me, puts it this way. He's is hope is not a sedative is a shot of adrenaline like that thought is not a sedative is a shot of adrenaline. He goes on to write like an anchor.

Our hope in Christ stabilizes us in the storms of life.

But unlike in anchor. Our hope moves us forward does not hold us back. Just remember, as he would say that these believers future is on its way and for those of you today believe in life after Easter.

That Easter auto matter, not just on Sunday but on Monday I just on the bumper of your car, but in the drivers seat. There is this demonstration of hope give you 1/8 demonstration will resist the pull of society and not revert back to our old ways. Verse 14 as obedient children, do not be conformed pressed into the mold of your former lusts which were yours in your ignorance and I was don't get pulled back into a lifestyle that you now know is foolish. It was endurance even at that moment in time you thought you were right. Perhaps it's kind of conjured up in my mind the idea of pulling out an old high school or college yearbook. Looking at the pictures looking at what you wore in your class picture you think all my and it's embarrassing is saying here don't go back to now you are embarrassed about, don't go back to to serious stuff. He calls them lusts the pit. The media was forbidden longings. Those sensual impulses, evil longings, unrighteous motivation, fleshly desires for things that do not belong to you. He says you gotta feel up all Becky's writing this to believers. Why would you write it to them because he doesn't want them in because it's possible to be pulled back to old ways, which will only bring greater shame to the name of Christ in your own testimony in this evil one who prowls about hopes and longs for that day. Don't go back to darkness walk in the light.

One hot summer night exactly 30 years ago this July.

Read about New York's power supply breaking down your old enough, you probably remember reading about in the city was blacked out for a few hours immediately. Tens of thousands of people poured from their apartments at home, salute and burn the city.

Roving bands article I was reading recently of men, women and children pull down steel shutters from storefronts shatter plateglass windows and hauled away everything they could carry. Some even took time to rent trucks and drive them into the city to haul off the loot fires were started all over the city. Firemen fought over 1000 fires and receive nearly 2000 false alarms which served as decoys to get the police away from the losing thieves even robbed from one another like one lady complained of to friends that some guys it offered to help her carry some clothing and radio. She had stolen and it had been run off with them and she said that's not right.

One is over only a fraction of the looters were arrested, many of them showed no regret accepted, having been caught. One young woman said is really sort of beautiful everybody was out on the streets together like being a party for the 2000 stores been damaged and plundered in this party at a cost of more than one billion dollars. All the cuts for a few hours, the lights went out in the city was dark what you like.

When the lights go out what you like. When the lights are on but everybody around you is in the dark.

Paul wrote, you are no longer children of darkness, but now you are children of light. Ephesians chapter 5 verse eight live like it. Peter writes don't get pulled back into that dark world that dark way get pulled back into your old ways. Watch out for the undertow of the world. It is relentless. It is powerful. It will never leave you alone matter what age you are, the matter how old you are in Christ. It will never leave you alone. It is destructive. If anybody knew the power of the pull.

Peter did a few weeks ago, my wife commented to me in her study on the disciples help for Peter fell. She remarked at how Peter was the one who made that declaration of Christ's deity. Remember that text it would back and looked it up and looked it up in the original languages, the Lord asked his disciples remember who men say that I am a civil. Some say you're Elijah something your John the Baptist. So who do you say that I remember was Peter said you are the son of God, you are God come to earth your God in fleshed. You are the anointed Messiah.

What incredible insight. What a wonderful declaration in Jesus Christ and the church will be built on that declaration that I am in fact God it wasn't long ago. Afterward you member by a warm fire and inquisitive servant girl that Peter responded. Matthew 26 I do not know the man. I do not know the man, another servant girl comes along and she says I recognize you. Your accent betrays you your one of them and he began to swear and curse saying I do not know the man and throw pot. I do know that human the pool you knew all about fallen back the rights. I think with the pain of personal experiences.

He says you and me follow the risen Savior and don't get back into fashion literally will be conformed. Don't don't get back into fashion with the ways of darkness. One more demonstration number nine. We ought to pursue holiness and everything then and not make excuses for sin. Verse 15 but like the holy one who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior because it is written, you shall be holy, for I am holy like the way John Phillips connects this with the prior thought anything he wrote that we are to exchange the former lusts for the family likeness good is in it is actually more than that.

In fact, while it's true that the genuine believer is never satisfied is deeply grieved over anything less than holiness. Sin is a grievous thing you slid back into the darkness and you are deeply deeply grieved the word holy however means separated, set apart the holy of holies in the Old Testament was separated by everyone except at presence of God in the high priest, you could go in once a year, our bodies then have become the holy place the sanctuary of God and the high priest himself indwells us and we are now holy, that is, we are separated unto God you can render the word holy marked off.

We are marked off under God. We are designated for God. We use the expression holy communion rather trivially simply means. At the time of celebration specifically marked off. These elements are marked off, they are designated to remember the Lord's death, burial and resurrection.

The idea shows up and I and our use of the word with holy matrimony to ceremony that marks off the man and a woman unto one another. Holy matrimony means that a man is separating himself from the affections of every other woman under this woman only the woman the same for her husband would would all woman marry a man who said listen, you can have 90% of me.

I love you with 85% of my heart know holy matrimony means you're giving 100% of yourself and your wife work husband. What husband would ever say to his wife, honey. I will be faithful to you 11 months out of the would you hire somebody who said listen, I promise not to steal from this company on the first Monday of every month. Would you be happy with the government.

Let saving 99.9% accurate on your income tax return.

If the hospitals were right only 99.9% of the time it would give in America. 12 newborn babies to the wrong parents every day we satisfied with 99.9% absolutely just circle in your text the word all the word all but like the holy one who called to be holy yourselves also in 99.9% of your behavior.

No all of your behavior. Don't cut corners. Don't make excuses for that one tends 1% was little I find little expense reimbursement whittling away.

It was just a little thing a little one show is only one that no, in all your behavior.

If you really believe in Easter and life after Lord, you can have all of me and you can have all of me both time for those who have received Christ as their personal savior.

We are to think biblically and not get caught napping when I act with self-control will not be driven by emotion.

We are to remember the futures coming and I get stuck in the past or present will resist the pull of society and not revert back to our old ways we ought to pursue holiness and everything and not make excuses for sin. This is Howard act.

By the way I hear there this is Howard a live church. But in the world, by the grace of God.

For those who come to life by believing in the Swan who is the risen living Lord resurrection truth should be seen in the way we talk the way we walk when we think and plan and dream, and interact and work and and even drive.

I hate to have to say that even in the way we drive way that lets people know that Christianity is more than a fish symbol. Laura bumper sticker or an Easter outfit. It is God is a God pleasing future looking Bible thinking hopeful, living, joyful speaking holiness practicing life. This is what matters. This is by the way what our world desperately needs to see people who are convinced that there is life after Easter. I hope this time in God's word was a powerful reminder that the resurrection you'll celebrate this coming Sunday is intended to radically change the way you live every day. I'm glad you joined us today here on wisdom for the hearts are Bible teacher is Stephen Davey. Stephen is also the senior pastor of colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina, and he's the president of shepherd's theological seminary. You can learn more about wisdom for the if you'd like information on the church or seminary. There's links to each of those ministries at that website as well. While you're there, be sure and look around. We have a resource library designed to equip you in your walk with Jesus Christ.

We have books, commentaries, Bible study guides, devotionals, and much more.

We also post the complete archive of Stevens Bible teaching to that website that content is available as audio files. You can listen to, or the written manuscripts that you can read and those are available free of charge online. Another one of our tools that you can make use of is the wisdom for the heart app. The teaching archive is available there, and much more. So install the wisdom for the heart app to your phone today.

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Our email address is info@wisdom online.our phone number here in our Cary, North Carolina office is 86 648 Bible have a great weekend and join us Monday for more wisdom for the heart happy

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