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21st Century Stewards, Part 2 - Titus 1:7

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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April 21, 2020 1:00 am

21st Century Stewards, Part 2 - Titus 1:7

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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April 21, 2020 1:00 am

If you were on a church board looking to hire a new pastor, what questions would you ask the interviewees? What qualities would you most want to see? Paul has given Titus the weighty responsibility of anointing new elders in Crete, and his checklist may surprise you.

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I am personally grieved help pastors and elders are now bragging about the wrong breweries in their basements, their own as if this is some kind of great pastoral bad of relevance and liberty listen sometimes our liberty strangles common sense following you close I can get you to the precipice of something that can destroy you, but how far away from it. I can only pastors and elders as well. Freedom is alluring and we crave it. Sometimes when thinking about personal liberty.

What gets lost is the importance of acting in the best interest of others.

Today on wisdom for the heart. Stephen Dailey returns to Titus one of the apostle Paul gives the qualifications for church elders. What will see today is that spiritual maturity values the good of others over personal liberty. Here Stephen with today's message there's another negative and elder is not controlled by anger.

Paul described in verse seven as quick tempered important to understand Paul in these is referring to a way of life. This is their character and factor two primary Greek words for anger. One word translated anger in your New Testament is the word summa we get a word thermos from it. It refers our to something differently. The wind we would use a thermos for but refers to fire that quickly blazes out and just as quickly subsides like bike throwing straw or newspaper on the fire you get that and as quickly. It's going the second word is Ornelas, which is an anger that a man actually nurses internally so that he can keep it warm.

That's the word Paul uses Paul is referring to someone with an occasional burst of anger, but to a person with a propensity to anger. In fact, he enjoys it and he enjoys it so much he keeps it on the stove so the speed is warm, ready to burst into flame. At any numbers.

This is a person known as an angry man.

He has an internal inclination toward anger more than any other emotion nuts. I got a response to life with anger and the reason this is so critical is probably obvious about money simply say that working with people provide so many wonderful opportunities to get what angry right you serve in the classroom you coach that team you manage that department.

You've got more than anybody else thousand good reasons to lose your cool and of losing your call is your propensity everyone loses because the role of leadership means you're going to be able to add resentment present Kirk upon her anger upon anger is one author said, even when everything in the church seems to be going in the wrong direction. People are critical or indifferent.

The qualified elder must guard himself against a spirit of hostility and resentment and anger's frustrating is it is believed rising what another author wrote rather humorously. He said every leader in here can identify with this truth.

Being a leader is kind like running a cemetery. There are a lot of people under you but nobody's listening so we know that it went well. Let's go all the way up to Christ the ultimate model Shepherd.

Can you imagine the irritation of spending 3 1/2 years in the same room with Peter and Thomas and Judas to come to the end of your ministry, and then the disciples are debating and arguing about who's got to be the greatest in the coming kingdom mean nothing really all here.

The reason is what is Jesus, though though gets a towel and days in the water and washes their feet and he never forgot that the utmost of his agonies while he's being crucified while he is receiving the worst offenses possible. He prays father forgive them.

They really don't know what they're doing. 2334. None of us have been offended like Christ. None of us have been hurt like Christ.

None of us have been betrayed like Christ switches at Paula saying this is the kind of pattern world to follow and on some human agents that are dedicated passionately. Following this model and then turning around and allowing the body to pattern after them. Third, and elder cannot be influenced by alcohol. It is be interesting right was the main Paul writes a steward of God cannot be addicted to wine. I've never met anybody who said I'm addicted to wine.

I met a lot of people drink, but I never met anybody apart from those who are recovering alcoholics will admit it was a problem. What is the word here imply the word Paul uses carries the idea of continually being alongside of literally someone whose elbow is at the wine and oversee saying why is not to be seen as his companion.

If you study local instruction regarding alcoholic drinks as we call you soon discovered that abstinence is not mandated that there isn't a verse that states the Christians should abstain from all wine at all times what you do find our strong exhortations, even prohibitions against strong drink and much wine and elder is to be then perceived as someone who was under the influence of much wine, which would take quite a bit of wine as you understand what the New Testament wine was like a by the way.

In fact, what most often overlooked in this issue of understanding is what wine was like in Paul's day, most people never stop to consider. Through studying the wine of the New Testament days is not the same wine of Harris Teeter today are different substance that we know from history that wine was basically purified water supply need a first century historian referred to wine is eight parts water one part wine or alcoholic orphanages. We have so much data from the first century we got a recipe upon recipe. The wine of the New Testament days. In fact, the average mixture was about 3 to 4 part water to one part wine. It was effectively purified water that gave a taste and cleansed disinfectant which explains them by the way, why Paul told Timothy to drink a little wine for your wife for your stomach sick.

I know a lot of people are drinking for their stomachs sake, and they go right to this verse. What they overlook is affected Timothy in the first century was so concerned about his reputation as a young elder that he not be viewed in any way is attached to wine whatever under the influence that he swore off on any of it all began drinking straight water.

Not a good idea, wasn't safe in the Santiago II got a bottle water and use it in my hotel room. The brush my teeth and a drinking little restaurant and you order bottle water they bring you the bottle water you turn that cabinet doesn't snap open US for knowing today probably filled with a tablet the lid on all it takes effect. I take a shower close my eyes and my mouth so tightly my lips will hurt. Why, because one drop can change my mission experience for a week to say you need fermentative wine you need water cleansed from contamination.

One Bible scholar who studied the making of wine in the first century made the comment that the average first century person would have needed to drink 12 8 ounce glasses of wine to get the same amount of alcohol one could get today one martini wine today. The wine of Harris Teeter is comparable to the strong drink of the early centuries, which the Bible clearly forbids. Why, because it so quickly can bring you under its influence, and in pair your judgment and for those of you who will lead you can never have your judgment impaired when I asked people and migrate us because because the subject comes out is her at any point time in my life when you would be comfortable with me or any of our elders being under the influence slightly inebriated. What I find and personally tragic is in this age we live in.

We now know the effects of it all. After murder suicides accidental deaths related alcohol. One in four families. We will deal with it was some kind of substance abuse often alcohol one of the largest health problems in America destroying families, reducing life expectancy, and on and on.

Why with any elder in this culture defended, but rather instead model a pattern that stays as far away from it is possible he added that the fact that Paul and Timothy and Titus had virtually nothing much to drink and we have hundreds of choices which will never impair our judgment never cloud our thinking and further never hinder our testimony or credibility, and never tacitly endorsed to some younger believer or maybe even a younger person and cause them to stumble.

Paul wrote to be ruined. This brother for whom Christ died for swimming. Solomon wrote in Proverbs 31. Along these lines and is not for kings to drink wine or for rulers to crave beer.

The NIV translation for strong drink. Last, they drank and forget what is decreed, and pervert the rights of all the afflicted and hours those you lead you to be careful of people under your leadership. Timothy was onto something that usually come in front of the bus and the debate there is your model. It is and how much you can drank without offending somebody or needing a ride home, but how far away from it. You can stand up all right you're not addicted to wine literally saying someone is not always seen as drinking because he would have to continually be drinking and this man perhaps could with his elbow at the table so that he would drink those 12 glasses in the daytime, so that he could get that, but in the impaired. I am personally grieved and an amazing, I've watched it happening over the last 567 years help pastors and elders are now bragging about their own breweries in their basements their own brew as if this is some kind of great pastoral badge of relevance and liberty listen sometimes our liberty strangles common sense and whether you agree or not. I want you to know that you're going to find that here for no other reason than that of influencing others toward holy living are our elders and our deacons are leaders in our teachers are asked to model not how much they can handle clean alive. Can you live always people following you need is and how close I can get you to the precipice of something that can destroy human how far away from it. I can lead see people are going to want to excuse all kinds of things.

This is just the same.

The only she got gluttony media choices. Certainly pornographic material, which would flow into sensuality in movies and and in music.

The use of drugs. People are going take all that and put it in Romans 14 is a listen is my prerogative mental pulling and the legalism. I'm under, the way the constraints of the release of liberty and elder does not think like that.

He's thinking what would be best for the flock will be the best pattern of living for those who follow what would protect them. The most telling elder things is a genuine Shepherd and by the way, every father and mother is to take note as well.

What you allow on television is going to become the standard will stretch it will stretch it, they will stretch it what you listen to endorses for them a world of whatever that world is where they came from, whatever you have in the refrigerators get to be there starting place Not Their Ending Pl. in Oregon to take it further than you may have ever dreamed for the elder. He must not allow anything to cloud his mind or captivate his senses and he wants to be sensitive to that before Paul goes on to say that an elder cannot be recognized as abusive. He writes in verse seven. Not pub nations. Interesting word.

It originally referred to a striker somebody who punches with his fist in the apostolic Canada go back a number of centuries and you find this interesting prohibition. I found it enlightening of what must've been going on and I quote, we order that any bishop who strikes an airing disciple should be deposed so must've been such a problem.

Get online whack that they had to put come up with this injunction. The word came to refer to violence not only in action but in speech.

It came to refer to what we call a brow beater is not physical assault but verbal assault someone who berates and verbally abuses another.

This character by the way, would become so critically important for the elder right because he's gonna handle highly emotional conflict is going to present himself. Oftentimes in the middle of a shouting match. He may be the recipient of all the shouting is usually in the middle of tense situations where is going to act as a referee and what is the crowd, often due to the referee made him more than anybody else is you have a bodyguard to get back to his car right what Paul is saying here then is that if an elder is given to respondent to abuse with matching abuse. Are you saying that to me while I got a few things to say to you with the same attitude in the same spirit you guys shouts his way from one argument to another. If he breaks and belittles others into submission. He is not qualified as a pattern of life and modeling Christ's response, who, when he was reviled did not revile in return went off the road if he will treat the sheep roughly hurt them if he will in his frustration respond to the sheep with verbal assaults, he cannot be one of Christ's under shepherds another offer comment on this text by writing true spiritual authority has nothing to do with a vicious tongue or white knuckles and clenched fists and elder then is a pattern of life and character is not to be blinded by arrogance controlled by anger, under the influence of alcohol, recognized as abusive and one more.

He cannot be driven by affluence. Paul writes of the end of verse seven not fond of sordid gain.

Paul is referring here to an elder whose life is all about money, no matter how he makes a good matter. Honestly, dirty money whatever going to get money dictates his character.

He then represents not the spirit of Christ, but the spirit of materialism. The spirit of the world everybody around him knows that making money is really his chief love in life and maybe this is one of the reasons this kind of characteristic appears on this list here with Titus because the cretins those who lived on the island of Crete had a reputation for greed effect one Roman poet living around the time of the apostle Paul said that the cretins are as eager for money, as these are for honey so it's as if Paul is warning Titus not to choose a cretin to be an elder or lease. Make sure the cretin has the as is the creed, squeezed out of as these were formed by the spirit of God. If they haven't had that squeeze that they haven't decided to battle it and fight it to be a lot of implications their ministries get to favor the wealthy. They might be in some of his back pocket to treat people for people can give them to you looking for the perks in every opportunity to make decisions based on money and not ministry her hidden motive for serving flock is not in feeding the flock, but in fleecing the flock, which is the opposite of the nature of an elder's ministry which is to give to give to be generous to manage funds assets to steward for the benefit of those under their care, not this with a clenched fist. But this with an opening vectoring x-rays at times. One is in direct contrast agreed we don't I know it is safe, but be hospitable. Don't be greedy and care how you get the money you get.

Don't be greedy be hospitable as a person with a gift of hospitality are those given to hospitable those leaders must evidence that what what what is their attitude pay everything I've got years and I know people in the car racing that that reflect that so wonderfully their house. The corridor stop paying. He wanted generosity and giving according to Paul spirit of God speaking through should be the hallmarks of the shepherds heart is effectively saying don't be greedy, elder, pastor Bishop don't look at people as if you're looking at $don't treat them like be generous in giving his or anyone more generous than Jesus Christ, our chief ship. Does he not daily, lavish us with his grace. Did you and I not get out of bed this morning and find deposited in our banking kind of like a fresh deposit of mercy. It's new every grace, love, and he constantly models that spirit and so must is under shepherds for the body that stingy but greedy, not shady but generous great hearted and giving model that in the way we give to Christ in the way we give to each other the way we live showing I will close with an email I received from a teenager just a few weeks ago I leave her name off of church and she didn't expect me to read it. Most of it, but I wanted you to hear how we might even be able to model some generosity today. The subject line of your email to me. Read Zoller subject line. My experience regarding the way in which Christians can improve their witness. She had my attention immediately. She wrote you probably don't know who I am but I been attending colonial ever since I was a baby. We were in the old building, now a senior in high school I wanted to tell you about a conversation I had with a coworker this past Saturday I work at the El Dorado on Tryon Road on Fridays and Saturdays as a waitress. El Dorado is a good spot for a lot of people to go after church because they have good prices for lunch and it is right next to the church. I did say that because I'm looking for deal after church want to go over. She said I know colonial as of the only church that goes over there, but I know a lot of colonial people do.

I was talking to a coworker recently I mentioned how I bet Sunday's a good day at work is it's really crowded from all those people come in after church. He told me that in fact it's not because he never receives good tips and I'm sure you know as a waiter or waitress.

The majority of our salary comes from tips I very clearly saying you know they go over there to get blessed by God than they can even come over here and pay for service. He claimed that was the reason he never went to church to I believe that is the only reason though, there must be something else going on, but nonetheless it is still a bad witness. One of the other waitresses calls us Christians, freeloaders, and the worst is when somebody leaves a gospel tract instead of a tip. Don't do that.

By the way, I think you want to leave the track, you will leave a really big tip insides of the reading. As I said I know colonial is in the only church goes over the nonetheless: is a picture you could do would you like with this information you give yourselves or with the Bible study whatever but I wanted to tell you because of you can make a big difference in my opinion, Christians should always tip well especially when they come in address close on Sunday for lunch because it's obvious that's where they came from and if they can't afford tip well they ought to get fast food or read at home.

He says of the yeah like I said you can do whatever you decide you want to do this information that your thought until a few thousand people today. Well, that's the spirit to model right, this is our closing challenge. Let's model the spirit of Christ is the flock.

Certainly those who will lead flock.

We are stewards in the 21st century we are slaves of God lead, manage the church which belongs to God cannot be driven by affluence recognizes abusive influence by alcohol controlled by anger, blind by arrogance that was wisdom for your heart today from God's. Today's lesson from Stephen Davey are Bible teacher is called 21st century stewards. It comes from our current series entitled the shepherds mantle. This series is from Titus one and it's based on Paul's list of qualifications for the church pastors and elders if you're a pastor or elder in your church. We have a resource that I think will be a real blessing to you or maybe you're a church member and you'd like to provide this resource to the men who lead your congregation. As I mentioned a moment ago the series comes from Stephen's exposition of the book of Titus Stephen has a book entitled Titus that's part of his wisdom. Commentary series. The book of Titus is filled with practical wisdom from the apostle Paul to a young pastor named Titus and Stephen's book is filled with practical pastoral wisdom that would be a trump

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