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Unmasked, Part 2 - Titus 1:12-16

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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May 4, 2020 1:00 am

Unmasked, Part 2 - Titus 1:12-16

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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May 4, 2020 1:00 am

How many people today are following Christ to make a name for themselves? To make extra money? How many pastors are only in it for the popularity and prestige? In this message Stephen challenges us to take off our halo and carry our cross.


The gospel message is that your salvation is rooted in what Jesus Christ has done for you because of Christ's work. We are closed, and his righteousness, not one day. But already, and nothing out. One day, but now will ever separate us from the loving favor of God through Christ Jesus our Lord. Ladies and gentlemen we are accepted in the beloved. Not because we have A list, but because we have come to Christ, not about what salvation is about what God has done for you, through Jesus Christ, as you respond to the gospel message in faith God gives you the gift of eternal life, but one of the things we need to be constantly aware of is the fact that there are false teachers who present false Gospels and lead us astray.

Thousands even millions of people with their lives today on wisdom for the heart. Stephen Devi returns to the book of Titus, where Paul addressed this very topic with a young pastor named Titus and as we examine this together.

God wants to equip us as well. Paul adds that there not only fascinated by Jewish myths, but he says the second thing he says are also given over to the commandments of men.

Did you notice that on the text.

By the time Titus is appointing elders in the church is on the island of Crete. Jewish teachers have been promoting effect for centuries. Their view that God had actually given the nation Israel to two different codes of law. Two different sets of laws at Mount Sinai. One was the written law, the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament and the oral law and that's where you open the barn door is now you got an opening for all kinds of ever-growing interpretations ever-expanding regulation ongoing developments of discussion relating to tradition, opinions, rulings, so now what you've got is you got the written word and you have with legal authority. The oral you have what God has given that men of written under inspiration and you have the opinions of scholars over centuries you got the Bible class you think about it for just a moment how many religions and cults have the Bible plus something else the Bible plus another book, the Bible, plus another profit not mentioned in the Bible. The Bible plus creeds and councils of the church.

These teachers are coming along and are saying that we got something in addition to what you can read out of the Torah. Wait'll you hear this one week we got we got an interpretation from a myth that we've also got commands that have been handed down by the rabbis. That's why when Jesus Christ came along, people said that this man is teaching so differently than anybody else with authority. Why, because all the rabbis it was was quote of the rabbis. It's been said, it's been said so Jesus would often come along and say you've heard that it's been said but I say onto you know we have the benefit of the New Testament. These false teachers coming along with this, they were not relieving the spiritual burden of their followers are only there only adding to it. Let me give illustration princes, the Jews had in their tour of the law to keep the Sabbath day holy. That was a sign unto Israel. That sign would not be repeated to the New Testament church to this day we worship him on the Lord's day Sunday. By the time they got to ask 20 that shifted to the Lord's. This was assigned to Israel and you keep the Sabbath day holy.

Don't make it a day of work. That's pretty simple as the for centuries. They added interpretation upon interpretation and opinion upon opinion. So by the time Paul is writing to Titus. They decided that that eating your soup is a violation of the Sabbath law. If that spoon you're lifting to your lips weighs more than one thing. Otherwise you're lifting a burden that I don't I don't know how much one thing ways but I'm sure I put pieces of chocolate cake in my mouth and weighed more than one thing I want to do it today and I'm not gonna violate the Lord's law at all, work hard, Lord, will there debating whether you can take a chair from one room to the next.

There there there adding commandments relative to lifting the baby they they straddled over the wearing of dentures on the Sabbath, carrying a burden you're not supposed to work on the Sabbath, will that must mean even though we don't have anything Lord I must mean you can't take a journey so they work that over for a few centuries decided that you could walk 200 feet past your front door on the set, but I was kind of intimating is a lot of stuff 250 feet past the front door. So what they did. As I came over the system. Are you getting a rope 200 feet long tied to your doorknob stretch it out walk 200 feet and then you can walk 200 more feet so they are damaging the purity of the gospel of faith in Christ work alone with her myths and the commandments listen. Ladies and gentlemen, damaged doctrine, damages, people, teaching people the only way you can find acceptance with God is to keep the commandments of men that were we going to keep a list I mean you have something about you that finds favor with God. God would not smile upon you unless you Whatever the list is you get to keep your P's and Q's wash behind your ears or whatever all that all that leads people to all that leads the church into is one of two errors. One is total despair. Why, because I can't keep my last. I'm always failing in my last and was more my list. I met somebody's list was longer all the way did Ladner due to my 12 baby mindless is it right leads to despair that I can gain favor from God by keeping the list on the commandments of men or leads to pride in my list. I've kept it six weeks in a row.

I checked every box off. Now God will smile upon me. I or despair. We live ladies and gentlemen, as believers in Christ, his atoning work for us. We literally live under his cleansing flow on our behalf. He continuously the tense of the verb, he continuously cleanses us from every sin. First John 17 and because of Christ's work. We are closed in his righteousness, not one day. But already, and nothing, not one day, but now will ever separate us from the loving favor of God through Christ Jesus our Lord. Ladies and gentlemen we are accepted in the beloved. Because we have kept a list, but because we have come to Christ with his favor and guess what were going to do today and tomorrow.

The next thing to without sin fail if our righteousness depends upon ourselves when the prophet evens her righteousnesses are as filthy rag were accepted. We live the way we live. Out of gratitude we want to act like a father and a troubles us.

We don't we confess our sin daily.

Why not to become a Christian all over again because I guess we didn't get the list, but because want to fellowship with God.

We we confess our sin daily, not for son ship but fellowship Titus you and the other elders need to make sure you're you're on the alert for this kind of distortion of the gospel don't have any patience with myths and fads and trends in false teachings in your generation or the legalistic commandments that kidnap a believer from the truth that he is safely within the favor of God through Christ all be alert to that Paul adds this perspective in verse 15 he says, look there to the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure why their mind and their conscience are defiled. That is, it's never been purified to cleanse the word for pure here means clean is the Greek word Kfar us which gives us our word catharsis taken in the context of this paragraph, Paul is saying that if you have been made clean by the truth of the gospel. Nothing can ever make you unclean or take you outside what you have been brought into. You never have to worry about tomorrow doing something for God would say well I did know you do that sorry. I would have to kick you out of the family.

There is safety and security in that person who has been purified, cleansed by means of the truth which is the gospel of Christ alone. Now, by contrast, you notice in the text. Those who have not been cleansed by Christ. That is who are not within his purity granted to them by his righteousness. Note the contrasting word you are defiled and on believing and there is an anything then you can do to make yourself clean those outside the purity of Christ can't do anything to make themselves appear everything is dirty, they can never get in by their own effort. Just as by your own works.

You cannot be taken out of the purity of Christ and obviously the implication here is that those who are clean look at everything with the purest of intentions or something about wanting to live a life of gratitude for Christ that makes you look at things differently you would have the purest of intentions. You want to purify your relationship you want to purify your vocabulary want to purify your work ethic you want to purify everything that your life but you can gain acceptance by God.

The because you have been anyone you want to please him and you want to to act like your father which brings him joy. Those then the implication here who are defiled, they only see the dirty side of life. They want purify anything there. Their lives are one dirty innuendo after another. One commentator in this way we we change whenever we touch into our own nature.

Those who have a new nature in Christ purify those who are defiled outside of Christ, the file, those are pure attempt to purify everything around him, the man whose defiled soils every thought his imagination so leaves every picture which it forms take the loveliest things and cover them over with dirt smoked to matter of nature. One is redeemed that panders toward purity. The other is unredeemed which really cares nothing for purity is defiled and unredeemed like the proverbial little girl are destroying has grown up several times she brought into it on the farm. She brought into the house. One day her pet pig and her pet little lamb, and she put them both in the bathtub and she scrubbed them all down and she just you know the lathered it up and clean them all up and tell them down and then brushed the little woolen and polished the pig and put out a pink bow on both of their necks and then she opened the front door to go and play with them and that and the little lamb ran for the green pastures and the pig ran back to the mod did issue of nature.

Here's the issue to the defiled and unbelieving.

They, along to same.

I mean, they're looking for the weekend and get together on Monday morning.

Is it what you do I send this what you know I send that way. Oh, what a great weekend. We see in the middle and give you what you do with the chart.

A great talk, the differences nature unmask the motives of these false teachers. It's all about money and fame unmask the teaching of these false teachers is all in myths and fables. Thirdly, unmask their future. It's all about misery and fruitless. This just tell it like it is for 60 they profess to know God by their deeds they do and I am being the testimony, disobedient and worthless really.

They profess to know God. Most of the English world.

The nuance there.

The word no.

They profess to know God is and get us go which means to have a personal experiential relational knowledge of that person.

I could get to know you better if I spent time with you and learn more about you. That's knowledge by means of relationship and communication. Paul doesn't use that word. They're not claiming to know God.

That way there claiming to know Lloyd God. That is knowledge based on information that's knowledge based on facts.

They know some facts about God. They read some information they maybe read the Bible.

They picked up a few words here and there. That's how they know God. They look the part they know some of the biblical language I've heard of use Jesus and want to pray right now and then totally distort the gospel and the rest of the message. I know some things about God, but they don't know God is a difference between knowing about and knowing I couldn't help but laugh. I've enjoyed listening to the services online. Really glad for that. The minister your tech team put together and to Doug on Easter.

Great job Deborah Greg what a fantastic job he's done but I listen last Sundays. He's preaching. I just could have left is using those ration of him as a bowler, his own bowling ball in his own I guess I just picture is his glove was one Glover to Dave one glove.

Maybe that was the problem you needed to. I don't know and then you had your shoes and then he said I got Campbell. I look the part, but that's about it. Ladies, don't you know there's about 8 inches between heaven and hell for you and me what you know about God up here and what you've come to trust about him down here for many people. I fear there is knowledge of God in their mind, but there's no believing in complete trust of Christ alone in their heart. There a lot of people know the language, but they never met the Savior during these last few weeks. One of the books I was able to finish is a massive biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer 624 pages and I finally finished said to finish is excellent biography of of pastor in Germany during World War II who ended up turning and becoming a double agent was captured and then right before the end of the war. He was he was executed by out of Hitler's direct command when I finish that biography I can say with some certainty.

I know some things about Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

I can even quote you a couple of things that Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, but I don't know personally I've never met him. I just know about maybe you you've read this book written by God about God.

Maybe you can even quote a line or two out of it and maybe you never even denied the truth of what it says about God in your your ear and you can you believe everything that I'm saying you've never denied it all the way back to when you were a child you know facts and truth about God. Have you ever given your heart and life to God that begins the relationship if you don't know where you stand. In this regard. Don't leave this auditorium. We have people to help nothing as I'd rather do than talk to you about knowing Christ personally by faith in Jesus work on your behalf alone before we wrap up chapter 1 the me very quickly give you two purpose statements. The poll is inserted into this paragraph. Titus you need to appoint elders. Why first of all to save the church family from harm. Save the church family from harm. Look. Look at verse 11. Again, they he's referring to the false teachers they got to be silenced. Months old is the word Mosso them don't let them speak in the church. Don't let them teach a class, don't give them any ground deal with them. Why because their upsetting whole family knows that. In other words, they are literally ripping the church apart and families within the church because of their false teaching. So you gotta wear the mantle of a shepherd and protect the flock from harm. We talked about that and you'd say we'll see what I know that doesn't surprise you greeted you expect, but the second purpose statement is a bit surprising. Not only must the elders save the church family from harm. He needs to save the false teacher from hell.

We verse 13 again. For this reason, reprove them. That is the false teacher severely so that here's the purpose statement so that they may be sound in the fatty Titus the gospel you deliver is not only given toward the flock but don't win the unbelieving teacher and those that follow that you would expect Paul to get to the end of this chapter with all that he said and say those guys don't worry about them.

Just ignore them. Don't waste your time look at verse 16. They are detestable. They are disobedient. They are worth less for any good deed that work for worthless Thomas that outside the beginning of the builder was building a stone building a temple or ask and he found the stone that had a flaw in it and he can use it. He market with the alpha and that represented Akamai's is is is his crew knew that that stone was on for the building is not fit into the building. She is less so.

Paul tells us these cretins demeanor while they're lazy. Third, what is there liars there to file their detestable there are disobedient there on freefall. They don't fit into the building that God is building and you'd think Paul would get to the end of this description and say tight.

Is there bad man and everybody knows it. So leave them alone knowing it's in the enemies of Titus there bad man that everybody doesn't not go with them go with them to faith in Christ by means of the gospel in the work of the Spirit in our lives. What an optimist. False teachers can be saved to thereafter our hearts aren't Paul says you know what whereafter there's two and thereafter our hearts, but they can have because we've Artie given our hearts away to our Lord.

We can urge them.

The only will ever have forgiveness pieces to give their hearts away to Jesus Christ as well.

I can attain quickly our evangelism training program.

I talked to one of our pastors yesterday or Friday Member but the past several weeks you been able to share the gospel. Visiting those visited our church and sometimes just knocking on doors was told this past week when one of the teams had a young lady who was visiting her parents belonged to the certainly she does and so she was visiting and that she's fluent in English and Spanish and she just decided felt compelled to come and join the team. She'd been through evangelism training. She just thought she'd show up here and go out with the team, so she got up with a couple of fellows from our evangelism team and they went in they decided to knock on some just to some cold calling.

It's called just knock on some doors and went to an apartment complex in a man opened the door and he was interested and he invited them in and they got inside found out that that he had two men visiting from outside the country who didn't know any English only new Spanish and this young lady was able to deliver to them the gospel and that night they both received Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

That wonderful me there there. There's no there's no mystery that this is no list to sign.

There's no there's no formula of of of secret coding.

It is simply the gospel effective art when our pastors told me said nine teen adults in just the last few weeks have prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

That's what were all about winning and discipling edifying those who come to faith helping those is Dr. McGrath preach several weeks discipling them to grow up and if it Titus go find men who believe this who believe you really believe that life is short and death is sure and send is the culprit, but Christ is the cure.

Like the little poems of an era. That's it. Finding really believe that that who won't compromise that who will defend that. Who will unmask those who distort that don't find manual guard and protect and allow them to pray for in the lead, who will give their lives over even with the pressures and the penalties of leadership both. Certainly the delights and the duties of being a shepherd go find men who will live for the advancement of the gospel in the equipping of the saints, and the building up of the church until until Jesus says that times this age this time. This is over today rides on the wind and in the clouds with those have gone before he calls to those who get to go in the text both back to the father's house.

Titus find men who will live for that day.

When you find them. By the way, you will find place upon the shoulders hearts the mantle of a genuine gospel.

Loving Christ exalt sin confronting shepherd the kind of man that Titus was challenged to identify and placed in positions of leadership are the same kind of man.

The church needs today, men who are willing to sacrificially serve God's people and teach God's word simply out of a desire to see God's people built up in the truth. Thanks for joining us today. This is wisdom for the hearts with Stephen Davey Stevens been working his way through a series entitled the shepherds mantle. It comes out of Titus chapter 1, and deals with what it means to be an elder and leader in the church we have it as a set of CDs and can give you more information if you call us today our number here in the office is 86 648 Bible. You'll also find the shepherds mantle on our website which is wisdom also remind you that if you ever miss one of these broadcasts you can go to the website and listen and you can also do that from our smart phone app. I encourage you to install the wisdom for the heart app to your phone so that you can take the Bible teaching you hear wherever you go. If you've not yet received our brand-new resource heart-to-heart magazine, please call us today we'd like to introduce you to this resource.

Each month we have articles that have been written by Stephen and other members of the wisdom team was also a devotional guide that leads you through a time in God's word. Each weekday you'll find information about our ministry and much more in each issue of heart-to-heart magazine.

So again, if you've not yet received a copy, give us a call today at eight 648 Bible. That's 866-482-4253 will be sure and get a copy to you. The ministry of wisdom for the heart is made possible by the gifts we receive from our listeners. Your gifts enable us to develop and produce these lessons in five different languages and share the truth of God's word literally around the world. If you'd like to partner with us, you can send your donation to wisdom for the heart PO Box 37297, Raleigh, NC 27627. I hope this time in God's word was encouraging to you tomorrow. We shift to the book of Revelation and look at issues related to end time events join us for that right here on wisdom for the heart

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