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Heaven Hushed - Revelation 8:1-6

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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May 5, 2020 1:00 am

Heaven Hushed - Revelation 8:1-6

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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May 5, 2020 1:00 am

Heaven is silent as God pulls something from behind the curtain. It's seven trumpets. What are they for? What do they mean? Find out as Stephen takes us back into his study of the Archangels.

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This may very well represent the prayers of all the saints of all time every cry. You made to God.

Every frustration uttered to his throne. Every praise given to his glory every surrender you gave in his name every patient requests for his will. Every longing daughter for relief. Every anguished cry for his direction. Every plea for justice and equity every three to God in prayer, heard all down for us. One of the interesting things that we see in Revelation chapter 8 is the prayers of the saints represented as incense that goes up before God. God wanted John and us to know that the prayers of the saints are heard in the presence of the throne room of God. Welcome to wisdom for the heart. Today Stephen Davey begins a series entitled the trumpets of seven archangels. The scene comes from Revelation chapters 8 through 11 and we begin that series today with the lesson Stevens calling heaven punished if you're able.

Open your Bible to Revelation 8 as we get started with today's Pastor Bill White wrote about taking a 45 minute drive with a guy that he knew acquaintance of his, they were in this man's van was on its last leg ask this man is been arrested several times in addition to financial troubles. His wife had already told him she was planning to leave them. Bill took the opportunity during the ride to share with this man. The gospel of Christ and his response was startling. The road later, and I read his article where he said that represented the gospel them.

This man looked at me and said you know my biggest problem is pride. I just can't humble myself and you want to know the reason I can give up my pride. He leaned on the steering wheel and pause for effect, and then said because it brought me so far the road I could hardly believe my ears is pride.

It brought nothing but trouble unemployed at the moment is van will be repossessed as weakest family shambles is daughters terrified of them.

In fact, he was actually going back to jail a week after I took that ride with him, but he was convinced that his pride had brought him so far as tragic and as self-destructing as this man's pride was. He happens to be an illustration of the human race proud defiance, obstinate, unbending, unyielding, even in the face of terrible suffering and fractured relationships and financial stress and problem after problem mankind will still tell you he has come so far and all by himself went off the road. Most people who hear the gospel are so caught up with themselves. They will only I the Trinity for a possible vacant kind of obstinacy and pride is never more evident during the tribulation when everybody's world is crashing down all around them that they hold of their stubborn rebellion against God who sits upon the throne.

Thus far we have studied the six seals and world madness that has unfolded hundred and 44,000 evangelist with a special seal have been given special protection to deliver the gospel worldwide. They bring a great harvest of souls millions of martyred saints sing around the throne.

Meanwhile the world is reeling to going back and forth from plagues of pestilence to earthquake the asteroid impacts darkness and famine. And in spite of all of the utter madness millions more. The world over will say we will not humble ourselves before God were clinging to our pride it has brought us so far there are no more foolish in their pride that Manny works next to you are the woman lives next to you or that student who studies next to you whose relationships are self-serving. His world is a shambles never have enough in their bank accounts and his world is never quite secure enough and yet they believe there really doing a pretty good job with their lives. They will even say they have everything under control and they'll argue with you till the sun goes down, that they're doing a fine job with their life fact that they had an audience with God.

They would only do so in order to give them some advice on how he could do his job a little better. Paul wrote of the irony of this in the unbelievers life and he wrote to the Romans, destruction and misery are in their paths in the path of peace they have not known yet there is no fear of God before their eyes. Well were about to see in the record of John's vision. The hardening of men's hearts against the Lamb even further are now prepared to follow the antichrist who will appear in very short period of time in text before then God will tip the scales of his judgment is another seal is now about to be opened in these final years of the seven year tribulation. These terrifying apocalyptic events are going to take place can be horrifying.

This can be worse than it has ever been on the planet as his judgment will assault humanity and planet are seven archangels seven unique angels are about to make an appearance and seven trumpets are about to sound these seven trumpets are actually all part of the final moments of of the tribulation there actually all sort of bound up in the seventh seal and as the bowls which will be tipped over. To represent judgment. It's all part of this last and final seal in all of this will occur in the last three and half years of the tribulation. Now let's go to the opening phase of of these seven trumpets. Chapter 8 of Revelation speak our study back up there in verse one just that first phrase when the Lamb broke the seventh seal now again I want you to understand that the seventh seal will actually contain all of the judgments of the remaining time left in the tribulation.

All of the judgment that is about to unfold with the image of trumpets being blown and bowls being spilled out seven trumpets and the seven bowls of wrath are all contained in the seventh seal. Remember let's do a little review. The first seal was the white horse, which brought about temporary peace second seal was a red horse, which symbolize bloodshed and the war, the third seal is a black horse, which represented global famine fourth seal was a pale green horse representing pestilence and in disease and death. The fifth seal encompass the martyrs and their prayers is standing before the throne of God as incense from the golden altar will see that altered a little bit today. The sixth seal was a total eclipse of the sun and moon, the sun turning black and the moon.

Blood red and now the seventh seal containing all the rest of the judgments are represented by trumpets, followed by bowls which symbolize pouring out of even more wrath to come and were getting close. Dear friends, the trumpets and Bowls will occur just a few years prior to the return of Jesus Christ with the church's bride already ruptured already with him already having had the promise of Christ fulfilled for them that they were delivered out the end away from this wrath to come. First Thessalonians chapter 1 verse 10. So when the seventh seal. When that when the angel blows on on that trumpet. The first one there is only to be about three years left before we come back in Christ establishes his literal rain on the earth.

4000 years were to study that later in detail as John unfolds for us visions of the sights and sounds of this incredible coming thousand year war, millennial kingdom now is this scene unfolds in chapter 8 as I studied it, I was struck by several things. Let me give you four elements that were rather striking to me. The first element is his silence, noticing in verse one, when the Lamb broke the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour now. Again, this one verse causes us to have to rethink what will be like in the presence of God in heaven I know is I said before, the hymn writer wrote it. You know when the trumpet of the Lord shall sign and type shall be what no more to dystonia outside the city gates, but I disagree. Evidently, according Revelation 8 somebody's keeping time, there is the progression of time heaven doesn't destroy or dilute any of the glory of having to think of progressing events one after another. In fact, were told that there will be trees bearing fruit every month. Somebody's keeping record of weeks, days, and we Revelation 22 you discover the progression of events that we by the way, who are here in this text will watch. We evidently are going to be singing before the throne of God nonstop because here we been told to stop and watch an amazing scene for at least 30 minutes which will unfold. Evidently there may be other stopping points and starting points. Other events to watch and see. And I believe there are verse two and I saw the seven angels who stand before God and seven trumpets were given to them for 30 minutes silence while we watch the language indicate some kind of ceremony is seven angels are given seven trumpets and all of heaven is watching the ceremony at seven angels were given seven tribes struck by these seven special angels. Secondly, but got a Circle little words, the definite article the seven angels not just any set I just any volunteer tonight seven angels point the seven angels, and they stand before God.

Jewish tradition for centuries has long held that these are the seven archangels of the presence their name.

I will give you their names to them have any Gabriel and Michael. They are named in Scripture. For that reason, we can't be sure but the article V with seven angels proves their existence as a special class a specific unique grouping. Add to that the fact that John's language and it uses the perfect participle translated in your text stand for standing before God that that indicates they have been in that position. That is there special position unless they're sent on a message or with a message or or or on some mission from God, and evidently they had been standing there for some time. They been there all along. They just have been introduced.

You remember that the New Testament in fact the Old Testament describes a number of different classifications of angels in Genesis 3. You have reference to the charity.

Isaiah 6. Talk to Sarah Paul to the Thessalonians speaks of archangels pleaser.

More than likely archangels, a high-ranking class of Angel given this incredible task of announcing judgment making an announcement which seems to be something that archangels did.

It's interesting to me that Gabriel when he announced to Zacharias the news of the coming Messiah in Luke chapter 1 verse 19 he introduced himself rather uniquely.

He said I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God. Same phrase here is interesting to me than that the same angel who announced the birth of the Lamb of God will be used to blow a trumpet signaling the wrath of the Lamb of God. It amazes me that that were here watching this is our future to see this ceremony with enraptured were in the presence of our Lord and now even hi Ashton and were watching Gabriel perhaps maybe he's the first in the lineup. Maybe it's Michael as well, and five are unnamed in all of Scripture, and they have their trumpets ready to sound throughout the universe, and it striking to me as well to consider these seven trumpets in the ancient world. The trumpet was used more as an instrument of announcement and music. Although David references a couple of times. The use of the trumpet in music and the apostle Paul's day, the Roman army spoke as it were, to its army through trumpet calls the first trumpet in a battle with would signal the beginning of it in the last trumpet which made a deeper sound signified to them that the battle was over, I believe that was Paul's thinking will use the phrase the last trumpet in verse gradients 1552 is the last that the last trumpet where you call that you don't need your weapons anymore. The battles over you lay down your shield of faith, said that urine is presence. No battling. No more struggling that last trumpet calls the soldier home. The last trump could be understood within the Jewish culture significantly as well. The Jewish feast of trumpets the practice of the sounding of trumpets, the Jewish practice involved blowing trumpets each year and during the ceremony there was a series of short blasts of various lengths, concluding with the longest blast of all to kind of dollar that was the last trump Judaism connected that last trump with resurrection from the dead pocket of also had that thought in mind when he wrote to the Thessalonians.

With a little different nuances. He talked about the trumpet call of the rapture. He wrote this and listen for the Lord will descend from heaven with a shout of the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first.

So whichever way you want to understand the trumpet of God related to the rapture and your future as a believer, either through the Jewish lands or the Roman lands both hold great significance to the truth of the coming rapture as either the call to when the battle or the call of the resurrection throughout Scripture. The trumpet was also sounded in relation to God's holy justice is all judgment@EI when God descended to give the law trumpet sounded. Exodus 1919, and it grew louder and louder and louder would been an awe-inspiring thing to be before the walls of Jericho fell. The priests blew seven trumpets to warn the inhabitants for six days and the number seven then he blew them again and the laws came what tumbling down. Joshua six.

Interesting. The prophets connected the sounding of trumpets.

To this day of the Lord, to the day of judgment to the tribulation. As we know it is ways of announcing the unleashing of great judgment. Zephaniah 116 and Zechariah 914. So here it really should be no surprise that God has in his plan. Trumpets in Revelation 8, which announce the coming great judgment. This opening scene in Revelation a, I'm struck by the silence of heaven by these special angels are the seven trumpets.

Finally, I'm struck by these saints prayers another beautiful picture of prayers ascending to God. Look at verse three. Another angel came and stood at the altar that this golden altar. Vardy seen holding up a golden send service a little skillet a little bowl and much incense was given to him so that he might add it to the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar which was before the throne and the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up before God out of the angel's hand and the angel took the censer and filled it with the fire of the altar, and threw it to the earth and there followed peals of thunder and sounds and lashes of lightning and yet another. This can only be understood in light of Old Testament worship after the Lamb was offered to priests would take hot coals and ashes from the golden altar as they entered the holy place just outside the holy of holies separated there only by the one priest would fill his golden saucer is censer with grains of incense grains. The other priest would place hot coals from that over into a golden bowl and the other priest with the incense would shake it or sprinkle that incense over those alive hot coals and would create smoke suite smelling smoke to beautiful metaphor throughout Scripture of the beautiful prayers the precious prayers of the saints, wafting their ways were seen here and we will be watching this unfold rightly. I think this will be one of those unrehearsed moments in heaven that will mean so much to everyone of us there. We will be there. We will see the drama will watch the ceremony and will see the demonstration of prayers long on answered but not forgotten to strike us going to hit us.

They had been reserved to be answered. We all know they represent the prayers of just the martyred saints in chapter 5 of this is a carryover or this somehow symbolically represent all of the prayers of all the saints of all time. This may very well represent the prayers of all the saints of all time every cry. You made to God. Every frustration uttered to his throne. Every praise given to his glory every surrender you gave in his name every impatient request for his will. Every longing honored for relief. Every anguished cry for his direction. Every plea for justice and equity every three to God in prayer. God heard all every knee uttered in prayer. He heard but we will see it in the ceremony and it will strike us it was all heard every part of every word and it's interesting to me that will get this party some prayers are intended to be answered. Even after we arrived. One of the most beloved hymns of the church is entitled. I need the every hour. Many of our hymns been written by pastors and theologians, church leaders, with some for centuries. The lyrics of Martin Luther and Isaac Watts and John Newton.

This particular well of him which seems to express the heart of our need very well was written by wife and the mother of three children living through the challenging stressful days in Brooklyn, New York in the mid-1800s fact, I googled that date when she wrote this him to see what kind of life would kind of events were occurring in America for the list.

What a challenging year, she would write 400 hymns. This is the only one we say in her retirement. She wrote most of them but this one that we sing. She wrote she was only 37 try to raise kids going through the pressures of life. I need the every hour, most gracious Lord.

No tender voice like thine can peace afford. I need the every hour, stay thou nearby. Temptations lose their power when thou art I need the every hour, in joy or pain.

Come quickly and abide, or life is vain.

I need the every hour, most holy one will make me thine indeed, thou blessed so I need all I need every hour I need to bless me now, my Savior, I toothy ladies and gentlemen the scene in heaven reveals to us that prayers long on answered had been heard all along this scene reveals to us prayers unexplained by God's silence are now experienced in God's justice it reveals to us the prayers. It seemed good and right at the time were delayed until God's time was good and right reveals the prayers we assumed were worthless to God have now in the ceremony taking taken priority over all worship of God. It reveals prayers the return does nothing but silence are now featured in silence of heaven so verse six tells us in the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound. Can you imagine the ceremony.

The anticipation there ready be seven archangels are prepared to think they've been ready for centuries and he gave her the reason for his trumpet. Every once in about now. Not yet.

Now God's timepiece says now. Gabriel hears her trumpet sounded out to the universe and through every crevice and corner of earth mind will will be done. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, remember as we read at the beginning of this hour that the grand the greatest and in the grandest prayer we could ever pray is Lord, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven and were going to see it happen with front row seats to the seven archangels will sound seven. In the meantime, we wait for his will in our lives.

We pray for his direction not only for the future of our world with the details of our lives here and now we admit to the sovereign king. Our deep need for him to join any Hawks saying I need of high need. Every hour I need a bless me now, my Savior, my Savior, toothy with that we conclude our lesson for today but were just getting started with this series. This was lesson one in a series called the trumpets of seven archangels stay with us in the days ahead to hear all of it. You've tuned into wisdom for the hearts the teaching ministry of Stephen Davey Stephen is the senior pastor of colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina and the president of shepherd's theological seminary Shepherd seminary is a fully accredited school that trains pastors and church leaders for a life of service you can learn more at our website wisdom. Online.the complete archive of Stephen's Bible teaching ministry is posted there and you can listen to each lesson free of charge. Once again, that website is wisdom online.if you'd like to send Stephen a note.

Address your email to info@wisdom online.thanks for joining us today will be back at this same time tomorrow for more wisdom for the heart

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