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Do Babies Really Go to Heaven?, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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February 4, 2022 12:00 am

Do Babies Really Go to Heaven?, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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February 4, 2022 12:00 am

What happens to babies who are aborted or stillborn? What happens to toddlers that die before they ever even speak a word? God doesn't tell us specifically, but He does give us a significant thought to ponder in 2 Samuel 12.

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Romans 574 by one man's disobedience the many were made sooner, so also by one man's obedience many will be made righteous. The lab attributed to their account the righteousness of Christ and I would agree this point with regarding these other member study is reference to many who are made righteous is a reference that would include this vast number of unborn newly born born in.

The Bible teaches that were born and that we need to put our faith in Jesus Christ to be saved, but since a baby can't do that. How is it possible that she go to heaven without having responded to the gospel. These are the questions Stephen Devi is answering today on wisdom for the heart. King David experienced the pain and loss of having a baby die were looking at that account today in a message that Stevens calling. Do babies really go to heaven when they die. This is an important lesson. So stay with us for all of it to question number one. When does life begin begins at the moment of God empowered God designed God ordained God purposed conception. Apart from that life cannot begin. It's in the power of God to answer another question. Does every person live forever now. The short answer is yes being created in the image of God means, among other things that we have been created eternal once life begins winners than that, a conception, it never ends. So the critical question isn't so much will you live forever. It's where will you live forever right is and will you live.

In fact, everybody on the planet until he knows that's true, then they were created.

Ecclesiastes 311 says with eternity implanted in the heart.

There's knowledge and understanding. This isn't all there is there honest enough the limited, the reason the question about babies is such a big issue for people inside the church and outside any religious system is because the law of God is been implanted on their hearts, and they know there's more out there beyond this brief life as we know it. Do they live forever.

We went together through the book of Job, and I have to admit to you. I miss this implication some of the verses were brought back memories to me of our study, but I miss this particular implication and he writes in Job chapter 3 as he talks about describing what heaven is going to be like for infants who died at birth or who were who were stillborn. Listen to what he says in his suffering number he speaking of his great anguish he says let the day perish on which I was born in hours. I wish I'd never been born. But he also says, perish the night. That said mail is conceived so this is all the way back to when my life began at that conception. I wish that it never happened because there would be suffering is and why did I have to be born. Why did my diverse 11 at birth. Why did I come from the womb and expire.

Why did the knees receive me. Why did the breasts, that I should nurse for then I would have slapped and been addressed. No, lest you think he's teaching some kind of limbo some kind of soul sleep because on the clarified verse 16. Why was I not as a hidden stillborn child as an infant, who never sees source.

All the lights the light of birth than their he talks about this place. There the wicked cease from troubling. There the weary are at rest there. The prisoners are at ease. Together they hear not the voice of the taskmaster, the small and the great are there, and the slave is free from his master. Job is describing heaven for these children died stillborn pre-born. He compares his life of suffering and misery and sorrow with that of the stillborn child that of the infant who dies young and he concludes they under inspiration by the Spirit of God is, as they haven't so much better than me because they are in a place now where there is no suffering, no toil, no taskmaster, no strife place where they are forever at peace that Joe knows that he's got a live one day with his Redeemer. He says that in Job 19 verse 25. So either moment he's actually saying he wish. This is a life that did conception or after conception all the way back there so that he could skip everything and immediately Landon. Staggering implication as relates to our study is the point children live forever to any human life at the moment of conception forward is not only living they are internally alive to live somewhere forever. I let me ask 1/3 question follows closely.

Is there something that we need to do something we need to do so that infants and children can go to live forever in heaven is under the church to do while obviously, from what we just learned we got real problems with that question because the church is trying to answer the question only of those who were born alive right what about the miscarried and the aborted. The pre-born the stillborn.

I guess we do hope that which is an important question to me for the church to even deal with only those infants who were born alive cowards but to answer the issue. Let's deal with infants and children who are birthed to fill their lungs with air. Is there something we as grown-ups should do to guarantee them.

Heaven good question.

Of course there are religions in the world. I will try and resolve the issue. Some will say we had to give the child some sort of means apart from the grace of God whereby they can be received in heaven some history taught that infants along with their videos. You have an opportunity believe in Jesus Christ. After their death. This is actually a view that gained a little spike of popularity with Rob Bell's book love wins menus. The pastor before he went apostate thought, a book that basically everybody eventually gets it right. It's in the heaven. There is postmortem salvation to corrupt view, nothing of Scripture teaches, or even hints at postmortem salvation that go bear with me for a moment you go back in Luke's Gospel chapter 16 of the manner dies were giving an inside peek at at the Hades, which at one point in time prior to the resurrection of Christ had paradise. The good side, Abraham's bosom and the side of eternal torment.

So this man finds himself in the place of torment, and he's tormented he's thirsty and any and he realizes he needs the mercy of God, but what you find him in his awareness now in torment that he needed the mercy of God, you'll find a minute offering all well I got it now.

So 90 transfer over what you find them saying is look, don't tell my brothers who are alive I don't want to come here so it is alerting them what they need to repent of his well so they don't come this torment. Of course he realizes that moment that they die without believing it is forever too late.

His newfound belief did not transfer him into paradise with some kind of postmortem salvation realizes that points to late the other religious systems make baptism.

The mean to an infants salvation may review a one of the Lutheran Augsburg confession says this baptism is necessary to salvation, and that by baptism, the grace of God is offered. That is, it is meritorious to receive grace which will believe, who by these children, who by baptism being offered to God are received into God's favor, so we can just get them alive to gets a little water on them than their safe.

To me that's part in so many different ways that the view held by Roman Catholics and Anglicans and Episcopalians, and I fear many Baptists think that you have to be baptized in order to be safe there and there is a shred of biblical evidence that water attributing it to some forehand or some part of the body can somehow guarantee an infant entrance into heaven. The worn-out argument that since were told in acts chapter 16 verse 33 that the Philippian jailer who believe the gospel that he was baptized and his household and that proves there were infants there even though we are told, infants were in his household, but they evidently were baptized and therefore they also were redeemed. The trouble with that view is simply the preceding verse, verse 32, which tells us that Paul actually taught the entire household. The gospel, so we make any obligation or are something wrong would be that all children were old enough to understand the gospel and then follow the parents in identifying with Christ through his listener is in any ceremony there is any initiation there is in any sprinkling there is no holy water.

There's no prayer. There's no incantation, there's no ceremony provided in the Bible is the means whereby an infant goes to heaven.

But as we've already seen. David assumes his child will so much so that he stops lamenting and grieving, and he says I my appetite back to them and when they go be reunited with my child as a possible while some have suggested that it's possible because children aren't sinners. Children aren't sinners. People who suggest that haven't had any. They certainly didn't raise me. Others suggest that children do have a sin nature, but at the clock doesn't start taking until they sin, they really aren't tainted, so to speak.

They are born with a sinful nature, they just start sending us the problem. David cleared that up and saw 51 where he says it would all active conception.

I want you to know that I was conceived in sin that the mother and father were in sin, but that I was tainted with sin at conception, so we get to the question, how does a pre-born stillborn and innocent perpetual child disabled aborted go to heaven, will I tell you this will give a try a few things together. The Bible teaches that we are saved by grace, and that means every one who is saved is saved by grace. It is the grace of God that anybody is say little and infants.

However, the Bible consistently teaches that while we are saved by grace we are damned or condemned by works. The following carefully. You need to, because I could be preaching heresy.

You cannot be saved by works. Nobody in heaven is going to say I did these really great things and God let me in, or the scale was tipped in my favor. At the end of my life and I got in.

That is true biblical you cannot be saved by works can only be saved by grace. However, nowhere in the Bible is anyone ever threatened with hell merely for the guilt inherited from Adam.

You another quote from John MacArthur's commentary on the subject provoke my thinking and I think through other passages of Scripture is along the way he said this whenever Scripture describes the inhabitants of hell. The stress is on their willful acts of sin and rebellion that gives a number of passages prescribed in six Galatians 5 in Ephesians 5 he makes the statement, Scripture always connects eternal condemnation with works of unrighteousness and willful defiance against the law of God. If you think about that and you immediately taken to the end of human history as we know it you find it to be consistent. In fact, the great white throne judgment where all of the unbelievers of all time will eventually hear the verdict of eternal hell and punish what is God do their God the son, that the great white throne.

Revelation 20 takes out books and opens them and shows these condemned what their deeds there were any isn't doing it to show them Boise just on a few more good things will feel less bad things you gotten in know what he's doing at this moment showing them that they send in willful rebellion against God, and they are worthy of eternal punishment. The stillborn, miscarried the newborn, the innocent, the child has no such record Romans chapter 1 staggers the imagination as well on this and yet find itself consistently fitting in your those who are going to be sent to hell are are found to be without excuse and are found to be without excuse and condemned the hell not because they heard the gospel and rejected by the way is half the world will never hear the gospel there claimed by God to be without excuse through the apostle Paul because they denied what they knew what did they know Romans chapter 1 says they knew there was a what creator and they refused to give them things which by the way is chilling implications to me. The somebodies is not a Christian, but I don't believe in creation. They refused to acknowledge God. Romans chapter 1, and they also rebelled against their conscience and the law of God written on their heart. Listen carefully, knowing infant suppresses the truth. No pre-born has the ability to perceive what God is revealed in creation and then knowingly rejected until the child is older and were not told when older is older by the way, when given an age of accountability is really more a state of accountability than in age but it is that point in time when a person is mature enough to assess in his own heart. The law of God written on his conscience until they can summarize the glories of nature and God's creative ability which Paul says in Romans chapter 1 proves to every human heart. The fact that there is an invisible God who is very powerful and they know that and they rejected suppressing the truth of God for these little ones aren't saved because they didn't believe because they couldn't believe you might be thinking, but my child the center early on, come over to my house and watch my little boy it is will sister over the head with Tonka truck a child very early demonstrates they've inherited Adams nature. That's why your child will run around the house going yes mommy yes yes yes yes yes yes the runner going.

What no no no no to the time for something far more painful. Yes those actions are sinful or sinful. Christ would have to atone for them in his unlimited atonement, touching them as common grace. To quote MacArthur again. He writes this interesting thought. He said that young child might even lie to cover their misdeeds. The child cannot assess in his own heart, that his actions violate God or that there is any such concept as sin against God's holy law. He knows of these and something mom and dad don't like his mom and dad tell them but is no understanding that his rebellion lying, stealing, and so forth are in violation of God's moral law, and that such actions have eternal consequences, much less understand the concept of eternity. This biblical scholar that MacArthur actually quotes in his commentary said this if it did infant were sent to hell on no other account than that of Original Sin, inherited from Adam. There would be a good reason to the mind of God for the judgment because sin is a reality. However, the child's mind would be a perfect blank as to the reason of eternal suffering, take the vector Romans when they are without issues because they knowingly rebelled against God's will, their minds would be a blank. They wouldn't understand his eternal suffering under such circumstances, the child would know suffering.

But it would have no understanding of the reason for its suffering, and the very essence of the just penalty would be absent interesting to consider as well as you go back to the Scriptures which you may begin to do in earnest in regard to the subject but whenever Scripture describes the inhabitants of hell. It always has to do with a list of sins, and the abominations they deliberately committed against God and others. They willfully rejected the law of God.

They've suppressed the truth about God. They deny the creative agency of God that that by not doing those you go to heaven. But when they're listed as enduring hell because they have done exactly those things. Whenever describes the recipients of heaven we start talking about grace the amazing grace of God that the atonement of Jesus Christ and the mystery of the cross work according to the grace of God has allowed for these innocent mines are blank so to speak, could not suppress the truth willfully defied the law of God written on their hearts into heaven. Paul wrote something interesting in Romans five it sounds contradictory to Matthew chapter 7 when Jesus Christ and there was the gate as a voice of salvation and few there be that find their way but pauses many find their way. Romans chapter 5 or seven but if you look at the context he says this for by one man's disobedience.

That's Adam. Many were made sinners, so also by one man's obedience that Jesus Christ many, a few, but many will be made of righteousness that have attributed to their account the righteousness of Christ and I would agree this point with regard to these other men that study along with me in this text that while few find the narrow gate is referenced to many who are made righteous is a reference that would include this vast number of unborn newly born aborted miscarried young children mentally incapable miscarried by we keep in mind that David stops grieving with the death of one son he will grieve yet not as those who have no hope. What brought you agree, but another son of David will die this things Absalom. David will never stop grieving, I believe, is because, among other things he knows will never see that son again.

My question for you is are you going to see your stillborn children. Or will you openly defy the knowledge of God written on your heart and refuse the gospel you can understand one more question, and I mean it what's happening with your little one in heaven right now.

Do you really think I know the answer that but what I can tell you is what I do know from Scripture. Some things are true. First, those who leave earth leave their flesh behind. Whether it is that sell the just begin the separate multiply receive a temporary capable body of enjoying everything that John sees them enjoying his is given a tour of there's no pain or sorrow.

There's perfection and glorification and perfect worship, but that your child is a joint I know also that the very moment your child went to be with with Christ, God's purposes and he hasn't told you what they all are.

But God's purposes for him or her were absolutely completed because all of God's purposes are always fulfilled perfectly. Ephesians chapter 1 verse 11. I also know that your child was made instantly perfect completely transformed into the image of Jesus Christ which we all long for today. Philippians chapter 1 verse six. I know that your child has a glory about him or her. That should you see him or her. It would blow your mind. And that glory will never ever fade away.

Romans chapter 8 verse 18. What happens between conception death. At that moment and and all of a sudden heaven. We have a lot of space in between knowing are there changing tables and strollers and are there some angels that are condemned to keep the preschool for years and years and years. No. Whatever the child's limitations or maturities here on earth are gone instantly. Is there mature and instantly if I were given a little glimpse of that in the miracles of Jesus Christ is this domain is lame is never what he says get up and walk, you realize all the miracles involved in taking the first step wasn't just always like to go to work its memory, its muscle memory. It's snowing this foot does this disclose that its balance is not having any time to practice and that is perfectly balanced and walking taken from an inability to immediate ability to little picture of our glorified bodies in these little ones were immediately given memory, history, understanding so they can immediately begin to glorify God for his grace in their lives and were told that there is a multitude even now, which cannot be numbered from every tribe and tongue clan people group dialect ever thought about the rest. The question since the gospel will not reach the world. How can there be those representing even tribes.

Only one way to answer that children represent that that dialect that people group who are now fulfilling the words of God in that unique way in bringing him glory. So David says my son can come back to me. But he says I'm going to go to him and I love the personal productivity this exam to go where he is examined.

Enjoy heavenly kids says I'm going to him. I'm going to him as a person going to him. I'm going to be introduced to him.

You're like others have come up to me and said you know what I would be introduced to mine as well because you have the ability to breathe and think and accept the gospel of Christ. When you do you will join that little one who's not grown is mature is wholly perfected grieving now singing, praising, serving God for his grace. There you will join them and you also will say amazing grace, how sweet that's I'm sure you've probably thought about the question.

Stephen answered today do babies really go to heaven when they die. There are certain messages that are just good for you to own and have available when you need it.

That way you can share it with people at opportune times and this is one of those messages you may have a friend or loved one who needs the comfort of God's word and we want to help equip you all share one more time that last month we offered Stevens e-book on this topic as our free resource of the month it's still available for you to download today. If you go to our website. We have a page where we offer a free resource each month. The website is wisdom that's wisdom and even though there's a new offer. This month the link to this e-book is still there again.

The e-book is called do babies really go to heaven when they die, and it's free. In our store right now. We also have a magazine that we publish monthly. The articles each month.

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