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Telling the Truth to God

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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February 2, 2022 12:00 am

Telling the Truth to God

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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February 2, 2022 12:00 am

Repentance doesn't say, "I'm sorry", and move on. It doesn't use words like "I fell into temptation" or "I messed up again" or "boys will be boys." It grieves. It weeps. It tells the truth.

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I missed the mark. The standard of God. I went way off the target.

We go to God expecting to be forgiven with language like Lord you know I came close by the right direction.

Know the first steps toward forgiveness include admission saying what you probably heard people in our own world. He could never quite bring themselves to say things like I did in fact and I was wrong. If you ever see that on the news you saying you follow deludes them because they're trying on the road since all of us are sinners by nature.

What do we do about our sin will the Bible uses the word repentance, but what does real repentance look like repentance is more than just admitting that you've messed up and it's more than just saying you're sorry working to find out what true repentance looks like today as we examine the life of King David.

This is wisdom for the heart.

And here's Stephen Dagan with the message that he's calling telling the truth to God. According to Time magazine in 1970, a woman by the name of Catherine power was a university student in Boston and that she was actually one of the leaders of a radical national student strike force in one time she and other students decided to raise money to buy arms for the Black Panthers by robbing a bank. Kathy's role of this was to actually drive the getaway car when it came time for the robbery. It wasn't long before also the one Orion fell apart a silent alarm at the trigger and a policeman happened to be nearby identified and suited in that gunfight. That policeman was killed. The students fled in their car with Kathy behind the wheel and they would go into hiding and for Kathy it would become 23 years of life in hiding. She would be listed as armed and dangerous and you may very well have seen her picture in the post office on one of those FBI most wanted sheets of paper. She moved as far away from Boston as she could in the state. She went to the other coast and settled in Oregon.

She changed her name and identity to Alice Matt's finger.

She married had a son open a restaurant and kept everything secret known only to her if you could have seen her for what I read. You might never thought she would have been involved in that 23 years later after that robbery riddled with secret fears physically tired, inwardly tormented by guilt chronically depressed to the daughter shock of her family, her friends, her clients, her neighbors world.

She did the only thing she could think of to try it, and her agony she turned herself in and revealed to her world that she was not Alice Matt's finger. She was Catherine power newspapers reported her ultimate motive for finally telling the truth she said and I quote, I was tired of living with shame and hidden this and guilt. It was time to tell the truth.

Probably one of the most famous passages of Scripture in the Old Testament is that moment when David the Singer King told the truth, I invite you to the text in Psalm chapter 51. David is out of hiding now. Nathan has exposed him. He could have presented that and retreated instead deals with his sin and he tells the truth to God and to his world. What was probably a private poem will become very soon in his own heart and mind.

Clearly something he wants Israel to say and everyone follows God that I gotta tell you, as I prepared to work through this all with you.

In fact, I came across a statement written almost parenthetically by Charles Spurgeon the expositor pastor the 1800s in London England that I've so admired in his treasury of David a massive three volume commentary on all of the songs he got to Psalm 51 a DE quit. He actually stopped. He just couldn't bring himself to begin to explore it is that there's just too much here this all finally picked it up and even though he said this is to freighted with divine truth. I wrote my commentary, but then he adds this to try and preach on this all where is he who, having attempted it can do none other than blush that his defeat that Encouraging Word let's start. Let me give you five words Dragon to cover everything in fact writing really getting at the most of the five words that come to my mind as I look at the genre of this all in the basic I be of the first word is the word petition that will cover verses one and two. David writes in verse one, have mercy on me. Oh God, according to your steadfast love. According to your abundant mercy that you pick up right away, don't you, that David is approaching God on the basis of steadfast love that covenant love loving kindness, a covenant of love saturated with and supported by and invited by mercy.

If you're older in the faith. You already know this, let me remind those of you maybe knew the faith. Grace in the Bible is when God gives you something you don't deserve mercy is when God does not give you what you do deserve. David isn't coming to God saying hey I want a fair shake. No I want mercy. David is guilty of lust and deception in this regard, adultery, conspiracy to murder, hypocrisy, lying upon lying abuse of power and on and on and on. He tried to cover his tracks, you know, kind of change his name and his identity but is only dog the pit deeper still. And now David realizes that apart from God's mercy, he doesn't stand a chance of ever renewing communion with his God is not asking God for what he deserves begins right at the very opposite. This petition is based upon mercy, but he dares to ask. Notice the first three requests that are kind of bound up in this petition. First, blot out, you might circle these verbs want out my transgression. Secondly, wash me thoroughly for my iniquity thoroughly cleanse me from sin.

The verb blot out refers to erasing the lines of a ledger or perhaps a parchment where they would they would rub it out or maybe turn it sideways and write a brand-new text.

David is effectively saying, Lord, erase the record of my sin. I want to start writing a new record.

I don't see the old one. Wash me, that verb can referred to laundering dirty clothing, effectively saying, Lord, clean off the stains of the garments of my life, cleanse me as a verb where David and just talk and I cleaning off. Some say the guy was clothing, or maybe you know that changing and entering his diary rubbing that he's he's actually bringing us deeper here is talking about the fact that is very person needs cleansing.

Remember he's been caught red-handed his hands are staying deep red in his heart.

David makes a petition viewing other words, the word admission admission. If IQ might circle the many times just in the outset of this this song where he uses personal pronouns and back in verse one, have mercy on me blot out my transgressions first to wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, cleanse me from my sin. Verse three for I know my transgressions, my sin is always in front of me. Ever notice on the news when somebody's arrested regular being moved to the police van from a police man into the courtroom and the cameras are out there that they have by the event of a rush of accordingly. Take the jacket. They do this or they take their answer to this. The blotted out why they don't want to be seen.

They don't want to be identified with what the news is reporting of this crime because of the shame David here is effectively pulling away his jacket is putting down his hands is literally turning his face toward the penetrating gaze of God and saying there's no doubt Lord, it's me, me. Admission is critical to forgiveness.

This is my sin. I did it.

No excuses so ever hopes to be forgiven and restarted communion with God is a believer.

Primarily, this is out of the kind of context. This is a believer confessing what the kind of restoration we can go to God is able Lord. Now you know how I am. You know my personality. You know my besetting sin you you know my childhood was like in my parents got bless the you know all about my low-paying job and the difficulties I've had, you know that all people work around me other pagans of the Corinth Lord all that stuff made me sin. The person is a confessing anything you said stuff like that. Not only is he excusing himself. He's actually making God take the blame. You gave me my family you gave me my personality you gave me that job just gave me my world Lord. Look at what you made me do. David hears doing the exact opposite is not blaming his heredity's personality is society some kind of disability notice verse three again.

He says these are my transgressions work for transgression refers to somebody crossing a forbidden boundary going into forbidden territory. We use that expression to this day only. We say like this are crossed the line.

The line you crossed you and from where you could be or should be to where you should be. You've done that recently with your words or your actions or your thoughts. You know in your heart, your crossing a line in the forbidden territory. David goes on to admit in verse three.

The latter places my sin is ever before me, the word for sin is tacit it means to miss the mark it means to fall short. He takes that out of the world of an archer who fires away and arrow from his bow in that era falls far short of the target or perhaps it goes wide left or right. Or maybe sales over completely misses the target. David is effectively saying I miss the mark. The standard of God. I went way off the target.

We go to God expecting to be forgiven with language like Lord you know I came close I did in the right direction.

Know the first steps toward forgiveness include admission saying what you probably heard people in her own world can never quite bring themselves to say things like I that and I was actually wrong. If you ever see that on the days you get a thank you to fall over petition admission.

Another word, the word origin fact this is where he goes a little deeper back a lot deeper for us.

Verse five behold, I was brought forth in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me. He's not saying his parents were wrong doing something sinful. He's not further suggesting that his mother, perhaps in sin, or perhaps out of wedlock so he said he's addressing the issue of original sin that inherited sin nature is not only saying then I have send is going deeper. He's saying I am a sinner. He's admitting not only do things that were sent fall but you need to know.

I'm actually sinful sinner even conceived as it were tainted with the corrupt nature of sin. One author wrote the David hears actually laying on himself blame of a corrupted nature instead of just a few corrupted acts. David says the real problem here is me again that one's country doesn't do much of what we hear. Maybe we've heard it coming from her lips. Have you heard people maybe back to the newsflash of the news report summarizes all I did that. But that wasn't really me. I killed that guy with a knife but it wasn't me holding the knife who was it that tell me when it isn't you, because I want to avoid you when it's really you that all hang around you.

I know I did something bad, but you don't know me.

I'm really just wasn't me. David actually says here what I did revealed what I am. I'm a sinner tainted the very first breath with a fallen nature genuine confession. Every time we send for proving that we truly inherited a sinful nature.

Romans 519.

Even the apostle Paul would say like this, I know that in me dwells no good thing he doesn't need self-image courses.

He understands that whatever good we do is because we allow the spirit of God to work through us and we need to allow him to do that much more often. Whatever bad we do we do that all by ourselves.

We didn't need any help. That was us.

That's why there are millions of laws reinforcing 10 very basic commandments we need millions of laws because were so corrupt and and so clever and so that's right we can find a loophole we can work our way around it is a know you close that loophole over there with another law or another set or whatever, and will find our way around why because we in our nature. Are lawbreakers.

Isn't that were good and we interrupted periodically by doing something bad is that work bad and we get a rep that every so often by doing something good you been driving on the interstate and pass the highway patrol car and instinctively put on your brakes. Why did you do that because you're a sinner.

I mean were a sinner that we do that that recently the truth is problem is in the speed limit is in any other law simply reveals who we are.

The problem is her stubbornness and our self-will and our pride refuses to be controlled, even in that area and a sinful corrupt nature that is revealed.

With every new expression of law. David says not only have I sinned, but I am in my very nature a sinner. Spurgeon commented on this way. The fountain of my life is polluted, as well as its many strange confession requires we view ourselves honestly is God's word is revealed.

The good news is we can be forgiven and by the way we wait, don't we. For our final redemption and glorification of our bodies. Paul said we grown for that we long for that we will one day without that corrupted nature perfected in holiness forever and are glorified bodies be able to enjoy Jesus Christ and worshiping him without any selfish interruption without any self made stray thought, without any sinful obstruction that be great to get past two minutes without having to struggle with who we are. In the meantime, let's learn how to confess as we wait that day.

Petition admission origin. The fourth word is restoration may highlight for the sake of time just to phrases verse seven he writes purge me with this and I shall be clean. David is is directing us toward the priestly practice of blood sacrifice in the tabernacle, and ultimately the temple.

This was a small plant often found growing still is out of craggy cliffs, rock stone walls because of its shape and its structure, it was used in these ancient days as a paintbrush in the ceremonies of the temple. Hyssop would be dipped in blood, and used to to brush the sprinkle blood that gets mentioned for the very first time the book of Exodus and chapter 12 in verse 22 work, the Israelites are preparing to leave Egypt explain the Passover lamb and God instructs them through Moses to take a bunch of his and dip it in the blood of the Passover lamb and paint it around her door she David is actually asking God to play the role of priest invisibly sprinkling his heart by way of atonement. He's making this profound statement that only blood shed can clean bloodstain is talking about the most powerful purification that can purify a sinner by the death and bloodshed of an innocent.

So what this means is that Dave is only writing this this personal him to be taught of the variation.

Please, actually singing prophetically of a coming day when the final Passover lamb. Jesus Christ will shed his blood for the complete and final payment of sin and guilt which can reach the heart is Jesus Christ the blood of bulls and goats can't fully and completely atone for sin to the apostle Peter to pick up on that is using the Jesus Christ or somebody on the 3R sin to the weeping, dead to sin. That is the penalty of sin can live right with God. First Peter 224.

The writer of Hebrews will pick up on that and say this list of this and how it goes back to the salt since we have a great high priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having had our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience, isn't that a blessed thing conscience is clean through confession. David doesn't just want pardon he wants purity you want to clean conscience because even further. You just want to be purchased. He wants to be renewed. He says here verse 10 create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. By the way, that first phrase struck me because of David's choice by means of the Spirit of God of the verb are the same word used in Genesis chapter 1 where God created the heavens and the earth the same verb to create some further refers to creating not out of existing material, but out of nothing. That's what is so much heartburn over Genesis chapter 1. You mean he didn't out of nothing. That's why we call it a miracle. By the way the heavens and the earth were the result of the explosion of existing gases which God used out of nothing. God created the heavens and the earth. The verb appears again in Genesis chapter 1 in reference to the creation of self-conscious life the animal kingdom where again the creation of species of animals are created mature, filling the earth out of nothing but God's creative imagination and will and power, and word that verb appears again a little later to talk that the creation of mentally self-conscious creatures. But God conscious creatures uniquely that of any to get this wonderfully encouraging truth here in this verbally uses the verb create in me a clean heart was the same. He's asking for nothing less than a miracle. And he's not saying like we might be tempted to think or say Lord are back in shape and you make out of a pure heart. This is, I don't have anything to give you create a pure heart, and you start from nothing miracle of your grace, we often think well I sin, but now God wants me to get my act together and prove that I'm worthy of going before mass for a pure heart know you saying here Lord I got nothing to offer you, but sin, and in this regard you're going to have to create purity out of nothing and give it to me as your gift of grace is effectively admitting this is your creative work you must do in my life.

I got nothing to offer you is good theology. This is this is what brings wonderful restoration petition. Admission origin restoration. The fifth and final work will give you his resolution that part of genuine confession is what happens after we confess he desires to live for Christ. Notice the work. Then in verse 13, David effectively says okay here's what I want to do now, having made my petition admission, recognizing the origin of a corrupt nature and the fact I have nothing to offer God and asked for restoration.

This creation of a new heart says here's my resolution notice, then I will teach transgressors your ways, and sinners will return to you. Is it okay for now. I'm forgiven I will make sure I never hang around sinners again Out of the temple was derived by the altar and say fear. No, he says, Lord, not even done this for me. Let me get involved in the lives of sinners and teach them what I've learned about your grace and your mercy and your pardon and your atonement tenure for fact I think I'll write a song about this and I'll give it to the choirmaster so we can all sing it because in a very real way, it is the testimony of every believer. It is the foundation of hymns that have come now to the church for generations as I thought about the music that includes these attributes of petition admission, creation, restoration could never think of that when which is typically offered to unbelievers is wonderful for believers. Just as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me and that thou didst me come to the O Lamb of song works for nonbelievers or come as guilty sinners by faith in Christ but also works for believers who have specific sin in mind have broken fellowship in the prestored communion into another stanza, just as I am rid my soul of one dark blot to see his blood can cleanse each spot a lamb of God, I come just as I am, thou wilt receive no wonder welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve, because I promise, I believe the Lamb of God, I hope the song Stephen just read reflects your review of sin that you will take it to Christ and find the forgiveness you need and we can rest in the promise God made that he will forgive and cleanse us from all of arson.

When we humbly confess and repent of it. The message you just heard is called telling the truth to God.

It's part of Stephen Davies series on the life of King David. Tomorrow were going to bring you the next lesson in this series and it's one of our most popular and most requested messages. If you know anyone who's experienced the death of a baby. Tell them to listen tomorrow.

King David had a baby die tomorrow. Stephen will take us to that account and answer the main question all parents have two babies really go to heaven when they die. Please don't miss tomorrow's broadcast of wisdom from the heart

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