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Misled by a Misguided Heart, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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January 14, 2022 12:00 am

Misled by a Misguided Heart, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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January 14, 2022 12:00 am

The singer is about to forget his song.


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Don't miss this change. This corrected response. David is now as panicked as he was back in chapter 27 is natural instincts are screaming about this person get your children back chase after those Amalekites and rescue everybody ability back with your man The fall to the ground to go with you is obvious. David prayers seek God hot down. The Bible teaches us that our actions are a reflection of the condition of our hearts. So for David those problems in his heart led to some bad decisions in his life.

Keep listening because working to find help from God's word.

This is wisdom for the heart were in a series on the life of King David called the singer. Here's our Bible teacher, Stephen David with this message call misled by a misguided heart semantic pastor. The church probably less than 200 people, his entire life lived in the UK. I have a little paperback that he wrote it's been reprinted more than 100 years ago's name is FB Meyer and he wrote on this text that were studying. In fact, his commentary, the little paperback book is heart and in the theme of every commentator. I read he writes this when making major decisions never act in panic.

Call myself and be still force myself into the quiet of my closet until I pulse beats normally and the scare has ceased to perturb you, when thou art most eager to act is the time when thou wilt make the most mistakes do not say in thine heart, what thou wilt or will not do at that moment, but wait till God makes known his wife that good going the closet and wait till your pulse slows down counterattack or 100 or thousand now is not be too hard on David. It's easy you know when he first century America to talk with this guy going off the reservation, missing the past can imagine can we please misled certainly by his misguided heart, but he is every reason to be absolutely discouraged. He looks around at the circumstances.

He looks at this growing throng of people. He weighs the pressure in the balances he measures the responsibility of the stress in any chased by this mad king. What we can't say this to add to that that invisible spiritual enemy that's working away with his favorite tool that corkscrew discouragement deprives open David's heart any any just pours in reason and rationale excuses. It weary nests and circumstances. And David says you know, I've been thinking. I'm convinced it's right.

I'm going to die at the hand of Saul.

I'd be better off bleeding you all into the land of the fullest misled by misguided heart was my introduction. We take you now in the chapter 27 and I've outlined it with four words that come to mind, and will cover 2729 and half of 30. It'll be miraculous thank the first word is the word conniving, conniving look in chapter 27 and verse 22. David arose and went over he and the 600 men who were with him.

We learn later with their families today to choose a case, the king of death by the way does that sound familiar it onto several years earlier, David shown up there and Susie showed up he thought he find refuge. He was alone in an AKC sermon and they begin to sing that little chair they made up about him killing thousands 10,000 David realize he's in deep trouble. He begins to act like he's insanely clause on the gates of the city at a B is the rule that is bearded acre says I got enough crazy people ready to get rid of this guy.

Let's go this time. Vacations gotta be happy to see you why because he brings 600 highly skilled warriors and he'll explain later to other Philistine kings David and is meant to affect is happy to see them happy to add these troops to his army, some time passes it happens quickly in the text, but verse five informs us that after some time. David says to the king, he says, look up, I found favor in your eyes.

Let a place be given me and one of the country towns that I may dwell there. For why should your servant dwell in the Royal city with you.

I was looking at me will want to crowd your style or were cramped inherent in the headquarters of the capital city and wanted to give us one of the country towns and let us settle their first six informs us that the king gave David the town of sick lag sick lag was originally given to the tribe of Judah transferred a few years later to Simeon only in recent days captured by the Philistines, but left unoccupied. It's deserted Tennessee. This Western Southern town with ragweed just sort of rolling through the town square. You can have that city. David David lives in. Keep in mind the David is also moving into a spiritually barren and dry season of life during these days. David will not compose any sacred Saul no Psalms are credited to this. In his life. The singer of Israel has been silence but he's not sitting still affect the rest of this chapter that all just overview shows him reading a Philistine town is leaving no one alive to tell the tale so we can keep us from but he is effectively this is a study on its own but is effectively the king alike beginning the conquest of the land, even in his disobedience.

God's purposes are being fulfilled. Aren't you glad that happens that his raids will bring in necessary food and clothing for this group of people that is growing.

Camels and cattle. Whenever a case drives down south for dinner missing sweet tea and grits and all that comes to eat with David Davis as I got all the stuff in writing those pesky Hebrews king acreages through David says.

I've been battling in the negative. That is the dryland Southern region around their sheep before we leave this single backup verse four just for a moment and look at the last freight and when he was told Saul that David had fled to Gath.

He no longer sought. That's great news and or is well. Saul quit looking for David's plan worked. He asks for a southern city and in his request acreages deceived by David whenever he visits Davis dissection works larks.

My plans that I concocted in my heart there working perfectly. Must be right. This in part of the problem following your heart even when it is misguided, is a false sense of peace and security were too quick to say. All I do have peace what'd you do well I got from out from underneath that responsibility. I feel better. Must be God's will.

The pressures brought all part of the problem is that security and peace is not from the Lord. Another author writing on this passage said the pressure might be gone and it might be a relief. Responsibility is relieved. There's a release of pressure.

That's great you're left to believe my decision paid off. Trouble is, it is not last very long. The second word soon follows conniving is the word cornered. Go to chapter 28 verse one in those days the Philistines gathered their force or to fight against Israel, by the way David is been living in sick lag now for over a year acre said to David understand that you and your man are to go out with me in the Army fight Israel.

David said Akers will very well. You shall know what your servant can do and Akers said the David will very well. I will make you my bodyguard for my all his plan is backfiring. He is effectively quarter, he can't say no to ruin everything he can say yes Kami he can't fight his brothers in your magic him marching with his men into toward that battlefield as they did to join with. If you can believe it, the Philistines in battle against Israel, is he is cornered get a badge about the pressure and the stress life looked really good on the run. Back then.

Now this king wants me to be his bodyguard for life and were not going to fight the Israelites, one author said David is chugging away. This canteen only. It's filled with Pepto-Bismol stock is no idea what to do. His perfect plan is unraveling. He is about to be found out. David's plans have boxed admin. He's either going to lose his credibility and his right to rule as Israel's king for having killed Israelites or he will lose his life. Satan in the background. I can just see him wringing his hands. The light I've got checkmate.

By the way, keep in mind before we go to the next text.

This is the battle Saul will be killed and Jonathan to this is the event prior to the coronation of David Alan Redpath wrote years ago in his commentary on this text that man's extremity is God's opportunity.

That's a great idea to follow through God's work in spite of David's lack of trust.

I love the text were Paul reminds Timothy when we are faithless, God is faithful, he cannot deny himself. As we in Christ are in him he can't deny us as his children even when we are faith lasts God is faith all will take that for granted we don't take it to the bank.

We all live in disregard of his holy justice and his discipline, but he is faithful what happens next.

Chronologically is not what takes place in your Bible.

What takes place chronologically. Next is chapter 29 so look ahead, there is verse two. I want to follow this narrative to its completion. Let's go to verse two, as the lords of the Philistines were passing on by hundreds by thousands.

That is the right that at the battlefield down there there there parading by and David and his men were passing on of the rear. They can the commanders of the Philistines said what are these Hebrews doing, and Akers said that the commanders of the listings is this not David conservative talking Israel is been with me never notice days and years since he deserted literally defected to me.

I found no follow him. To this day.

What guys he is a Philistine story about not going to hear any of it in the David and his men are forced to return home to sick lag.

Verse eight David kind of kind of acts with this all offended you will let me fight with you he he acts like he's disappointed his acting skills are worthy of us.

Akers has no choice now but to send David and his men packing and this is God at work behind the scenes getting those listings all stirred up when I got David fighting to be 1/5 colony to turn against us send that Hebrew home. David asked like it bothers him and his men are literally rescued out of what we would have considered Scheck, David has lost a tremendous amount of credibility will see in a minute men aren't saying much.

They been led to the edge of a precipice with David leading them in his perfect plan they just narrowly missed raising their swords against their brothers or being killed as spies. They are not celebrating or laughing or have a good time as they spend the next three days trudging back is they had been cornered nearly killed and it only gets worse. The third word that comes to mind is the word crushed verse one of chapter 30 informs us as they head home.

Note there that would David and his men came to sick lag on the third day that is after three days of traveling the Amalekites had been arrayed against the negative.

The southern region and against the sick lag they had overcome sick lag and burned with fire taken captive. The women and all who were in both small and great, they killed no one but carried them off. That is the date they inducted them and went their way. Verse three and when David and his men came to the city they found it burned with fire, and their wives and sons and daughters taken captive and what happens is they all raised their voices verse four and we really have no more strength we see them sitting among the smoldering ashes of the ruins of the city of these these battle hardened soldiers saw they burst into tears to lay don't even have any strength left to cry is in the law before some of them and so you know what this is all David's fault and they begin to gather stone we been following him in all of his perfect little plans and now are we lost our families are abducted. Let's kill is the last part of her six but David strengthened himself in the Lord is God. That's the first time in nearly 2 years, David said anything to do with God. Philip Keller writes in his wonderful little commentary. David has nowhere else to go. His losses credibility the loyalty of his men.

His leadership credentials. They are flaming with explosive unpredictability. They pick up rocks ready to shatter his skull and spill his blood. David has nowhere to turn.

And nowhere to run his conniving had led them all to be cornered and now their hearts are effectively crop and no doubt during this two-year period.

David's conscience a troubled and warned him no doubt Ahimelech the priest in their company has said David we really got to stop and ask for word from God. I got the food that is the shoulder. Please. I have the means to communicate with our covenant We want to hear. He contacted the sick.

Now for the first time what he thought would be okay is bringing him to the point of perhaps even being killed by legendary Richmond recently in his book entitled the view from the zoo biblical observations from what he saw at the zoo where he worked at the Los Angeles zoo turn them into emotional truths as he pastored along with that work at the zoo in his local church leading single and one chapter he told of a young zookeeper named Julie. The zoo had recently purchased a baby raccoon and it was among her duties to take care of it. Richmond wrote that it was playful, cuddly little puppy dog.

Julie's heart and everybody else in the division was soon one over Julie can often be seen doing her duties with her cute little raccoon perched on her shoulder.

She even name the band Gary's experience, however, caused him to worry about Julian.

He wrote that I warned her that raccoons go through a glandular change at about 24 months of a and after that they will often unexplainable.

He viciously attacked their owner and a 30 pound raccoon can do the same kind of damages.

A large dog over and over again. Gary would warn his young apprentice. He wrote she would always listen politely to me.

As I explained the coming danger. But I will never forget her answer was always the same. Gary thank you but it will be different for me, she would smile as she added and never never hurt Richmond Road three months after my last warning.

Julie had to undergo extensive plastic surgery for severe facial laceration sustained with her adult raccoon attacked her for no apparent reason than it was released in the wild.

David says I can handle King Akers. I can even handle law, the deception of living in sick lag. I can even handle marching in the battle against Israel. It'll work out. I know what I'm doing. I don't need any advice from God or his priest or his word. I know were not supposed to be in league with the Philistine something will happen somehow get out of this.

I got plans along work out it'll be different for me, conniving, cornered, now crush the fourth word finally comes to mind. It's the word corrected to good word for the first time David calls the priest to lead him in seeking the wisdom of Ellie verse eight, and David inquired of the Lord, that is through thumb alike in the aphid shall I pursue. After this band. Shall I overtake him should do this got answered through the priest pursue for you shall surely overtaken Chuck Charlie rescued a don't miss this change. This corrected response. David is now as panicked as he was back in chapter 27. His natural instincts are screaming, yielding to pray about this person attacked future lives and their children back chase after those Amalekites and rescue everybody was doing to get your credibility back with your magic and let the stones you will fall to the ground with you. It is obvious David prayer, seek God hot down. Listen to your heart.

David's is not listen to my heart enough. I want to know God even wants me to go with.

I want to hear from you. Chapter in the narrative ends happily. David and his men rescue their families and defeat the Amalekites battle takes place.

King Saul dies it will be long before David mounts the throne we wrap up our study today by making two closing observations said it several different ways and say it one more time. First, be careful listening to your heart is dangerous. Frankly, you and I can talk our hearts and anything it's it's it's a unanimous vote. Be careful of the junk you tell be careful of the influences you allow into it. Contrary to the latest movie or book or blog.

The last thing you want to do is follow your heart. Even if the music reaches a crescendo.

The devil has his tools ready, seeking someone to discredit first Peter 58. He knows how to use that old corkscrew of discouragement in someone's heart. Be careful listening to your heart is dangerous.

Secondly, be thankful God is ever ready to be gracious I want to trivialize the scene. Follow me for just a moment though if if you were God, how would you responded to David after nearly 2 years of the cold shoulder.

Now my backs against the wall.

My mentor picking up stones. I think I'll pray, what would you do with your response be something like detention for the next six months you watch Windows for a long long time or David take a hike or David. I will trust you, David finished with you, David, to find somebody else to think you would possibly join the Philistines against Israel.

Obviously we need a new King Lord, shall I pursue them and God answers and is different than you would expect David, I trust you soon. I have another victory for you to win as you get back on the path how gracious to repentance and humbled, crushed, cornered child of his listen, beloved don't believe the propaganda that God is finished with you that God is tired of you that you stayed too long with the listing you get off the path to long to what you did was just too wrong. That's a lot that's junk doesn't match the truth of God's grace for you, his beloved God would say that's in your confessing my son paid for that one to affect the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses you from every sin, every sin first on 17 10 seek his will seek his word and then you suit up. Learn with David his successes are not due to his planning savvy they are due God's grace be long before the singer of Israel writes in his baby for you sing, you experience the time when it's like desert. Maybe you felt as if your heart had grown cold in your walk with God was stale instead of being fresh and vibrant.

Maybe you or someone you know is experiencing that right now. God wants to use his words to bring refreshments and healing when we need it and maybe God's used this message to encourage you today. I hope that's the case, this is wisdom for the heart. Stephen Davey is working his way through a series on the life of David called the singer today's message is entitled misled by a misguided heart a listener to this program named Kelly went to our website to send us a message. She told us that she has listened to wisdom for the heart on her local radio station every week day for the past five years were always glad to hear from our listeners, we have no way of knowing that you listen unless you tell us you can send us a message through our website which is wisdom you can also send us an email if you address it to We'd love to hear from you, and learn how God is using this ministry to aid your Christian walk, please write and tell us our ministry is on social media and that's a great way to stay informed and to interact with us ensuring like our Facebook page so that you will get updates to follow us on Twitter, and Instagram, and we'd enjoy interacting with. Thanks again for joining us today were glad you were with us. I hope you have a great weekend and that you will be able to worship with your church family on Sunday will be back on Monday. Please join us that right here on the wisdom

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