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David and the Sitting Duck, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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December 29, 2021 12:00 am

David and the Sitting Duck, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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December 29, 2021 12:00 am

There is only one giant on the battlefield in 1 Samuel chapter 17, and his name isn't Goliath; it's David. In this unforgettable encounter, David reminds us why great faith in a great God leads to great victory. LINKS: Visit our website: Make a donation: Free ebook: Free issue of our magazine:

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Soldiers come down to defy Israel in verse 25. David says in verse 26. He's defying the armies of the living God. See the difference.

The soldiers saw a giant David sees a blasphemer.

The soldiers look at this as will Goliath is insulting our country. David sees him as insulting. The living God love it accounts the battle David and Goliath by all reasonable accounts. David was no match for Goliath, especially if you looked at their size difference for David to be victorious.

A miracle was necessary. But King Saul kept thinking about it all wrong. He wanted to make David into a soldier by putting him in armor and battle attire. What Saul didn't understand is that it wasn't David who was going into battle. It was God today on wisdom from the heart statement takes us to this account in a lesson called David in the sitting ask the average person on the street about David and Goliath and you'll probably get a fairly decent retelling of the outcome of the story, but ask the average person. Why David bought Goliath and you get a number of different answers and more than likely all of them will be wrong.

Back to the world out there.

David and Goliath is just become a metaphor for the underdog winning the day. It's early. That's part of that's true this is a little Shepherd boy is defeating the great Goliath the name Goliath will simply become a title and has today for tackling some gigantic problem or obstacle of the actors like David and you have enough faith in yourself. You will win against all your giants to even the church has short-term David and Goliath into some sort of therapeutic manual.

Whether it's fighting the giant of low self-esteem or bankruptcy or bad boss or a bully down the street. This passage actually will expose a national slide toward apostasy is has nothing to do with low self-esteem, a nation has forgotten God and really doesn't care about his name anymore at the context of the nation's wanted all King I call the other nations and they have more now. And guess what they're fighting all the other nations like those nations fight the accents of this passage actually begs the question, what's really worth fighting for what's worth risking your life to do and if somehow in some way. It isn't connected in any mundane thing can be connected or anything you do with your hand but if you forget the fact that it's all connected to advancing the reputation of God and the glory and honor of God and the application of the word of God, then we could really just be fighting or struggling are risking for nothing more than temporary junk and self promoting, self congratulating, self serving objective. If You Pl., David and Goliath into its proper context for Samuel chapter 17, which is where I needed to make your way is really an amazing illustration of the truth of first Samuel 16 mankind is all impressed with the external mankind is all worked up over the biggest the most experienced the greatest strongest God is impressed with the internal the hearts so while most of us understand what happened for Samuel 17 is easy to forget why now. This chapter and really cover it all is among the most familiar passages in the Old Testament, and I can read the entire chapter what I wanted was divided into four sections and then expound some on each section, drop in here and there and make some observations as we go through this text and for those of you like to outline the first point would simply be the front line now before we dive in and if you are with us in our last study. Remember that Samuel Providence told Saul that Saul is been rejected by God because of his disobedience and his rebellion the house of Saul will not create the dynasty that he had hoped would be created and Saul is is devastated.

He's hostile. He reaches out and rips Samuel's robe. He's infuriated effectively for the next 15 years. Saul is gonna remain in that kind of condition where repentance and fellowship with God to be the furthest things from his heart's desire. So now you find him. In chapter 17. Immobilized by fear, terrified, without any evidence of faith. That's because it is rebellion and disobedience with God and he's leading a rebellious and disobedient nation.

That's what you find him here in chapter 17.

Towering he he can't listen he can't fight Goliath because he's like him.

He's in a try to address David up like Goliath. Now in chapter 17 it opens with the stalemate effectively mentioned briefly, the Philistines are this fierce, people, people from the sea, literally translated, it settled along the coastal regions of the land of Canaan. There get to become one of Israel's most fiercest enemies during the early days of the Kings were told if he put the clues together here in chapter 17 of the first few verses is is you have two armies and are stationed on either side of up of a Valley on the slope of a mountain, one on one side, one on the slope of another mountain and and below is the Valley were David and Goliath will meet the verse three tells us that there is a stalemate there. There is no advantage to either either Army.

In fact, verse three tells us that both armies put on a daily show of strength they muster, they gather in battle formation. They yell at each other, but they have no intention of rushing down there side of the mountain through the Valley appropriately named FS demean the Valley of blood and up the other side or the enemy to do that when officers would be suicidal. Neither side has an advantage that is as long as the Israelites think like Felicity, they are so the Philistines offer up something that isn't all that uncommon. Look at verse four, there came out from the camp of the Philistines, a champion named Goliath of gas. The word champion can be literally translated. The man between two TW this case to armies we get our word middleman from this in the context of an army. This term would refer to an infantryman like commentators who live more than 100 years ago.

At that under these circumstances are seen no way of deciding the contest apart or except by what they called single combat. It's possible that Israel would've agreed. It seemed to describe the concept of it all the trouble is, the Philistines soldier they put forward just so happens to be gigantic Samuel, the author of these accounts part of the challenge.

By the way to go through these boxes are not all chronologically in order.

He's dropping and I will give us a narrative and then another narrative and you'll find something happen for the others, but according to this particular account until flow along chronologically until the end of the chapter on the question that later but he wants us as readers feel the terror of this giant vaccine is to spend more time describing him than the actual battle between David and Goliath notice verse for his height was six cubits, and the span of time this week. Look that up.

That means he's 9'9" tall pre-tall guy the Lakers would sign them in a heartbeat. He could dunk the ball standing still is one huge fighting machine.

Verse five Sam describes his helmet, a bronze he's armed with a coat of mail. The weight of the coat was about 5000 shekels of bronze, but 125 pounds. This was a shirt, it would've come down to his knees, was made of small bronze plates that resembled fish scale allowed for protection and it allowed for freedom of movement. Assuming you could move wearing a shirt weighing 125 pounds which evidently Goliath could do for six. These wearing bronze sheaves.

This is is a shin guards. They would have begun just below the knee Where the coat of mail ended go all the way down to his ankles. He's got a javelin slung between the shoulder blades. He's got a spear with an iron spike at the end of the wait about 25 pounds, just ahead of it that would hurt he's got a sword that's not mentioned until a little later. The Hebrew word indicates the sword is a small curved sword like a single perfect for cutting off heads off his weapons are designed for hand to hand combat these effectively covered from head to toe with Ron so get the picture. The sun shining on him would've reflected off Goliath like a mirror would've made them all the more terrifyingly intimidating and for 40 days when everybody musters in a you know you were chance and are in their inner knowledge songs he comes out any offers this single combat. Look verse eight, the Philistine, you are the servants of Saul choose a man for yourselves will come down to me. Let's let's settle this it is able to fight with me and kill me, then will be your servant. He's also a big liar because when he dies, the proceeds run, but if I prevail against him and kill them. Then you shall be your servant.

Now all of Israel that is standing on their slope there side for this value blood and their dismayed and their terrified and you think what a bunch of sissy get with it mean, isn't it easy to be brave when you know the rest of the story or when you're not involved might be Bill Worley once said, I learned a long time ago that minor surgeries with the dew on the other person they do not meet its major daily for cavities major from the other about you, but at this point in the narrative scene, shifts a little bit just to let us know how David showed up at the front lines in the first place. Again, for the sake of family, summarize the next three paragraphs were told that three of David's oldest brothers were in the Army in more than a month since I grew up in battle lines and just see the dad want to report three.

Since David offered some cheese stuff for the commander to see was happening.

The word you could use for this scene begins to unfold is the word fear noticed but a part of verse 20 and he David came to the encampment as the host was going out to battle. The battle and shutting the worker. Verse 22. David left the things in charge of the keeper. The bag is ran to the ranks of wind greeted his brother as he talked with them all the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name came up out of the ranks of the Philistines and spoke the same words as before they would hurt them all an individual they saw the man fled from him. That is a literally true back in Hades. Finally, given my David doesn't know if this is the first time Goliath said these things, or the 41st time he's in the dark, which makes it all the more remarkable that he responds like he does. After hearing the first the men in the ranks next few verses were to fill in the blanks that they they tell about going on and then they tell them that the king is promised three things to any man who takes Goliath on women's verse 25 tells us there are three prizes reaches one of that sort.

The Kings daughters hand in marriage and family estate of the father, the taxes will be free.

The word free as the Hebrew word topsy which is more than likely a reference to the family and the family estate being free from any kind of taxation as were dying over in their affidavit. This is because this is really the ultimate quick path to fame and glory in Vegas. What is brothers can say is all about anyway he can. This is better than a lottery ticket.

He gets rich enough to pay taxes.

Any marries the king's daughter is now the royal family. This is this is great.

David evidently and really all that interested because his response is a totally different perspective. In fact if you look at verse 25 and compared to verse 26 he realized the soldiers refer to Goliath as this man is that, have you seen this man.

David refers to him in verse 26 as this uncircumcised Philistine only thing is an unbeliever. The soldiers said the Goliath is come down to defy Israel in verse 25. David says in verse 26. He's defying the armies of the living God. See the difference. The soldiers saw a giant David sees a blasphemer. The soldiers look at this as will Goliath is insulting our country. David sees him as he insulting the living God. Today is effectively asking a dozen of the glory of God matter. This is bother anybody dozen following the true living God make any difference out here for any of us see none of them were willing to fight to live, because he didn't really want with risk risk anything, you know, for the honor of their country. David is about to risk everything because he's willing to fight the honor of his God Gina problem out here ladies and gentlemen is not a military problem spiritual problem.

Their eyes at this point are on Goliath. David's eyes are on God about this time. Verse 28 alive effectively dresses his little brother down and he says why anger was kindled against reason why have you come down and with whom you love those few sheep and the loaders are minor, just a shepherd who you think you are is effectively what is tell you who you are is your one drink.

Notice he says I know your presumption and the evil of your heart, for you have come down to see the battle, he could actually translate that Hebrew phrase, you have come down to be seen in the battle. You just want to be in the picture you're talking tough, but use 20 seen with us.

David basically ignores alive and refuses an invitation to verbally fight his brother basically respond by saying what I done was it not a word. In other words, all I did was ask a question but I agree, by the way, with one commentator who wrote that alive was David's Goliath before David ever got the Goliath.

Goliath will express ridicule and contempt for David, but the lab does effectively the same thing here maybe for you. One of the greater challenges in living for the glory of God is the people closest to you think you've lost your marbles. One commentator said David actually contended with three Goliaths kind of an interesting thought alive who says you're just an arrogant backwoods Shepherd, King Saul, who will later say you're just a child, and Goliath will say your dad needs the Hebrew language.

David ignores them all and he repeats this theologically rich statement that Goliath out there in the valley of blood is is is doing nothing less than taunting the living God, David's words eventually make it up the chain of command how long it takes, it's up to the top brass. The first scene that would be the front lines. The second seen fear this third scene. I just want the title folly.

Verse 31 words, a David smoker heard the repeated enforce all of the sent for love this David said to Saul, let no man's heart fail because of him, your servant will go and fight with this Philistine. And Saul said to David, you're not able to go up against this Philistine.

The fight with him your body. You is your inexperienced he's been a man of war from his youth. Again Saul is measuring size with side pill Hill measure armor with armor is thinking like a Philistine, any effectively says look back up to the tent wall there to get up my ruler Saul is 9 feet, 9 inches in your come in about 53 let's begin exuberance belt buckle only wants to bear somebody effectively says you got you got spunk, but your way over your head. He's been fighting as long as you been alive. David, instead of saying well I didn't know he was that tall knowing of the kind of experience basically says let me let me tell you what got done for me in the past becomes the foundation for what I believe God could do in the future, so he then tells him the stories that we will read the second cavity recounts that the experiences he that he has a shepherd delivering a sheep from from the lien and in the bear with nothing more than his rod that was an interesting weapon.

Just as Rod maybe his sling. Here's the point. Verse 37 the Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of the Philistine and other words of God can use a shepherd to rescue a lamb from the jaws of the bear, he could just as easily use a shepherd to rescue the nation from the jaws of a giant sea to David Goliath is just a big bear I can do this by the way, did you notice the humility. Here he isn't using going on and on about how he then maneuvered the bear big bear was in the line he should see that I did all this and that all the details of think of it.

What shepherd has a bare rock.

David did and you think you get around David like ignorance on fishermen and that visualize this those antlers on the wall. Whatever but tell you about my exploits. Another point of it is.

David says this is what he delivered to David is effectively taking Saul to Sunday school.

This is all the issues Goliath is the issue is helping God is remember him salty. Remember him.

I can imagine in the tent. It was quiet, member him. He he is defeated armies with the word he's pushed over walls with an invisible finger. He's he's backed up walls seawater with this breath you member him. Saul does remember sort of fact with some element of conviction. He says to David in verse 37 the latter part okay go in the Lord be with you if you put it.

There are Saul's biography to fight all babies in the camera great life because the next verse. Then Saul clothed David with his armor. He died get it. He's trying to fight Goliath like Goliath fights Goliath has a helmet bronze is what look. He put the helmet bronze on David's head Goliath has a code of mail so he close him with a coat of mail client has a sword here, David. Here's my sword. This is absolute folly. Saul is trying to make David like Goliath.

David responds verse 39. I cannot go with these for I have not tested them.

The Hebrew verb protested means to try, try these out with the nuance of I'm not used to these all have experience with these.

I spent my time practicing with swords and coats of mail: wearing bronze helmets.

This this is a go to work. The truth is, it should have been Saul going down there to fight Goliath is his armor is nation's leadership fact for stimuli. Says he's he was taller than any of his people and he knows it is the biggest soldier Israel had something more going on here in the ancient days, wearing the clothing of another was to not only be imbued with their essence, but to share in their being the unwilling kinsman redeemer gives Boaz's sandal effectively saying you you you where my sandal you you live the life I quickly this is an emotional covenant, so to speak and and and it was significant fact one Old Testament scholar brings up the point that Saul is more than likely binding David do himself so that he will then be able to take credit for David's victory to David to be Goliath try to video it illustrated. I think we we would do the same thing sort of in a different way maybe be like this. We know that I want one that race but he was driving my car.

She one that baking contest, but she use my recipe. He had a hole in one, but I let them use my club that would so you're sort of accepting a little bit of the prize gate but is where my armor is my sword she's facing humiliation and he knows it tends to connect David with his own essence so that through his armor he can claim a portion of the victory whether a David discern that we don't know if he did he was just gracious because he effectively says what I think the stuff of vomiting used the stick with what I David strips down to his normal clothing means is absolutely unprotected except by the providence of God, which heads down when Goliath is sitting down there in the valley waiting for your on wisdom for the hearts.

This is the Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey Stephen is the pastor of the shepherd's church in Cary, North Carolina were currently in a series on the life of David called the singer. Today's message was part one of a lesson called David in the sitting duck when we return tomorrow at this time. Stephen will conclude this message. So join us that in the meantime, let's interact on social media, that's a great way to stay informed and interact with us. Be sure and like our Facebook page so that she will get updates you can follow us on Twitter, and Instagram. We watch for comments and messages that come from social media so feel free to communicate with us. That way before we and our time for today I want to remind you about our app. I encourage you to install that app to your phone. The reason it's so helpful is that it allows you to quickly and easily access all of our Bible-based resources. That app contains the audio in the transcript of each of these daily Bible messages. We also make available the archive of Stephen's Bible teaching ministry with the full-length sermons arranged by book of the Bible you can follow along in our daily Bible reading plan and more the wisdom international app will work with your smart phone your tablet or smart TV. It's free to install and use and it's a great companion for your personal Bible study will thanks again for joining us today were so glad you were with us and I hope you'll be with us for our next Bible message tomorrow. Right here on wisdom for the hearts

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