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At the Speed of Angels

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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December 13, 2021 12:00 am

At the Speed of Angels

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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December 13, 2021 12:00 am

Luke's gospel gives us a glimpse into the role angels played in the Christmas story as well as the role they play in the Gospel story. So if you've ever found yourself questioning how and why God uses these mysterious and invisible creatures, find out now.

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Announces this newborn baby is not only the Savior is the Christ Messiah. This is the anointed one, of God. This is the only one qualified to sit upon the throne of David. Gabriel also said his newborn is also the Lord curiosity. Literally, he is God. Listen to the gospel first delivered by Gabriel today in the city of David.

There's been born for you a deliverer who is the anointed one to sit upon the throne of David, who happens to be God incarnate gospel gives us the absence of the role as well as the role the way in the gospel today on wisdom for the hard working to take a look at the role of these mysterious creatures, especially as it relates to Christmas. Mary is unique among women. Of course, God chose her to be the mother of our Lord. But she also had the rare opportunity to have a conversation with an angel today. Stephen Devi is looking at the messenger that God sent to Mary, the angel Gabriel Stevens calling today's lesson at the speed of Angels, and it begins in the early 1830s there were two groups of individuals one America and one in England, racing to become the first to independently build an electric telegraph system.

The American group would win the day with its unique use of magnetic pulses and a special code invented by their groups leader names Samuel B Morris. Samuel was by occupation a painter, a skilled painter who specialized in portraits, but by the late 1800s. His invention had taken the world by storm and electric telegraph companies were soon in operation. If you can imagine this 150 years ago. The fastest way to get a message from New York to California. The fastest way was the pony express could you imagine how much is changed in 150 years. With the invention by Samuel Morris and the creation of his Morse code. That distance could now be spanned in a moment nearly as fast as the speed of light of the Wright brothers would use it in 1903 to tell their daddy that they had a successful flight but World War I would be announced through this means of communication. The world would be kept abreast of the details I saw. By the way a picture in my study of this telegram sent by the Wright brothers was dated May 24. In fact, I saw that the the first telegram a picture of the very first one in 1844 on that historic day Samuel Morse made the first public demonstration by sending a message from the Supreme Court chamber in the capital to a railway station in Baltimore and his famous first message was for words. What God hath wrought. In other words, look what God has done fascinating to see the inventive abilities of mankind. And on this occasion, Samuel Morse, giving his creator God the credit. His invention would be used for more than 150 years, and I found it interesting to discover that on January 27, 2006. The last batch of telegrams were sent just 11 months ago. This form of communication was finally put to rest those last telegrams sent last January included condolences on the death of a loved one emergency news birthday wishes and several people trying to be the last ones to send a telegram you can imagine it now. Of course put to put to bed permanently. Now the number of text messages sent every day exceeds the population of the world every day. Billions of them. I believe it. My youngest daughter is responsible for lease 10 million of those, but to this day there is one communication system that that has no rival that only God has access to message delivery by Angel service Angel grams which is coin a new word here today to travel faster, much faster than the speed of light.

There never lost in transmission they never failed to deliver. They are never coded so that anyone who hears these divine outbursts of information can immediately understand the message. The number of angels in this network is so vast that no one can comprehend their total McKay of the prophet reported his vision in first Kings 22 of the innumerable angelic hosts surrounding the throne of God. If you literally multiply Daniel's vision an accounting of the angels around the throne of God, he would have 100 million angels worshiping God in Daniel seven were told the same number of 100 million angels and more will sing praise to God around his magnificent throne.

Revelation chapter 5. These numbers are probably intended to be symbolic of just simply on numberless throng of angels who raise their voices and worship you just can't tell the writer of Hebrews informs us that thousands upon thousands of them are in joyful assembly. Hebrews 1222 occurred to me. Listen if you are God and you wanted to deliver the birth announcement of God the son to the world. How would you deliver the message but better way than angels and not just by any Angel one particular one, one Angel blessed uniquely with the singular task of informing all the critical parties involved the that God was moving the redemptive plan to the next stage.

The special angels name is Gabriel and our last session we introduce this angel in Daniel's description of him whose eyes blazed as if they were on fire his arms and feet shown as burnished brass or bronze his lightning appearance is bright appearance in this amazing deep majestic voice.

He would break 400 years of God's silence by delivering the gospel of the coming Messiah. If you turned back to Luke's gospel account, you discover Gabriel appearing not just to Zacharias where he broke the silence of God, but he delivers this message to young teenage girl in the middle of her kitty machine that is the customary period of betrothal or engagement to a young carpenter named Joseph. You notice verse 26 of Luke chapter 1 it says now in the six month.

This is relative to Elizabeth's pregnancy, the six month the angel Gabriel now was sent from God was sitting in Galilee called Nazareth. Don't miss the significance by the way the of this phrase.

In fact, this text is so well worn by those Reardon shirts, we often miss wonderful thing. Gabriel was sent from God. You imagine Gabriel yes my king deliver my message personally to to the specific girl down there in that specific village called Nazareth.

Yes, when shall I deliver it, wait a moment when a moment that now and he wings his way from the highest heavens crossing the universe far faster than the speed of light of this is this is the speed of Angels flight would you notice that when Gabriel arrived he does and asked Mary to wait a minute while he catches his breath. Not only do we not understand the communication methods in the heavenly we do not understand flight patterns but we do know is that God ordered and Gabriel delivered verse 28 and coming in he said to her greeting is favored one, the Lord is with you. Mary nearly faints so Gabriel has to say what angels are always saying to people you encounter. Verse 30 do not be afraid that here's the message is the first part you have found favor with God. Imagine the word caress grace coming from the mouth of an angel. Mary you are the recipient of unmerited, undeserved grace from God.

This is the gospel, God visits mankind and offers undeserved favor. The day of her wrists the day of Grace's come uniquely here.

Not only is Gabriel's message, a message of God's grace want you to notice Gabriel's message is a message of God's greatness is sovereign control applied in these phrases, it just sort of tumble out he speak so matter-of-factly. Beginning in verse 31 behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus. He will be great. He will be called the son of the most I the Lord God will give him the throne of his father David and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and his kingdom will have no end.

Gabriel's disorder laying it all out no problem with him. By the way for all this to take place why he has just come from the throne of God.

Ladies and gentlemen, the closer we live, as it were, the throne of God, the less of a problem. We will have with his Saul is sovereign will's in our own lives.

Mary is just heard the stunning news she will bear the Messiah.

Gabriel, by the way, is loosely quoted second Samuel chapter 7 in the Davidic covenant not only are these first four assertions coming true with his birth, but the last three are gonna come true is literally is the first four. He will mount the throne of David. One day he will rule the kingdom. One day he will literally be the son of a literal girl and his name will literally be Jesus you remember that Gabriel had announced earlier to Zacharias that his wife would get pregnant and bear the forerunner of the Messiah.

Now he is announcing the Mary that she will bear the Messiah and it occurred to me as I study this text again in the first encounter, Gabriel would inform Zacharias that his wife Elizabeth, who couldn't get pregnant Will and now in the second encounter Gabriel is informing Mary who shouldn't be pregnant that she's about to be. Elizabeth couldn't get pregnant but would Mary shouldn't be pregnant but will be and she staggers under the weight of this news, especially this part notice verse 34.

Mary says to Gabriel. How can this be, since I am a virgin. Your number.

Zacharias responded to Gabriel's mouth with the word how and now Mary responds by asking how Zacharias in our last session. Remember, was disciplined with an inability to speak for nine months, but Mary is a discipline for unbelief is because they're asking two different kinds of how for Zacharias. It was a question of belief for Mary. It's a question of biology, Zacharias wanted more proof. Mary just wants to understand the process, but I think of it this way. One thing to tell an older woman who has a husband that she's pregnant. It's another thing to tell a virgin that she's pregnant and the angel verse 35 answers that her the Holy Spirit is going to come upon you and the power of the most high will overshadow you and for that reason, the holy child will be called the son of God. Greek word overshadow is the same word used in the Greek translation of the Old Testament for the overshadowing presence of God in the holy of holies one wears B said it this way, the womb of Mary will become the holy of holies, the son of God, so she must be perfect. She must've been sinless for God Sunderland. Well her in the spirit of God to overshadow her. Have you forgotten.

Have you forgotten your body is the temple of the living God. Have you forgotten that whoever confesses that Jesus is the son of God. God dwells in him. First John 415. Just as Mary's womb became the holy of holies. So is your heart today for God has made you his place of residence wasn't just as Mary carried Christ physically, so we bear Christ spiritually. You Christian, you are literally carrying the Messiah today wherever you go. Why, because you are perfect because you are sinless, we be honored to carry about as it were within our bodies the holy of holies the presence of God becoming like Mary recipient of undeserved unmerited favor caress grace of God.

This is the gospel according to Gabriel delivered to Mary and to us.

What did Mary do verse 38 record your testimony. Behold, the bondslave of the Lord may be done to me according to your word. Mary surrenders this was no simple matter.

She was being asked to reveal her family and to Joseph that she was carrying a child and was in his standing up for God and his power and his plan she will become the object of ridicule and slander and in doubt. The Talmud second century compilation of Jewish law on commentary and tradition includes the record that Mary was the mistress of a Roman soldier named Panthera and the Jesus was a legitimate story, of course, spread by the time of Christ's ministry.

The Pharisees said to him in John 841. We were not we were not conceived in sexual immorality as you were. In other words, you don't know your father is who are you to tell us the ways of God. Christ never outlive the whispers, which meant Mary never lived down the accusation. She would always be in the rumor mill so she would surrender her life to a life of mistaken identity, she would be viewed as someone she was not, but Mary said, in effect to Gabriel. Listen, I want you to win your way back wing it back through the universe as quickly as you can and up to the throne of my Lord and say to him I accept, accept I will cooperate with God. Mary presented her body a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable in the God which was your most reasonable act of service. I wonder my friend today.

What has God asked you to do that is inconvenient and uncomfortable and upsetting. What has he asked you to surrender Luke's account in chapter 2 Gabriel appears using the same introduction is with Zacharias and Marion even using that profound wording on guilt deludes on my the gospel or the good news he stands before the shepherds in verse 10, and says do not be afraid, for behold I bring you the gospel going to lives of my I bring you the gospel I bring you the good news of great joy. This is always been a moving seem to me me briefly touch on it. Gabriel is in talking to just any shepherds as he is talking the temple shepherds to see that the supply of unblemished lambs were always available to temple authorities. We know had their own flocks. We know from historical records that they kept those flocks in and around Bethlehem.

Zacharias has seen a lamb after lamb after lamb after lamb offered in the morning and evening sacrifices in the temple. Imagine that Gabriel is announcing to shepherds who were looking after sacrificial lambs that the final sacrificial lamb has just been born.

They are there there there, keeping watch over lambs destined to die as sacrifices for the sins of the people and they will soon be the first to witness the birth of the Lamb of God who came to take away the sin of the world. By the way, according to the Jewish traditions recording recorded in the Mishnah, which is part of the Taliban. Shepherds could not worship in the temple. They were consistently unclean, dealing with blood and and animal birth, dead animals, unable then to come into the Temple precinct living outdoors, often stealing to survive. The Talmud considered them all as thieves.

In fact, according to the Mishnah. The only class of people lower than shepherds were lepers. It's as if God gives a foretaste of the redemptive grace of Christ delivering it to the outcast. Can you imagine the glory of the gospel here early to verse 11 for the day.

The shepherds are tolled for the for today in the city of David there has been born far US Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Baby is identified to them three ways. The first expression is Savior so terror deliver the deliverer has come you been praying for. Deliver the people of been waiting for deliver his calm.

Gabriel announces this newborn baby is not only the Savior is the Christ.

This is the Greek word for the Hebrew, Meshach Messiah. This is the anointed one, of God. This is the only one qualified to sit upon the throne of David. Gabriel also said his newborn is also the Lord carry us literally. He is God. Listen to the gospel. Listen to the gospel first delivered by Gabriel today in the city of David. There's been born for you a deliverer who is the anointed one to sit upon the throne of David, who happens to be God incarnate. A Jehovah's Witness cannot say that Mormon cannot sign onto that a Muslim cannot agree with that, they might say that Jesus is a Savior that he was a prophet that he was a good man but they cannot say that he was Savior and Messiah, who is God in the flesh. Don't miss this unmistakable distinction, Gabriel makes between himself and the shepherds. Did you catch it today in the city of David there has been born for whom for you for you for Angels for people for lepers, shepherds, sinners, like you and me.

May I suggest that you write your name and to the margin of your Bible so that it personalizes the birth of Christ even further as I have in mind, there has been born for Stephen Savior your to write your name. What an announcement with a series of visitations by this angel. Did you notice the spectrum over these scenes he calms and delivers the gospel to the descendent of Aaron connected religious clean in the holy place, he delivers the message to a common ordinary girl who is the recipient of divine grace and favor and he delivers the message to the outcast to the center who can get into the temple and worship God. This is the glory of the gospel of Christ delivered through this angel who at this moment is lying wrapped in strips of cloth was swaddled, swaddling clothes, lying in a dark stable in the Bethlehem night. This is the same one who asked Job centuries earlier. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth. Tell me if you understand what I made a cloud its garment and thick darkness its swaddling clothes. Imagine the one who wrapped the universe in darkness as he burst it by his word is now lying in a manger wrapped with swaddling clothes under the dark sky of Bethlehem fee, creator of the baby and Gabriel is joined here in verse 13 with a host of angels, and untold number one commentator argued that every angel would have been present for just as they had song at the birth of the created universe. They are not going to be absent to sing at the birth of their creator.

Amen. So they just pile into the sky.

Millions upon millions upon millions of the hosts of heaven. It was the Jewish custom for fathers to hire musicians to celebrate the birth of her son, Mary and Joseph have no connections. They have no relatives to come by and have no musicians to hire. But that's all right father is connections the father won't hold back in their above Bethlehem, the angelic host serves as the musical choir celebrating the birth of God's son, and the glory of this gospel as they sing.

Glory to God.

With this gospel announcements of Gabriel and the angels come to an end. He's given us the privilege of going and delivering the gospel and making disciples of all nations met 29 it's up to us who are now inhabited by the Messiah to sing, glory to God in the highest and to invite all by faith will believe in the Savior, who is the anointed one who is God incarnate, and all who do believe will one day according according to Revelation chapter 19 will all gather and sing with the hosts of heaven praise God the father in Christ the Redeemer, our Savior and so it is no longer up to angels is. Thanks for joining us today here on system we've looked at one of those unique times when God delivered his message through an angel. But God called us to deliver his message as well. We have a resource that you can use to share the truth of the gospel with your family, friends and associates. If you like information about getting a supply, please contact us at 866-482-4253.

You also find it on our website. Wisdom online got a that's all for today. Join us next time here on wisdom

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