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The Master's Men, Part 2-B

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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November 2, 2021 12:00 am

The Master's Men, Part 2-B

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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November 2, 2021 12:00 am

As Jesus continues to call those followers whom he will call his closest disciples, Stephen Davey uncovers some timeless principles that we can use in our own walks as disciples of the Lord. We can take encouragement from the status, talents, and abilities (or the lack thereof) of these disciples as we humbly accept God's calling for our lives today.

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The Lord moved from among us today all the disciples who regularly fail him. None of us would be Thomas will go on all the way to India where he will serve the majority of his life before being martyred.

The Lord Jesus disciples never fail him choose his disciples shows us all.

He never back to do a little bit of review for those who didn't catch yesterday's lesson and then conclude this message were in Luke six where Jesus called 12 men to be his disciples. Did you ever feel completely unqualified to follow Jesus and to be one of his disciples. Now I think we all do. In fact, we should feel that way. One of the lessons will learn today is that Jesus doesn't call qualified people he calls people, and then qualifies them. Let's learn more together right now. The next inches.

Here is a list of the cycle by the name of Philip yummy introduced by giving another principal tucked away for encouragement. The Lord chose his disciples not because of their oppressive ability because of their availability. Maybe you are like me, as I grew up my mother from that into our hearts that availability is the greatest ability. No other assignment probably flushes that out anymore, or any better than that Philip you might confuse Philip with Philip who plays a prominent role in the early church in the early chapters of the book of acts chapter 6 he's he becomes one of the deacons.

This Philip does and then in chapter 80 becomes a rather famous evangelist among the Samaritans holding rallies performing miracles hundreds of people come to faith in Christ and then that particular Philip is whisked away by the spirit of God. Remember that Ethiopian is puzzling over that passage of the book of Isaiah.

Philip shows up suddenly and explained that the man is converted.

Don't confuse that Philip the evangelist Deacon with this Philip. The apostle Philip the deacon was a lot more dynamic and seem to do a lot more for the gospel that we actually know very little about Philip, the apostle, the only thing we really know about him is is from four brief sentences that are scattered through the gospel by John John's the only one who mentions him. Chapter 1 chapter 6 chapter 12 in chapter 14, in his classic work on the disciples published in 1937 when my favorite authors. G. Campbell Morgan writes that Philip was simply an unimpressive man came from the same town as Peter and Andrew. More than likely that attended the same synagogue would have been known to them quite possible they would've wondered why Philip was chosen.

He seems in these four brief sentences slow to catch on facts. The physical reality of things.

He's quick on that I should say what is slow to pick up on the miraculous possibility use what one author called a facts and figures kind of guy who went by the book. When we see him appearing. He wants to figure out whatever's going on. He was one author said the counter among the disciples if if the calculator had been invented back then. Philip would've owned two, he would've owned the one that has all the things I still don't know what they mean to do all those calculations. If there is one classic scene where he shows up individually and has an opportunity to demonstrate faith in the miraculous power of Christ. In fact, Jesus is about to test him personally. Now don't mistake Jesus is this test does not discourage him. It is to develop, but it shows up in John six where Jesus is preaching in the open air to as many as 15 perhaps 20,000 people, if not more than men alone are estimated by the apostle John to number around 5000. John 6% was getting late. More than likely know this account and in the massive crowd is that nothing the and and so Jesus turned stuff Philip is always a deterrence to Philip and Jesus.

The text says said the Philip, where are we to buy bread, so that these people may eat. He said this to test him, for he himself knew what he would do. Philip and lowers where an oral regular buy bread to feed all these people and Philip is probably wondering why am I getting this pop quiz here more than likely you know Jesus did ask him because he was from that region.

Even with the bakery was but even more likely. He had become the apostolic will develop the apostolic administrator.

He was the one who works on what you could figure out that that was the limits so you can see Philip scratch that 5000. The two Lord, we don't have the money we can't do this and write about that Andrew shows up and says that the little boy was willing to donate his his alliance with CLECs in Cyprus. I got five little pieces of garlic bread too little pickle I think is wondering, Andrew, your mind will get the facts that were bring up a lunch it's almost there are more reasons but it's almost as if Jesus aims this miracle at the heart of Philip. It is what you can see it what you can calculate it. What you can add.

It is what you can figure out isn't how much you have in the bank is what you it's what you place it in the hands of the master artist by faith in maybe you came in today and this is for you, Lord, I can't. I can't figure this one out. There's no way through this dilemma is no way around it got all the facts in front of me and all the pros and cons.

I've calculated all the options sitting in a work of the Lord moves with the smallest gesture of faith I'm coming this offering. This this is a repeat to carelessly inadequate suggestion.

As a kid with a lunch. The Lord doesn't need impressive offerings. He doesn't listen. Just use impressive people. He is not looking for impressive faith just availability in the offering of something so simple like five little pieces of course barley bread and a couple of pickled fish to help it go to Jesus chose a facts and figures methodical organize manned abuse disciples on me at a principal before moving on. Jesus doesn't choose disciples with the same personality because he plans to reach different kinds of people in different kinds of places, different kinds of way. Philip never forgot this lesson of impossibilities he will make his life available and over the years he will pioneer the gospel into modern day Turkey and he will eventually be stoned to death, but not before leading multitudes to faith in Christ to his careful viatical pattern and faithful with Alex gospel goes on to mention another apostle's name is Bartholomew were told in John's gospel that Philip actually brought Bartholomew to meet Jesus this disciple to be a little confusing as to his name Bartholomew is Aramaic.

It's what we might call a last name even though they didn't have last names them bar means son bar, the son of following year. You could say it in English or more accurate accurately, the son of told my the gospel of Matthew, Mark, and the gospel of Luke refer only to Bartholomew. John refers only to Nathaniel but all four of them tear him here with Philip which helps confirm this apostle's name was Nathaniel Bartholomew or Nathaniel, the son of told now if you didn't think there was much to read about Philip, you have even less about Nathaniel infected this day we've uncovered barely any history of Nathaniel before meeting Christ, we have no account of his family life. We really don't know anything about his father except his name we don't know the name of his mother or siblings just a few phrases in the Scriptures are given about him. Jesus in John chapter 1 will commend Nathaniel was being an authentic Israelite in whom is no guile. In other words Nathaniel doesn't have any hidden agenda when it becomes a disciple and if you not there over the faith. You know a lot of these disciples have a lot of agendas. Jason John worker from applying Judah assignment actually overthrown.

Ron that this Daniel has knowledge and no ulterior motive, but it does go down in history as saying that he speak something rather embarrassing when he is told by Philip that they have found the Messiah Jesus of Nazareth… Nathaniel responds bluntly by saying, can anything good come out of Nazareth. John 146. How would you like that on your spiritual resume. You're the one who said, can anything good come out of Nazareth to put in our modern Avon. I think you know Jesus. We found the Messiah Jesus and any comes from Rowling or better yet Chapel Hill anybody here from Chapel Hill to to good things come out of Chapel Hill right back there. That's essentially Nathaniel say the Messiah to come from Medicaid is nothing then Jesus demonstrates his omniscience to Nathaniel and he says you know I saw you the other day under the fig tree, I knew what you're thinking will only got and just as matter-of-factly, is mine being completely blown away.

He responds to the Lord by saying immediately. You are the son of God, you are the king of Israel is a quick study.

I love this guy believe in you right now right here quick to follow Jesus we know of no other family member who came along with them. We know nothing of his roots is past is pedigree is spiritual upbringing.

We put it into a principal form the Lord does not choose disciples because of their spiritual heritage. He chooses them to begin a spiritual heritage. Maybe you can identify with this disciple that you're the first of your entire family, extended family to follow Christ. Maybe you're the only guy or gal that believe the gospel message and become a disciple of Jesus and I wanted to take from this encouragement.

Don't be discouraged about your future. But the Lord might do with you, your ministry potential because your grandfather and all was in the church planter or your uncle was enough. You know, missionary or whatever God is not handicapped by your past isn't hindered in his plans by the fact that you didn't grow up in a family dedicated to Christ. The first one Jesus Jesus among his 12 somebody like you who will begin a spiritual.

Didn't handicap Nathaniel either didn't slow him down is to go on the reach the northern portion of Iran and touch into the southern portion of Russia.

He will be eventually martyred for his faith and leave behind a legacy faithful me briefly mention to motorcycles. Luke mentions next in his list. Here the apostle Matthew is Artie made an appearance in our exposition to the gospel by Luke won't spend much time on him, devoted an entire sermon, but if you were with us in your new in the faith. He's a tax collector, which means you probably wouldn't hang around he abandoned his nation need care nothing for them or their faith or their God. Sold out the wrong purchasing from the ability to become a tax collector whereby he can turn around and taxes on people charge them more than their due and line his pockets. He would've been considered despicable. He he cared more about the Emperor of Rome.

Then he did the ruler of Israel. So Matthew is disqualified from the get-go. I would think Jesus I think would be making a blunder here.

But here's what's happening again. When we put it in a principal form. Jesus did not call qualified people he called people and then qualified what I find intriguing is that the Lord is so changed the heart of Matthew that Matthew will eventually under the influence of the Spirit of God write the gospel of Matthew which is targeted to the nation's room cares deeply for any through that gospel introduces Jesus as the true King. Finally, let me introduce to you the disciple called Thomas there'll be more to say about Thomasville appear. Of course, as we the gospel by Luke and I just give you 30,000 foot view here point out one event that's not as well-known but first let me deal with his nickname. If you're older and the faith.

Or maybe Brandon you probably still know that adjective that's tagged on the name Thomas.

It's sort of like Ray had got tagged right Rahab the harlot and I'm sure she's embarrassed. God wanted to give us a testimony of his grace throughout church history. This is nickname is not in the Bible we've given it to you may know, it starts with a D ends with ING on the count of three say I said loudly.

The whole thing ready 123 you're right, daring Thomas. You could easily say that if him.

Yes, his glass is always half-empty. He's melancholy is actually a deep thinker.

He is referred to as Thomas didymus, which means twin.

We don't of the other twin brother or a twin sister but he was a twin. We do know that is that he was quick to believe the Lord's promise of his coming death and slow to believe the Lord's promise of his coming resurrection, but I think we pinned too much on Thomas that were clearly told in Scripture that none of the disciples believed Jesus had risen from the dead. All of them doubted.

In fact, in Mark's Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

Randa told the disciples that she had seen the risen Lord.

The Bible says she went and told the disciples as they morning. Morning and we all of them when they heard that he was alive he would not believe that all our dollars. The reason you can call Thomas daring Thomas is much as doubting Thomas is because he is actually the first disciple to declare his willingness to die for Jesus is the first one it happens earlier on the place in John's Gospel of John chapter 10 verse 33 that leaders are threatening to stone Jesus. They say to him, it is not for good work that you are going to do were going to stone you, but for blasphemy because you being a man. Make yourself God. In other words, they got the message they know exactly who Jesus was claiming to be God incarnate in the flesh.

The first chance I get in without Jesus leads Judy believes leaves town with his disciples but then they get telegram are the words that Jesus close friend Lazarus is dying. Jesus announces to his disciples, going back and everything will go back go back to Judea there there gathering stones for siding your dad make it to survive is not a friendly place and then Thomas says this Thomas called the twin, said it was relevant disciples, let us also go, that we may die with him to get this Thomas assumes Jesus as a goner. He is not an optimist who says all, let's go, Jesus will be fine to be any problem with Jesus is to survive. No issues.

It'll all work out in his mind. Jesus noticed he is going to die.

This is what he does not say here is hey fellas, and in Lord, Lord, if if you go back there. You're going to die so it's been really nice knowing you the best two years of my life, but everything farewell.

Now he makes this incredible statement occurred. Jesus is gonna die. So let's follow to the death. But this is also a statement of love.

Thomas is essentially saying I don't want to be alive without if he dies I want to go on living so much time is left. I just assumed I Jesus is going to die.

So Jesus to be together and die. I would die with why don't we tag them with that dairy time. Yes you will disappoint the Lord. He will collapse and grief. Perhaps he felt it more deeply than the others so we put this in principle form. Here's a final timeless truth is the life of Thomas. The Lord does not choose disciples who will never disappoint.

He shows his disciples that he will never disappoint them know the Lord removed from among us today all the disciples who regularly disappoint him and regularly failed him. None of us would be here. Not one of us. Thomas will go on track to go all the way to India where he will serve the majority of his life before being martyred. Ironically, run through with the spear. He is believed to have been buried in southern India. I have visited that site. There should nine fact, to this day many churches in southern India trace their spiritual roots back to the ministry. Thomas daring tongue. The Lord doesn't choose disciples who will never fail him chooses disciples shows us all that thing on. It's amazing amazing. Thanks for joining us today here on wisdom. Stephen Davies is working through a series called the Masters man. This was the second lesson in that series and there's one more to go. You can learn more about us. If you visit our website which is wisdom Once you get to our site, you'll be able to access the complete archive of Stephen's Bible teaching ministry he's been pastoring for over 35 years and all of that teaching is available to you.

The archive of Stephen's teaching is available on that site free of charge. You can listen to each lesson or read the manuscript. If you prefer.

If you have a comment, question, or would like more information you can send us an email if you address it to We'd like to know how God is using this ministry to bless you once again that email address is before we end our time for today I want to remind you about our I encourage you to install that app to your phone. The reason it's so helpful is that it allows you to quickly and easily access all of our Bible-based resources. It's free to install and use and it's a great companion for your personal Bible study will thanks again for joining us today were so glad you were with us and I hope you will be with us next time. For more wisdom

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