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Humpty Dumpty Wasn't Pushed

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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September 20, 2021 12:00 am

Humpty Dumpty Wasn't Pushed

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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September 20, 2021 12:00 am

All sin is blasphemy because it makes us worship ourselves as God and treat God as a devil. So don't waste your time pointing fingers. God saw the crime and He isn't fooled by our rationalizations.

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We all predispose to soon.

Someone here is going to be uniquely resonating with one type of temptation wanted to hear what are all over but we cannot excuse that said because she just because Solomon was predisposed along with did not mean he was calling his times when we get caught doing things which are first instinct is to either come up with an excuse for why we did it or we try to blame someone else. One of the truths we always keep in mind is that sin is blasphemy because when we sin, replacing ourselves above God.

The practical implication of that is that we shouldn't waste our time pointing fingers at others or trying to deflect blame God saw the crime and he isn't fooled by our rationalizations. This is wisdom for the heart.

Today Stephen Devi continues his exposition of James with this message called Humpty Dumpty wasn't Swedish researchers try the community. When, after several years of research.

They published their sin. This case sexual immorality was genetically guarantee they had isolated gene, which they believe influence man she wife Susan name sin gene and was published in elite journals and periodicals. It came to serve as proof people can't help quickly due to their wire for that particular sin if you happen to have one of Swedish researchers that these findings shed light that our behaviors are influenced by nature which is convenient that you when your parents you, you're a mess because of their well victimized nation of our culture which now excuses anything and everything thing other than personal choice. Reason you see is because of the neighborhood or the people you grew up or your education or your boss or your spouse or your children or the fact that you don't have any money are you had too much money or they were too busy that you weren't busy enough, you're simply the victim of someone or something to blame there all by the CD on all downtown Philadelphia that red Humpty Dumpty was put nevermind all of humanity defined by elicited a very real way, we can trace our problem. So can we. We know we we they don't make us see just like them and that we do worldwide, and these are all this day we are just like them, not because we love all because we've inherited sin nature and it is all in fact, it is impossible to truly say believe the words like I all I see. It was my fault you heard everybody else was at an intersection. The other day like second car in line. Light turned green to me means it's time to go lady in front of me wasn't looking. What she was doing fingernail something significant texting so I politely she she turned right. All to Jesus nothing to do with Jesus, James is convicting because he tells us how faith in life, even so far, we discovered that evidence of eternity as revealed by a passionate person you when facing tribulation James anyone else say that another market maturity is facing temptation stay pure in the past 11 verses James has delivered to us the truth about trouble. Now the next six verses he's going to deliver to us the truth about temptation to tell you if you talk about that letter sin. James No one say when he is tempted, not being tempted by God for God cannot be tempted by himself is not tempted but each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust. Then when lust has conceived gives birth to sin.

Sin is accomplished, and brings forth, you might notice Jane begins this paragraph or thought the previous one. He assumes that you will face temptation so he doesn't say in verse 13, but you got a face temptation and he assumes that you know Casey know he's going to tell you face temptation today every single day your life be confronted by several thousand commercials every day, whether on the billboards. As you drive to work, television, newspaper, magazine, radio, Internet, Facebook family unit. Every day you get out of bed. You will face a test and attempted to chip away at your character and your holy passion for purity and and your humility comes temptation was the chip away. It'll never leave you. So James does not say nothing happened to be tempted and really good Christians never all know James is you're going to be tempted. The first thing James is not stop playing the blame game give a categorical statement is stop playing the blame verse 13 let no one say that I buy God anything, only this one. James is writing to Christians. No Christian would ever blame God. Christians would be tempted to say got a better job agreed. If God had intervened for me earlier. I would be so angry it got to change something about my background, my heredity, my fireman, my education, my spouse, my children, my mind all along.

I truth is we are as fallen human beings predisposed to say we are capable beyond capacity the idea that this is the way God made. We just got James hearts. He knows that God is ultimately the chief object of our blessing, she found blessing blame is on God cannot be tempted by evil immediately as you read that your in tune with me your you're probably thinking the same question that I thought even when you say Christ was tempted in all points as we Jesus was God incarnate, he is but a sincere God cannot be tempted.but if Jesus is God. Jesus was tested this as God raises a big question I think will be helpful with with a little bit of a different translation.

The words cannot translate a word is used only here in the New Testament where word carries the idea of being beyond the capacity for evil might like that of the margin. God is beyond the capacity of committing evil and I was when he is tempted nothing within his nature that is attracted. You can actually render it invincible. He is invincible to temptation. The other question you might be wondering, is if Christ was unable to sin not just sin, but that he could sandwich theologians calling back ability, Christ died. Well, if that's true then Jesus able to send the thighs with God is our great high as the writers we need to understand that Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully man had to nature, a divine nature and human nature.

The question is how he meets into account her temptation he encountered as a man, the divine nature of Jesus Christ not be tempted. There was nothing within his divine nature resonated. He didn't arrest on his deity solves problem. He resisted in his humanity, and three times say tempted in the wilderness and all three times. Jesus did and I can quote Scripture, he answered, he considered and he's given us a model whereby we witnesses temptation that you could translate this phrase. God never solicits anyone to do what is morally wrong with the idea. Yes, God permits the circumstances temptation, but he never promised anyone to sin.

God never deliberately prompt to do evil, for that would be contrary to his ever ongoing desire and commitment to conform you into the image of Christ. So God set up only and we also recognize that we can't blame the devil we don't like God can't blame the data when we choose to say that even always baiting us. So the question is why power and pull in our hearts and lives to Lord sin. James would like to ask is I want to show you how sin works and he's going to unmask three ingredients of the sort of analyzes the process temptation and sin for us. The first ingredient is desire, but each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his loss. Look at the first part of the verse begins with working but each one is tempted interesting word actually just one word in the Greek language means each one of us are equally tempted, you can amplify verse 14 reading each person's individual way uniquely to when they are times on the basis of their unique and individual desires that stunning your Tatian is for you. You need to be different than the person sitting next person behind or in front of the we are all predisposed to sin because we are all praying fallen sinners. Someone in here is going to be uniquely resonating with one type of temptation while one in here would hardly stop all over but we cannot different excuses that sin, because she just the way just because Solomon was predisposed to loving women did not mean he was anything fallen his collection of why so James says it happens he is carried away was 14 and enticed, lost, carried away, enticed as is her hunting were in the first century carried away.

Lord sent of the means in enticed first baby mama line used by fishermen. We give Satan everything necessary to trap our design, and he knows what they are. Whatever resident already.

Charles the idea and just as a fisherman or honor the ideas and to the high track but exposed the bank to disguise the wrong thing so they might quote the little boy and you learn you mother caught him eating the cookies she had just baked set on the counter.

She walked in as he was putting the second one was Malcolm.

She said I tell after dinner and so I just got here on the chair to smell the cookies and my teeth got a lady come up to me after the first hour. I said that her foyer looked at happened to me like preaching as I speak to well we learned the second ingredient versus desire. The second then when lust has conceived gives birth to sin when lust has conceived lights that is when he acts upon the floor with his well sets in motion desire to be to fulfill his desire. James Wright, as well as engaged in. He decides to think he decides he decides to reach that sin occurs. James actually changes illustration from a hunting expedition to a delivery notice that James is personifying the idea of temptation giving birth following desire is attracted to and finally decides to run away with disobedience child. Child was named sin like so I temptation showing debate with showing it look like popularity. It look like true love it look like a way to get out of debt.

It look like a relief from the pressures of life, the latter step for me to change it look like finally being appreciated it just moved from desire disobedience third ingredient is sin is accomplished, it brings for that James can't be talking about physical death, although ultimately, yes, because sinners can live a long time for ultimately not James's dominant spiritual deputies writing to Christian to send, I believe, is talking about death like living.

This is the self-destruction of cherished sin. This almost daily wrote it when he was literally being consumed by his unrepentant life city was hiding. He wrote a song 32 when I kept silent about my sin, my body wasted away my vitality was drained away with the fever heat of the summer. She need to remember the old saying sin will take you further than you wanted to go that sin will cost you more than you ever wanted to pay. Sin will keep you longer stay. James begins by saying don't play the blame game second games as effectively as take off the blinders we were 16 do not see my beloved brethren didn't get the context he speaking to believers is talking to Christian so he says, wake up this by the way, and imperative! Do you see my brother is in the present tense literally stop being to see the implications.

These believers are and so are we daily by Tatian to see to leave follow-on. He says here effectively.

Be aware, this is how it works. Take off your mind. Stay alert your morning you be. Let me give you something to think about positive and encouraging you to think I can really quickly is at first, I want to revel in the good of me as your father.

This could help because your eyes are focused on this temptation to forget that look in verse 17 every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father. Life is when you're in the grip thinking that I will see we are forgetting about the promises of God provide for us every day.

See you why this is foreign. James reminds giving you what is true for your needs and I way across.

If you look to him. You can trust you notice number 17 with whom is no variation or shifting shadow shadows caused by the movements of the license, the body and have since God is the father as he created James his wonderful well… But have you noticed how those embodiments don't get consistent light turning in the movements of the body shop but the father created them is to us, consistent light there was with him. No variation. You can literally render it because of turning never shed in him is no darkness at all?

God doesn't have a dark side.

I wish we had time to explore buddies is actually attacking the pantheon of the first century to God or sinful is capricious, jealous, and immoral. You never know if you can trust one because they might be leading you down the path. James is the one true living God has no dark side doesn't change you can depend on his character to give you what rights revel revel in his grace. He writes in verse 18 in the exercise will brought us forth by the word of truth, we would be a kind of firstfruits among his creatures. James is referring to our spiritual birth by the will of God for the word of truth, which is the gospel. The figure again firstfruits is drawn from the Old Testament law designated the first portion of the harvest belonged uniquely, especially to God.

You are the rest of the harvest would be used for ordinary thing there you are you are you are precious you need possess us. He will never change toward you as trustworthy will provide good redeemed you for himself is worthy of all our loyalty so we live. We respond with grace. The pursuit of. Stop chasing more unabated or when we see the see through the we belong to the creative and refocus grace.

So when facing trial passion. Passion for gracious good gifts deserves nothing less extra being with us today. This is wisdom for the heart in this current series called bringing faith down to earth. Stephen baby is teaching from the early verses in James if you'd like to study the book of James in more detail. Stevens written a commentary on the entire book. The James expository commentary is available at a very special rate during the series. We'd like to give you more information about that when you call us today our number is 86 648 Bible.

That's 866-482-4253. You would also find this resource on our website visiting us online is a great way to learn more about us navigate to wisdom Once you go there, you'll be able to access the complete archive of Stephen's Bible teaching ministry he's taught through many books of the Bible in that collection is all posted online.

We post each day's broadcast.

So if you ever miss one of these lessons, you can go to our website to keep caught up with our daily Bible teaching ministry. The archive of Stephen's teaching is available on that site free of charge and you can access it anytime at wisdom. Online.if you have a comment, question, or would like more information you can send us an email if you address it to info@wisdom online.once again that email address is will continue through this series. Next time I hope will be with us for more

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