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The Crushing of the Serpent Begins

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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September 7, 2021 12:00 am

The Crushing of the Serpent Begins

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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September 7, 2021 12:00 am

Jesus did not just come to earth to say good words, perform some miracles and gain a following. He came to fulfill a prophecy thousands of years earlier when God promised Adam and Eve that one of their descendants would crush the head of the serpent Satan. Join Stephen today and discover the scene when Jesus first came face-to-face with one of Satan’s demonic followers.

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As he laid his hands on them all is his personal this is one that a what because he's going to communicate undeniably, that the healing is emanating from his person. It is coming from his power. This is his authority.

He is not sick and by that he is not contaminated as the rabbis taught by insurers them come to say some good work perform some miracles and gain the following. He did those things much more. He came to fulfill a prophecy given thousands of years earlier. Way back in Genesis, God promised Adam and Eve that one of their descendents would crush the head of the serpent, Satan.

In today's lesson.

Stephen Davey will take you to the gospel and will explore the scene where Jesus first came face-to-face with one of Satan's demonic followers.

This lesson is called the crushing of the serpent begins the Bible as you know, perhaps if you face. Further, Satan by number of names. One of them is serpent going back to his possession of that creature in the garden. Second Corinthians chapter 11 verse three refers to him as a serpent you going to the end of the Bible and I think it's ironic that in Revelation after 20.

The last reference them because of the old serpent, even though all the world thinks he's funny. Even though the world has a good laugh over him jokes about him, turns him into a cartoon character that wears a red suit with a pointed tail, usually carrying a pitchfork and there's nothing about Satan that is funny is real. 19 different New Testament books refer to his existence. Jesus will refer to his existence and his preaching 25 times and in a very tangible manner even before the victory of the cross, Jesus is now going to begin nothing less than a ministry that begins to crush the head of the serpent the serpent crusher has arrived. There's no trickery about Jesus. There's no sleight-of-hand there are any you know hidden pipes. There's no steam there is only undeniably demonstrable power and authority to do it as his ministry begins three way they all appear in one very short passage of Scripture. Let me show you where to go to Luke's gospel again were now in chapter 4 and will pick it up in verse 31, Jesus begins to demonstrate his authority. First of all, in his speaking but diverse 31 and he went down to Capernaum city of Galilee. And he was teaching them on the Sabbath and they were astonished at his teaching.

That means they were they were thunderstruck you could translated they were they were. They were stunned that we would say it this way. They were completely blown away by his teaching. Why notice for his word possessed authority and no idea of this kind of preaching, they knew nothing of this kind of teaching none of the rabbis or scribes spoke with any inherent authority.

All they did in this day was get out there for hundreds of years and just quote their predecessor, the Rabbi's. They would just drown on one author said in their tiresome reiteration of rabbinical rules and ceremonial duties. If you saw any of their sermon manuscripts. It would be nothing but a collection of footnotes they would speak by saying a wall. Rabbi Sullivan says that this Rabbi so-and-so said that this tradition delivers this, and this tradition delivers that they spoke from authorities that the prophets when you think about it when they spoke they said, thus saith the Lord. They had delegated authority. But Jesus spoke with internal authority. Jesus said something shocking Jesus said say to you, there is internal authority that was was starting to them. It is in the sermon on the hillside to remember Jesus repeatedly said, you have heard it said by way say to you that you five verses 21 to 22, 27, 28, over and over again you you said but said you've heard the rabbis say this. You've heard the scribes quote that, but I'm here to tell you this. This is totally new shocking Jesus is not quoting some authority. He's not been given some delegated authority. He is authority. His word is the final word by the way, any church that has any authority any power only as authority and power because they adhere to the word of God. Any preacher who has any authority any teacher today who has any authority any power. It is, it is through them as they preach and teach the word of God, Jesus, by the way doesn't show up here and deliver his opinion in the synagogue is not trying to find out what's politically correct. He is coming off as some kind of an opinion poll. None of that he is delivering his word and it shocked beyond what we could even imagine is exercising his authority in his speaking. Secondly, he exercises his authority over the realm of Satan will diverse 33 and in the synagogue there was a man when the spirit of an unclean demon and he cried out with a loud voice. This is about to become a rather exciting worship service in the synagogue.

You nobody's gonna never forget this will be there that day when a guy shouted out provided here by the way, here is is demonized. What we would call demon possessed now because I know questions arising in your mind is that the sermon at least let me pull aside for a moment and address this idea an unbeliever can be possessed by a demon or demons, but believers who are inhabited by the Holy Spirit cannot be the spirit of God inhabits you believe first Corinthians 316 the Holy Spirit is about the Cheryl room with the devil. However, let me this morning while believers cannot be possessed by demons.

Believers can be persuaded by error demonic care influenced by demons tempted by the demonic world so we distinguish in this way I believers can experience demon possession controlling them from the inside. Believers can experience demonic or demon persuasion. Controlling them from the outside of this of course is graphically illustrated when Jesus rebukes Peter following after Satan's agenda and not the words. Matthew six verse 23. Now back to the scene in Luke's Gospel. Luke is is giving us the first recorded instance of Jesus encountering a demon possessed man that is an unbeliever possession means the demon is in control of this man's personality.

His body is thinking his speaking, his feelings, his actions by that I don't miss the observation here that this man is in the synagogue. He is attending a worship service. I know, but they what's he doing in here singing the songs and praying the prayer saying a man in the right time you how long is he been just fine and dandy in the synagogue. How old is he is been taking place. Who is he, what role does it play well told any of that will not what we do know is that Jesus shows and suddenly a man is very comfortable in the synagogue is very uncomfortable. He's not comfortable at all with the person in the preaching Jesus back you can see in the service of much that he evidently interrupts Jesus. Jesus is preaching. Notice verse 33 and he cried. Jesus began the cried out with a loud voice how one of you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth that were God and minis laughing. It's a form of derision, Lori. The idea we could translated stop that enough of that, even in our modern vernacular is is essentially say you know what it what you don't mess around us get lost get out of here. Imagine synagogue things in order. Jesus's preachings only a man speaks here while what have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth.

Have you come to destroy us know if you get a doing now they know it's going to happen you doing this now, I know you are the holy one of God is already made in chapter 1 verse 35 the connection between the holy one of the Messiah. I know you're the Messiah God promised Adam and Eve, way back in the garden, the Redeemer would be born among men who would rise to crush their kingdom. This little demon don't know everything, but he knows enough to know that he's not just in the presence of Jesus. From that little village of Nazareth with the startup. I think sarcastic. Oh no he comes out with the truth. I know you're the holy one of God, the power of darkness is coming face-to-face with the power of everlasting light.

This here is the final crushing of Satan's power. Of course, but it signals that the crushing of the serpents head is beginning number 35, Jesus rebuked him say silent and come out of when the demon had thrown him down. He collapsed as the demon left he came out of it. Having done no harm, and they were all amazed and said to one another what what is this word for with authority and power.

He commands the unclean spirits and they they come out, let me recommend that you circle the words authority and word in your text there in verse 36 and then draw a line is I have diverse 32, and circle the same term word authority, she Luke is emphasizing here the power of Christ's word the Jewish exorcists and there were many in the days of Jesus and they had these elaborate rituals and they had incantations and they had said said they had holy water and they had, you know all prayers and audit on Jesus.

Jesus did none of that he doesn't conduct elaborate ritual he doesn't start a long prayer there. There's no you know, incense or smoke. No special incantations. He just speaks the word be quiet. Leave him. He just speaks and the demon submits that's what Luke wants us to get he just says were in this demon is powerless before his word.

Finally, he is going to reveal his authority over sickness diverse €38 and left the synagogue and entered Simon's house, Simon's mother-in-law was ill with a high fever may appeal to him. Jesus on her behalf and he stood over her, and rebuked the fever and it left her and immediately she rose and began to serve them out. Not Dr. Lucci reveals again. He's a doctor is using medical terminology here to describe this case, the medical world. From what I've learned during this day divided fevers into two classes.

They called them either minor or major about you, but if I had when it would always be major never minor. The word major derives from the word mega which Luke uses here and look literally right. She was ill. That is in the grips of a major fever. A mega fever, high fever affect the word for fever is the word fire. We would say to this day that that she was burning with with fever know the medical community as well. During these days thought that fever was the disease they didn't know that it was merely evidence that the body was fighting a disease and fever was the symptom not the disease.

So, for the Lord to cure her of fever understand here that what this means is he cured her of whatever the disease was that was creating in her the fever and it strikes me as I study this, that the Lord is is is rather graciously condescending to their limited understanding and instead of explaining to every body is the fever she got malaria or she's battling cancer or some virus. He says, rebuked the fever. By the way, don't become mystical as crazy world that there has unfortunately under the name of Christ that since Jesus rebuked the fever and Luke uses the same word for review. You use for rebuking the demon that fever is the result of a demon so get it all right rebuking all the demons know Luke is simply showing us by the repetition of that verb that the Lord has the same authority over disease as he does over demons. It's all handled by a word. His war in either case, it only takes a word from him to cure this disease and again, Luke because he's a doctor actually takes the time to tell us here in verse 39 that not only did her fever go away, but she immediately got up to serve them.

Luke noted that because that alone is another medical phenomenon, someone with a major fever whose cure whatever the disease is might begin to feel better. Maybe after a good nights rest. Oral oral warm bath might feel like getting dressed like feel like sitting up in a chair for a little while though. No, she is immediately healed and immediately infused with strength. It's as if she was never sick.

Luke is startled by that. She said back in fever. All of a sudden she's back to serve cooking dinner whatever she was doing to serve. This is just one miracle. This is a series of miracles now look what happens. Verse 40 know when the sun was setting. Luke tells us that the Sabbath is over, which means that people can now carry burdens and travel again.

The liquids were carried all those who had any who were sick with various diseases brought them to him uses the imperfect tense the to indicate his continuous action through the knives I want to get in your minds. This is picture there is a steady stream of diseased and demonized people arriving here at Peter's house that there they're coming from everywhere. The steady stream coming continuously to Jesus. What a picture of our world is a picture of our sin, broken world live in a broken world of diseased and demonized and despair people with the Messiah has arrived. He is beginning to demonstrate his divine credentials as the son of God is signaling his ability to eventually and ultimately save to reverse the curse of the fallen and sinful diseased world. Look at his credentials again verse 40 look there again and he laid his hands on every one of them and be healed. Luke wants us to know that Jesus, the great physician was not a specialist. He didn't specialize merrily in fever.

Hey we got to come to him bring all the people with the fever. No, he could heal anything anyone in an and he was an unusual physician because there's no mention here of charging a fee or asking about insurance and I see your card. There's a co-pay there's no co-pay verse 41, and demons also came out of many crying, you are the son of God, I surrender all I can do is say we know who you are. Jesus tells of all the rebukes them would not allow them to speak. Jesus is in a B on his advertising committee. Neither validate and wanted because they knew that he was the Christ.

That is the anointed one, the Messiah, they knew he was the Messiah that they did but they realized I mean. The word is spreading in the underworld that he's here the serpent crossing Savior is here. He goes on to preach notice verse 43. The good news of the kingdom of God.

The reign of God. Jesus is revealing the glory of the rain of God.

We sang about it it's it's just a taste here it's it's just precursor just just a little bit will wait until it ultimately arrives it has yet to arrive. But let me show you what it means to have Christ raining Jesus is revealing his power to reverse the curse.

That's the bigger issue. He could reverse the curse with the word everything that was brought on by sin all the brokenness he's giving us a glimpse of that future glory and what that glorious reign of God is going to be like, I'll tell you what it will be like no more disease, no more death, no more pain, no more sickness no more guilt no more sorrow no more tears of suffering. Revelation 21 is that possible can that be true.

Yes, look here. Can you imagine Capernaum. After this one night he mentioned you're in the town were suddenly every one old and young alike are healed healthy restored the sick person in town.

I sure that due to insurance. I mean it. Everybody is is is healed.

Luke makes it clear look again. Any who were sick. That word disease malady could be internal to be physical, could be anatomical could be mental could be psychological anything and everything here they come in. What are the other living and leaving out. I can imagine some of them crawled some of them live seated coming on carts being carried on packs some walk fast, some inched along wealthy, educated, all standing in line as wolves. She's not as he laid his hands on them. All this is personal. This is one at a time, one because he's going to communicate undeniably, that the healing is emanating this person is coming from his power. This is his authority. He is not sick and that he is not contaminated as the rabbis taught by them. He sure them.

Everyone this is just a coming. Thanks so much for joining us today we run wisdom for the heart. Stephen Debbie has called this message the crushing of the serpent begins before we end our time. Today I want to share something with you. Stephen is also the pastor of the shepherd's church in Cary, North Carolina this coming Sunday will mark the 35th anniversary of Stephen launching and leading that church those 35 years of Bible teaching provide the basis for this program. If you'd like to send Stephen a note of encouragement or congratulations you can send an email if you address it to if you prefer sending cards or letters in the mail. I'll give you our mailing address its wisdom for the hearts.

PO Box 37297, Raleigh, NC 27627. Thanks again for joining us were so glad you were with us and I hope to be with us for our next Bible lesson tomorrow right here on this

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