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Another Man's Treasure

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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June 14, 2021 12:00 am

Another Man's Treasure

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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June 14, 2021 12:00 am

Jesus Christ is the most precious gift in all of history. But is He precious to you?

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The very moment that God saves us. We are instantly and permanently. Declared righteous, no slip, and by the way, medieval theology of the church needs to be purged of sin some kind of fiery purgatory before she can ever hope to enter heaven's gentlemen, the church is already purified.

It is already. We are fit for heaven and bound all of that is because of what Jesus has accomplished.

Not what we've accomplished, but that doesn't mean that there are no demands on how we live while were here on earth but we can't do it perfectly, and though it doesn't affect our salvation. God calls us to holiness were looking at this in our current series here on wisdom for the heart. The series is called in pursuit of holiness here Stephen David with today's message.

Another man's treasure 300 years before the birth of Christ. The Greek author had the phrase you need is in the thought the whole or about 100 years ago in English author is that expression in one of her novels and it just sort of the gospel and it's been a perfect description of a sense of who we are and other more contemporary version of it like I think you something and garage sales. Among them is the phrase one man is trash is another man's treasure going to any home, going to a living room go in to an executive office and you'll see displayed what that person considers valuable. You want to put it out. You want to display and you want to put it out want to be able to see it become in my office.

As I'm sure many of your pictures of my family. My wife, my children, and if you come to my office and you see a lot of books and and in books and books and then you see some talks of the little knickknacks that you would, you know they are not labeled or destroyed around the pebble from Israel claims from countries where the Lord is alive needed to speak sword from a Japan back and they would carry something like that of your point of the bleeding baggage overhead not not anymore, but a handheld clay lamp dating centuries back those things that are have value to meet weekly to the purchase and then we certainly tend to display what we consider value. You can learn a lot about a person by what they value tension in his first century inspired letter, the apostle Peter is going to make that very point that in fact is going to to make it a principle of eternal significance. Let me show you where to go back in your letter of first Peter chapter 2 go back to her. Peter introduced to us the concept of the church being made up of living stones connected to the living stone, our Lord, what follows next we left off is a series of quotations from the Old Testament and and were going to have to dive into understand what they mean. The first quote Peter delivers is from Isaiah 28 verse 16 and let's pick it up there at verse six of first Peter chapter 2 for this is contained in Scripture.

Behold, I lay in Zion a choice stone, a precious cornerstone, and he who believes in him will not be disappointed. All Peter is referring here to Jesus Christ.

The living stone, endowing shifts and he calls him corner stone placed in Zion, Zion is Israel, the nation reference to the promise.

The land of promise the Lord in his first coming came and offered his kingdom to the nation Israel. They rejected him and it was all according to the plan of God. He didn't get a ring is as a wonder what to do next.

That is a rejected Messiah was according to his plan and that earthly literal kingdom was postponed and it has been postponed now for nearly 2000 years until he returns and reigns on earth the first time Jesus came 2000 years ago the nation Israel rejected him and what he offered. Peter refers to that rejection in his second quotation which he quotes from Psalm 118.

Look at verse seven repeater now quotes the stone which the builders rejected.

This became the very cornerstone Peter is referring to the national rejection of Christ by the builders. That is the leaders of the nation and certainly the nation along with them and by the way, any and every other nation, including the Roman Empire at the time Peter goes further. The quote again from Isaiah chapter 8 and verse 14 delivers a fresh warning for those who read this prophecy about Christ. Notice verse eight Peter describes him as a stone of stumbling and a lot of a famous as those who reject Jesus who don't build their lives upon Madonna tax their lives to him. They will end up tripping over him.

It had not stumbling fact is the present is to continually stumble through life thus ruining their lives. This originally happened. Of course, first coming of Christ. The nation didn't build their future and was offered of the kingdom effect. They were offended. He became famous to them literally scandalized by his offer to your old enough of the faith. You know that was like. Their reaction was any who do you think you are you to start a carpenter.

You think you're coming raining son of David, you're out of your mind is why the apostle Paul clarified the cross is a stumbling block and this you know you don't talk to us about the Messiah and that he died on the cross.

That's that's ridiculous. To this day is a stumbling block is the offensive thing related to him being Messiah course we turn the page. We know he rose again. Our covenant friends. Those who don't believe in a future national Israel or a rapture of the church for many of you in a literal thousand year kingdom so clearly spelled out in Revelation 20. They would argue that Peter's use of Old Testament passages like these which are originally delivered in the Old Testament concerning Israel which Peter now uses to describe the church, especially as he well in verse nine tell you all prophesy when you get there today, but that will come true. I would say what that means, then, that God is with Israel and the church as just replace not only is that an exegetical lead from this use of prophecy by Peter to illustrate some of the blessings of those who believe and now happens to be those who believe mature idiots spiritualize as a way all the prophecies in the Old Testament related with Israel and denies so many passages where the literal promises I guess will come true after all promises regarding the return of Israel to their land, which will take place in the tribulation. What we see today. Some evangelicals lives for the parcel return return we think of prophetically is during the tribulation when were told by the prophets that every ship will set sail combat like you just cannot promises regarding upcoming team promises regarding the establishment of the nation in the land promises coming literal kingdom, and the rain of a literal son of David in a literal Jerusalem, I guess you will just spiritualize a line we have it at the church replaces Israel and the church erases glorious promise of a repentant Israel following a future seven-year.

For us, still future we call the what the tribulation by way of items were to pull over for a moment, one of the primary purposes of the tribulation is to prepare Israel for the second coming of Christ who comes to rule and reign. He comes with us to set up the kingdom of a lot of the purpose of the tribulation is not to purify the church by making her suffer. In fact, that troubles me because that is so American during the Bible beloved like an American read the Bible like a Chinese underground believer read the Bible like North Korea today.

Read the Bible like in Iraq. He believer or Turkish believer or a Sudanese Christian was suffering horribly.

Are they don't understand that the blessed hope of the word of comfort is to be rescued from suffering only after you really suffer this time. Not from unbelievers but from the hand of God, yes, suffer the wrath of God and then you get to be rescued. Strategy don't slip into. By the way for the kind of medieval theology, either that the church needs to be purged of sins and some kind of fire read purgatory before she can ever hope to enter heaven. These gentlemen, the church is already purify it is already writing for heaven. Jesus Christ is paid the penalty of our sin, past, present and future. When I waiting to go through suffering, so that we can sound out the words leave heaven. We are worthy because of the blameless perfection of our Savior Jesus Christ church is ready fact regarding clothing is righteousness for the chapter verse nine.

The purpose of the tribulation is not to purify the church to purify Israel through suffering, bring her to repentance as a nation see the prophecies of purifying judgment on Israel and their national tennis is going to be fulfilled just as carefully as all of the prophecies were fulfilled related to the coming of the Messiah. The first we had been left to wonder what happened before and when he comes the second listen to this prophecy, which will also be fulfilled in the regathering of repentance of Israel. Zechariah again speaks for God.

God says through him all I will pour out on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplication so that they will look on me whom they have tears and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only son to get a look upon him whom they have tears in hours I got a lot in repentance and welcome him back. And by the way what he choose to keep in his glorified body the marks of his peers in his wounds.

They will crown him the second is their sovereign Zechariah goes on in chapter 40 was a of the people will live in the land and Jerusalem will dwell in security or safety as far as I can tell, that hasn't happened quite yet as it is Israel living in the land in safety and security. No, not yet have a welcome back there Messiah, whom they peers. That is the writing injury.

I will think not yet. So that is God is with Israel. No, not hardly affected Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom and quartered in Jerusalem. We call it the millennial kingdom. The last thousand years. We with them.

Revelation chapter 20. The apostles were given a promises source of the carpet effect this promise really ought in the debate Jesus promised this we spoke of setting up his kingdom to his apostles. He said this, the Son of Man will sit on his glorious throne, and you also will sit upon 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel that in 1926 in that one statement one statement which charges my imagination. I got thousand volts of interest Jesus references a literal kingdom a literal throne. 12 literal thrones, with 12 literal apostles rolling uniquely over 12 literal tribes. They literal Israel that Peter preached about this early on in the history of the church, even in the early church there asking the question he's preaching about the restoration of Israel acts chapter 3 and verse 21 he speaks of their restoration.

I'm quoting him which God spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets from ancient time limit God's promises and purposes and processes related to the nation Israel not been canceled out by the church, postponed for the creation of the church and that parentheses that postponement is lasted thousand 1900 years on that it lasted through your lifetime in mind, so that we, as Gentiles, primarily be grafted in with the people of promise that we put the timeline together. When the church is completed. Romans 11 the church is going to be enraptured with Jesus and taken to the father's house. First Thessalonians 4 then the Lord turned in judgment and yet mercy toward the world in general and Israel in particular, Zechariah, and a multitude among each of the tribes are going to believe the gospel and repentance come to Christ by faith. Revelation chapter 7 and then at the end of the seven. Seven-year.

On the tribulation. They will welcome Jesus back as he comes with us to set up the kingdom. Zechariah chapters 12 through 14. God is not taken back his covenant promises to the nation that began in Genesis 13 with Abraham, God hasn't changed his mind is calling his election of Israel is is your revocable. Paul writes to the Romans sold all that in mind what Peter does here with these quotations is answer those questions and some dreams on those believers scattering to the passages of the Old Testament. No doubt, but he adds his commentary. He inserts little commentate of statements in between these quotes that inform us of a couple of things one some things never change.

One of those things never changes is the person of Jesus Christ who remains the cornerstone remains the cornerstone from the Old Testament book of Isaiah which Peter quotes to this letter from Peter. The cornerstone is the Messiah. Son of Man son of God, Jesus Christ, to some people. Jesus is worthless to those of us who believe he is precious.

Notice verse seven. This precious value that is for you who believed what unbelievers Jesus is on wanted worthless and we expect that opinion and if you're reminding them indirectly expected to what I see is his treasure is a treasure that would Peter does here also as described the different impact the Lord has on the lives of people based on their value of him hello. In other words, even though some people he's trash to us. He's treasure Peter adhere your evaluation of Jesus is going to determine your eternal destiny. If I could outline my final comments along two points and brings together the first part would be perception and vindication of the second one would be rejection and condemnation over 60 behold, I lay in Zion, a choice stone, elect chosen stones point of all precious corners. The cornerstone was the key stone in the construction of stone buildings repeaters the beyond.

It served as the building was squarely or plumb line. That is, it would be used. To measure and determine all angles of the building they would play all the angles of the corners of what had to be squared's rate it needed to be perfect because if it was offkilter that measuring everything else in that building.

According to the lines created by the corners to have to be flawless. They wanted to be building. One of the angles to be right. Peter ties the cornerstone back to Christ. In this chapter, the apostle Paul, but I did the same he called Jesus the cornerstone in Ephesians chapter 2 in verse 22 to us who believe Peter right when we think about this cornerstone for seven he is to us precious that were to be translated costly, valuable notice what happens. Those who consider Jesus valuable. The last part of her sick and he believes in him will not be disappointed.

Got a circle that all of that will not be disciplined.

Do these first century believers and unbelievers around all of this they ever need to hear this, you will not be disappointed in him and that flawless perfect gracious corners.

He will not fail you is faithful is rocksolid to Peter is saying you never need to wonder. You will never be disappointed in your corners a self he's sure he's faithful. He's unchanging. Guess what he keeps his word, and he will keep his word to Israel keep his word. For those of us Peter wrote earlier in this chapter we tasted the Lord is good. We know the value of our treasure.

Peter now has these quotations regarding the cornerstone of Christ with a warning for those who believe in Chrysler's reception is coming. Vindication for those who do not believe rejection and future and final condemnations is the one who verse seven. This precious value that is for you to believe, but for those who disbelieve stone which the builders rejected.

This became the very cornerstone stone of stumbling a rock of offense knowers instead of receiving Christ the unbeliever trips over Christ, he stumbles over him. He falls overhead. He's scandalized by an he's upset about getting on my way. He's ruining the path along the unbeliever who reject Jesus Christ as cornerstone ends up in this analogy, by the way, both tripping over him and then being Christ in judgment by the thought of her was a stumbling because they are disobedient to the lot costs to the word do notice the problem is that they don't understand the problem is that they don't want to will bed Peter and his to this doom. They were also appointed sounds at first like unbelievers are ordained to judgment apart from their own choice, but Peter just told us what their choice was what's the choice they don't want to reject them to this day to go back to the believer, I can help it.

Since computers actually sending an indirect encouragement as they read this for those who believe you are facing. He would like to them and to believers to the state you are facing the rejection of your world. Take partner following one. Who was rejected by his record of this read an interesting incident in a seminary in the Midwest will not mention the name of it but the practice was to invite Arthur still doing it to invite lecturers to come and speak to the students while the students ate their lunch and of the community would be invited as well to come and listen to the lecturer some renowned author or some renowned scholar. Some of them would be believers and unbelievers.

On one occasion, he invited a liberal theologian who taught for years union seminary at Harvard seminary when he came to speak. He spoke on the topic of why a literal resurrection of Jesus wasn't true Jesus merrily lives on in the memories of those who believe in him is sort of a metaphor of redemption. None of it really matters is really true. I don't know why those guys spend all his teaching seminar studying the Bible. Just disbelieve it all but anyway the quoted scholar of her scholar and concluded since there is no such thing as a literal historical resurrection of Jesus.

He evidently was an eyewitness to the religion of the church needed rethinking as was the custom pause and ask the question after about 30 seconds of silence, an older gentleman slug of the Bakken Dr. Tillich. I have one question. He reached into his company psychologically pulled out the rest of his Apple you finish the bite. So my question is a simple question just chewing as he was talking I don't read the book you quoted much, much, I can't recite the Scriptures you been able doing the languages crunch crunch by I don't know much about me were in Heidegger and other scholars quoted from what I want to know is this Kelly was the Apple I just ate bitter or sweet. Dr. Tillich answered I cannot know the answer to the question I haven't tasted why her believer dropped the core of his Apple paper bag said neither tasted much to those of us who he is precious, his faith is worth all Christ and a great reminder, this is Ben from God's word today. Thanks for tuning in today were glad you joined us for this addition of wisdom for the hearts Stephen's passion is to proclaim the truth of Scripture accurately clearly and practically. It's our desire that these daily messages as well as the online teaching archive will help you grow in your relationship with God. Listen to what Leroy who lives in Nebraska recently told us he says I've been listening to Stephen Devi for years and the only way I can sum up the impact he's had on my life is by saying that I have been truly changed. I'm 68 years old and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to continue growing in my faith each day. I anticipate heaven even more and look forward to meeting my Savior will thanks Leroy.

We were really glad to hear from you and friends.

We'd love to hear from you as well. You can send Stephen a Carter letter. If you address it to wisdom for the hearts. PO Box 37297, Raleigh, NC 27627 email address is Thanks again for being with us.

Join us next time. For more wisdom

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