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Learning to Say the Right Words, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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May 18, 2021 12:00 am

Learning to Say the Right Words, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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May 18, 2021 12:00 am

People today don't like the idea of "right" and "wrong." They aren't comfortable with someone telling them how to act or think. And many Christians have fallen into this relativistic mindset, as well. Join Stephen today as he reminds us that grace doesn't give us freedom to sin . . . it gives us freedom not to.

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Whenever the New Testament speaks of God appearing like daunting whenever it talks about God appearing. It's always a reference to God the son, Jesus Christ, which makes perfect sense given the fact we told Jesus body minimum deity is the physical manifestation of the invisible God. Colossians 150 Jesus Christ who is our Savior and our great God is going to do what Paul says he is going to appear looking for him even God in your life that you only salvation God's grace is something you need your entire life and thankfully it's at work. Your entire life were looking at God's grace today and more specifically looking at the language God uses to describe his grace in our lives.

This is wisdom for the heart. Yesterday Stephen Devi began a message called learning to say the right words to do a little bit of review to refresh your memory, and then bring you the conclusion to this important message. Your statement that only disgraced teach you how to leave your past life.

It teaches you how to live your present life. Notice what he writes next in verse 12, instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires. There, but to live sensibly, righteously, and godly in this present world. You just stop with no you grow Christian. How do you know I'm not doing this that doing that about one stop there.

Grace is going to teach you how to say yes and what to say yes to the tenses of this verb to live to live sensibly indicate that it takes place at the same time as your denials, the wonderful truth and very encouraging to every disciple is a brother in Christ, you're saying no to ungodliness and worldly desires while at the same time you're saying yes to living sensibly and righteously, and godly department misconception, especially if you're new in the fight the enemy can bring your mind is that you become discouraged if you give this belief is this misconception that you'll eventually arrive at some point where you will never have to say no again. Life will be an easy and surely a mature lives growing Christian gets to the point where he never has to bother saying no to some tasers are finally going to give up say well he like dialogue done work and not according to Paul, that according to the rest of the Bible that even Paul is maturing the lever transparently admitted to struggle with doing the things he didn't want to do. Not doing the things you wanted to do a wretched man that I am in seven, you're never beyond temptation. You will never outgrow the need to say no when a daily basis and at the same time you're never beyond the need to say yes to affirm these things we don't just put off the old man we put on the new man.

Ephesians 3 and Paul tells us that grace is going to clothe us correctly take that off and put this on. Paul tells us the grace is going to teach us to say yes to three different attributes the first one here in verse 12 is sensibility this were to shut up several times and tried to market each time in your minds, and it occurred in chapter 1 as a qualification for an elder. He needs to be known as sensible. It is also a challenge for older men to be sensible. Chapter 22. It's part of of the growing development of young wife and mother. She's also told to be sensible. In verse five of chapter 2 and also in the lives of young men there told to be sensible. In verse six. Now Paul broadens the application. As I said he would to the entire church family, so that no one is exempt from saying yes to this characteristic. The word means. If you remember to live with discretion to think and act with self-control.

Jordan refers to somebody effective translate often especially Kenyan version to be of sound mind that is. He's a believer who doesn't allow his mind to be controlled or distracted by either circumstances or culture, and that is than the daily battling daily makes up his mind to follow the truth daily Paul is another course in the curriculum of grace. Not only is the believer to live sensibly but righteously Paul by the will uses this word in this form to other times in the New Testament, one to defend his own actions as being upright on the rare times he defends himself. First Thessalonians 2 verse 10. The other time to describe the believers obligation to stop sinning and live rightly for screenings 1534. Living righteously means you live rightly you live with rightness you lived in by the divine standard of what is right and it must be a divine standard outside of yourselves, because if it isn't working. Nothing whatever were doing is right.

When we get a little hobbyhorse for a moment more and more.

You are hearing people talk about their values and their family values with personal values and values that made our country great.

People who live according to their set of values of a man or woman. The values that word values your flock means absolutely nothing.

It can be defined any way a person wants to define it. The word values is entirely subjective. Whatever you believe in whatever you think is something valuable in the eyes of God. It might not be valuable at all, but you think it is as though your personal values. That's the word today and it is used for everything from American-made merchandise to organic food. Whatever you value is based on what you believe, you feel you want to do and they are as varied as the wind values have replaced here. Here's the word that's that's disappeared. Values has replaced the word virtues wanting the same amount of value with another exam, a man of virtue for world of difference. Why is the way Webster defined sometime back himself for our Western world. He defined of virtue as a conformity to a standard of right no wonder that word has to go bye-bye you're telling me there's an external standard of right objective standards of rightness or right chest. Naster something bad there's something good something wrong and something right. See our relativistic culture doesn't want to conform to any ethical or moral or even spiritual standards of rightness, you can go either on the street until somebody is following you know some guy worships trees you're wrong you can't tell them the wrong and you're right. You think you are. Values by definition do not conform to any external standard. But here's what's happening.

The values created by people who stand up and say they are.

They hold to values are perceived as people of virtue man says. I firmly hold of these values of people they always a man of virtue, not necessarily simply holding to whatever his own standard is of what he considers valuable and it may not be virtuous at all. William Sangster, a well-known pastor in England was serving at the time the Titanic sank told one of his sermons destroy the red of a wealthy woman who Artie found her place. One of the life that she was about to be lowered along with others and to the north Atlantic.

She suddenly thought of something that she had forgotten and begged to go back and get she was frantic. They allowed her to go get out go and and the giver just a minute or two she ran across that listing deck to her state room there above her bed was a shelf and on that shelf was a box of her diamond jewels and she ran over to it. Push the box off-the-shelf onto the floor and reached behind her with her work oranges. She grabbed the oranges and ran back to the LIFEBOOK what happened to her values.

William Sangster wrote this the danger of death had boarded the Titanic. One blast of its awful breath had transformed all values priceless things become worthless, worthless things, priceless ladies and gentlemen, there's a day coming when the world will stand before God and discover that, according to his standard of rightness, many of their values were not at all impulses that you've left the world system. Their perspective now that you're a believer, the grace of God is going to teach you through the word of God by the Spirit of God.

What is right and you get to say yes to that, he has 1/3 word in that list. You'll notice he is the word godly. This is the opposite of ungodly ungodliness which the believers to deny the word simply defined, is is is is an appropriate attitude toward God and the things of God, whatever they may be.

It is God like this in perspective and spirit so already, you know you should be encouraged by the fact.

Grace is short. Every day the teachers because none of us will ever master any of these three things will never be able put on the shelf godly and say hi got that when they work on Odyssey but I got godly working on. I got godly none in all of this is a continual process of the curriculum of grace.

We never master it until we are in the presence of Christ, who completes his work in our glorification.

One day he adds that the universe 12 where to live this way.

In the present age. I like that phrase. We live in this present age we don't live like it. We don't live for it. We live in it. So were taught to live.

So grace teaches you how to leave your past life. It teaches you how to live your present life but also teaches you how to look for your future life with verse 13, looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Christ Jesus is a fantastic text.

I wanted to preach an entire sermon just on that one verse alone and couldn't because were.

This is the last Sunday Paul started I got the father and got this on some would say is God the father and Jesus Christ don't know this verse by the way happy to be one of the strongest statements on the deity of Jesus Christ in all of the New Testament is my God and somebody else.

The second person or order Jesus could be a man for all of the cults believe there is a single definite article in this Greek title, you forget that just remembered this way, the great God is also the Savior, who is Christ Jesus. 20 say you can reverse the reading in your English New Testament disorder capture that idea.

Jesus Christ is the Savior, who is our great God. The pronouns in the next verse are singular, pointing back to Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, and I don't throw couple of things that you in the Old Testament God is often referred to as great in the New Testament, God the son alone is referred to as great unique title given just to him just as important whenever the New Testament speaks of God appearing to scenario Tiffany light dawning whenever it talks about God appearing. It's always a reference to God the son, Jesus Christ, which makes perfect sense given the fact were told that Jesus is the embodiment of deity. He is the physical manifestation of the invisible God. Colossians 115 Jesus Christ who is our Savior and our great God is going to do what Paul says he is going to appear were looking for him.

Even now, this is a reference in this context to the church in any age looking for the rapture in the way of venture by the sudden appearance of Christ. The Thessalonian believers were commended for waiting for God's son who was coming from heaven. First Thessalonians 110, Paul told the Thessalonians that they further would be would be delivered from the wrath to come introduced Revelation 310 is the wrath which we know as the tribulation. Paul is expecting as he wrote to the Thessalonians to be alive when Christ came to catch the church away wrapped Touro in the Latin text from which we get our rapture join him in the year. Chapter 4 verse 17, after which he institutes a period of wrath on the earth as he establishes Israel to receive the Messiah and he will with us return. Paul is telling us here in Titus to look for that time when Christ will come for his church.

After the tribulation comes with his church of the church get there with them is her to come for the church. We don't have time to review all the eschatological events Revelation. We covered a few years ago 50 servers or so you thought it never end. Well it ended on time to go back and rehearse it. Here's the point of for now. Grace is teaching us to look up she's constantly saying look look get ready to are you ready be ready. Grace is teaching us to look forward to the coming of Christ, which may be today, so that's the third expression. She's effectively teaching us how to say no yes maybe today maybe today one person's excited about that. That's great. Maybe today hard great God, who is our Savior, who happens to be the embodiment of deity Jesus Christ come rapture us away their ladies and gentlemen is your exit strategy. I love to be alive when that happens can ask if you plan your way out here. Most people was absent for life have my my my my 401 whatever my portfolio insurance money in the bank retirement all the provisions I need so I you have a way out, the way how it happens to be the way the truth and the life.

No one comes to the father except by him. John 14 six buses while on the subject of our great God and Savior limiting what is done for those who place their faith in him alone to wait for very quickly first verse 14 informed us he gave himself for us to redeem us, he redeemed us. Every slave would immediately understand this context. This is coming out of the culture of the slave market in the slave market. To this day around the world.

The buyer will approach this neatly the auction block upon which a slave stood where buyers are are are bartering he'll meet the price. The top the others, he will remove that slaves chains and that slave belongs to him. Jesus Christ buys us out of slavery to sin any any any purchases, says his own slaves as I Paul began this letter to Titus in verse one of chapter 1 by saying Titus you need to know I am a slave of God. He bought me now. He tells us, he redeemed the church he buys the church. He redeemed us. Would you notice from every lawless deed the tense of the word redeem points back to the act of Christ upon the cross with ongoing implication in power but he redeemed us from every circle that word every in your mind every the enemy wants to erase that word every every already at the cross. Yes, every lawless deed which means you can do something tomorrow will work.

Christ will still know but that what I didn't think you do that or say that or think that the changes everything have to kick out of the family every lawless thought, every act against his glory. Every desire has been paid for on the cross in the past by her Savior's own death. That's our standing now as a relates to our ongoing experience. He adds another action by Christ are in this text is also purifying for himself a people for his own possession. He he redeemed you ongoing implications. He is purifying you all the time is cleansing us the blood of Jesus Christ continually cleanses us and is also thoroughly making us zealous for every good deed erupts of that sentence by saying that verse 15 I believe belongs with chapter 3. We really zealous people for God. The Puritans put it this way the Christians are empowered with new affections.

Are we really affectionate for faith. Woodrow Kroll wrote in one of his books. I have some time ago is preaching in Chicago you reach Russ a summer series ago caught a taxi to the airport.

He said he engaged the cabbie in conversation found out he was Muslim.

They pass a large building that had been converted into a mosque. He asked how many men attended there for prayer. He said what a 4 PM service has about 1500 worshipers.

The 4 AM service is not as well attended like her 8 o'clock service on Sunday morning 4 AM. He said only about 900, new measure 900 people belonging to Laura getting up in the city of Raleigh and purring for him.

He went on to write that almost all Christians or all Americans claim to be Christians. Americans believe in God but they literally don't believe in the assembly, at least not like Muslims attend their assembly. Kroll said this and it startled me said so this week if you took all the unchurched people in America does not committed to a church family. You took all the unchurched in America and if you took them and made them their own separate nation, they would be the 11th most populated nation on planet Earth.

We have become the mission field. Are we zealous for any kind of deed would bring glory to God. Are they hearing a say no to the wrong things are they watching and listening to a say yes to the right things that he hears talk about or think about it and they were heard a whisper from us. We believe Jesus is coming again. The utility will work that you believe Jesus in the company could come today and if you because you gonna disappear again. I think he fell off the turnip truck.

Are you willing to say that live like that warned them, invite them. I was given an article from the Wall Street Journal. I must hasten a close with a physicist wrote in the commentary section. What many are coming to grips with it as we now have data and we know that this universe is winding down.

One day we know also from the book of Revelation that he is going to do away with the old and create a new universe. You have a newer this physicist wrote the latest data from space satellites are understandable.

The universe will eventually die. Galaxies are being pushed apart. Someday when looking. I will be quite lonely with other galaxies too far away to even be observed worse. It will be deathly cold as the universe it accelerates. Temperatures will plunge throughout the universe billions of years from now is getting coarsely for billions around billions of years from now that the stars will have exhausted their nuclear fuel. We do know that they are running out. The oceans will freeze the sky will become dark in the universe will consist of dead neutron stars, black holes in nuclear debris is all intelligent life on earth doomed to die so that wasn't in there. I just nodded my head because that's what you know. He says this. It seems as if the iron laws of physics have issued a death but there's still one possible exit strategy leave the universe to the laws of physics allow for the creation of wormholes connecting our universe to younger more hospital hospitable universe in 2021 new space probe Lisa laser interferometer space antenna will be launched which may be able to prove or disprove this conjecture.

Can a gateway be built to connect our universe with another for intelligent life. There is no choice listened. Either we leave for another universe or we die in this old can a gateway be built to travel from our universe to another. Yes, that's the plan were looking for this blessed hope, which in the Greek mind was assurance in the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, who happens to be Jesus Christ. Someday, one day may be this day he will come for his church. In the meantime I'm giving you grace God says she's going to come along and she's going to tutor you every day when teachable moments arise and you learn how to say no, you learn how to say yes and you gonna learn how to say limit.

Maybe today makes me happy to well I hope today's lesson help how to think about the grace that God has shown you, and is showing you every day you've tuned into wisdom for the heart are Bible teacher Stephen Devi is working through a series from Titus two called family talk the message you just heard is called learning to say the right words. Stephen has one more message to go in this series and will bring you that tomorrow. Now, if you've missed any of the previous six messages in this series, you can go back and get caught up.

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