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The Return of the King

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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December 17, 2020 12:00 am

The Return of the King

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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December 17, 2020 12:00 am

Peace is not only a desire during the Christmas season but is a longing of the world throughout the year. Global peace is possible, but it will only take place when the Prince of Peace returns to set up His kingdom on earth. Sadly, our world often attempts to solve global problems ignoring or rejecting the solutions given by the Creator of the world, the Prince of Peace. Fortunately, the God of the heavens and earth provides us with a future plan – a Kingdom filled with peace, joy, and comfort for 1,000 years and beyond!

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Quotation from Isaiah global peace only takes place with the Prince of peace comes back and sets up his glorious kingdom which we have some today. You can't experience the middle part of these verses without the rest of the world desperately wants to solve the problems of the world without acknowledging the creator of the world to see. Peace to world peace is not only desired but it's a longing of the world throughout global peace is possible, but it will only take place when the Prince of peace returns to set up his kingdom on earth. Sadly our world often attempts to solve global problems ignoring or rejecting the solutions given by the creator of the world.

The Prince of peace. Fortunately, the God of the heavens and earth provides us with a future plan a kingdom filled with peace, joy and comfort for a thousand years and beyond your Stephen Devi with a message called the return of the King.

We have as a church family been addressing numerous prophecies related to the nature of this king, lessor stated names became revealed to us. Isaiah's prophecy and the theme for today is the return of the King in the year 2020. The United Nations will in fact it is already begun announcing 17 sweeping goals which they believe can be achieved in the next 10 years. By 2030. Among them, include goals like their number one goal. The ending of poverty.

Their second goal, the ending of world hunger. Another goal to diminish disease, another to avoid wasting water and another to develop energy efficient practices. Another to find ways to repurpose old materials another to end discrimination and another to eliminate Shannon on I thought is interesting as I read the 17 goals recently. The final two goals was sort of somewhat all-out were number 16 build a world of peace and justice and final goal to build partnerships between the governments of the world. These are admirable goals and it's all work together to build a better society a better world a safer, cleaner and healthier, more efficient, better educated, more prosperous world.

What is it in the heart of mankind is that optimistic. These goals would ever be achieved and the missing piece really making it happen when the United Nations is actually geographically very close to the discovery just across the street from United Nations building literally is a pleasant quarter of an acre called the United Nations Plaza. The primary feature in that Parker Plaza is this towering monument is a granite wall building dedicated in 1948 and carved into that granite wall is prophecy.

Believe it or not. It happens to be a quotation from the prophet Isaiah inscription reads this, they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore. The great quotation resident is from Isaiah chapter 2 and verse for about 30 years after this wall was built around the 1970s and 1970s. Isaiah's name was looted at the bottom right can barely make it out of this picture there at the bottom. They mentioned his name. They didn't give the reference they were afraid people would look it up but you do not you'll notice they actually cut the verse in half. They left out the missing piece they left off the fact that this will actually come true one day when the Lord returns to rain upon the earth is coming kingdom following the tribulation is Israel is gathered and brought to repentance the end of the tribulation. He descends and with us sets up his kingdom to rule and reign. Let me read you this inscription from Isaiah chapter 2 in its full context to be go back a person is good at ever reads this and I've edited a little bit but here you outcome.

Let us go up to the house of the God of Jacob that he may teach us his ways that we may walk in his pads for out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. He shall judge between the nations, and he shall decide disputes for many peoples and.

Go they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.

Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore house of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the Lord is quotation from Isaiah global peace only takes place with the Prince of peace comes back and sets up his glorious kingdom which we have some today with Jerusalem as is" if you can't experience the middle part of these verses without the rest of these verses are world desperately wants to solve the problems of the world without acknowledging the creator of the world to see. Peace to world peace is the premise of peace now Christmas we celebrate his birth.

We know that was only the beginning because he grew up as a set already. As long as Jesus stays in that Manger. The world was a little happier would rather stay there is a bit too much trouble with the girls up but he did fully God and fully human really did die on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin, he really did rise from the dead, he really did ascend to the father. Those are all prophecies of things that have occurred. The Bible doubles down on the prophecies that he will rapture the church he will instigate judgment on the planet. He will win Israel back to repentance as a nation reconstituting them along with millions of other believers during the tribulation refuse the antichrist, and then he will send with the redeemed who are already within.

We, the redeemed, and he will set up this literal kingdom that this entire book of prophecies yet to be fulfilled. We call them the book of Revelation is no secret is not like God is trying to keep the best from these future about a decade ago. We as a church family. Study the book of Revelation took us three years Sunday morning. Today I want to summarize it all in one sermon is another Christmas miracle. I'm really not going to take a stab at it this way. There are 109 prophecies in the Old Testament that were literally fulfilled with the first coming of Jesus Christ. We looked at a number of them over these last couple awards hundred and nine prophecies fulfilled in his first coming. There are 220 prophecies describing his second coming. When he returns to earth to set up his kingdom. It'll precede the new earth, and the new habits will precede the eternal state. There is this kingdom where he will consummate his promises to Israel. It'll be a declaration that Satan didn't win. It also be a declaration that even with utopia, even with perfect condition, mankind will still rebel against turning 220 prophecies twice as many about the second coming. Think about it this way, here's a rather staggering statistic in the Bible there are 10 profits that deliver these prophecies related to Christ's first coming, the prophecies came true, very specific, even down to the county where he be born, the donkey ride into Jerusalem on the crucifixion things he said from across his resurrection on that came from 10 profits 36 profits speak about his second. It's as if God is saying look I gave you 10 you would miss my son's first coming up giving you 30 said so you don't miss a second coming when you get to the New Testament, by the way, one out of every 25 verses on average, refers to the second coming of Jesus Christ. There are nearly 2000 references direct and indirect to the second coming of the Lord, the return of the King is one of the most dominant subjects of all of the Bible and it isn't like God is trying to hide it from us.

He is given us passage after passage. We know about this coming king and his kingdom. We've already seen in Isaiah's prophecy has kingdom. Capital city will be Zion the holy city that's Jerusalem, David prophesies and is 48 Psalm about the coming global reign of Messiah King Mrs. Gloria literally emanates from Jerusalem. He writes great is the Lord and greatly to be praised in the city of our God beautiful in elevation of the prophets referred to the topographical changes as the kingdom is established where that region is elevated and the father's house descends, never surrender to but David goes on to say beautiful in elevation. The joy of the whole earth is Jerusalem. The joy of the whole earth today. Not hard it has been continues to be the center of attention and term and unrest. It hasn't brought joy to the nation that is because it is unoccupied is the capital city of the king because the king has a return king is not raining and ruling over all of the nations of the earth that David never did that himself, son of David will but according to the Bible when the king returns those who come to faith during the tribulation will enter the kingdom that he immediately establishes magnetic 25 talks about that judgment. The goats and sheep and goats are sent to weight await the final judgment. She those mortals who believe during the tribulation who enter this kingdom there will be millions upon millions of them who believe during the tribulation. We who are ready with the Lord. Having enraptured is a church has been given our glorified immortal bodies. We have this unique joy and privilege call prophesies as he writes to Timothy that we will rain with Christ. That's to me. The older I get, the more staggering becomes because the more unworthy. I recognize I will return with him and his kingdom is described to give you several characteristics of this kingdom will be described as a kingdom of peace and prosperity.

National and personal peace at last.

Ezekiel 28 Isaiah chapter 2, which we've already looked at there will be no need for United nation because Jesus will unite the nation now nations have dedicated historically billions upon billions of dollars and manpower to design and prepare weapons of war battle no longer be any kind of expenditure in any national budget in the kingdom. No nation will have a defense budget you can imagine, the nations will be under the control of the one who rules with a rod of iron, Messiah, King economic prosperity that can imagine a reallocation of those budgets and those kingdoms those nations under the rule of Christ world poverty will be done away world hunger will become a thing of the past. It'll be a time of great peace and prosperity. Secondly, you will become. It'll be a kingdom of glory glory of God will literally be revealed, and it will shine emanating from the throne of Christ upon that top tier in that father's house of 12 level described first by John Isaiah chapter 24 and chapter 60 referred to the glorious kingdom. Zephaniah 3 refers to the kingdom of comfort.

The king will minister to every need. The prophets talk about the fullness of comfort in this kingdom.

It'll be a kingdom. Furthermore, justice Jeremiah 23 Heaven don't know there will be no need for justice and just terrain and judgments passed in heaven there will be no sin to be sin in the kingdom from the mortals who enter it in the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

This population explosion during the thousand year reign of Christ. Jeremiah 23 and Isaiah 32 talk about this arrangement of perfect balance in justice and righteousness will be a kingdom of instruction and teaching. Jeremiah 3 and Micah 4. We we tend to overlook the fact that can be a flurry of activity in in this manner. I might point out effectively.

Pause here for a moment or two explaining who is actually living and enjoying the millennial kingdom.

Here are the subjects of the coming kingdom. There are two categories of of people in this thousand year reign.

The immortals and mortals. The prophecies of Scripture reveal that the immortals will include the Old Testament believers are resurrected to join with Israel that is reconstituted in repentance of the coming of the Messiah. Zechariah said they will look upon him as he dissents to make tears again. Not a reference to heaven, but a reference to the establishment of the kingdom is Jesus said this time not coming to the clouds for us this time coming to earth with thoughts.

Immortals will reign over the mortals. But these immortals include Old Testament believers will imagine beloved going to be able enjoying the company and the fellowship of these Old Testament saints are to be able to get to know during this thousand year kingdom Old Testament believers like Esther, Ruth and Boaz and Abraham and and David and Nehemiah, and Joe, one of the reasons documents are not going to talk about, nor will you are aches and pains while we are here on earth is because were afraid Job is going over your own to go back to the kingdom is another characteristic I give you news the removal of the curse. Isaiah 11 our planet. The animal kingdom will experience a return to the garden of Eden conditions where he talked about the animals to little children to play with the kingdom furthermore is given a mark by the absence of disease. Those mortals who enter the kingdom will be healed miraculously the kingdom.

Furthermore, will be a kingdom with unified language.

Zephaniah chapter 3 and verse nine the effects of the Tower of Babel will be reversed. The Bible doesn't tell us little come up afterward and asked me which language that is because we don't know what we do know is that those who live in the North will finally be able to understand those who live set.

It'll be a kingdom.

Furthermore, marked by the ministry of the Holy Spirit in unusual ways.

Job chapter 2. Isaiah 32 Ezekiel 11 the glory of the Lord in the knowledge of the Lord literally flooding the human race. It'll be a kingdom of gray in color and beauty.

John describes heaven, which is the father's house descending.

It'll descendent some believe it will rest on that raise topography on that holy mounts which I believe it will. Others believe it hovers above it and after the Lord. Peter prophesies destroys the earth and re-creates a newer than a new universe it will settle in Jerusalem. Jesus will rule on that top level with hazard because it it's a 12 level house 12 foundations.

John describes this massive city called the heavenly city you died today to see where you're going, we can imagine. Frankly, the dimensions of the city.

We we have some specifications given to us. It's difficult, however, because were not sure how long the Roman monolith.

To this day, stadia. But a best guess.

It looks like the city. This house is 11 mi. and 11 miles high which is how high the atmosphere is interestingly enough, if you set father's house right next to Mount Everest. He would dwarf it little speck of bread to the right is the tower by tallest structure on earth right now. You could fit in the first level with plenty of room to spare. By the way, this is where the believer is told by Jesus in John 14.

This is the place where you will do well this is in my father's house are many what will managers will quit the team. James version of it so we tend to think of negative but would wait for me and one demonstrate maybe Monday to be a shack afraid about what that word mentions a little unfortunate means learns dwelling places you could literally translated as states in the father's house are many estate you have an estate dwelling place. Jesus is designed for you during the millennial kingdom. This will be your home will also serve as the capital building of the kingdom is described as a incredibly beautiful opulent place it it's doors are pearls, sliced in half its streets of gold's lavishly decorated with gemstones and artists shows one level of the father's house resting in Jerusalem during the millennial kingdom gives you little perspective of this house, big house, big foundation stones in the city are described by John, some translated as decorations upon the foundation stones. Others take it as these are the foundation stones which would make them the size of train cars I would throw my hat on that translation. If you can imagine these massive gemstones you have the red tinted Jasper you have the deep blue sapphire. You have the dazzling emerald you have the teal blue barrel golden green topaz. John gives us the pale violet Jason, the rich purple amethyst in morning.

This is what we buy in the little bitty ships at Christmastime wife because we want to be in debt.

No, because we want to express our love for our beloved and you are worthy of this. Jim and I wish I could get you one that's bigger.

This is what God is.

This is expressed saying I'm not going to lavish upon you whom I love janitors like you can imagine. Imagine the brilliant light of God's glory, reflecting and refracting on these gemstones and these golden streaks. It'll be like living in a rainbow of believable breathtaking color. We give you one more characteristic kingdom king returns to be a kingdom marked by one particular word that's repeated by several profits of distinguishing mark. It is in a word, kingdom of Jordan Isaiah writes of his coming kingdom which will, among other things transform the land of Israel. But here's God's promise says it happened yet. Going to the Lord will comfort Zion comfort all her mounds of ruling pieces all transform her dead ground in the garden of Eden home. Her moonscape into the garden of God place filled with joy and gladness, thankful voices and melodic song when I needed to have, but this kingdom is so glorious. For those of us who are secure in writing with this word keeps coming up. It is a kingdom joy that we conclude this message and this you're listening to wisdom for the hearts Stephen Davies lesson today was entitled the return of the King and it was the third and final sermon in the series called the king is here we take in this series and packaged it as a set of CDs that you can add to your library of biblical resources. It's also available as a digital download that you can play on your computer or phone if you'd like to add. The king is here to your collection. Call us today at 86 648 Bible or go to wisdom I'd like you to hear from Kathy who lives in plain well Michigan. She writes I've been growing close with a young Muslim lady name Zara over the last few years and our conversations have grown deeper, which is caused me to run to biblical preaching and the word to ensure that my answers to what the Lord wants her to hear. We talked in length about the stories in Genesis and she sees similarities to her own stories in the Quran and her questions have at times been hard to answer. I just ordered all of Stephen's CD sets from his Genesis series and I'm relieved to have this resource that I can share with her that I believe will be used in continuing to open her spiritual eyes to the main differences between the two religions, Jesus sacrifice. I'm excited to see how the Lord uses these 30 sermons in her life again. That was from Kathy and I wanted you to hear that because Stephen's newest book is all about creation. It's called in living color. Stephen discusses various aspects of God's creation in this hardback book, our ministries, graphic designer, Adam created full-color illustrations for each chapter in this month were sending a complementary copy of in living color to everyone who makes a special year end gift to our ministry is a box with information on our website.

Wisdom We can also provide you with the details when you call us at 86 648 Bible if you're on our mailing list. You can make a special gift using the envelope and return card that we sent. I hope you do. Thanks for being with us today were glad you joined us will be back at the same time tomorrow so make plans to join us again here on wisdom for the

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